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BOOK V - Chapter VII - Christian and Anastasia Fan Fiction




The god in me and the beast in me

And all deep things come up to light;

And I would barter my soul to be

The prize of love for a single night

Take me to Church - Hozier Cover
The light in the bedroom is dim. It takes me a minute to adjust my eyesight, but when I blink, I realize that my wife is standing in thigh high black boots, pencil skirt, curve hugging white blouse with open buttons showing her ample bosoms pushing through the lace bra. What a sight!

“I thought you’re supposed to be sleeping. In fact, I specifically remember telling you to go to bed.” She bites her lip and takes a step forward.

“I know, Mr. Grey,” she says defiantly.

“And yet here you are… standing there in one of my favorite outfits.” I take a couple of steps forwards, taking time to examine her with great scrutiny. I take a deep breath through my nose. I motion her to spin around. She opens her arms and does as she’s told.

“What shall I do with you, Mrs. Grey?” My eyebrows are raised quizzically and I have many many scenarios that goes through my mind that I would love to play with her right now.

“Do you have your panties on?” I almost hope she has them on, because I want to have the pleasure of ripping it to relieve this stress and tossing it on the floor where it would stay all night.

“Yes… sir,” she emphasizes. Something in my wife’s demeanor makes me suspicious, like a tigress stalking. She slowly raises her hands and puts them on my shirt and I quickly notice her effort to push me into the wall. Her action slightly resembles a fight. But I debunk her efforts and it is she who ends up against the wall.

“Are you going to behave?” My words are whispered into her mouth between my hard kisses.

“Do I ever?”

“No… But I want you to obey tonight.” My tongue forces its way into her mouth where she meets it eagerly.

“It's a tall order and I’m very... very... very... angry.” The long drawn words whisper the warmth of her breath to caress my cheek. One of the first things I taught her is to take out her anger in bed. She can do that. In fact, I want her to do it. Long for it. It’s a fucking turn on.  

Undisclosed Desires - Muse 

She wants to fuck and fight? I’ll give her lots of it, but first, I’ll make her work for it. Beg even. It’s one of my favorite games. Fighting in bed is one of the hottest mating rituals. She is goading me. Inviting even. She wants this. Ana’s scent assaults my nostrils and I lose the clarity of mind for a minute. I close my eyes and rein in my control. When I open them, my gaze is heated, demanding and in control.

“Fight me then, baby.” My hands gripping her wrists above her head loosens it just a little bit for a few seconds to turn her. She struggles.

“I will bend you over my knee,” my voice is thick and husky.

“You wouldn’t dare, Mr. Grey!” Her struggles aren’t totally impotent. If we were home, I could use many different implements: filament rope, spreader bar, hand cuffs, but I need to improvise tonight, and I’m nothing if not the master of improvising. Ana is panting. But there’s no fear in her. The scent of her arousal is evidenced with the sheen of sweat on her ivory skin. It’s my brand of drug.

I hold both of her hands with one of mine, and push my body into hers showing just how aroused I am. My cock strains against my pants, rebellious. She twists her wrists in an effort to break off and struggle.

“You know your safe word baby,” I goad her back. “Say the word, and I’ll stop.”

She twists and rotates her arms in response, breaking my grasp then retracts them back to her body. I grab her by the waist with just one wrist and this time she giggles. I push her pencil skirt up with my hand gliding over her thigh, feeling the clips holding her stockings and her giggling stops, giving way into a gasp mixed with a moan. She groans but then pushes her body against me, trying to stop my hand’s contact with her body.

“Struggle all you want baby.” My deep, guttural voice is even unrecognizable to me. “No one will hear you. No one will come to save you. They all know you’re mine. You’re my woman, Mrs. Grey.” That statement gets the biggest reaction.

“I’m still angry, and turned on and furious!” She twists in my arms and suddenly her back is to my front. She’s unable to escape my arms, but she finds a different way to get back at me. She rubs her derriere over my straining cock. I suddenly pull her shirt apart and the buttons fly out everywhere. I cup her breast under the delicate lacy bra in my hand and squeeze. She pushes her head back into my chest, exhaling. I lift my wife off the floor and carry her to the bed, push her onto it face down, and forcefully shove her skirt up over her ass. Her skin glows in the dim lights. The lacy panties beg to be ripped off. I stick my finger in the middle and rip it to shreds, tossing it onto the floor. I rub my hand over her glorious buttocks. Only her stockings and the clips are visible. Her sex peeks between her legs, glistening with her arousal.

I rub both her butt cheeks, gently, lovingly. My hand leaves her ass for just a second and lands on her buttocks, leaving my hand print.

“That’s for fighting me,” I murmur.

“You made me angry when you tried to kick me out!” She grunts as I rub her rosy pink ass.

