Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Book II - Chapter IV - Christian and Anastasia Fan Fiction



I feel invincle, incredibly good today as if I own the world. (I'm Feeling Good by Michael Buble) What a difference a day makes! Taylor and I go to workout first thing in the morning and we’re both visibly relaxed. Taylor is of course wearing his impassive face, but he’s not eyeing me every five seconds to see if I’m going to explode any second. When I get up to my penthouse, Mrs. Jones is very chipper even though she is also behind her professional face.

“Mr. Grey, I took the liberty of making you pancakes, bacon, and omelet this morning sir. And your coffee is ready. Would you like anything else sir?” she asks enthusiastically.

“No, thank you Mrs. Jones,” I say looking at her quizzically which she completely ignores, and goes on with her chores in the kitchen. A smile creeps up on my face. Their excitement is rubbing off on me. I enjoy my breakfast, and take a big gulp of my coffee. But then I remember that Anastasia has not been eating for several days, and I type her a message from my Blackberry before I lose my appetite.


From: Christian Grey

Subject: So Help Me...

Date: June 10, 2011 08:05

To: Anastasia Steele

I do hope you’ve had breakfast.

I missed you last night.

Christian Grey

CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.


I don’t know if she’s at work yet, but I want to make sure that she’s eaten something. I can’t bear to see her melting before my eyes. When it comes to Anastasia, I’m crazy-out-of-my-head kind of in love with her!

Once I’m done with breakfast, I make my way into my shower and get ready for my work day. I have a big day ahead of me today, and the fact that I’m going to see Anastasia this evening glues a stupid grin on my face. I’m in my office and getting ready to leave for GEH, I feel my Blackberry buzzing with an incoming message.


From: Anastasia Steele

Subject: Old books...

Date: June 10, 2011 08:33

To: Christian Grey

I’m eating a banana as I type. I haven’t had breakfast for several days, making this banana a step forward. I love the British Library app. I started rereading Robinson Crusoe... And of course, I love you. Now leave me alone – I’m trying to work.

Anastasia Steele

Assistant to Jack Hyde, Commissioning Editor, SIP


She’s only eating a banana? You need to have something else with more substance baby. And if I were to be able to do all the things I have in mind, she needs protein... Make that a lot of protein. I quickly type her a reply.


From: Christian Grey

Subject: Is that all you’ve eaten?

Date: June 10, 2011 08:36

To: Anastasia Steele

You can do better than that baby. You’re going to need your energy for begging.

Christian Grey

CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.


Come on baby! You know I have issues with food... and knowing that she’s not getting enough of it when I’m in a position to provide for her is killing me here. Please eat baby! Her answering message dings in shortly. I feel excited like a teenager.


From: Anastasia Steele

Subject: Pest

Date: June 10, 2011 08:39

To: Christian Grey

Mr. Grey – I’m trying to work for a living – and it’s you that will be begging.

Anastasia Steele

Assistant to Jack Hyde, Commissioning Editor, SIP


How presumptuous of you Miss Steele! I think it’s be the other way around. I’ve got a few tricks under my sleeve yet.


From: Christian Grey

Subject: Bring it on!

Date: June 10, 2011 08:41

To: Anastasia Steele

Why Miss Steele, I love a challenge...

Christian Grey

CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.


I am an idiot! Why do I have this plastered grin on my face which is a complete 180 to what I was only a day ago... I have so much work to do today, and Taylor is waiting by the door with his impassive face; the only thing that gives his changed demeanor away is the glinting sparkle in his eyes. I shake my head at the wonder that Anastasia created in each of us... She’s one of a kind. The fact that she’s mine again puts on top of the world! (← I’m on Top of the World by The Carpenters) 

Taylor and I leave to go to GEH, and the drive isn’t as busy, because we leave right after the rush hour traffic. Owning your own company has benefits like that.

As soon as I walk into my office, Andrea and the intern whose name I can’t remember rush to their feet. Upon noticing my I’m-in-hell-and-I’m-taking-everyone-with-me mood to be gone, and seeing my face not so much grinning like an idiot but it’s usual passive form, give both the girls a visible sigh of relief. Andrea eyes the intern and gives her an order with the motions of her eyes. The intern’s eyes light up like Christmas as realization dawns on her.

“Mr. Grey, can I bring in your coffee sir?”

Andrea is mortified. Normally, it’s a routine. She’s not to ask me; just do it. But, I’ll let it pass this time. I am in a great mood.

“And water please,” I say, and Andrea’s jaw drops to the floor with my non-scolding behavior.

“Certainly, sir,” she says, and Andrea follows me into my office. Taylor takes his usual, inconspicuous place at his corner, standing, looking ahead impassively.

“Sir, we need to go over the day’s agenda,” she says, and I hold up a hand to her before she can go any further.

“Andrea, I’m going to give you a name, and you and the intern,” I jab my thumb to back where the intern is located, “better commit this name to memory. That name is more important than any business deal, any merger, any company, anyone who wants to get in touch with me. If this particular person calls for any reason, even if it’s just to say hello, no matter what I’m doing, I want you to put her through.”

Andrea takes a step back almost to prevent herself from falling onto the floor when she hears the word ‘her’.

