Tuesday, June 4, 2013

BOOK IV - Chapter I - Christian and Anastasia Fan Fiction

And ever has it been known that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.

Khalil Gibran




As I pour myself a double shot of Bourbon, my Blackberry buzzes again. My heart stops and lurches with anxiety. Is it Ana?

*It was good to see you. I understand now. Don’t fret. You’ll make a wonderful father.*

It was Elena. I don’t respond back. I meant what I said to her. I said my farewell. I don’t know if she really understands, but it’s been over between us for a long time. I needed to say my peace. I down my drink in my glass and pour myself a triple shot this time. I can’t call Anastasia. I’m still mad, but I’m also feeling empty and missing her terribly. What do I want? What does any man who willingly gets drunk want? Memory loss: my current mission is reaching this free prize at the bottom of my Bourbon bottle.  

When I finally reach my free prize at the bottom of the bottle, I feel woozy, a little incoherent, and things seem to be coming in twos at me. The two waiters are standing in front of me with the bill. I take out my wallet. My fingers attempt to retrieve the money or credit card whichever I can grasp. Money decides to come out easier. It looks like I have four $100 bills.

“How much do I owe you?” I ask my speech slurred. I look at the bill but the numbers seem to walk away and change sizes to my blurry vision. I can’t see a damn thing.

Both of the waiters who look remarkably like twins with each other extend their hands for the bill. One of them finally manages to grasp it to check the number for me.

“It’s $183 Dollars sir.”

I take the cash and slap it on the table. “Two for the bill, and one for each of you. Tttippp,” I slur. My mind can’t do math right now.

“Each of us, sir?”

“Yeah, for you, and you…” I say pointing to each waiter. They both smile with identical grins.

“Thank you, sir. We appreciate your generosity.”

I stand up on my feet, but I feel the floor calling me. I hold onto the table to steady myself then make my way to the door. The cool air hits me in the face as soon as I step outside and momentarily I feel a little steadier. Now, which direction was my house?

I look around.

“Hey, my man! Do you a have smoke?” asks another fellow drunk. I pat my chest with my hands.

“Nope, fresh out.”

“Thanks, all the same,” he says with his breath smelling like cheap beer. He salutes me with his index and middle finger and walks away with unsteady steps. I think I can walk home if I can just make to each light pole without falling down. Yes, that’s seems like a good goal to me. Now, I try to walk to the next light pole that looks like more than 100 feet away. I might have to use the park benches, and building walls to make it there. Change of goals: make it to the next building wall and then to the light pole.

Anastasia is pregnant. I knocked her up. Shit! That means I won’t get to have sex with her. Damn! I still didn’t get the free prize. No memory loss!

Hey, goal number 1 is complete. I made it to the next light pole without falling. Now I have to turn the corner. Two light poles distance. I live at Escala. How many light poles away is the building?

“Taylor!” I yell. But he doesn’t answer. Oh yeah. He’s not here. He’s home, safe with Gail. He didn’t knock her up. He can safely have sex. Not Christian. Christian is going to be a dad. A terrible dad. Oh God! I’m sick! I double; my back to the light pole. My stomach tightens, and heaves. Huh, Anastasia hurled like that in that bar. It was the first night I slept with her. Anastasia... I have to get home to her. I stand straight. No puking. I walk the distance of three other light poles, very... very slowly. The ground isn’t steady. It moves and dances under my feet. It’s a balancing act to get home.

I finally see the building straight ahead. Maybe four more light poles. One light pole… Two light poles… Three light poles, and four… Home free!

I push the door. It doesn’t open. I push more. It doesn’t open. The doorman rushes. When he sees me, he takes a second look and pushes the door open, and I pull it. I knew that!

“Mr. Grey! Good evening… I mean good morning sir.”

“Morning? What time is it?” I slur. He checks his watch.

“It’s 1:30 a.m. sir.” I walk in, and the door man comes after me, and calls the elevator.

“What’s your name?”

“Sebastian, sir.”

“Yes, I knew that.” When the elevator doors ding open, I walk in, trying not to stumble. Sebastian holds the door for me. I salute him like my fellow drunk saluted me.

“Good morning to you, too…Seb… Seb…”

“Sebastian, sir.”

“Sebastian.” The door closes to Sebastian’s dumbfounded face. It takes me two tries to enter my code on the panel. The elevator takes me up with the speed of light velocity, or at least that’s how it feels to me. I’m shaken like a rotten egg. When it reaches to my penthouse, it stops and the doors open. I fumble with my keys. I walk in to the foyer, and hit myself to the table that walked right into me!

“Shit!” I try to move away, but the table follows me scraping on the floor.

“Shit!” I say again pushing it away. Leave me alone! There are double doors ahead of me, and I push them open. Someone, some angel runs toward me.

“Christian, are you okay?” she asks. Oh, that’s my knocked up wife! My seductive angel. 

“Mrs. Grey,” I greet her in a slurred speech. Shees! She looks better than an angel. She looks like she’s in a 1930s style satin nightdress. Looks like a classic beauty. Soft to touch. Warm to hold, and die to fuck!

“Oh…” I’d love to do that. “you look might fine, Anastasia.”

“Where have you been?” she asks.

I put my fingers to my lips and smile.

“Shh!” I warn her. She’ll wake someone up. Oh, yes, the baby. Then we won’t have any peace and quiet.

“I think you’d better come to bed,” she says.

“With you…” I snicker. I’d go to hell with her. All she has to do is to ask. She frowns at me. She’s beautiful even when she frowns.

“Let me help you to bed. Lean on me.”

“You are very beautiful, Ana,” I say and lean on her. The whiff of her scent hits me like a truckload of bricks. I inhale her scent. She wobbles on her feet. Is she drunk?

“Christian, walk. I am going to put you to bed.”

“Okay,” I say. Bed. It’s not as far as a light pole. I can make it. Concentrate Christian. She stumbles through the corridor supporting me.

“Bed,” I say grinning. Bed. What I’d like to do to her in bed. Or here… in the hallway. No, not in the hallway. She doesn't feel steady on her feet.

“Yes, bed,” she says as she maneuvers me to the edge, but I hold her. I love holding her. Does she know that? She makes me feel safe. Whole.

“Join me,” I say. I’m awake. I think…

“Christian, I think you need some sleep.” Oh, no. She’s saying ‘no’ to me! She’s never going to have sex with me. It’s the baby. She doesn’t want me. She just wants the baby.

“And so it begins. I’ve heard about this.” I say, sorrowful.

She frowns. “Heard about what?” she asks.

“Babies mean no sex.”

“I’m sure that’s not true. Otherwise we’d all come from one-child families.”

I gaze down at her. “You’re funny.”

“You’re drunk.”

“Yes,” I say, smiling. But wait, I didn’t forget. I couldn’t. She’s still pregnant. I’m going to be a terrible dad. I’ve nothing to offer.

“Come on, Christian,” she says softly. Her voice just soothes me. “Let’s get you into bed.” She pushes me gently and I flop on to the bed. My arms and legs spread open. She’s standing by my feet, looking like a sex goddess.

“Join me,” I say. My voice comes out slurred; words are hard to get out of my mouth.

“Let’s get you undressed first.” Undressed… Now that’s the idea. I grin. Christian might get lucky after all.

“Now you’re talking,” I say playfully.

“Sit up. Let me take your jacket off.”

I sit up, but the bedroom feels like a gyroscope. Getting in and out of focus. I flop back down. “The room is spinning,” I complain.

