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BOOK IV - CHAPTER XI - Christian and Anastasia Fan-Fiction



Taylor and I arrive at Escala, but Anastasia is nowhere to be seen. I go to our bedroom to see if she’s there, but she’s not in the bedroom either. Confused I come out into the living room and make my way to the dining area. There is a flurry of activity by Mrs. Jones in the kitchen. She seems to be cooking for an army as opposed to two people.

“Mrs. Jones, where is Mrs. Grey?”

“She was here about 30 minutes ago sir, I believe she left to go to her bedroom after asking me to prepare food for the company.”

“Company? What company?” I ask.

“I’m not exactly sure, sir. I believe six people are coming. She was going to explain, but she received a phone call and hasn’t been back since.”

“Did she eat?” I ask.

“She started to, but she’s been receiving one phone call after another.”

A nervous edgy energy takes me over. I have a feeling that this is Jose’s doing. I don’t know what he did, but he’s stirred the pot somewhere, somehow.

I go to the library to see if she’s there. Generally, Anastasia finds the library soothing, relaxing. It’s a good place to sit and talk. But, who would she be talking?

I feel my phone vibrating in my pocket. I take it out, and check the Caller ID. I frown when I see the caller. I walk to my study to take the call. After I close the door behind me, I answer.

“I thought I asked you to never contact me again!” I hiss. My mind is still at my wife wondering where she might be.

“I know; I’m so sorry Christian! I wouldn’t have if I haven’t heard what happened.”

“And what would that be?” I ask without giving any information.

“Christian, even the deaf have heard that Anastasia and Mia were kidnapped. Despite what you may think of me, I still care about your family. Your mom had been my friend for many years. Of course I restrained myself from calling you but Linc called me this afternoon after all these years! I haven’t talked to him since our divorce,” Elena says. I walk back to my seat behind my desk. 

“Why would that interest me? He’s your ex; not mine,” I say, giving nothing away.

“Well, my ex,“ she says enunciating, “happens to have paid the bail of your wife’s and your sister’s kidnapper. And he’s made a threat against you and yours. Though it is not explicitly expressed, I know Lincoln, and I know what he is capable of. Is it true that you sold Lincoln Timber out under him?”

When I don’t respond, she continues to talk.

“I will take your silence as an admission. But, Christian, please, please, please don’t take him lightly. Lincoln doesn’t do forgiveness, turn the other cheek, and when it comes to revenge, he won’t go for it until he has all his docks in a row and he’s going for kill. No matter how mean, dark, downright bad you may think of yourself to be, you’re a law abiding citizen. Lincoln has the appearance of a good citizen. But, he can hand the devil his own ass!”

“Thanks for the warning. I can take care of myself,” I reply ready to hang up.

“You saw what he did to me!” she shouts, her voice a high pitch. “You saw! That was just for $100,000 Dollars! One hundred grand is nothing to him! Four of my most expensive purses cost more than that!” she shouts. I haven’t heard Elena shout in a very long time.

“He didn’t just beat you up for money, Elena! It was because we were fucking!”

“Grow up Christian! You weren’t the only one I was fucking,” she says. And that’s not a revelation to me. Although she would beat the shit out of me if someone else looked at me with carnal appreciation, I had an inkling suspicion that she was doing it. “Linc brought men and women into our bed! And you went to college. I’d see you once a month when you were in school; that is hardly enough to satisfy me. You know the Dom/Sub clubs I frequented. I have utilized their services amply. Do you think I was going to go without sex for that long? Even though I hid my extracurricular activities from Linc, he wouldn’t have been furious if he knew about them. For him, it was just the principal of things: by controlling what I did, he controlled me. I broke the protocol and went against the master dominant that he is. That’s why he beat me up an inch of my life to show me who the true master is. And you, someone I fucked with beat him in a game he thought he had no one to rival him. You see, no one beats him in his own game and gets away with it! Remember, he waited seven fucking years to get back at you for fucking me without his permission. Seven years! Do you know the lengths he would go to punish you and all those you love for taking away and dismantling his company?”

She knows she got my attention. I can deal with anyone who desires to punish me. But, my wife, my baby, my family are off limits. If anyone wants to fuck me over by hurting them would be signing their own death certificate.

“Let’s assume for a minute that what you say is true. He doesn’t have the means to inflict any kind of damage to me. He doesn’t have the company, money or associations,” I state, waiting to see how she will contradict me. I’m still not sure if this is Elena’s way to get back into my life or a genuine concern. Either way it will cost me to hear it.

“Arghhh!” she groans on the phone. “For a very bright man Christian, someone whose wife has just been beaten half to death, you fail to see the parallels. Do you remember what I looked like?”

“Yes!” I respond, growing rigid. I know what she’s trying to get to.

“If your wife didn’t shoot her attacker, and if you and your men didn’t get there on time, you would not be apprehending just an assailant, but possibly her murderer. And believe me when I say this, that guy wasn’t inadequate…”

Inadequate?” I hiss, in a low voice. “You think he was inadequate when he nearly killed my wife?”

“If it was Lincoln,” she raises her voice an octave, speaking through teeth, “he would have finished the job! And I don’t say this to be mean, Christian. I am trying very hard to get you to understand what you are face to face. This guy must have been a last minute opportunity for Linc; and perhaps he didn’t do his homework as well as he could have given the time restraints. My ex-husband could have inflicted the pain he wanted me to endure, and would have killed me. But he made sure that I wasn’t dead! He made sure that I suffered for a very long time. It took me months to heal! Death, he knows is a short trip to neverland,” Elena laughs bitterly. “He does not attack until he knows he gets all he wants, all his revenges fulfilled. He learns from his mistakes and he never repeats them! Never! And when it comes to Lincoln exacting his dues, he’s like a bottomless pit. You are now his number one enemy!”

Am I not Merciful? - The Gladiator

“Why didn’t you press charges if he was such a horrible man?” I ask curiosity getting the better of me.

“And then do what? If I pressed charges, he would out me as your lover. Your parents would endure a public shame as if they just ignored their son’s affair with a trophy wife, because you were 21 years old. There was no hiding it; you weren’t a minor! Can you imagine the ramifications of it; adopted son of a pediatrician and a respected attorney? We had a six years long affair. Who would believe them even if both of us swore up and down that no one knew about it? Even if they believed us then your parents would have been dubbed unfit as parents for not seeing something going on for this long. His disclosure would have been simply devastating for many people. You were just getting into business. It would have killed your efforts even before it began.

If I went further, he would expose what we had since you were a minor…” she says.

“I fail to see how he would have done that without exposing himself as being in the scene. Besides, what you stated about my parents would also go the other way. His disclosure would have also made the police or the public suspicious that he too knew about the 6 years long affair. It may have been assumed that the affair became inconvenient for him. I was at the beginning of business. I’d survive. But he, as a wife abuser and someone who may have ignored his wife taking advantage of a minor would have had worse ramifications in business.”

“Oh Christian! What I stated is just the best case of scenario! Linc even had rock solid alibi showing himself away at the time he assaulted me. He has always had the means to have us disappeared without a trace. He would have done it in such a way that no one would have any way of knowing it was him,” she says remaining silent for five seconds. Her voice lowers, “I wanted to live and put the experience behind me. Then you broke up with me. So, it was time for me to start anew.

But now that you’ve taken what he values the most, you cut his balls out, made him impotent in the business world. It’s not a matter of whether he’ll seek revenge, but when.”

“Do you know where he would be hiding his money?”

“What money?”

“He embezzled from his own company. There are millions of dollars missing. We’ve only located a small percentage of it.”

“I don’t know. I never got into his business dealings. That company was his mistress. He wasn’t going to share the information of his secret accounts.”

“You said that he threatened me. What exactly did he say?” I ask in a dangerously low voice. My patience running thin with the walk down the memory lane.

“He said,” starts Elena, clears her throat, and deepens her voice, “‘your ignoble former boy lover fucked up my company, stealing it right under me. I gotta hand it to him. He is as devilish as I am; your tutelage of him under your whip paid him off handsomely. He knows how to properly inflict pain. I called to congratulate you. I shall someday return the favor to him, and part him with what he holds dear,’” she says stopping. “If you go and talk to the police about this, I will deny every single word of it. I’m very fond of the life I lead, my business and my submissive. I’m not willing to part with what I cherish, yet. Not, even for you Christian. So, just be careful.”

“I’ll send Welch to talk you.”