“You made me angry when you disobeyed!” My hand lands on to the other cheek leaving another hand print. Then one more caress. The next landing is between her things and right over her sex. She gasps, but pushes her butt into my hand. I am beyond aroused with the glistening wetness of her bloom. I run two fingers through her slit. I live for these moments. It is soaking wet. I want to thrust into her until I come hard but I need to prolong this for both of our pleasures and her punishment, and perhaps even mine since she is fighting me every step of the way.

“I’ll do it again!” she says defiantly.

“Fuck! If I don't die of worry altogether, you are still my le petite morte,” I murmur. In or out of bed, I'll end up dying for her. She’s the one who causes the small death, yet sex with her is a full life force for me. I can’t do without it. I hate fighting with her, except when she carries the fight into the bedroom. I love that she struggles, and fights me. It turns on the chaser instinct.

Once she submits, once she’s making love to me with all her body and mind, I just want to linger inside her, prolong the peak as long as possible. Hold the pleasure at bay until I see spots in the back of my eyes, and I’m nearly ready to pass out because the ecstasy reaches the level of euphoria. At that moment, I get a glimpse of both life and death with the flashes of color kaleidoscope. Pleasure bursts through every nerve ending, zapping my body and ringing every neuron in my brain. In that moment, I die inside her and reborn. There’s no greater freedom, or ecstasy than uniting with her body when we are one, functioning as a single entity. This is my la petit mort.

In my Secret Life - Leonard Cohen

I unzip my pants, and my erections springs forth. With her skirt pulled up to her waist, her shirt wide open except for the two buttons in the bottom. Quickly lifting her up, I slide her shirt down over her shoulders and let them hang from her wrists, switching the sides of the fabric, quickly tie her hands in front of her. Her breathing quickens. Being tied up excites her, because she doesn’t know what comes next or how it is delivered.

“Mrs. Grey… I got you exactly where I want you…”

“Where is that, sir?” she asks.

“In my fucking bed!”

“Which is rightfully mine, sir.”

“What I’m going to do with your smart mouth, baby.” When she opens her mouth to talk back, I cover it with mine, and her words drown in my lips and soon forgotten. When I pull back, I leave her panting, wanting more.

“I want to fuck your mouth, for talking back to me.” As she lifts her tied hands to grasp my erection, I shake my head.

“I want only your mouth.”

“Yes, sir,” she swallows her excitement.

I climb onto the bed with her and on my knees, I enter her mouth. Her lips grasp me, and her tongue first lashes, then licks the tip. Her mouth encases my crown, squeezing it around the rim. The warm wetness of her mouth welcomes and pleases me. Her head moves, pulling my length into the back of her throat, then pulls back. This time, she receives me in the hollow of her cheek over and over again, increasing speed. I feel my cock throbbing with pleasure.

“Stop, baby.” But she ignores my order and sucks me deeper, eliciting shock waves, ringing nerve endings all over my body. I grit my teeth and though I don’t want the pleasure to end, I don’t want to come in her mouth. I have other plans.

“Is that how we’re going to play,” I groan and extract my cock from her lips. I pull Ana down, lifting her tied wrists above her hand, and with one swift move, I enter into my wife’s sex. Her gasp is a sigh of relief, desire and relish. There’s this possessive moment, peak of conquest, not her submission but her reward to me for conquering her will, her desire for me to work for this moment… I get it completely, because it’s my Ana’s dominant side which I love breaking and turning into submission. I love her submitting herself to me after she makes me work for it.

I close my eyes for a moment, hold my cock deep inside her and take her all in with all my senses. Her scent is intoxicating, arousing. She’s like the first of spring. When the bitter cold of winter washes off million different scents of the whole year, cleaning it with snow and rain, the air gets crisp and fresh like newly washed laundry. The spring takes away the sting of cold and new life emerges with fresh flowers, leaves, vibrant, beckoning and completely exhilarating; full of hope, promise, discovery, both sensuality and innocence. I want to capture it all in, relish in it, drown even. The natural scent of her bare skin is not only extremely intimate but also very primal. I want to both fuck her and make love to her. Mark her as mine over and over again. She’s my spring, my reason for being; she’s my woman.

I open my eyes, darkened with lust, unbridled passion, completely uninhibited.

“Do you want me Mr. Grey?” It’s not a question. She’s seeking reaffirmation.

“Want is an inadequate word for what I feel about you. No one ever wanted anything more than I want you right now…” My voice is thick, sensual, and the feeling is bone deep.

“Hands above your head.” My order is clear. She immediately obeys. I pull her bra down and free her breasts. When I capture one of her nipples in my mouth, she lets out an unrecognizable moan followed by a barely decipherable “please!”

