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Introduction to Christian's Point of View


Hello Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele fans!!

I’m so glad you found my blog and joined a lot of other readers who would love to see the 50 Shades stories continue.

In my blog you will find the reviews of all three books in the trilogy.

1.    50 Shades of Grey Review

2.   50 Shades Darker Review

3.   50 Shades Freed Review

This is a fan-fiction blog. Lev Grossman defines fan-fiction as: "Fanfiction is what literature might look like if it were reinvented from scratch after a nuclear apocalypse by a band of brilliant pop-culture junkies trapped in a sealed bunker. They don't do it for money. That's not what it's about. The writers write it and put it up online just for the satisfaction. They're fans, but they're not silent, couchbound consumers of media. The culture talks to them, and they talk back to the culture in its own language," in Time magazine. is This is telling Christian and Anastasia’s story from Christian’s point of view. We see him as a tortured soul, but it is difficult to see why he’s always tortured or jealous to the extent that he is or reacts or behaves the way he does in an utterly controlling manner. That has not been always clear in the books because we see it through Anastasia’s eyes. That in return makes the critics of the trilogy demonize Christian, and have them label the books as nothing but ‘porn’. But, we, the real fans know it to be differently. I wanted to express Christian, and the internal struggle, and torture he goes through.

Christian is not an easy character to write about. He’s a very complicated man. It took me nearly seven chapters to be fully in his head. In the earlier chapters, I had my own struggles to overcome because; this is not the kind of man you meet every day. On top of that, I had my personal prejudices to overcome, and shut up, because I too am a follower of societal norms, and he’s so outside of it. But in the end, the Christian as we know and love overtook my mind, and I am now able to express his thoughts, or know how he would react in a certain situation, or when it comes to Anastasia. It’s been a liberating experience. That’s why I try to write every day, so I am constantly in his head as opposed to connecting with him twice a week. It keeps my thoughts current, and in line with his.

The way I do this particular fan fiction is different than what some other person might be doing. I’m a linguist. I speak and read, write, translate between multiple languages. What that thought me is to express some other person’s thoughts and feelings, what he or she is saying between the lines in a different language, in a very short time. My years of experience in doing so helped me to get into the heads of these writers in a very short time, and express their utterances accurately in the same tone but voice it in a different language – which is not an easy task. But from the perspective of someone who has also written linguistic software for millions of users, I’ve learned that the best way to teach a language is to never use your native tongue, but only the target language. And that can only be done with total immersion. You forget about what you know – even your own name. You start with the new language with sights, sounds, and written words in that, in smaller but gradually increasing doses using what you have learned and adding new concepts in each step. To apply that skill into a book, or a story helps us to understand the characters better and connect with them at a higher level than what we normally would in a regular book.

That’s why I have picked a visual image of Christian and Anastasia for the blog. Some people might want to see a different individual, and once they make the movie, I’m sure we’ll associate that other face with our favorite character, but it aids us to anchor him in one point for all the readers. I’ve gone through many different images of different hunks around the world given his physical attributes. You’ll see that in the chapter “Face of Christian Grey.”

Part of “total immersion” is sound. We want the learning experience if you will, to address our sense of hearing. Since we can’t hear the voice of Christian, the next best thing is hearing his feelings through songs which we know he loves. Therefore, time to time you will find songs expressing a particular feeling. They’re eclectic just like the way Christian likes – not limited to a particular genre. The song changes with the mood. He’s a mercurial man in Anastasia’s eyes. His mood changes rapidly. So, in one minute we can play this joyful song, the next, I have to express some sorrowful mood he’s battling inside, and the only way to clearly do that is through music.

The only sense we can’t address here is touch, but than if I can write him well enough, the words may be palpable enough to make him real.

Since this is a blog, and I have a limited time dedicated to it, I won't put be able to put extra time to polish every chapter up to perfection So, it’s my ardent hope that you will overlook and forgive my shortcomings as far as the lack of editing is concerned. Should you want to see a certain direction, a detour you want the story to take; I will take that into consideration. I want to be able to communicate with the other fans. One of you suggested that it would be nice to see a chapter about Christian and Leila’s relationship in contrast to Anastasia and Christian, or Anastasia and Elena. This actually is a great idea. Leila has unrequited love for Christian. He’s a true Dom with her, as she’s a true sub for him. What would that be like? And if Christian really loved that sort of life style why didn't he just keep her? Those are great questions to answer.

I’ll keep writing through him because I think he deserves live. He deserves to exist in a dimension that we get a glimpse of, even if it’s not the particular one we’re living in. There’s so much we all can learn from him.  When I think of Christian, this saying comes to mind: “What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.” Everything he does every day is calculated well. He lives his life fully. It’s not as if he wishes the bad days to go away, but he tackles them no matter how hard the day is which we’ll see in the upcoming chapters. When some of us wish our bad days away, “I can’t wait this day to be over,” and he may wish that, but he also does something to fix whatever the problem is. I just admire this sort of approach in a person.

In the beginning I may not have expressed him to everyone’s liking, but as I got to know his character, I hope the way I express him has improved. As Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is then not an act, but a habit.” I will make a lot of mistakes in my writing, but I hope you either forgive those or tell me how you think it should be fixed (I prefer both at the same time). Because none of us can learn something new without making mistakes. As Albert Einstein said, “A person, who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.” So, here’s to a lot of tries and hopefully less and less mistakes as I improve along the way.

The drop down menu will provide you the links to chapters in English, French and Portuguese. Same links can be found on the left column if for any reason you're having problems with the drop-down menu.

