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The Pella Series - Chapter VII - in part



The daylight finally starts seeping through the large windows of the master suite of my ranch when the frosted glass windows turns clear automatically at noon, but they’re still obscured by a layer of tint to block the heat of the desert sun out. Either I have died and finally went to Elysium, or I have finally found my wife. Our legs are tangled up, and I’m completely coiled around her; her body is lying on top of mine while my arms are caging her possessively, protectively and avariciously, her head tucked at the crook of my arm, her hair sprawled on my pillow and my shoulder, our scents and the smell of sex and musk are mingled and united in a heady concoction as we fell asleep after a long night of lovemaking, my penis still inside her, unwilling to separate from her even in sleep.

She groans, and inhales. A very soft, “Alexander,” comes out of her lips barely decipherable, but it’s there. Her voice carries a deep seated plea. An almost whimper escapes her lips. I softly caress her hair, careful not to jostle her. She’s dreaming of our past. My fingers trail on her back slowly, sensually. She moves, but I encase her between my legs to not to break our connection. Feeling my cock inside her, and my fingers on her back, her eyelids crack open slightly.  
“Good morning, angel,” I whisper to Elissa. Her dark heavy lashes curtain her sleepy sapphire blues, and brief sadness crosses her eyes, but then a resolute decision passes through her gaze and finally a smile slowly creeps up on her lips.  
“Hi,” she whispers shyly in a soft voice. The sound of her voice makes my erection grow into a cocked gun position, stretching the insides of her sex, reaching into the depths of her secret spot.  
“You must be sore from last night, but...” I say and my cock twitches its protest inside her sex. Even though the Nephilims heal faster, I know she hasn't reclaimed herself fully yet. I have to show restrain when it comes to her body. But the depth of my desire is so ferocious for Elissa; I can easily lose myself in her body. I have to summon all my faculties to harness and control my lust and ardor.  But, maybe I'm not giving her enough credit. I'm still in complete awe of her for having presented enormous strength in facing Phlegethon last night and she saved Anthony. As I run my fingers over her throat, I notice that  her superficial cut from the glaive has healed itself and not even a scar left in its place. Despite her evident strengths, she’ll retain her human frailties until she fully regains her memories. I’m torn inside because I want to protect her even from myself, but I also desperately want to fuck her senseless right now; my cock is starved for her, ravenous to ride her hard, deep and nonstop until at least the edge of the feeling dulls. Who am I kidding? How could the yearning of two centuries subside for the woman I have loved all my existence? Yet, I still have to show restraint when it comes to her body. I’m the strongest Nephilim; and what’s more I don’t want her to remember our time here to be rough; but pleasing, unforgettable, and spectacular.  
“...but,” I continue wetting my bottom lip, and I don’t get a chance to continue. She lifts her head up off the crook of my arm, leans down and capturing my lower lip between hers, she starts sucking it in rhythmic pulls, expertly. When she slightly sinks her teeth into the flesh of my lip, my cock fully comes alive, swelling up and aching for friction. She just fucking took me over by preemptive strike! Shit! It’s hotter than Hades! Angel, you have only to ask. 

I sit up in one swift move with her clutching my hair, and she’s still sucking my lower lip. My tongue darts out, and with one swooping motion, I force her lips to close over mine. When our lips touch, a jolt of electricity goes through our bodies; my soft and gentle kiss turns passionate and feverish.  Her tongue hesitantly enters into my mouth and I capture and suck it making her groan and then graze over it with my teeth. I swallow her yearning moans as my tongue enters into her mouth and sweeping inside, stroking her tongue in deep sensual licks. A shiver goes through her body, and she clings to me tighter, her fingers pulling my hair, her body shifting as she’s straddling my hips, her sex strokes my cock, gripping it tight, not wanting to let go.

“Ellie...” I gasp. “Are you sure? You must be sore...”