“No, I said all there’s to say.”

I abruptly stand from my seat. My chair rolls behind my protesting the force which I exerted on it. I grasp the edge of my desk, and lean in as if she’s sitting in the very room with me. “Be that as it may, he is my security adviser  he may uncover something I didn’t think of. You owe me that much!” I enunciate. She lets out an exasperated breath, ready to protest.

“He’ll meet you tonight. He’ll call you and let you know where you will meet him.”

“I had plans…” she starts.

“I had accommodated you long enough myself. Your plans are now changed! Revise them!”

“Oh, fine!” she hisses. “How’s Anastasia?” she asks changing tact.

“She’s fine. If that’s all you have to tell, I have business to attend to,” I cut her curtly.

“Goodnight Christian,” she says.

“Goodnight Elena. Wait for Welch to call you. If you don’t answer, you know he has ways of finding you,” I warn and I hang up.

Standing in the middle of the room, I try to compose myself, run my hands through my hair in exasperation. After taking two deep breaths, I dial Welch with my instructions. After briefly explaining him what Elena informed me, I tell him to contact Elena, and question her about the phone call she’s received. The conversation is brief and to the point.

“Okay, call me or text me when you uncover something,” I order.

“Will do, sir. Also, I highly recommend that we put someone behind Lincoln’s ass to tail him and detail is activities. That’s something we haven’t done with Hyde and it cost us,” he reminds me.

“I agree. Get someone who has experience in covert ops as soon as possible and I want the detailed resume of him,” I command before I hang up.

I drop my phone in my pants’ pocket, and leave my study in sure steps like a panther on a prowl. I need to find my wife. I miss her even more so now.

When I make my way to the living room, I still don’t see Anastasia.

“Mrs. Jones, where’s Mrs. Grey?”

“She was looking for you as well. As a matter of fact, she just went to your bedroom to see of you were there. Your guests should be arriving soon.”

"I was in my bedroom 10 minutes ago. She wasn't there."

"I'm sorry sir, that's where she said she was going to look for you," Gail replies.

“Who is coming over?”

“Mrs. Grey just informed me that it's your family, sir.”

Why are they coming on a weekday of all days? I turn around and make my way to our bedroom. Anastasia is just coming out of our bedroom. She’s in a nice black wraparound dress elegantly tied with a nice bow on her right side. Her high heels are making her at least four inches taller. She put her hair is in a nice ponytail, and her make-up is natural, accentuating what she already has. In short, she is irresistibly fuckable.

“Mrs. Grey, I have been looking for you,” I murmur, after drinking her in. My eyes darken with lascivious desire as my hand reach down to her face.

“Have you now, Mr. Grey?” she responds, her voice husky.

I lean down and kiss her. My hand slides down to the small of her back. I cup her buttocks in my hand and push her into my groin, deepening our kiss. Her hands run into my hair, clumping it. I lift her up off the ground, and walk into our bedroom kicking the door closed with the heel of my loafers.

“Christian, your family is coming,” she murmurs between kisses. I groan.

“Right now baby, I don’t care if the Pope himself is paying a visit to us promising heaven. What I want,” I emphasize, “and what I need are one and the same. And that’s you!”

Anastasia looks up and her gaze is locked on the avid wanton gleam in my eyes. She swallows. Her left arm wraps around my neck while her right hand caresses my biceps. I walk towards our bed with sure steps and deposit my wife onto the mattress then loom over her. The weight of my hips press into her then expertly angulate my hips over the junction of her thighs letting her know, making her feel how much I desire her, how hard my erection has grown, and how deep I want to fuck her. I feel Anastasia tremble beneath me with desire. I tilt her head, angling it to perfectly capture her full lips. The moment our lips touch, fire engulfs my veins, jolting me into awareness, making me desire her even more.

Set Fire to the Rain - Adele

Her hands travel under my jacket, trying to shove it off my back. I help her tossing it across the room. When I lean down to merge our bodies, her fingers are trying to unbutton my shirt in a hurry. When she can’t, she squirms under me with impatience. When she manages to unbutton one, she can’t manage to unbutton the next one. With frustration, she pulls my shirt apart making the buttons scatter on the bed and around the room.

“Savage!” I whisper. “I, love it!”

“We don’t have much time, but I want you now husband! Fast and hard, please! Take me! Possess me! Make me feel I’m absolutely yours!” she begs. I don’t know what caused her to feel this way, but that’s exactly what I need!

“Yes, ma’am!”

I don’t know how other couples communicate. But, we’re not like other people. We communicate through sex. My intense passion and craving for her explodes in leaps and bounds.

When I lean down to kiss her again, I feel the pucker of her tightening nipples under her dress grazing over my chest hair sending jolts of electricity, hardening my cock, growing the ache I have for her which can only be sated by being buried deep inside her. Her lips are soft, and demanding. She whimpers when I suck on her lower lip. Her body’s instant reaction to me makes me give out a deep guttural groan. I hold my torso up using my forearm thinking at the last minute of her pregnancy and with my other hand I push the skirt of her dress up feeling her drenched sex.

“Oh, Ana! You are so wet for me!” I murmur into her lips. I swallow her little moans. She arches her head and her back automatically lowering my eyes to her perfect mounds pushing through her dress. My lips graze over the fabric of her dress, and capture a puckered nipple between my teeth and tug it not so gently, making Anastasia groan with pleasure. Her hips lift up trying to find my cock, hungry for friction, trying to melt into me, merge with me. Her hands travel to my back; an act that would have made me jump out of my skin is now making me hard, ferociously hungry for my wife. She digs her nails into my back and scrapes down. Her hands push their way under my waistband but restricted by my belt.

“Your pants! Off! Please,” she manages to pant her demand. I unbuckle my belt, unbutton and unzip my pants. Anastasia sticks her hand into my boxers freeing my erection. Her thumb runs over the crown of my erecting in rhythmic circles. The current of her touch makes me tilt my head back, my mouth in a silent O.

“Oh, baby! What you do to me!”

Her hand runs from hilt to aching tip, slowly yet greedily, licking her lips. I untie the bow of her dress opening it up.

The need I feel for her is urgent, like the thirst of a man in the desert. I have no patience to gingerly pull her panties off. I insert my index and middle finger under her panties. My fingers run over the folds of her sex. Her wetness makes me groan. I swiftly turn my hand over and poke my finger into the lace of her panties, rip it into shreds.
 Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed 

“Those… those cost five hundred Dollars!” she pants.

“Baby, I wouldn’t care if they were fifty thousand dollars right now!”

I sit up on my knees and open the flap of her dress. Her breasts are pushing through her black lace bra. I lean down and run my nose between the soft peaks of her breasts. I run my index finger beneath the lacy cup of her bra freeing her left breast. Then, leaning down to her enticing mound and greedily suckle her nipple into the warm wetness of my mouth with deep, aching pulls.

“Please!” she begs.

I grin between pulls. My hand darts down to her pulsing sex, swollen with her desire. With my other hand, I free her right breast. Her neglected nipple perks, and tightens begging for attention. I lick and nip my way to her other breast. Capturing the areola in my mouth, I lick her nipple leisurely, in deep sensual strokes. Groaning, Anastasia arches her back up pushing her hips trying to find my heavy erection, seeking that connection.

“Taylor! Ana has not been well, and she told us to come over here. I need to see my friend!” we hear from outside our door.

“Miss Kavanagh, as much I’d like to accommodate you, Mr. Grey is her husband and he is with her. And until they come out their room, I cannot allow you to barge into their bedroom!” I hear Taylor’s authoritative voice right outside my door.

Fucking Kavanagh! Can’t a man get a break today?

“I just want to knock on the door to see if she’s okay!”

“No ma’am! They’ll come out when they’re good and ready.”

“Taylor, what if Ana is sick, and my brother can’t call for help?” I hear my sister’s silly logic.

“You need not worry about that Ms. Grey. We have protocols in place for that sort of situation. When Mr. and Mrs. Grey’s door is closed, they require privacy,” Taylor blocks them.

“Well, at least let them know we’re here or something!” Kavanagh says.

“I will inform Mr. Grey. Please take a seat in the living room and enjoy the food and drinks.”

"Holly hell!" Anastasia whispers. 

“I’m not leaving this bedroom without fucking you!” I hiss through my teeth, and Anastasia raises her hips to meet mine with a lascivious grin, pleased to finally get what she wants. I push her legs apart with my knees. Holding my heavy erection in my hand, I run my hand up and down over my lengths and feel the throbbing veins. I lean down and run the crown of my penis over the wetness of her sex.

