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BOOK IV - Chapter XIV - Christian and Anastasia FanFiction




“Jason, will you give Mr. Grey an invitation to our wedding today?” I ask lifting my head up from his arms.

“Baby, he’s our boss! I don’t wanna feel like I’m working on our wedding day!” Taylor groans in response.  

“Darling, that would have been true last year, but he’s quite changed since Ana entered into his life.”

“Well, yeah…” Taylor smiles with a rare smile he only offers for me. “I still don’t know.”

“Come on Jason, you of all people should admit to that. Ana is the first normal girl Mr. Grey ever had in his life. First girls who made him crack a genuine smile, first girl who made him happy… you know happy as in really happy and in love. I even prayed for it to work out for both of them. I really didn’t want him to go back to his emotionless, frigid, stunted way of living, if you could call it living. I’m still having a hard time getting over Leila cutting her arm open, attempting suicide. I couldn’t even…” I shake my head. A shudder goes through my body. I always knew Mr. Grey had a good heart in him. Women are drawn to his exceptional beauty and his money. Money, especially exorbitant amounts of money such as Mr. Grey possesses attracts women to men who are old, fat, bald, nasty or even barely breathing and on life support. When the man who is in possession of the money is as handsome as Mr. Grey, the vultures are always circling. What did Elisabeth Bennett say in the opening lines of Pride and Prejudice? “It is at truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife. However little known the feelings or views of such a man may be on his first entering a neighborhood, this truth is so well fixed in the minds of the surrounding families, that he is considered as the rightful property of some one or other of their daughters.” The notion of landing a rich man, preferably handsome is nothing new. Of course no woman ever had loved Mr. Grey as much or cared for him, and been herself like Mrs. Grey. Who can explain love and how it steels someone’s heart and mind? Mr. Grey has always been different to Ana. She is the woman who managed to snap him out of the nightmare that was Mr. Grey’s past demons; a feat his loving parents or his very expensive shrink couldn’t accomplish over the years.

I simply adore Ana, not only because she is so normal and without pretensions but her inner beauty is reflected outside. She’s been painfully shy, and completely oblivious to her own beauty. There have been girls who have gone through this apartment who knew how to wield half of what Ana got so skillfully to reach their end goal; to get Mr. Grey on the long term. He’s never been interested in the idea of long term. Not until Ana. The only thing that was long term for him was his company, his lifestyle, and his parents; maybe a few of his employees. Taylor, me, Ros, Andrea and Barney.

 We work for the man; the indomitable boss we know as Mr. Christian Grey. Ana loves the man-child inside him even if she gets mad at him furiously. She has actually got Mr. Grey in the middle of her palm. She could easily crush and destroy him had she so desired. It nearly happened however agonizingly excruciating when she was kidnapped and beaten. Mr. Grey thought she might lose the baby and die. He wasn’t sure if she was really going to leave him. I’ve never seen anyone so fearful. Those two are meant to be together. Taylor pulls me into his arms, bringing me back to here and now.

“I’m sorry baby. I’m still so fucking mad at him for the Leila incident!”

“Jason, this is his life!” I chide him. “Leila was responsible with her own actions. If she and Mr. Grey broke up only a short while ago, what she did might make sense. But, it had been two and a half years when she came here and opened a vein before me. Even though she may have had a psychotic breakdown, I think she was simply jealous of Ana taking a permanent place in his life,” I say and my man who has seen his man get killed and blown up and collected their bodies from battle fields actually shudders.

“You still have nightmares baby! She caused distress in you and Leila is his mistake!” he says as he holds me tighter.

“Jason, what Leila did was just a shock. We’ve gone through worse incidents. Seeing Mrs. Grey in a near death state I think affected me more than Leila.”

“I know,” Jason whispers somberly. “It was one of the worst days of my life,” he shakes his head.

“Mine, too,” I whisper back. I don’t want him to be still mad at Mr. Grey for Leila’s actions. He did apologize to Jason and me, shocking us both when they found me completely shaken. But Jason, without acknowledging his boss’ apology wordlessly held me and took me away. Trying to change his mood, I shift back to Leila topic. “Anyway, I digress. Besides,” I say without missing a beat, “I’ve got to think a lot after that. I came to conclusion that describing Leila as a mischievous girl would be too light; she’s deceitful and her ability to manipulate is only second to Mrs. Lincoln. She’s given more agony to Mr. Grey and Ana than she did to me.”

“I’m not mad at him for having had fucked up women in his life. People tend to look for twisted counterparts like themselves. But Williams girl was manipulative and she was completely obsessed with him. Mr. Grey was unable to see the nose in front of his face then. He should have taken care of that problem. He clearly doesn’t spare money for her care now. That should have been applied way back then.”

“How could he have known? She walked out on her own free will when he didn’t want to have a permanent relationship. Besides Jason, you have had a bad relationship which ended up in divorce. No matter how many background checks he might order on someone, it’s difficult to know them until we live with them.”

“I know that baby… The rational part of my brain knows that. But the irrational lover and your future husband in me are still angry,” Jason responds gruffly and melts my heart.

“Sweetheart, you don’t need to worry about that any longer. I’m curious about something thought… Why do you think Leila lasted longer than the other ones?”

“I think she figured out that if she did everything he asked of her to the letter, she would be a permanent fixture in his life like those Madonna paintings.”

“The only other woman who seemed to be a permanent part of his life was Mrs. Lincoln,” I murmur.

“Don’t talk about that bitch, Gail,” Taylor says grunting.

“I’m blonde, she’s a beautiful blonde. You don’t like blondes?”

“Baby, it’s not the blondes I dislike…” he says and I make a face. What did she do or say exactly? Should I be worried? As if he reads my mind, he responds.

“I only love you, Gail!” Jason says ardently. “But Mrs. Lincoln thought she got the meat hook of her claws into Mr. Grey permanently. She would help arrange these girls for him,” he says.

“So, there isn’t a shop called Submissives-R-Us?” I ask.

“I’m sure there is by another name. But, Mr. Grey goes to great lengths to protect his privacy. It’s not like he was incapable of finding one himself and he does have contacts. But, she would locate and see the girls in the scene and get her info to Mr. Grey. Interview with a Vampire… I mean a Dom, and bam he acquired a new sub. Mrs. Lincoln this way was always in the loop; her favorite place, always in control behind the scenes. Of course she wouldn’t say that she wanted to dominate him; he would cut her off immediately. Women – present company excepted –“ Jason amends himself, “can be more deceitful than men. They use different means than men. Men are very predictable. I’d rather go on a combat for a day than to try to maneuver around that blonde viper for an hour,” he says shaking his head while shuddering.

“Why the dislike of her so much? I assume she was one of the subs in the past although she’s older than other subs he had. I’ve noticed that some men like older women,” I say trying to hide the hurt.

“Baby… it’s got nothing to do with her age. She is the one who got Mr. Grey into the kinky shit he likes when he was 15! She named her salons ‘bondmaid’, for heaven’s sake!” he utters, anger rising in Jason. He’s usually very controlled of his emotions, and doesn’t get mad fast.

“Bondmaid?” I ask, confused. I thought they were called Esclava.

“Escala means a slave girl, or female slave, bondmaid whatever you want to name it…”

“Oh my heavens!” I exclaim, my hands automatically rush up to my face to cover my dropped jaw.

“The woman is all twisted inside. She didn’t like it when Ana pulled her meat hook of nails out of Mr. Grey’s back one by one, and handed them back to her and sent her ass packing,” my man says proudly. He profoundly cares for Ana; and for some reason, that gives me no feeling of jealousy.

“Ana may look similar to the other subs Mr. Grey had, but she’s more beautiful than they were. The other ones were aware of their beauty. Ana… not so much. Like someone told her she wasn’t beautiful when she was an ugly duckling or something and she kept believing in that. It couldn’t have been Mr. Steele. He just adores her. Her mom loves her to bits also. It couldn’t have been the last husband either. The man seemed very polite and very gentle on their wedding and Ana seemed to be fond of him. Of course I don’t know him, but I’m usually not wrong on my first impressions,” I contemplate out loud.

“No, I think it may have been the asshole her mom married between Ray and the last one. She’s had four husbands. Kids believe in the shit adults tell them, even if they don’t want to. Then it becomes their reality. She went back to live with Ray after having lived with her mom and the step-dad right after Ray. Something happened to her there. That fucker made Ana lose her self-esteem!” Taylor spits out.

“Jason Taylor, are you that fond of Mrs. Grey?” I ask him narrowing my gaze. I adore Ana, but I don’t know what to make of Jason’s repeated overprotective epithet.

“Baby, I am fond of Mr. Grey’s wife like I am fond of my own daughter. Ana isn’t the first beautiful girl Mr. Grey brought home, but it’s beyond her beauty; she’s also decent, normal, sometimes crazy with love for her husband – and,” he says holding his finger up when I open my mouth to say something, “I only sympathize with Mrs. Grey because I know how I feel about you. I think, if you were threatened, I’d do anything to keep you safe. In her ignorant and childish ways, she tried to achieve just that. It was foolish, because she nearly got killed. I’m a trained soldier...” he says, but I cut him off.

“As if you, being a professional soldier would ease my worry, Jason Taylor! I worry about you every day with the thought that you work to keep Mr. Grey safe, ready to take a bullet for him!”

“You need not worry about that. I’ve had lifetime of training. She had not. But she makes up the lack with her gun loving, bossy attitude, and that little lady is the best thing that happened to Mr. Grey and by God, she’s shaping him into a real man and fixing up the twisted fucker inside him.”

“You just agreed with me that Mr. Grey’s other subs were also beautiful,” I say mock chiding while trying to hide a smile.

“Yes, but finally someone whose inside beauty shone all the way through, and look at her now. She’s completely glowing. She knows she’s beautiful and confident in herself…”

“Should I be jealous?” I purse my lips, mock teasing my guy.

“No baby and you know this. I begged, groveled, and asked you to marry me for nearly four years, and you finally said yes to me. You, Gail Jones soon to be Taylor, are my woman!” Jason growls seductively. “Mrs. Grey is work who became like family; but she’s still work, Mr. Grey is my primary protection duty, and he’s as always our boss. I don’t know how Ana worked her way in there,” he says pointing to his head, “but she did. She also made her way in your heart. Although I fear that you have more affection for Mr. Grey than I care for you to reserve for any other man.”

“Oh Jason! Mr. Grey is a good man. He needed a family and we were the closest things here before Mrs. G. But, how right you are Jason of your assessment about how fond I am of Ana. There’s going to be a little baby around the house! I’m very excited! And pregnancy makes her positively glow!” I say clapping my hands like a giggling school girl.

“Speaking of which, some fucker leaked the news of her pregnancy to the Seattle Nooz, and the paparazzi were lined up both outside of Escala and at SIP. When Sawyer took Mrs. Grey to work this morning fucking paparazzi was short of attacking Mrs. Grey! They were swarming around the SUV at the SIP parking lot. The security is still inept. I will have to get there and inspect the security. Sawyer, for once didn’t take any chances, and brought her right back home.”

“Oh dear! You know Ana is stubborn. I’m sure she wasn’t happy to be brought back home.”

“That’s putting it very lightly. But, Mr. Grey was very specific after her kidnapping. We don’t leave anything to chance. If he finds out who leaked the news, someone’s ass is going to be canned or he’ll give him a taste of his own medicine. He was furious!”

“More so than he normally is?”

“Touché.  But yes. You didn’t see him when Ana told him she was leaving him when we landed to Seattle. I always have a pretty good idea of someone’s character, and initially thought I’ve misjudged her after he said she was leaving. Young, gorgeous wife of a fucked up billionaire sex god who was with him only a few months and she just announced she was pregnant and she’s in the bank withdrawing a few million dollars of his money. You know, you get ideas. Of course, seeing this seemingly indestructible man crumple into a million pieces without a single shot, and just with a few words even muddled my thoughts at the time.  In my own defense, you gotta remember that I’ve never seen a man destroyed over a woman as irreparably as Mr. Grey did and never felt as bad for anyone as I did for him, then. I know he’s a fucked up, arrogant, rich young man on the surface, aaaaand of course he’s all those things but you learn a thing or a hundred about someone when you work with him 24/7 for four years.

But, I knew I wasn’t wrong about Ana’s character. Something was amiss there. My mind was running a thousand miles an hour. Why would she only take just a few million dollars? Why not take him to the cleaners? It just didn’t add up. I know how Mr. Grey is the most intense man I ever worked with; he’s one of a kind. I worked with all kinds of assholes, but he isn’t one. I got to know the man better than the parents who raised him, or his siblings who grew up with him. They’ve known the symptoms of his disease, but never the disease. I think he deserves a chance and he’s almost human with Ana. So, naturally even I was panicking. He would be completely destroyed is she really left him. Well, you know the rest of the story. That day was a big learning experience for all of us. More than that, I realized that if none of us was given a chance to mend our ways, what’s the point of living?

In a way I thought about us. I’ve been to combat more times than I care to think about. I’ve seen my buddies get killed. They were so unidentifiable, even the mothers who gave birth to them wouldn’t recognize them in their final state. When you live with someone 24/7, watch their back; keep each other alive, the bonds forged are indescribable. But, being in love is whole different ball game,” Jason says looking at me with his gaze softening. “I’d be destroyed too if you kicked me out of your life, baby. Mr. Grey was destroyed. If anybody wants to fuck him over, they’ll get his wife to destroy him and rip him to shreds. I know that he found his purpose in life with her. That’s why I drilled in both Sawyer and Ryan and anyone else we hire as security that Mrs. Grey is top priority not to mention she’s carrying a baby. If we perceive an imminent danger, she’s taken to a predetermined a safe location; in this case the location was home.”

I pull myself back up on the sofa and nuzzle into my man’s broad chest. He smells heavenly; masculine, just a bare hint of his perfume.

“Jason, do you think it was the Rodriguez boy who leaked the pregnancy news?”

“Nooo,” says Jason sure of his assessment. “He wouldn’t do that. Not his style. Though he’s a coward for not approaching Ana when she was available. The boy is head over heels for her, too. The idiot seems to get courage when he’s drunk. He tried to take advantage of Ana when she was drunk too, or when the girl of his dreams marries a possessive billionaire and the stupid boy learns that she’s pregnant, that’s the moment he decides to declare his love for her again in front of total strangers! The fucker is all left foot when it comes to declaring his love, all at the wrong place and at the wrong time.”

“Well, Ana is a beautiful woman. Beautiful men or women can be intimidating before people can muster up courage to say anything.”

“True darling but, Ana has been unaware of her beauty until Mr. Grey made it abundantly clear to her. He found a beautiful girl, a diamond in the rough and turned her into an irresistible woman. With that territory comes the jackals.”

“You don’t see that boy as a jackal do you?”

“No, just a poor sap in love with another man’s wife. I wouldn’t like it if someone declared love for you. You’re my woman! Mr. Grey had been very tolerant of him. Either he too is growing up, or he’s keeping his rivals even closer, or both.”

“You wouldn’t be tolerant of someone if they expressed interest in me?” I tease.

“Baby, I’ve made it clear to everyone in the security team the second they step foot through the door. You’re off limits. The only exception to that had been Stephen the pilot, but there’s nothing I can do about it, because he’s not under my command.”

“Oh, Jason. I only went out with him once and that was 4 years ago. He’s not for me! You are!”

“I don’t want to know what you did on that one date that made him focused on you for four years.”

“He was into me, been a total gentleman, but I just didn’t feel the chemistry.”

Jason snorts in response. “He’s feeling all kinds of chemistry towards you!” he says almost accusing.

“Sweetheart, it’s cute that you’re jealous of me, but I don’t feel the same way toward Stephen. He should have had quite a few women since I told him I couldn’t see him again. And I’m marrying you.”

“Damn right, you are!” he says, and tilts my head up just the right angle and kisses me deeply, leaving me breathless.

“God, Gail! You’re a spectacular woman. Where the hell have you been all my life?”

“Is this your line to get me into your bed? If so, you’re wasting your breath because you already have me. Flattery I’m afraid won’t get you any further.”

Corner of Jason’s mouth lifts up in a sexy smile. “Don’t be so sure about that, baby. I’ve got the night off. I’m going to ravish the hell out of you.”

“The gentlemanly words every woman likes to hear from her man…” I tease.

“Well, come on future Mrs. Taylor. The sooner I take you to my bed, the sooner you can be fucked and sated. We cater to all tastes.”

“Since you put it so nicely Mr. Taylor…” I say as I try to stand up which is a hard task when Jason is keeping me down, wrapped in his arms. The invitation on the dining table catches my eye.

“Don’t forget to give that invitation to Mr. Grey, baby.”

“C’mon! Don’t dampen my mood, baby.”

“There’s nothing wrong with your mood Jason Taylor! We’re going to live with them in the big house as two families. This is the best time for you to start learning when you clock out, you too can learn to relax. Honestly, you both have to learn to be less wound up. Mr. Grey is Ana’s job, but you Jason are mine. Tomorrow, invitation. Okay, sweetheart?”

“Yes, ma’am!” Jason says saluting me, and all of a sudden he scoops me up completely surprising me, and takes me to our bed in big strides with the patience of a young groom who is about to have his bride for the first time.

November 1st 2011

The sound of the percolator is music to my ears in the morning. My apartment generally smells like Starbucks with the best fresh ground coffee in Seattle. But, I had to run to work again earlier and I am now standing before the best coffee machine money can buy in the Grey House top floor kitchen. The whole place smells heavenly; I close my eyes and inhale the scent. I owe my 5:30 a.m. trip to work to Mr. Grey again. He didn’t come to work yesterday. Well, let me rephrase that: He came with Taylor ready to go to a meeting only to get a phone call from the hottie Sawyer and abruptly departed the company. Since he’s wife had been kidnapped and hospitalized, he has taken off more days then he had in the last 4 years, 8 months 11 days I worked for him as his assistant. Come to think of think, he hasn’t even taken a sick day off. As I grab a coffee mug from the cabinet I rack my brain. No, he never took any days off. The man lived and breathed Grey Enterprises Incorporated. He still does, but Mrs. Anastasia Grey now occupies the #1 spot of his affection.

Only a few short months ago the girl in Wal-Mart clothing walked though those doors shy and completely intimidated but when she walked back in again through the same doors as the wife of Mr. Grey she looked spectacular inside and out. I can’t look at my own sex as a lover’s scrutiny, but I can judge a beauty. I guess this is the modern version of Cinderella. Even the cheap clothing couldn’t disguise Anastasia Steele’s beauty. I have to go to a facial therapy once a week, and buy $800 worth of beauty products once a month from Neiman Marcus to achieve a flawless skin. I would bet that Anastasia Steele had never been to a facial until she went beneath Mr. Grey in his bed. I find myself standing before the cabinet with the mug in my hand. I walk back to the super percolator and pour myself a cup of coffee. Close my eyes just inhaling the scent of it. I finally walk to the diet creamer. Ugh! I have to keep my shape, and hate putting these diet creamers and non-sugar supplements. Cancer in a neatly filled single dose packages. I sigh and walk back to a table to sit and enjoy the coffee before everyone else came to work.

