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Book V - Chapter IV - Christian and Anastasia Fan Fiction

Chapter IV

Love me Tender, Love me Hard

Kiss me hot, heavy, wet and angry with that attitude like you do when your mouth yells it hates me but your tongue screams it can’t wait for more. Hug me, touch me, submit to me with that insatiable passion like you do when you thought you could leave but the sight of my throbbing rock hard love muscle made you too weak in the knees. Your mind is melting fast, your soul is whispering trust, your eyes are begging please and your anger has turned to lust. Let me undress your body, caress your skin and wetly massage your mind back into making love to me again. 

My parents don’t say anything. They are equally livid. Both Kate and Elliot follow me to my office. As soon as I close the door behind, I turn around.
“Butt the fuck out of our business, our lives, Katherine! I will not warn you again. You will never upset my wife this way. You are supposed to be a member of this family! How can we trust you to be a part of us? We can leave the paparazzi outside when they chase us. We can ignore the reporters. If they get nosy, my lawyers deal with them. You are a Trojan horse!”
“Christian, that’s harsh. She just has a natural tendency to ask questions.” Elliot interjects.
“No one is questioning her natural tendency. She’s writing a story about an insignificant man and tying it to the worst thing we ever lived in our lives only three weeks ago. Let me find out once and for all: Are we to limit our interaction with our family so we’re not treated as potential news? Has the expression ‘in confidence’ lost its meaning to you, Kate? Shall I worry that if my wife was to ever confide in you, we might see it in the paper the next day?” I know it’s accusatory and she would never do that, but sometimes there’s only one way to get through to someone. “Know this:” I continue. “I will not allow you or anyone else sell news at the expense of my wife or my baby. Now, are we a family or should I refer to you to my lawyers?” My question is directed to Kate. She flinches as if I slapped her.
“We are a family, Christian. I know that sometimes I ask probing questions like a reporter would, but that’s only habit. My editor was very reluctant to give me the assignment because I’m a Grey. But it’s better that I take it than someone else who can actually hurt my friend. I’m not the enemy Christian. I really love my friend and I’d do anything to prevent her from getting hurt,” she says genuinely.  
“Be that as it may, Kate, you have upset Ana, and this isn’t the first time you tried to undermine me and stick your nose into our lives.”
“It was only to protect Ana!” she retorts.
“By that statement, you’re stating that I’m either unwilling, or incapable, or inept to protect her. Am I?" I ask.
"Of course not!" she responds.
"Then, butt the fuck out!”
“Look, Ana is too innocent. I’ve always looked out for her. It’s a hard habit to break. I’m so sorry Christian. I wasn’t trying to overstep into your boundaries and hurt my friend in any way.”
“Kate!” Elliot warns. His furious looks tell it all: zip it!
“Ana is a much stronger woman than we give her credit for. But I will always protect her because she’s has been the single most important person for all my existence. Now, there are two of them. I will do anything and everything for my wife and my baby. That’s my job: I’m the husband and the father here. Not you, not Elliot, not my parents or not Ana’s parents or Mia. Me; Christian Grey. I don’t trust you and I’m watching you. I won’t go so far to say to leave Ana alone; that’s her decision. But if I find out that she gets hurt because of your actions, I will make sure that you get nowhere near her!”
“Christian, please! I don’t expect you to forgive me now, but I will make it up to you and Ana. I promise! Please! Just give me a chance to prove it!”
“You’re my brother’s wife and my new sister. But Ana’s my life. You have one chance and one chance only to rectify this,” I say with steely resolve. Elliot is stunned.
“Thank you,” Kate says relieved. I leave them behind as I leave my office.
When I reach the Great Room, I can’t find anyone. Gail is busily working in the kitchen. Did the family get upset and leave?
“Where is everyone Gail?” I ask.
“With Teddy, sir,” she responds with a smile.
I walk towards my son’s room. When I reach the hallway, the cooing and baby talk noises get louder. My mom is sitting in the rocking chair surrounded by Mia and dad while Ana is sitting in the other rocking chair watching them in awe. They’re feeding Teddy a bottle of Ana’s milk she has expressed earlier. Teddy is clutching onto my mom’s index finger tightly while trying to support the bottle with his other hand.
“Oh, you little hungry boy! Can I have a turn feeding him please mom?” Mia begs.
“Maybe you should take on the diaper change duty,” I respond walking into the room.
“Somehow I don’t mind doing it as long as I get to hold him," she responds. "You want to come to Auntie Mia’s arms, don’t you Teddy?” she coos in baby talk reaching out to his tiny cheek.
“Wait for your turn, Mia. He seems to be a healthy eater…” The voice behind me interrupts dad.
“May we come in?” It’s Kate.
“Yes, of course,” Ana says unable to hide the cold edge in her voice.
“Teddy likes to come out of his room. We can take him to the living room,” Ana adds softening. It’s not in her nature to hold grudges.
“My turn, my turn, my turn, my turn! Pleeeease!” Mia squeals in delight. My mom and dad roll their eyes as my mom deposits Teddy carefully into her arms. I push the bassinet out of the room while holding Ana’s hand. She nudges me with her shoulder.
When we reach the Great Room, Mia sits down on the sofa with a big grin on her face.
“Christian, your son is a boob guy!” she says pointing at Teddy clutching onto her cleavage trying to get a hold of my sister’s breast. A big laughter goes all around the room.
“Well, that’s one thing he managed to master in his short life,” I qualify.
“May I hold him?” Kate asks.
“Of course, you’re his aunt,” Ana replies...
“I’m not done with my turn yet!” Mia protests.
“Please,” Kate begs. Mia passes Teddy reluctantly.
“Fine, but I take your husband’s turn!” Mia adds.
“Mia, I want to be able to meet my nephew and say hi to him,” Elliot says.
Gail’s announcement of snacks, drinks and the basketball game on the big screen restores Elliot’s mood greatly.
Teddy gets passed around like precious jewel. Much admired and loved. He only cries twice. By the time nine p.m. arrives, no one really wants to leave Teddy who is ensconced in someone’s arms like a kitten. During the evening, I watch Kate whisper to Ana who nods in agreement to whatever Kate had said to her. When they stand up, I look at Ana questioning. She smiles reassuringly, touching my hand. I look at Kate with a look reminding of our earlier talk, she nods and smiles. When they finally walk to her library, everyone around seem a little ill at ease even though they seem to be occupied with Teddy, the game on TV or the food on their plates. My gaze follows them until they disappear around the corner to the hallway and stay in my seat for ten minutes until Teddy starts crying. I take him from Mia despite her protests and comfort him. I am ready to burst through the library door with the baby in my arms to see what is being said, but I remain in the Great Room trying to entertain my son. Another twenty minutes later when they both walk back into the room, there are telltale signs that both women cried making me immediately nervous but they look happy with one another and a lot more relaxed.
“We’re good,” Kate murmurs to Elliot. Ana sits next to me and Teddy starts crying for her as if sensing she was upset. Ana holds him in her arms patting his back and he immediately calms down.

By the time everyone is ready to go home, Teddy goes around the family members’ arms once again.
Elliot rushes to his SUV and comes back with two big gift wrapped boxes.
“I can’t believe we forgot these!” he says. “These are for Teddy. Toys,” he grins.

We put Teddy to sleep after the company leaves with his usual “Goodnight Moon” book. Somehow that book relaxes him more than any other.
Next, I take Anastasia to our room. As we get ready for the night, I wait for Ana to interrogate me about Lincoln. There’s a pregnant silence in the room.
“What did you and Kate talk about?” I ask.
“She apologized for appearing to nose into our business.”
“Appear?” I raise my eyebrows in questioning Kate’s half=assed apology.
“That’s Kate,” she shrugs.
“Is that all you talked about? You were there for half an hour.”
“I was half expecting you to burst through the door like you did at John’s office,” she smiles. She’s in her two piece nightgown with easy breastfeeding access, yet utterly sexy. She knows its effects on me, but I will wait until she fully heals. She still has stitches. I can’t risk it. Ana has an appointment in four days and she made it amply clear that she will push for a green light for sex.
“Anaaa!” I chide. “What aren’t you telling me?”
“Maybe I should ask you that. Is Lincoln involved in Teddy’s kidnapping in any way? Will I hear it from paparazzi or a reporter like Kate? I don’t want to be the last one to find out when something bad happens.”
“Ana, I can’t talk to you about an ongoing case. We are cooperating with the authorities regarding the financial records of Lincoln Timber to the full extent of the law. But, there’s a gag order, it’s an ongoing case…” but she interrupts me.
“My question is very simple Christian. I’m not talking to you as a reporter who would divulge the information to a newspaper. I’m talking to you as your wife and the mother of our child. Did Lincoln have any hand in kidnapping our son?” she asks.
“Yes.” I answer simply. Ana first looks shocked, speechless, then starts shaking. I don’t know whether it’s with worry or apprehension or a little bit of both.
“Did you lie to me?” she accuses.
“No. He’s being charged with the crimes Kate has stated.”
“Why then didn’t you tell me?”
“Do you realize how upset you got when I first told you what happened? I will do anything to protect you and my son.”
“But you didn’t tell me!”
“Ana, I made every effort that Lincoln went to prison with no possibility of parole. I only agreed to that because I wanted to keep him away from my personal reach so I didn’t kill him for his second attempt to harm my family. I had shown great restraint at a personal cost.”
“You would have killed him?” she asks.
“Yes! He had our son kidnapped! I died a thousand deaths to get to him, race against time, each minute, each second an agonizing torture not knowing if he was hurt, hungry, dirty. I couldn’t fail my son. I made you a promise when you were pregnant. I was agony with worry for Teddy, and in the back of my mind worried that I disappointed you from the get-go as a bad father I feared I would be…” I murmur.
“Oh, Christian! You endured all that for me, for us! Alone! You’re still facing it alone. Please Christian, let me in, let me be your support, the one you lean to when you need it. I promised you that I would be your partner. Let me be the wife you need. Don’t you understand that I love you more than my own life?” She throws herself to me hugging and kissing.
The relief that courses through me is immeasurable. The worry that she would be mad and walk out of the room had always been in the back of my mind. But once again, Ana, my Ana is being my rock.
“Slow, baby, slow,” I murmur into her lips. “I don’t want you hurt.”
“I don’t care. I want you Christian! After all you’ve done to save our child, to protect both of us, when I’m absolutely, deeply, and irrevocably in love with you, do you think I can resist you? I want my husband,” she demands.
“I want nothing more than to have you, but we both know that you need to wait till your doctor gives the green light. I won’t risk you.”
She sighs deeply.
“Come on baby, I’ll tuck you in, and then I need to go and do some work,” I say.
“No, if I’m not having sex, at least hold me till I fall asleep.” How can I resist her pleas? I lie next to my wife pulling her into my arms, knowing both my baby and my wife are safe, I watch Ana fall asleep.