“Please, I shall, baby.” I pull my cock back almost to the tip then slam it back into her. I thrust my cock deep, hard and rapid. Ana shudders with pleasure. I push Ana’s legs to her chest and let her take even more of me which makes her reach her peak. I feel her inner muscles start contracting.

“Don’t come! Not yet!”

“Please Christian! I need to!” She begs.

“No!” I slow my movements down; stop it even until her contractions subside. Then start thrusting again, until it builds up. I push repeatedly again and again where she has no way of taking any more of me without completely bursting with pleasure. She grows even wetter as I ram into her.

“Ready baby?”

“Please Christian!” she moans beneath me.

“Come for me baby,” I close my eyes and that moment I disappear into the small death; we completely surrender ourselves to one another, and we die and live together in this pleasure. So much pressure is built, I can hardly breathe and I see the rainbow of colors behind my eyes. My cock is so sensitive it aches for a final thrust to release. And I come with a rush. My hot semen spurts with a fierce splash and fill my wife.

“Ana!” Her name is a litany on my lips. I still feel the lingering spasm of her sex, tightly squeezing and milking me. Her legs are shaking as we both ascend from our climax. I pull out of my wife and our collective fluids rush out of her sex.

As I untie her hands, Ana is smiling.

“Are you still angry with me?” I try to look nonchalant.

“A little. You fucked rest of it out of me.”

“What language Mrs. Grey!” I feign shock. “You’re a dirty, dirty girl.”

“That’s only because I married to a dirty dirty boy, Mr. Grey.” I lean down and kiss her lips.
“Don’t think that I didn’t notice you didn’t remove your clothes.”
“It’s only because I’m nowhere done with my wife.” I start removing my shirt with one swift movement then my pants and boxers join her clothes on the floor. 

“Round Two baby!”

*****      *****

First lights of the night seeps into the bedroom and I automatically wake up. Trying to orient myself, I look for Teddy’s baby monitor. Not seeing it, I sit up immediately and then remember that he’s with my parents and sister. Ana’s sleeping next to me. I check my phone for any messages.

There’s a text message from my sister.

*The little prince is eating and wants to play early in the morning. Didn’t you teach him mornings are for sleeping? You’re lucky that he’s too cute and cuddly. Don’t hurry. Mom and dad are on Cloud 9 w/ him*

Ana turns over, her hands reaching for the baby monitor that isn’t there.

“Good morning sunshine!”

“Damn! I’m sore all over. How much did we fuck?” She grunts opening her arms to pull me into an embrace.

“Until we exorcised both our angry demons.”

Demons - Imagine Dragons

“I feel blissful. Good job, Mr. Grey. I know you’ve conquered every inch of my body.” I lean down to kiss her.

“Teddy?” she asks when I pull back.

“He’s busy wrapping his grandparents around his little pinky.” My phone buzzes as I move to get up. I answer a little perturbed.

“What’s up?” I check the time. It’s 8:29 a.m.

“Welch’s been in town since last night. He needs to see you right away.” I smile at Ana, and move to the living room.

“Is everything okay?” She asks behind me.

“Business baby… and yes.” My voice is flatter than I wanted. Ana always picks up on any note of reticence and correctly categorizes it as a red flag.

“Anything I should know now?” I ask as I pull my jeans on commando. I look around to find my white t-shirt and locate it.

“He’s closer to locating the perp’s ties. Money trail.” Time freezes for a moment. All sight and sound halts, then comes back with a rush. Adrenaline pumping through my system.

“I’ll be there in a minute!”  

Security details suites are all strategic. Next to our rooms and with an adjoining door. Same with my parents’.

“Ana, why don’t you rest a little? I’m going to see Taylor for a few minutes.” She comes to the door wrapped in the sheet.


“No. Just business baby. Hopefully some good news.”

“Uhm. Okay.” She looks at me trying to decide if she should be concerned.

“Daily briefing, baby.”

“Maybe, I’ll get dressed and go over…”

“No!” I cut her abruptly.

“They're on the same floor, Christian!”

I walk back to her, kiss her on the lips and reiterate. “No!”


“When I get back, we’ll go there together. Don’t disobey me.”

She sighs.

“My boobs are aching.”

“Then express the milk.”

“I think our son prefers to drink from the source.”

“You are the most exasperating woman. I will be back soon. I need you to obey what I ask you for this once. Can you do that?”

She rolls her eyes.

“You know I can still spank you.”

“Yes, but you’d never get out of the suite if you did. We’d be here all day,” she rubs her behind dropping the sheets.


“Stay! I’ll be back soon.” She turns giving me a full view of her front and back. Before I leave the room, I slap her behind leaving my hand print and making her yelp. 

"Apparently, one of your demons still there..." I point with my finger.

"I'd let you exorcise the fuck out of him, but, I miss my baby," she says as she disappears back into the room. I look behind her then finally let concern cover my face when I turn into Taylor's suite.


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