“Please...” she moans into my lips. In that single word she packs all of her yearning, hunger for me. Her sex is as tight as a closed fist attempting to pull my cock in deeper. How can I say no to her when I want her with an interminable lust and longing and she wants me with the same intensity?  

“Okay, then. But, can you handle intense? I won’t be able to stop, Ellie!”

I carry Ellie to the corner of the suite; pressing a button on the wall, the two rotating pull up handles are lowered almost without noise. 

“What is that?” Ellie asks.

“Morning exercise,” I reply with a salacious smile. “You love climbing rocks; I want you to climb me. Wrap your wrists in it, and feel it stretch you,” I whisper. The gravity and I will do the rest. 

“But?” she questions.

“Do you trust me Ellie? Do you trust that I’ll take care of you, of your body’s needs?” She looks at me with wide eyes, and nods emphatically.

 “Then get your hands through the leather loops, and hold the pull-up handles, angel,” I command. Her arms reach up, getting her hands through the leather, she firmly holds onto the pull-up handles. She’s stretched taut, and there’s just enough bounce in the coils holding the pull-up handles, when I thrust my cock into her, she’ll bounce up a little, but also will land on my cock causing it to go deeper in her; what’s more bouncing her breasts into my willing hands, and lips. 

“Now, wrap your legs around my hips,” I instruct her. She does as she’s told immediately. My left hand holds her buttocks. 

“When I tell you to move, you move, angel!” I order, and she nods. ungulate my hips, and the friction caused by my cock inside her sex makes her grip it even tighter, making her moan.

Shhh...” I soothe her. “Now, move!” I order, and she moves her sex up using her arms’ strength, and as she’s descending down, I thrust upward, and she cries out. I still her hips immediately.

“Baby, are you hurt?” I ask concerned.

“No... Just... feels amazing!” she replies, her head tilted back. 

“Again?” I ask.

“Yes, please!” she begs. 

“Move again, then.” 

She moves up and as she comes down on my cock, I drill into her farther, and spring her back up again. Her breasts rub onto my chest hair, stimulating her. I raise my right hand and capture her nipple between my thumb and index finger, kneading, pulling, and lengthening it, as my left hand holds her buttocks. I switch hands and pay the same attention to her other nipple. Slowing her movements down, I gyrate my hips, and my cock locates her sweet spot, rubbing it. I take her nipple between my lips and swirl my tongue around it. Her nipple swells and elongates more into my mouth. I suck it rather forcefully but soothe the sting by blowing on it, and licking it. Elissa pushes her head back, thrusting her breast further into my mouth, and I grin. My hand travels on her back caressing, my hips gyrating, and I start moving again, pushing her up, and she falls back onto my cock in a welcoming envelope. 

“I’m going to push your back into the wall now, angel,” I whisper. “Let go of the pull-up handles, and hold onto my neck,” I instruct her.

“Y..y.yes...” she whimpers. Her arms deftly embrace my neck. We are nose to nose, “Now, I’m going to fuck you till you are sore, and you scream with pure pleasure,” I whisper through gritted teeth, my eyes not leaving hers. A shudder goes through her body, and she nods.  I place her back onto the wall to keep her immobile. I close my eyes, and inhale her scent. My lips go down to her neck, nipping and sucking and making my way up to her chin, then to her lower lip, and finally I fully possess her lips, and I start thrusting into her tight sex first slowly then I increase my speed while my lips are molded over hers. My tongue licks the insides of her mouth again, reacquainting. She sucks my tongue; that simple sensual act curls my toes, drives my cock further into her. I pound into her repeatedly.  Her heels dig into my ass with built up orgasm, and tension, trying to spread the pleasure through her body desperately.  
Her sex tightens up around me like a snug glove, and I thrust into her more. Her eyes roll back in her head, her hands tangled in my hair pulling hard. Her lips desperately seek mine to be fucked at both ends. Her incoherent shouts of my name are lost, and I swallow all her pleasure while giving her all I got. Her legs clasp around my torso to spread the waves of orgasm going through her body. I thrust into her three more times, before I lose myself in a mind and a body shuttering orgasm only she can give me; I come copiously, in thick spurts.  
Her legs are finally limp, her arms lax, and her head lulled onto my shoulders; I carry her by my bed, reluctantly pull out of her and stand her up on the floor. My cock is covered with the evidence of her lost virginity and our sex. The drips of semen run on her inner thigh and two large drops land on the floor. I raise an amused eyebrow at her and she blushes crimson. 