*****          *****

I would prefer to live with bleeding heart where desire sees darkness of uncertainty because I need to know the existence of love. My addiction to eternal longing for her… A thirst which cannot be relinquished…

We have had Teddy’s one month visit to the pediatrician. It pleased Ana and I to find out he gained 2 pounds and grew 1 ½ inches, but when the time came for his shot, the nurse pinching his upper thigh just stuck and needle at his flesh totally surprising me. His little face creased, little lips curved downward and he let out a shriek to let us know his pain.
“Is that supposed hurt like that?” My voice is harsh and forbidding.
“I’m sorry, sir. It burns slightly and he will get cranky, he might run a slight fever today. You can give him some baby Tylenol for fever and Mrs. Grey, he will stop fussing if he nurses. Unfortunately, these are necessary shots, and they do have side effects that make babies uncomfortable.”
“I’m not entirely sure that it’s not due to the way you delivered the shots.” She tries to reassure me with a pamphlet about the shots, how they would feel to the baby and the side effects to watch for. Ana squeezes my leg to calm me down. I realize I’m furious and the nurse is shaking before me, but seeing Teddy crying helplessly, in my own arms as if he was accusing me of delivering him to a person who hurt him awakens unpleasant memories. I rein in my control and composure with herculean effort and nod stiffly. The scared nurse scuttled away from the room.
“It’s okay,” Ana reassures me. “They’re just shots. He’s got his daddy to protect him,” she smiles.

Ana’s visit to Dr. Green goes well, but she only gets cleared for sex after the sixth week visit. Ana is about to burst with impatience and I am also craving her in the most desperate way, but coming close to losing her second time around gave me fear that I would only have her when she is fully healed. I already knew that Dr. Greene would give her the green light at that prescribed time. The day we had her 6 week appointment, I had arranged Mrs. Taylor to watch Teddy at the big house while I took Ana to Escala. I wanted my wife all to myself; we’d be alone first time in several weeks. Melissa stays behind to guard Teddy at the Big House. When Taylor starts driving towards downtown as opposed to our house, Ana turns to me and gives me a questioning look.
“I want to take my wife out to eat first…” I say. I’m excited as the first time I took Ana to my bed.
“You know he likes Gail and Gail loves him. He’ll be fine.” Ana nods.
“Where are we going to eat?”
“Ah, but when did I ever reveal my plans? Anticipation of surprise is the key to excitement.”
“Anticipation?” the question came in an excited breath.
“Certain promises were made, and I intend to keep them to the letter today with bonus.”
With bonus??” she asks her breath catching. She unbuckles her seat-belt and before I could blink she climbs on to my lap her arms wrapped around my neck and her lips sealing on mine.
“Ana!” I murmur into her lips. This is the longest we have gone without sex and the hunger for each other grew in leaps and bounds. My lips against her lips, the prospect of merging my body with hers is like a shot of thousand units of adrenaline. It is living, dying and rebirth all at the same time. There’s something new yet familiar. My body pulls towards her, my cock twitches and pushes against my pants, ready to rip through to fill her to the brim. I’m dying to reacquaint myself with my wife’s body. We’ve had showered together often, yet I had to restrain myself from touching her more than I could control myself from going further. It had been a difficult task since her breasts were twice the size they were before, her hips wider, beckoning me to have her and she tried several times to pleasure me with her mouth, but I refused since I couldn’t reciprocate until she was fully healed. It had been torture for us both. Today, the burning inferno within our bodies would quench their thirst.
Her, off one shoulder summer dress amplifies the affects her breasts has on me, raising their prominence. The waist of it just shows her slimmed figure which then pours in billows right above her knee. She is simply intoxicating. Her scent clouds my mind. My arms go around her waist pulling her closer to me.
“You have no idea how much I want you, but not here… Not in the car. I will tell you where and when.”
“Please, Christian, I’ve missed you so!” she pleads.
“I’m unyielding on this. I promise it will be spectacular, but not here, not in Taylor’s and Sawyer's company,” I raise my eyebrows.
“Can we skip dinner then?” she whispers in my ear.
“You still eat for two, remember?” I remind her. She gets off my lap, her arms crossed, closing herself to me, sulking.
“Talk dirty to me…” she murmurs pouting, sarcastically. I hide a smile and hold her hand. She turns her head to the window avoiding me.
She stretches her slender legs and puts one over the other positioning herself as far away from me as possible. I don’t like the distance. She reaches out and picks a long loose lock of hair from resting on her chest and plays with it almost absently, wrapping the strands around her fingers, then letting them fall onto her chest again, then finally tucking the strands leisurely behind her ear. The tenuous run of her hand in her hair pushes her breast forward invitingly. She then casually slides her fingers along her long neck down to her exposed shoulder. She parts her lips slowly and exhales a shallow breath, then licking her bottom lip; she takes it between her teeth and chews it almost thoughtfully.
I barely notice Taylor slowing to turn into the parking structure to the Space Needle Restaurant. I had a table reserved for this evening for the two of us. As soon as Taylor parks, he opens my door and Sawyer opens Ana’s door. I round the corner of the SUV and hold Ana’s elbow. A jolt of electricity courses through me. I am purely focused on my wife. She acts aloof but I know every move of her body that she too is feeling exactly what I’m feeling. Her breath catches and her face flushes. Her lips part as she wordlessly gives me a glimpse.  My hand on her bare back, I guide her to the elevators. She gives a forbidding look to Taylor and Sawyer who are taken aback by her glacial gaze. They take it as Mrs. Grey being furious with her wordless demeanor. I nod at them slightly to take the next elevator up. Taylor’s lips thin into a small line, but he holds his hand to make sure Sawyer stays back with him. Sawyer’s face goes between mine, Ana’s and Taylor’s and he takes a step back. The elevator is empty.
“Ana, what is wrong?” I ask.
She says nothing and hands her clutch to me stepping away from me a few steps to the corner of the elevator. She then glides her fingers on her legs and beneath the skirt of her dress.

“Ana! There is a camera in this elevator. I don’t want them watching my wife!” I reprimand her. She acts as if I encouraged her, goading me. She bites her lower lip and slowly shimmies her black silk panties down her mile long legs which pool below over her heels. She slowly walks out of them, leans down giving me a perfect view of her ample bosoms, picks up the panties, bunching them, then grabs the clutch out of my hand and expecting her to stuff it into the clutch, she comes closer to me, lifting my dropped jaw to close my mouth landing a soft kiss while slightly touching her tongue on my lips then slowly deposits her panties in my pocket. She then opens her clutch and refreshes her lipstick. When the elevator dings open I am completely haunted, enamored, and hot for my wife.

Haunted – Beyonce

“I set the rules, baby. I say when, I say how, I say how long,” I murmur into her ear while holding her waist. A casual observer would have only seen a loving couple murmuring sweet nothings to one another, not the hidden struggle for full control. I need to have charge of this first encounter and just like Ana had left me after we discussed the contract, leaving me craving her most acutely, she has inadvertently taken control of my heart, leaving me bereft of her, her body and madly in love with her. I am unwilling to surrender that control this first time since she had our son. I desire her so intensely that I must be in control of every aspect of the first encounter. I am hungrier for her than I have ever been.