“Her, sir? Are you expecting a business call?” she asks to verify. And she frantically thumbs her list, going through the appointments for the day. I haven’t gotten a name for a ‘her’ sir for all of today’s interviews and meetings... Sir,” she says all flustered.

“Let me say it again: It doesn’t matter whether I’m in a very important merger meeting... it doesn’t matter if I’m entertaining the President of the United States; if she calls, she gets through. She’s not in the appointment list. She needs no appointment to reach me. If she calls, find me, immediately!”

“What’s the name sir?”

“Anastasia Steele,” I say proudly.

“What capacity shall her put her under sir? What’s her position in the company?”

“She’s your boss’ girlfriend; and you’d do well to remember that! That’s the only position she needs,” I say and Andrea tries her hardest to hold onto her professional demeanor and fails taken aback, flustered. Taylor tries to suppress a smile and fails. He turns his head to an inanimate object to distract his attention. Andrea, finally gathers herself, and says in a high pitched voice, “I’m sorry, sir, I thought you said, uhm, your boss's girlfriend... I mean my boss's girlfriend... I mean your girlfriend... Is that what you said sir? I’m trying to verify...” she says drifting off, going completely crimson. Guess, everyone else thought I was gay!

“Yes, Andrea! I said girlfriend. My girlfriend is Anastasia Steele. If she calls, she gets through no matter who I’m having a business meeting with!” I say firmly to Andrea who now has the look of someone who just swallowed a frog.

“Of course, sir. I will inform the intern,” she says with barely contained high pitch voice under the scrutiny of my gaze, and tries to scuttle away from the room.

“Andrea!” I call.

“Yes, sir?” she turns and asks.

“The meetings?” I ask raising my eyebrows.

Her face is completely puce, and she tries her hardest to compose herself. This makes me wonder how many people in my company thought of me as gay... Not that I would care what they thought one way or the other. I notice Taylor is trying to disguise his laugh with a cough which has never happened before, and gaining control, he assumes his former position with a passive face.

My day goes quite busy with work, and I’m barely containing my excitement waiting for the time to come and pick Anastasia up, constantly checking my time, unable to focus on the task at hand, although there is so much to do, so many meetings to get through; in fact I could be buried in work for days. But my mind is elsewhere.

As I’m in the middle of a meeting in regards to a clean energy cell phone we’re developing, my Blackberry buzzes in my pocket alerting me of an incoming e-mail. I get number of e-mails throughout the day, but I jump excitedly hoping that each one is from Anastasia. I happily note that this one is in fact from her. Of course the engineering team is here, along with the production team. I do my best to keep the idiotic grin off my face, and successfully keep my impassive one intact.


From: Anastasia Steele

Subject: Bored...

Date: June 10, 2011 16:05

To: Christian Grey

Twiddling my thumbs.

How are you?

What are you doing?

Anastasia Steele

Assistant to Jack Hyde, Commissioning Editor, SIP


How could simple words, strung out in simple sentences can make a worldly man like me drooling? Yet, here she is, sending me a simple three line message, getting me nearly combusting. Twiddling her thumbs, huh? I have many ways to get those thumbs busy if only she was here. Between the solar cells and creating batteries to be applicable to all brands of cell phones, I manage to type her a response:

From: Christian Grey

Subject: Your thumbs

Date: June 10, 2011 08:15

To: Anastasia Steele

You should have come to work for me.

You wouldn’t be twiddling your thumbs.

I’m sure I could put them to better use.

In fact, I can think of a number of options right now...

I’m doing the usual humdrum mergers and acquisitions.

It’s all very dry.

Your e-mails at SIP are monitored.

Christian Grey

Distracted CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.


Of course, I want her to be careful what she says online, especially when those e-mail messages are stored, and can be retrieved and viewed by a number of third parties. I know this to be a standard practice at SIP, because, well, I own it now.

I receive no more messages from Anastasia, but I need to know where to pick her up from. She hasn’t informed me on that yet. I’m also looking forward to meeting her boss - well, not so much looking forward to seeing him, but should he have any other ideas of making any more attempts to move in on my woman, he needs to get the message of who Anastasia belongs to; he’d do well to remember to keep his hands off her.

Before I leave GEH, I call Taylor.

“Yes, sir,” he responds.

“Did you do what I asked in regards to Anastasia’s car?”

“Yes, sir. I left it parked in her parking space. She can drive it anytime she wants to.”

“Great!” I nod. I want to say something else, but my Blackberry buzzes, and I hold a finger to hang on a minute.


From: Anastasia Steele

Subject: You’ll fit right in

Date: June 10, 2011 17:36

To: Christian Grey

We’re going to a bar called Fifty’s.

The rich seam of humor that I could mine from this is endless.

I look forward to seeing you there, Mr. Grey.

A x


I’m so glad she’s using her Blackberry. She can occasionally listen then. The thought makes me happy. I type her a response right away.


From: Christian Grey

Subject: Hazards

Date: June 10, 2011 17:38

To: Anastasia Steele

Mining is a very, very dangerous occupation.

Christian Grey

Distracted CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.


She doesn’t waste any time to respond.


From: Anastasia Steele

Subject: Hazards?

Date: June 10, 2011 17:40

To: Christian Grey

And your point is?


Baby, you can easily find out if you’re that curious about it.


From: Christian Grey

Subject: Merely...