“Christian, sit up!” she orders me. I like that. She takes charge. I smirk up at her. “Mrs. Grey, you are a bossy little thing…”

“Yes. Do as you’re told and sit up,” she commands putting her hand on her hips. After two attempts I locate my elbows and struggle to sit up on them. She grabs my ties, and undoes it. But she won’t pull it off. Then she saddles me and pulls my jacket off my arms. I get a whiff of her delectable scent again.

“You smell good.”

“You smell of hard liquor.”

“Yes…” I say proudly. “Bour-bon.”

Her hands drop my jacket somewhere, and she puts her hands on my tie. My hands are resting on her hips. Oh, the soft, silky feeling of the fabric. “I like the feel of this fabric on you, Anastay-shia… You should always be in satin or silk.” I run my hands on the smooth fabric up and down on her hips then jerk her forward, and press my mouth against her belly where the tiny trespasser resides.

“And we have an invader in here.”

“You’re going to keep me awake, aren’t you?” I ask Junior. And take my wife away, no doubt. I look up at my wife again. She’s been mine all this time. I don’t want to share her, and now I won’t have a choice. She will only want him.

“You’ll choose him over me,” I say forlorn. She will. And I will never be the center of her world again. My Anastasia will be his. She won’t want me.

“Christian, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Don’t be ridiculous… I’m not choosing anyone over anyone. And he might be a she.”

Shit! I never considered that! A girl!

“A she…Oh. God!” I flop back on the bed, and cover my eyes with my arms. If she’s anything like Anastasia, and if she has boys running after her… Oh shit! I can’t think. I can’t. I should sleep. I’m too tired to think. Exhausted. Sleep…. Yes, sleep. The room spins once more even though my eyes closed. But, the heavy darkness of sleep slowly pulls its blanket over me, and I’m out.

*****  *****

I have a lingering pounding headache as if someone untalented is practicing drums inside my head. How much did I drink? I finished the bottle of wine, and the bourbon. There’s only the seeping light from the window, but even that is bothering me. My hand travels to the pillow next to me, but it’s undisturbed, and cold. I sit up abruptly, and feel like I hit my head to the wall. Where’s Anastasia? Fuck! She’s not here! She isn’t here. Did she get up early? Is she in the bathroom? I jump out of bed, and look around. Nothing is disturbed in the room. My jacket is off. So is my tie. My shoes and socks are taken off. I don’t remember taking them off. But I don’t remember much about last night. Fucking free prize of memory loss now finds me!

“Ana!” I call, but she doesn’t answer. I rush out to the living room, and there’s no sign of her. Mrs. Jones is in the kitchen.

“Gail, have you seen Ana this morning?”

“No, Mr. Grey. Not since last night.”


“I only saw her last night after you left, sir…” she says her face takes a fearful expression.

“What happened? What did she say?”

“Not much. She was crying and wanted to have white wine,” she says and I wince, “but decided on a cup of tea instead. She didn’t eat, just took her tea and went to the library. That was the last time I saw her, Mr. Grey,” she says with a worried look on her face.

Oh shit! She may have gone to stay with Kate. I run to my bedroom to get my cell phone. I turn it on, and there’s a text message from Anastasia. My heart stops. Oh, God! She left me! I find myself collapsing onto the bed with my Blackberry in my hand, and open her message up with shaky hands.


FW: *It was good to see you. I understand now. Don’t fret. You’ll make a wonderful father.*

Shit! Shit! Shit!

“Anaaaa!” I call out, but no response comes. I dial her cell phone number. It rings and rings, and goes to her voice-mail  Breathe! Breathe! Breathe! I don’t leave a message. I hang up and dial again. It rings ominously. I walk around to see if I can hear Your Love is King, but nothing is heard. It goes to voice mail again.

“Ana! Where are you? I’m worried about you. Please…” my voice goes to a whisper. “Call me. I’ll come and get you.” I hang up, and with shaky hands I dial Katherine Kavanagh’s phone. When she answers the phone, she sounds groggy.

“Hello? Who the hell is this at this hour?” she replies miffed.

“It’s Christian Grey,” I say through gritted teeth. Is she tired because Ana woke her up at night? Did she pick her up from Escala?

“Christian? What’s wrong? Is Elliot okay?” she asks immediately.

“How the hell shall I know about Elliot? I’m calling you about Ana. Is she there with you?”

“Why would she be here with me?” she asks confused, and then her voice turns icy. “Did you do something to her? Or maybe I should ask this instead: What have you done to her?” she is suddenly wide awake.

“I’m looking for my wife, and I haven’t done anything. We had an argument last night, and I can’t find her this morning. I want to know if she’s with you or not. Is she there with you?” I ask menacingly.

“Why would I tell you if she was?”

“God damn it Kate! I’m worried about my wife! If you have an ounce of concern for your friend, you would tell me if she is with you or not so I can go look for her and find her!” I shout.

“She isn’t here! Geez! Why is she…”she starts saying, but I hang up on her. She isn’t with Kate. God! Where would she go?

“Taylor!” I shout as I dash out of my room and dial Anastasia’s cell phone once more. When it goes to voice-mail again I hang up. Taylor, Sawyer and Ryan are already assembled in the living room and waiting for me. I’m completely shaking as if there’s an earthquake.

“Mrs. Grey is missing,” I say swallowing. “Has any of you seen her this morning? Taylor?”

“No, I haven’t sir. Not since last night,” he replies. I start breathing through my nose like raged bull.

“Sawyer? Did you see her last night? Or did she come and ask you to give her a ride someplace?”

“No sir. The last I saw her was yesterday after she got off work and we all came home,” he says dumbfounded.

My eyes turn towards Ryan. “I haven’t seen her at all. Yesterday or today, sir,” he replies completely chagrined. I start breathing heavily. The clothes I'm wearing from yesterday are wrinkled. My shirt is unbuttoned, my tie is missing. I feel my hands automatically flying to my face, and rubbing forcefully over my face and into my hair. My fingers clump and pull my hair on their trail. My heart is beating so fast, I can feel it in my throat. I shake as if I am left in freezing weather. I try to steady myself.

 “Mr. Grey,” Taylor says calmly. “We have to look for her. Let’s look for her in the house first,” he turns to Sawyer and Ryan taking charge. He starts with an efficient and authoritative voice. “Leave no door unopened. Ryan and Sawyer, you take this level. I will go with Mr. Grey. If you can find her, call me immediately and if we can’t find her, let’s assemble back here. Understand?” he orders.

“Yes, sir,” says Ryan and Sawyer and disappear immediately.

“Gail, you remain in the kitchen area. If Mrs. Grey comes back, keep her here, and let us know,” he orders her. She nods.

“Mr. Grey, let’s go, sir,” he says and we start looking for her all over my bedroom. My jacket and tie are on the floor. We go to the closet, but I don’t see any clothes having been packed, or no empty shelves, or coat hangers. Did she just leave with the clothes on her back? I so vaguely remember what we talked about. What did I say to her last night after I got home? What did we do?

Gail said she went to the library. I rush to the library, and there sits her empty tea cup, but nothing else. There’s no telltale sign that she spent the night in the library. I run to the Play Room. The door is locked. “Ana! Anaaaa!” I call out to her. I rattle the door handle, but it doesn’t open. If it’s locked, she wouldn’t be here. We search the entire level to no avail. I dial her phone number one last time. “For God’s sake! Please, answer the phone. Let’s talk,” I plead and hang up.