Crazy in Love – Beyonce

The Maître-d ushers us to our private table. He pulls the chair out for Ana across from me.
“Mrs. Grey will sit here,” I say pulling the chair that is adjacent to mine. Ana sits in the chair I pull. The table is already had a chilled bottle of Bollinger with champagne flutes.
“Complimentary, on the house. It’s wonderful to see you again Mr. and Mrs. Grey. And may I say congratulations on your new baby?” he bows.
Ana looks at me about the champagne. Clearly she wants to have some, but she doesn’t know if she would be nursing tonight. She can have two glasses of champagne, since she won’t get to nurse tonight. For the rest, I know just what to order for her.
“Thank you, Darren. Would you also get Mrs. Grey an Arizona sunset?”
“Certainly Mr. Grey,” he says opening the bottle with much flourish and pours a little into my flute. I take a taste and approve it then he fills the glasses for us.
“Do you have the menu?” Ana asks him.
“The gentleman already ordered, ma’am,” Darren responds slightly bowing, then he leaves the table for the waiters to bring our food in the order I had requested earlier.
“Are you being high handed, Mr. Grey?” asks Ana with a smirk.
“When am not high handed, Mrs. Grey?” I smile taking a sip of the champagne, I steeple my finger in front of my mouth drawing her attention just where I want it.
“We are staying in the city tonight. Dr. Greene said you could have two glasses of champagne. We’ll just express the milk tonight but not use it. She said it would be fine tomorrow.”
“You’ve already checked with her?”
“Baby, I’ve been waiting for this day for weeks. Yes, I thought of everything,” I respond with a lascivious smile. She bites her lower lip and looks at me through her long lashes. Her hand brushes mine ever so slightly sending shivers down to my spine. My cock is on high alert, twitches. Ana then appears to slightly shift in her seat. I can see that it is to give me a better view of her ample cleavage. Two can play at this game Mrs. Grey. She has raised the stakes, I’ll raise them higher. Since knowing she is well and can fully participate what I can dish out in the bedroom and the Red Room, I intend to push her limits here. I can sense that she is nervous, turned on, anticipatory, and ready to burst. Her eyes glint with excitement of what I might be planning to do and how she can get to the end goal faster. We could sit across from each other, but I made sure that we are sitting adjacent to one another on purpose. She extends one high heeled foot and her bare leg touches mine slightly sending tingling shivers through my body. She wants me to touch her but I don’t. She takes the flute of champagne takes a sip and savors it as if it’s something she has missed having then another and finally downs the contents of it. For courage? Boldness? To tempt me?
Her gaze is on me, heated, watching my lips, longing, beckoning. She bites her lip again turning me on. I reach out pull her chin to free her lip. Then I lean in to her ear.
“I know what you are doing, Mrs. Grey. It will only intensify what I intend to do with you,” I say as my breath caresses her cheek. I can feel her heartbeat speeding up from the rapid rise and fall of her chest. 
The magic of the moment is broken with the waiter bringing the appetizer: the bed of oysters. The surprised heated look Ana gives me makes the waiter look from Ana to me then blushes. Ana, barely realizing or caring for his presence, takes an oyster from its bed, runs her finger from oyster shell to oyster shell as if choosing a certain toy in the Red Room, and decides on one running her index finger around the rim of the shell as if running her finger on an orifice then without breaking her gaze from me, takes the oyster shell, squirts lemon juice spraying everywhere, brings the edge of the shell to her lips then tips the content into her mouth. Her throat works on a swallow. Once she puts the now emptied shell down, her tongue runs over her lips while her hooded gaze focus on my lips.
“You may leave,” I say sternly to the waiter with a voice I don't recognize being my own.
“I will bring your main course momentarily,” he says swallowing, looking away and he quickly departs the table. I hear him murmur, “holy shit!”
“What are you doing Ana?” I ask her with my blood boiling, turned on and intensely jealous.
“Eating,” she responds.
She wants to win the game of seduction. I am seduced since the first moment I laid eyes on her. But I don’t like other men ogling my wife. I feel her other leg brush mine as she slightly spreads them apart. She is challenging me. I know that no one can see her unclad sex even if her legs are apart, but her invitation, dare to touch her also raise the intense jealousy I feel. I raise my foot and trap both her legs between mine and force her to close.
“Afraid, Mr. Grey?” she whispers with a winning smirk.
“Oh, Mrs. Grey, are you trying to rack up some punishment for later?”
“Yes, please,” she says her breathing increasing.
“Be careful what you wish for, Mrs. Grey.”
“I wish for you, Mr. Grey. All. Of. You. For many weeks now.” Her gaze is heated, determined, focused.

Food is delivered to our table and the delicious aroma rising from them assaults our senses, breaks Ana’s concentration turning her eyes to her fish, asparagus, and appetizing salad arranged on the plate like a work of art. Since she’s nursing, her appetite increased in direct proportion to our growing baby’s appetite for her milk. She takes her fork as I take a sip from my champagne, and spears it into her fish and pulls a piece. Lifts it up to her lips. As the aroma of the spices wafts her nose, she closes her eyes and takes the bite of fish into her mouth. She savors the taste first as if it’s melting in her mouth, then chews it slowly. Taking a sip of her Arizona Sunset cocktail, she opens her blue eyes with a look of satisfaction. Watching her eat is one of the greatest pleasures of my life. Since she got pregnant, she started eating with such joy, it’s as if she’s making love.
I take bites of my food slowly watching her as my grey eyes burn molten silver with binding, compulsory need for her. She takes her asparagus rolls it in the hollandaise sauce and wrapping her tongue around the asparagus she sucks the sauce off slowly then bites the tip off.
I wipe my lips with the napkin and put it on the table.
“Go to the family bathroom and wait for me in two minutes. When I knock the door, you open it.” She swallows hard, then smiles with triumphant eyes then heads to the restroom. I slice my meat and take a bite. Then chase it down a sip of my drink. Three more bites and then finish the contents of my champagne flute. A passing businessman nods at me in acknowledgement. The waiter rushes to my side to pour more champagne into my flute. Taking one more sip, I rise from my seat. When I reach to the unisex family bathroom, I knock three times. Ana opens it for me. I close the door, and lock it. She practically jumps on me.
Her arms are wrapped around my neck; she seals her lips to mine.
“Slow down baby,” I murmur into her lips.
“I waited for you so long!”
“I know that as have I baby,” I kiss her back but my kiss is measured, controlled not a reckless abandon.
“Christian, please! Kiss me like I’m important to you!” she begs. How can she doubt her importance to me? If the universe held a single point which defined the meaning of my existence, she would be that point. I lift her off the ground wrapping her legs around my torso and seal my lips over hers molding, moving in synchronization like a perfectly functioning unit made of two parts. I kiss her like I have only this moment, hold onto my wife as if I would never get another chance like this to be with her, like she is the last thing I would ever see. The little moaning sounds she makes are like the music I play in my head. Her taste is heady, intoxicating, familiar yet new. Before I know it, I push her to the door, untangle her arms from my neck and lift them above her head kiss her with total domination. My tongue tests the seams of her lips and with a slight sigh she gives access and greets my assault with a welcome from her tongue. The dance of our lips and tongue is heated, erotic and arousing.

I lower one hand over her breast and slowly slide it down to her bare sex, finding it drenched. My cock strains against my pants. I push a finger inside her digging, then two first with shallow strokes then two knuckles in then finally to the base of my index and middle fingers. She moves her hips against my fingers begging for friction.
“Please,” she murmurs into my lips, her eyes closed. I slowly break the connection of our lips.
“I need you to lean down and hold your knees,” I order.
“I can hold the sink, don’t you think it’s better?” she asks.
“Not for what I want to do,” I say. She looks at me fully aroused with the assaults of my fingers’ continued ministrations and slightly confused. I pull out a string with four varying sizes of egg shaped balls. She opens her mouth expecting me to deposit them in there for lubrication.
“No need baby, you’re drenching already,” I say pulling my fingers out, then tasting her arousal in my finger. Her breathing increases.
“But I want you to take me now!” she demands.
  “Baby, right now there’s nothing I want to do more than to fuck you into next month. But do you want our first time since the baby to be in the bathroom of a restaurant? Granted it’s a beautiful restaurant, and I would love to see your face in the mirror while I take you from behind but I want this to be at Escala like our very first time. I will insert these eggs into you and see if you can manage to keep them inside until we get to our apartment. Are you up for the challenge, Ana?” I ask innocently. She is too eager to get us start.
“Yes!” she says bending.
“Good girl,” I say and glide my fingers between her folds. The starting with the smallest egg, I insert the four varied sizes of eggs on the string into her sex. She moans each time I insert one. Then I help her raise herself to her full height. Taking out her panties from my pocket I lower myself to the floor, lift a Louis Vuitton clad foot at a time and inset them into the panties. I slowly lift the panties up, leisurely running my fingers on her bare legs and finally cover my wife’s sex with it. I take out a small remote out of my pocket and show it to Ana. I press the middle button and her eyes dilate in surprise.
“They vibrate,” I murmur with a lascivious smile. It’s a pleasurable vibration, not harsh. It will only leave her wanting more. The vibration intensity can be varied. But I turn it off. They’ll do their job well enough with her movements alone. She bites her lip.
“Don’t!” I order. “I want this to be a long, memorable night which will not start and end in this bathroom.” She nods.
“Yes, sir.”
“Good girl,” I say as I leave the bathroom.