Date: June 10, 2011 17:42

To: Anastasia Steele

Making an observation, Miss Steele.

I’ll see you shortly.

Sooners rather than laters, baby.

Christian Grey

Distracted CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.


The fact that I’m going to see my woman quite soon, makes me extremely happy. I have missed her a lot. I don’t know if I can be separated from her extended periods of time, like 24 hours. I need to be closer to her. The best I can handle is a workday, and even that is beyond long! (No Ordinary Love by Sade)

I turn to Taylor who looks at me expectantly.

“Let’s go Taylor. Do you know a bar near Anastasia’s work called Fifty’s?”

“Yes, sir. Is that our destination?”

“Yes, it is.”

We drive to Fifty’s. Taylor drops me off, and I tell him to wait. I just want to pick my woman up, and get alone with her. Fifty’s is a cavernous, impersonal bar with baseball memorabilia and posters hanging on the walls. It’s like any ordinary bar; nothing exceptional. It takes me less than a minute to locate her. She’s in her jeans and the pale blue shirt that Taylor purchased for her at my request. She looks beyond beautiful, but who the hell is that crowding her, trapping my woman leaning against the bar over her? She’s clearly disturbed, and trying to give herself space where this fucker is trying to eliminate her breathing space! If it was possible to merge with her, he would have done it already! I quickly make my way to her. As soon as I reach Anastasia, I drape my arm around her shoulder in a possessive way claiming what’s mine; though to the outside world it seems a casual display of affection. I lean in and kiss her hair as my gaze is fixed on the fucking intruder. (Surrender by Evanescence)

“Hello, baby,” I murmur, giving a clear indication what she is to me to anyone in hearing distance.

Her body had been tense, and she clearly relaxes soon after I encase her in to my embrace. So, she was disturbed by that guy, and my reaction was welcome. She wants to be in my arms. I know her body so well; I can read it like a book. Realizing she was tense under the scrutiny of the fucker, I draw her to my side completely in my embrace letting everyone in the bar and the fucker in the close vicinity know that she is my woman, and mine alone! I stare impassively at the 30ish fucker letting him know just whose girlfriend he’s trying to move in on. Anastasia just sags in my embrace completely relaxed. I realize that his crowding was unwelcome, and he bothered her that much; I make a mental note to find out about this jerk down to his kindergarten teacher. I finally turn my attention to my woman, can’t help but give her a crooked smile and followed by a swift but a possessive kiss. She looks over my attire appreciatively. Her eyes missing nothing. She eyes my navy pinstriped jacked over jeans, and my open white shirt. She looks at me with hungry eyes. Hungry, wanton and desirous for me. This silent but heavily sexual exchange between us makes the fucker uncomfortable. Good! She isn’t yours to move in!

Anastasia finally finds her voice.

“Jack, this is Christian,” she mumbles almost apologetically.

“Christian, Jack,” she introduces me.

“I’m the boyfriend,” I say with a menacing smile, cool and possessive of my woman, and poison to the intruder. I extend my hand and shake Jack’s hand. He’s shrewdly assessing what’s before him.

“I’m the boss,” he replies to my declaration as if to say ‘I own your woman’ eight hours a day. Fuck you! I’m your boss’ boss! I own your ass! You don’t know who you are messing with! This pissing contest is the one you will lose, as your dick isn’t big enough to reach the farthest distance. No one moves in on my girlfriend!

Then the fucker has the arrogance to add “Ana did mention an ex-boyfriend.”

I see; so, that’s your game.

“Well, no longer ex,” I reply calmly. I will give your bag to your hand in the shortest time; you won’t know what hit you. Don’t play that game with me! He’s clearly indicating that it’s his playing field and he’s got home advantage by having my girlfriend under his thumb during the work hours of the day.

I stare at him… If looks could kill, you’d fucking be decimated. “Come on, baby, time to go.” I coax Anastasia.

“Please, stay and join us for a drink,” says Jack, aka the fucking stalker, space crowding boss smoothly. I don’t waste my time with fuckers like this, and I haven’t touched my woman in what seems like eternity.

“We have plans,” I reply with such a smile that he has no way of mistaking what sort of plans we have.

“Another time, perhaps,” I say knowing full well that there won’t be another time.

“Come,” I say to Anastasia as I take her hand.

“See you Monday,” she smiles at the group from her work, and the fucking boss is like he lost an important match in full public view, and nowhere to hide.

Taylor is at the wheel of the Audi and waiting at the curb.

“Why did that feel like a pissing contest?” Anastasia asks as I open the SUV’s door for her.

“Because it was,” I murmur to her smiling at her as the winner of the contest, and then I shut her door.

I slide in the SUV next to Anastasia, and as soon as I settle in, I take my woman’s hand gently kissing her knuckles. “Hi,” I say softly.

Anastasia's face turns pink, blushing. I love that girlie reaction from her. She’s ready to jump me, and she's on give-it-to-me-right-now mode. Oh, I intend to baby! I can see that she’s ready to be taken right in the backseat of the car. This has possibilities, but not in the full view of my driver. So, this fantasy will have to wait for when the two of us are alone.

“Hi,” she breathes in response.

“What would you like to do this evening?” I ask her. I want her to spell out everything.

“I thought you said we had plans,” she replies.

