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Book IV - Chapter XXIV - Christian and Anastasia FanFiction

(read chapter 23 first - posted at the same time)



“Mr. Grey, would you be kind enough to share your opinion if this dress makes my boobs look big?”

“Mr. Grey?” Taylor asks after I’m distracted by Ana’s text.

“What were you asking Taylor?”

“I was asking about the security arrangements of tomorrow. I managed to get a roster of the participants of the convention Mrs. Grey and her assistant are attending. There are quite a few unknown names, and the security is poor at best for events like these. Someone also leaked the information that you and Mrs. Grey are in New York City and attending tonight’s business gala. 

"How would you know that?" I ask.

"It's in the gossip blogs."

"I didn't know you read the gossip blogs."

"I don't," he says chagrined. "I have set Google alerts with your and Mrs. Grey's names. If anything pops with either one of your names on Google, the information gets sent to me. That's how I know. I require all the security details to know what's being published so we're at least up to par and take necessary precautions for a potential danger."

"So, what's in the news?" I ask. 

"There’s also a mention that,” he says clearing his throat, "it's best if I just read it," he adds and starts reading the article from a gossip blog on his iPad, “the rising west-coast fashion icon, Mrs. Anastasia Grey has been spotted at Bergdorf Goodman today with her hottie husband Christian Grey,” he reads with some embarrassment, “purchasing some elegant designer maternity dresses and some cutesy baby clothes. Although she has purchased some unisex colors, some observers noticed that she has also chosen some pale blue onesies. Dare we say a miniature Christian Grey is on the way? Our informers are on the lookout. Mr. and Mrs. Grey will be gracing a business gala this evening and we have the word that Mrs. Grey is going to be attending a writer’s symposium tomorrow if you want to get a glimpse of this couple in the flesh.”  Taylor then pauses with some concern. “I have arranged additional security for Mrs. Grey tomorrow. They will be well concealed as to not to disturb Mrs. Grey. I have to brief Hannah as well to have some extra caution.”

“Fine! But I want to make a change to that plan. Make sure that neither Mrs. Grey nor her assistant Hannah knows about it. I don’t know if Hannah would be fidgety and not give it away. You can however reiterate her position that no one vetted can approach my wife.”

“Will do, sir, but,” he says. I rise and look at Taylor in the eye.

“But what, Taylor?” I ask.

“This is a writer’s symposium and she’s an editor from a publisher. It would be impossible for Hannah to keep away the other attendees – writers and publishers alike can't be kept away from her.”

“You said that you have a list of the attendees. Those who are not supposed to be attending will not be allowed to approach her and even those who are supposed to be attending will have to be kept under close scrutiny, Taylor! Is this not clear to you?”

“Perfectly clear, sir,” he replies, his face takes the serene look before the flitting anxiety disappears. I turn and walk to our bedroom. Anastasia is standing in front of the full length mirror, standing sideways admiring her pregnant belly. She is beyond breathtaking.  Her beautiful skin is flawless. Her dress reveals her back like a goddess.

“Ah, Ana,” I say swallowing. I indicate with my finger to turn. When she faces me, I take a deep breath.

“Yes, the dress does make your breasts look as they are… ample. Very…” I say as I cup my hands over her swells.  

“These will be under every man’s gaze as well as some women tonight. I can’t be patient if others get to see what only belongs to me.”

“Don’t you want me to wear it?” she asks disappointed.

“Yes, maybe we can cover it up a little. I just have to be extra vigilant against the wolves that would be circling around my wife.”

“I could say the same for those who are circling around my husband. I have to look my best Christian.” My lips thin into a grim line.

“Okay, we’ll do that but, perhaps you can wear one of the coats that match with this dress. This one…” I say putting it on her back. I run my hands over her arms.

“Let’s go. I’ll introduce you to the people who run the world.”

“Are there politicians?”

“Businesses run the world. Money is the blood. It’s the power that makes the people to want to go to work, buy, sell, trade. It gives power. Politicians also make the rounds of big money when it’s time for election.”