Where was I? Oh yes… My unreasonably good looking boss. Had I not had the training I’ve had, and researched about my future boss, I would have ogled him when I came for an interview. Well, I got my chance to see him on the fifth interview. Only the very top candidates are hired and the final interview is given by him. It took all my effort to not to stare at him. It’s hard to imagine a drop dead gorgeous man as an inanimate object. But I imagined him as the talking statue of David, and bam, my brain accepted that argument. I managed to get my job. I knew he was straight. These rich men rarely get married especially as young as Christian Grey. They have number of preapproved vaginas or penises to utilize whichever way they swing their bat. Yet a girl dressed in Wal-Mart clothes captured his heart. I shake my head. ‘Listen to yourself! Are you jealous?’ my inner consciousness chides me. Maybe just a little. God, Mrs. Grey looked like a polished diamond when she came in here last month. Positively glowing and very sexy.  The rumor around was always that Mr. Grey was gay, but I knew it differently. I’ve sent quite a few NDAs over to Mr. Grey in the past years. I had my suspicions. You can’t be a super assistant if you don’t know your boss well. You have to understand his or her needs before he utters them. Otherwise you’re out the door, and don’t you think you are irreplaceable. It’s like sticking your finger into the water. The second you pull that finger out, the water fills the space as if it’s never been in it. That’s the nature of these high-power assistant jobs. They’re coveted, in demand, pays a ton of money, consumes your life, the hours are not always definite; yet in the end, you’re one of the many talented candidates who would give his or her right arm for the position. I managed to buy my apartment instead of renting it for instance. Mr. Grey is very generous with the salary and the bonuses he pays. But, in return he’s very demanding. Doesn’t tolerate inefficiency, incompetence and boy can he get angry!

“Good morning Ice Queen! Why are you so early?”

I spew my coffee all over my tablet.

“Jesus Christ! Geek! Why are you sneaking up on me?” I scowl as I grab a paper towel to clean my tablet’s screen.

“I said hi, but you were so deep in thought, you didn’t hear me.”

“No, I didn’t have my first cup of coffee. I usually don’t wake up until I have that,” I mutter. Why am I being nice to him?

“You’ve been living and breathing at GEH for the last two months. Whenever I come to work, here you are. How does your boyfriend handle the competition?”

I give him a sideways glare.

“Yeah! A boyfriend! Currently my career is more important than devoting time to a single individual.”

“Well, that’s what I say when I look for an excuse,” he says as he pours coffee.

“Unlike you, I have lots of men asking me out!”

“You got me there Icy. I don’t have lots of men asking me out. And even if they did, I wouldn’t go,” he says grinning.

“Stop calling me that, Geek!” I scowl. He could be cute. If he lost those glasses and got contacts, mussed up his hair, a couple of changes to his outfit, he could look like Ian Somerhalder. I inwardly groan. Not having a man in my bed getting to me ready to jump Barney Sullivan’s bones.


“I may stop calling you that at the first sign you may just be nice to me,” he says grinning. He has perfectly aligned white teeth. I shake my head.

“Just take your coffee or quietly drink it. I have to organize for work today,” I say.

“I’ll sit. Thanks for offering,” he says and sits across from me.

“What’s the deal with the new intern?”


“Why is there a new intern? What happened to Olivia?”

“It’s the internship program. They’re about 4 months long. Either the intern applies for a permanent position, or moves on to search other endeavors.”

“She’s not hired by GEH?”

“I don’t think so,” I reply.


“I don’t know. Maybe she wasn’t qualified, and the training wasn’t enough to get her qualified.”
“Maybe her teacher wasn’t great,” he says casually.

My head snaps up. “Got something to say, Geek?”

“Merely making an observation ice queen,” he smiles. He’s enjoying this.

“Only the 20 to 30 percent of interns get hired by GEH. You know the policy. Only the best gets to work in the company in the long term.”

“I know, I’m just yanking your chain,” he says as he takes a sip. I shake my head and open my Google alerts on Mr. and Mrs. Grey. I have to know the news about them, what is approved by our public relations and what is fake and what is leaked.

The alerts are two pages long. Just from overnight? I hold my mug and take a sip. I return the first page and open the first link as I take another sip. I spew my coffee all over my tablet again and choke on the sip that went down my throat.

“Jesus Christ, Andrea!” shouts Barney as he jumps to his feet to pat on my back. Once I stop coughing, he grabs couple of pieces of paper towel and wordlessly cleans my tablet. Why hadn’t I noticed the news yesterday? Oh, right, because the boss wasn’t working, and I had to cover all the appointments, reschedule, and worked nearly a double shift.

Barney looks up from my cleaned tablet noticing the news. “This says Mrs. Grey is pregnant. That bothered you?”

“No dumbass! That’s either false news, or leaked news! That means damage control. Can’t you see the paparazzi hounding Mrs. Grey in the picture while Sawyer is trying to get her back to her vehicle with the help of the SIP security? Guess how mad the boss will be when he sees the news? Hell, he’s probably furious already! That’s why he didn’t come to work yesterday!”

“In defense of the paparazzi, Mrs. Grey is a hottie! If she was butt ugly, no one would be chasing her. Everyone’s been talking about her in the company since she visited last month,” Barney whistles.

“Yeah, say that in front of your boss, and watch him can your ass, stupid!” I shake my head. Sometimes men only think with their dick! I check my watch. It’s 6:30 a.m. Janelyn will be here at 8:00. PR would be contacting to release some sort of information. We can be mum for a little while, or deny it. I’ll have to ask Mr. Grey, and that would not be the easiest thing to ask. Shit! Will he come to work today? He didn’t say he wasn’t coming today. Oh my God! Now the frigging paparazzi and magazines will be on the baby-bump watch! Poor girl will eat one too many tacos, and bam! She’ll be plastered all over Enquirer marking her 5 months pregnant! I don’t envy the people who are constantly on the radar.

“Are you still mad at me for my remark? Look I’m sorry. I meant to say that Mrs. Grey is a beautiful woman.”

“I’m not mad at you, you idiot! This happened yesterday morning! You know how boss is jumpy when it comes to his wife. The paparazzi were hounding her yesterday. She didn’t ask for this. There were quite a few of these paparazzi attacks since she got engaged to him. But worsened after she was kidnapped. It’s got to be traumatizing for her, and that will make him mad, and guess who works with him when he’s mad?”

“Sorry Andrea! Wouldn’t wanna be you right now! Well, I’ll be in the server room. I gotta reboot some of the servers!” and he takes off with his coffee mug in his hand.

My Blackberry quietly rings. Oh shit! It’s the PR already.

“Hi Andrea! This is Jason from the PR. I’m sure you’ve seen the news. Listen, People magazine is calling for an interview with Mr. and Mrs. Grey about the pregnancy which is to say it’s not the only one in the list but this is on top of our recommendations because this interview could quiet down the paparazzi a little while. My boss is recommending this interview if Mr. and Mrs. Grey feeling up to it. Could you get back to me on that?”

“Yes. I will talk to Mr. Grey about it after he gets to work today.”

“It’d be a great help to sate the people’s hunger. We’ve been getting tons of calls from magazines since Mrs. Grey’s kidnapping, even from movie studios wanting to turn the story into a movie.”

“Mr. Grey is very reserved and private, I don’t think this would be an option for him,” I say and hear an incoming call. I look at the screen.

“You should inform him anyway… because,” he says but I cut him off.

“Wait wait. Tell me that later, I got an incoming call. I’ll get back to you today. Bye!” I hang up. Clearing my throat, I straighten my back and press the green button to switch lines.

“Good morning Mr. Grey.”

“Andrea. Get a hold of the PR. The fucking paparazzi have already set camp around Escala and SIP.”

Mr. Grey doesn’t even tell me what the paparazzi camping around his apartment or his wife’s workplace for. He expects me to know it and I do.

“I’m already on it sir. As a matter of fact, I was just on the phone with the PR. Jason from the PR said that the paparazzi and magazines have been calling constantly. They’re recommending an interview with the People magazine to quiet all the others down.” Mr. Grey groans loudly on the phone.

“I have to talk to my wife about it. I’ll let PR know of my decision later. For the time being, they keep quiet.”

“Yes, Mr. Grey. Is there anything else I can help you with sir?
“That’ll be all, Andrea,” he says and hangs up. To the point as always. No extra word wasted.
Janelyn walks into the kitchen ready to work.

“Good morning, you’re early,” I say.

“But not as early as you are,” she replies cheerfully. “I thought you might need help this morning after yesterday’s load of work. I figured you might come early, so I came early, too.”

I just might like her. She’s not skittish like Olivia; she works hard, and does as she’s told without getting jumpy.

“Alright! We got a mountain of work to tackle. Pour yourself some coffee and follow me,” I say picking up my tablet and mug.


“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
Lao Tzu

The fucking paparazzi! Anastasia was all shaken yesterday. She’s too shy to be around reporters and the hounding paparazzi scare the shit out of her!  I run my fingers through my hair in exasperation. Taylor is waiting, no, rather bristling with nervous edgy energy outside my door.

“Taylor!” I shout.

“Yes, sir,” he says coming in.

“What’s up? Bad news?”

“No, no…” he murmurs. He’s holding something inside his hand.

“Someone sent a courier? A message? What is it man? What’s the problem?” I ask impatiently.

“It’s nothing. It can wait,” he says. I frown and extend my hand. He reluctantly places something into my palm. It’s a lightly scented thick envelope with my and Anastasia’s name elegantly written on it. I open it, and pull out the invitation to Gail and Taylor’s wedding. My face softens.

“This is an invitation. Do you want us to come to your wedding?” I ask surprised, my voice a little hoarse. Ana told me that my staff was fond of me, but I thought she was just being kind. I clear my throat. This is welcome news considering all the shit we’ve been through yesterday and the scare Ana had gone through. I will up her security and she isn’t going to like it. I lift my eyes up from the invitation. Taylor looks indecisive.

“Look Taylor. Uhm, we’d love to come of course and thank you and Gail for the invitation. But, I know women. If,” I say and search his face, “if, Gail put you up to it, I’ll relieve you the obligation of inviting us. I can always have a business meeting or some prearranged deal if you want to be free of your boss on your wedding day.”

Taylor blinks, and his eyes dart right and left as if he’s surprised to find a boss who can be understanding. I’m not getting that soft. Taylor is my right hand man. I have to relieve him of pressure on the most important day of his life so when he comes back, he’s recharged, and less nervous. He shifts on his feet looking at me.

He clears his throat. “Well, the thing is Mr. Grey; I guess I don’t mind you coming. I’d rather not have her caddy sister. But she’s coming. That’s the only sister she has. I’ve got no family except my daughter. Guess, Gail had this silly notion that my job is my family too, so, in a way, I’m married to my job, so that makes you and Mrs. Grey family. Oddly enough,” he mutters. This is the most he’s spoken in personal terms. Taylor, like me is a man of few words when it comes to family. Avuncular, Anastasia said about Taylor. We all have adopted families, but I think in the end we have created something else here unexpectedly. It’s all Ana’s doing. Guess my staff does care about me. I clear my throat. I think a change of pace will make Anastasia happy. Give her something to think about other than the paparazzi. Kate and Elliot’s wedding is months away and that’s about the same time as the junior is due. This will be something she’ll be happy about.
“Well, I think Ana would love to see you and Gail wed. She sees you,” I don’t want to tell him like an uncle. Taylor isn’t old. “She sees you and Gail part of the family. Hell, in just a few months, you and Mrs. Taylor will be living right above our garage. If it’s all the same to you, we’ll remain low-key on your wedding. That way our women can be happy. They say the wedding is for the women anyway.”

“Yes, they say that…” he murmurs.

“So, November 12th then?” I ask.

“Yes, sir.”

“Congratulations. Andrea should send you the account information that was set up for your expense account.”

“You don’t have to do that Mr. Grey,” he says.

“Well, it’s the least I can do. Because of your foresight, we were able to save Mrs. Grey and our baby. You earned it,” I say and he just nods in response somberly.

“By the way, have the paparazzi gone from Escala or the SIP?”

“Neither, unfortunately. They’ll keep camping until there’s a confirmation of some sort and then they’ll go on a baby bump watch,” he says. I frown.

“Shit! I was afraid of that. Let’s workout first, and I’ll decide how to deal with their asses. By the way, whatever happened to the freelance reporter we sent to camping to the Canadian Rockies?”
“Rescued by the Mounties after a month of enjoying the nature. We’ve left his supplies of course, but enough to let him respect his betters. He’s left with a warning. We’re keeping an eye on him from time to time. My special ops buddies need something fun to do time to time,” he grins.

“Let’s go workout.”

*****      *****
When we return from workout it’s nearly 7:30 a.m. Gail is fixing breakfast in the kitchen.

“Are you ready for breakfast sir?” she asks.

“Not quite yet Gail. Is Mrs. Grey up?”

“No she didn’t come out yet,” she responds. When I walk back into our bedroom, Anastasia’s hair spread out on the pillow, some tendrils covering her cheeks. Her arms stretched out onto our pillow. The sheet is just below her breast exposing her, immediately making me hard. She has goose bumps on her breasts and her nipples are puckered with the slight air circulation caused by the fan. She shifts in bed, and rolling onto my side of the bed. She pulls my pillow into her embrace absently. I watch her mesmerized. Lovely, doesn’t even describe it. I take two quiet steps towards our bed. After leaving the invitation on the side table, I continue watching her. Anastasia’s eyes slowly flutter open.

“Hi,” she says in a groggy voice.

“Hi baby. How are you feeling?”

“Good. Did you just workout?” she asks slowly rolling onto her back. That exposes her right breast. I inhale sharply.

“Did you just workout?” she asks again, inhaling my scent.

“Yes, I did,” I reply my eyes focused on her chest. She licks her bottom lip and bites it.

“Don’t bite your lip. I just had a workout, and it didn’t even dull the edginess in me. You’ll make me jump you, and I’m too sweaty and dusty right now. I was in the ring.”

“Would it turn you off,” she asks slowly, “if I told you that I find you sexy when you are glistening with workout sweat?”

“Sweat turns you on?”

You turn me on husband… I think the sight of you the first day I slept in your bed, when you walked in after your workout was insanely sexy, like it is now.”

“Mrs. Grey, are you seducing me?” She's got me by the balls.

I've got you Under my Skin - Katharine McPhee

“I hope so, you’re the only man in the room,” she says with a lascivious grin.

A deep primal, guttural sound makes its way through my throat. Her morning sickness had been touch and go this month. And she’s not talking about work right now. I shrug my t-shirt off, and toss it in a heap on the floor. Then hooking my thumbs under my waistband I shrug my sweatpants and boxers off. Anastasia visibly swallows and slowly rises up in sitting position, the sheet sliding off her body and the curve of her growing breasts partially covered with her cascading hair gives a heavenly sight. I place a knee on the bed and pull her against me. My body is firm and damp with sweat. Her soft curves perfectly fit into my hard muscles.  My cock is hard and heavy against the folds of her sex. Anastasia moves her body to feel me more. She shivers and her body is now totally awake and alive with singular purpose.

“I need you to hold on to me tight, baby,” I whisper in a husky voice.

“Yesss…” she moans, holding onto my body like a life raft. Rotating my hips, I move my cock and slide into her hungry sex until the slick lips of her sex kiss the base of my cock. Her legs wrap around my torso, her heels digging into my ass in an effort to urge my cock deeper inside her. Anastasia arches her back as she rises over my cock, thrusting her breasts to my lips. I capture one nipple, and the cooled, perked up peak is welcomed into the warm wetness of my mouth. I begin to move against her, upwards, driving urgently into her sex. Our hips are in synchronized. When I pump into her hard and hot, she descends onto my erection, embracing it like a tight fist, and pulling me into the depths of her sex. My balls tighten and slap against her anus every time, making her moan.

“Ana, I’m going to go deeper baby!” I moan, “I’ll push you against the wall, and drill into you hard and fast!”

“Yes! Please!” she groans. I place Anastasia’s back against the wall just as the right level to bury in her deep. I pull back and thrust into her hard.

“Again!” she shouts as her arms wrap around my torso, her nails digging into my back. The heavy weight of my cock thick and pulsating, claims her from inside. Anastasia is writing before me, her nails are clawing my back and she tries to move her body in her quest to get to her precipice.

My skin turns completely hot beneath her hands, and our collective breaths are heaving from our lungs. My movements are rapid, hard and feverish between her inviting thighs. Anastasia moves one hand to my chest and her nails dig into my nipple. She twists it with her thumb and forefinger making me thicker inside her. I groan her name ready to lose control.

“Come on baby! Give it up for me!” I cry out, my body tense, rigid, and steel hard against her lush now sweaty curves. Her sex tightens, fisting me inside tighter, pulling me further, keeping me longer in the depths of her sex in a rush to climax and milk me. Her legs hug me tighter, her heels dig in harder, and she shouts out, “Christian!” My burning pleasure is released inside her in pulsing jets thick and hard. The mixed moans of each other’s names are swallowed when I claim her lips in fevered passion, lust and admiration of my wife.

“Anastasia…” I whisper her name in a satisfied voice, as I close my eyes on a ragged breath. I place my forehead over hers and inhale the arousing smell of sex, her intoxicating, evocative scent of femininity mixed with my personal scent of masculine spiciness and the faint traces of my cologne creating something that is uniquely ours.

“What are you doing to me, baby? You turn me on with one glance and unman me immediately.”

She holds onto me tighter.

“Thank you,” she whispers.

“For what?”

“For taking care of my needs, watching over us, making me a priority in your life… for loving me,” she whispers.

“I’m your husband. It’s what I do,” I say as I ease her off my cock. She winces.

“Are you okay?” I ask concerned. “Did I hurt you?”

“No. I’m not made of glass Christian. I’m okay,” she smiles reassuringly.

“Come. Let’s take a shower,” I tug her with me to the bathroom.

“Yes, I need to get ready for work,” she says making me stop at my tracks.

“After what happened yesterday?”

“I’m not having morning sickness,” she says. I arch my eyebrows.

“Not as bad, Christian. I’ve been doing better in the last week. Dr. Greene said half a day would be fine, remember?”

“Dr. Greene didn’t see you get ambushed by the paparazzi either. So much so that Sawyer had to get back up from the SIP security to get you back into the SUV.” I head us back into the bathroom again. Without releasing her hand, I turn the shower on.

“I have a proposal,” I say.

“What kind of proposal?” she asks narrowing her eyes.

“I don’t want the paparazzi keep hounding you until your pregnancy is officially disclosed. You’ve entered into the second trimester. My PR is recommending to a sit down interview with the People magazine.”

“Don’t you think that just three months is too early for that?”