“Oh, I know what I’d like to do, Anastasia. I’m asking you what you want to do,” I say. She beams at me brightening. Okay then, we’re on the same page. I smile.

“I see,” I say with a wickedly salacious grin. “So… begging it is then. Do you want to beg at my place or yours?” I ask tilting my head to one side and smiling.

“I think you’re being very presumptuous, Mr. Grey. But by the way of a change, we could go to my apartment,” she replies. I’m game. She fucking bites her lip deliberately, knowing what it does to me, and my expression darkens.

“Taylor, Miss Steele’s place, please.” I say.

“Sir,” he acknowledges, and heads into the traffic towards her apartment.

“So, how has your day been?” I ask fishing for information.

“Good. Yours?” she asks.

“Good, thank you.”

I’m so fucking happy to have her here, I can’t stop wiping that idiotic grin off my face, and I kiss her hand again and again.

“You look lovely,” I say to her.

“As do you,” she replies. Why, Miss Steele, compliment from you? But, we aim to please.

But the fucker, her boss is clouding my mind with his moves on my girlfriend. I feel compelled to ask her if he’s making any moves ha harass her.

“Your boss, Jack Hyde, is he good at his job?” I ask casually.

She looks completely surprised. Then she frowns. “Why? This isn’t about your pissing contest, is it?”

I smirk at her in response. Of course it is. “That man wants into your panties, Anastasia,” I say dryly. Anastasia goes crimson, and her mouth drops open as she glances nervously at Taylor.

“Well, he can want all he likes… Why are we even having this conversation? You know I have no interest in him whatsoever. He’s just my boss.” She replies.

“That’s the point. He wants what’s mine. I need to know if he’s good at his job.” He can’t be making attemps to get into my woman's panties.

She shrugs. “I think so.” She has the 'where are you going with this' look all over her face.

“Well, he’d better leave you alone, or he’ll find himself on his ass on the sidewalk,” I spurt it out.

“Oh, Christian, what are you talking about? He hasn’t done anything wrong.” She responds to my ranting. What she’s forgetting is that he has all the potential to do both of us wrong.

“He makes one move, you tell me. It’s called gross moral turpitude or sexual harassment.”

“It was just a drink after work,” she replies.

“I mean it. One move and he’s out,” I respond firmly. She has better remember that.

“You don’t have that kind of power,” she replies. Oh, how wrong you are, baby! I do have that kind of power. Just as she’s about to roll her eyes, she’s stalled in the middle of the act when realization dawns, and her expression changes to one of shocked. “Do you Christian?” she asks trying to confirm her suspicion.

I give her a knowing smile.

“You’re buying the company,” she whispers almost in horror. Hearing the panic in her voice, I get anxious and my smile disappears. “Not exactly,” I say.

“You’ve bought it. SIP. Already,” she states, not so much a question.

I blink at her warily at her assessment. “Possibly,” I say.

“You have or you haven’t?” she asks to confirm.


Her eyes widen in shock and horror, her mouth drops open. “Why?” she gasps appalled. Is she going to run? She is mad! Extremely mad! 

“Because I can, Anastasia. I need you safe.” I respond.

“But you said you wouldn’t interfere in my career!”

“And I won’t.” I reply.

She yanks her hand out of my hold.

“Christian…” she says in an admonishing voice.

“Are you mad at me?” I ask. Please Anastasia, give me something, because, you won’t let me, I have to find my own ways to protect you!

“Yes. Of course I’m mad at you,” she says seething. “I mean, what kind of responsible business executive makes decisions based on who they’re currently fucking?” she declares rather loudly, blanching. Finally she realizes that Taylor is in hearing distance, and he’s managing to stoically ignore us.

I open my mouth in complete shock, then close it, then open it, and close it again scowling. She glares at me. We’re both glowering each other. While we are still in the glowering match, we arrive at her apartment complex, and Taylor pulls up outside her apartment. The second car comes to a complete stop; Anastasia jumps out of the car, and speedily walks away. Running again? I sigh.

“Taylor, I think you’d better wait here,” I say, just in case she doesn’t want me. I double my way behind her and reach up to her as she’s struggling to find her front door keys inside her purse.

“Anastasia,” I say calmly as if she’s a cornered wild animal, then again, she is in a way. My personal tiger. 

She sighs and turns to face me. She’s so mad at me her anger is quite palpable; you can almost taste the bitterness.

“First, I haven’t fucked you for a while – a long while, it feels, and second, I wanted to get into publishing. Of the four companies in Seattle, SIPR is the most profitable, but it’s in the cusp and it’s going to stagnate…. It needs to branch out.”

She stares at me icily. I’m glaring back at her intensely, threatening even, but I’m not leaving till she hears me out. I haven’t gone through hell so it breaks down here! Again! I have a steel determination in my gaze.

“So you’re my boss now,” she snaps at me.

“Technically, I’m your boss’s boss’s boss.” I say.

“And, technically, it’s gross moral turpitude, the fact that I am fucking my boss’s boss’s boss,” she responds angrily.

“At the moment, you’re arguing with him,” I scowl. Although I don’t mind fucking. Who am I kidding? I’m dying here for her!

“That’s because he’s such an arse,” she hisses.

I sort of step back after her comment. Did she just say what I thought she did?