“Now, please! Fast and hard!”

“We aim to please, Mrs. Grey," I say, feeding my erection into the depths of her sex. Once I am hilt deep she wraps her legs around my torso trying to push me in even deeper. I expertly angulate my hips trying to rub and locate that secret sweet spot inside her. I grab her by the buttocks, and lift her up. When he weight is naturally pushing down onto my cock, I ring all the bells and whistles.

Tonight - Enrique Iglesias

“This is the deepest,” I hiss. I hold her up, and rearing up push upwards as I descend Anastasia’s weight down in rapid fashion, continually drilling into her.

“Yeesss!” she moans. “More! Please!”

As I move her up and down on my cock, sliding in and out of her sex, her breasts pushed forward by the wire of her bra cups, intimately rub over my chest. As I push her up, her nipple aligns with my mouth, and I capture it, sucking in deep pulls. When my cock drills into her again, her muscles inside her sex tighten inside.

“Again!” she begs.

I capture her other nipple in my mouth. Suck it hard. She pushes her head back as I shove my dick hard into her. I move the angle of her buttocks, tilting them upwards, and roll my hips once I enter her and locating my favorite spot, I rub and massage it in circles with my cock, stimulating us both. Her hands find my back, nails running through, turning me on hotter. The heels of her pumps dig into my ass in her effort to merge us.

Finally I rear again, and push my cock into her fast and hard in rapid succession as I raise her buttocks and descend her onto my conquering erection. I feel the contraction, and pull of the muscles of her sex in her effort to milk me dry. She shouts her pleasure as  her teeth latches onto my shoulder.

“Fuuuuck! Ana!” I hiss as I spurt into her sex thick and hard marking my woman, my wife, washing her in my semen. My eyes loses focus during the peak of my ecstasy, my mouth opens in an O and then my teeth clamp shut, air hissing through with a mixture of pleasure and lust. As her sex is completely wrapped around my cock like a tightly fisted glove, I thrust into her four more times. The jolts of orgasms can be felt in the tips of my toes.

Finally our lips meet and feeling of waves of orgasm transfer into each other.

“Ana! Ana! Ana! I love love and love you, baby!”

I finally pull my cock out of her. It’s barely tamed. I could go on all night, but we have people waiting outside. By their arguments with Taylor, I can tell that they will come barging into our bedroom.

“Mrs. Grey, you weave some powerful magic.”

Black Magic Woman - Santana

“So do you Mr. Grey,” she replies.

“Do you know why they are here?” I ask without putting her down.

She sighs and makes a motion for me to stand her up.

“Kate called me. Apparently Jose texted her asking if she was concerned ever about my well-being for any reason.”

I stiffen immediately. My gaze turns into chards of ice.

“What did Kate say in response?”

“She didn’t respond to his text. She called me obviously worried and equally curious about why he would ask such a thing.”

I raise quizzical eyebrow encouraging her to go on.

“When I explained to Kate that I got sick when I went to see my father, she got overly concerned, well, not like Jose but in her own way she was lecturing me,” she says rolling her eyes. “Kate also assumed that it was the result of the concussion I've had and scolded me for going back to work too soon.” She sighs. “I’m just tired of being scolded and lectured by my friends. But when she wanted to come and see me with her own eyes to make sure I was well, I gave her a time and told her to let others know and come together. It turns out she and Elliot went out for a drink with Mia and Ethan. When the rest of the group heard that I wasn’t feeling well earlier, they all got concerned and wanted to check on me. Mia was more so because she was feeling responsible of my injuries,” Anastasia says shaking her head. I scoop my wife off the floor, and walk to the en suite bathroom. I nod my head encouraging her to continue.

“Since they all wanted to come over, I wanted someone else to be on our side when we announce the news of the Blip. I called your mom and asked her to come over with your dad. This way she can back me up. I just didn’t want a repetition of this afternoon’s incidents.”

“I don’t think they’ll react the same way Jose did. He had ulterior motives…” I mutter trying to conceal how angry I am furious with Jose for the shit he pulled this afternoon and angrier still for texting Kate. At least he didn’t spill the news this time. I might have to have a talk with him. Anastasia shakes her head.

“I don’t want to think about what he said, Christian. I’m still boiling mad about it. He’s hurt my feelings. This is my baby; I need to protect it,” she says.

Our baby!” I correct her as I stand her up in the bathroom. Taking some wet wipes, I kneel before my wife, and delicately clean her sex. She holds onto my shoulders to steady herself. I take another wet wipe and capture and clean the leisurely running semen down her inner thigh. My mark on her is so fucking sexy.  

“And it’s my job to protect you both,” I say splaying my hand on her belly. “Jose, Kate or anyone has to go through me: I'm the husband, I'm the both of your protector…” I say in a low voice. “Do you understand? You don’t need to do anything except to stay safe. I’m your husband, and this little one’s father. You’re both mine! I protect what is mine,” I say enunciating.

Her breath hitches, and lips part as her gaze is locked on mine.

“All clean. Well, I’ll clean myself up while you get dressed and we better do it quickly and get out there before they try to barge into our bedroom while my dick is still hanging out,” I say and Anastasia bursts out laughing.

“Mrs. Grey, am I that funny?”

“Mr. Grey, your delicate vocabulary knows no bounds. “But actually,” she adds her laughter subsiding as I rise up, her gaze is fixed on my penis, “there’s nothing funny about this, husband,” she whispers, her fingers wrapping around my semi tamed cock.

“Not now, baby. We’ll never be able to leave the room, and we have impatient company out there.” Her face slightly falls. I raise her hand up to my lips, and kiss it, taking the edge of the sting of my words.

When Anastasia and I manage to leave our bedroom, she's dressed in a different wrap around dress. Her hair is back in a ponytail, her lips are glossy, and she’s in her high heels. I have my jeans and black t-shirt.

“About time you came out! We were wondering if we should send in the rescue crews to your bedroom with instructions on how to dismount,” Elliot jokes grinning, making Anastasia flush.

“Elliot!” chides Mom.

Kate slaps his leg.

“Really, Elliot! Ana’s been sick. I’m sure he was tending her!” she scolds him.

“Oh, I’ve no doubt that he was tending her," he grins even wider. "Congrats by the way, you have graduated from speedy service,” he continues to joke checking his watch.

“Fuck off Elliot!” I scold him.

“I’d love to, but I take a lot longer than you, so I have to wait till I get home,” Elliot continues to joke, laughing this time. He’s on a roll tonight. Meanwhile, Ethan Kavanagh’s jaw drops open, shocked in light of Elliot's jokes partially involving his sister.

“Are you quite done?” Dad berates Elliot. “You’re embarrassing your brother and his wife.”

“Ok, ok, I’m done. You should all relax. The girls were all freaking out thinking Ana was sick, but I was just trying to demonstrate that…” he doesn’t get to finish his sentence. Kate elbows him.

“Ana, how are you darling?” Mia walks up to Ana and hugs her tight. “Mmmmm! I’ve missed you. When Kate got a text message from your friend saying you weren’t well today and nearly passed out in your dad’s hospital room, we were so worried about you!” Mia holds tops of Anastasia’s shoulders and steps back to take a good look at her.

“You look a bit pale. Are you having headaches, stomachache, any kinda aches or pains?” she asks.

“Mia! Ana will be fine, dear,” my Mom censures my sisters as she comes to Ana’s rescue giving my wife a small hug.

“Hello darling girl! How are you feeling?” she asks in a soft whisper. Ana nods and smiles in response.

“Just fine Grace.”

Kate takes her turn in giving Ana a hug.

“Seriously, were you that sick this afternoon? Rodriguez texted that you freaked them out. What happened? Why did you get so sick all of a sudden? Was it too early for you to go back to work? Did the doctors miss something? Did you get checked up?” she asks, and leaning into Ana’s ear she asks, “Do you feel safe at home?” Ana’s eyes dart at me immediately trying to see assess if I have heard Kate. One look at my face and she knows I did.

“I feel fine and safe!” she hisses her answer to Kate.

My Dad comes and kisses her forehead, and gives her a small hug in greeting her. Elliot takes his turn by holding my wife and swirling her around.

“Wow, Ana! You’ve lost weight little lady! How do you feel?”