“I actually don’t know the protocol for pregnancy disclosure interview but I don’t want some fucker to corner you and scare the hell out of you trying to picture your baby bump or put you and Sawyer in a car chase. They have caused accidents in the past, and I’m not willing to have you to become an addition to the victims of paparazzi.”

“Christian, I don’t know if it’s necessary…” she stars.

“Ana, you promised! For the baby’s safety, you promised! If anything happened to you or both of you, I’d go insane! I understand that we have nothing to show a magazine so far. No baby’s room or anything like that. Maybe a press release and some professional pictures of both of us would suffice. That way we have the control of what is put in, and what is said. But, since you saved my sister, you’ve become an idol for a lot of people, and they want to get to know you,” I say cringing.

“You want to get the baby’s room ready?” she asks starry eyes. Leave it to Ana to deduce that conclusion out of everything I said.

“Well, no, not today. But if it’s something you wish to look at, I can certainly schedule time to go with you.” I tug her into the shower.

“Oh, I thought you wanted to go, do shopping.”

“Ana, I’m telling you that there’s going to be more people, more reporters, paparazzi chasing you. So far, we’ve been able to keep them somewhat contained,” I say and turn her back to me. Squeezing some shampoo into my palms, I lather her hair and massage her scalp.

“I’m going to up your security. One more person will be added to your detail.” She stiffens.

“It restricts me Christian. I need room to breathe. It’s very annoying when I have a woman tagging along when I go to pee in the bathroom, and you know I can’t even pee when you’re there!” she sighs.

“But it’s better to have your personal protection in the bathroom than a crazy paparazzi hiding in the next stall. It comes with the territory for us baby. This is part of our lives. I need to know that you both are safe. I can’t function if I have it in the back of my mind that there’s a lapse in your security when it is easy for me to correct it. We’re not under the radar baby. We’re going to be on it in the long haul. This is why I like protecting our privacy. We may never be off the radar. You’re a drop dead gorgeous woman, and I’ve been told I’m good looking by my wife. We have money; we have a life style other people only dream about. There will always be people who are interested in us.”

“How long will I have two security guards? I like Sawyer, but someone else…” she cringes. I later my hands with body wash and start washing her shoulders, going down to her sides. My hands stay across her belly, my fingers splaying over it. Her breath catches.

“It’s for the blip. Sawyer for you, and the other security for the blip.”

“Fine!” she mutters. My soapy hands move up to her aching breasts and cup the heavy mounds.
“Good girl…” I whisper. She raises her arms and wraps them around my neck while pushing her breasts into my palms, effectively cutting our conversation.  She tilts her head sideways, making it easy for my head to dip and kiss her at the right angle.

*****      *****
I put my crisp white shirt on, Anastasia buttons them for me. I pull my boxers and Anastasia chooses my charcoal gray suit. I put the pants on and zip it up. She holds the jacket for me. She already has her white lace panties and bra. She decides on flowy skirt and curve hugging blouse. Then she sits at the edge of the bed and puts her heels on. Her hair is put behind one ear but the other side is freely falling onto her chest. So fucking hot!

She then notices the envelope I brought into the bedroom and left on the dresser.

“What’s this?” she asks turning it over and sees both our names.

“An invitation to Taylor and Gail’s wedding.”

She gives me a genuine grin. “Oh! I’m so happy for them. They now have date!” When she looks up to me, her eyes are bright.

“We’re invited? Really?”

“Yes, we are. We’ll be a little low key considering how dedicated Taylor is to his job. We’ll pay for their wedding and honeymoon as a gift from both of us and the blip,” I say.

“Husband,” she says getting up holding me. “You are the kindest, most generous man I know.”
“They’ve been with me for a long time, and Taylor has just done so much to save you both. I owe him this much.”

“I’m actually looking forward to it!” she says giggling. “Let’s go have breakfast. I’m famished.”
“Yes, ma’am!” Who am I to argue when all her appetites are in full gear? We aim to please.
*****      *****
I walk my wife to the door of the SIP while Ryan and Sawyer are pushing the reporters away.

“Mrs. Grey! Is it true that you’re 3 months pregnant?” ask a female reporter.

“Is it a honeymoon baby?” shouts another reporter.

“Mr. Grey, were you two married because of Mrs. Grey’s pregnancy? Was this a shotgun wedding?” It’s a male reporter.

Anastasia’s face is horrified with the gossip that’s brewing.

“Mrs. Grey, some reports say that you’re more than 3 months pregnant! That would put the pregnancy prior to your wedding. Did you plan to get pregnant with Mr. Grey’s baby?” The insinuation is all there.

“Back-off asshole!” Sawyer pushes him and his microphone away from Ana’s vicinity.

“Christian, what are they saying?” whispers Anastasia terrified. Her eyes are wide, scared. Her face says it all without words: I’ll never have a normal life again.

“Mrs. Grey, were you involved in your sister-in-law’s kidnapping?” My head snaps up, and I can tear that fucker to pieces. I find Taylor at my elbow. SIP security comes to aid.

“This is a private property. This is your one and only warning to get off the property or we will do it with the police escort for trespassing and harassment of an SIP employee,” shouts Roach. The sirens are already heard around the corner. The first sight I see is Detective Clark with several uniformed officers.

“You heard the man. This is a private property. Your freedom of press does not give you the right to harass a young woman; neither does it give you the right to trespass a private company’s property. You can all spend the night in jail, or you can leave peacefully.” The crowd disperses with murmurs and grunts.

“Mrs. Grey! Ryan from Seattle Celebrity News! We have information that led us believe that you are in fact involved in your sister in-law’s kidnapping personally. Two people you worked with were in it up to their eyeballs. How involved were you in planning the kidnapping of Miss Mia Grey? Why did you go along with one of the kidnappers? Why did you run away from your own bodyguard? Mrs. Grey! Was your boss Jack Hyde your lover?”

“Shut the fuck up!” Sawyer shouts shoving the reporter into a uniformed officer. “Are you going to stand there let this bastard harass a good woman and slander her name?”

The uniformed officer twists the reporter’s arm and places the handcuffs. I’m bristling with uncontrollable anger. In one hand my wife is distressed; in the other hand some fucker is threatening my wife with his accusations!

“The truth will come out!” he shouts.

“That’s right, the truth! And you wouldn’t know it if it bit you in the ass, fucking bastard!” I hiss crushing three strategically placed fingers under his throat with the minimum amount of effort. The reporter goes red in the face.

Taylor jerks his head to Sawyer wordlessly, and he backs away from me.

“Mr. Grey. Please! Don’t just stand there!” Clark shouts at his uniformed officers. “Take this jerk away and book him! I apologize Mrs. Grey, Mr. Grey. I heard what they said. They won’t be able to come onto the parking lot or the premises tomorrow, or you or the company security can call 911 for help.”

Anastasia stands at the threshold of SIP; shaken and silent. She looks as though someone just slapped her, baffled that the truth can be twisted so easily; one’s agony becoming someone else’s entertainment in a cheap magazine. For the first time since I’ve met her, I see Anastasia indecisive and reluctant to walk into the SIP, or walk at all in any direction. Stopped in the middle of life, and lost her way. Gone is the cheery, lusty wife I had this morning. These fuckers just stole her joy.

Yes, I would love my wife to be home, and safe. I would love her to be waiting for me when I got there, but in a dark corner of my head I know that it would slowly but surely give her resentments and dim her spark that I fell in love with; I don’t want my wife to lose the fight in her. Not for me and definitely not because of some fucking paparazzi.

“Workday, Ana! I’ll walk you to your desk,” I whisper, letting her know that I’m with her.

“Maybe I should stay home today…” she whispers.

“When you fall off the bike, do you walk back home, or get back on it?” I ask, opening the door leading her in, ignoring everyone else.

“Good morning Ana!” shouts the cheerful African-American receptionist.

“Hi Ana!” jumps up her assistant. Anastasia can only nod at them blankly.

I walk Ana into her office, and I might have closed the door to her assistant Hannah’s face.

“Ana, baby, look at me…” I urge her.

“Is that what people really think of me?”

Driven to Tears - Sting and Robert Downey Jr.

“No! That’s just the fucking paparazzi spreading rumors or try to get a rise out of you. But I will sue and put their fucking establishment apart piece by fucking piece! Why does it matter what others think? What I think matters, but not what they think!” I jab my thumb towards the door. She sinks in a chair before her desk.

“But, they’re making it sound like our baby is a tool to keep you with me. Who would be spreading such vicious news? That’s not true at all! Sooner or later someone I know or care about will think that it’s true about me,” she says as she puts her hand protectively over her belly.

“Ana, if they believe in that shit and not you, then they’re not worthy of your regard.”

“But, it’s so easy to believe. Even you thought I was leaving you for money at first,” she murmurs.

“Only because it was you who told me she was leaving. I believed you, not the fucking paparazzi. But, I was an ass. I know better now. You love me, and I sure love you baby! This is a problem and we are going to resolve it together. Remember, there are so many celebrities who live through this day to day. Each and every aspect of their lives are examined by others. You’re famous because you’re my wife. But also because you’re a beautiful woman who has done something courageous. Some people will twist it no matter what. I will do everything in my power to protect you and our baby. Meanwhile, you’ve got to work today. I’m sure you have tons of things to do. I’ll straighten this problem out today. Maybe we do need to do a sit-down interview with a respectable magazine to rest the rumors and declare your pregnancy.”

“Oh, I don’t know. I’m shaken.”

“Ana,” say lifting her chin up. “It will be in our terms, our place, and our story. We get the questions beforehand. I see them and we approve them together. That way you have control of the situation. Okay?” She nods absently.

“Ana, please, you’re worrying me. Look at me…” I plead. Her eyes finally focus and look at me.
“You and me, and this blip inside you. Nothing and no one else matters. Don’t; don’t surrender the control of your emotions to these fuckers. To me, yes. To someone else, no!” She takes a shuddering breath.

“I’m trying. It’s just that, I’ve never been accused of something so vile, so vicious, and so publicly when I nearly died and lost our baby in the process to save Mia. How could anyone think that I had anything to do with it?”

“You are letting others take control over your emotions by letting these thoughts get into your head. The correct process goes through our method of refuting these accusations; because we know the truth. We will get it out at our time, in our terms. What you need to do is to regain your self-control.”

“How? I can’t live in a bubble away from the society, Christian.”

“Sometimes they are necessary as protective layers. We don’t have to answer the gossip columns. You will hear and see things that you will dislike. That’s part of this life. People are drawn to money. Drawn to beauty. Drawn to status. Because they represent power. They want that for themselves and some will do anything to get it. So, in order to reach their goal, they will employ nasty means to destroy the person or damage him or her. You have to have a thick social skin. You have true friends who love and care about you. You have me, your husband who is madly in love with you. We have a baby on the way. We have everything anyone can desire. Why should someone you never met control your emotions so easily by spreading a few lies?” I ask arching my eyebrows.

“Because they’re poisonous. I’m worried that it might hurt you, or that you might believe in them.”

“Ahhh. Now we reach the root of the problem. When I held your cold body in my arms, my world was shattered. You are my everything. Some fucking stranger will shout a few words and change what I feel for you? I will rip them apart. I will never…ever… let anyone harm you, physically or emotionally. I promise.”

“Thank you Christian!” she says fervently and hugs me tight. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“You will never find out, baby. Because, I’m the one who can’t live without you! Now back to work. Half day only today.”

“Okay,” she responds.

“Sawyer and Ryan will remain here with you. Don’t go out for lunch. They’ll bring it in for you.”

“I will,” she says holding on to me tightly like a woman drowning. My heart clenches. Whoever is playing this game, and left these fuckers loose, I will make them pay. I kiss my wife, and leave her at the SIP with a heavy heart.

When we reach the SUV, I turn to Taylor, “did you inform Welch?”

“Yes, sir. I did. Someone’s spreading rumors around and letting the gossip magazines do their dirty work for them.”

“Are your guys keeping an eye on Linc?”

“Yes, sir. I’ll request some reports this afternoon.”

“Do it faster. And when we get to GEH, get the fucking lawyers online. They want a head hunt, they got one!” Whoever is behind this, he’s fucking with the wrong man. My eyes darken with calculating anger, and determination. My Blackberry buzzes. I pull it out and check the e-mail.

From: Alex Pella
To: Christian Grey
Date: November 1st, 2011
Time: 9:03 a.m.

Hey Grey!

Rumor has it that you have a child on the way. Congrats to you both! But the real gossip is that someone’s trying to muddle the waters for you to disguise something else to go down. Whatever you’re experiencing now is just a simple diversion. I don’t know what that something else is yet. Lips are very tight so far. Keep your loved ones close, enemies even closer. No names are being mentioned, yet. Expect the schemes to be complicated. Be on the guard. I’ll keep my eyes open and ears close to the ground. Let you know if I hear anything.

Your friend.


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So good Emine....good to see Roach and Det. Clark push their weight around. Andrea and Barney could be, sexy geek might surprise her! I like the idea of Sawyer and Andre too.

Love how Christian is starting to realize that Taylor and Gail are family....not that he is going soft but it is beautiful to see how Ana is bringing everyone together as a family.

I sure hope Ana doesn't lose her spunk! And I am really looking forward to baby shopping. Since Christian never had anything at such an early age....I am sure he will be a little over the top! But how much he has grown to motivate her to go in to work instead of freaking out and making her go home.

Emine, thank you for this....after a horrendous week of finality and sadness, how wonderful to check and see your post. As always, you make my day better!

Great job as always. Hope your hubby is on the mend!

When might we expect the next chapter?

Dannynha Mansani said...

Gotta say I really loved this chapter, not only 'cause we could get to know more about Gail and Taylor, and even have a sneak peak on Andrea, but because of the way Christian acted with Anastasia when they finally made it to Ana's office. He was not only truly lovely but understanding also, what is such a new thing coming from a man that always had thing his way. It was pretty nice to see how he's changed and is making efforts to accommodate Ana's needs and passions, knowing full well that despite the fact that he would love to have her safe at home she needs to have her work and normal life so she can still be the lovely and cheerful and lively and bright girl he felt in love with.

Thanks for that.

In time, hope your husband is feeling better and that things are going well for you.


karen miranda said...

hi emine,
it was another amazing chapter of yours... happy to hear that ur hubby is well and the kids are great.
wishing all of you the best of health everyday.
thanks for another amazing chapter.
lots of ♥,

Mz. Mami said...

OMG.... I am totally in love with your story!!! The next chapter is NEVER here too soon. You have captured my heart and you extremely an amazing writer. Thank you for continuing the story. You truly have a gift and I am at awe!!!! Keep them coming, don't stop anytime soon. I can't wait and it seems waiting is too long! xxxx

Unknown said...

Bom dia Eminé! Estou amando os capítulos do 4° livros espero que não demore postar os próximos.
Marcia, Rio de Janeiro.

Anonymous said...

Hello Emine,
I hope you are doing good, and that your husband is good as well....!! My best wishes to all of you.
Well have been visiting the blog for the last three days, and am glad to find an update today. The beginning part first took me by surprise, but I adored how you showed that Taylor and Gail respect, love and adore Christian and Ana and consider them to be their only family. The conversation between Gail and Taylor was very pleasing and touching. Taylor is still mad at Christian for Leila, but we are only mad or angry on someone we love, are close to and ocnsider our family. That was truly touching. The connection and relationship the Christian and Taylor is amazing, even if they speak so less. I simply love Taylor and Gail. They are my second favourite couple in the story.. ;)

Andrea's pov was also very nice to read. Gave us an idea of what Christian's close reliable staff think about Ana. Well everyone is sort of charmed by Christian, however, how they saw Ana with great admiration, awe and respect was truly great. That says something about Christian being very good at seeing through people and choosing his staff. H e sees right through them, and chooses those to work for him, who would truly be faithful to him, be efficient, and also respect him and his decisions, choices and priorities. This interaction between Barney and Andrea was lovely.

I love how both our love birds are always ready for each other and to pounce on the other. I is very sensational to me how they love and are always craving for each other. The paparazzi thing is seriously getting ugly, and now Linc is all up for ruining Ana's self confidence through the media pestering her for the news of the baby and her involvement with the kidnapping. It was very endearing to see Christian holding her up and transferring his strength and energy to her to deal with all this and soothing her worries. His realization that despite him wanting her to be at home safe, she would be losing her spirit and spark which he loved was incredible. Christian's love for BLIP is also heart warming. I love Pellas' involvement and his concern for the Grey's.

Overall a beautiful chapter... Loved it as I loved every other chapter you wrote so far... I know you have been told this millions of times but you truly are sensational, marvelous, fantastic and making-my-readers-go-all-dreamy-day-and-night kind of writer.

Love you so much. Do you think I wrote too much?? Sorry couldnt help it. Just came out automatically reading it...!!! Will be waiting patiently for the next one. Take your time. All the best again.

Thank you Sudeshna (Bangladesh)

Mônica Goyer said...

This post was very funny (Andreia/Gail). I wish so much to see Teddy birth. One big kiss and hug!

Porto Alegre-Brazil

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Hi girls! Thank you for your patience, and your continuing support. There's something big coming up in the story (without changing the happy ending).

First of all I want to welcome Sudeshna to our community here! I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to comment individually in the last chapter. This past month I have worked very hard. Generally I translate and edit more than a million words a year. But September alone I've edited over 400,000 words and translated about a 100,000 words (in software and hardware manuals for Dell, liver transplant surgeries and procedures, cancer for a US university Medical center, and a few laws). That's on top of every other activity I have, cold, flu, illnesses, school activities, trucking to volleyball games around the state etc. Of course I have a deadline by the end of the month to finish my book as well.

Hopefully you understand that my intent was not to ignore my readers but a very busy schedule. So, welcome Sudeshna, and hope you interact with our friends around the world. They're wonderful, insightful, funny and great ladies.

Also, I want to extend my condolences to Penny who lost her sister to cancer after an 8 year struggle with the disease. Penny, as a sister myself, and having come close to losing my only sister, I understand the bond of sisterhood and the pain of loss. This is clearly a difficult time for a loyal reader and a friend. ♥ ❀ I wish you and all her loved once patience.

Thank you everyone for the comments. There's an impending danger. We're building up to something.

Bom dia Marcia! Eu tenho um monte de trabalho. Mas eu faço tempo para escrever. Obrigado por esperar pacientemente. Você é muito gentil.

Bonjour Olga et S! J'aime mes lecteurs Français !♥♥♥ Merci pour le commentaire de l'image. Olga, j'ai maintenant les cheveux foncés. J'aime lire vos deux commentaires. Merci mesdames! Étreintes et baisers! PS: Mme S, j'ai adoré votre image. Vous êtes belle!

Christal {Simply Zaspy} said...

LOVED LOVED LOOOOVED THIS CHAPTER!!! My withdrawals are pleasantly satiated! Thanks for all you do Emine!!♥♥


Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Hola Fanny! Me olvidé de decirte. Hablé con Stephanie. Ella está traduciendo un capítulo más. Ella es una estudiante universitaria. Ella estudia ingeniería estructural (creo). Pero sus estudios son difíciles y se necesita un tiempo para traducir. No se preocupe. Ella responderá. <3

Thata said...