She follows me out shortly after. The meal doesn’t take long to finish as we are both burning with desire for one another. Once she takes the last sip of her drink, and puts her fork down on her plate, declaring that she can’t eat anymore, I stand up and take her hand.
“Let’s go. I have made promises to my wife, and I aim to fulfill them,” I murmur.
When we reach the elevators, I turn to her, “How are you Mrs. Grey? Do you need to visit the restroom?” She doesn’t miss my meaning.
“I’m sure I can make it to Escala, Mr. Grey,” she replies. Two other older couples wait for the elevator along with us. When the elevator door dings open, we may way to allocate room for people vacating the elevator. Since we’re the first ones to start waiting for it, we are the first ones to enter. Holding my wife’s waist, I walk her to the back of the elevator pulling her to my side. Making it look like I push her hair back, I lean in and whisper into her ear.
“Are you up for a challenge Mrs. Grey?” I ask. Her eyes widen. She is turned on, hot and bothered. She’s seeking relief and she wants to get to Escala as fast as she possibly can. But she doesn’t like to back down from a challenge, especially if she can get her way in the end. She nods.
“I don’t want you to come. Light vibrations,” I whisper. Her heated eyes meet mine with excitement. It’s been too long and she wants to play. When I press the lowest setting of the vibrations, she closes her eyes, her back flush with my front. She makes it as if she’s moving to give more room to another couple, but I know exactly what she’s doing; rubbing her perfect derriere on my already excited, impatient cock. I have to rein in all my control and focus to not to have my wife here.
“Down to the lowest floor?” she whispers with dilated pupils, her breath shallow, barely holding onto her faculties.
“To the car, and you can’t come,” I answer in a whisper into her ear. She bites her lips and pushes herself forcefully against me, while crossing her feet at the ankle. The elevator couldn’t reach the lowest floor fast enough for her. As soon as the occupants leave the cart, she pulls my hand and gets out of the elevator as fast as her high heeled feet could carry her.
“Where the car? Where’s the car? Where’s the car?” she rapid fires as if she’s ready to burst.
“I’ve already messaged Taylor to bring it around,” I say pulling her in the direction where Taylor and Sawyer would be waiting.
They open the SUV doors for us; I let Anastasia in, and then walk to the other side of the SUV to get in myself.
“Off?” I ask. She squeezes her legs together and nods.
I pull my wife to my side.
“Have you any idea how much I want to fuck you right now?” I murmur into her ear.
She blushes, and shakes her head ‘no’. My yearning for her is as I swallowed an entire desert and no amount of water could quench it. I need Ana desperately. It’s not an obsession, an infatuation or mere hunger for her body, or her scent. I desire all of my wife down to her soul touching mine. I want her to melt into me. I want to encase her with my skin, worship her with my body. Just fucking is not enough. I need more.
“To the point of possession. You’ve bewitched me, Anastasia. I can’t function without you. You can be the inferno and I’d only be happy to surrender myself to you.” Primal lust, intense love, the sheer simple need for her quickly washes over me with a fever I can’t cure. I want Ana fifty shades of Sunday. Seeing Escala right ahead of us to the right is a big relief.
As soon as Taylor pulls into one of my bays, I exit the SUV without giving him a chance to open my door. Then ignoring Sawyer who opened Ana’s door, I take my wife by the hand and head to the elevators. Just as Sawyer is ready to enter the elevator with us, Taylor shakes his head slightly. I close the elevator door and enter my key to the penthouse. As soon as the elevator doors close on us, I turn to Ana and frame her body with mine, descending my lips onto hers. My right hand travels into her pulls the exposed shoulder of the dress, baring her right breast. Even though she has expressed her milk before we left home, my ministration beads milk over her nipple, oozes down her breast and transferring to my hand. The elevator door dings open to the penthouse, and we tumble out of it still tangled in one another. I scoop Ana off the floor and carry her to our bedroom her right breast still exposed, nipple erect and beckoning for me to take it. I open the door to our bedroom, after walking it, I kick it close.  
She wraps her legs around my hips. I want to completely pleasure her, possess her, let her possess me and hear her voice shout my name with pleasured cries.
I feel that if I don’t have my wife right now, I’ll lose my fucking sanity.
“You. Are. My. Woman!” I say hoarsely, and pull her into me hard. Rough lust churning inside me now can’t be contained. I want to spread my wife and feel my cock slide inside her sex slickened with her arousal for me.
“Yes. Yours!” she answers breathless.
“Let’s get this dress off you.
I take her dress off in one swift move, tossing it onto a chair. She’s standing in her panties, bra and heels. I am breathless.
“Now,” I say motioning to turn around to cool my senses, to regain some sort of control. When she spins around once, I’m more turned on than I was before. Wow! She’s the sexiest creature I laid my eyes on.
“Music is in order,” I say swallowing. I set the streo with the tracks I want to utilize tonight, then turn back to my wife.

Laura Welsh – Undiscovered

“Let’s get the bra off.” She reaches back to unhook but I stop her and reach behind her to take it off leisurely.
Her breasts lay heavy before my eyes.
“Now the panties,” I murmur. I caress her face and trail my fingers over her lips, neck and her twin peaks. Her nipples perk up under my fingers as if they’ve been zapped with electricity, her heartbeat speeds up. I continue to travel down to her belly, then down to her hips. I hook my fingers and slowly lower her panties down to her feet. I toss the panties along with her other clothes. Then I divest my jacket, shirt and pants off. When I finally remove my boxers, my cock springs out and a bead of dew is glistening on the tip.
She reaches out with her finger and spreads the dew around. I hold her hand before she makes me come sooner than I intend, I catch her hand, and lift her fingers to my lips, kissing it, I release her hand.
“Turn around baby, lean down and hold onto the bedpost and don’t let go at all,” I order. She obeys immediately.
I lower myself to the floor and glide my nose up her leg to her apex. A shiver runs through her body. I test her sex with my fingers. Then suck the outer lips and finally her clit. I turn the vibration on at the lowest setting and flick my tongue over her clit, sucking the little nub. Her pleasured moans grow.
“Don’t come yet!” I order. “Make it last.”
I continue with my tongue’s pleasure assaults on her clit and inside her slit for several minutes. I feel the contractions approaching and turn off the vibration of the eggs and pull them out quickly bringing her near orgasm. As soon as they’re out, I slam my cock into her bereft sex and bury myself balls deep.
“Yessssss….” I hiss through my gritted teeth. I wanted to be inside her for a long time and I have missed it so much. I feel her contraction slowly subside then I start moving inside her with first deep, drilling strokes.
“I want it fast, hard and satisfactory now!” I say and pace my strokes in tune with the music. First deep, then shallow. I pull her hips closer to me and adjusting my stance, I angulate to reach in deeper.

Muse – Undisclosed Desires

My lust and love reach to a crescendo. I withdraw from her sex before we both reach a climax, because I want to see her face, feel what she feels.
“No! Don’t stop please!” she begs.
“Baby, I couldn’t stop if I wanted to,” I murmur decidedly as I toss my wife onto the bed and crawl up on her and bury myself into her again. Her legs around my waist, I reach down, kiss her hard, and my tongue trails down to her breast. When we finally reach our peak, sweet tasting milk squirts into my mouth and fingers. I love this new form of release her body discovered.
I thrust harder, and faster until there’s nothing but the two of us, right at this moment. My eyes see nothing but the sparks and my body is jolting with sensation in unity with mine.
This is bliss. This is my wife. This is heaven.

Book V - Chapter III - Christian and Anastasia Fan Fiction

Chapter III

Bringing the Baby Home

Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove.
O no, it is an ever-fixed mark
That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wand'ring bark,
Whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken.