We get back downstairs and Ryan, Sawyer, Gail are already assembled waiting. Taylor joins in their ranks. I walk back and forth before them anxiously. I finally stand before them. “It appears that Mrs. Grey isn’t home. I want you to have no stone unturned. Check the security cameras, and video feed from last night. See when she left. Also check the video feeds from the exit cameras to the garage, to the entry and all exit points of the building. See where she went, who she went with, and what time. We need establish a starting point so we can go look for her at the right place. Sawyer, you’re in charge of examining the video feed. Start with the camera trained over the elevators, and Sawyer, you and…” I say without finishing my sentence because everyone’s eyes immediately trained on someone who is behind me. I turn around. My eyes are wide, worried and anxious. There stands Anastasia wrapped in a duvet, one hand clutching her purse. She looks beautiful, innocent, and damned angry still. I gaze back at her wide blue eyes. Fear finally leaves place to anger. Where has she been? Who did she go to? Did she come from outside? Why didn’t we see her? Was she home all along? She says nothing to me though her gaze scans my disheveled appearance in my day old clothes.

“Sawyer, I’ll be ready to leave in about twenty minutes,” she mutters and wraps her duvet around her tighter as if she’s using it as a shield against me. Sawyer nods at her, and immediately I feel the intensity of the gazes of my security personnel on me. My eyes are on Anastasia, unblinking. I fear that if I blink, she’ll disappear.

“Would you like some breakfast, Mrs. Grey?” Gail asks. Anastasia shakes her head in response.

“I’m not hungry, thank you,” she replies.

“Where were you?” I ask her finally finding my voice. It’s low, husky, and demanding. I hear rather than see Taylor, Sawyer, Ryan and Gail scatter around to their particular corners and offices to leave us alone; not wanting to face the music that is about to be composed between Anastasia and I. Anastasia completely ignores me and she marches towards our bedroom.

“Ana! Answer me,” I say calling after her. I walk behind her in rapid footsteps into the bedroom, but she makes her way to the bathroom, and locks the door behind her.

“Ana!!” I shout pounding on the door with my fists. “Ana, open the damned door!”

“Go away!” she shouts.

“I’m not going anywhere.”

“Suit yourself,” she replies.

“Ana, please,” I beg. “Please open the door,” I say, but I hear the water running. She doesn’t reply. “Ana, let me explain. Talk to me.” But my voice is effectively blocked out with the sound of the water. I lean against the wall opposite to the door with my hands behind my back and wait for her to finish her shower. She stays in the shower for nearly twenty minutes. When she finally unlocks the door to face me, I’m extremely wary; timid. I feel like a cornered lion. She walks passed me as if I don’t exist, and makes her way into the walk-in closet.

“Are you ignoring me?” I ask in complete incredulity. She gets pregnant because she didn’t get her shot even though we agreed on not having children this soon, and she’s mad at me and ignoring me!

“Perceptive, aren’t you?” she murmurs sarcastically without even looking at me. She searches for something to wear in the closet. She picks her plum dress, my favorite dress, her high black stiletto boots, and makes her way to the bedroom. When she comes face to face with me, she pauses for me to move out of her way, determined. I finally make way for her, losing my fight against the gentleman in me. Anastasia makes her way to the dresser. From the mirror perched on the dresser she peeks at me as I'm standing in the doorway. I keep watching her, motionless. Unable to walk forward or backwards. There’s nothing I want more than to hold my wife, and she’s so distant; treating me like a stranger. As Anastasia’s eyes are locked on me, she drops her towel covering her naked body. Her naked beauty makes me gasp but I attempt to restrain it. She is gorgeous. But she ignores what the sight of her does to me.

“Why are you doing this?” I ask in a low voice.

“Why do you think?” she replies in a deceptively soft voice, and opening a drawer she chooses and pulls out a black lace La Perla panties.

“Ana-“ I make to move towards her but stop as she shimmies into her panties.

“Go ask your Mrs. Robinson. I’m sure she’ll have an explanation for you,” she mutters as she searches for something. God damn it! I don’t want to have anything to do with Elena! I broke all ties with her last night.

“Ana, I’ve told you before, she’s not my…” I say but she cuts me off.

“I don’t want to hear it, Christian,” she says waving her hand to me dismissively. “The time for talking was yesterday, but instead you decided to rant and get drunk with the woman who abused you for years. Give her a call. I’m sure she’ll be more than willing to listen to you now,” she shouts at me. Then pulls her matching bra out of the drawer and puts it on and fastens it. I walk further into the bedroom my hands on my hips accusingly. Why was she looking for something to blame me with? Had she lost her trust in me? Was that why she was snooping? Let’s see what Christian was doing when he was getting drunk, ten fucking sheets to the wind.

She flushes in response. “That’s not the point, Christian,” she scolds me. “Fact is, going gets tough and you run to her.” That’s not how it happened. I didn’t seek her out.

My mouth falls into a grim line. “It wasn’t like that,” I start explaining.

“I’m not interested,” she dismisses me as she picks up a pair of black thigh highs with lacy tops. She walks to the bed, sitting on it, and pointing her toe outward; she pulls the stockings and gently pulls the delicate material over her long legs.

The gnawing question that’s killing me right now is, where did she go last night?

“Where were you?” I ask, my gaze never leaving her hands traveling up on her legs. But she pretends I don’t exist and continue. She puts her other stockings on. The stands up, and bending down, she starts towel drying her hair. My gaze never leaves her body. When she’s done towel drying her hair, she stands back to the dresser, and grabs her hair dryer.

“Answer me,” I say in a low and hoarse voice after she ignores me quite a while. She turns the hair dryer on, and continues ignoring me as she dries her hair, sorting the strands with her fingers. I glare at her with narrowed eyes. She is unbelievable! She is the one who didn’t get the shot. She’s the one who got pregnant despite having had many talks about birth-control. She knows how freaked I get about this! She knows that I’m freaked out right now. Yet, she chooses to ignore me. When she turns the dryer off, I ask again.

“Where were you?” My tone is a chilling, low whisper.

“What do you care?” she shouts.

“Ana, stop this. Now,” I order. She just shrugs, and I move quickly across from the other side of the room towards her. As I reach out to her, she whirls and steps back.

“Don’t touch me,” she hisses, making me freeze in my tracks. Why couldn’t I touch her? She’s my wife. My woman…

“Where were you?” I ask demanding. It’s eating me up alive. My hands fists on my side. Was she with someone else? Jose? Ethan? Who? Was someone else comforting her while I got myself wallowed up in my own fucking misery?

“I wasn’t out getting drunk with my ex,” she seethes. “Did you sleep with her?” she asks in an accusatory tone, making me gasp. How could she possibly think that? I would never cheat on her.

What? No!” I gape at her. It wounds and pains me to think that she could even consider the possibility of me cheating on her. This makes me angry.

“You think I’d cheat on you?” I ask outraged.

“You did,” she roars, “by taking our very private life and spilling your spineless guts to that woman.”

I can’t believe what I’m hearing. She thinks I’m dishonorable? I’m a lot of things, but I would never consider cheating on my wife. Does my own wife think of me so worthless?

“Spineless?” I breathe. “That’s what you think?” I have to know. My eyes are volcanoes, heated.

“Christian, I saw the text. That’s what I know.”

“That text was not meant for you,” I growl in response.

“Well, fact is I saw it when your Blackberry fell out of your jacket while I was undressing you because you were too drunk to undress yourself. Do you have any idea how much you’ve hurt me by going to see that woman?” she asks.