“I’ll clean us up,” I whisper, and scoop her off the floor carrying her in my arms into the bathroom. I turn the shower on, and start cleaning her legs up gently. 

“Shower?” I ask raising my eyebrows. 

“Oh...” she replies, “I don’t think I have any strength left to stand up,” she whispers in a chagrined tone, going red to her hairline. I lift her chin up with my index finger. “Oh angel, there is also a horizontal shower in there,” I indicate large Roman bath with my head. I lift her up and walk her into the shower. The lights are dim, and soothing. I lay her on the long shower bench raised off the floor about three feet with the warmed up stone on its basin. Walking to the docked iPod in a waterproof casing, I turn Mozart’s “Duettino Sull’aria” from the Marriage of Figaro on.   

Duettino Sull’aria

The shower water is just the right temperature, spraying on her from six different trays with gyrating nozzles, and rains on her back gently, relaxing her completely. I had this shower built akin to the ancient Roman and Greek baths I have missed.  I squirt body wash over a large sea sponge and gently start rubbing circles on her shoulders, around her neck, slowly going down her spine and her buttocks. A relaxed moan escapes her lips. She’s lying on her front; her arms folder under her head, her eyes closed in the most relaxed state. I set the flow of water with just enough pressure to stimulate her skin but low enough pressure so that I can take as long as I want with the process. I soap her back all over and it is slowly washed off.

I bend her left leg back on the knee and soap it as well. Abandoning the sea sponge, I pour bath oil in my palm, then I place her foot on my shoulder and slowly as her leg still bend on the knee, I slide my biceps and triceps over her calves sensually, massage her leg. I lower her leg on the basin and pay the same attention to her ankle, heel and instep with only the tips of my fingers and thumb. I massage the pads of each of her toes. I repeat the process on her right leg, molding her under my licentious touch.  After letting the water wash off the oil off her feet, I take her big toe into my mouth, and suck it slowly and sensually. Her core tightens immediately, and a lustful sigh escapes her lips. I graze her instep with my teeth and put it down. She groans her protest when I put her foot down, making me grin. 

I walk to the middle of the basin, I turn Elissa over. I soap my hands and lather her neck, massaging her shoulders, wash under her arms, and her sides. When my fingers reach her belly button, my breath hitches. It’s so damn sexy, semi-deep, oval, and has a crescent on one side. What I would love to do to it right now! But I swallow, and only run my thumbs around her navel, and deep in her belly button; knowingly stimulating her ovaries directly below and sending pleasures to her core directly. Then my fingers glide to her thighs, purposefully avoiding her breasts and her sex. Involuntarily she arches her back off the basin; her gesture begging some attention for her breast. Her eyes follow my movements, pleading. I want her to want me with the same fathomless ferocity I crave her. I’m starved for her; I want her to tell me that she wants me explicitly.  

“Am I neglecting you in some way Ellie?” I murmur, sensually. She blushes, and closes her eyes, embarrassed to still crave me after all night and this morning. Her index finger flies to her mouth chewing the side of her index fingernail. She closes her eyes, blushing.  I slowly saunter to the side of her beautiful head like a predator. 
My lips hover barely above her ear, and I whisper without touching her, “Ellie, don’t be embarrassed. Least of all me... I want you to tell me what you want, where you want, and how you want it,” I command her. Her body shudders, and she closes her eyes tighter, covering her face with her arms. 