“Why? It’s the people, their constituents that vote for them, not the businessmen.”

“True, but good intentions don’t win elections, baby. Elections require a lot of money. And wouldn’t it be easier for them to go to one or a few doors than to millions of people for money that may or may not have it to contribute?”

“Do you have politicians knocking on your door?”

Our door.  Yes, they always do. Their spouses will want to meet you.”

“Why? I’m not interested in politics. I just want to accompany my husband.”

“Baby, always remember that there are two persons in me: Christian Grey you married, the man who is madly, insatiably in love with you; this private mortal,” I say putting my hand on my heart. “Then there’s the inaccessible ruthless mogul who owns a good chunk of the business world where people proverbially kneel before me. I’m unforgiving of my enemies, competitive and utterly at ease in business as I am in bed,” I smile lasciviously.

We Found Love - Rihanna

“I have met both of you, or all fifty shades of you I should say.”

“We should go, baby,” I say as I take her hand in mine. “Both the man in love with you  and the business mogul can’t wait to show you off to the world.”

“Christian, wait,” Ana says holding me back.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, I want to look at my handsome husband in his tuxedo,” she says and gazes me up and down and then walks around me.

“I need to keep an eye on you too,” she says. We walk out to the living room where the security staff is waiting dressed appropriately for an upscale party.

“Mr. Grey,” Taylor clears his throat. He has the ‘can I have a moment with you, sir?’ look pasted all over his face. I nod my head for him to come to a private corner with me. He walks with me away from the earshot. 

“Miss Tiber checked guest list and their companions. Miss Blackburn is accompanying her father again.”

“What’s that to me?” I say frowning.

“She was rather aggressive last time and you have a meeting for thirty minutes where Mrs. Grey will be alone.”

“She won’t be alone. I have Melissa and Sawyer.”

“But sir, Mrs. Grey has a way of circumventing the security. But that’s not the biggest matter,” he says lowering his voice.

“What?” I hiss.

“Miss Richards is attending the event with New York businessman Lloyd Ashter.”

“Miss Richards, who exactly?” I ask as anger is rising within me. There is only one Miss Richards I have known.

“Doctor Lauren Richards. She now works at New York Presbyterian as an emergency  medicine doctor.” Fuck! She is indeed my ex-sub! I paid for her medical school until she graduated and her financial dependency on me ceased when she found a new Dom. But why didn’t I know her attendance to the event beforehand? Is this a coincidence or did she deliberately put herself on my way?

“Just thought you’d want to know.”

“Try to keep both of them away from Ana,” I hiss.

“I’ll inform the team, sir.”

"Is everything alright?" Ana asks when I take her hand.

"It is now, baby."

*****      *****

When we reach the hotel, there are reporters, cameras, paparazzi and buzzing voices. Occasionally our names being called can be heard. Camera flashes are everywhere. I hold my wife’s hand tightly to reassure her. She is dazzling. Camera loves her, but Ana doesn’t love the camera. I feel her snuggle close to me. Once we make into the building, the ushers collect Anastasia’s coat and gives her a coat check ticket then lead us to the large ballroom. We get quite a few greetings from the business acquaintances who desire to meet the enigmatic Mrs. Grey who captured Christian Grey’s heart. She’s turning heads at every step. I try to avoid the known womanizers, but it’s not always possible.

“Oh wait… wait… wait!” says an outrageously dressed woman. Her lips plumped up three times their sizes; she would be able to float in water even if she didn’t know how to swim. She stands before my wife completely awed, placing her hand over her equally enhanced breasts with two straps of fabric over the plasticized version of its previous self.

I give Taylor the ‘Who the hell is this?’ look.

“TV reality star turned into a fashion designer,” whispers Taylor into my ear.  

“You must be Mrs. Grey. Please, allow me to introduce myself. I am your biggest fan!” she says fanning herself. “Hello Mr. Grey,” she says finally sparing a deep bow to me trying to flash her water balloons, then turns back to Ana. 