“Elliot, you may let go of my wife now,” I say pulling Anastasia to my side. Finally Ethan Kavanagh greets her, and I narrow my eyes as he gives my wife a hug lifting her off the floor.

Christ! What the fuck is going on with other guys wanting to hold my wife?

“Here, Ana! Nothing a glass of wine can’t cure!” my brother says handing Anastasia a glass of champagne. My Mom, Mrs. Jones and I must all have the identical expression on our faces.

“Thank you Elliot,” I say and take the glass of champagne from Ana’s hand amidst my brother’s confused look. Ana slowly puts her hand down.

Kate scowls at me, misunderstanding Anastasia’s surprised expression in being handed a glass of champagne the wrong way.

“You know, Christian, you need to stop bossing my friend around! If the girl wants to drink a glass of champagne, she can drink it! It’s not a crime you know! You’re worrying her friends!” My eyes darken anger rising in me. I hate people butting into our lives and making assumptions.

“Yeah, dude! Why won’t you let her drink? Even if she can’t handle her drink, I’m sure one glass is not that bad!” Elliot says.

“Here, Ana dear, I’ll give you mine. I didn’t touch it yet!” Mia hands her glass of champagne, then she slaps my shoulder, trying to reprimand me.

“Stop! Stop! Stop! Everyone needs to stop their misplaced concerns for me!” Ana shouts.

All of them fall silent when my quiet Ana raises her voice at the guests in the house.

“Yes, I have had a concussion, a fractured skull, damaged ribs, muscles and tissues recently. I also threw up in my dad’s hospital room rather spectacularly and unglamorously making everyone concerned for me. But I’m not sick,” she says stopping. “Well, at least not the way you think,” she qualifies.

“What do you mean, not the way we think?”

Ana sighs. She looks up at me, and I extend my hand to her, nodding. I pull my wife under my arm, our hands clasped. My Mom and Dad both smile at us reassuring.

“We wanted to wait to tell you this. But I guess it can’t be kept hidden for long because everyone is getting concerned for my health, mistaking my morning sickness with my the concussion I've. The reason I am sick now, or I have been sick recently is because Christian and I are expecting a baby…”

There is a deafening silence at first as if this was the last thing they expected to hear, but the second Anastasia's words register, I hear the loudest two shrieking girls who are jumping up and down. The next thing I know is that Ana is being tugged out under my arm as if two particularly vicious bridesmaids are fighting over the bride’s flower bouquet. All this is to give my wife the first congratulatory hug!

Ohmygod! Ohmygod! Ohmygod! Ohmygod!” Mia shouts in rapid-fire as if she lost her ability of speech other than ‘oh-my-god!’ She pulls Ana into her embrace fighting for that first hug like the fullback trying to protect the quarterback from the opposing team; namely Kate.

“A baby! A little baby! Ana, I’m so happy for you!” Kate shouts shoving my sister out of the way catching her prize bouquet in the form of my wife and hugging her tightly.

“You have a baby here?” she asks splaying her hand over Ana’s flat belly after finally letting go of Ana.  “Such a miracle!” Kate gushes. Katherine Kavanagh actually gushes and is happy for her friend. Mia takes her place on the other side of Ana. Both my sister and Kate talk over each other completely overjoyed. Well, maybe a woman's pregnancy alters all her friends' behavior.

“Well, Christian helped, I couldn’t have created a miracle on my own,” Ana smirks looking up at me.

“Congratulations bro! I’m so happy for you man!” Elliot says hugging me genuinely happy for us. “You do know how to do it after all little bro!” he says jokingly slapping my arm with one hand good naturedly.

“Oh, shut up, Elliot!” I faux chide him.

“Seriously bro! I’m very happy for both of you. I really am! Our family is growing! This does call for celebration. Mrs. Jones, can we get something non-alcoholic for Ana?” he calls out.

“Coming right up!” Mrs. Jones replies cheerfully.

Both my dad and my mom come and hug me overjoyed.

Ethan Kavanagh looks like he is attempting to smile after he lost a bet and had been forced to swallow a rather nasty bug.

“Congratulations to you both,” he says in a flat voice with that awkward smile. The clasp of his handshake is weak.

“Isn’t that wonderful Ethan?” Mia bursts with excitement holding his arms with utter, undiluted joy.

“Yes, great news,” he says with an attempted but failed enthusiasm.

“Cheers!” he says lifting his glass up to me, and empties his drink with a single gulp. Ahhh! Another disappointed admirer. Who knew? Our baby, my baby has been deterring other admirers faster than fist fight between two men in a pissing contest who are in love with the same woman. My child is the proof that they lost the pissing contest and conceded rather grudgingly to my purchase, my brand of ownership of my wife. It’s fucking interesting that if my wife tattooed my name and my possession of her over her arm in bold red ink, it would not have deterred any of them as much as the lima bean size baby she’s carrying inside her! That’s my kid there.

I pull my wife into my arms, canoodling her. Wrapping my arms around her waist, I place my hands are over her belly, silently declaring my territory. But my declaration couldn’t have been louder if I were shouting it.  Anastasia’s breath hitches, and a sweet blush creeps up to her hairline with my show of affection and ownership of our baby. She twists her head to look up at me. I descend my lips over hers and kiss her chastely. Both my parents hold each other smiling, seeing our joy. My brother pulls Kate into his arms, and they hug each other. My sister goes to Kavanagh and holds Ethan’s hand. He has another glass in his hand. This time it’s a tumbler with an amber liquid in it. As Mia hugs him with a giddy excitement, he downs his drink and wipes his lips with the back of his hand. Yep! It’s not just Jose Rodriguez. Ethan Kavanagh is jealous, as well. But at least he does his best to hide it. Yes, this is my woman pregnant with my child.

“Oh! When is the due date?” Mia asks.

“Why don’t we all sit?” I direct them to the large sectional.

I seat Anastasia next to me, and place my arm around her. I hold both her hands in one of mine.

“Well, come on Ana, when is the baby due?” Kate asks excitedly.

“I’m only 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant. So my due date is either May 11th or 12th. My doctor said that she can be able to give us a more definite date as the baby grows in size. But I imagine that it’s going to be around the same date, give or take a few days,” she replies.

“May? Oh, no! Do we have to change the wedding date? Because, if we have the wedding around your due date we might risk my maid of honor going into labor. If we schedule it after, you might still be recovering and maid of honor dress may not fit as you grow bigger, or we may not have the correct size right after you have the baby!”

Jesus! The things women worry about!

“Kate… Kate… Relax baby! We have about 7 or 8 months until our wedding. I’m sure my brother can afford to have two dresses made for his lovely wife if it comes down to it.”

“Elliot, I’m not worried about dresses! I’m not that shallow! I just want to make sure that my best friend Ana is my maid of honor. The place my parents are thinking of having the wedding schedules a year in advance! I have to get the dates right to ensure that Ana can be my maid of honor!” I’ve never seen Katherine Kavanagh close to hyperventilating. It would actually be funny to watch her if it wasn’t raising Anastasia’s concern.

“Kate, I will see my doctor in about two weeks. I’m not exactly sure but I think we can have the due date with very close approximation. She did also say that first babies are almost always a little late. I think it would be safer if you have the wedding before we have the baby. I may not feel well enough immediately after the baby to attend the rehearsal, or tire easily.”

“Oh! This is sooo exciting! Isn’t it Ethan? Christian and Ana are going to have a baby right around the date Kate and Elliot are getting married! Our family is growing!” gushes Mia excitedly holding his hand. He tries to smile wordlessly, nodding his head.

“Do you think you’ll have a baby right away Elliot, like Christian and Ana are having?”

My brother is speechless for a change.

“Jesus, Mia! We haven’t even gotten married yet, and you’re asking about the children we’re going to have. Give the man a chance!” he replies nervously.

“Yeah, Elliot! You two should have a baby right away to grow up with his or her cousin,” I get him back for his earlier jokes.

“Touché, Christian,” Elliot answers, crimson.

“Well, to Ana and Christian who are going to make us proud grandparents!” my dad raises his glass.

“Hear, hear!” we raise our glasses.

*****  *****

We send off my family on their way. I turn to Anastasia.

“How do you think our revelation went?” I ask.

“Well, Christian, it went fine once we manage to reveal my pregnancy. But holy hell! My friends have more hormones and mood swings in expressing their concern over me which I find a little annoying…” she responds.

“Once again, Anastasia, you have an uncanny ability of understating,” I say shaking my head. “Come, time for bed.” I pull her hand towards our bedroom.

