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“Good night Lei!” I say, as I palm a large tip to the valet’s hand to quickly put her into her car.

“I’m sure you’ll tell me about it soon enough.” She tries not to sound domineering and fails by a lot.

“Nothing to tell. Just business,” I say and turn around, motioning Dre with my head. We make the short distance from Copa to the Sayers Manor. The security at the door, opens the velvet rope, and lets us in. Jude is waiting for me inside.

“How many of them?” I ask without a preamble.

“The two producers and their attorney, Mr. Reinhardt and his son, their attorney and Mr. Reinhardt’s translator, your attorney Mr. Whitaker and Mr. Winthrop. A total of nine people, sir. They’re all waiting at the private meeting room the producers reserved. I already set up your laptop; the beverage of your choice is going to be there right after you enter into the meeting room.”

Jude leads the way with Dre bringing up the rear end of the group. I can easily identify the meeting room by the Reinhardt’s personal security guarding the door. Jude opens the door for me. The men are sitting around a carved wood table. My laptop sits at one end of the table marking my seat, and Reinhardt is on the other end with his son, his attorney, my attorney and Stephane next to me. The adjacent side is occupied by the producers and their attorney. Miss Adler stands behind Reinhardt and my assistant Jude stands behind me.

The knock at the door mobilizes Jude to the door and he comes back with my drink. Reinhardt doesn’t miss anything. Jude emails the electronic version of the contract, with the parts I have earlier highlighted to review to the participants. Miss Adler does her best not to watch me, but it’s difficult to avoid when I sit directly in front of her.

When it’s time to discuss the legal remedies of the contract explained by the attorneys, the job of translating the legalities also falls onto Miss Adler. Alarick Reinhardt I notice angles his chair to have a better view of Miss Adler. He watches her like a hawk. I already dislike the fucker, I like him even less now. I make a mental note to have a thorough background check on the bastard. Is this the asshole who manhandled her? The way he looks at her and follows her gaze back to me is menacing. His nostrils flare in barely concealed rage. I have a big suspicion that this is the fucker from the yacht.  

Haunted - Beyonce

Reinhardt Sr. asks her something breaking Miss Adler’s gaze on me and she shakes her head. Junior sneers at her under his breath, making her turn crimson. Senior gives the son a forbidding glance but the exchange is not missed by anyone. No one has any doubt that the Junior is going to be a bastard all through this partnership. I look at Miss Adler but she lowers her gaze, unable to meet my eyes.

“Is there a problem Mr. Junior?” I ask.

“Nothing other than incompetence,” he says glancing in Miss Adler’s direction.

“Whatever they are, I’m sure we are capable of overlooking your shortcoming since it’s your father we like to do business with.” I say dismissively. His response is a smile oozing haughty derision. I give a slight node to  Jude who excuses himself for a minute. I watch him to walk along the table to Miss Adler.

I can see by his demeanor that he is offering to help her in German. Reinhardt repeats his question. Jude states it in English to Miss Adler and she poses the question to the producers’ attorney. Jude walks back to my side of the table and Reinhardt is now sporting an impressed look on his face. All Junior has on his face is contempt. The rest of the meeting goes on without a hitch and the contracts are signed, notarized and legally binding within three days. I have also added a gag order clause for all the participants. I don’t like the world knowing what I’m investing in until the project has been completed.

Once the attorneys’ leave with their respective paperwork, it’s time for a celebration for the new partnership on this movie project.

Reinhardt comes close to me and extends his hand. Miss Adler is close behind. Junior stays back and looks pissed. Maybe his daddy has to keep a tight leash on him and told him to stay put. But he is eye fucking Miss Adler and by the looks of it, she’s extremely uncomfortable. Break-up? Fight? Is this the fucker standing in my way to Miss Adler? Removing hiss ass from my way would actually be a great pleasure.   

“I can see why you are successful young man!” Senior says in French shaking my hand.