I pale in her epitaph. I made a mistake, because I’m a fucking idiot. I was mad, and I’m still mad, because she’s not giving me a chance to explain. The fact is, when she gets mad, she gets in a roll, and pick up her baton, and runs with it.

“Do you remember last night when you came home? Remember what you said?”

What the hell did I say? I’m frozen momentarily. I stare at her blankly because I don’t remember jack shit. I must have royally fucked up, because she’s totally pissed.

“Well, you were right. I do choose this defenseless baby over you. That’s what any loving parent does. That’s what your mother should have done for you. And I’m sorry that she didn’t… Because we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now if she had. But you’re an adult now... you need to grow up and smell the fucking coffee and stop behaving like a petulant adolescent.

“You may not be happy about this baby. I’m not ecstatic, given the timing and your less than lukewarm reception to this new life, this flesh of your flesh. But you can either do this with me, or I’ll do it on my own. The decision is yours. While you wallow in your pit of self-pity and self-loathing, I’m going to work. And when I return, I’ll be moving my belongings to the room upstairs.”

I blink in complete shock. Is she leaving me? She is leaving me! Oh God! She’s breaking up!

“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to finish getting dressed,” she says breathing hard.

I feel like she just slapped me. I take a step back, looking at her, my demeanor hardened. “Is this what you want?” I whisper. She wants to be away from me, away from our relationship.

“I don’t know what I want any more,” she says fervently, her expression mirroring mine. She turns her back to me, dips her fingers into her moisturizer and gently rubs it in over her face. She peers into the mirror, checking her flushed face with wide eyes.

I can’t take the idea that she doesn’t want me in her life. “You don’t want me?” I whisper.

“I’m still here aren’t I?” she snaps at me. She takes her mascara tube and taking the brush, she applies it over her eyelashes.

She must have been thinking about this since yesterday if she came to that conclusion now.

“You’ve thought about leaving?” I ask as my heart squeezing tightly into a knot. I can’t live without her! I am desperate for her. Can’t she see that?

“When one’s husband prefers the company of his ex-mistress, it’s usually not a good sign,” she says with disdain in her tone. Then she applies her lip gloss. My eyes are on her, and I haven’t touched her since yesterday morning. It’s been about 24 hours. The short literal, but miles apart virtual distance is killing me. She picks up her boots, and strolls over to the bed, and sitting on the side of the bed, she puts her boots on, tugging them up to her knees. She’s just in her underwear and her boots. And I’m fucking frustrated, hot for her, desirous, and she won’t have me. She doesn’t want to have anything with me. Or does she? Is this a tactic for her win her argument? She’s a good negotiator. A tough one. Anastasia can bring any man to her knees. She’s about to do that to me. But, I have my own set of tactics I can employ.

“I know what you’re doing here,” I murmur in a warm, seductive voice. She has zero resistance to my seduction. I know her better she knows herself.

“Do you?” she squeaks her voice cracking. It’s the first chink in her armor. I swallow, taking a chance, I step forward. She steps back holding her hand up to half my advance.

“Don’t even think about it, Grey,” she hisses menacingly.

“You’re my wife,” I counter softly, contentiously. I want what’s mine. She is mine; my wife, my woman.

“I’m the pregnant woman you abandoned yesterday, and if you touch me I will scream the place down.”

My eyebrows rise in incredulity. “You’d scream?” I ask, hoarsely.

“Bloody murder,” she counters, narrowing her eyes, not backing down.

“No one would hear you,” I murmur, my gaze intense, passionate. Please let me touch you. The only way I know how to resolve problems is in bed, Ana.

“Are you trying to frighten me?” she mutters breathless, scared. What? No! I’m only trying to communicate with her the only way I know how. And she won’t let me.

“That wasn’t my intention,” I say frowning. Her chest is heaving up and down with short breaths.

“I had a drink with someone I used to be close to. We cleared the air. I am not going to see her again.”

“You sought her out?” she asks, wounded.

“Not at first. I tried to see Flynn. But I found myself at the salon.”

 “And you expect me to believe you’re not going to see her again?” she hisses with pure fury. “What about the next time I step across some imaginary line? This is the same argument we have over and over again. Like we’re on some Ixion’s wheel. If I fuck up again, are you going to run back to her?”

“I am not going to see her again,” I say with a petrifying decisiveness. “She finally understands how I feel.”

She just blinks at me. “What does that mean?”

I straighten and run my hand through my hair completely exasperated, anger rising in me, and I’m completely silent. Because she tells me to talk about what happened, but she’s unwilling to listen. She’s angry, and she’s running with her conclusions, and not hearing me out. We’re not resolving anything because our anxieties are running high.

“Why can you talk to her and not to me?”

“I was mad at you. Like I am now,” I growl.

“You don’t say!” she snaps. “Well, I am mad at you right now. Mad at you for being so cold and callous yesterday when I needed you. Mad at you for saying I got knocked up deliberately, when I didn’t. Mad at you for betraying me,” she says her voice choking at the end.

Her declaration shocks me as if she kicked me in the groin and slapped me at the same time, making me flinch. I never betrayed her. I know I behaved like an ass, but she doesn’t listen to me, and she isn’t listening to me now. I’m rudderless when I’m around her. She takes all my control away. What the hell am I supposed to do? How do I express myself? She swallows, getting ready to say something.

“I should have kept better track of my shots. But I didn’t do it on purpose. This pregnancy is a shock to me, too,” she mutters. “It could be that the shot failed.”

I glared at her wordlessly. Of course it fucking failed. It has an expiration date. A date and time where it runs out of her system! That’s why she has to take her shot at the prescribed date.

“You really fucked up yesterday,” she whispers, with fury. “I’ve had a lot to deal with over the last few weeks.”

“You really fucked up three or four weeks ago. Or whenever you forgot your shot,” I hiss back.

“Well, God forbid I should be perfect like you!” she shouts glowering. I glower back at her. We stand silently like this for a few minutes.

“This is quite a performance, Mrs. Grey,” I whisper. She’s delivering it well, standing up to me, fighting toe to toe.

“Well, I’m glad that even knocked up, I’m entertaining.”

I stare at her blankly. She insists on taking me the wrong way. “I need a shower,” I murmur.

“And I’ve provided enough of a floor show.”

“It’s a mighty fine floor show,” I whisper as I step forward. I want to hold her, touch her. If I just touch her, I know we can solve this, melt the glacier growing between us. I need her desperately right now. She immediately steps back.

“Don’t,” she hisses menacingly.

“I hate that you won’t let me touch you,” I whisper. I need her desperately. Can’t she see that?

“Ironic, huh?” she mutters.

I narrow my eyes again. I let her touch me. I worked on getting over my fear for her, and yet she’s denying me what’s mine. “We haven’t resolved much, have we?”

“I’d say not. Except that I’m moving out of this bedroom.”

What? Don’t do this to us, Ana! Why are you tearing us apart? My eyes flare and widen with fear briefly. “She doesn’t mean anything to me.”

“Except when you need her.”

“I don’t need her. I need you,” I plead with her. She must see that. She’s all I need. I want to be all she needs, too.

“You didn’t yesterday. That woman is a hard limit for me, Christian.”

“She’s out of my life.”

All the man I need – Whitney Houston

“I wish I could believe you,” she says with utter distrust, and that’s the knife that sticks to my heart.

“For fuck’s sake, Ana.”

“Please let me get dressed,” she says dismissing me. My heart is ripped out. Is this the end of us? I’m numb, desolate, bereft of feeling as if a tornado came and swept away everything and shuffled my life upside down.