“But we have dishes in the kitchen.”

“Mrs. Jones can handle them. Right now, I want to take my wife to our bedroom, and get her ready for bed.”

“Yes, Sir!” she says, stopping me in my tracks. I turn around to look at Anastasia; my gaze is darkened and my nostrils are flaring.  I tug her, and pull her flush into me. I examine her face. She deliberately bites her lower lip.

“Mrs. Grey, you know how to turn me on with one single word. Do you know how hot you look right now?”

She shakes her head wordlessly.

“Don’t bite your lip,” I whisper huskily pulling her chin. “I want to do that,” I murmur leaning down, and pulling that delectable lip between my teeth. She groans, her hands reaching up to my face and moving onto their entanglement with my hair.

The gentle kiss starts the fire and deepens. Her tongue hesitantly makes its way into my mouth licking in gentle strokes, almost caressing. Finding my tongue, our sensual tango starts. Swallowing each other’s moans, we kiss and merge our souls.

When we break our kiss, we are both breathless.

“What you do to me, Anastasia!” I murmur. “You and your powerful magic. You put me under your spell. I see nothing else, hear nothing else, and lose myself in you.”

“What about you Christian? I lose my reason with you.”

I look at my for a long minute, my gaze darkens, my desire grows for her. Welch has left a text message asking me to call him when it’s convenient. Well, it’s not convenient right now.

“Well, Mr. Grey…” Anastasia whispers. “What do you want to do?”

“You. Bed. Now!”

“Yes, Sir!”

*****  *****

I wake up before the first daylights seep through our window. Anastasia is still sleeping. As usual, I’m wrapped around her like the victory flag. God! I love this woman! I gaze at her for a moment. The sheet is barely covering the tops of her breast. Her hair is spread over her pillow. Her left arm is extended over to my pillow in its nightly quest for me. He other arm is crossing over her breast above the sheets. Her lips are slightly parted; she looks like a sleeping angel. I slowly get up and go to my closet. There in one of the shelves, I take my present she bought the day she took the Jet ski during our honeymoon. The Nikon.

My feet slowly pat back to our bedroom. I take several pictures of Anastasia as she’s in her slumber. The sound of the shutter makes Anastasia shift in the bed. I stop, stay completely silent. She rolls over, her arm going down onto her belly. Even in her sleep, she’s attempting to protect our baby. I take a few more pictures without waking her up, and take my camera back to its location in the closet where I like to keep it handy to take pictures of candid moments like these.

I put on my sweats to go work out. I need to use my excess energy if I have to convince my wife to spend half the day at home. Just as I walk out of the closet, Anastasia tries to run to the bathroom in a hurry as if she’s on fire.

“Ana?” I run after her concerned.

“Sick…” she says unable to bring the rest of her response, she deposits the contents of her stomach into the toilet, heaving.

I pull Anastasia’s hair into a makeshift ponytail as she kneels before the toilet with shaky legs and arms. Fuck! Is this normal? Is this what Ray, Jose and Mr. Rodriguez have seen yesterday?

I think Anastasia puked all she can, but I can see her belly working to expel anything that might be within her tummy. She has goose bumps all over her body, and her nipples are puckered, but what I feel is anything but sexual. She’s still heaving. With shaky hands she flushes the toilet. Attempt to stand up, but her legs are wobbly. Just one bout with her morning sickness left Anastasia weak, shaking and drained. For a minute, I see what Rodriguez seen. I would have been worried to see her like this if I didn’t know what exactly was wrong with her. Hell! I know what is wrong with her and I’m worried. Is this morning sickness supposed to be this violent? Would it force her body to expel the baby? Shit! I know nothing about this pregnancy thing…

“Ana, baby?” I ask trying to gauge how she is.

“I need to brush,” she says color drained of her face. She’s not just pale, but she’s yellow. She has sweat beaded on her forehead. With unsteady shaky hands, she tries to put some toothpaste on her toothbrush. I steady her hand with the toothbrush with one hand, and deposit the toothpaste with the other. Our gazes meet in the mirror. Hers bewildered, mine scared, fearful for her.

I have meetings this morning. But I sure as hell won’t be going to work when my wife is like this. I’m taking today off, and so is Anastasia. Then, I’ll send Taylor to buy me the pregnancy books. I need to read them today, and find out what she… no, what we have to go through with her pregnancy.

It dawns on me then. This is why Anastasia has never told me she had morning sickness. She knew I’d be fucking protective of her.

Once she finishes brushing her teeth and rinsing her mouth with mouthwash, shakily she deposits her toothbrush into the cup by the sink. Then her hand runs to her mouth again, and lightning speed I rush her to the toilet.

“You’re not going to work this week!”

“Chris…” she starts protesting, but can’t finish it when she heaves her stomach acids into the toilet because there’s no content left to puke out.

“Fuck! Ana!”

I’m shaking in seeing my wife drained of energy and color. She's about to pass out!

“Mrs. Jones!” I shout from the bathroom as Ana continues to heave. “Mrs. Jones!! Gail!”

I hear rushing footsteps towards our bedroom. There’s more than one pair. Hearing Anastasia hurling, Mrs. Jones rushes in to the bathroom, and leans down.

“Ana, dear, I’ve got you,” she says soothingly.

“Mr. Grey?” I hear Taylor.

“Taylor, call Mrs. Grey’s doctor. Dr. Greene… She needs to get here right now!”

Anastasia’s my everything. I can’t… I just can’t lose her like this… I didn’t know. I just didn’t know she was getting this sick. Guilt, fear, and worry drown me.

The Boom Circuits – “Everything and Nothing”

“Mr. Grey?”

“Hmmm…” I answer absently.

“Could you sir?”

“Could I what?”

“Bring me a t-shirt, and shorts for Mrs. Grey.”

“Sure… yes, shorts,” I say absently trying to gasp for breath.

If Ana is gone, I have nothing. I can’t have that.

“Mr. Grey!” I look back and find myself just standing in the bathroom.

“Shorts and t-shirt, please,” Mrs. Jones enunciates patiently. Ana’s still heaving, and shivering. Shorts and t-shirts. Then the doctor. Maybe, maybe pregnancy is not the best thing for Ana's health. Fuck! She’ll hate me for asking this… I just can’t have a dead wife. I can’t. I’ll go mad. Shit! Shit! Shit!

Doctor… Wait for the doctor. I take a deep breath and walk into the closet to fetch… What was I going to fetch?

This week's update is on Friday everyone! (August 30th) I have too many work projects to complete.


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I loved this! I mean, we passed from Elena's fear and concern (which concerned me like hell too) to this big announcement and I'm so happy! I loved how she put her foot down and told them all what was happening. I love Kate and Mia, and I'm so sorry because she deserves better than a man in love with her sister in law! :s

But the end left me so sad! I mean, is this really like this? I don't know how it was when my mother was pregnant with me but she never felt this sick with my sister! I really hope Christian reads all the books and calms himself down :p

I have to go now, but I loved, loved this! Can't Lincoln die in an accident or something? I know this is horrible but it would mean peace for them, finally!

Well, I really have to go now. I'm so sorry! I hope you read my last comment and that everything is well with you and yours my dear :)

Love you!


Rosangela Maria Cabral Corvalan said...

Eminé...mais uma vez agradeço a oportunidade de conhecer seu trabalho. Obrigada por sua sensibilidade e disponibilidade de preencher o vazio deixado nos livros originais.
Você deixa aquele sabor de quero mais e mais e mais....
O livro 4 está cada vez melhor!!
Concordo com todos os comentários..você é simplesmente fantástica e única.

Nos vemos na próxima semana...beijos e até lá.

Se cuide!
Rosângela - Curitiba - Brasil

fanny rebellon said...

Hola Emine gran capitulo lo de elena, no me parecio malo ella conoce al diablo con el que se caso, y muy a su manera ella le tiene cariño a cristian, no creo que trate de tener una amistad con el,menos mal que cristian esta pilas con linc lo tiene vigilado pienso que el debe morir para tranquilidad de cristian y del mundo ese tipo es malo, de Ethan no pense que sus sentimientos fueran profundos y entonces que hace con Mia ? Y EL EMBARAZO LOS HAY ASI son terribles yo tuve nauseas pero no de esa manera pobre ana en fin emine gracias exelente capitulo espero leerlo mejor en español gracias un beso desde venezuela.

Denale said...