Dear Emine,
Hi how are you and your family?
Story of CG and Ana were all fantastic... Was really hooked reading all the chapters.. Can't wait to read again the next chapter.
When it will be available?
Thank you...


Anonymous said...

Hey Emine,
Thank you for mentioning me in your last comment....I am delighted, though I never thought that you had ignored my comment in the last chapter. I know you are very busy, and have a lot on your shoulder besides this blog, and I truly appreciat your efforts to continue giving us updates regularly. So I am more than happy today that I could reach you today and that you know how much I love your story.

One query, When you say something big and dangerous is coming up in the story without changing the happy ending, do you mean after you write this danger thing you'll straight go to the happy ending as we read in the original book?? will you not write on the pregnancy periods, the birth, C&A entering parenthood and MORE...??? just wanted to know... because I see your writing so close to the original one that I feel through your writing we will get to know what happened in the time leap before the epilogue of the original and perhaps a bit after that as well.... ( am demanding or hoping fo rtoo much being all new)... its just a wish, because I sort of dream about it night and day... I know you have lots to do, and have much more important things to deal with in your life. But you know what we are ready to wait for long long time. Even, a chapter per month if you are very busy, or even more. Just dont stop now, now that you have build up an expectation of the MORE for us.....take as long as you need... but I really do hope the end of YOUR story( after the happy ending of the original) is a long long lonnngggggg way to go... as I had mentioned previously, we were hoping for book 5, 6 as well.... ;)

I am glad to be a part of this community. And glad to have come in contact with you and a few other very nice people... :D

My heartiest condolences to Penny, and her family. May her sister's soul rest in peace.

All the best, and take your time in updating. It always is worth the wait. ;)


Sheila H said...

Thank you for a wonderful chapter Emine. Brilliant chapter and brilliant writing, thank you again enjoyed every word.

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Hi Sudeshna!

Good question. It doesn't mean I'm going to end the story. It just means that from this point on, until after the birth of baby Ted something big is building up. We have come to realize that certain protagonists in the story will not remain silent until something is done. You can't just poke the hornet's nest and expect the hornets to remain unresponsive. Right?

The reason I said "happy ending" is because CG, Ana, their two kids, their staff, the company will remain intact and happy in the end (the family too). But there are a lot of loose ends as far as powerful and vindictive men who are hateful towards our favorite couple. What will they do? Who will do it? How will it end? How far will they take it? Those are the questions to be answered.

Remember 50 Shades Freed span a 3 years period. That's a lot of undiscovered territory. First book span less than a month (about 3 weeks), Book 2 covered about 2.5 - 3 week, and all of a sudden, Book 3 covers a whopping 3 years. That's a lot of time, and a lot of incidents waiting to happen.

I have tons of story lines in my head, but I think some of the biggest pricks have not really gotten the punishment they deserved or the extent of their evil abilities was explored. That's what I want to do. That doesn't mean that the story is ending. We're just going to explore what you have mentioned (pregnancy, the birth(s), parenthood, the big house, their NY apartment - I've got something big planned for that) lots more.

I also take cues from you, the readers. This is the first installment of that. I've gotten a lot of emails requesting more from Gail and Taylor, Andrea, some of the unexplored characters who are devoted employees and are essential to CG's empire. There's a lot. So, don't worry yourself with an ending :)

Hi Tata!

Family is much better, but I'm exhausted. I've worked the hardest of the year this past month, and it's not even over yet. I have a deadline with the book, and got lots of writing to do. I also have made another goal. I want to hike down to Grand Canyon, but my bigger goal is to hike from Rim to Rim which is a very very very long way. I visit GC every year, but never stayed this long, and I just fell in love with it despite getting sick. But, I need to train for it, and I'm far, far from ready. But we shall see how I fare.

Anonymous said...

Oh great Emine... I am now relieved... You will be writing on the 3 years.... Great...... I am ecstatic. Thank you so much for replying to my anxiety..... I hope this goes on for three years and more.... wow... already to go on a rock and roll journey with you and our beloved C&A......looking forward to everything dear.....Thank you again... Lots of love....

Will be waiting patiently for the next one, until you find your convenient time to post..cheers...!!!

Sudeshna... (Glad to be friends with you, I hope I can call you that, a dear friend)

Unknown said...

Grande capítulo como sempre!!

muito interessante a parte de Taylor e Gail..Andrea e Barney..e a volta de nosso Pella!!

curiosa pra saber mais....este seu livro está fantastico!!

Beijos e obrigada por todo seu empenha em posta-lo.

Até bjs bjs

Ah. apareça lá nos posts brasileiros para nosso cafezinho!!


Artsy Alcie said...

So excited to see where you take this! It was a long wait, but well worth it. Glad you're better, Hope your hubby is doing better. Looking forward to the next chapter! Also looking forward to all of the chapters of "more" you mention. Have a great week!
Allie in California

Unknown said...

Oh Emine...thank you for the kind words. My sister's death has left a huge hole in my heart and I am very sad.....but reading your blog helps me escape reality....thank you.

I forgot to mention earlier about Alex....he really needs to take care of Linc once and for all....he is just the man for the job! We will all clap our hands when that menace is GONE. We know this ends well but his living presence makes me nervous! Love you my dear sister

Amanda said...

Loved this!!! I can't wait to find out more about the rumors and the pregnancy leak. And I hope that Christian warms up to the idea of helping Ana with the baby's room :)

I must admit I'm really nervous about what Linc will do! I love that you are going to keep the happy family in tact, but I'm so nervous about Ana getting kidnapped/hurt again, something happening to Ted.

Can't wait for more!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful chapter, thank you so much. Hopefully you will be able to post a new chapter soon...

Unknown said...

Oh God you used Pella!!! Just another great chapter as well! You are awesome! I sincerely hope that Gerald, your kids and your parents are ok! Take care sweetie! <3

jeangb said...

I hope all is improving on the home front and that your hubby is feeling better.
Thankyou Emine for these insights into the peopleyou are so who work closely with Christian and Ana.
This book just gets better and better dispite the traumas in your life. You are so focused.
Take care <3x

Unknown said...

Hi Emine
Another brilliant chapter well worth the wait!! Hope all is well with your family? Was happy to read from your blog that you have loads more ideas still to come.can't wait to see what happens. Take care

Love Ruth from the UK

Kristina said...

Loved the chapter!! So worth the wait! I had to giggle a little when I read after C&A's shower, as C was getting dressed and put his "white shit on" lol I'm sure it was supposed to be shirt but still had to LOL. ;) looking forward to the next chapter!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ermine and fellow Bloggers,

As usual, love where you are taking the storyline. My mind has been trying to figure out who could have leaked Ana's pregnancy. and who is working for Lincoln?? Will the Pimp reappear??? You continue to keep us on the edge of our seats. I am glad to hear that your husband is doing well, I know what it's like to carry the weight of stress, be a wife, and become the caregiver while he was healing, as well as being strong for the family. My thoughts are with you. Again we thank you so much for giving us this guilty pleasure. ;)


Ediene O Maia said...

Meus parabéns Emine.
Mais um capitulo maravilhoso, mais uma vez Emine você nos levou para outro mundo de sonhos e imaginação eu amei a conversa de Gail e Taylor, como eles tem carinho e admiração pela Ana como ela mudou a vida de Christian. Como Gail pensa sobre Leila.
Emine você e uma mulher vitoriosa, batalhadora pelo seu trabalho pela sua escrita, sua familia e linda, estou feliz em saber que seu marido esta melhor. Eu gostaria de saber como sua mãe esta? Se ela esta melhor?

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful chapter! I love all the different POV's!! I absolutely love your take on the story!!
Thanks you!
Barbara Mc

Vera Leite said...

Nossa que saudade e quantas emoções!! Linda a parte de Taylor e Gail! E Andrea? hahhaha Cap. maravilhoso como sempre! Espero que s/ viagem tenha sido ótima!! Bom tê-la de volta! Bjs-Brasil

Anonymous said...

hello Emine how is the family hope everybody is great I do hope your next vacation will be in St.Lucia.
However I enjoy this chapter. taylor and Gail is so awe, we need to hook up Andrea with Sawyer it looks like she have the hots for him. I think Mia should hook up to the doctor who treated her at the hospital give Ethan the boot. Ilove you bring Alex pella back.

I do hope when your book is published I will be able to get a copy in St.lucia.have a great evening.

Anonymous said...

Dear Emine,
Thrilled when I saw you had posted. Hope things are at last starting to calm down for you at home.
Loved Gail and Jason, hope to hear from them in the future.
I fall more in love with Christian every post. You are so talented. Liked Alex Pellas inclusion as well.
Take Care yours Smiling,
Kathy (Australia) xx

Aracely said...

Hi Eminé ! I´m so happy to see your updates again,I have checked your blog everyday looking for the new chapter and I must tell you that it worth the long wait. My heart was pumping so hard and I just felt so attuned with Christian and Ana when they were at the office; you know how to tear off all those feelings from us, I have always thought that those tender moments they share, are so important as their incredible sexual life.Thank you for all this huge effort ,despite all the stress .God bless to your family. A hug from your friend. Aracely. (Honduras).

Anonymous said...

Thank you for another incredible chapter. Hope all is well for you and your family. I love you you keeping g us in touch with the Greys,please don't stop.I wait patiently for each chapter you write as long as you keep them coming they are fantastic.

Leanne Rossell said...

This chapter was well worth the wait!!!!!! Brilliant as always and I can't wait to read what's happens
I hope your husband is better?

hasi Luthufi said...

hey Emine,
Iv been a reader of yours for almost an year and a half now but this is the first time I'm commenting on it. I think your writing is just splendid and slightly bordering addictive :)
Thank you for putting so much effort into this just to make us happy, in spite of the work load you have.
I look forward to a new chapter every week not only because I love the book but also because I love your imagination, Its so refreshing.
Ps. I saw the selfies you posted of yourself. You are such a lovely being <3
Lots of love and good vibes coming your way.


Christina J said...

I was biting my nails towards the end and honestly was more irritated for the fact that i wished to have read today's post and the next together.

I know I'm crazy for this. But what a way to portrait Christian and his emotions!!!!

Thank you for posting this.

I hope your hubby is doing well.


Anonymous said...

After a very depressing six months I thought there was nothing that would lift my emotions (lost a mom and younger sister in a space of 3 months) and then I stumble on your Blogs. Oh.........oh....oh I cannot express the joy coursing through my veins after reading your book. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Ermine. You are just what Dr Flynn prescribed. Cannot wait for the next chapter. Thank you again.

Unknown said...

Hi Emine,

What a beautiful chapter!!! Hats off to you. What a sweet interaction between Gail and Taylor. And they love their boss so much. Hearing Frosty was very refreshing. And bringing Pella in was the icing on the cake. You created such a wonderful chapter in spite of having so much on your plate. Thankyou sooooo much dear. Please take a rest.

My heartfelt condolences to Penny and her family in these sad times. May your sister's soul rest in peace.


Anonymous said...

hi Emine! You're come back!
whe I see the upload i was at work and I can't read it!! grrr...
Now I succeeded and I'm happy, happy to see CG matured and able to help Ana in difficult times, for once ....good!
I love also Jason and Gail intimacy...
I would like to be able to embrace tightly Penny...I can't even imagine how I would feel if one of my sister died...

I always read the comments of all the other friends / readers and this helps me to see new points of view of this story, as well as to improve a little 'my knowledge of the language (very self-taught)
My predisposition is a listen and try to help people (maybe that's why I chose the nursing profession) and I would be able to help all of you friends of the blog when you write for your small / big problems ... I am near if not physically , with the heart ..
I greet you now, I leave space for other Emine ... do not go overboard with the commitments, enjoy a little 'your daughters and why not? .... even your hubby!

Angela said...

hi Emine,my compliments for your writing!!! i love Gail,Taylor and Andrea POV ! i want more about their thought about his controlling and gorgeous Boss!!!
You explain them in such a real way that i think they are living !!! i love this characters and i also know that something bad has to happen!!! i,m waiting for it!!
xxxxx big hugs Angela

Megan Freeman said...

Hey Eminé!

This chapter, as always, was amazing. I really love the way you foreshadowing of the problems that are going to come up later on. The fact that you added the perspectives of Gail and Andrea finally gave me an understanding of their personalities. The first part with Gail and Taylor being sweet and couple-y was really adorable! I can't wait for the next chapter and finally find out who was getting revenge and how it will be served:)


Vanessa said...

Excellent chapter, loved the different POV,
You are amazing. Don't forget family come
First. How's hubby, feeling better?

ash aspey said...

Great chapter loved it. Nice to read about Gail and Taylor, who leaked the pregnancy to the press? And what will fifty do? Can't wait for next update, love your story, keep up the good work. X

ash aspey said...

Great chapter loved it. Nice to read about Gail and Taylor, who leaked the pregnancy to the press? And what will fifty do? Can't wait for next update, love your story, keep up the good work. X

Jaque said...

My dear, congratulations for another chapter!
Glad to know that your spouse this better!
I look forward for the next.

Unknown said...

I am super thrilled to have Alex Pella back in the story! Emine, you make my day!

Anonymous said...

Cit ...."hi emine are come back"...I forget my name ...i'm Annalisa form Italy.....bye !

Anonymous said...

Hi Emine,

Je viens de finir de lire le chapitre 14 que j'ai attendu avec impatience.

I got only one thing to say:
'you are a blessing'.

Luv ya!

Unknown said...


Loved this chapter. Love how you're getting the other character's POV. Hope all is well with you and yours. I'm still loving you writing. Thank you so much for a fantastic chapter.

Gwen said...

As always Emine brilliant

Vicki Alberts said...


Thank you so much for the amazing chapter! I have no idea how you manage to get so much done. Like Gail told Taylor, take time to relax and enjoy life!


Unknown said...

Hi Emine,
I'm so glad that you are back and that everyone is doing well. I'm very excited for your book to come out I've already planned where and how I will read the very first pages.
Once again you have out done yourself. Gettin the first real glimpse into Gail was such an amazing treat, a little different than what I had pictured in my head but still very sweet. SheTaylor are meant for each other. I'dlove to know how they spend at least a part of their honeymoon and if they actually get to enjoy the entire thing with out having to rush back home because of an emergency with C&A that Sawyer & Ryan have trouble dealing with on their own.
Andrea is pretty much what I suspected, but im not sure if Sawyer & her will work out. But it would be fun to see them try. Whoever the female is he hires better be ready for a challenge, because she doesn't like to feel crowded or trapped and her hormones are about to kick in big time. Her last female gaurd didn't stand a chance of survival once the whole cocktail incident happened.
The official announcement of the pregnancy will bring out all the crazy especially EVIL BITCH TROLL. She will not be happy about Blips arrival because she knows it will just intensify Ana's hold on him and she will no longer even be able to hope to slither her way back in.
I want the story to last but I alao really wantto know what lunk is going to do amd who wad he talking to inthe last chapter that he is using to spy on them. Hopefully not one of the security guys, or an employee and Grey House. If it is they are as good as dead in everyway possible. Even if he lets them live there is no way he will let them actually enjoy any kind of new beginning. When it comes to his wife and the little Blip and the rest of the Grey clan, SIR aka Mr. Grey is out for blood to anyone who means them to do them any harm.
Hope the rest of this month goes better for you, and you are able to get some rest. Looking forward to next week and more of what further role Mr Alex Pella will play in helping them reach their happy ending.
Best Wishes,
Mary G.

Anonymous said...

Praying all is well with you and your family. I've missed almost a whole year of not reading your blog and I must say it feels good to be back reading again. You might think I'm crazy but I love you for being a great therapist for me. I've been under so must stress and your writing is healing me. THANK GOD it's more because I'm not ready to stop reading about Christian and Ana. THANK YOU for not quitting on your readers you don't know what your writing is doing for us.

Racquel from Chicago your number 1 fan.
P.S. I left off reading when they returned home from their honeymoon none stop reading.

reebz said...

Whew! Information overload! This one will have me rereading just to process it all....(blame it on my ADD!) Glad to have you back!

Anonymous said...

Dear Emine,

Thank you for everything! ;)

Just like the other readers, I enjoyed the interactions between Barney/Geek and Andrea/Icy. So funny! Barney looking like Ian Somerhalder? I want more pictures!!! LOL! And I especially the fact that Christian realises that her work is very imoortant for Ana. Thanks to her he begins to be a grown man.

Hope you and your family are doing well.

S. from France

Anonymous said...

I so loved the Andrea's comment. I have always wanted to here what she and others closet to him Christian had to say about Anna. I like hearing what their thoughts are about Christian and Anna.
I need more of Andrea's thoughts!!!!!!

Unknown said...

hello Emine,
Iv been away for quite a while now and its taken a good few days to catch up with all the new chapters and also everything that has been going on with yourself.

I hope your husband is on the mend and that's everyone else in your family is doing well.

There has been alot going on for me I will email to have a proper catch up think i def need one.

I am really enjoying your chapters and so pleased that we have been given an insight to the other characters, was nice to see how they saw Ana.

Really looking forward to seeing how you are going to give the evil players their due that will be a pleasure to read.

Hope everything is going well with the Pella series i really am missing it so can't wait for the book!

Sending love and hugs to you

Claire from highlands of Scotland xxx

Hope (lovey) said...

Emine, Hello my friend im glad your hubby is doing better I also hope you have some rest but I really dont think you have you are too busy...But in saying that we do appricate your hard work. This chapter was lovely and I love the whole Andrea and Barney thing thats a good twist...LOve Gail and Taylor's POV also...I think this is most def going in the right direction..I am so obsessed with your blog...I have recived my 2 bottle of wine from the 50 Shades wine so this weekend I will be kicking back and rereading the chapters over again....I do hope you let Ana put Bitch Troll and Leila and the oter subs in there place and let her show them she has him forever and I hope Christian can finaly be free of his past and be happy but I do love how you mix it up and keep me on edge..........Dont work to hard cant wait for the next chapter lots of loves and hugs...HW

Maria said...

Oi Emine, parabéns por mais este maravilhoso capítulo, eu relia os livros originais antes de conhecer a sua versão que para mim é muito superior, gostaria que você continuasse ate o livro 50 rsrs, obrigada , Abraços a toda sua família

olga said...

Hi Emone,
I read tis chapter as I said before , after my work day ,'cause it arrived too late: just a word : amazing , brilliant , as usual !,,, I' m glad to find your blog . Hope your hubby 's much better . How are you , you ? You have to think about you .
Can't wait for the next chapter .
Big kisses from France . XXX Olga

Unknown said...

Hi Emine,

finally my laptop is back so I can reply! Loved the Gayle&Taylor part! Loved it! Amazing, we truly got into other side of story.
I finished re-reading all your C&A books and I had so many ideas to tell you, but of course I forgot. Blame it on the college and magazine work. :(
But I'll give you ideas, I'll read one more time! :)

I hope you and your family are doing well. Take care and thank you for making our days! :)

Nina xx

Anonymous said...