“My dear Mrs. Grey, I’m Andrea Benedetto,” she curtsying of all things before my wife. I feel Anastasia is about to roll her eyes. “I’m a designer. Perhaps you know my work? Though your ensemble is consisted of some very talented colleagues of mine.”

“I’ve never heard of your name as a designer,” Anastasia says.

“I’ve been on TV and magazines for years. Women have been idolizing my style around the world, Mrs. Grey. I am a top fashion designer. You probably haven’t heard of me because you are too new to the high fashion world. After all, most everyone here is old money,” she adds condescendingly.

“Miss Benedetto,” Anastasia says taking a very confident step forward, standing only inches away from her and well into the other woman’s personal space. Ana gazes up at the other woman who is at least five inches taller than my wife. But the look she gives to the designer bimbo makes the other woman wither before her and cause her to take a cautionary step back.

“I recognize you from the reruns of a trashy B-rated reality show where the members of your crew just slept around. I didn’t know that accomplishment merited the top designer status. I may not have utilized the fruits of the fashion world before, but I am an exceptionally fast learner and I know rubbish when I see it. My husband wants me to use nothing but the best. And you Miss Benedetto… don’t make the par.”

This is one of my proudest moments of my wife. Then Anastasia turns her back and smiles at me.

“I’m quite thirsty, Christian,” she says and I walk her away from the offending woman.

“Find out who she came with!” I order Taylor when we reach the bar. The main requirement to be invited to one of these events is to make at least a billion dollars a year. That trash isn’t in the list. She’s invited as a guest of someone and I need to find out who brought her here.

Taylor nods at Melissa and she immediately stands next to him. After a brief exchange of words, she looks at Sawyer and departs.

Other than the first incident with the designer, most of the attendees are eager to meet and be introduced to Anastasia. She’s complimented numerous times for how gorgeous she looks. The New York businessmen are more intrigued by her and want to get to know her much better. She's already invited to meet quite a few of them which Anastasia politely declined until our next visit.

“Taylor, I have meeting shortly. Instruct Miss Tiber and Sawyer of the rules once again. If anything upsets Ana, I need to be informed immediately.”

“Yes, sir.”

Anastasia earlier demonstrated that she can hold her own. But, I don’t want her to be left in the sharks’ tank. These men and women can have anyone for breakfast and spit them out for lunch. Anastasia is my wife. Even though she can go toe to toe with me, I don't want this to be an unpleasant experience for her first time in New York.

“I want my wife to have a good time. Make sure it happens,” I murmur. “And the people I’ve indicated before we left are not to come near her. Is that clear?”

“Very clear, sir.”

Surprisingly, when I turn around I find Anastasia and another pregnant woman chatting near the bar while sipping sparkling water.

“I’m having a little girl. What are you having?” the other woman asks.

“We’re not letting it known yet.” Ana replies.

“Don’t you want to find out?” the woman asks. “Makes the shopping a lot easier. But,  I can tell that you're a first time mom-to-be. I can understand that. I was like that with my first one. This is our third.”

“Yes, I still can't get over the excitement of our first child,” Ana replies. “You have two other children then?” she asks incredulity lacing her voice.

“Two boys. I wanted to have a little girl. The boys are now four and six,” the woman responds.

“Who’s your husband?” Anastasia asks curiously.

“I’m married to Senator Warren Solomon,” she replies.

“I’ve not heard of him. What state is he representing?” Ana asks.

“He’s the junior senator from…” the voices drown with the orchestra start playing. So, the politicians are already making the rounds. I walk up to the ladies.

“I’m sorry. I hope I’m not interrupting your conversation. May I borrow my wife for a minute?” I say. Ana beams.

“Christian, this is Mary Alice Solomon. Mrs. Solomon, this is my husband Christian Grey,” she introduces me to her new friend. She seems to be taken up with the older woman.