“Please enlighten me. I’d like to see myself through your eyes,” I respond.

He starts speaking in German, and Miss Adler translates.

“You know talent. Even your assistant is like an extension of you, another arm, perhaps. The way he’s mastered his tasks, the way he’s in tune with you tells me that he likes his position. People who love their positions are well rewarded employees. If you want to judge a leader, you look no further than their employees,” she translates his baritone voice. 


“Alright,” he says putting his hand on my shoulder as if we’ve been buddies for years. He walks with me a few steps further away from the hearing distance of the group, and away from Miss Adler. I’m actually looking forward to our partnership in this venture for more reasons than money now.

“I want my son, my only child Alarick to learn what I do in my business. We all have our, uhm…” he says searching for an appropriate word, “quirks,” he qualifies.

“He had been influenced by some people when I was too busy expanding my business throughout the world. Boys need leaders. I am a shrewd businessman but I was a lacking father at best.” German men are known to be colder, firmer, and operate in a no nonsense manner. They’re not known for their heart to heart talks in business dealings anyway. If there was ever one, this could be a first. Or maybe he’s learned a few things along the way about the American business world and the no bullshit deals we generally seek. My eyes lock on the Junior as his father speaks, concealing my profuse dislike of him with a placid face.

“Some people filled the void and unfortunately his head with ideas I don’t agree with,” he continues. Bastard probably didn’t work a day in his life and fucked around with his daddy’s money. When there’s plenty of money to be had, there are countless eager pussies to be fucked than one can count, even for the jerks like him. I fucking hate the way he looks at Miss Adler as if he owns her. His dad continues to mumble about the fucker.

“Now, I’m trying to make up for that deficit. It will take time. I will try to rein Alarick  in.” Translation: I know my son is a grade A asshole and I feel guilty for contribution to his state of assholery. How can I buy your cooperation for putting up with him? The Senior knows his son’s proclivities and I have a feeling that his are a lot darker than mine.

“I observed him to be difficult to get along in business situations. This would make our association less than pleasant and would hinder what could possibly be a lucrative partnership.” Translation: He’s an asshole. I don’t put up with that kind of shit.

“I don’t disagree with your perspectives, observations and positioning.” He pauses to see my reaction. I give nothing away. He continues.   

“We stand to make a great deal of money together and I want him to learn how my business works.  This venture may lead to other opportunities in the European corridor for GTI. “ It was the statement I was waiting for Reinhardt to make.

He seeks a meaning, some sort of reaction to his confession. I say nothing in response.  My face remains reticent.

“Maybe I can make you a counteroffer to sweeten this deal. There may be something I can do for you in return for this favor, your tolerance of my son…” he says opening the door to what I actually want to do.

“My tolerance has limits. He better not cross them.”

He smiles.

“I admire a man with principles. I can see why you have the reputation that you do,” he remarks and extends his hand to shake mine to reach an agreement.

“I do business with you only. But, remember, tolerance and respect have a delicate balance. I don’t run a democracy in my company; I’m the ruler in this kingdom and interference of other autocrats are viewed as acts of hostility.”

“Believe it or not, I understand that well. I’m the same. And I agree with your terms.”

“If you must have an American liaison, I prefer your linguist Miss Adler. I only prefer to deal with Alarick when he’s with you. This is my final condition.” I state flatly.

“Agreed,” he says after thinking a minute.

Now that I have Miss Adler in the equation, I feel a little better. Friedrich Reinhardt thrusts his hand forward again, and this time I take it. I swear I hear him murmur under his breath in English, ‘you should have been my son!

“Now it’s time to celebrate!” It’s Whitman. He’s a little too happy for my taste since he too has been eye fucking Miss Adler for the last hour. The waiters bring several bottles of chilled Salon Blanc de Blancs Le Mesnil-sur-Oger 1997 and Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque Rose Cuvee 2004.