Another amazing chapter loved it and loved how Alex was put in there.. when will the next chapter be up?

Ana Maria said...

"OhmyGod"OhmyGod"Ohmygod" Its all I can say right now!!!!! Great chapter, like always. Thak Youuuuu!!!! XX

Ana Maria said...

"ohmyGod"OhmyGod"OhmyGod" I'd love it! Thank You!!!!! Bear Hug to you!

Daniela Martins said...

Hello, Eminé!
Congratulations for this perfection!
We always have to thanks you for this gift you gave us.
Your blog is such a wonderful gift!
Can't wait for buy your own book (Pella Series).
About this chapter, I think it's possible Ice Queen and Geek stay together as a couple! "Uma implicância se transformando em amor."
Christian never get wrong! He doesn't care about people think and makes Ana understands that.
Dear, Emine! Sorry for my later comment.
But I'm always here, falling in love even more every time I read your blog!
Thank you!
Dani ;-) <3 <3

Alana said...

I loved this chapter once you got back to Christian's POV. I don't really know why, but I really did not enjoy the parts in Gail and Andrea's POV. I really found them very boring and almost whiny, especially Gail's. Sorry.

Unknown said...

Amei o capítulo... principalmente a volta de Pella, isso é sensacional, gostei de saber os pensamentos de Andrea também, mas tenho que ser sincera e dizer que me senti como nossa amiga Alana ao ler Gail e Taylor...não me cativou, acho que eu gosto de saber apenas seus pensamentos em relação a Christian e Ana.
Desculpe, pode ser sintoma de minha obsessão por esses personagens.


Unknown said...

Thank you, Sudeshna, for your condolences. Emine is just an incredible talent that gives us so much to look forward to! I love reading your comments, as well!

Unknown said...

Emine, just want to say a brief thank you to your lovely readers that took the time to send their condolences. Each and every one has truly touched my heart. Thank you

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Good morning girls! Hi Gina, bonjour S & Olga, Thata, Rose, Elyelena, Paula, Anne, Deb, Jane, Tina, Fanny, Penny, Danielle, Karen, Mz. Mami, Leila, Sudeshna, Monica, Christal, Rosengela, Artsy, Amanda, Jeangb, Ruth, Kristina, Kamila, Ediene, Barbara, Vera, Ms. St. Lucia, Kathy, Aracely, Letty, Leanna, Hasi, Anonymous x4, Sonu, Angela, Megan Vanessa, Ash, Jaque, Krystal, ciao Annalisa! (come va?), Salut Anonymous – merci beaucoup! – Martha, Gwen, Vicki, Mary G, Racquel (thank you Racquel), Reebz, Claire, Lovey, Oi Joenes, Olga, Nina (how’s your magazine career going?), Ana Maria, Daniela, Alana (thank you sweetie! Your input is important and helps me to improve. Appreciate your honesty), Andrea (obrigada pela sua entrada querida!)

Welcome Hasi! It’s so wonderful to hear from you. You said you’ve been reading for a year and a half and that is simply marvelous. I’m so glad to hear from you.
I’m sorry for not having the time to respond to you. Thank you for all your input: they’re incredibly valuable to me to develop my writing and such was the case this week. It not only helps me to improve but gives me different ideas, and how to structure the general picture of the scene I’m establishing.

I was unable to answer you this week as much as wanted because, well, as always there’s too much to do. But had finished some very important projects that I’ve been working on for a month, and the conclusion of it brought down all the stress I have been holding in and I had my nervous breakdown finally yesterday. I guess I’ve met my limit. It’s been auto pilot last month, fitting half a year’s editing project into a month (if it paid ½ years’ worth of payment it’d be worth the stress, but not) on top of all my other responsibilities of kids’ schools, home, and I managed to refinance our home within this month (which you all know takes loads of paperwork), so I can say that my plate was overflowing. Of course I also try to help battered women and children whether interpreting for the shelters or translating docs for them, or interpreting between PDs and social services as a volunteer. I used to tutor some of the kids too, but I no longer have time. So, this week I tried to run on auto pilot and finally let the stress claim me yesterday. Sometimes a good cry is cathartic but a good stress release. And now I feel relieved, but also feel like I have a horrible hangover. Please don’t think I’m neglecting you in anyway, just had to deal with life first and now, I’m back. I have a long time ago discovered that it’s not always the best to try to remain strong like the mighty oak tree. A strong storm breaks you down beyond repair, but you can bend down and get back up like the grass, storms may bend you down, but they won’t break you. You gain flexibility. Of course, I’m taking my own advice now. Happy Saturday to you all!

Debby said...

Hello Emine,
Welcome back.Glad you are feeling better. Just remember every season needs a little rain to wash away the rubbish and wave in the promise of good things. You have been missed. Ok now down to work, I think it was Jose who leaked her pregnancy. It would take someone with a real juiced up pout on to do this.... After the scene in the hospital when he found out about her pregnancy Jose was feeling that CG emasculated him.that's why he first ran to Kate with the story. When that didn't get him the result he wanted, I think he went further. He needs his pound of flesh from CG. I think Barney needs Andrea to give him a Wedgie. He needs someone to show him how to wear his nice clothes. I am also glad to see Alex still on the trail. By the way... Any Chance that CG & AG are Alex's Children. jusst a thought(Hmmm). His wife and both Ana & CG have mysteriously missing fathers. Yes, I think CG should meet up with the Pimp. It would do him good to see what comes of true evil after 24 years of that type of hard life. he might even learn to feel sorry for the retched soul.I would also like to her more of the truck driver. how is his life turning out?I'm still a little suspicioius of Janelyn. I'm so glad your back. Sorry for the long blog, I just have so many scenarious running around in my head after reading your last post. Shout out to all the other ladies in our little community. Have a great weekend.
Debby in DC

Unknown said...

Magazine career is...well, it's hard job. I'm resposible for finding money, writing articles, editing it, sponsors, people, all usual magazine stuff. And we are applying for reward of our college (I received this summer the highest prize of our University for magazine :) ) so we have more job in short time to do.

Please Emine...I would like for you to take some time off from this blog...week, 10 need to rest, enjoy family time, relax..we all have hard days, but I believe your hard days are really hard. :(

I really hope you'll take my advice.

Take care honey! :*

Anonymous said...

Emine, sou do Espírito Santo, Brasil. É com muito prazer que lhe mando esta mensagem.
Obrigada por mais este capítulo, estou encantada com tudo que eu li, desde o 1º livro até hoje. Você conseguiu entrar na alma do personagem do Christian. E tem a Gail e o Taylor, e saber que eles sentem pelo casal é demais! E tem o Pella, que parece ser é igual ao Christian. Estou completamente apaixonada. Meus parabéns, por toda história! Pelos comentários acima, você teve um problema e que graças a Deus está tudo bem. Desejo-lhe tudo de bom e que Deus abençoe toda sua família com muita saúde, paz e amor. Um grande abraço! Selma Berger

Anonymous said...

Have You haerd The news? Charlie hunnam waiver? I can't Believe ! Andrea Now? The media pressure have won then? They had torno give him a Chance! OMG OMG OMG
Annalisa, ITALY

Aracely said...

Hi Eminé, Horrible news,Charlie quit!and you know the sad part? no decent actor will want to get involved into this mess after the resignation of Charlie ;that can not be good, because it will just delay the movie.I'm so mad because now, they could pick out any one just to get out of trouble,Charlie wasn't my first choice but that not meant that he wasn't good,now we are as we started ,waiting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emine,

GREAT NEWS! Charlie Hunnam is out, he decided not to be CG. SO BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD.

Hopefully, this time they will get it right.

Unknown said...

Hi Emine,

I am sure you heard the news, Charlie Hunnam has decided not to play the role of CG, and apparently Dakota could be out as well since she was hired because she had "great" chemistry with Charlie, but with him out of the picture, the next actor might not have any chemistry with her.

I cannot say I am sad, I never liked them as CG and Ana.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emine,
I am sure you heard already the news about Charlie, but apparently Dakota might be also out, since she was hired because she had chemistry with Charlie, but this might not be the case with the new actor.

I never liked either of them for the roles of CG and Ana, so
I am happy to see them go.

Cora said...

Hi, Emine!

I loved everything you wrote!
And how I love this couple Ana and Christian, I am looking forward to reading more.
I was surprised and concerned with everything that happened to you as to reach a stress so great.
Wish you recover very well to get on with your life and do things that make you happy.
Thanks, thanks for every word written.
Hugs and kisses

Cora said...

Hi, Emine!

I loved everything you wrote!
And how I love this couple Ana and Christian, I am looking forward to reading more.
I was surprised and concerned with everything that happened to you as to reach a stress so great.
Wish you recover very well to get on with your life and do things that make you happy.
Thanks, thanks for every word written.

Anonymous said...

Wow.... a do-over? I truly hope he didn't drop because of all the criticism, but it does leave me wondering who they could have in mind because I'm sure he didn't just call them this morning and tell them "c-ya". LOL

So very Hollyweird...... =)

Hope all is well with you and yours!


Unknown said...

This chapter was freaking amazing! I really enjoyed the more in depth look at Gayle,Taylor and Andrea. I am excited to see what comes next. I am also looking forward to your book coming out,what I read has really made me want more. I knew you had an amazing talent and I hope you will be recognized for it. I hope your family is well and you try and take some time for yourself and enjoy your family.
Take care

Debby said...

Hello Emine, Happy Sunday Ladies,
Hey Hope how is the wine? Would CG think it is "Up to Scratch"? Emine I think you are toying with us a little. No one at Grey House knew of Ana's pregnancy.Even Frosty and Barney found out by surprise in the news. Jose knew before anyone else including the family. Sawyer and Frosty can't get together, CG would have his balls if he was fraternizing on company time when he should be focusing all his attention on Ana. Sawyer's love for his boss and work ethic wouldn't allow him to do that and Andrea would be too afraid to get caught. I think it is funny how AP and CG became friends at Harvard when by his own admission CG didn't have time for anyone other than Elana. It seems AP has followed CG life always looking out for him. Neither man is the kind to make friends. Emine do you know something we don't? (Hmmmm....)Things that make you go Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm. I love hearing about Frosty and Barney. Now what can we do for poor Mia and Ethan. Why is Ethan always so eager to hang out with his sisters friends. Does he not have any of his own? he needs to poop or get off the pot with Mia. I don't think AP should take out Link, He is Christian's trash. Are we going to see Alex lose Ellisa and a Child? I hope not. Can't wait to read more of the story.

Ana Gimenes said...

I'm completly in love for this book.Was very different to know about Gail and Andrea. I look forward about Teddy birth. You are the best

Ana- Brazil

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Hi Debby, Nina, Selma, Annalisa, Aracely, Anonymous x2, Patricia, Cora, Celeste, Char, and Ana! Thank you so much for your comments!

Hi Debby, in answer to your question…. Christian did not socialize in sexual context with others in college. Yes, he was with Elena, but Elena was in Seattle and they probably got together once a month (or once every 3 weeks at best) and he lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts which is clear across the country. If she were to take trips to Cambridge often, that would have raised her husband’s suspicions who is also a very controlling man. If he made a trip once a month or she made one, it would have been average of every 3 weeks. It wasn’t every day or even every week for that matter. You have to remember, CG participated in team sports. He was in the roving team. That requires you to participate in roving practices and he did participate in Athletics. Elena would not be opposed to that (anything that made him physically powerful would be welcome). He didn’t socialize.

In order to succeed in business world, you must have powerful contacts. Harvard is a school that educates some of the world’s business elite, not to mention presidents, scientists, and women and men renowned. 7 presidents graduated from Harvard (John Q. Adams, Rutherford B. Hayes, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John Kennedy, George W. Bush & Barack Obama).

Wikipedia lists 964 notable Harvard Business School Alumni who are individuals that run the world’s top businesses and industries. 7 signers of the Declaration of Independence graduated from Harvard (John Adams, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Robert Treat Paine, Elbridge Gerry, William Ellery, William Hooper, and William Williams). Historically, Harvard Law School contributed 19 alumni and 15 graduates to the Supreme Court (as judges)-these are the top judges of the land who interpret the US Constitution. This number is far beyond any other prestigious university in the country (Yale is only a distant second to Harvard.)

In short, even Elena would agree that Christian needs to make connections in Harvard in order to succeed in the business world. And of course Alex is there only to make connections with the world’s future leaders (he, after all knows how to control the world). Christian is not an idiot and he would not have been successful at the age of 21 had he not gained the skills and made those connections. It’s a matter of keeping personal life and the business persona separate from each other: clearly it’s a feat he’s achieved and very good at it.

Why do people go to Harvard? Because it is a highly-revered institution of higher learning. The contacts one makes in college can spur their successes in later life. Harvard is the top American university that has the best education, greatest job opportunities, best communication from classmates, best academic challenge, and many people say good things about Harvard. So you must agree that attendance alone is a status symbol. Personally, if I had the means to do it, I’d not think twice going to Harvard now.

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

In other news...

The news of Charlie Hunham’s departure has been heard around the world. We wish him the best, but it was the way in which he departed that disturbed me. This is a grown man; 33 years old, and from what I seen of him on the interviews, he’s not someone who is easily deterred or afraid of malicious people. He even confronted robbers who broke into his house. But threats to his life for taking the role, and bullying are unacceptable. I hate all forms of bullying. I thought about it and put myself in his place. No matter how thick skin we have, each of us has a degree of self-esteem. I would rather be given a chance prove my worth instead of being graded before I presented my skills. That’s what happened to him. Casting agents did a few things wrong:

1. They underestimated how much the fans love and care for the characters especially CG and Ana. Example: Pride and Prejudice has been made into a movie about 8 times (based on the books). Even though it’s been made a movie several times, I have seen interviews of actors who played the characters said that fans sometimes took a particular offense if they didn’t think the actor’s look fit the character (even the Mr. Collins character which is not as important as Darcy or Bingley). That’s despite the fact that it isn’t the first time they’re making it into a movie.

2. They could have made the actors resemble the characters before they released their pictures to gain greater acceptance.

3. This is a new world. Most of us don’t get our news on TV, newspapers or news agencies anymore. We follow the unfiltered news (some reliable, and some not hence it’s unfiltered). They underestimated the power of social media (which is funny because this is the platform people have utilized in large protests around the world and brought some governments to their knees or at least managed to irritate them: i.e. Egypt, Turkey). Social media is the new news medium for most people – in fact that’s the only medium younger generation communicates: teens, 20s, 30s and 40s. That’s a big chunk. We no longer wait for someone to make a statement. You go to the person’s Twitter, FB or other social media page and ask the question yourself. The mediaries are removed for the most part.

4. Of course it in return goes with the territory that the reactions are also instantaneous. People take on Twitter (I’ve done a lot of market research and have written software to present public opinion to know that much). Fans want open communication. There were 4-5 favorite actors. If they didn’t wish to play they could have said (at least leak the news) that either didn’t want the part, or they had prior commitments, or asked too much money that was outside of the budget. Those of us who are sane would accept that.

But of course none of these matter and can be used as an excuse to bully Charlie or Dakota.

Anyway, moving on. Thank you for all your concerns for me. I’m working on a Sunday. Have to finish translating for a major computer company – hardware and software are some of my main specialties after all.

jeangb said...

It's a shame that Charlie has pulled out. With your pictures I was just begining to see him in the role. So, Who will they choose now? I wonder if Henry Cavill is available. I saw him in "the Tudors" and he could play CG I'm sure. Glad to see you are up and running again. Is hubby fully recovered? And of course PLEASE update soon.xx

Anonymous said...

As an actor, I am sorry what Charlie went through, but let's face it, he was all wrong for the role. I am not saying that he is not a good actor, because he is, but he was miscast and was never going to be Christian Grey.

Charlie understood this, and finally the film execs also understood the mistake they did. Now the question is.... what to do about Dakota? She is too bland to be Ana and will she have good chemistry with the new actor that will play CG...... To follow.

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Hi Jean and Hollywood,

Good evening to you all. Jean, I love Henry Cavill, and I watch Tudors. He's quite talented. I'm not sure if he'll be offered the job. I've heard that he can't commit to all 3 movies. We shall see.

Hollywood, I think they've made a similar decision when it was the Twilight series. Quite a few people did't think Robert Pattinson was right for the role of Edward, and somehow it worked out. Of course I know people who have not gone to see the movies because of the choices but they're in the minority. I waited 4-5 hours for each movie.

Charlie has a rugged beauty, and we've all went through the shock when they said he was chosen for the part. I've been dissecting his character and looks for nearly two years in 5 languages (thanks to our volunteer translators) and we've been discussing this for sometime.

None of us like the idea that Charlie got bullied. That's insane... But we did get disappointed. I have started watching SOA and he's incredibly talented; he could bring forth the tortured soul inside Christian. But as far as the facial features were concerned, he was wrong for the part.

So now, it's back to square 1. Will they scratch Dakota as well? That's unfair to the actors as well. The producers and casting directors should have known better and not put Charlie through this misery. It's unfair.

Unknown said...

Ola meninas,

Oh Emine querida, eu sinto muito que vc tenha passado por momentos de stress tão angustiantes, por favor cuide de vc com carinho, só queremos que vc estar bem e saudável, podemos esperar por vc...pois a espera sempre vale a pena, sua versão de CG é sempre maravilhosa e a Série Pella promete ser incrível e estou ansiosa por isso!!
Desejo a todas uma excelente semana e até breve!

Johanna said...

Hi Emine,

Glad to hear things are better for you and your family. Thank you for the different pov's, it was nice reading other people's views about Ana.

Story line suggestions:
• I was wondering if you were considering writing a part later on in the pregnancy when Christian and Ana see the baby in the sonogram and Christian finally feels love for his child. Or will the love come when the baby is born and he finally holds his son. For some reason I feel he has accepted the pregnancy but has not fallen in love with the baby.

• Also, will you be elaborating more in the labor and delivery part. The original books gave us so little of it, I felt cheated. I always wondered what Christian's reactions were to seeing Ana in pain and knowing the whole situation was out of his control.

Thank you

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Oi Andrea! ♥♥♥

Obridaga meu amiga. O seu comentário fez a minha noite. ❀‿❀

Hi Johanna!♥♥♥

Yes, Andrea and Gail were just a side-step. The main story is actually the pregnancy on this book. So, the pregnancy, birth along with Kate's wedding, (of course moving to the big house, xmass) will be a big part. And the the birth of the baby Ted. But, I have a surprise after that and it will be provide more anxiety and action not to mention the long awaited punishment for someone we equally hate...

I have my outlines already. So, none of those will be missed.

And the favorites for CG in alphabetical order:

Henry Cavill
Ian Somerhalder
Matt Bomer

Whoever is sitting and overseeing the auditions... look at the actor who is most fitting but also one who wants the position with all his heart. He will work hardest to do his best.