A strong healthy cry of a baby fills the room. My first response is panic as I automatically sit up in the bed. Then I realize that it’s coming from the baby monitor on top of my night stand. The infrared light shows small lively arms of our son moving in his bed possibly looking to find his mommy. He is nursing every couple of hours. Even I haven’t gotten that much use out of Ana’s breasts in the last few months, but he would be the only one I’d be willing to share Ana or her breasts with. I slowly get up not to disturb or wake and get off the bed. Ana still has a lot of healing to do. I will bring the little bottomless pit into our bed. I tiptoe out of the bedroom.
“Hi baby!” I say leaning into his crib to pick him up. “Are you hungry again already?” I say cradling him in my arms. He doesn’t stop crying.
“Do you need a diaper change?” I ask him. I take him to the diaper changing station.
“Uhmm. Hmmm… I’ve only done this twice, so be patient with me,” I say to my fidgeting son on the changing table. I manage to wipe him clean and grab a clean diaper only to have him spring a small fountain on to it.
“Teddy, Teddy, Teddy… I know you are a newborn baby, but you’re Christian Grey’s son. We, Grey men know how to control,” I say while I manage to bring another diaper and replace the newly peed one. I put his onesie on and hold him up to my chest.
“Now we go to your milk source,” I murmur kissing his little cheek.
“Oh? Is that all I am to the Grey men?” comes my wife’s reprimanding voice. But the poorly hidden smirk tells me she’s joking.
“Baby, what are you doing out of the bed? I was bringing him to you,” I say.
“I heard you talking to Teddy over the baby monitor, then I watched you interact with him. I just wanted to be a part of it.”
“Well, our son is clean but hungry. He's ready for our four a.m. feeding,” I say.
“Shall I nurse him on this nursing chair?” she asks.
“Baby, I think it would be better if you nursed him in the bed. You’re not supposed to be holding weights for a couple of weeks. If you lie down, you wouldn’t be holding his weight,” I say and brace myself for an argument. She holds her stance for a little while, and Teddy’s hungry wail breaks her resistance.
“Oh, okay, let’s take him to our bed,” she says.
While cradling our son in one arm, I support Ana with the other and take both of them to our bedroom. Anastasia lies down with a big grin and opens her arm to receive Teddy.
“Teddy my boy, welcome to the breast-fest!” I say with a grin.
“Christian!” Ana admonishes me. “I can’t believe you said that! You’re no gentleman!”
“I never claimed I was, baby. But my son requires sustenance.”
“Hand him over to me Mr. Darcy, I mean Christian,” she plays along. I place Teddy in her arms and watch Ana feed our child who latches onto her as if his life depends on it.
Ana nurses him twenty minutes on each side but Teddy doesn’t seem to want to stop eating. Anytime we remove him from the breast, he screams. By the time it’s five a.m. both Ana and Teddy fall asleep. I slowly take our son from our bed who moves his lips to simulate sucking motions and immediately give him his binky before he could wail for Ana again. I rock him in my arms and place him in his bed. How could I love someone so much who just joined our family? I walk to the door to exit his room, but my feet are rooted at the doorway, unwilling to leave him in the room. I walk back to his bed and pick my son up, place him in the bassinet and roll him back to our room, feeling much better. I couldn’t bear to leave him even in a different room. If I had not feared that Ana or I would roll on to him, I’d keep him in our bed. I gently get back into our bed, while one hand holding onto Teddy’s bassinet, sleep claims me.
What wakes me up is not Teddy’s next feeding but the nightmare of his kidnapping. I sit upright shouting "Nooo!" As sweat beads my forehead, I try to calm my breathing. Ana wakes up with my sudden movement.
“What’s wrong?” she asks trying to get out of the bed, immediately concerned. “Teddy!”
“Shhh! He’s sleeping right here. It’s not his feeding time yet. I thought I heard him cry but he’s asleep. Besides, your nurse will come in soon to dress your stitches. You might as well get a little more sleep baby,” I coax her. She tries to blink her sleep away.
“I’m going to work out. I’ll put Teddy’s bassinet on your side of the bed and let Gail and your nurse know that I’ll be away for a little while.”
“Christian, you’ve been taking care of me more than anyone else. I’m glad you’re going to do something for yourself.” I smile, kiss my wife on the forehead and leave to the bathroom.

I work out for about 45 minutes. Taylor comes towards me from the weights section with his phone in his hand after having had a lengthy conversation with someone and informs me that I have visitors. I check my watch. It reads 6:15 a.m.
“At this hour?” I ask. 
“You will want to see them, sir. It’s Pella.”
“Why hasn’t he sent any message?”
“This can’t be done via a message, Mr. Grey. This is not just about the perp, it’s about who hired the perp.”
“Where is he?” I say suddenly all business.
“Sawyer took them to my office.”
“Fine. Bring them into mine in the next fifteen minutes,” I say. I need to take a shower and have all my wits about my head when I hear that shit. But most of all, I need to see my wife and my son. Hear them breathe.
My shower is the quickest I’ve taken in a long time so I can spare an extra minute watching my wife and son sleep. But the minute ticks by fast and I rush to my office so that Ana doesn’t wake up to look for me around the house.
When I get into my office, I meet the somber faces of Pella, Anthony, Welch and Taylor. Sawyer remains outside my study, manning the heavy office door.
“Grey,” nods Pella, followed by “Morning Mr. Grey,” from the rest of the group.
“I’m sure it’s something important that brought you to me this morning. What did you get out of him?”
“The name of your primary enemy,” Alex responds.

“Who would that be?”
“Someone who wants you to suffer, torment you with the most unbearable pain, if not with this perp, he’ll try with another. Clearly your family is not off limits. In fact, they are targets to achieve that end.”
“Who the fuck is it?” I ask both growing angry and impatient.
“One, Roger fucking Lincoln!” I grip the desk, but not for support, just to transfer my exponentially growing rage into something else. My knuckles are so white; I can feel the blood drain from my extremities.
“Are you quite sure? I mean absolutely, beyond the shadow of any doubt kinda…sure?” I ask looking at the sleep deprived faces standing in my office. If they noticed my breath faltering, no one made any indication of noticing it.
“Money trail, meetings in certain restaurants where he wanted to be called Mr. Brioni to arrange this mercenary's services. Waiters and the maître D confirmed his identity to be Mr. Brioni on the dates he met with our perp.”
“What’s the name of the perp?”
“He’s a rouge government asset who freelances on the side, contracting his services to the shady highest bidders. In short, he’s a mercenary, a soldier of fortune. He doesn’t have a name. The minute he became an asset, his identity has been erased. He has aliases. Many. Many. Many aliases.”
“Where is he?” I ask, my arms crossed.
“Big brother wants him back since he’s been a bad boy. But, I’m him holding at a secure location for leverage. If we turn him in, we will have little evidence in getting Lincoln.”
“I don’t want him alive to repeat what he will keep doing!” I shout. Everyone flinches except for Pella.
“Criminals paying for what they have done has never bothered me. But killing him would turn you into a criminal. I can at least think two reasons why that would be very bad for you. However, as it happens, you may get your hands on him quite soon if you so wish. I have to ask you, one final time, do you want the police to handle this, or do you want my men resolve it within this week? I have a busy schedule to keep,” he says with a smile looking at his watch to indicate that time is ticking.
“Police hasn’t done anything to resolve the previous shit storm Linc brought upon me. I can’t say they had been helpful in retrieving my son, either. So, would I trust the fate of my family to a group who had been no help at all? You know the answer to that, Pella!” Besides, a dragged out court case against Lincoln might expose my past I don’t want to share with the world. It would only hurt my wife. It would hurt my business reputation. But, Pella is also right. As much as I want to decimate Lincoln with my bare hands, killing him would no longer be self-defense, but revenge. I have the burning, a nearly uncontrollable desire for retribution inside me. He attacked my family twice. Twice! He wanted my wife dead first. Then he wanted my son, my infant son dead! This boils my blood. If I let him go, if I do nothing, he will never give up and I will always be looking behind me to see when he would strike again. He would not even get his own hands dirty! This can’t be that way. I take charge. All four men see the dilemma as the emotions play out on my face.
Welch speaks up next.
“Mr. Grey, we’ve brainstormed about this already, and came up with a couple of different solutions. We want both the problems to be completely eliminated while protecting your family and your privacy. The first solution is of course to go forward with the apparent course of action. It will lock both Linc and the perp behind bars but it will raise their anger and may give them time to think other methods to harm you.”
“I’d rather kill them both!” I shout, my fury is oozing out of each and every cell of my body.
“Which is why next two solutions might be more appealing to you,” adds Pella firmly.
“The government has an inkling that I am holding the perp and they would like nothing more than to get their hands on him. This isn’t the first side job he has taken and tangled the organization name with powerful lips, mind you that it's an organization that isn’t supposed to exist. That creates a huge problem for them. He does more harm than good. Since the kidnapping of your son had been all over the news including the final showdown, we might have let it slip to the news agencies that the perp may have been killed in the shootout. This is what Lincoln knows happened as does rest of the world.”
“What does that prove when we know both the perp and the puppet master are alive and kicking?"
“It shows to Lincoln that we made no connection between the perp he hired and himself. He sees himself free of any blame. Here comes the second part. Sometimes not all crimes and the criminals can be exposed to public for the crimes they've committed in order to protect the innocent. But we must still punish the guilty. The officials in the shadows are prepared to give the punishment that Lincoln deserves with an equal charge that is totally unrelated to you.” I’m in full attention mode now.
“How?” I ask showing the smidgen of relief I feel.
“He can be charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, aggravated assault, and firearms charges which would put him behind the bars without the possibility of parole.” Rage is still crawling beneath my skin and revenge is pushing to the surface again. It doesn’t feel enough. He meant to kill my child. He was going to have my baby murdered by a ruthless killer with no conscience.  A life snuffed out before even having lived a single full day. How could this be justice?
“What’s the other option?” I ask.
“The other one is that I turn in the perp to government and he goes to a Super Max where all prisoners unequivocally prefer death because each day endured there is full of despair and all hope is dead. And of course we insert Lincoln to the Siberian prison where I kidnapped the other spy to get access to our perp.”
“And the difference between these two options?” I probe.
“For the first instance, they will have no idea, not even inkling that you are the one who fucked them and in the second they would both know.”
“I want them punished. I want to kill them because what they have done is beyond personal.” But am I cruel? I ask myself. I don’t forgive. I want those two nowhere near my family. Not even the possibility of them getting close ever again even in their thoughts. I don't want them staying in some corner of a prison and contemplating more ways to harm my wife and my son. But both the perp and Linc have done enough damage to the world that they can be put away permanently. As I weigh the options put before me, I hear Ana’s voice outside talking to Sawyer, wanting to see me. This brings me to my senses.
“We’ll go with the first option. I want my family out of their minds but due punishment to be delivered to them. I don’t want either one of them out. Ever! No possibility of parole, not even a single reason for them to think about me or my family. I want guarantees that neither of them will be able to get out at all.”
“Already done. The fewer eyes on the police department or any department anywhere because of your high profile, the better for them. Names like yours make everyone nervous. Your profile doesn't only brings local news, but also international news. This makes everyone nervous from local law enforcement to the federal agencies. On the other hand, no one knows who Lincoln is, neither do they care to know him. We’ll make sure that his news won’t even make page twenty seven. Lincoln will fall faster than he can say ‘timber!’ I will let you know the progress later this week,” Pella says.
“Alright then. Keep me abreast of the progress. And remember… If there is any possibility for either of them ever getting out…” I say the meaning hanging.
“Then we’ll make sure they don’t get out...alive,” Pella completes my train of thought.  