“An arse?” I murmur in amusement. She has the most correct observations sometimes. I can be an arse when it comes to protecting her. A mule more likely. Stubborn…

“Yes,” she replies trying to hide her amusement.

“An arse?” I ask again. Finally I can’t hide my own smile.

“Don’t make me laugh when I’m mad at you!” she shouts.

I smile at her knowing I’m going to win this argument. She’s grinning and laughing in response.

“Just because I have a stupid damn grin on my face doesn’t mean I’m not mad as hell at you,” she mutters breathlessly trying to suppress her grin and failing.

I lean in, and nuzzle her hair, inhaling it deeply.

“As ever, Miss Steele, you are unexpected,” and that’s one of the things I love about her. I lean back with humor in my eyes. “So, are you going to invite me in, or am I to be sent packing for exercising my democratic right as an American citizen, entrepreneur, and consumer to purchase whatever I damn well please?”

“Have you spoken to Dr. Flynn about this?” she says making me laugh. Oh, baby, my protectiveness of you wouldn’t change no matter what anyone said.

“Are you going to let me in or not, Anastasia?” (Truly, Deeply, Madly by Savage Garden)

She tries to look grudging, bites her lip – damn it! But finally smiles and opens the door as wide as possible. I turn around and wave to Taylor, and he pulls away, and I know he’s grinning ear to ear. Because if I didn’t no one would be a happy camper tonight.

We walk into her apartment. Though Anastasia is trying to be mad at me, she fails the look. I pace around the apartment. Finally having her alone, all to myself. Finally, after a weeklong torture, she’s here in my presence, and I feel like a caged animal, in this small space, assessing my surroundings. I gaze at her and watch her demeanor change from angry to one of loving, heartwarming, and desirous.

“Nice place,” I say.

“Kate’s parents bought it for her,” she responds.

I nod completely distracted, and not at all interested in the place, but only in my woman. Right now, I only have eyes for her. (← For Your Eyes Only by Sheena Easton) My gaze moves around and rests on her, staring at Anastasia with a singular intent on my mind.

“Err... Would you like a drink?” she mutters, flushing nervously.

“No, thank you, Anastasia,” I say with my gaze darkening with want, and sexual need. All of a sudden she gets nervous.

“What would you like to do, Anastasia?” I ask softly as I walk towards her, completely feral and hot, and wanton. “I know what I want to do,” I say in a low voice as she won’t mistake my intent.

She backs up until she bumps into the concrete kitchen island. I am right in front of her.

“I’m still mad at you,” she says in a low voice.

“I know,” I smile apologetically, but not so much… Her face changes.

“Would you like something to eat?” she asks trying to distract me.

I nod slowly. “Yes. You,” I murmur. You are the most delectable meal right now. She just melts before me with my response. Her face and her body language changes to one of seduced. And with her response and my I-want-to-fuck-you-into-next-Sunday-senseless look gets her all hot and flustered. She has the look of I-want-you-yesterday look.

“Have you eaten today?” I murmur.

“I had a sandwich at lunch,” she whispers.

I narrow my eyes. “You need to eat,” and she needs the energy for what I want to do with her.

“I’m really not hungry right now…” she says, adding, “for food.”

“What are you hungry for, Miss Steele?” I say. I want her to be completely communicative and expressive.

“I think you know, Mr. Grey.” She replies.

I lean down, and she draws in her breath thinking I will kiss her, but I stop short of kissing.

“Do you want me to kiss you, Anastasia?” I whisper softly in her ear.

“Yes,” she breathes her response.

“Where?” I ask.

“Everywhere,” she replies. Not good enough. Be specific! I want you to spell it out baby!

“You’re going to have to be a bit more specific than that. I told you I’m not going to touch you until you beg me and tell me what do.”

She nearly convulses and writhes before me, all lost.

“Please,” she whispers.

“Please what?” I push.

“Touch me,” she replies.

“Where, baby?” say the words for me, Ana!

She’s inhaling my scent, writhing before me, and the distance between us is only enough for a piece of paper to pass through, but not touching. She reaches up, and I immediately step back.

“No, no,” I chide. I don’t want to be touched. I do, but I still can’t handle it.

“What?” she replies.

“No,” I shake my head.

“Not at all?” she asks longingly.

I’m torn. I want so much for her to touch me. I’m yearning for it in fact. But, it’s still very hard for me without spoiling everything else. I hesitate. She steps towards me, and I automatically step back holding my hands in defense, but still smiling. It’s a game.

“Look, Ana,” I say running my hands through my hair exasperated again.

“Sometimes you don’t mind,” she observes. “Perhaps I should find a marker pen, and we could map out the no-go areas,” she says and a light bulb flashes in my head.

“That’s not a bad idea. Where’s your bedroom?” I ask.

She nods the direction.

“Have you been taking your pill?” I ask. Her face changes in the negative, and mine falls in response.

“No,” she squeaks.

“I see,” I say, as my lips press into a thin line. “Come, let’s have something to eat,” I respond.

“I thought we were going to bed! I want to go to bed with you,” she pleads.

“I know, baby,” I smile, and suddenly the desire is too much to keep gated, I dart towards her, and grab her wrists and pull her into my arms, our bodies pressed against each other.

“You need to eat, and so do I,” I murmur, my eyes gazing down at her. “Besides… anticipation is the key to seduction, and right now, I’m really into delayed gratification,” I say.