There are some of our favorites who has shown no interest at all, and some who expressed their desire to play the part expressively.

Anyway, I'm sleepy, overworked, and if I forgot some other favorites, my readers will remind us here. Goodnight all!

Unknown said...

dear emine I thought it was nice that there is a pov of jason and gail and I too can't wait for cesarean section childbirth because I too am wondering how christian respond to requests especially since my 2 boys were born via a caesarean section itself.for me the list for christian as follows mike vogel (under the doom) matt boomer Ian Somerhalder and possibly for elliot Eric Christian Olsen (deeks) from the series ncis LA

Anonymous said...

Thank you

Unknown said...

Boa tarde Emine...acabei de ler o post da Neusa para colocarmos nossos atores favoritos para representarem CG....tomara que nossas sugestões tenham peso e que as redes sociais façam seu papel!!!

Estes são os atores que poderão representar muitíssimo bem CG
Matt Bomer
Henry Cavill
Ian Somerhalder
Stephen Amell

vamos torcer!!

Beijos Emine

Unknown said...

Enquanto esperamos a decisão de quem manda, os produtores, diretores e a autora, que provavelmente não vai agradar de novo, considerando que terá que fazer par com a Dakota, que aparentemente só combina com o Charlie (KKKK). Gostaria de expressar meu desejo de que o Henri Cavill fosse o Christian. O meu Christian, na minha mente, é a cara do Henri. Mesma altura, mesma classe, mesma presença, mesmo carisma.Em seguida, Matt Bomer. O Ian pode ser pelo sorriso torto. Apesar de que o Kivanç que tem ilustrado nossos capítulos é uma beleza também. Vamos torcer... e aceitar o que vier.

mzthang said...

Hi Emine,

I've been swamped with work for the past couple of weeks but I just had to stop by and say you totally rock :-)

The way you write makes us visualize being there and we are always transported into the lives of Christian and Ana as if we are part of the action.

The part with the paparazzi makes me so mad because it's just the way some of them behave. grrrr.

Keep up the good work hun and much love to you and your family.

~hugs from~
loving your work in the Caribbean

mzthang said...

Did I mention you were fabulous

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon Emine. Thank you & everyone for the kind words and support. They meant so much. This little community we have here means a lot to me and many others I'm sure.

This was a nice little pause in the story to get some POV for important people in the lives of C&A. I still see Gail as a big sister/ aunt figure to both C&A. I am glad she wanted to invite them to the wedding. I do hope that Taylor sees that he's more then an employee to Christian. They are friends now in my eyes.

Andrea was also interesting. She spends a lot of time with Christian so it's nice to see her thoughts on the changes in him.

Pregnancy sure is making Ana in the mood more often. I don't think he minds one bit! It's nice to see them try to be normal amongst the craziness of their lives. Those Paps need to back off. They were horrible.

Fantastic job as always.


Olidelgi Almeida said...

Oi Emine,
Bem, eu tbm tenho os meus preferidos para viver nosso querido Christian Grey:
1 - Henry Cavill
2 - Matt Boomer
3 - Ian Somerhalder
4 - Armie Hammer

Só espero que escolham pensando nas fãs, pois parece que nem o livro leram para fazerem as escolhas.
A E.L.James escreveu o personagem imaginando o Robert Pattinson, que não é tão lindo assim, mas o descreve nos livros de maneira muito diferente deste ator, ainda bem.
O CG é um cara que faz as mulheres suspirarem e virarem a cabeça para olhar de novo, então tem que ser um cara arrebatador.
Vamos aguardar pra ver quem será.

Donna from DE said...

Hi Emine
OMG awesome as always!! I wanted to save this to read in hospital next week but I knew I would not hold out. I look so forward to your writing. Oh well Will read some older ones to fill my time. Thank you so so so much for tAking your time to do this. I know it is a lot on you. Forever grateful for keeping my 2 favorite characters going. XOXOXOXO

Rozeli Melo said...

Olá Emine, com a saída de Charlie Hunnam voltamos novamente a estaca zero. Esperamos que desta vez, os fãs sejam ouvidos e no mínimo seus indicados sejam convidados. Os meus favoritos são:
1 - Matt Bomer
2 - Stephen Amell
3 - Henry Cavil
4 - Scott Eatwood

Um grande beijo,

Ediene O Maia said...

Oi Emine aqui estão os meus favoritos.
São esses!!!!
1- Matt Bomer
2- Henry Cavill,
3- Ian Somerhalder,
4- Stephen Amell,
Espero que desta vez os fãs sejam ouvido, vamos torce para que uns dele possam ser escolhidos, esperar para ver o que vai acontecer.
Vamos torcer!!
Beijos Emine!!!

Johanna said...

Hi Emine,

My favorite for CG is and always will be Matt Bomer. My second choice is Henry Cavill, although I see him more as Gideon Cross. I truly hope Hollywood and everyone else involved with the casting pays attention to the fans this time before they make their choice. They should talk to you as well, you know CG's character better than anyone. Thank you for your wonderful blog and everything you do for us.

ane said...

Ola Emine como você esta sua família tudo bom ?

Gostaria de colocar minha opinião, bom acho que essa saída ia acontecer de alguma forma, toda a recuperação dos fãs desde que foi anunciado que ele estariam no papel,o que fica muito chato são varias noticias parece novela mexicana ........

Falando de coisa boa eu só tenho um preferido espero que agora eles escutem um pouco os fãs

Matt bomer

Anonymous said...

Olá Emine,
Espero que você e sua familia estejam bem!!!!!
Não tem como negar que fiquei feliz com a mudança do ator,ainda tenho esperanças que Matt Bomer seja o nosso Grey!!!!!
Sabe amiga as vezes precisamos esvaziar nossas xícaras!!!Precisamos de uma crise catártica com direito a choro e desabafos!!!!
Desejo que você esteja sempre bem,por isso se cuide em primeiro lugar!!!!
Amando te acompanhar sempre!!!!
Beijos com muito carinho,

Sandra said...

1) Matt bomer
2) Henry Cavill

Os capítulos estão maravilhosos com sempre. Obrigada por criar este blog, reli a trilogia acho q umas 5 vezes.... e sempre ficava órfã. Boa semana! Sandra ( Florianópolis/Brasil)

Unknown said...

"She went back to live with Ray after having lived with her mom and the step-dad right after Ray. Something happened to her there. That fucker made Ana lose her self-esteem!” Taylor spits out."

Why do they all seem to believe that a woman should be obsessed with her appearance? That a woman should base her sense of self on how pretty someone thinks she is? Ana knows she's pretty. She just doesn't care, or build her identity on it.

And we see the evils of Christian's initial spying on Ana - everyone knows things about her, private things, as if she's a soap opera. And she doesn't even know they know! Their staff are calmly discussing the details of their private lives, when neither should even know these things to begin with. As if they're characters on Game of Thrones!

You showed both these things excellently well.

"Jason’s repeated overprotective epitaph."

Your understanding of the word epitaph has some problems. I never understand what you're using it to mean.

"Yes, I would love my wife to be home, and safe. I would love her to be waiting for me when I got there, but in a dark corner of my head I know that it would slowly but surely give her resentments and dim her spark that I fell in love with; I don’t want my wife to lose the fight in her. Not for me and definitely not because of some fucking paparazzi."

Have I told you lately that I love you? This was the sweetest thing, ever! He's really grown and really loves her, if he can finally realize this. Back at the beginning, Christian would have cashed in on this opportunity to make her submit to his preferences.

Unknown said...

Oh, nooOOOOooo!

I'm finally all caught up! No more chapters! Now I have to wait like everyone else! :(

You have me well and truly addicted! And I'm on the edge of my seat with suspense!

I so love Alex Pella! He seems so right, as someone who someone like Christian would know.

I love the way you plot things! They seem so probable, and this latest development promises to be so complex!

elyelena said...

Hi Emine, Hi Sudeshna, Hi Annalisa, Hi everyone, I'm back. It's been a rough week for my family and my mommy in particular, but for now, it's over. Being part of this community make me feel less alone in difficult times. I am so glad there is another italian friend here, it's preatty funny, maybe we can get in touch, we have certainly two great passion in common: Emine and FSOG. Everyones here are mostra welcome of corse. I love Emine's addictions of Taylor, Gail, and every one else pov. I can't get enough of this story, so bring it on whit all. The suggestion of Ian Sommerhalder as Barney has pleasently surprised me. Well done Emine as always. I am too eager for the moment in wich Christian will feel, for the first time, his love for baby Ted. I will be pleased with more interaction between Christian and Elliot and the family in general. It seems to me that there is still coolness between them all. I hope Lincoln and Elena will pay soon, at this stage I think that Christian is tool helpless against Lincoln in particular.
Anyway, I don't want to bother you with my thoung and my poor english, here my one and only Christian Grey: Matt Bomer! I'm very sorry for Charlie, eventhoug i am always been found of Bomer.
Sorry for my strange english, evry mistakes are due to my poor skills and my nougty tablet.
Any news about the date of pubblicazione of next chapter?
Un abbraccio a tutti

Unknown said...

O meu Christian perfeito é o HENRY CAVILL.

Hope (lovey) said...

The wine I have to honestly say the Red was not that great it was ok,but in fairness im not a red wine drinker much I am a white wine kind of bff now has the bottle as I hated to waste a bottle of wine so once she gives me her take of the Red I will let you know...Now the White wine I will open this weekend so I have high hopes for that one will keep you informed...but like I told my daughter it was more or less just to have the bottle to add to my collection of 50's things...

Carol said...

Oh man, great chapter Emine. I just got around to reading it since we have suffered a family emergency on my husband's side.
I love level headed Christian and really enjoyed reading how he was helping Ana through the paparazzi crisis and setting her mind as ease. His advice was perfect and we could all learn a lesson from it. Some people aren't happy unless they see others miserable, especially those who are more fortunate than they. These gossip mongers should get a life and keep out of others' business. If there is not a problem, they create one, if they don't know the whole truth about something, they make up something derogatory. Ugh!!

I hope all is well with you and your family. I look forward to the next chapter.

Love, Carol xoxo

Debby said...

Hello Emine and all my FSOG community,
Thanks Hope for the review of the wine. I too am a white wine girl. Don't care too much for the red.... Keep me informed of the taste of the white. Thanks
Well I have to say that Matt Bomer is my favorite pick for CG also. I do have one draw back thought... Matt "came out of the closet" just as Charlie was being announced as CG. I wonder if this will be in the back of our minds as we watch the movie. CG is the least gay man. I still love Matt I think he can do it.

Hope (lovey) said...


So sorry you have had a rough time lately and your right sometimes all you need is a good cry to feel better...I hope you were able to get some rest and catch up on a few things...hope your family is doing better also....just incase you didnt know we all love you and your stroies and sometimes we can be impatient but we do appricate you even though we may forget to tell you...Im in awe of how you are able to write in such detail its wonderfull....I love the Gail and Andrea POV its always nice to have a diffrent veiw every now and then...I do know your planning something that im sure will make my heart stop with anxiety about our lovely pair but you did promise me a happy ending so I will keep that in mind the one well couple of things I am begging you to put in is the hope of Ana telling the Bitch Troll and Leila off along with the other subs I want them to all know her claim on Christian and for them to see how happy they are togther...and Linc and Hyde to just vanish and Jose to give it up and get a girl and appologise to Christain man to man....anyway cant wait for the next chapter Loves....

Anonymous said...

Ciao Elyelena! Sono Annalisa...two stringersi in a a beautiful Blog!
for You And all The Friends here, this is My email
ps MattB: My favorite ♡♥, But i don't like The treatment of CharlieHunnam!!

elyelena said...

Ciao Annalisa, hi everyone,
here my e-mail address You are all must wellcome.
Now it's really bed time for me, my boys are both sound asleep, kitchen clean, hubby snoring... I hope to find the new chapter tomorrow morning when I wake up.
Good night guys, good night Emine, buonanotte Annalisa.



Anonymous said...

hello,your blog is amazing!!! when will you post a new chapter?


Daniela Martins said...

Good evening, Dear Eminé!
I don't get tired of reading your blog!
Is a wonderful gift!
Well, my favorities to play Christian Grey are Matt Bomer and Henry Cavill!
kisses and hugs!

Daniela Martins said...
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Unknown said...

Wondering why these comments aren't on a casting page?

I actually did a study of Alex Pettyfer, and though I was totally scoffing at the outset, I was thoroughly convinced by the end that he should be the one. I watched every one of his movies, and searched through the internet, and he really has all of the aspects we'd want in CG.

American movies have scuffed him up and dumbed him down, but he's a diamond in the rough and would be perfect for this -- even to the point of having grey eyes, a chameleonic face, and the ability to seem a bit older than he is.

If these movies aren't the disaster I'm predicting them to be, and they become a franchise, they'll need to start young -- because it will take years to get the series to the screen, and we all know the whole story line takes place over a few months. So by the end, he'd be the perfect age, and would have grown into it more, just as CG would have grown into his roles of husband and father.

But I'm theorizing that Hunnam left because there's finally a rudimentary script, and it's horrible. I think this is going to sink, and take everyone involved down with it. I'm hoping to be proved wrong, but it's a forlorn hope.

One mistake they're making is to be too reverent of the original text, and as we have seen here with our esteemed author, it's much better to expand on the story, and fill in the huge gaps with spellbinding material. They should be consulting you for the script!

Unknown said...

How did Gail come up with "Submissives 'R Us"? I can't believe that both she and Ana would come up with the same thing, and Ana said that to Christian in a private booth in the bar at the Heathman?

Simona said...

Hi Emine
i just love love your work,can t wait for next are very talented and i became addicted to your writing,just love the books and can t wait for the movie,for me Henry Cavill will always be my Christian and i m dying to see him in the role..
look forward for next chapter

Anonymous said...

Hi Emine
i just love love your work,can t wait for next are very talented and i became addicted to your writing,just love the books and can t wait for the movie,for me Henry Cavill will always be my Christian and i m dying to see him in the role..
look forward for next chapter

ane said...

Ola Emine

Como estão as coisas ? a Familia esta tudo bem ?
To super ansiosa para saber quem sera o nosso querido Grey.


Pat said...

Hi Emine,
I know you are super busy, and the last thing I want to do is nag, but would it be possible to tell us when you will be posting next?


elyelena said...

just a curiosity: what about hyde's process and the conception of Phoebe? are you going to write something about it? I have read many FSOG fanfiction around the web but I have never found anything in regard to these important events. I am particularly curious about Phoebe, do you think it was an unexpected pregnancy or Christian and Ana have decided to have another child? I would love to know something about it.
Thank you very much



Anonymous said...

Love this blog. I hope that there won't be any kind of cheating that would be heartbreaking. When is the next chapter I can't wait.....

Anonymous said...

You are amazing as alway, Emine. Hope husband is doing better and you are getting to relax a bit. Love the story line and hearing Andrea and Barney's interaction was great. Thank you for all your dedication to keep CG so mesmirizing for us all!!! Still love Matt B. for the role of CG but doubt he would take it. Hope the movie does well. It will be interesting to see who will be CG now.

Anonymous said...

do we know when a next chapter will be out?

Unknown said...

Hi Emine ...
You reminded me in the comments ...
Thank you!!
I hope that ultimately all is well for you and your family.
Again you rocked .....
You surely born to be a writer.
And success!!!!
Shares with us all the details.
It is impossible not to be madly in love with CHRISTIAN.
How lovely and fluffy the care he takes with ANA.
It's a shame that there really bad people.
In life as in fiction ..
As the output of Charlie .... I liked and very ...
My prefererência always been:
I'm also in anticipation of the launch of his book (SERIE PELLA)
When it will arrive in Brazil?
And my emails have you received?
I often send to gfougner.
Girls, for those unaware, I am Brazilian and I speak english So sorry for spelling errors.
Emine affectionate kisses and hugs!!!!!!

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Hi everyone!

I will respond to you all once I finish my projects individually. As you know, I'm a linguist for Google International and I have been immersed in translating and writing html codes, and checking existing codes in the last 20 hours. I only took a nap, and I need to finish 2 more files (thousands of words).

Once I finish these, I'm turning down other projects because I've already worked 70+ hrs. and it's only 8:30 Thursday morning. Next time you surf the web in a foreign language, or purchase a major brand of computer, know that I have worked on it (hardware/software or the manuals) to make it possible to use it in your language.

My goal is the get the new chapter ready by the weekend. I have to first finish work.

Oi Marcia! Vou escrever para você em breve. Estou trabalhando duro hoje. Diga oi para sua família!

Anonymous said...

please remember that self care is really important to... you need to take care of you. From one mom to another go get some sleep and rest we can wait. You are loved by all of us and we all wish you well

Unknown said...

Thanks for a wonderful chapter! Lots of food for thought, so hope you don't mind if I rant or vent. This will be in two parts.

"She went back to live with Ray after having lived with her mom and the step-dad right after Ray. Something happened to her there. That fucker made Ana lose her self-esteem!” Taylor spits out.

I've always thought there was something there. My take on it was that #3 must have shown interest in Ana, which would have had the effect of making her want to ignore anything that would make her seem attractive, and want to hide herself. Not low self-esteem, just fear and misplaced guilt for having incurred his interest. It also might mean her mother would try to have it out with the guy, and might have suffered the violence that was hinted here or elsewhere.

But it's still horrifying that Taylor knows this stuff about her personal life! It's none of his business. He and Jones discussing Ana's life -- her parents' lives too, for god's sake! -- as if she's just a character on a soap opera, really annoyed me, though it seemed both realistic and likely.

Ana's mother's husbands are none of their business. (They're not Christian's business, either! So much for Christian giving himself the right to invade her privacy like that, and claiming he would never misuse it!)

The two of them should not be telling each other things about their employers, which is another reason any other employer would have fired their asses from the outset for being a couple. Taylor sees things in the course of traveling around with Christian, and Jones sees other things in the course of being in their living quarters all the time. They shouldn't be discussing these things with anyone, including each other. That's why it's so creepy to live that way -- always under the eye of others, even in one's most private moments. Nothing is private, and nothing is sacred.

Why does everyone think that Ana has a problem because her self-worth isn't based on her appearance? She's aware of how she looks -- what of it? She doesn't make it the foundation of her life.

If a guy based his whole life on primping and trying to attract everyone he sees, he'd be thought of as disturbed, at best "other-directed". But a woman is apparently defective in some way if she isn't "other-directed".

Unknown said...

Part II (and rest assured that I wouldn't find it so thought-provoking if it wasn't wonderful!)

Puzzled by this: “Ana, you promised! For the baby’s safety, you promised! (Promised what?)

"But, since you saved my sister, you’ve become an idol for a lot of people, and they want to get to know you,” I say cringing."

That's a dangerous path. Once they start granting interviews, they become "celebrities" officially, and then I think certain "private citizen" protections are lost to them. And just because people "want to get to know her," how does that obligate her in any way? To tell the story of the events, maybe, but as she's discovering to her horror, people are just going to keep saying whatever they think is more interesting, the truth be damned.