Thank you!!! Needed that. With so much going on nice to enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the early morning and read. Great chapter. Hope all is well. Looking forward to next week. Still no internet for another week.... So reading on my phone lol..... But it works that is all that matters.

Prince50 said...


Love it. Only thing is to keep their privacy I would think Taylor would get the e-books since CG such an eco buff. But hun what a great chapter!

Anonymous said...

Loved it as always!!
But as an avid football fan, I have to correct you. A middle linebacker is never protecting the QB. He's the one getting after him trying to sack him. Linebackers play on the defensive side of the ball. Guards and tackles protect the QB. There, football lesson all done :)

Aracely said...

Hi Eminé! Como estas? Ana's morning sickness is something that will keep him vulnerable & scared like Diana said in her comments.I don't think he proposes abortion,he's not that kind of man,besides though he is deeply worried and confused about Ana,he loves his baby too.Christian is so beautiful and so sweet and the lovemaking absolutely intense.A big hug to you.


Fica difícil dizer qual é o melhora capitulo. Todos são maravilhosos. Sinto como se estivesse vivendo a história. Sou louca pelo Christian e apaixonada pela força que a Ana tem. Você escreve maravilhosamente bem. Deixa a gente com o coração na mão. Quero ver o Linc sofrendo muito, pois ele fez muito mal a C & A. Cada vez que leio um capitulo fico preocupada que o livro esta ganhando mais capítulos e ficando perto de acabar. Acompanhamos também a sua vida particular através de seus comentários, espero que tudo esteja correndo bem com sua família e seus amigos. Eu aqui do Brasil desejo a você e sua família, muita saúde felicidade e sorte sempre. Abraços

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Good morning/ Bonjour/ Buenos días/ Bom dia/ Buongiorno/ Günaydın/ Guten Morgen/ καλημέρα girls!

Thank you for your lovely comments. I’ll try to answer all your questions quickly. I have 6 work projects with my name all over it with tight deadlines :)

Of course you all know that one of Elliot’s greatest pleasures it to give his brother a hard time. As far as he knows, Ana is the first “girlfriend” Christian had. For all intents and purposes this is true, but clearly, he’s been sexually active long before his brother was. Of course in his own way, seeing his brother’s jealous tendencies, he tries to tease him as much as he can – be it in in comments or him hugging Ana. It has no malicious or romantic intent, but wants to tease the hell out of his brother. Knowing that, Christian tolerates it up to a point.

Hi Mary! My kids are doing well in school so far. It’ll get busier. My 11 year old now a grade ahead of her peers and just got through the tryouts for the volleyball team and got in. Practices and games are now added on my already full schedule. But I’m multi tasking, so, we’re fitting them all in.

Hi Debby! Yes, dear sweet (not really) Elena. She’s trying to get back into Christian’s good graces, but will it work? Lincoln is a big danger of course, and he won’t be gone for a long time. And of course Christian has no clue about what pregnancy can bring. Unfortunately for Ana, she’s on a hard pregnancy with morning sickness. Those of us who have not suffered wouldn’t know this, but I had the worst morning sickness a person’s body ever devised. I couldn’t hold my head up, and went so many trips to emergency. So, Christian will get a taste of what some of us go through in the early parts of pregnancy.

Hi Carol! We will get to all those story lines, and they’ll be woven into it as we get along. Of course this is just the week after she goes back to work, and family finding out about the baby. Ana will take over the SIP within one year. That’ll come either before or after the baby is born. I’ll see how the story progresses. Ana will come back to CG’s office. CG’s got fantasies that need to be fulfilled and we are going to get to that quite soon. The playroom – yes, it’ll come back. Baby stuff – sure, she’s pregnant now. Yes, Ana was naked when CG called for Gail. That’s why she asked for shorts and tshirt. Taylor entered the bedroom, not the bathroom. Ana is in the toilet, so only Gail and had seen her. CG wasn’t naked because he put his sweats on to go to workout but, clearly he couldn’t do it. Ana’s mom will soon be informed. Georgia might be in the works but we have other things coming up. You know how Christian is going to go ballistic when Ana tries to go back to work and she’s ill.
Thanks for asking about my mom. She’s going to have a surgery (don’t know when). My friend and hubby are working things out. Honestly, they have some negative people around them, and they should be eliminated from their circle. A week without them made a huge difference. I really hate negative people; they bring down everyone.

Those of you who are worried about abortion – Christian has 2 things in mind. First he wants to determine whether the baby is a danger to Ana’s life. Only then he would make this suggestion. But primarily, he may just want her to stay home. This is why he is going to have a private conversation with the doctor. You’ll find out later. Remember, this is a man who nearly lost her twice just weeks ago. It’s very natural for him to freak out. He just needs to be pacified :)

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Quite a few of you are familiar with some boys where they’re immediately interested in a certain girl they know when another takes her. Neither Ethan, or Jose never got in line. Her boss’s brother did ask her out but she always said no to him. But these two possibly assumed she’d be there when they were good and ready. Too bad. It’s like some kids. They’re not interested in a toy until another sibling takes it and plays with it. Finders keepers I say. Yes, Mia needs someone who can handle her enthusiasm. And I think Sawyer would be great for her. That’s actually a wonderful idea. Because we know that Ethan doesn’t come up in the future with Mia.

Hi Catarina! Missed you my dear. Did your school start yet? How was Italy? Most everyone I know has been going to Italy, and I’m the one who hasn’t gone yet. My cousins, my friends… I’ve corrected Ethan/Elliot mistake. For pregnancy and severe morning sickness, yes, it’s kind of like that. Some women never experience it . Just biology I guess. I had been horribly sick with my first baby; couldn’t even hold my head up. I had been to emergency so many times, I’ve lost count. Dehydration, low blood pressure so low that it concerned the doctors, got me hospitalized. But then my sister was quite healthy all through her pregnancy, and her heart stopped during birth five times-over 30 minutes for the first time. We’re lucky to be living in such an age that modern medicine made life easier. Historically quite a few women died during pregnancy, birth, or that the infant mortality was high. Even with all the medical advanced, this is still a possibility.
Hi Diana! I have several scenarios for the Red Room of Pain. Especially when the pregnancy progresses. The increased blood flow to the uterus and other sex organs can make orgasms much more intense. Hormones also play a role, especially oxytocin, produced in later pregnancy and after birth. Many women report amped up orgasms through the breastfeeding phase. As you know, the flow of blood to the genitals is the first step in the human arousal process. So physically, pregnant women are one step ahead on the road to orgasm. Many women find they can orgasm much more easily when pregnant, some women even report orgasms without direct physical stimulation, and of course CG will utilize this as often as he can.
Hi Anonymous! Thank you for the correction. I checked the positions and their duties, and changed it with “fullback”. If you have no objections, I’ll keep it that way. I will occasionally use baseball and football metaphors, and verify my facts, but this time I didn’t. So, thank you for the correction!

neves089 said...

Mais um vez você brilhou Emine, fantastico! Vibrei com este novo capitulo! Amei a cena muito quente dos dois na cama e os convidados ansiosos esperando, querendo entrar no quarto da casal. Adorei o bom humor e da Anastacia! Temos outro "ciumento" admirador o Ethan, coitado do nosso Cris a concorrencia é forte! Mas ele tira de letra, afinal o amor deles é uma amor de almas gemeas! A volta de Elena, trouxe preocupações sim afinal este Linc é realmente vingativo e a vingança para ele é um prato que se come bem frio...melhor congelado...afinal ele esperou 7 anos! Agora os enjoos matinais da Ana e toda a preocupação, melhor o panico no Cristian é impagavel, fantastico, adorei...vamos aguardar ansiosas proxima postagem.
Emine, li no capitulo anterior, que sua grande inspiração é escrever um bestseler penso que você com sua criatividade, senso de humor incrivel, sensebilidade esta no caminho certo! Você tem em mim uma grande admiradora de seu trabalho a meu ver impecavel. Voce nesta releitura ou melhor escrita do livro 50 tons, e com seu novo olhar desta estoria maravilhosa, tem sim conseguido um dos seus objetivos que é transmitir alegria, amor. Mas uma vez muito obrigada pela sua dedicação e por este brilhante capitulo! Fique na luz!

Michele Santos said...

Perfeito Capitulo...