“Mr. Grey, what a pleasure to meet you,” the other lady gushes. “I apologize if I can’t get up. I’m much farther along than Mrs. Grey,” she adds extending her hand. She looks like she’s ready to give birth any day.

“Please, remain seated Mrs. Solomon,” I shake her hand.

“I’ll be right back,” Anastasia says to the other lady with a smile. I take Ana several steps away from the prying ears.

“Baby, my meeting will start in a little bit, and I will be only occupied for about thirty minutes. If you need anything at all, or displeased about anything, let Melissa know, and I will be out immediately.”

“Yes, Christian,” she says with a smile. “I quite like Mrs. Solomon. She’s from the West Coast. Compared to the rest of the group, she’s as warm as the sun,” Ana qualifies.

“Okay. Enjoy your time with Mrs. Solomon then. Text me, call me or let Melissa know if you’re not having any fun here.”

“Christian! Honestly, I can handle myself. Go, make some business deals, and then come back to me,” she murmurs.

“Yes, Mrs. Grey. Are you ordering me?”

“The part about coming back to me…yes,” she says with a smirk.

“We’ll talk about that smirk tonight, in our bed, or maybe by the fireplace or at a place of my choosing.”

“Well then, Mr. Grey. If my ordering merits your passion, I should do more of it,” she remarks.

I hold her hand and kiss it with a passion before leaving for my meeting. Taylor follows me.

The meeting has the New York’s old money as well as the new and much stronger money from self-made west coast software billionaires who are in a much stronger position financially because they command the larger population of the world with their products. During the meeting, I give surreptitious looks to Taylor who shakes his head to let me know that all is well. My cell phone is silent. No calls or texts from Ana. Although the meeting is only for 30 minutes, I am anxious as if some impending danger is waiting outside. Twenty minutes into the meeting, Taylor’s hand goes up to his ear as if to hear the radio better. His eyes go wide for a brief second but I see it. I slightly shake my head in a gesture to ask what’s going on. Taylor smoothly walks to me and leans in.

“Mrs. Solomon’s water broke apparently and Mrs. Grey is with her in one of the rooms.”

“By herself?” I ask.

“No. Melissa is with her, Sawyer is waiting at the door. But…” he stops.

“But what?” I hiss.

“The only doctor in the house was Miss Lauren Richards.”

“Shit!” I stand up abruptly.

“Excuse me gentlemen,” I say. “Hopefully we can continue our meeting tomorrow at lunch. Apologize for cutting this short,” I say and walk out.

“Is everything alright, Grey?”

“Yes,” I say and walk out with Taylor.

“What room? Why wouldn’t she call me?”

“Mrs. Grey was the only person with her. When Mrs. Solomon’s water broke, she let Melissa know. They helped her to get to a room and Sawyer found her husband. Apparently Miss Richards was nearby and noticed Mrs. Solomon's water breaking.”

“How convenient,” I hiss.

We find Sawyer after Taylor calls him. He’s at the door along with two other men.

“Protective Services for the Senator,” Taylor whispers. "No one's allowed in."

“Get Mrs. Grey out of there,” I murmur. “Didn’t they call an ambulance?”

“I’m sure someone already has, but if the birth started, it would be much safer for Mrs. Solomon to be here until the baby is delivered as opposed to be on the road and snow and ice. Unless they see a potential danger.”

Taylor calls Melissa and exchanges words.

“Mrs. Grey is holding Mrs. Solomon’s hand and apparently coaching her in breathing. She’s not coming.”

“Where is Senator Solomon? Why isn’t he doing the coaching?” I seethe.

“I don’t know, sir.” He calls Melissa again. After his brief conversation he turns to me.
“Apparently, the sight of blood makes the Senator sick. So, he’s there but nervously wearing a track on the carpet instead of supporting his wife.”

A woman’s pained scream reaches to our ears. Two distinct female voices, one sounds like a soothing murmur and the other instructing her to push. Another scream pierces my ears.