“Don’t hide from me, angel. Look at me...” I coax her softly. I hold her arms, and gently pull them away from her eyes. She slowly opens her sapphire eyes shaded by thick dark lashes. 

“What do you want, baby?”

“Wash me...” she whispers.

“I thought I was,” I say giving her a lopsided smile. Then I fix the intensity of my darkened gaze on her face, my voice, a caressing whisper:  
“Where exactly do you want me to wash you, Ellie?” I ask deliberately. 

“Wash my breasts, and my sex,” she murmurs swallowing, and my cock rises into full salute. 

“Yes, ma’am!” I reply. I soap my hands and place them under the swooping curve of her breasts. Then slowly I move my hands towards her outward pointing, perky nipples; I cup her well-toned breasts and knead them achingly slow. The gently raining shower water slowly washes the suds off her breasts in rivulets. My hands move down her body lazily and teasing towards her sex. Lathering my hands with body wash again, I slowly palm her sex. My fingers glide over her bloom. I tease the small patch of hair over her pubic bone. She arches her hips up into my palm. I skate one finger over her inviting slit. Her hip ungulate hungrily. Two fingers... A moan escapes her lips; my palm teases her clitoris until all the suds run out of her sex. 

“All clean...” I say. She scrambles trying to sit up. 

“What? No! I mean... I mean... what?” she asks completely stunned. 

“You asked me to wash your breasts, and sex. I’ve done just that. Is it not to your satisfaction, Ellie?” I ask seductively with smoldering eyes. The shower water lazily rains on her hair and body running beading up, trailing over her breasts, dropping from her nipples, and slowly running off her body. She parts her wet hair, and pushes it back with both her hands in exasperation, looks at me with pleading eyes. Then covering her face with her hands she whispers.

“Are you going to leave me like this?” she asks softly.

I stroll towards her stand only a few inches away from her.

“ Ellie?” I ask slowly, each word a caress. My breath is on her, but I don’t touch. Her eyes fly open, chest heaving, lips parted. 

“Craving you... your touch on me...” 

“Tell me how you want to be touched, angel. Tell me your desire,” I say.

“Alex...” she says, with longing. “I’ve never had, or experienced any of these feelings until yesterday,” she says as she looks down at my wet, bare feet. “I don’t know how to be touched. Surely, it’s not normal...” she says covering her face with her hands. I slowly hold her hands, bringing them up to my lips, kissing each of her knuckles tenderly. 

“Talk to me, angel...” I encourage her.
“I’m scared...” she says swallowing, searching my eyes. “I’m scared that it’s wrong to desire someone... You,” she says visibly swallowing as she holds her gaze on my face, “with this intensity... with this... this ferocious hunger,” she says slowly. “It can’t be healthy or good...for me, or for you. I’ve known you one day, and...” she shakes her head, looks down onto the floor.

“Angel,” I whisper tipping her chin up, keeping her eye contact with me. “You can’t be expected to follow the same norms set for humans any more than they are expected to follow norms of any other species... We are only half human. We live longer. We are stronger. Much...” I say kissing her lips, “much...” I whisper into her mouth, “much stronger.”

“That means more stamina,” I say wrapping her legs around my torso as my erection folds over her belly, “and we don’t always forge strong bonds, but the ones we do forge are...” I say biting her lower lip as she closes her eyes and gasps in shudders, “...permanent.” 

“Alex,” she whispers. 

“Is it healthy to blend this and working for you as your assistant?” 

“Yes. It can be done,” I murmur to her ear as I caress her back sensually. 

“I don’t want you to think you’re obligated to me, or responsible for me in any way. So, don’t feel obligated if I’m not fit for the job you are offering, or, for this here...” she says indicating. “I’m okay with that.” She makes a move to get down.

“Hey...” I say, tilting her chin up, and capture her hand lowering it to my groin.