Reinhardt Sr. pulls Miss Adler to the side and explains the deal I have reached with him. During their conversation, she steals surprised glances towards me. She nods at him in agreement. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath until I sigh my relief after I saw her acquiescence with her boss through her body language.

Miss Adler I notice joins in the celebrations and Jude is striking up a conversation with her. Lucky for him, he’s gay!

“Dre, any preliminary findings?” I ask eyeing Miss Adler. His gaze follows mine. He knows what I’m asking.

“The initial background check is clean as a whistle. But you asked for a detailed investigation. That will take about another five days, sir.”

“I don’t have five days. The deal has gone through. Within three days the contract will be valid and she will be Reinhardt’s liaison. I need to have it before the end of the third day.”
“Yes, sir,” he responds. “I’ll make it happen.” He takes his smart phone out, and dials my company’s security services. 

Sucker for Pain

 Soon after the celebrations, the participants start moving into the more crowded dancing, music and socialization areas. I see my opportunity. Jude says something to Miss Adler and they separate from the group to talk. She stays a few steps back as Jude asks me if he should stay further.

“Thank you Jude. You’ve been quite helpful. You can enjoy yourself at the club or go home. I’ll see you tomorrow,” I state.

“Thank you, sir. I will still be here if you still need me.”

Just as Miss Adler is about to leave the meeting room to the dance hall with Jude, I hold Miss Adler’s elbow.

“Miss Adler, I need a moment of your time. Jude can wait for you outside,” I say as I indicate for Jude to walk outside. She looks at him with bewildered eyes. He smiles to comfort her and points towards the door to tell her where he’ll be waiting. When did they become fast friends?

Heathens - Twenty One Pilots

I hold her elbow with one hand, and put my hand on her bare back to move her to a more private corner. She stares up at me with her intense azure gaze unlike the furious one she had given me earlier in the day. There is awe in it this time. I can feel her heart beating fast, ready to burst from her chest. My skin warms as our connection burns me. She takes a step back, supporting herself with one hand reaching the wall. I can’t comprehend this connection.

“Are you alright?” I ask in a low guttural voice, unfamiliar even to myself. “It was you on the yacht in Cannes that evening wasn’t it?”

Only a whimper escapes her lips as if my touch sucks the air out of her lungs and makes her weak. She nods her head, ‘yes’. This time, her eyes look fascinated as opposed to the furious glare she had earlier. The excitement in her eyes turns into shyness. Her face flushes. She tries to avert her gaze. When she lowers her eyes, she immediately wraps her arms around her body. Just like she did that night gazing into the sea. Then I understand why. Her nipples are hard and pushing against her well fitted dress. She is not unaffected by my presence. Since she removed her supporting arm from the wall, her step falters for a moment. I catch her elbow again, lean down and whisper, my breath caressing her face.

“Steady Miss Adler.”

“Bold, aren’t you Mr. Gibson?” she reciprocates lifting her gaze, trying to look astonished, but her growing pupils deceive her. A smile plays around my lips.

“Oh, I’m more than bold Miss Adler. Much… Much… More.” She clears her throat. She waits for a few seconds before she can find her voice.

“How can I help you…” her voice is passionate, hot enough to ignite a man’s ardor and put him into the raging inferno of his libido.

“Sir?” she adds trying to alter the pitch of her voice to no avail. In fact her cadence is slightly huskier, hoarse as if I just rammed my cock into her at an intoxicating pace, heart pounding rhythm, and she shouts my name… Sir… I love that.

“Kayla,” I murmur with her name a litany on my lips.

“Yes.” Her answer is a whisper. Her gaze is finally lifted up, boldly scanning my face, touching each contour, and then runs over my torso, over the curves of my muscles. As it descends down she tries to avoid my bulge unsuccessfully. She closes her eyes but inhales my scent which captivates her senses.  I see by the sagging of her shoulders there is  a brief surrender. But then she squares her shoulders to fight the lust that’s hitting her like a freight train. This time she fists her hands digging her nails into her palms to break her sensory overload.