“Meeting at this hour? Come on Sawyer! Is something the matter with Christian, with GEH?”
“Mrs. Grey, please. He’s just having a meeting.”
“Out of my way Sawyer!” Ana’s voice is firm and demanding. She pushes her way through the door then her eyes go wide open. She’s in her silk robe pushing the baby’s bassinet with her.
“Oh… I… I’m sorry. I didn’t think you really had a meeting,” she says chagrined. All of the men turn to her and greet her politely. I walk towards my wife to hold her waist to both to support her and to claim her. Her silk robe is floor length, but its 1930s style truly makes my wife look like a fertility goddess with engorged breasts.
“We were just leaving Mrs. Grey,” Pella says. “We’ve had the pleasure of meeting at Taylor's wedding before. I'm not sure if you remember me; I’m Alex Pella. I was in town a short while and since I was told that Christian here would not be going to his office for at least a week, we had to intrude on your hospitality for a short while this morning. Unfortunately, business couldn't wait, and I’m bereaved for time as I'm in town only for a short while.”
“I remember you, Mr. Pella. You came with Mr. Welch,” Ana says. Her statement laced with questions with double layer: Welch is my top security. He would show up during emergencies or security related issues. Pella clearly understands her meaning and he answers without a beat.
“Yes, ma’am. It’s nearly impossible to get to Christian without going through Welch even if we are old college friends. But, I also wanted to personally deliver you and my friend a gift for your baby,” he says as Anthony produces a small but delicately wrapped package. Ana immediately smiles with the gesture doubt erased from her face and her previous question put on a back burner.
“Oh, you didn’t have to do that, Mr. Pella!” she gushes.
“May I?” she points at the box.
“I’d be disappointed if you didn’t,” Pella answers with a warm smile. Ana opens the package excitedly.
“Wow! A silver cup and spoon!” she chimes holding up an intricately carved ornate cup with a spoon.
“Now you can say that he grew up with a silver cup on his lips and a silver spoon in his hand.”
“Oh!” Ana gushes again when she notices there is another present in the box. “This bracelet! It’s exquisite! What is it made of?” she asks. A jewelry may have been an intimate and ultimately an inappropriate gift if it was made from expensive stones. But this one isn't. 
“It’s coral ma’am. It’s an ancient tradition to give coral bracelets for its therapeutic and auspicious qualities.  If you have paid attention to the renaissance paintings, even baby Jesus was wearing coral jewelry. It’s a very ancient tradition,” Pella replies. 
"You're an art lover," Ana remarks. 
"Yes, ma'am."
Ana lifts the bracelet up with bright eyes. It’s clearly evident that it’s handmade with painstaking effort. It looks both expensive and inexpensive. There’s a small eye shaped blue amulet at the end of the clasp.
“An evil eye,” he says shrugging.
“I didn’t know you were a superstitious man, Mr. Pella,” Ana grins, joking. 
“On the contrary, I’m not, Mrs. Grey. These are ancient traditions and I happened to love art that speaks and practical. And, there’s an undeniable comfort in tradition and rituals. Don’t you think?” Ana nods her agreement.
“Well, we have taken enough of Christian’s and your time early this morning. We will leave you to your family time, ma’am. Christian. Congratulations again! I’m quite happy for you both,” he says nodding with a smile as if he only came to congratulate on our baby.
The forearm shake Pella gives me on his way out doesn’t escape Ana’s notice, and neither does the brief wordless exchange that goes between us. She tenses under my arm, but doesn’t say anything. When they all leave the office she turns to me. Teddy is still sleeping.
“You shouldn’t be up baby. It’s only been a day since you got back from the hospital. Teddy and I need you to heal.”

“Why did you have such an early meeting?” she asks.
“Men like me and Pella have very tight schedules. We try to make the best of the available time for important meetings. It’s only been two days since you and Teddy got out of the hospital, I wasn’t about to go to the office for business. We went for the next best option,” I say which is part of the truth but not the truth she’s seeking.
“Why are you up anyway? You must be exhausted. Teddy was a greedy eater last night.” She smiles at my remark.
“I received several texts from Kate. The dinging from my phone woke me up,” she says. I raise my eyebrows.
“What could she be texting you about? Shouldn’t she be enjoying her honeymoon?”
“I know I said the same thing. She kept asking me how I’m handing everything and if Teddy is okay, whether you are attentive. I told her you were overly attentive. What’s interesting is that your mother also texted me almost asking identical questions. If I feel well, if Teddy is well and whether they could come and see us. Then I was about to go back to sleep, Mia texted me asking me if you had your talk with me yet. So, I figured something is up and as usual I’m the last person to know. I first thought that the doctors said something was wrong with me or Teddy and you were concealing it from me,” she states.
I shake my head vehemently, but keep my face blank.
“Come on baby, I don’t want you standing. Let’s go to the Great Room,” I tell her. Without giving her a chance to protest, I take her and push Teddy bassinet while holding Ana’s hand with the other hand. This was a talk I wanted to avoid. Still want to avoid for the time being. Once we are seated on the sofa, she turns to me again.
“Christian, I know you. Does Teddy have health problems because I tried so hard to have natural birth?” she asks. Her statement takes me aback. Guilt is all over her face and she's got an agonized look on her face.
“Of course not! He’s a very healthy baby. You should know better with the size of his appetite,” I smile to give some semblance of relief.  
“Then what? Your top security man, Mr. Pella and his man were here early hours of the morning. Something tells me that my suspicions are valid but not the direction I’m going. Soooo, what’s up? What don’t I know?” she asks worried.
I look at her blank faced.
“Tell me!” she demands. “I’ll try to find out, you know I will. I'd rather it hear from you! I swear to God, if I hear another important piece of news about me or my son from my best friend, I will be very furious! I'm your wife! Not her!” 
“I know. I wanted to shield you from it at least until you got physically better.” I start. Her eyes widen.
“So, something is wrong!” she whispers in horror.
“No, something was wrong. It is now rectified. But, promise me you hear it out all the way before you make any judgments against me or the choices I made on my own for both of us,” I plead.
“Choices? For what?”
I take a shaky breath in.
“Do you remember the incident in New York? The perp that was following you?”
“Yes?” her acknowledgement is shaky and fearful.
“He came after our baby.”
“After our baby how?” her eyes are rapidly blinking in difficulty comprehending the full effect of my statement. She tries to stand up on wobbly legs, but fall back into the sofa. She pulls Teddy’s bassinet closer to her, protectively as if the danger is near, right in the house.
“A few hours after our baby was born, he was kidnapped,” I say slowly. Ana looks at our baby sleeping in his bassinet, and then to me just to be sure he’s here and this isn’t just a horrible dream.
“You said, kidnapped. He’s right here! Isn’t he? Right here?”
“Yes, he is. I had to leave you at the hospital when you were recovering from the birth,” I say gritting my teeth, “and we chased the perp to get our baby back,” giving her only the essential information.
“Why would anyone want to kidnap our baby?” she asks uncomprehending how can anyone be so cruel. I tilt my head to the side.
“I’m Christian Grey, the 25th richest man in the world. Just by default, for being me, I attract enemies, money hungry people, or someone whose toes I may have stepped on in the past.”
“How did you find Teddy then?” asks Ana unable to resist, picks our son up from his bassinet and hold him tight into her chest.
“I don’t think it would have been possible if it wasn’t for Pella. He was the first one to discover him missing and got a description of the perp.” It’s hard to relive the events of the day. My heart skips a beat. I take a deep, shaky breath.
“So, Mr. Pella’s visit was about Teddy’s kidnapping this morning! What happened to the bastard that kidnapped my baby?”
Our baby…” I correct her. She rolls her eyes. Then she holds Teddy even closer and starts sobbing with full impact of the loss and recovery of our infant son.
“Baby, baby… Ana! He’s safe. He’s here, right in your arms where I wanted him to be. As long as I’m alive, no one can take him away from you. Do you understand?” I say holding both her and our baby in my embrace. Teddy makes a whimpering sound without opening his eyes. Ana starts rocking him to soothe whatever has bothered out son.
“Shhhh…” she says with suppressed sobs.
“Where is the kidnapper? Did they capture him?” she asks angrily.
“The news from the police is…” I say holding my breath, not willing to lie to my wife but also to protect her from further worry, not check her back with every step, then I wait for a little bit.
“What? Did they let him go already?” she asks incredulous; my wife is the embodiment of a lethal mother feline. When I don’t say a word, she raises her voice standing up with Teddy in her arms.
“Christian Grey! You tell me that they didn’t release the bastard who kidnapped my son!”
“No, no, no! No one got released. After the chase and it is a blur to me now, the police got involved, my security detail, and there was a crash, a rollover. The perp was still making threats against our son. I died a thousand deaths to get to Teddy and the fucker was always three steps ahead of us. When his vehicle rolled over, I was terrified. The perp had the opportunity to hurt Teddy if the crash didn't harm him. We were helpless in a way. I was ready to change places with Teddy if he let my baby go. But, before he could respond, Melissa shot him.”
“Is the bastard dead?” Ana asks. It’s a direct question. What do I say? I won’t lie to her.
“The official news from the police is that the perpetrator is dead.” I state. That's what the police reports and the news agencies will say.
“So, is that why all the top security were here? Would the police want to arrest Melissa? You won’t let them, will you? She saved our son’s life! If she didn’t kill him, I would expect you to shoot him! If I hadn’t been strapped in a hospital gurney, I would have done it myself!” She’s frantic now.
“Ana! Ana... Ana... Calm down, baby. No one is arresting Melissa. She works for me. He was the perpetrator. This was a rescue mission for our newborn baby. No jury in the world would convict her. He is the scum! No one will be able to arrest Melissa.”
“Christian, you know how they released Hyde on bail before! It’s as if victims’ rights don’t matter! You can’t let them take Melissa! She saved Teddy!” with worry and fear.
I reach to my wife in a single step and hug her sideways since she’s holding the baby who is now waking up. Ana’s trembling. Anger? Rage? Fear? Worry? A combination of all?