“I’ll see you this evening,” I say, with a flat voice, beaten, crushed. I head to the bathroom, and slowly close the door. Mechanically I take my clothes off, and turn the water on walking into the first cold then scalding hot water.

What are you doing to us, Ana? Why are you shredding us into pieces? Questions left unasked, words unspoken leave me choking, worried, and utterly spent. I slowly slide onto the shower floor and let the water wash me free of my sorrow.

When I come out, Anastasia is gone, the bedroom has her lingering scent, but only so much to tell me she’s gone and away from me. I go out to the kitchen. Mrs. Jones is busy there.

“Can I fix your breakfast now, Mr. Grey?” she asks.


“She left with Sawyer for work a little bit ago,” she replies in a soft voice.

“Did she eat breakfast?” I ask.

“No, Mr. Grey,” she says shaking her head.

“Can I fix you your usual breakfast, sir?” she asks hopeful.

“Not today, Gail. I’ll eat later at work. Thank you,” I say softly. Taylor is waiting by the entrance for me.

“Mrs. Grey was in the Playroom, sir,” he says without a preamble. I cock my head to the side quizzically.

“How do you know?”

“We’ve searched every room, every shelf in the room. The only room that was locked was the playroom. I went to check it, and it was unlocked. The key was still inside the door,” he replies.

I quickly take the stairs to go to the playroom. Just as Taylor indicated, the door is still unlocked. I walk into the room and am greeted by the scent of soft leather, lemon and oil. When I hit the light switch, and the soft lights come on and illuminate the red room. Nothing is disturbed in the room. The only evidence that Anastasia has been in the room is the small dent she left on the chesterfield sofa. I softly caress it. I look around for another indication that she was here, but there is none. I walk towards the door, turn off the light, and get downstairs. Then taking my jacket, I nod to Taylor to follow me, and we take off. The ride to the garage is quiet. We walk to the SUV in the same silence.

As the garage gate is lifting, my Blackberry buzzes. I feel hopeful immediately thinking Anastasia is calling. But my face falls when I see the caller.

“Hi Elliot,” I answer.

“Were you able to find your wife this morning?” he asks.

“I see that Kate called you. Yes, she’s at work right now.”

“I hope she isn’t leaving you five minutes after you guys got married. Not that I’d blame her,” he says jokingly.

“Fuck off Elliot! I’m not in the mood.”

“Hey, bro. I'm sorry, don't be uptight. If you want to talk...”

“Nothing to talk about. I’m sure you’ve had fights with your fiancée. Just a simple argument where she got mad at me, that’s all.”

“Alright, Ana!” he whoops his cheer.

“Look, I’m almost to work, and I’ve got a lot to do today. Talk to you later, Elliot,” I say and hang up. I just stare out the window as we stop on a red light. The people are running to and fro purposefully, getting on with their lives and businesses without knowing that only a few feet away from them someone’s heart is ripping apart, breaking into pieces, and they’re completely oblivious to my agony.

When Taylor pulls into the Grey House parking lot, he drives to my reserved parking space. After he turns the vehicle off, he jumps out and opens my door. I ease out of the SUV and walk towards the elevators. The ride is silent again. When Andrea sees my stoic face, “good morning Mr. Grey,” she says without her usual cheer.

“Coffee, sir?” she asks.

“Yes,” I say as I walk into my office.

I take to my seat and fire up my computer. Before I dive into work, I need to do one thing. Taking my Blackberry out, I scroll the numbers, and dial.

“Yes, Mr. Grey,” he answers.

“Sawyer, how is Mrs. Grey?”

“She was shaken and crying a little,” he answers, and I close my eyes in pain.

“Did you get her something to eat?”

“I asked but she said she wasn’t hungry,” he replies. My stubborn wife. The last time she went into her self-imposed hunger strike was when she broke up with me. She punishes us both.

“Just in case, check on her throughout the day. I’m sure Taylor has informed you; Mrs. Grey is pregnant. She’ll need to eat, and needs to be careful.”

“I’ll be sure to keep a close eye on her, sir,” he says.

“Call me if she’s not well, or need anything.”

“Yes, sir,” he replies.

I take a deep breath, and look at Taylor, and Andrea walks in with my coffee. She puts the coffee before me, and takes out her iPad.

“You have quite a few meetings today, Mr. Grey. The first meeting is with Finance. There are four things in the agenda with the meeting. The purchase funds, allocation of the base payroll, operational expenses, and the sale of Triway Electronics which is going to be finalized today. That meeting is at 2:00 p.m., sir,” she says and dives into my full load work schedule. For once, I’m grateful for a very busy day. It should leave me little time to bask in my own misery.


His phone rings softly playing the “Godfather Theme song”.

Godfather Theme song

“I thought I told you never to call me on this phone, he answers his phone curtly after verifying the caller.

“We may have the bail accepted as early as tomorrow,” he replies as if he hasn’t heard. “There was no other way to reach you this soon.”

His eyes glower with excitement. He leans in as if he’s going to share a secret with the man on the phone.

“Fine… We will meet in one hour, the same place. I’ll have my instructions.”

“And the payment is required plus ten percent for their trouble.”

“I have it ready. And my terms are the same as ever. I hope you keep them in the forefront of your mind. If not, all involved will be dealt harshly.”

“Yes,” he answers firmly.

“See you then.”

Well, well, well… he thinks to himself. It's time to fuck his oldest enemy up. Not oldest by age, but oldest by how long he has been brewing his revenge against him. Excitement is almost unbearable. He’s been feeding a fund for this very day for years, right in his own personal safe. It’s been his cash revenge fund. He’s put aside quite a lot. They don’t say ‘revenge is a dish best served cold,’ for no reason. It’s been properly kept on ice for six long years. He opens his safe, and puts the $10,000 bank straps each containing one hundred individual $100 bills. He counts twenty five straps for the bail. Then counts two and a half stacks and places it in an envelope. In a separate quadrant in the briefcase, he puts fifty other stacks methodically. With more than three quarters of a million Dollars, he leaves his place of business, and makes his way to the restaurant.

He enters the restaurant purposefully in his usual self-confident demeanor. The male host whose name tag read Tyler looks up smiling.

“Good afternoon, sir. Do you have a reservation?” Tyler asks.

“Yes. It’s under the name of Brioni.”

“This way Mr. Brioni. Your party is waiting,” he says to lead him.

“That won’t be necessary. I know my way around,” he says as he holds a hand to stop him.

“I just wish to take you…”

“Good for you, young man. No need to wish it. I can do my own walking,” he says as he stops Tyler with a domineering stare of his and turns to get to one of the reserved private rooms.

“Mr. Brioni,” Tyler calls, and the man doesn’t answer as if it isn’t his name. “Sir,” he calls again, and the man in his impeccable suit turns this time with his forbidding gaze pinning him in place. “We are required to escort our patrons to their seats,” Tyler says in a small voice.

“I don’t wish to be escorted. I know the way,” he enunciates. Tyler nods fearfully. The man who calls himself Brioni has a foreboding, threatening stare. Tyler knows that if the man had the opportunity he would be getting his own balls on a platter from this man. The suited man turns around and makes his way to his destination.

“Mr. Brioni, my ass,” mutters Tyler under his breath. “What dumb mobster would name himself after the suit he’s wearing?” he whispers. ‘It’s not worth my life to find out,’ he thinks to himself.

When the suited man enters the small dining room, Albert stands up to meet him.