É sempre um tormento esperar ate a semana seguinte para seguir a historia dos dois...
Parabéns pelo ótimo trabalho...
espero ansiosa pela próxima semana


Anonymous said...

emine dear, what to say except that I am perfectly in agreement with all the posts above, and with all the compliments that contain! beautiful chapter (except for the witch ...) but I hope that one day Ana finally able to shake it off ... Ethan should not delude Mia if his heart and mind are not free ... she would only be a last resort ... we hope that interrupt this liason
Now things more 'real. if one day near or far you and / or your family you were traveling in Europe and particularly in Italy know that I would be happy to have my guests
I must tell you, however, 'that although Italy has thousands of kilometers of coastline in the sea ... I live in the Alps! in northern Italy near Switzerland and Austria! I'm a hillbilly!
if you search the web "Val di Sole in Italy" you will find the valley where I live, if you are looking Dimaro you will find the village where I live. is a tourist resort .. the winter here you can 'skiing, snowboarding ... the summer where there are beautiful mountains to climb (the Brenta Dolomites have been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site!), you can rafting, mountain biking, and much more ... we are about 3 hours away by car from Milan and 2 from Verona
My mom has an apartment on the ground floor of his house that can 'accommodate up to 5/6 people ....
maybe it's a crazy idea but it would be a way to reciprocate all the good feelings that he gives us with your writing!
if you want to have my email let me know ..
a big big hug and waiting the next week...ciao Annalis

Céline Cheval said...

Hi Emine,

Wonderful chapter as always! Elliot is so himself, he never stops ^^
Could have been funny to see Kate enter the bedroom. Oops LOL.
Always a great pleasure to read your chapter. My favorite thing in the week :)
Have a nice day :)
xoxo from France

Anonymous said...

Nossa que emocionante... estou amando ler essa história, parabéns a autora, ansiosa para o próximo capitulo!

Dani said...

Bless this awesome writer!!!!!
Thank you for providing us with such an AMAZING chapter!!!!
Daniela - Belo Horizonte Brazil

Joanne Wright said...

HI Emine :)

Fantastic chapter im loving them, i love how you write and im loving CG even more.

Hope all is well at your end and can not wait till the next chapter.

Joanne :) xx

Anonymous said...

It is so nice to read a story for that has Ana and Christian together and HAPPY TOGETHER!

Márcia Alves said...


Anonymous said...

Loving your story. It is great to finally read a story that Ana and Christian love each other and are happy to be toegether.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emine,
Loving all the extra information and the continuation of the story.
I was really wanting to know whether you'd ever considering writing from Ana's pov, as you did with linc and Taylor a couple of times. We've all fallen in love with Christian through Ana's eyes and although its nice to get in Christians head it would be nice to visit ana's head every now and again. There a few good fanfiction stories out there and some awful ones but you've really stuck to the original story line.

Sueleide said...

fico ansiosa a cada capitulo, quero parabenizar o trabalho de vcs gostaria de saber se todos os livros serão postados com a tradução para facilitar

Snowy said...

Loved how Christian is so protective Ana and her morning sickness. He so loves her! I was so behind in my reading because of all the summer activities but now that school started I've finally caught up. I love the way that written all of the details that were left out from the original book! I especially enjoyed the chapter when Christian confronted Lincoln. Wow, the power that Christian had with every word that you wrote was remarkable! I also felt bad for Jose but he had his chance while in school and he and Ana just weren't meant to be. Let's see what happens with him in the future. I also don't see Mia and Ethan working out, there's no chemistry. Well continue the pregnancy story cause I'm sure it's enjoyed by all. Thank you for the reading enjoyment, Nieves

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! I just love this book and you never disappoint when you post a chapter! I love it sooo much I've even started reading it from the beginning again
brilliant xxx

Anonymous said...

so I am freaking out about Anna!!!!! Thank Goodness we already know that outcome that she is safe and the baby is safe,but still I finished reading the chapter and my heart was pounding. Anyways I really like this new direction that you have taken. I am worried and a little scared of Linc right now. I know that he is a man with lots of power and he still has all the hidden money so who knows what he is up to, but again me know that all ends well and that everyone is safe so it just makes the getting to that point nerve racking. I wish that you could update 2x's a week but I know that you have kids and a life outside of us avid readers. Anyways I love love love love love your writing and thanks for keeping all of us addicts supplied LOL!!!!!

annie7632 said...

My dear Emine, WOW!!! I am really loving this book, each chapter is more insightful, more passionate then the last... You have captured the sense of helplessness that CG feels when Ana has a serious attack of morning sickness... I know from experience how bad it can be and mine lasted for the full pregnancy, morning, noon and night... My ex-husband had that sense of not knowing what to do to ease it for me...

I hope your mum is doing well and that you and your family are all well too..
Looking forward to next weeks chapter :) take care xx

Daniela Martins said...

Good morning, Emine!
Well, I have no more words to say about everything you write, about your work, your talent and specialy about the person who you are!
You're such amazing!
I wish all of us readers beging the campaing for book V. On the other hand I know you have another plans and The Pella Series are comming and we're already fall in love with Alex story!
Hugs for you, my dear!

Hope (lovey) said...

Emine.......all I can say is it was worth the did excelent....I have thought about that very scene several times in my mind and it was perfect. Only change I would have made was for Ana to pull Kate to the side and tell her to back off...and Ana needs to handle Jose once and for all so they can be friends becuase he comes to Teddy's birthday we know...I agree Bitch troll is up to something no good I think it will take Ana really going off on her and putting her and Leila in there place but ofcourse the orgional ending was a happy one so im looking forward to that...I cant wait for Taylor and Gail's wedding...To also see Christian get excited about the baby buying things...and to see how Ana got Christian to go to his birth moms grave dont forget...your writting is good I hope you show how Hyde, Linc/ and Bitch troll get there love love the writting xx always

Anonymous said...

Wow, wow, wow, Emine, whatyou do to me? Do you think I'll survive one whole week with this unsustainable suspens?? I want to know how Ana will feel and if she has to go back to hospital for a few days, and how Christian and the whole family will feel. As we all know, when it comes to Ana, Christian is always worried sick. This time of course there is a reason.
Really, I won't sleep well until next thursday (because when you post on wednesday evening, with the 9 hours difference between our two countries I have to wait until thursday morning to read you!!
Well, stop kidding. I just don't know how you do. Every new chapter is better than the former one. You are a very talented lady.
You also know how to keep some suspens. When Christian comes back from John's office and can't find Ana, I wondered what happened.
I love it when Christian calls Ana "savage"! It's so funny. And the "fight" between Kate and Mia to be the first one to hug Ana is priceless. As for the girls wanting to come into Ana and Christian's bedroom. Happily Taylor knew how to handle them.
I don't know what Mrs R. has in mind. I don't think her call is free. I'm almost sure she wants Christian back in her arms. But one think is sure: Christian has to be very careful with Linc. Now I'm really afraid for him and for Ana.
I'm not sure Sawyer would fit for Mia. He would become A and C brother in law... What about his job of bodyguard?? I would see him better with Claire. After all, they meet every day at Grey's editions. I could see them falling in love and the two of them being married. Well, just and idea.
Well Emine, I do hope life will be less hectic for you and will allow you some rest and some free time.
Lots of love from French Riviera.

S. from France

Glory Cespedes said...

I loved it! worth the wait! I want to continue reading do not delay.

mzthang said...

He Emine,

You make my vacation exciting. Great job hun for we cannot thank you enough for the great job you are doing and most of all sharing with us.

I never realized Ethan had the 'hots' for Ana too. Christian really knew the signs lol I thought he was just imagining things because of jealousy. As a previous commenter said I can see Sawyer with Claire; I think Mia might be too immature for a man like Sawyer. I loved how Ana stood up for herself when everyone was getting all up in her business. Kate needs to realize that Christian is Ana's husband and she should just back the hell up. I just want to smack her sometimes.

Will we be getting another piece of Taylor and Gayle's POV?

Hugs from
Loving you in the Carbbean

Anonymous said...

Emine! I am enjoying your version of this part of the book. I hope Christian talks to Ana about whats going on with Linc and Elena. Communication is a key to every Marriage besides good sex. I am married to my Husband for 28 years. When he explains things to me I never get mad. If he doesn't then I am mad for the moment. I wish you and your family good heath and your friends, to stick it out because the grass is not always greener on the other side. Love from N>J> Janice

Anonymous said...

Alllo emine jai trop hate de voir la scene dans le bureau de cg jen revais. Merci vraiment hate de la lire. Bizou xx myriam du quebec

Graziella Mayra Torres de Albuquerque Oliveira said...