“I’m seduced and I want my gratification now. I’ll beg, please,” she says with all her desire in her plea. I smile at her tenderly.

“Eat. You’re too slender,” I say kissing her forehead, and I release her. The hotter the desire, the more exponential is the fun. She scowls at me knowing I have a secret plan.

“I’m still mad that you bought SIP, and now I’m mad at you because you’re making me wait,” she says pouting.

“You are one angry little madam, aren’t you? You’ll feel better after a good meal,” I respond nonchalantly. Actually angry sex is great, because a lot of extra hormones are running to be relieved.

“I know what I’ll feel better after,” she says knowingly.

“Stop teasing me. You don’t fight fair,” she says knowing full well what my intention is. I stifle a grin by biting my bottom lip.

We both gaze at each other – Anastasia hot, bothered and yearning, and I am relaxed and amused as I have complete control of all my sexual desires.

“I could cook something – except we’ll have to go shopping,” she says.

“Shopping?” I ask.

“For groceries,” she responds.

“You have no food here?” I ask as my expression hardens. She really has been starving herself all this week I realize in horror!

She shakes her head to confirm my assessment. I am so angry!

“Let’s go shopping, then,” I say sternly turning on my heel and heading for the door, opening it wide for her.

We walk to the nearest supermarket.

“When was the last time you were in a supermarket?” she asks.

I don’t think I’ve gone to a supermarket in ages. I don’t do grocery shopping. I feel out of place. But I follow Anastasia dutifully with a shopping basket in my hand.

“I can’t remember when I was in a grocery store,” I reply.

“Does Mrs. Jones do all the shopping?”

“I think Taylor helps her. I’m not sure,” I reply.

“Are you happy with a stir-fry? It’s quick,” she says making me grin. I’ll go for quick meal, and long enjoyable desert session.

“Stir-fry sounds good,” I reply still grinning.

“Have they worked for you long?”

“Taylor, four years, I think. Mrs. Jones about the same. Why didn’t you have any food in the apartment?” I ask still disturbed with the fact that she has nothing. Is it only because she was just distraught, or she couldn’t afford it? Both of the possibilities ache my heart.

“You know why,” she murmurs, flushing.

“It was you who left me,” I mutter disapprovingly.

“I know,” she replies in a small voice.

When we reach the checkout line, I want to ask her if she has wine.

“Do you have anything to drink?”

“Beer… I think,” she responds.

“I’ll get some wine,” I reply hastily running to their small liquor department. Quickly looking over the store’s very limited selection, I grimace. There’s nothing I like. I come back empty handed with a disgusted look on my face. Anastasia smiles at me and says, “There’s a good liquor store next door.”

“I’ll see what they have,” I reply and stroll out the door to go to the liquor store next door.

When we finally make it back to her apartment, I carry the grocery bags into her kitchen, and place them on the counter.

“You look very – domestic,” Anastasia observes making me smile.

“No one has ever accused me of that before,” I say dryly. Anastasia starts to unpack the grocery bags as I take out a bottle of white wine and search for a corkscrew.

“This place is still new to me. I think the opener is in that drawer there,” she nods point in its direction with her chin. She watches my movements, and with some thought she must have, she blushes.

“What are you thinking about?” I ask interrupting her reveries. My eyes are still on her as I shrug off my pinstripe jacket, and place it on the couch.

“How little I know you, really,” she responds honestly. I gaze at her as my eyes soften. I like you to get to know me much better.

“You know me better than anyone,” is my honest response to her.

“I don’t think that’s true,” she says and I know who she’s thinking.

“It is, Anastasia. I am a very, very private person,” I say as I hand her a glass of wine.

“Cheers,” I say.

“Cheers,” she responds as she takes a sip of her wine. I put the bottle in the fridge to keep chilling.

“Can I help you with that?” I ask offering my services to fix dinner.

“No its fine…sit,” she replies.

“I’d like to help,” I insist sincerely. I want to be part of what she is doing, however simple or complicated.

“You can chop the vegetables,” she tasks me.

“I don’t cook,” I say as I regard the knife she handed me.

“I imagine you don’t need to,” she says as she places a chopping board and some red peppers in front of me to slice. I stare down at them as I have no clue what to do with those or how they’re sliced.

“You’ve never chopped a vegetable?” she asks shocked.

“No,” I reply.

She smirks at me amused.

“Are you smirking at me?” I ask.

“It appears this is something that I can do and you can’t. Let’s face it, Christian, I think this is a first. Here, I’ll show you,” she says.

She brushes up at me accidentally, and her touch rattles the barrier I erected to keep my sex god caged, and he takes notice of her touch. I step back to keep the barrier up.

“Like this,” she says slicing into the red pepper as she carefully removes the seeds.

“Looks simple enough,” I say.

“You shouldn’t have any trouble with it,” she mutters ironically. It’s a first that she’s teaching me something, and I quite enjoy the fact that she is.

I gaze at her impassively for a moment, but then set about my task at hand. Anastasia continues to prepare the diced chicken. I start slicing my pepper carefully, and slowly trying to do a good job. Hey! I haven’t done this sort of menial task before. Give me a break!