“Nice to see you again, Mr. Lincoln, I mean sir,” he says with a hidden sarcasm in his tone.  

“Sit, and cut the shit,” Lincoln order, and Albert obeys immediately.

“I have pulled a lot of strings, and called in a lot of favors to make this happen, Mr. Lincoln. It’s not the easiest thing to do to go against one of the most respected businessmen in the state, not to mention one of the richest!” Albert replies as he sits in his seat.

“You’re getting paid for it. I’m in no mood to hear you bitch about it,” Lincoln says menacingly. “However, your payment will transact tomorrow after our man is freed just to ensure the end result,” Lincoln says.

“Hyde is a psychopath. Revenge is clouding is his judgment. He has a big grudge against Grey, his wife and his father.”

“His wife? What did the little cunt do? I assumed he was doing this to hurt Grey,” Lincoln says. This may just better serve his purpose.

“Guess he tried to fuck her and it backfired on him. She kicked his balls.”

“Well, well… Grey got himself a loyal wife,” Lincoln says contemplating. Wouldn’t it be the icing on the top to shatter his confidence in her?

“I don’t know Mr. Lincoln. He is murderous. If Hyde gets his hands on her, he will torture her, and then kill her. He can’t leave a witness behind with what he has in mind. Grey has the means, resources and the motivation to find Hyde if he knows who fucked and tortured his wife.”

“Then you make sure nothing points to us, and Hyde’s own ego and rage will serve our purpose.”

“I don’t think we even have to tell him what to do. He’s itching to get his hands on her,” Albert says.

“Be that as it may, I like to be in charge to ensure the desired outcome even if Hyde doesn’t know that I am. Now here’s what I want you to do. There is the bail money, and the 10% in the envelope to give our associates for their trouble for making the anonymous payment. The $500,000 is the first installment to Hyde to ensure he does what he is set out to do. He shall never know who I am. I want both his sister and his wife fucked, and tortured beyond repair. I want Grey to know that they suffered, and suffered greatly, all thanks to him. Hyde needs to clean up his trail, and be swift and decisive about it. And he can’t remain in the country for obvious reasons. Because he’ll be the suspect number one.”

“Yes…” Albert says with a pregnant silence.

“What?” Lincoln snaps.

“Are you sure this is wise?”

“Wise? Don’t you grow a fucking conscience on me! Call it public service, divine intervention in which you get paid handsomely. No trail leading to you, because all transaction is handled in cash.”

“Yes,” says Albert. Fuck! The blonde mistress’ tits alone are worth the trouble he was going to go through. This small side endeavor would fund his personal project handsomely. “Let’s do this!” he says decidedly, and extends his hand to shake Lincoln’s.

Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own 

Robert A. Heinlein

I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I love you not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me. I love you for the part of me that you bring out.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning


Workday is long, busy and tedious. Tiring to the point of exhaustion, but I don’t want to go home first time in a long time. I sigh. It’s not true. I want to go, but I’m still angry. Our problems are unresolved. Anastasia is going to move out of our bedroom. How did we manage to fuck this marriage up so quickly? I can’t take the idea of her not being with me. I can’t just see her at home and not touch her, hold her or kiss her. I’m miserable. I have everything anyone would covet for. I’m rich, the way the women’s stare at me tells me I’m good looking enough, and to top that, I have a beautiful wife I’m in love with. What the hell is the problem? “She doesn’t want you anymore; that’s the problem,” my subconscious reminds me. Don’t I know it!

I call Gail at 5:00 p.m. knowing Anastasia isn’t home yet.

“Hello Mr. Grey,” Gail answers.

“Gail, I won’t be home for dinner tonight. I’m working late in the office. If Mrs. Grey asks, that’s where I’ll be,” I say.

“Yes, Mr. Grey,” Gail replies. “I’ll inform her, sir. Anything else you wish, Mr. Grey?”

Yes, tell Ana I love her! Tell her I hate this distance between us. Tell her I miss her terribly. I miss my wife! Tell her I’ve been a proud ass…

“No, thank you Mrs. Jones,” I say softly and hang up.  

I give myself to my work for the rest of the evening. I haven’t called or e-mailed Anastasia all day. She hasn’t called me, e-mailed or texted me either. I couldn’t go for three hours without some sort of interaction with her. It’s been nearly two days since I touched her. We worked out other problems before. The vows, her topless showcase during our honeymoon and the subsequent punishment, the car chase, Ana keeping her maiden name at work, the time when she broke the protocol when I was in New York even though she said she would come home, Hyde’s break-in…. We worked through all those. When has she not been challenging? Since the minute she fell through my door. She wasn’t even supposed to be there! That alone was challenge enough. Isn’t that why I fell in love with her? Why can’t we work through this? She is as stubborn as I am, and I love her!

The light in my office is dim, and I work in the light of my computer. My tie loosened, my jacket slumped behind my chair. My Blackberry vibrates on my desk, and my heart lurches. Her name on the screen with her smiling picture  both elates me and shatters my heart.

“Ana,” I answer the phone in a cool voice, though there are volcanoes brewing beneath it.

“Hi,” she says gently.

I inhale softly. “Hi,” I greet her in a lower voice.

“Are you coming home?” she asks. Yes, but you won’t let me touch you, and you’ve moved out of our room.

“Later,” I reply.

“Are you in the office?” she asks. Does she think I’m hanging out and partying with Elena?

“Yes. Where did you expect me to be?”

“I’ll let you go,” she says without answering my question. But I know what she’s thinking. The silence is deafening between us. It’s louder, speaks volumes of the distance we’ve created between each other.

Simon and Garfunkel – The Sound of Silence

“Goodnight, Ana,” I say finally.

“Goodnight, Christian,” she replies. I hang up. I toss the Blackberry on my desk, and cover my face with my hands, finally shoving my hair back in exasperation. I finally have the courage to leave for home by midnight.

Our room and bed is empty. Cold without her. I know that she’s upstairs in her former bedroom where she moved herself to. I slowly open the door to her former room. She’s curled up beneath the duvet. I slowly sit on the side of the bed to not to disturb her. My fingers tentatively reach out to her face. I don’t want to wake her. The simple touch of my fingers to her face is feels like stabs in my heart, hurting me. I close my eyes in agony. My fingers slowly slide to her hair fanned on her pillow. I feel the dampness on the pillow. She was crying. Why can’t we work this out? Two stubborn people, too fucking proud to admit we’re wrong. I slowly stand up from the bed, and pull a chair by the bed. I take off my silver tie I put on this morning in hopes that she would see it, but she was gone before I came out of the bedroom. I toss it on the floor unceremoniously. I watch her for hours sleeping, like I did the first night we spent together when she was drunk. Why the hell do we hurt each other like this? How do we pass this problem? I’m no father material. It scares me to death. I’m going to screw this kid up! I’m going to be shitty like my birth mother. But I love my wife with every fiber of my being. What do I do?

I doze off for a short time in my most uncomfortable chair. But there’s no place I’d rather be than here right now. I wake up with the first lights of the day. Anastasia is still sleeping. I don’t want her to see me here. I make my way downstairs slowly, and go to our bedroom to take a shower and get ready. I’m dressed and ready to be out the door by 6:30 a.m. Mrs. Jones fixes my breakfast, and by the time I finish the last bite, I’m ready to walk out the door. Gail looks at me with pleading eyes. But, she says nothing. Taylor is waiting by the entrance.