“Baby, listen to me: Melissa is fine. She isn’t going anywhere. She’s a skilled bodyguard and she was just doing her job. They can’t as much take her to downtown to get her statement, let alone arrest her for any supposed crime. She will keep guarding you and Teddy,” I say as I gently seat her. This is the reason I shield her from news that would devastate her. “I will never allow anyone…anyone to hurt either one of you! You and Teddy are my entire universe!”

Sia - Salted Wound

“Why didn’t you tell me before?” she asks disappointed. But before I get an answer out, Teddy starts crying. She coos him and offers him her breast which he takes greedily.
“Baby, you had just given birth by C-section. I had marshal in all my focus, control and patience which you know I don’t have a lot of, to locate and rescue our baby safely. I couldn’t have done that if you knew about, suffering and scared to death! Look how terrified you are now even though you hold him in your arms. I could only handle one emergency, and I chose the life and death one where our baby needed me to save him. It’s my job to protect both of you!” I say vehemently. She blinks several times and lets what I said sink in.

“You love Teddy! You really love him a lot! Christian!” she sobs extending her hand to me wanting me to be even closer.
"In what universe I wouldn't love my son? Of course I love him!" 
“I gave birth to him, but you gave him back to me!”
“Don’t you know that I’ve been ready to hand you the world since I met you? How could deny you the one thing you love the most?”
The full, frightful weight of the kidnapping falls onto her like a thick, dark, suffocating blanket. I hug her and our son comforting, letting them feel that I am their protector.
“Enough of the morbidity,” I whisper gently. “We have a son! You have given me my son!”
“Our son,” she says shakily with the slightest hint of a weak smile.
“Are the reporters camped outside of the property?” she asks.
“There may be some, but I think they’re there to get a glimpse of the post baby pictures of my gorgeous wife and the first images of our beautiful son. At this very moment, I’m the luckiest man alive!”
She kisses me and Teddy protests with the shifting of her breast with his cries.
“Welcome to the parenthood!” Ana says with a genuine smile this time.

*****          *****

It's been three weeks since we brought my wife and son home from the hospital and he is absolutely thriving. While both of them sleeping I manage to work in my office about three hours. My phone buzzes at 9:00 a.m. in the morning. I look at the number with concern. Many horrid scenarios cross through my head.
“Hey mom, is everything okay?” Events of than three weeks ago still make me nervous every time the phone rings.
“Good morning to you, too, Christian. Yes, everything is great," she chirps happily. "We were wondering,” she says hesitating, “if we could come over to see Teddy.” She asks her question in hesitation, worried that she might be imposing on us.
“Sure, mom,” I say knowing Ana has been itching to have some company or an opportunity to going out. I think company would keep her at home a little longer. We had taken Teddy for his first pediatrician appointment, but after realizing Ana was in pain during the trip and at the pediatrician's office, I made sure the doctor came home for the second appointment. But she has been healing well and she’s itching to go out. Since the reporters are still flocking around us, I think it’s best to the news of our son’s kidnapping be replaced by some other trivial news that could grab the public interest.
“We’ve seen him just once this week. Elliot and Kate came back from their honeymoon a few days ago. Both of them were anxious to meet him. Of course, if all of us are too much, we can come another day. But, I think I would have a hard time keeping Mia at home or your dad for that matter.”
“Yes, Elliot texted me about their return. He also said that Kate now has a permanent job at the Seattle Times as a reporter. We’re very happy for her. She’s quite tenacious,” I say disguising my discomfort about her overreaching tenacity.
"It would be nice to see you all."
“Wonderful!" she exclaims. 
"When do you want to come?”
“Are you quite sure if it’s a good day to come today? It’s Saturday, you and Ana may have other plans.”
“No, mom. Since the baby sleeps and eats often - nurses mostly,” I qualify, “I prefer that we’re home this weekend.” This is not the primary reason of course. I have the means to provide plenty of privacy and proper comfort for my wife and baby. I just want to make sure she’s fully healed and not subjected to paparazzi and reporters.
“Okay, then. How about around 2 p.m.? This will give enough time for Ana to sleep in but we want to be able to see the baby when he’s not sleeping,” she says unable to keep her excitement out of her voice. My son already wrapped every member of the family right around his little finger.
“2 p.m. it is then,” I say with a smile.

“Mrs. Taylor!” I call out after I hang up with my mom. She’s busily working in the kitchen.
“Yes, Mr. Grey,” she turns to me with a professional smile.
“We have company this afternoon, Gail. My parents, sister, brother and sister-in-law are coming for a visit,” I inform her.
“Are they coming for lunch or dinner, sir?”
“Let’s be prepared for afternoon snacks and dinner.”
“Of course, sir. I already have Mrs. Grey’s approved menu. Is there anything additional or special you would add for this evening, sir?” she asks.
“I’m sure the regular menu is fine for dinner, but, you can have finger foods ready for afternoon snacks.”
I feel her presence before she utters the first word.
“It’s barely ten Christian. Is Teddy’s hunger rubbing off on you?” Ana asks walking into the kitchen.
“Hi, baby! You’re up!”
She comes wrapping her arms around my waist. I pull her to me and kiss her deep, company or not. She’s my wife, my woman; the mother of my child. I feel very possessive of her. Her hands tangle into my hair. Pulling me towards her, she tries to merge her body with mine.
“Nooo,” I whisper into her mouth.
“Yesss…” she murmurs back and I can feel Mrs. Taylor discreetly leaving the kitchen to give us privacy with a tiny smile on her lips.

Frank Sinatra - Witchcraft

“No!” I reiterate. “I crave you more than you can imagine Ana, but remember what Doctor Greene said: It will take six weeks for you to heal.”
“But you don’t need to disturb the stitches,” she groans in protest.
“Baby, I promise that once you heal, I will make it worth your while that we waited. But I can’t do it without making sure you are fully healed. Teddy and I both need you. You need to  be be completely well. Okay? You know I never back away from my promises.”
“I am well. I’ve had a private nurse who doted over me; my doctor cleared me to hold the baby because I’m healing faster than average patients. My stitches are healing beautifully," she runs her hand over her belly across the stitches under her shirt. "I don’t know if I can wait this long.” 
“Yes, you can. Besides, we have company coming,” I say changing the topic hoping to shift her attention elsewhere.
“Company? Who is coming?” she asks still holding onto me tightly.
“Family. Since Elliot and Kate came back from their honeymoon, they want to come with my parents to see the baby. But, I think my parents and Mia are totally in love with him and looking for any excuse to spend time with Teddy.”
“What’s not to love? Even the security details find excuses to see him. He’s going to be one spoiled baby,” she says in awe. “What time are they coming?”
“At about 2.”
“2? Oh dear! I better get ready! I want to look my best for the company.”
“Baby, relax. They know you are recovering. I don’t want you to rush and hurt yourself!” I say as she is trying to untangle herself out of my arms.
“Christian, I want to look my best because I just had a baby. I don’t want them to think that I have gotten fat.”
“You are perfect! Especially with the oversize breasts!” She grins looking down.
“Yes, I’m very fond of them.”
“So are Teddy and I,” I respond with a wink.