Anastasia washes her hands, searching for the wok and the oil and she gathers the other ingredients she is planning to use to make the stir-fry. She starts repeatedly brushing against me rattling the cage I’ve housed my sex god away for the time being. Each of her touches rattles my cage more, weakening my defenses, chipping away the bars, strengthening my inner animal. She keeps brushing her hip... Dear God! Then her arm, her back, her hands with an onslaught of non-stop seemingly innocent attacks. I know she wants me, and she knows how to utilize her delectable assets.

“I know what you’re doing, Anastasia,” I murmur darkly warning her, still trying to slice my red pepper.

“I think it’s called cooking,” she says innocently fluttering her eyelashes. She grabs another knife and joins me at the chopping board peeling and slicing garlic, shallots, and French beans continually bumping at me in her close proximity. I already find her irresistible, my woman in the kitchen cooking. But this is unbearable!

“You’re quite good at this,” I mutter as I successfully start slicing into the second red pepper.

“Chopping?” she asks batting her eyelashes at me again. “Years of practice,” she says and brushes against me, with her behind! She knows how much I love her behind which I would love to have my hands and my lips all over right now! I still with her brushing.

“If you do that again, Anastasia, I am going to take you and fuck you on the kitchen floor,” I say darkly.

“You have to beg me first,” she responds.

“Is that a challenge?” I ask.

“Maybe,” she responds nonchalantly.

I put down the knife in my hand, and saunter slowly over to her, my eyes burning with singular desire. I lean past Anastasia, and turn off the stove. The oil in the wok stops sizzling almost immediately.

“I think we’ll eat later,” I say. “Put the chicken in the fridge,” I order as if to say get-ready-to-be-fucked-senseless. She gasps her breath hitching. She picks up the diced chicken with shaky hands, place a plate on top, and store it in the fridge. I’m right behind her when she turns back and the space between us isn’t even enough to let air pass through.

“So you’re going to beg?” she whispers bravely gazing into my salacious eyes.

“No, Anastasia,” I shake my head. “No begging,” I say in a soft seductive voice.

We stand there for a minute staring at each other as our desire grows leaps and bounds, drinking in each other. The air between us charges, crackling as if we are two heavily charged thunder clouds and our energies are pulling and tugging at each other. Neither one of us says anything, just looking with intense desire in our eyes. She bites her lips, and I’m lost as my stance and my gaze changes in her body’s response and now her lip which is now in the captivity of her teeth.

In a heartbeat, I grab her by the hips and pull her to me, as my hands reach over to her hair, and I lower my head in a flash claiming her mouth forcefully with all my pent up desire and my sex god freed from his cage and his carefully placed bonds. I push her against the fridge with my body, not leaving any space between us. I hear the rattle and protests of the contents of the fridge as my tongue finds her and starts its sensual tango. She moans with desire into my mouth, and with this sound one of my hands move into her hair pulling her head back and kiss her savagely and she matches my fervor with her own. I’m spent, and I want nothing but her, and lose myself in her for days if that’s what it takes.

“What do you want Anastasia?” I breathe. I still want her to spell it out, communicate with me fully.

“You,” she gasps.

“Where?” I ask.

“Bed,” is her short brusque response.

I break free of our kiss, and scoop my woman like a Neanderthal into my arms, and carry her quickly and efficiently into her bedroom. I set her on her feet beside her bed, lean down and turn on her side table lamp. I glance around the room quickly and hastily close her curtains not willing to give a peep show to her neighbors while we are in the throes of passion.

“Now what?” I ask softly.

“Make love to me,” she says. Oh, baby I intend to fulfill that desire of yours fully, but spell it out.

“How?” I ask probing further.

She frowns.

“You have got to tell me, baby,” I almost plead with her.

“Undress me,” she instructs me panting. I’d be glad to, darling!

Now we’re getting somewhere. I smile and hook my index finger into her open shirt, pulling her toward me.

“Good girl, “I murmur without taking my passionate eyes off hers and I slowly start unbuttoning her shirt. She puts her hands on my arms to steady herself. My arms are safe areas, so I don’t complain. When I’m finished with her shirt’s buttons, I pull the shirt over her shoulders, and she momentarily lets go of my arms and lets the shirt fall onto the floor. I reach down to her waistband of her jeans, and undo the button, and pull down her zipper.

“Tell me what you want, Anastasia,” I say as my eyes are smoldering with passing and my breathing is quick and shallow to accommodate the pent up desire in me.

“Kiss me from here to here,” she whispers trailing her finger from the base of her ear down to her throat. I smooth her hair out of the line of fire of my lips and bed start kissing along the path of her finger softly and back again.

“My jeans and panties,” she murmurs, and I smile against her throat. Now, we’re getting somewhere. I quickly drop to my knees in front of her. She’s like a goddess before me. I hook my thumbs into her jeans, I gently pull them and her panties down both at the same time down her legs. She steps out of her pumps as well as her jeans and panties. She stands before me with nothing but her bra. I stop and look up expectantly to this fine specimen of woman before me. I don’t get up from my kneeling position.

“What now, Anastasia?” I ask.

“Kiss me,” she whispers.

“Where?” Tell me baby! Make me hot! Make me wanton! Fire me up! Burn me in your desire! Let me get lost in you! You alone have the power over me baby!

I’m taking no prisoners today. She looks embarrassed, and quickly points at the apex of her thighs, to her sex making me grin wickedly. She closes her eyes mortified and completely aroused.