“Does that feel like you’re not fit for me to you?” I say making her grasp my full erection, thick veins throbbing under her palm. She gasps.

“” she stutters.

“Then, trust me when I say that I want you, here,” I gesture with a swoop of my hand to indicate my house, “here,” I say taking her palm on my chest, “and here,” I say grasping her hand, making her stroke every inch of my cock. “And the job is yours. It’s always been yours,” I say softly. She blinks.

“No. Just do the trial like you intended. Only if you think I’m capable of doing it... If not, I’ll get another job,” she whispers.

“Ellie...” I whisper. “What we have here,” I say, my gaze solemn searching hers, “is beyond words. I want you with the same ferocity... maybe more than you desire me.  Is that something bad for you to be around?”

She hugs me. Tight.

“Why? Why? Why do I feel this way? Why do you feel that way?” she asks softly.

I want to tell her of us. But I can’t; not without harming her. How can I tell her that she has been the last dream of my soul? Old voices in my head calling me to her; my soul seeking hers, our eternal love impelling me to seek her. The dark fear in me always creeps up to taunt me that our love would be silent forever. But this new beginning, this renewed sensuality, this touch, our connection give me a new fight to conquer the world once again. She’s no longer just a dream that I wake up and somehow find myself empty, deep in the abyss. She is the one that gives purpose to my life. She’s my inspiration. She’s my love. She’s my life.

“Why Alex?” she asks again seeking my face this time.

“When I say, what I have to say,” I say looking into her eyes unblinking, “hear me out first. Don’t judge. Don’t think with the norms of humans, of people, of what you've been taught as you grew up a human girl. Think in terms of a child of a human, and an immortal angel...” I say softly. I seek her face. She thinks for a minute, then nods solemnly.

“You know what I’m going to say, don’t you angel?” I say cocking my head to the side. She blinks repeatedly. I want to tell her I love her, that I have always loved her since I first saw her image in my head. But I can’t tell her that just yet.

“We have forged a bond. You and I... It’s an unbreakable, unshakable bond. It’s soul deep. And men may use this expression towards the object of their affection and it may mean a lot for all they can feel, but, what I feel for you is this tremendous attraction towards you which overmastered me from the very first glance at your image. I can’t resist it. I can't resist you! You... and you alone have the power to draw me to good or evil, to the fire of Hades, to the fields of Elysium, to my own bottomless abyss, or to the heights of ecstasy, or to eternal torture. What I want is you. If you were to deprive me of you, it would ruin me...” I say baring my soul to her, my eyes dilated, fear surfacing. Her hands hold my face and she whispers.

“I feel the same for you... But I don’t understand why, Alex. Surely, this isn't good. This is unhealthy...”

“Remember, you promised to not to think like a human. We are only half human. We’re more. Capable of immortality. Our angel fathers had the same strength. There’s much you need to learn about who you are... I can show you the existence you are capable of living, take you to the peaks of pleasure no human man can show you... I want you Elissa Duncan!” I say leaning in seeking her gaze, our lips only a whisper away.

She closes the breath of a distance, and our souls unite once again.

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This chapter was absolutely beautiful. I wish it was a book so that I did not have to stop reading.

I can feel the love between Alex and Elisa. The pictures too are an added bonus and they bring to life the story even more.

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Rhonda Womack said...

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Rhonda Womack said...

I love this series can't hardly wait on the next installment I enjoy all of your writings.You are doing a wonderful job

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Ana Mirica said...

Hi Emine,

As usual, I love this chapter and I can't wait for the book - I don't know if you'll be able to publish in Romania, but I know for sure that Amazon delivers here :D .

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Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Hi StepherZ,

This story is actually continuing. I have finished writing it, and it will be published on September 2nd. I'll update the information when it gets close to the publication date. The final editing is finished. Book cover and a few other things are to be completed before publication.

Thank you so much for your interest! <3


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