The Pella Series - Prologue


(fan-art by Stephanie Gutierrez)

When the sons of God were dispatched to Earth to watch over the humans, they soon began to lust after the daughters of Eve. Two hundred of those Angels took wives among the human women each conceiving a child who are known as the Nephilim. The fathers have become the Fallen Angels for the offspring they brought forth, and having taught them the forbidden knowledge: the enchantments, weaponry, ornaments, cosmetics, astrology, signs of the clouds, and the signs of the sun.

Shamsiel the Watcher, once a guardian of Eden served as one of the two chief aides to the archangel Uriel when Uriel bore his standard into battle and is the head of the 365 legions of angels, accompanying the 5th heaven, however fell in love with a human woman and married her. She too conceived from this marriage and a sinless daughter was born out of the union of the Angel of Eden and the daughter of Eve. She was named Elissa Cassandra. He started living among people taking the human name Marcus.

God’s Spirit was not contending with man forever, for he is mortal; his days were but a hundred and twenty years. The Nephilim were in the earth in those days – and also afterwards – when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. Their children became the heroes of old, and men of renown.

But the nature of Nephilim was superior to men. They possessed immense strength, unparalleled beauty, little fear, and what’s more, they were entitled to immortality. The strength of the Nephilim crushed the men who were but weakling compared to them. Some say that it is the story of the Titans and the Olympians and their half human, half god offspring, the demigod. In the end the Nephilim turned against men, and men could no longer sustain them. It is even said that the Nephilim drank the blood of men. Then the earth laid accusation against the lawless ones. When the laments of men reached the ears of God, he tasked Archangel Gabriel to punish the Watchers for having children, and condemned them to the depths of Tartarus. God then limited the lifespan of the Nephilim to 500 years, and then taking it away he said to let them destroy each other, and they were condemned to die and be killed up to fifteen generations!

Elissa was the product of pure love which created her sinless, yet she was still condemned to die for having been fathered by an Angel of Eden. Her sentence grieved Marcus, and he decided to take the human form in order to avoid capture until he put his daughter through fifteen cycles of life to get rid her curse of the Nephilim. Elissa’s sinless blood sang through time and the news reached the Fallen who set their eyes upon her to offer her as a sacrifice to pay for their sins as required by the Divine Law for redemption.

On one side the Angels of God were looking for Nephilim up to fifteenth generation to eradicate as the law required, and on the other side, the Fallen looked everywhere to find and sacrifice her in order to quench the thirst of their sins, fulfilling the Divine Law to get back to heaven. Who then could save Elissa? Marcus looked for her twin soul and he found it in a young sinful emperor who was in his deathbed desiring Elysium, but destined for Hades.

Alexander Aurelius of Pella, the greatest conqueror the world has ever seen, a Nephilim himself was being succumbed to death at a young age, far away from his beloved Macedonia, surrounded by his marshals and soldiers in Babylon, unless he gave his consent to Marcus to be saved. If Marcus couldn’t save him, he wouldn’t be able to save his daughter. Possessor of one of the brilliant minds, a demigod so handsome gods wept upon seeing his beauty, so strong that he hunted lions without weapons, so full of rage that his wrath was deadly, so well read that he devoured knowledge, thirsted for it; so full of control that 30,000 men followed him even through the mountains that were 20,000 feet high in freezing rain, and snow; in killer elevations, and passages that were so narrow, the army had to go in a single file the length of them reaching up to ten miles! Alexander’s dark side was sinful, murderous, dominating, and singular. His skills in bed were so well known that women who rules countries fell before him to have just one night in his company! His soldiers would follow their megalomaniac emperor to the depths of Hades without any qualms. And there he lay in his deathbed time ticking for Alexander and the woman he never met whose life he was destined to save. (The statues below are of real Alex):

The only time Alexander ever submitted in his short life was to Marcus upon seeing the image of Elissa in the eyes of his mind.

Marcus tasked Nieto, the timerunner to carry his daughter through time to be born again into a new life, and inadvertently Alexander would endure an existence without her, without the only woman he ever really loved until she was born again.

Marcus knew that a person would indelibly fall in love with their twin soul. Thus he wanted to save his daughter from loving and losing and had sealed Alexander with duty alone, so love would never enter between them. But the strength of their desire, and attraction, and the pull of their twin souls had become so unbearable on her fifteenth cycle of life, the seal was broken and love found a way.

To protect his daughter Marcus built ranch in the middle of the desert where the Four Winds of time met. The Nephilim he saved through time were tasked to watch and protect her and her family she’s created with Alexander. But, the Fallen and the Punishers caught up with her in 1802 on a starless night, covering the Four Winds with the Circle of Hades’ fire, Phlegethon. Alexander lost all he loved in that dark night and buried his heart into the abyss whence he came from.

The story starts in the current days in Southern California.


Audrey said...

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I'm curious to see where this story is going since I caught up with your other story.

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OMG Emine, finished book "Echoes in Eternity"
worth every single migraine I got. I can't wait for book 2.
Praying your friend doing better.

maritere1939 said...

Is this serie about Alex Pella, the one that created his company in a way similar to Christian Grey. Did he sell to Christian his helicotter and Jet?
I'd like to have this serie in Spanish. My English is not that bad but I prefer to read it in my own language. And by the way "he is Stephen Amell" I think he is. Waw! I love him.