“Oh baby, with pleasure,” I say chuckling. I kiss the apex of her thighs, and I unleash my tongue into her sex. She groans and fists her hands into my hand pulling me into her, merging me with her sex. It’s beyond hot, beyond wanton! I have wanted to be here so long! I don’t stop. My tongue circles her clitoris. My aim is simple: drive her insane, non-stop, make her want me, desire me, fuck me, love me, be mine once and for all forgetting everything even her name!

“Christian, please,” she begs.

“Please what, Anastasia?”

“Make love to me,” she says confusing me.

“I am,” I murmur as I blow gently against her sex.

“No. I want you inside me,” she orders.

“Are you sure?”

“Please,” she begs. I don’t stop my slow, sweet torture. She moans loudly.


I stand finally and gaze down at her with her wetness and arousal evident on my lips for her to be seen.

“Well?” I ask.

“Well what?” she pants staring up at me frantically, barely contained desire, ready to combust any minute.

“I’m still dressed,” I say as she gapes at me in confusion.

She reaches up at my shirt, and I step back.

“Oh no,” I admonish her. She realizes that I mean my jeans. She finally gives me a wicked grin. Slowly drops to her knees in front of me. Oh God! That is so damn hot! With shaking fingers, she unbuckles my waistband and the fly, then rather forcefully yanks down my jeans as well as the boxers, and my erections springs forth to her line of vision. She peeks up at me through her lashes, and I gaze down at her in awe, surprise, and trepidation.

I step out of my jeans and pull off my socks. She takes a hold of my manhood in her hand squeezing it tightly pushing her hand back. I groan and tense, and my breath hisses through me clenched teeth. How I longed for this connection! Tentatively, she puts my entire length into her mouth and sucks…hard!

“Ahh. Ana…who, gently,” I say. She seems to have missed me almost as much as I did her.

I cup her head tenderly, and she pushes me deeper into her mouth pressing her lips together as tightly as she can sheathing her teeth and sucking me hard.

“Fuck!” I hiss. (Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon)

She swirls her tongue round and round around the end swirling, licking, and then pulling my length deeper in her throat again and again.

“Ana, that’s enough. No more,” I say. But she’s relentless. She keeps going.

“Ana, you’ve made your point,” I grunt through the gritted teeth. “I don’t want to come in your mouth.”

She won’t stop! Shit! I bend down, and grasp her by the shoulders, and haul her to her feet, and toss her on the bed. I pull my shirt over my head, and then toss it along with the other discarded clothes pile. Then reach down to my discarded jeans, and take out a condom packet from the jeans pocket. I’m panting with desire.

“Take your bra off,” I order. She sits up and does what she is told.

“Lie down. I want to look at you,” I say.

She lies down, gazing up at me. I pinch the tip, and roll the condom onto my length without breaking my gaze with her. The desire in her for me is thick. She wants me as much as I want her. I stare down at her and lick my lips.

“You are a find sight, Anastasia Steele,” I say as I bend over the bed, and slowly crawl up over her, but leaving behind a trail of kisses as I go. I kiss each of her breasts and tease her nipples in turn, licking, swirling them, slightly sucking and tugging at them. She groans and writhes beneath me, but I don’t stop.

“Christian, please,” she begs. It’s your turn to beg, baby!

“Please what?” I murmur smiling between her breasts.

“I want you inside me,” she whimpers.

“Do you now?” I ask tantalizingly.

“Please,” she begs some more.

I gaze at her, as I push her legs apart with my legs, and move hovering above her. I gaze at my woman with a salacious desire, and slowly sink into her depth with a delicious pace. She closes her eyes as she’s relishing in the fullness, completely sheathing me inside her as we feel the possession of each other. She instinctively tilts up her pelvis to meet mine, to welcome my manhood into her depths as if to suck me in to her, becoming one with me, groaning loudly. Her fingers find their way into my hair, and I slowly move in and out finally making love to my woman I have missed so damn much. I’m in heaven!

“Faster, Christian, faster…please,” she begs.

I gaze down at her triumphantly and kiss her hard claiming her mouth, her lips, her tongue, her sex in every possible way, and I really start to move, pushing, punishing, pounding into her in a fast rhythm. I feel her start to quicken as her legs tens beneath me. Her built up orgasm is my fuel to pound into her more, fuck her deeper, love her in a fiery passion.

“Come on, baby!” I gasp. “Give it to me.”

My words are her undoing, and we both explode in a magnificent, mind numbing orgasm into a million pieces, and I vaguely remember myself calling out her name like litany. In that moment there are no two other people who are more complete in oneness, merged in unity, becoming one in every sense of the word possible.

“Ana! Oh fuck, Ana!” I lament as I collapse on top of my beloved woman, completely, utterly and irrevocably in love with her, my head buried in her neck. The last thing I remember the verse coming to my head, “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine…”

I am a man on fire… I am desperately in love. At this moment, my life has irrevocably changed, and there’s no going back for me. (Can't Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley)

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Audrey Marzat said...

I can't stop reading this blog, you made an amazing work ! I would love to translate this chapter in French.
And I hope you're gonna find an editor to published your work !
Thanks for sharing this with us and help me keep the magic of fifty shades longer !