And there are certain difficulties about them saying anything, at this point. Presumably, though it was ignored in the books, there would be criminal prosecution for Hyde, and that would involve C&A not being able to say a thing until the trial was over. (How appropriate if CG has to be under a "gag order", LOL!)

Unknown said...

OK, there's a Part III.

"Leila is his mistake"? How could it be CG's fault if, while he's halfway across the country, an ex shows up 2.5 years after her term and gains illegal access to his home? Especially since he pays TAYLOR good money to see that things like that can't happen!

Taylor is head of his personal security, and should have seen to it that intruders couldn't get in. Leila and Hyde each had no problem, however, so it seemed to me that Taylor is the one who should own up to his "mistakes".

In fact, Taylor should have been fired. Leila managed to get into Escala many times, even after they knew she was stalking and had a gun.

On top of that, he "did a sweep" of Ana's apartment and declared hers safe, too. He let her go up alone with no security. He took several minutes to even go check on her, while Ana was being held at gunpoint and could have been killed at any time.

And any other employer might have fired one of their asses, because his Security Chief being involved with his Housekeeper makes a severe conflict of interest. When the poop hits the fan, who is he going to protect?

The two of them should not be swapping stories about their bosses, which is another reason any other boss would have fired their asses as soon as they became a couple. Taylor sees things in the course of traveling around with Christian, and Jones sees other things in the course of being in their living quarters all the time. They shouldn't be discussing these things with anyone, including each other. That's why it's so creepy for Ana to have to live that way -- always under the eye of others, even in one's most private moments. Nothing is private, and nothing is sacred.

I loved Mrs. Jones's assessment of Leila -- I thought the same thing. Christian's false guilt led him to be way too lenient with her, and I thought she was sly and manipulative all along. "Topping from the bottom" would be an inevitable coping mechanism, methinks, for someone whose psyche is so damaged that she rents herself out to be abused by random strangers.

Unknown said...

"Yes, I would love my wife to be home, and safe. I would love her to be waiting for me when I got there, but in a dark corner of my head I know that it would slowly but surely give her resentments and dim her spark that I fell in love with; I don’t want my wife to lose the fight in her. Not for me and definitely not because of some fucking paparazzi."

Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

This was so beautiful and sweet, and so much missing in any other portrayal of Christian Grey. This means he really is growing, and is becoming a wonderful lover, partner, and friend -- much better than the "friends" Ana has ever managed to have before (Think Katherine the Great and Jose the Bigmouth, who is probably responsible for "outing" her. Unless Linc's minion is doing it as part of his plan for harassment and destruction.)

This means Christian really does love her, care about her, and want to do what's best for her.

Debby said...

Hello Everyone,
OK Evie put up your duks. (LOL)
first couples do talk to each other about all aspects of their lives, work and other wise. It's just human nature. I believe that Gail and Jason due it in a "worried about the boy" caring kind of way. they aren't malicious at all. look what they have had to put up with.When CG was poouting over the Whole "OBEY" thing, he walked out of the Red room of pain in his birthday suit.Gayle should not have had to see that. How embarrassing that must have been for her. LOL. most husbands would have been irate. CG hates Sexual Harrassment in others. He dosen't see it in himself. Also when Gail found him in the shower after Ana left him in first book. That was inappropriate. They should not be exposed to their employer in his birthday suit. Even though this was one of the most funny and humanising parts of the book. I l loved both of these parts. Both Hyde and Leila are very twisted and vendictive. They would have found a way around any security. Remember it was Ryan who LET Hyde in. we still don't know how Leila keeps getting access to Everybody's keys.I think that Jason is highly motivated to protect CG & Ana but even he can't read minds or predict the future. I think he is doing a great job trying to play catch up. I think CG has made this hard by always being so secretive in his personal life. The bad guys know he can't be "outed" so they take advantage of this weakness. I think Ana should have put Leila's manipulative ass in a sling when she barged into her office at SIP.
I do however agree with you about Ana's stepfather #3.I don't know it would happen but I think CG should beat the crap out of him. Maybe he finds out that his little step daughter is married to a Billionaire and he thinks he deserves some of that money.
Please don't be too hard on Jason. He is trying his best to take care of his boss. But CG and Ana don't make it easy. I too have had to sign an NDA where I work and that doesn't stop me from gossiping with my husband who also works there part time. I work for one of the most successful sport franchises in the world and the things I have seen would make CG blush. So I think I will cut Jason and Gail some slack. It is only human nature.
Well I can't wait for the next chapter and I hope you are all doing well. Please forgive my horrendous spelling as I just got home from a long day at work and am just too tired to spell check.

Hope (lovey) said...

Totally agree with you....I belive Jason is doing his best he is loyal and protective and yes people talk about their bosses even if they sign an NDA. Christian Loves Ana and she is helping him thru all his a child of abuse and I wont go into it I totally can see and agree with Christian in so many ways of why and how he is 50 Shades but Ana is helping. And I agree husband #3 I think is some of the cause of Ana's not belinveing in her self im sure Emine will elaborate on this Evie chill hun this is Emine's story of how she wants it played out and she is doing a Wonderfull job of it Im totally obessed with her stories.....Lots of Love dear Emine....

oh Debby happy to tell you the White Wine was sooo much better than the Red so the Red is now a decoration on my book shelf with the other 50's things I have

have a good weekend all

Anonymous said...

Emine I love your books they are great keep up the good work.

Evie I have been to other blog sites while patiently waiting on Emine's version to post the next chapter and I have noticied you seem to be on there also posting your comments making remarks about the way things should be so here is a suggestion write your own blog since you seem to have all the answers

just saying

Anonymous said...

Please update please........ I'm so anxious for the next chapter lol

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Here we go…

When we get a reader who just caught up with the rest of us, I have to repeat my disclaimer all over again. Evie, this for you: My readers know that I write the story once, and proofread it once. As much as I love to proofread more stringently, that’s all the time I have (not to mention I have to do research for certain concepts which is my next time consuming task). Coupled with up-keeping of the blog (I write the html codes as well as Java Script codes), I update every other languages (5 languages here), have readers from 175 countries and I do my best to answer each message and email they send me. It may not seem like it from the entry page, but the blog contains 289 postings, each posting is 30-40 pages. I have over 10,000 pages of contents on the blog. There are days I get over 300 messages from my readers. Just spending the time on the blog is an average 25-40 hrs for me. Therefore, you’d have to forgive me if I miss a word here or there; the word is not supposed to be “epitaph” (blame it on me spending too much time visiting Tombstone, Arizona. What can I say, I’m a big fan of the Earps and love Doc Holliday and I visit Boothill often where you’ll find quite a few epitaphs). The word in the chapter is supposed to be “epithet”. Most often my readers will shoot me an email and say “You’ve missed this and that on editing,” and all my long time readers know I count on them and they make it a lot easier for me to correct what I have missed.
I work exceptionally hard, and my time is overbooked. Over the past week I have worked over 100 hours. I read more than a PhD student, I translate more than an average linguist, and I edit in multiple languages. You want to know more about what I do? Go find me on Linkedin. I can be articulate in more than one language, but even the best of us miss in writing or editing because by the time I edit, I’ve been on my computer for many hours -- I don’t use the word “many” lightly because I have just pulled 30 straight hours to finish a software manual; so before you insult my intelligence (IQ of 157), I invite you to be a little kinder when you express your opinion of others you know nothing about. What I translate is used in law schools (international law, democratization process, judges and prosecutors, constitutional law, international trade, EU laws…), medical schools (I have recently translated two books on cancer –kidney and stomach cancers, organ transplant from live and cadaveric donors especially in liver transplants, & on various diseases…), translated high profile press releases that have been printed on newspapers around the globe, even embassy websites, or government websites, or used as software (anything from linguistic software, to MathCad, to surgical equipment, to airplanes, cars, helicopters and anything that drives, flies or swims that uses high tech requiring software), or the browser you’re using has some component I’ve worked on, or translated or categorized, your computer, laptop or tablet for that matter. So, for the few errors you see here and there, you’ll just have to forgive or point to it so I fix it. And if you can utilize my limited time better, more power to you; feel free to share your secret.
Coming to Gail and Taylor… You seem to freely express your thoughts of others by calling characters or people “whores, bimbos, sluts,” who are outside of your norms and render your opinion very decidedly without taking in the concept or context of the story as a whole. Both of these people work for the same couple and these two are the most loyal employees the Grey household will ever have. The household staff members are bound by the same NDAs. They ought to be able to discuss the security measures issues and they must know their clients they’re protecting to the tee...

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

They’re not discussing it with others. They’re concerned for them. You can only be truly concerned about people you care for. Ana does have character traits of someone who has doubts about her self-worth. I’ve read books on evolutionary biology and behavioral science when I examined her character and the characters of others in the book. The lifestyle we’re depicting here is the top 1% of the world’s wealthiest. Most people will never be near one, know one, or speak to one of them. These are not the kind of people you meet everyday. They’re private, secretive, entitled. Christian is a self-made man. He’s been extremely poor and have felt exceptionally worthless. People like that will be very jealous and guarded of their possessions and privacy. Some of them are born into wealth. There is an expectation, a demand as if it’s birthright that the world must serve them. You cannot break through the doors of the 1% club if you’re not in control of yourself and your surroundings. Christian managed to do that at a very young age. You can’t get there by being “nice” and “normal”.
Concerning what Ana wears or how she looks… There’s an inborn curiosity in people of the upper crust. In some European countries we still have a prevalent aristocracy and class distinction. In America however we have meritocracy (Christian is a product of this class distinction). That’s even prevalent in our constitution. Thomas Jefferson, one of the authors of the Declaration of Independence has said this: there is a natural aristocracy among men. The grounds of this are virtue and talents. Formerly, bodily powers gave place among the aristoi [aristocrats]. But since the invention of gunpowder has armed the weak as well as the strong with missile death, bodily strength, like beauty, good humor, politeness, and other accomplishments, has become but an auxiliary ground for distinction. There is also an artificial aristocracy, founded on wealth and birth, without either virtue or talents; for with these it would belong to the first class… In some instances, wealth may corrupt, and birth blind them, but not in sufficient degree to endanger the society.”
People who hold important positions in society are commonly labeled "somebodies," and their inverse "nobodies"-both of which are, of course, nonsensical descriptors, for we are all, by necessity, individuals with distinct identities and comparable claims on existence. Such words are nevertheless an apt vehicle for conveying the disparate treatment accorded to different groups. Those without status are all but invisible: they are treated brusquely by others, their complexities trampled upon and their singularities ignored. The desire for status is sometimes seen as a drive for money, fame and influence. It's actually about a quest for love. What’s the purpose of the pursuit of wealth, power and preeminence? Just survival? Of course not. Even an illegal alien can supply meager wages to survive. Wealth brings power, the attention of the world, brings rank and distinction. Everyone is eager to take a look at him. Did you stop and think why Kate is so confident, so sure of her place in the world? She was born into wealth, had parental love and both parents raise her who have been happy in each other’s company. What did Ana have? Her natural father died, mom remarried 3 more times, she was adopted by Ray, had loving parents but not a happy home, insufficient income, she made her own money to pay for her own way. Even the way poor people stand is different where the wealthy looks dominant and entitled and poor has more hands tied in the front and trying to look small, insignificant. All you have to do is observe the people around you. This story is a man who is recreating himself from nobody to somebody and from not being able to feel love to learning to give and receive love. It’s not an easy path, but he does it spectacularly.

We love his character with all his faults. Of course same goes for Ana, Gail and Taylor.

Anonymous said...

I've just read the last comments and I agree with Debby, Hope and of course Eminé.
We don't have to forget that Jason and gail spare the same flat, if we can call it a flat as there is no door at the entry of their place. She is a nice and good looking woman and Jason is a nice and good looking man. Gail is a widower and Jason is divorced. How do you want them not to fall in love together? Also, they don't have any relations during their work hours. The evening, when they are on their own at their place, their are free to do what they want to do together. That's normal they discuss about Ana and Christian together. They are the best employees and they are often worried about their bosses. As Emine said, as a chief of their security Jason has to know everythiong about them to be able to do his best to protect them. And he does his best.
When C tells Ana she promised about the security: when she is able to go back to work, after her stay at the hospital (after being almost killed by Jack), C makes her understand that the best way to protect him is to begin to protect herself because people who want to hurt Christian will attack first his wife to make him suffer. And she agrees with that.
Now about you Eminé, I admire the way you manage to write for us, answer to our comments and our mails, with all the work you have to do and a family to take care. I discoverd this blog maybe in april or may, I don't remember. It was yet book 3. Only yesterday, I read three chapters of book 2 and left comments for each of them. That adds work for Eminé. But on the other side, if we don't comment, Eminé won't know that WE LOVE her writing. So please, Dear Eminé, keep writing as you always do, for our greatest pleasure!!

Lots of love,

S. from France

Hope (lovey) said...

well said Emine

Anonymous said...


Well said! Those of us here and you KNOW who we are, love and respect ALL the amazing things you do. It's difficult when you open yourself up for people's opinion they unfortunately usually give it. Good news, you have some lovely fans here who get you and love this outlet.This blog is a labor of love and most of all kindness on your part and for that 'WE' thank you!! Also in the middle of everything else you are writing your own kick ass book! Wow...just WOW! Keep it coming I am 'pure attention' EVERYTIME. ;-D

Gina B.

Elena said...

Thank you Emine, Thank you for your time, for your work, for your heart and mind.
Please focus yourself on your well being and the LOVE we all feel for you.
Envie darling, maybe your is just a poison food desease, that caused your mouth to be so bitter tasted...

LOL everyone.


Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Good morning girls,

Those of you who have been kind enough to be around my blog know that writing is my biggest passion right along with reading. I read Seth Godin and something he wrote stuck with me: "Instead of wondering where your next vacation is, maybe you ought to set up a life you don't need to escape from." It may not be possible for some cultures, but we can strive towards it. Even though I may end up working long hours, I don't see my work as a chore. I love my work, because it's not mundane. I work on something different all the time.

The highlight of my day is getting emails or feedback or comments from you. It's my social time, and not work. (I don't particularly like coding, especially Java, but I do it, because it's a challenge.) Many people who have blogs as this do it in teams; what I have is me.

I make no secret of my goal to solely write and to be a best-selling author. Because I love reading and writing and that’s the only career I want to have: writing. Hence, I am quite open to criticism. But, to constructive criticism. There will be times "destructive criticism" will occur (now and when I publish). I will do the same with those I do with my kids when they get their whining spells: Respect is a two way road. You give some, you get some. I will give one warning, and in that I will treat you with respect in my response, and talk to you like an adult should. If you don't respond in kind, the tune you’re singing will fall onto deaf ears. Those of us who are moms know this very well: if our kids are whining, and (excuse me) bitching and demanding something, we get selective hearing, and we've trained our brains to tune out this frequency of sound. We hear nothing. In such cases, I tell my children to use their indoor voice, and phrase their request in proper words and do so pleasantly and respectfully while I set them an example. If they fail to do so, the whining just flies over my head, and of course whatever they want isn't fulfilled. Because this is a habit they should acquire from early on. People’s time is too valuable to deal with... how shall I put this delicately...? Crap. If I give into it, it’d be a waste of time. I have said this to all my readers from the beginning. I want to improve my writing, and your input is valuable. I ask you to give me what you want to see which is why I added Gail & Taylor as well as Grey House employees – even the reviews were mixed, this is the most commented chapter ever. And I encourage you to comment or write. That’s one thing I look forward to. That’s NOT a chore for me (interacting with you is NEVER a chore). So comment, write, e-mail… doesn’t matter. I LOVE talking to you. Find me on Facebook or Twitter. I’m happy to connect and make new friends. Friends are never work. I had to put it in numbers last night so that our newcomers would realize that it’s not always a simple task as it may appear. I’m just one person. Some of you are my eyes and ears who kindly reviews and e-mail me what I have missed for example and I appreciate the help; it’s wonderful. So, a big sincere thank you! Because, it makes a pleasant reading experience for everyone. You asked me what the people around CG and Ana were really thinking of them. Was Ana really beautiful or was it only Christian’s perception? Now you know. But of course there’s no pleasing everyone at all times. We’ve gone over this since the beginning. No matter what you do, someone will always be displeased.

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

I’m not in the habit of dwelling in the negativity; it’s unproductive. So moving on… There are reasons why I do everything (except the translation) on the blog. The translators who put their time in do so voluntarily and they’re exceptionally talented. They understand it takes time and dedication. But I read every content in every language. Because if I want to do well in writing, I need to learn every aspect of it. I have never wanted anything MORE than being a writer and I wanted quite a few things. A lot of things in life happen without our control, but also many things happen because each individual decision we make daily steer our lives in a particular direction. You need to have goals in life: winds can’t give direction to a lost ship. Each person makes about 60 decisions a day. An average person has 60,000 thoughts a day. Those are little roads that take you where you want to be in the future. If you think about the choices you make planning or NOT planning, you are directing yourself some place in your future. Wherever we are, whatever we are in life, at some point in time, we made an appointment to be there. The thought is unsettling, but each individual tiny decision we make leads us to that particular point in time and place. So, why not make mine consciously have goals and work toward them instead of letting the winds of time decide where I ought to be?
I’ve not told you the hours I put in to make it seem a chore. NO, that’s not why I told you this. The purpose behind it is simple. I’ve come to know quite a few of my readers and each of you is dealing with some sort of personal issue (health, love, children, school, career, family or simply life… well, that’s the story of us all.) In all of our issues we’re dealing, at some point in time we forget our individuality. We forget ourselves. I have all of those responsibilities. I have a family, 3 children (who has school, activities, sports, etc.) I have a loving husband, I have work, I have a mom dealing with cancer, a dad who has survived a vascular disease with 10% survival chance and still struggling to heal, siblings who survived what nearly killed them. We can either wallow in our misery and let life beat us down, or we can strive to work on our goals and never lose our individuality, our freedom; even if the entire universe is against us. So, if I manage to reach my goals despite my circumstances, it may inspire another person out there. If you write to me, you’re my friend, I will reply as soon as I can. Because it’s not a chore; I do so lovingly. It’s what friends do. I want to inspire you. That’s my goal.
Remember Invictus?
Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

Anyway, I'm working on the new chapter. I'll end up writing all day today. Hopefully, I'll work less and write more next week.

Unknown said...

Emine.....your rock!

Unknown said...

Well said, Gina B.

Emma hicks said...

Hi emine
Hi everyone,
I've been following your blog for a while now .... Well since I finished the books and needed alittle more :).
Your writing is great your very talented. I love reading from Christian pov and and enjoying all the new pov's from the other characters.
I read through all the comments each time I read a chapter and thought it was about time I said hi as I've been a silent reader so far so HI ALL x
Take care
Emma (uk) xxxx

j.farmer2 said...