“Don’t. Fight. It.” I whisper, offering an invitation to take a bite from the apple. I don’t have to explain it to her. She knows and I know. The pull, the attraction between us is undeniable, irresistible and unavoidable.

“I know your kind, Mr. Gibson.” The tiny voice is barely above a whisper. What kind would that be? Junior’s kind? “I’m not a casual sex girl; some trick.” Her gaze is back up to my face again. She feels my firmly restrained power crackling between us.

“You feel it, too.” The animal attraction between us is primal, intense, dominating, yet sensual. I feel my throat dry and my stomach knot.

“Yes, I can. But I can also hear the alarm bells ringing from here to eternity.”

“Maybe it’s because I’m far better than what you have experienced before. How would you know without trying?”

“Mr. Gibson. I saw you earlier with a famous fashion designer who is gossiped to be your girlfriend. Beautiful, wealthy, intelligent, and powerful. Like you.” She murmurs. Now, who is searching about who? And she thinks of me as being beautiful?

“I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“I’m sorry. I should have qualified. You have girlfriends.”

“No, Miss Adler. I never have girlfriends. Too much of a hassle.”

“Thank you Mr. Gibson. There you have your answer.” She’s refusing me! No one has ever refused me. Never!

“Besides, I don’t have time for a boyfriend, or even for casual dating. I have goals!” She is cracking the whip.

“Then, why would this be a bad thing, Kayla?” I ask, my tongue caressing her name.

“Neither one of us wants to waste time in a relationship.”

“That won’t work with you.” She is firm.

“Why the hell not?”

“Because, you’ll burn me into ashes,” she whispers. “This,” she says lifting her index finger and touching the back of my hand. First the pad of her finger runs the length of my hand as she examines it. Her touch is hot, potent, like a shot of adrenaline, an aphrodisiac I’ve never tasted before. Then her nail. It’s electric.

“It’s just lust. I… I can’t… don’t do things like this.” She stutters.

“We aren’t doing anything. Yet.” She runs her tongue over her lips, swallows hard.

And more than ever, I want her. What the hell is she doing to me? She clasps her hands, and looks down at them as if they hold the answer to her questions.

“No, we aren’t,” she squares her shoulders. “My mistake. Anything else?” She sounds hurt. Distant.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, sir.” ‘Reality bites,’ she whispers under her breath. She turns to walk away.

“Kayla!” She looks back, her shimmering locks moving across her shoulders.

Am I too dark for her? Bad for this innocent woman? Shouldn’t I think of someone else’s well-being just this once? Surely she deserves it. She stops and I walk to meet her.

“I believe this belongs to you.”  I extend my hand and  return the antique diamond and ruby earring.

 She blinks. Utterly surprised. “Thank you,” she murmurs. “I thought this gift from my grandmother was lost to me forever, I am extremely grateful for this and your kindness that evening.“ This time she gives me a very grateful, innocent smile.

Fuck! I think I should let this one go. She isn’t the fuck ‘em and chuck ‘em kind of woman. My gaze is unwaveringly intense on her. I’m conflicted. I should let her go. Why the hell is it so hard then?

“That’s me… kind.”

“I’ll see you at the next meeting.” The disappointment reflected in her eyes betray the brittle smile she tries to wear.

“Of course, sir.” She’s all business. Shit! I’ll sleep over it. Maybe if I have a mind-blowing fuck, with some rope-play tonight with someone, I’ll get her off of my mind.

She walks away to meet Jude who is waiting outside.


He is next to me within three seconds.


“Take me to the Sailor’s Knot.”  Let’s see if I can get Miss Adler out of my head by the roots with several hours of rope play and some intense fucking.

I have a sinking feeling that she’s implanted there like a permanent fixture.

(Chapter with Christian and Ana is coming up on Sunday when I get back from Mexico for my birthday)


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