“Yes, sir,” he replies and we leave for Boeing Field-King County Airport where Charlie Tango is. I send her an e-mail on the way to the airport.
From: Christian Grey
Subject: Portland
Date: September 15, 2011 06:45
To: Anastasia Grey

I’m flying down to Portland today.
I have some business to conclude with WSU.
I thought you would want to know.

Christian Grey
CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.

Taylor and I get to the airport, and get into Charlie Tango. Flight checks, and after clearing with the tower, we take off at about 7:30 a.m. from the airport to Portland. When we get to Portland it’s about 8:40 a.m. Taylor had a car reserved already which is waiting for us outside. We get to WSU’s Farming Division to meet with the directors and see the new crop projects they want to introduce. But I’m not in my element. My mind is pre-occupied, and I find myself asking them to repeat themselves.

I tour the facility and listen to their findings, and I give my okay to allocate funds to their new project with the condition that they send detailed descriptions and findings on bimonthly basis to my company for evaluation. I go to a quick lunch before taking off back to Seattle.

We are driven back to the airport where Charlie Tango is fueled and ready to take off. Just as we make our way to the helicopter and harnessed, Taylor’s Blackberry rings with voice mail. He picks his phone up.

“That’s strange. I didn’t hear the phone ring. It’s Sawyer,” he says. He opens an app up on his phone. A red dot moves along on a map of Seattle in a rather speedy fashion.

“Mrs. Grey’s car is on the move,” he says. “This is an unscheduled trip,” he mutters and without listening to Sawyer’s message he calls him back immediately.

“Sawyer, why is Mrs. Grey’s vehicle on the move on an unscheduled trip?” he asks in a commanding tone, and I stop in my tracks. Is something the matter with Ana? I listen to Taylor's one way conversation.

“I see,” he says and looks at me with concern. “Mrs. Grey is unwell, and Sawyer is taking her back to Escala,” he says to answer my unspoken question. Oh no! I’m not home, and my wife is sick. Shit!

“Tell him, we’re sitting at the tarmac, but will leave soon. We should be in Seattle in an hour. If she needs a doctor, he should take her there. Otherwise, let her rest. I’ll be home soon.”

“Yes, sir,” he says. “Sawyer, we’re sitting at the tarmac in Portland and we’ll be leaving here shortly. We are going to be in Seattle in about an hour. Take Mrs. Grey home; see if she needs any medical attention. If not, let her rest, but keep an eye on her. Mr. Grey will be home shortly after we arrive in Seattle.”

“A friend should always underestimate your virtues and an enemy overestimate your faults.”

Mario Puzo, The Godfather


Her cell phone rings, but the number is unlisted. She doesn't like to answer calls from Anonymous numbers, but some of the writers prefer their numbers to be unlisted to keep it from the stalking fans.

“Good morning, this is Elisabeth Morgan,” she answers.

“And my chariot arrives,” says the male voice mockingly. She freezes in her seat.

“Jack! When did you get out?”

“This morning, and I believe we have an unfinished business, Elizabeth.”

“Look Jack! You got your freedom. Enjoy it. This will get you into more trouble.”

“Oh, no you don’t! We have a deal where you help me so I don’t accidentally publish your spread out cunt all over the internet,” he threatens. “But you already know that it’s not the worst of it. You were tied up and fucked by not only one, but two men at the same time! How would that image go with dear sweet Mrs. Morgan? You may not get a job as an editor, but I’m sure the road to porn industry might open up for you. Although I don’t know how many offers you might get since you’re not a spring chicken anymore. So, DON’T FUCK WITH ME Elizabeth! You do exactly what I tell you to do. I know the map of your body, I know how hard you like your fuck, the bite of the cat, the clamps, I know every dark desire of your heart in bed or elsewhere. If you’re a good girl now and obey, you might just experience some of that again,” he hisses like a snake. “Now, you know where the black Dodge is. And if you follow my instructions to the letter, you will get your reward, and you may not have to work under that cock sucking, gold digging whore! How does it feel to be bossed around by the little girl you hired only a few months ago, by the way? Hmmm?” he asks.

Elisabeth and a lot of other women working at SIP resent Ana badly, and half of them wouldn’t think twice to aid in finding a way to get her flat on her face. The bitch was nearly penniless until they gave her a job, and she goes and marries the second richest man in Seattle. Christian Grey! The man is richer than dirt, and sexier than Greek gods. Every girl is burning with envy at the SIP. This would serve her right.

“Fine, Jack,” she says grudgingly. “What do I need to do?”

“Good girl. Well, first of all, we need to bait our trap. And Grey’s little sister will do just fine. Since you work with the cockblocker, it’d be best if you get Grey’s sister right after her gym session. They all have a set routine.”

“I don’t know what gym she goes to, Jack,” says Elizabeth.

“Don’t worry, I do. Now be a good girl, and come and pick me up. I have my supplies at your apartment. Meet me there.”

“Fine. Give me a few minutes. I’ll have to sneak out without letting anyone know.”

*****  *****

“You look a little different,” Elizabeth says to Jack when she sees him outside of her building. His hair is cut short, earrings removed, and he looks remarkably well dressed for a man who just got out of jail and is about to kidnap two women. He’s totally changed.

“I don’t wanna be seen on your building’s camera. Be a dear and get the tranquilizers. All 10 packs of it. I have a duffel bag with some supplies, all ready to go. We will discuss the rest once you get downstairs. You might want to get a change of black outfit. Something inconspicuous and a baseball cap. But don’t change yet. That’s for later,” Jack says without wasting a word.

When Elizabeth returns with the requested supplies from her apartment, they go to the parking lot, and uncover the black Dodge parked in a deep corner of the parking lot.

“How are things at SIP?” Jack asks.

“Different. Changing since Grey took over. Reins are tighter, so is the security. And there’s a constant watch, a body guard with Ana. It’s disgusting actually. What did Grey see in that scrawny bimbo?” says Elizabeth in contempt.

“Jealous?” asks Jack fueling her hatred.

“I have worked just as hard as you did for my job, Jack! She comes and takes over your job within two week. Well, okay, we hand it over to her, but I didn’t know her husband took over the company. And now she owns all our asses, including Roach’s! Nearly all the female editors have contempt for her. But Jack, this, this road we’re taking, it’s got no return. I don’t wanna go to jail!”

“You won’t get caught to go to jail.”

“She will know. She can surely identify me for what you are planning for me to do.”

“No, she won’t. We’ve talked about this before. If it had worked out the first time, and you did what you were supposed to do, I wouldn’t have gone to jail, and we would have had five million Dollars and sipping Mojitos in the Caribbean. As it is, I’ve made bail thanks to someone else who was fucked up by Grey. You get the little sister into the car. I’ll take care of her here. Then, we call the gold digger for our payment. She gets the money, and you collect her with the money from the bank making sure she isn’t followed. If you do it right, you get the biggest payday of your life!” says Jack with no intention of sharing the payoff.

“If I’m going to do the majority of the footwork, I want to be in 50/50! My career and freedom are also in line,” she says.

“You hold your end of the bargain, and you shall get 50/50. But I want to thank the bitch personally. Bring her here as soon as she collects our payment,” he says grinning.

“Now, pull the SUV over here,” says Jack. “If my timing is correct, the little sister will come out in about 12 minutes. Tell her who you are, and that Ana is sick. I’ll take care of the rest once she enters into the car.”

“Okay,” Elizabeth says nervously. “How do I know what she looks like?”

“Can’t miss it. She looks an ostrich,” Jacks says.