OMG!! What a beautiful chapter .... Linc will bring trouble to Grey ... That was what this meeting with Christian and Ana before dinner!! huauhuhauhauha laughing at their situation in the room and blocking the Taylor Kate the room. Beautiful Christian going to take pictures of Ana, as she slept ... I hope Christian does not express what're thinking about the baby, if not Ana will come with everything to him .... Mother lioness ... Anxious for the next chapter ...

Graziella Mayra Torres de Albuquerque Oliveira said...

OMG!! What a beautiful chapter .... Linc will bring trouble to Grey ... That was what this meeting with Christian and Ana before dinner!! huauhuhauhauha laughing at their situation in the room and blocking the Taylor Kate the room. Beautiful Christian going to take pictures of Ana, as she slept ... I hope Christian does not express what're thinking about the baby, if not Ana will come with everything to him .... Mother lioness ... Anxious for the next chapter ...

jeangb said...

Hi Emine. I do hope that your mum is ok and not too anxious about her impending surgery.A worrying time for you all. Why don't people just butt out of others affairs unless they have a special friend like you who do something constructive to help resolve the problem.It's good to hear your kids are doing well at school well done them.
I remember when I was pregnant I had morning sickness for 7 months and hearburn for 2/ My husband kept telling me it was all in my mind and I shoud think positive, but as i told him with my head down the toilet I was positive I was going to be sick. A really sympathetic man my husband. Mind you he did keep me supplied with beef and pickle sandwiches 24/7 as that was the only thing I could tolerate for more than a couple of hours. Really looking forward to your next post. xx

Mônica Goyer said...

Emine, another great chapter!

abusing their good will ..
wanted to suggest this music ...
(feel free to refuse, I will love you the same way).......

Over the Top

Love of my life
From here to eternity
our fates
were predetermined in the maternity ward

Cruel, unrestrained love
I bring you a thousand stolen roses
To say sorry for my lies
My stupid mistakes

I’m over the top
Thrown at your feet
I'm really over the top
I love a made up love

I'll never breathe again
If you don't notice me
I can even starve to death
If you don't love

And I’d give up everything for you
I'll beg, steal, kill
Even the most trivial things
For me it's either everything or never again

I’m over the top
Thrown at your feet
I'm really over the top
I love a made up love

And I’d give up everything for you
Career, money, degree certificate
Even the most trivial things
For me it's either everything or never again
Cazuza Exagerado.

I'll take a day off during the week.
I was wondering if you will post Tuesday or Wednesday ..I will drive according to your post .. (:


Anonymous said...

Dear Emine,
I concur with previous comments. Poor Christian he is in for such a ride during this pregnancy, poor soul will have no control at all. Thank you again for my weekly fix. Take care.
Yours Smiling
Kathyxx (Australia)

Anonymous said...

Hi Emine,
Mia and Sawyer.... Absolutely no! There is just no connexion and I don't think CG would think kindly of that relationship.

You did it again Emine, great chapter and I can't hardly wait to see what CG will be asking Ana regarding their baby. He better doesn't come with abortion, I think Ana wil crucify him. As someone said, she is now like a mother lioness and will defend her baby with all she has.

Looking forward to Wednesday. I hope it will be a longer chapter. Thank you for your great work.

Carol Moraes said...

Ps: forgot to comment my favorite line in this chapter!

"That’s my kid there"

Such a beautiful moment to see a father overjoyed.
When this father is Christian Grey...
A sense of possession, joy, happiness, lust, proud, tenderness, protection and love over Ana and Teddy took control of Christian's heart.
A simple line, but with a few words we were able to see the complexity and deepness of the character.

Another moment that I have to comment too is:

"“We don’t have much time, but I want you now husband! Fast and hard, please! Take me! Possess me! Make me feel I’m absolutely yours!” she begs. I don’t know what caused her to feel this way, but that’s exactly what I need!
“Yes, ma’am!”


"Your pants! Off! Please,” she manages to pant her demand"

Love the "switch moments" of Ana!!!

Wouldn't complain at all if Christian allowed Ana to dominate a little bit and they both were conscious of that dynamic...

Thank you for put such love in your work.

Keep us in the loop about your mom's progress please. I don't know her but love her anyway. The surgery it's just another bump in the road and again she will overcome this. Faith, courage and love aligned with medical care can do miraculous things.

Kiss from Brasil

Carol Moraes
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Angela said...

Hi Eminé ,
You know that i love all about Christian ,but i'm seriously mad in love with him about his behavior in the last sentences you wrote!!!!!
I love love love him !!! He is always hot:))))))

Jenfer said...

Ohhh, the bitch is back!!! I knew she would be! But, Christian will handle her and Link!
What a wonderful chapter!! I feel so sorry for Christian! He will really freak if he's in the delivery room!! Good Lord!
Love where and how this is going!! Great writing!!

Hope all is well with you!!

Love & Laters,


elyelena said...

What about SAwyer and Andrea? Emine I don't write you every time because I don't want to bother you. Always my feeling are the same. I love your story Love your CHRISTIAN I love your ANA I love your TAYLOR. I'm totally tuned to the story. Trough Ana pregnancy I relive my own pregnacies. Both times 9 month s of everytime morning sickness!!! But the feeling of a life growing inside of you... your kid kicking in your belly, the love overwelmig you body and soul OGM it's wortwile of everything. Nothing make you more strong than the product of the love made with the love of your life. How is your mother? Mine is currently in hospital after a complicate surgery and I always read her your story to enjoy a little this troubled time. It's not so easy cause first I have to translate all in italian, but she is one of your very first fans as like me. We can't wait for Next charter. Sorry for my english. A great hug from Italy. Elena

elyelena said...

What about SAwyer and Andrea? Emine I don't write you every time because I don't want to bother you. Always my feeling are the same. I love your story Love your CHRISTIAN I love your ANA I love your TAYLOR. I'm totally tuned to the story. Trough Ana pregnancy I relive my own pregnacies. Both times 9 month s of everytime morning sickness!!! But the feeling of a life growing inside of you... your kid kicking in your belly, the love overwelmig you body and soul OGM it's wortwile of everything. Nothing make you more strong than the product of the love made with the love of your life. How is your mother? Mine is currently in hospital after a complicate surgery and I always read her your story to enjoy a little this troubled time. It's not so easy cause first I have to translate all in italian, but she is one of your very first fans as like me. We can't wait for Next charter. Sorry for my english. A great hug from Italy. Elena

Danisa Mashamba said...

Hi Emine

I also think Saywer should date Andria (miss frosty) Mia s jst too much n don't think Christian would allow it.

Anonymous said...

Friday? Nooo. Too much time. I have also to wait cause of the different time between Usa and EU. Now I'm very sad. Good luck with all your projects, you're amazing. Elena

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Hi Girls!

I know you're waiting Elena, and thank you for being patient.

But even to make it to Friday, I had to even turn down a project and I'll be working all night to finish translating the remaining 4,000 words of my last project. But it's coming :)


Krystal Bailey said...

I cant wait to see what youve got coming up next! Id love for Alex to put the beat down.on some Linc. I guess im a little over CG! Lol

Anonymous said...

Hi. Are you still planning a meetup in March or sometime? How do I get more info? I tried looking on the facebook page and couldn't find it. Would love to come if the dates work out for getting time off from work. Thanks for any info:))

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Anonymous said...

Waiting for the next's actually Saturday in India...

Anonymous said...

Love this chapter.... I keep refreshing the page

Anonymous said...

any idea when the next chapter will be ready dont mean to be a pest but im dying here for the next chapter

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

I don't know yet.I'm not done with work since 4 a.m. this morning. For those of you who are outside of Pacific Standard Time, check back tomorrow please. PST should be late tonight (crossing fingers)

Anonymous said...

Hi Emine, i'm crossing my fingersi. It's 1 a.m in Italy. Time to come to bed for me. Don't work tool late we want you safe and sound. Hope to find from you tomorrown morning. It Will be a better saturday. Buonanotte. Elena

Aline said...

Hum muito ansiosa para o próximo capítulo!!!! VC Eminé é excelente.... Posta logo hehhe

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Canada,
Waiting anxiously for the next chapter. I live in the East coast, so I wvill check tomorrow morning. We greatly appreciate all your excellent work.

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And CG and Ana take all family members - as far as story goes - to see the new house and have a picnic one day. There are no indications that anybody except Elliot saw the place. And during that picnic the offer is extended.
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