“Coming through! Make way! Make way!” shouts come from behind. The EMTs are coming with an ambulance stretcher and medical equipment in a fast pace. The door is opened by the Senator’s men to allow the medics in. I get a glimpse of my wife holding Mrs. Solomon’s hand and rubbing her hair as she’s whispering something soothing to her. Lauren Richards is at the other end of the woman. She too sees me. A wry smile briefly flutters through her lips as her eyes flick to Anastasia, and then she focuses on her task raining orders to the medics.

“The birth is already in progress. Baby’s positioned head down, and it’s unsafe to move the patient. We’ll have to deliver here!” she shouts professionally as the guards close the door.

“How long?” I ask Taylor.

“I’ve no idea sir!”

Two hours of pacing in front of the closed doors only yield to screams. Another thirty minutes leads to one big scream as if Mrs. Solomon is pushing the life out of her body, then first nothing, absolute silence and finally broken by the screams of a newborn.

“Good girl! You did it!” I hear Ana shout. Another forty minutes later Mrs. Solomon wheeled out in the company of the medics with her baby bundled up. Until the Senator comes out, the guards remain at the door. I swing the door open where I find Anastasia talking to the Doctor.

“Ana,” I call out to her.

“I’ll be right out Christian.”

“Now,” I say trying not to order her, but failing.

“I will be right out Mr. Grey. I’m speaking with Mrs. Solomon’s doctor,” she says. Lauren’s eyes dart back and forth between us. My lips thin into a grim line.

Melissa looks alarmed and this is my cue to take Ana out of the room.

“Perhaps we should allow the good doctor to clean up. She must be exhausted after the delivery.”

“I don’t think so, Christian. She just told me that she has a lot of stamina.”

I look at Lauren narrowing my eyes. Then look at Anastasia. She’s not stupid. She has the knowing look on her face.

“The good doctor and I have more in common it appears,” Anastasia says emphasizing on the good. “She herself was just telling me that.”

“You have nothing in common with her.” I say.

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“I’m not too sure about that. She seems to know you.” Ana adds making it abundantly clear that knowing me doesn’t mean knowing my name.

“The only person who knows me here in all the ways that matter is you, Ana.” The look I give Lauren is glacial, murderous even. When will my past stop colliding with my future?

“All the same. I’d like you to give me a few minutes, Christian. Please,” she says with a gaze steely gaze.

“Two minutes.”

“Five,” Ana says as her word is nonnegotiable. I turn on my heels and close the door behind me. I hear the lock turning behind me. Fuck!

I slam my hand over the closed door.

“Get Melissa open the fucking door!” I hiss.

“Yes, sir!” Taylor responds. Once he’s done talking to her, he looks at me. “This is a private service room, sir. It has a separate key on the inside. Mrs. Grey took the key and it’s in her hand, sir.”

“Have Melissa dial my phone! I want to hear what’s being said!” He nods. 10 seconds later my Blackberry buzzes.

“You got something to say doctor, spit it out!” Ana commands.

“Just wondered the kind of black magic you weaved to secure Mr. Grey’s attention when so many before you couldn’t. I wondered what made you irreplaceable and the rest of us just disposable. But I now see the reason and wonder how long you’ll last.” The voice is contemptuous.

“The fact that you don’t get it is reason enough why none of you was for my husband. I owe no one an explanation, certainly someone from my husband’s discard pile. But I’ll give you one all the same.”

“That should be interesting. I have everything a man should desire. Beauty, talent, breeding, intelligence, and I actually have a career that is not gifted without the help of another man,” she mocks Ana referring to her position as an editor.

“That’s from a woman who made through medical school with the money my husband had provided. I believe you owe your career to my husband and whoever else currently holding the leash of your collar. I, however put myself through school, secured my own job and fell in love.”

“In love?” Lauren laughs. “Every one of us loved him! We just weren’t stupid enough to get knocked up.”