I was thinking about the pregnancy informer and thought it could have been accidental. Her parents are not used to all the publicity and paparazzi. If in their excitement too tell a friend the wrong person could have been told and spread the news

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Welcome Emma! Thank you for the introduction and saying hello. Hope we hear from you more! There are several silent readers and we'd love to get to know them! <3

J.farmer2... you are on to something :) You just may be right. All I can tell you that the leak was not intentional.

You'll find out this week. :)

j.farmer2 said...

I think it would be fun to see Christian take her shopping and see her trying on clothes for him.After all she is going to be needing new clothes soon. I was excited when you hinted at a shopping trip to get the nursury ready. I can't wait. Will her mom come yup to join the fun of shopping for baby?

Unknown said...

Hi Emine,

Fantastic!! I love reading your blog its great.
Have been very lately but your blog gives me a time out that i am looking forward to.
Thanks form all of your readers.

Love Natasha

nicoleann19 said...

I'm guilty as a silent reader as well. I have followed your blog for a long time now and loving every post! Thank you for writing CG POV, I felt like the original books left me hanging I needed more. You are giving us that, thanks:) **Nicole From New Orleans**

Shelley said...

Hi I am another silent reader and I found your blog about a month ago and have read it over so many times and I check it about 3 times a dat for an update.

I do have a question for you though how can you write a whole chapter in just a day it would take me weeks to be able to write half a chapter, you are a very talented writer to be able to come up with these wonderful chapters in such a short period of time.

Any Caroliny said...

Ola emine,eu me chamo Any Caroliny e sou do BRASIL.Eu acompanho você escrevendo essa historia e até hoje nunca tive coragem de me apresentar.
Mas você escreve muito bem e queria te dizer isso e a historia a cada minuto fica melhor,não pude esperar a traduçao para o portugues entao comecei a ler assim memsmo usando a tradução do google.
Você é fantastica fico feliz em saber que esta tudo bem com você e sua familia.

Anny Caroliny said...

Ola emine,eu me chamo Anny Caroliny e sou do BRASIL.Eu acompanho você escrevendo essa historia e até hoje nunca tive coragem de me apresentar.
Eu amo livros e leio de tudo e sobre todos os temas,tenho que confessar que quando começo um livro não paro ate terminar e tenho dificuldade em começar a ler serie de livros que ainda não estão todos prontos pois me encontro contando os segundos para ver a continuaçao da historia.
E você com a sua escrita incrivel me pegou e agora espero ansiosamente cada capitulo.
Mas estou aqui para dizer que você escreve muito bem e a historia fica a cada minuto melhor,não pude esperar a traduçao para o portugues entao comecei a ler assim memsmo usando a tradução do google.
Você é fantastica fico feliz em saber que esta tudo bem com você e sua familia.
Ah me desculpa eu fiz um post encima mas o meu nome em ingles fico errado estoa voltei e fiz esse,mas ambos post fiz com a intençao de elogiar esse seu talento.

Anny Caroliny said...

Ola emine,eu me chamo Anny Caroliny e sou do BRASIL.Eu acompanho você escrevendo essa historia e até hoje nunca tive coragem de me apresentar.
Eu amo livros e leio de tudo e sobre todos os temas,tenho que confessar que quando começo um livro não paro ate terminar e tenho dificuldade em começar a ler serie de livros que ainda não estão todos prontos pois me encontro contando os segundos para ver a continuaçao da historia.
E você com a sua escrita incrivel me pegou e agora espero ansiosamente cada capitulo.
Mas estou aqui para dizer que você escreve muito bem e a historia fica a cada minuto melhor,não pude esperar a traduçao para o portugues entao comecei a ler assim memsmo usando a tradução do google.
Você é fantastica fico feliz em saber que esta tudo bem com você e sua familia.
Ah me desculpa eu fiz um post encima mas o meu nome em ingles fico errado estoa voltei e fiz esse,mas ambos post fiz com a intençao de elogiar esse seu talento.

Anonymous said...

Yet another silent reader..... I love your blog it is well written and answers so many questions that the books left out. This blog should be made into a book. Please update soon I am biting my nails lol.


Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Hi Gina, S, Olga, Thata, Rose, Elyelena, Paula, Anne, Deb, Jane, Tina, Fanny, Penny, Danielle, Karen, Mami, Leila, Sudeshna, Monica, Christal, Rosangela, Artsy, Anonymous x8, Chrsyoula, Ruth, Kristina, Kamila, Ediene, Barbara, Vera, St. Lucia, Kathy, Aracely, Letty, Leanne, Hasi, Christina, Sonu, Angela, Megan, Ness Ash, Jaque, Krystal, Italy, Bonjour Français, Martha, Gwen, Vicki, Mary, Racquel, Reebz, Claire, Lovey, Joenes, Nina, Ana Maria, Daniela, Debby, Selma, salve Annalisa, Aracely, Patricia, Cora, Celest, Char, Ana Gimenes, Neusa, Mzthang, Vee, Olidelgi, Rozeli, Johanna, Ane, Patricia, Sanra, Elena, Sarah, Simona, Ane, Pat, Elyelena, Marica, Emma, j.farmer2,
Welcome to Natasha, Shelly, Any Carolny and Mindy! Thank you girls for saying hello and I hope you continue to drop a line. It’s wonderful to hear from you all. Oi Any Carolny! Obrigado por sua linda mensagem. Não seja tímido. Estou muito feliz de saber que você.

Girls, I want you to think and contemplate about something for me. Many heads are better than one. I have a feeling that someone, or a few someones are trying to derail the EL James’s wonderful series by smearing the characters as well as the movie which isn’t even in production yet. Why do I think that? It’s actually very simple. Remember a couple of months ago I volunteered as a linguist for translating the doctors’ reports who were prevented administering medical help to the protesters in Turkey to convey medical organizations such as WHO? Being an advocate of freedom and individual rights, such news interests me, so I read. (I have a point, I promise). A lot of the protesters who were well educated but feared reprisal I’ve noticed used the “Guy Fawkes mask” from the movie “V from Vendetta”. I have also noticed that it’s been used in all of the protests (Brazil, Egypt, Turkey etc.) Here’s my point. What was the name of the female character from that movie? Anybody??? Let me tell you then. :)

It was “Evey Hammond”. Evey was struck by poverty and tries to become a prostitute. The first potential customer she approaches turns out to be a Fingerman, a member of the Norsefire’s secret police and the man tries to rape her but she is saved by a mysterious man in a Guy Fawks mask and black cloak, calling himself “V”. Here we have “Evie Hammond” another pseudonym. But what is curious is that, the person who calls herself Evie Hammond (that’s a declaration of anonymity recalling the movie) lives in Westlake Village in California. It’s a rather nice part of California (I have two SEOs running in the background, and you’ve been rather loud. And I do know my way around computers). Don’t you think I know your IP address?

I have to ask you then: Who pays you to badmouth the movie or the books? Obviously books are a done deal, but the movie is still going to happen. But I wondered today, who would benefit from going around and bashing a movie that’s not made yet. In politics you will find some syndicated radio or TV shows paid to badmouth and smear this candidate or that and they don’t care who they bash; they don’t even have to agree with the ideas they’re pushing as long as they achieve their objectives they’re paid for. Shitty business, but that’s politics. That’s what they do for a living. This possibly is a new trend in movies, but I wondered who would benefit from a movie not selling… Because, you’re not just on this blog, you’re everywhere. So, who pays you to spend hours on end to badmouth the movie and characters of the book??? Any ideas?

Food for thought...

Debby said...

Hello Emine and fellow blog family,
Ok so the leak is not going to be Jose. I am a little disapointed but I will follow you to see where you go with this. I know tht you know I am suspicious of Janelyn (lol) but now I am intrigued by your putting Stephen and Gail together. Why wasn't he for her? She is a very self possesed, sweet and gentle woman. Is Stephen a bad boy? Will you be bringing him further into the story? I'm sure you are aware we are all having AP withdrawals. Can't we just have sone more chapter, PLEEEESE. I just love it when he shows up in this blog.(yes, I am whinning)AP and CG together. Two modern day gladiators working side by side. I wouldn't bet against them. Hey What do you all think about Andrea and Stephen? He might be good competition for Barney.
Emine my hat is off to you. You have set a very high standard for your children.The higher the bar you set for them the higher they will soar. They are lucky to have a mom like you.
One last thought...I am wondering about the release date for the movie. .?With all the comings and goings of the casting I wonder if it will set back teh release date? Do you think it would I don't even know if he can act but I sure wouldn't mind looking at him for two hours. (lol)
Have a great Monday everybody.

Debby said...

please forgive my ignorance, but what is a SEO? Do you think they are bad mouthing the movie to drum up publicity? Start a feeding frenzy before the release date?

Debby said...

Hey guys,
I think the ghost of ELLA is in my computer (LOL) Everytime I try to write about who I like to play CG my computer jumps. Tihis causes me to lose some of my text. I meant to ask Emine if she thinks it would do any good to start a petition to have Kivanc play CG. I don't know if he can act, but I would love to just look at him for 2 hours. OMG my computer just did it again. OK Ella who do you want to play your son?

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Hi Debby,

SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is related to web visibility, but I generalized it. What I have are programs for web analysis, invisible web trackers. It's a program (well, I have two kinds both of which do similar functions – 3 if you count the blog’s own). They give me overall analytic data. I run them in the background embedded within the software that checks blog activity 24/7 (page activities, downloads, links, visitor maps, visitor activity, visitor paths, visit lengths, browsers, search engines, ISPs etc.) That way I know which browser works best, which ones don’t, what tablet shows the data properly and which ones don’t. These are useful data as far as programming the blog is concerned.

In layman's terms, data analytics is the science of examining raw data with the purpose of drawing conclusions about that information. Data analytics is used in many industries to allow companies/organizations to make better decisions and in the sciences to verify or disprove existing models or theories. Is the web layout working, what is visible, what link is broken etc. It’s not limited to that, either. Other bloggers may utilize similar tools (some may just be content with the one that comes with the blog – I’m already writing my own codes, adding a couple of tools aren’t going to make a difference for me). But any major website definitely uses them. All search engines use them (otherwise, if you were to search for “the best Italian restaurant”, the search engine results would have been something in Italy and not your city. But you get local results every time because they utilize your IP address to locate the best results around your location).

In order for me to be a better writer, your feedback is immensely important, but I also need to know where my readers come from. What do they like to read? Where did I do ok, and where I didn't do so well? Basically these are the tools that would help me to hone my writing in the analytical sense: discard what is not liked, and improve what my readers like.
About your question: I’m not sure if it’s to hype the movie (badmouthing won’t certainly hype it). If that’s the purpose (calling readers who behave in a similar way to Ana as bimbos, whores or sluts) won’t do the job. Maybe someone who has sore side with the author or the movie some way. I don’t know. Your guess is as good as mine. In any given day, there are an average of anywhere between 15-25,000 readers. I don’t sit around going over each individual data-impossible; I don’t have such time. I need a general picture to better my skills and the mapping of the popular chapters or sections gives me a better idea where I should improve, what I should discard. And who said you couldn’t apply science you learned in school?

Heather Cornejo said...

Emine, I just love that you put "Evie" in "her" place ;)
So sad that she underestimated you. Maybe it will teach others a lesson too.

By the way, have you thought about taking a real break from this blog (say a month or two) to catch up on work and family?!?! My husband just spent a weekend in the hospital for burning the candle at both ends,so to speak.I would hate to see that happen to you. We, your loyal followers,will wait willingly.

Unknown said...

Emine dear , you need not explain your entire schedule for some minor error. Even printed books which undergo serious editing processes some times come with a spelling mistake or a grammatical error. We never to to the publishers pointing out their mistake. We love you and your work and truly respect the time and effort you put in the blog.

And dear if possible accept the offer to interpret for the HOBBIT event. It should be interesting.


Unknown said...

Dear emine I had a question how long does it actually for that I can read the new chapter in the Netherlands because you can read him rather than I in the Netherlands was just another quick question though and how does it further with you and you family em do you still have time for your own with all the fuss because that's also important that you have time for your own greetings wilma van from holland (where it now very wet outside with the rain leaving me with tension is waiting for the new chapter hahaha)

Anonymous said...

ETA for the next chapter please?

Aracely said...

I am convinced that there is not a chore, and definitely you have inspired me, you have returned to me the love for writing, which had abandoned long ago under the weight of lots of things in my life, leaving me absolutely dry;writing is liberating, and I admire you because despite all the problems you are going through, you keep going, and you can give us your time and talent too ;I've learned so many new words and idioms right through your blog , which is keeping us biting our nails by the way.And regarding to this whole thing of the movie, it is tiring visiting those blogs where all you can read is Ian or Matt or as blatantly give advice on how the writer and producers must do to find the actors, I'm sick of it and I don't read them anymore.I hope they find the right man.A hug.ARACELY ♥
P.D. Please let me know if my writing sucks

Anonymous said...

Hello Em. Waiting for the next chapter eagerly.Hope it will be updated when i blog in again(say like after 5mins) :-);-)

jeangb said...

Hi Emine, Working hard as usual I see. It's a pity that some people look at everything with a negative attitude. 50 shades is fiction! a form of escapism. So no matter how the writer chooses the characters to interact, so long as it is within the logic of the story is acceptable. Yes collegues in the work place do discuss, gossip, their bosses & other workmates with each other. this is called human nature.
I don't think Ana & Christian would need to shop for nursary furniture. Ray is a skilled carpenter and would be proud to build furniture for his grandchild.
Really looking forward to your next chapter Emine and thankyou for the escapism it's wonderful xx

j.farmer2 said...

It's highly plausible that religious fanatics are involved in badmouthing the movie. Let's face it every religion has them and this is a very controversial movie. And as for what Debby said, I'm sure it's not done to build up press but she's right that's what it's doing.Let's face it humans are twisted creatures lol when we are told not to read or watch something it makes us want to run out and do it. One of the best things that can happen for book sales for example is to have it band. Suddenly everyone wants it because it's taboo. So they think they are hurting the movie, and maybe too some degree they are, but they are also helping it. Let's face hard core fans like us are going to see it anyway.:-)

Lorraine (Wales) said...

Hi Emine
When fo you think the next chapter will be updated.
I think you blog is grest can't stop reading it.

Anonymous said...

Bom dia,
acabei de ler os comentários e estou arrancando os cabelos.....ansiosa por mais uma capitulo.
Beijos Patrícia.

Anonymous said...

hi eminem,
Hi!! first I would like to congratulate you because of this very
successful blog..I'm so in love with this you just don't know i always check your blog i keep reading it because I love CG and Ana and you! You are so very good in writing this..
Oh by the way I'm newbie here but I finished reading all of it for the past 2 months..Thank you so much..I so love you!!! Please take some rest I know you have work a lot and God blessed you and your family!
And can I also ask when is the next chapter?? Sorry it's just that i think i really love this! THANKS again!!!
Bel from Philippines

Daniela Martins said...

Good afternoon, Eminé!
I have to say I'm laughing here about many comments! I don't understand why some people say so many stupid things!
I don't know wich word I have to use to say what I want. Here in Brazil we talk "recalque" (repression in english?).
All of us knows it's impossible pleased everybody.
I have to myself if I don't like something I don't take it! If I don't like some book I don't read it! You know who I am talking!!! You're already put her in her place!
That person could write a book for herself so (probably it will be a disaster)!
You don't have to be here to explain everything! You're really fans understand you, understand your schedule, appreciate your intelligence and capability!You're a very able woman!
We love you and we love your books!

Daniela Martins said...

How many hypocrisy to say we don't have to talk somebody we trust about another person! Tell me...Did you never talk with your husband about your boss?
Oh my God! Where that person lives? *smilles*
Don't worry about her and about that comments, dear Eminé!
And sorry my mystakes here! I promisse I will study more englishnto talk better with you and with the "girl's coffe" from Brazil!
Hugs and kisses and love!

Unknown said...

Emine minha querida!!

Só posso te dizer uma coisa...seu trabalho é maravilhoso, perfeito e você faz isso para preencher a lacuna de 50 tons de E.L.James!!

E além tem seu livro que está prestes a ser lançado, fora tudo o mais que você faz e cuidar da familia a casa, atender a suas fãs, comentar no facebook, responder e-mails, me considero sua amiga além de sua fã e vou sempre defende-la, pois é isso que amigos fazem não é mesmo??? só posso agradecer sempre à você, pelo seu tempo e dedicação...adoro você!!



Unknown said...

Oi Eminé anciosa pelo próximo capítulo, como sempre quero mais.
Dentre os atores cogitados para ser Christian prefiro que seja o Scott Eastwood já que entre eles não está o Henry Cavill.

Unknown said...

Emine....I just need to say that your readers are wonderful. For the most part, what a great group of ladies that have your back. I love reading their comments! The last several days have really evoked the passionate side of folks! Love it

Anonymous said...

Emine! Some of your readers are insane. Sorry I haven't written lately been very busy.AS you have been. Hope all is well with your family I finally caught up with my reading everything is great as usual. Keep up with the great writing its fantastic as usual. Hope moms ok too. Love always Janice from, N.J.

Pat said...

Dear Emine,
Don't waste your precious time answering the likes of "Evie" not worth your time and effort.

As for you "Evie", or whoever you are, we don't care about your negative opinions.


Denale said...

I have to agree with Daniela Martins ..... we do love all you do for your fans.... unfortunately there are haters everywhere for everything.... however, we all love you and your amazing talent..... I think who ever this person is....obviously they are pretty insecure as they are to afraid to present themselves upfront......That is cowardly..... if they really wanted to be heard be forthcoming and honest.... what is there to hide..... if you are truly passionate about something and have an opinion.... share it... but there is a proper way to express yourself in an appropriate manner.
I always say opinions are like as@hol*es..... we all have one.... but being ignorant and disrespectful is uncalled for..... Way to go Emine for calling him/her out....
Hope this all makes sense... I am rambling......

mnm92275 said...

Hi Emine and hi to the rest of the blog family!! I don't comment a lot but this was some thing I needed to comment on. Whom every this "Evie" person is has either 1) never read the books or 2) just gets off on causing a uproar. But I guarantee that this person is the same type that would let their young children play a video game rated mature like the GTA games (Grand thief Auto). I see it every day when my husband plays these games. Their are 10 year old's playing the game that is rated mature but there parents bought it for them. I use this as a example because you should hear how they talk online with other people. One of the people on my husbands friends list (that plays GTA games and other mature games) is a 14 year old boy. And he and my husband were talking one night and books that he is not aloud to read (because his mom think they are porn) and 50 Shades is one of them LMAO. But yet she allows him to play these games were there is full frontal nudity and killing. Talk about having your priority twisted. I just can't wrap my head around people like that. Well I hope I made sense and did just ramble on lol. And as for your question I do believe that some people pay others to cause a uproar around their books/movies so more people will take notice of them. I hope all is well with everyone and I can't wait to read the next chapter!! <3 to all Melinda from PA

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