There are five other chapters about the trilogy that are independent:
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2.   50 Shades Effects – Part II

3.   Who should be the Face of Taylor?

4.   Face of Christian Grey

5.   Christian’s Redemption

I never imagined when I began writing about the Greys that I would get such an overwhelming response and large number of readers from around the world. After all, I wrote it for myself first and a very small group of women starting with my best friend. It was initially for three of us who wanted to read, and it was for the three of us. My two best friends and I, then it grew to eight of us in our friends group, and then it just spread around the world. I’m so pleased to see fans of the trilogy from around the world that comes to read every day. Can you imagine there are now people from 187 countries coming and reading every day who love Christian and Anastasia? I’m humbled by the overwhelming response. Here are the countries who are reading of Christian’s POV:

    1. United States
   2. Canada
   3. United Kingdom
   4. Australia
   5. New Zealand
   6. Russia
   7. Philippines
   8. Norway
   9. Denmark
  10. Singapore
  11. Japan
  12. South Africa
  13. United Arab Emirates
  14. Netherlands
  15. Israel
  16. Chile
  17. Germany
  18. Finland
  19. Croatia
  20. Greece
  21. Italy
  22. Libya
  23. Bulgaria
  24. Argentina
  25. Moldova
  26. Sweden
  27. Mexico
  28. India
  29. Lebanon
  30. China
  31. Georgia
  32. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  33. Indonesia
  34. Egypt
  35. Venezuela
  36. Belgium
  37. Antigua and Barbuda
  38. Jordan
  39. Bahamas
  40. Ireland
  41. Kuwait
  42. Guam
  43. Jersey
  44. Malaysia
  45. Puerto Rico
  46. Albania
  47. Turkey
  48. Serbia
  49. France
  50. Peru
  51. Brazil
  52. British Virgin Islands
  53. Hong Kong
  54. Pakistan
  55. Trinidad and Tobago
  56. Iraq
  57. Saudi Arabia
  58. South Korea
  59. Austria
  60. Macedonia
  61. Jamaica
  62. Costa Rica
  63. Iran         
 64. Switzerland
 65. Oman
 66. Netherland Antilles
 67. Myanmar
 68. Dominican Republic
 69. Qatar
 70. U.S. Virgin Islands
 71. Czech Republic
 72. Spain
 73. Brunei
 74. Dominica
 75. Tunisia
 76. Cyprus
 77. Morocco
 78. Guatemala
 79. American Samoa
 80. Uzbekistan
 81. Ukraine
 82. Bermuda
 83. Thailand
 84. Azerbaijan
 85. Barbados
 86. Malta
 87. Portugal
 88. Isle of Man
 89. Anguilla
 90. Bangladesh
 91. Honduras
 92. Cape Verde
 93. Malawi
 94. Cayman Islands
 95. Iceland
 96. Panama
 97. Estonia
 98. Liechtenstein
 99. Cambodia
 100. Gibraltar
 101. Sri Lanka
 102. Guernsey
 103. Poland
 104. Uganda
 105. Paraguay
 106. Aruba
 107. Zambia
 108. Mauritius
 109. Kenya
 110. Latvia
 111. Uruguay
 112. Vietnam
 114. El Salvador
 115. Taiwan
 116. Nepal
 117. Zimbabwe
 118. Botswana
 119. Montenegro
 120. Scotland
 121. Slovenia
 122. Guyana
 123. Belize
 124. Maldives
 125. Nicaragua
 126. Fiji
 127. Tanzania
 128. Ecuador
 129. Cameroon
 130. Namibia
 131. Suriname
 132. Bahrain
 133. Macao
 134. Ethiopia
 135. Luxembourg
Saint Lucia
 137. Kazakhstan
 138. Guadeloupe
 139. Andorra
 140. Nigeria
 141. Grenada
 142. Northern Mariana Islands
 143. French Guiana
 144. Bolivia
 145. Faroe Islands
 146. Saint Vincent and Grenadines
 147. Philipsburg, Sint Maarten
 148. Armenia
 149. French Polynesia
 150. Senegal
 151. Mongolia
 152. Saint Kitts And Nevis
 153. Réunion
 154. Martinique
 155. Tajikistan
 156. Rwanda
 157. Solomon Islands
 158. New Caledonia

 159. Angola
 160. Tonga
 161. Monaco
 162. Mali
 163. Tatarstan
 164. Mozambique
 165. Madagascar
 166. Lao People's Democratic Republic
 167. Caribbean Netherlands
 168. Kyrgyzstan  
 169. Palau
 170. Cote D'ivoire (Ivory Coast)
 171. Somalia
 172. Palestinian Territory
 173. Democratic Republic of Congo
 174. Curaçao
 175. Guinea
 176. Haiti
 177. Burundi
 178. Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands
 179. Central African Republic
 180. Djibouti
 181. Belarus
 182. Mauritania
 183. Mayotte
 184. Sudan
 185. Seychelles
 186. Benin
 187. Togo


regs said...

I love your blog Please! Include El Salvador Central america among your fans

Bianca Tho said...

ur block is soo fucking Awesome. soo happy that I found it... I always wished to read more about Christian after I read his short PoV in the Book..i was so disappointed that it ended after he went to Claytons >< and than you are here and write so amazing his poV..q.q.I love u...and ur writing is really good :) I wish it would never end...
I really want to read more after Teds birth...In the book it was tooo short q.q...If it would be me I had Realese many spin offs of this trilogy xD..

did u Plan to continuing write with Phoebes birth? I'm really curious...ur German fanbase is growing :D