“My husband knocked me up after he married me, not before,” Ana says, but she quiets as if she just had an epiphany. “I know what you’re trying to do Doctor. I know the meaning of your audacity. You’re angry at me for being madly in love with Christian Grey and at him for reciprocating my love. But that can’t be just your doing. There’s more to this…”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Lauren hisses. I know denial when I see one, and this sounds like a lie.

“You want to get me angry so that I can react in anger. After all, this is a big event with the top dogs of the world. But you can’t do this on your own. You’re not worth it. I know that for a big fire, all you need is a small flicker. You are that flicker. Whoever has put you up to this, go back under his dick and his whip and tell him that he can shove it! That man out there,” she says raising her voice and I can hear her heel clicking confidently “is MY husband. We only take the trash out. By the looks of it, you’ve already stunk! Melissa! I’m through smelling this shit! Open the door and let her own trash collector keep her!” she order.

“With pleasure ma’am!”

When the key moves and the door opens, I turn to Taylor.

“I want you to find out who put her up to this!”

“Yes, sir.”

“Ana?” I hold her arm.

She’s stiff but gives me a forced smile.

“I’m ready to go home now, Christian.”

I turn around and the look I give to Lauren is that she will pay for this. She lowers her gaze down, pretending to keep herself busy by cleaning her arms with a towel.

We excuse ourselves from the cocktail party since everyone has heard of Mrs. Solomon giving birth and Anastasia helping out. She’s revered a little more among the socialite. No doubt we’ll read about it tomorrow. Ana is silent all the way to the SUV.
“Ana, talk to me…” I plead. She remains quiet. The ride to our apartment is painful. She keeps staring out the darkened window.

“Ana, please! I had no idea she would be here.”

She lets me hold her hand, but she continues to stare out the window. When we get to our apartment, the security details quickly scatter to Taylor’s office after I dismiss them like rats out of a sinking ship.

“Ana, talk to me…” I beg.

“Christian, you have to give me a heads up before I meet these bimbos out there!” she says with barely contained anger. “I didn’t know that someone you fucked before would show up to one of the most exclusive cocktail parties.”

“She would not be able to approach you had Mrs. Solomon not go in labor and you followed to help her!”

“So you knew this woman was there?” Her voice was accusatory.

“I was barely informed before we went there. She was not allowed to come near you. I want to spare you from my past, baby. You know I have a past. I’ve not hidden that from you. And you cannot dismiss me either, especially in situations like these!”

“Christian! I need to have my own voice. You cannot speak up for me at all times especially when it concerns both of us. I am not a weakling.”

“No, you certainly aren’t.”

“I want to let them know that you are mine as much as I am yours,” she says and then closes her eyes and takes a deep shaky breath. She then opens her impossibly blue eyes wide.

“That woman is someone’s tool. I can feel it in my bones. Because I saw the fear in her eyes. If she’s a doctor, she wouldn’t try to make a scene right after she helped a senator’s wife to give birth or made herself known in that manner.”

“Don’t worry yourself with these thoughts. I’m sure she read us being in New York, you being pregnant, and jealous of many women who couldn’t conquer me. I don’t think she was thinking right. It must have been the anxiety of the birth and having you in that close proximity. You have that effect on people, you know. Only you can push all the buttons of a person.”

“Are you complaining for protecting what’s mine, Mr. Grey?” she asks crossing her arms.

“No, baby. I’m salivating. I love it when you declare your love and desire for me. Your brand of ownership. It’s hot! But from now on, let me handle these.”

“I can’t make that promise. After all, you’re my man.”

“Show me how much I’m yours,” I whisper lasciviously.

“I’m still mad at you!”

“I know. But mad sex can be overwhelmingly passionate. Show me how mad you are at me.”

“Very mad!”

“How mad?” I whisper, my lips are only a breath away from hers.

“Exceedingly mad…”

“Show me,” I dare her.

She places her palms on my chest and pushes me until I can walk no longer. I’m pinned between my angry pregnant wife and the wall.

“Insanely, passionately, overwhelmingly mad and madly in love,” she says before she takes my lips.