*****          *****

 “I’ve seen you this week already. I’m here to see my nephew. Out of my way!” Mia teases me as she mock pushes me out of her way.
“Mia, he’ll wake up in about 10-15 minutes if you wait,” I tell her.
“Oh, please Ana! Can I please see him? I missed him so!” she turns to Ana to take advantage of her soft side.
“Mia! Let him get his sleep,” mom chides her.
Everyone gushes at how amazing Ana looks. My brother gives her a big hug.
“Hello little mother! We couldn’t wait to see you and Teddy! We missed you too bro, but we could have waited to see you,” Elliot teases giving me a hug and a pat on my shoulder. Kate gives Ana a prolonged hug. She holds her hands pulling herself back to give Ana a good once over.
“You look amazing! Motherhood agrees with you! I’m so glad to see you smiling and happy. And look at those knockers! They’re huge!” she whispers, but it’s still loud enough for everyone to hear it. Ana blushes.
“Perks of motherhood no one complains about in this household,” she beams as a response. We move the family to the Great Room where everyone can sit and socialize comfortably.
“I heard that you got a permanent position at Seattle Times. Congratulations! We're so happy for you!” Ana gushes.
“Thank you, Ana,” Kate beams. “If you could pick up the phone yesterday, I could have told you myself. I thought I’d leave it to when we came to see you.”
“I’m sorry about that. These days, I’m trying to sleep when I can to heal as fast as I can, and when the baby is awake, I don’t want to be separate from him even a single minute. I’m so in love with my baby!” Her eyes shine brightly when she talks about Teddy.
“I thought that was the case. I texted you a few times, but you only sent very short responses and haven't returned to me a second time. I was really worried about you Ana. Are you feeling better now?”
“Oh, I feel well and blissfully tired! Dr. Greene says I’m healing faster than most other C-section moms. That’s thanks to Christian monitoring everything, making sure I’m well cared for. He’s been a doting husband and father. I couldn’t be happier.” Her loving smile lights up the room as if she has everything that matters in the whole world.
Kate scans her face carefully for any signs of trouble or distress and looks relieved finding none.
“When did your mom leave?” she asks a follow up question.
“She had to go after the first week. Bob can’t function without my mom.”
“Hey bro!” shouts Elliot from the other end of the room. “When can we see the baby?”
“Wait a few more minutes. He tends to wake up on his own,” I respond while keeping a close ear what Kate is going to say. But what I expect from her Kate doesn’t come from her.
“Christian! The damn paparazzi is hounding everyone about Teddy’s kidnapping seeking information! They’re even parked outside your entrance,” Mia blurts out. I give her a forbidding look. Both mom and dad look appalled.
“Mia!” they shout reprimanding.
“Whaaat? Well, they are! I just wondered when they would stop. The last time they went on a couple of months,” she continues as if no one chided her. Mia has no brain to mouth filter.
Now that the cat is out of the bag, all eyes are on Ana’s face. Since she doesn’t make any shocked gesture, my parents breathe a sigh of relief. This is the first time the topic is out.

“How are you feeling about all this?” Kate asks holding Ana’s hand.
“I am extremely grateful that Christian and the security team were able to find Teddy without getting him harmed. I would never want Christian to live through such an ordeal ever again. Apparently I slept through the whole thing. In a way, I’m glad I did. I would have died with worry,” she says with guilt laden voice.
“You can’t feel guilty, Ana! You were already tired at the wedding and then you went through a long labor. We were all so worried about you. Christian was absolutely frantic,” Kate says. Kate Grey is finally learning to be a part of the Grey family? Curious. Ana pats my knee lovingly where her hand stays with a happy smile on her lips.
“Oh, Christian!" Kate says turning to me as if she has an after thought. "Have you heard that Roger Lincoln has been arrested two days ago with massive tax fraud and evasion charges after several members of his board came forward who by the way, interestingly have been granted full immunity? The rumor is that government is getting him like they got Al Capone. Apparently, they can’t convict him for whatever the real crime he has committed, they’re getting him for unrelated charges to lock him behind the bars.” I stiffen and Ana notices my reaction under her hand.
“Roger Lincoln? Elena’s husband? The one who paid for Jack Hyde’s bail?” Mia asks. Ana looks at me with shocked, bewildered eyes. Kate's gaze misses nothing.
I shrug.
“I’m glad he’s behind bars, but he’s no concern of mine,” I say dismissing. Ana is deathly silent.
“I’m assigned to the case. This news normally wouldn’t be an as big a deal for Seattle Times, but since you overtook his company, my newspaper is making it a big deal because of that particular connection,” Kate says nonchalantly looking at her French manicured nails as if the subject she’s laying before me is secondary to her thoughts.
“Surely, you can’t take a case that would be a conflict of interest for you,” my father says to Kate.
“I’m a professional journalist, Carrick. I assure you that it would not be a conflict of interest for me. Besides, it’d be better me than someone else. Because they’re looking at the news from two different angles," she goes on explaining without giving a second thought about Ana. "First angle they presume is that Christian too may be involved in the tax evasion, but, I told them that it would be unlikely because Christian took over the company years after the evasion occurred and…” but Elliot cuts her.
“You never told me you took a case to investigate and write about my brother,” Elliot says accusing.
“It’s not about Christian; it’s about a Mr. Roger Lincoln,” Kate says indignantly.
“What’s the other angle?” I ask without a note of the distress I’m feeling. Keep your enemies closer and all. 
“The other is that because you overtook the company so fast, they feel you may have a hidden animosity against the man or his company which may make a juicy story and they want to dig deeper,” she says. I shrug.
“Do you know how many companies GEH overtook in just the past five years?"
"How many?" she asks nonchalantly.  
"Thirty-seven companies of various sizes. Some small, some big. I don’t do all the acquisitions. I have amply paid business managers working to do just that. And Lincoln Timber was a profitable acquisition because it was going down fast under bad management of a greedy board.” I take a sip of my beer and smile at Kate.
“I am very good at making money Kate and the Lincoln Timber as well as its assets are fully liquidated. Surely, you should have some idea about how big businesses are run from your dad and his company. The companies GEH acquires are like stocks. You don’t need to keep them forever, just long enough to make money.”
“But are you cooperating with the feds about Roger Lincoln? Providing them financial records and papers from Lincoln Timber?”
“Kate!” Elliot chides firmly.
But Elliot's voice is entirely suppressed by someone who has been totally silent during the entire exchange.
“I thought you came here to see me. No, first I thought you came here to see the baby, but you’re here to grill my husband for a fucking newspaper article!” Ana stands up. Disappointment, hurt and anger drips from each word she utters.
“No, no! You know the tenacious side of me, Ana! I can’t resist a story. I’m a journalist!” Kate defends herself.
“A journalist? You're my best friend and a part of the Grey family first. I will not allow your Spanish inquisition in my own home!” Ana says firmly without raising her voice, but she doesn’t need to. 
“I’m sorry, Ana. I just think he’s hiding something,” Kate whispers.
“Everyone has secrets Kate. Even you! He isn’t going to divulge his business secrets with Seattle Times and the rest of the world so you can have a story! This is my home, my family!”
“Don’t you want to know what is being hidden?”
“My God, Kate! I just had a baby. My baby was kidnapped the day he was born. My husband brought him back to me! I would prefer to focus on my infant son and my family. Forgive me if Mr. Lincoln and his legal troubles have been the farthest thing from my mind! I. Simply. Don’t. Care!” Ana says turning her back and starts to walk away from the living room.
“Kate, shut the hell up!” Elliot comes to her side holding her arm in silent warning. She shrugs him.
“They think the two incidents are related, Ana,” Kate says. Ana turns around on her heels.
“So, you’re here to find out our family secrets for your job?” Her voice is hurt.
“No, Ana! Exactly the opposite! I want to protect my best friend.”
My parents and sister are too stunned to say anything with this exchange.
“It seems like everyone thinks that I’m an invalid, unable to care for herself. Thank you Kate. I can protect myself and where I can't I believe it’s Christian’s job and he’s been doing a spectacular job so far. What I needed from you is to be my best friend. Not make decisions on my behalf. We’re supposed to be sisters, not you making my family a subject of inquiry so you can write a story.” Ana walks away grabbing the baby monitor receiver from the coffee table. I have had enough of Kate's crap.
“I need to have a word with you two. Now!” I bark to Kate and Elliot.
 “I have to talk to Ana. I hurt her feelings. That was the farthest thing from my mind! I was only trying to make her aware…” Both her face and her voice falls. I stand up, gaze at my brother and his wife.
“Now!” I reiterate.

Either Kate Kavanagh learns to be a Grey today or permanently cut out of our lives. At this very moment, I don’t care which. 

Chapter IV is coming up later today.