“What? This is no time to joke, Jack! I’m shaking here!”

“Long legs, big tits, dark hair cut into a bob. Like this,” he says pulling out a printed picture of Mia Grey. Elisabeth looks at the picture and swallows. She takes a deep breath and pulls the Dodge in front of the gym. Mia emerges in her tight yoga pants and a bra top, with her gym bag slumped on her shoulder and her iPod ear buds plugged into her ears. Elisabeth rushes to the steps to meet Mia.

“I’m sorry, Miss Grey?” she says all flustered.

“Yes?” Mia replies.

“I apologize for coming to you here, but I’m Elizabeth Morgan from SIP. I’m Ana’s boss. Your sister-in-law, Ana is unwell, and I guess she can’t reach her husband for some reason. We’ve taken her to a local hospital; she’s undergoing some tests right now. We’ve no idea what’s wrong with her, and the doctors won’t give me any information since I’m not next of kin. She told me to fetch you before she was taken into a test. I didn’t know how to reach you. Can you please come with me? She really needs someone with her!” Elizabeth says with genuine anxiety, but all for different reason.

“Oh my gosh! I better call my mom! She’s a doctor. She can meet us at the hospital.”

“Please do that in the car. We don’t have a moment to spare!” Elizabeth rushes Mia holding her elbow in a pleading tone. Mia enters into the passenger side of the vehicle, and Elisabeth enters into the driver’s side, and immediately locks the doors turning the Dodge on. As Mia turns to toss her gym bag to the back seat, she notices Jack.

“Who are you?” she asks confused.

“Hello,” Jack says as he snakes his arm around her neck and covers her mouth and nose with a towel doused in chloroform, and as the fight slowly dissipates from Mia’s limbs, Jack stabs her with enough dose of horse tranquilizer that could put down a horse.

“Step on it!” he hisses Elisabeth who watches him with gaping mouth. She manages to put the SUV in gear with shaky hands.

“I’ll give you the directions,” Jack says as he pulls Mia’s limp body to the back of the SUV. Jack directs Elizabeth towards the industrial side of the city where there is a clump of abandoned buildings, old factories with broken windows and graffiti over the walls. It smells musty, dust, and decay. He pulls Mia’s body and slumps it over his shoulder carrying it inside the building. He lays her on a mattress stained with dirt, body fluids, possibly blood and fecal material. It smells, but then again, the bitch won’t need it long. She’s just the bait, and bait belongs in the ocean. She won’t mind at all. He ties her hands and feet, and gags her mouth, not that she will wake up anytime soon, if she wakes up at all.

“Phase One complete,” he says as he walks out of the building, utterly content with himself.

“Now what?” asks Elizabeth.

“Now, we dip the bait in the water. Smile, it’s payday!” he says, and shows Mia’s cell phone. He scrolls through the numbers, and finds Ana’s cell phone in the list.

The phone rings a few times, and Jack gets anxious thinking Ana might not answer the phone. That wasn’t in the plans. But she does.

“Mia,” comes on Ana’s voice brightly. Jack grins wider than he ever did. It’s his paycheck speaking after all.

“Well, hello there, Ana…long time no speak.”

“Jack,” she replies in a choked, fearful, small voice. Just the affect he was aiming for.

“You do remember me,” he replies in a soft tone, smiling bitterly.

“Yes. Of course.”

“You’re probably wondering why I called you.”

“Yes,” she says hesitant. She might hang up.

“Don’t hang up. I’ve been having a chat with your little sister-in-law.”

“What have you done?” she whisper her fear.

“Listen here, you prick-teasing, gold-digging whore. You fucked up my life. Grey fucked up my life. You owe me. I have the little bitch with me now. And you, that cock-sucker you married, and his whole fucking family are going to pay.”

“What do you want?” Ah, the question he’s been waiting for many weeks.

“I want his money. I really want his fucking money. If things had been different, it could have been me. So you’re going to get it for me. I want five million dollars, today.”

“Jack, I don’t have access to that kind of money.” And, how is that my problem, Jack thinks to himself.

“You have two hours to get it. That’s it…two hours. Tell no one or this little bitch gets it. Not the cops. Not your prick of a husband. Not his security team. I will know if you do. Understand?” He shouts. She’s silent. Is it fear, or did she hang up?

“You understand!” he shouts forcefully.

“Yes,” she whispers. It is indeed fear, Jack’s proud of his performance.

“Or I will kill her.” He can hear Ana’s loud gasp on the phone.

“Keep your phone with you. Tell no one or I’ll fuck her up before I kill her. You have two hours.”
“Jack, I need longer. Three hours. How do I know that you have her?” she asks, but he hangs up on her. No chances to have time to think. She only has time to get the money.

Now, it’s Elizabeth’s time to perform. Time is ticking after all.

When We Two Parted

WHEN we two parted
In silence and tears,
Half broken-hearted
To sever for years,
Pale grew thy cheek and cold,
Colder thy kiss;
Truly that hour foretold
Sorrow to this.

The dew of the morning
Sunk chill on my brow--
It felt like the warning
Of what I feel now.
Thy vows are all broken,
And light is thy fame:
I hear thy name spoken,
And share in its shame.

They name thee before me,
A knell to mine ear;
A shudder comes o'er me--
Why wert thou so dear?
They know not I knew thee,
Who knew thee too well:
Lond, long shall I rue thee,
Too deeply to tell.

I secret we met--
I silence I grieve,
That thy heart could forget,
Thy spirit deceive.
If I should meet thee
After long years,
How should I greet thee?

With silence and tears

Lord Byron

“Sea-Tac tower, this is Charlie Tango – requesting permission to land.”

“Helicopter Charlie Tango, cleared for landing at Sea-Tac airport, make approach circling left to helipad 11 arrival route 4. Remain 700 feet from the other helicopter. Please use caution wake turbulence. Cleared to land.”

“Landing at helipad 11, arrival route 4. Remaining 700 feet from the helicopter,” I reply and we land at Sea-Tac. I take off the cans, and unbuckle the harness as Taylor is doing the same. His Blackberry rings ominously as soon as he turns it on, and he looks up and answers immediately.

“Sawyer! What’s up?”

He listens, and his face blanches, taking up a deathly color.

“She did what?” he shouts. “Where are you?”

“Slow down, are you running?... Driving?...Where?”

“What is happening?” I ask my eyes blazing but I don't get a chance to get an answer. Because my Blackberry starts buzzing.

“Grey,” I answer curtly.

“Mr. Grey,” says a monotonous voice. “This is Troy Wheelan at the Pacific Northwest Bank. Mrs. Grey is here to withdraw five million Dollars in cash, sir. This obviously…” he says but I cut him.

“She is doing what?”

“Withdrawing five millions dollars sir which is highly irregular for our bank without any prior notice, but luckily we do hold all the cash reserves for the Pacific Northwest,” he babbles on some shit proudly as my world crumbles around me.

“I don’t give a flying fuck what your bank holds, or reserves. Did you just say my wife is there to withdraw five million dollars?”

“Yes sir, she’s currently sitting in my office. I’m preparing the paperwork. But it is highly irregular as I said, and we need to verify what assets to withdraw these funds from.” My heart is beating in my ears. I can’t breathe. My wife, my love is leaving me with five million dollars of our money. She’s going. I find myself holding onto Charlie Tango, and Taylor’s eyes go wide.

“Before you do anything, I want to talk to my wife, Wheelan. Put her through.”

“Ah, she’s waiting for me to complete the paperwork.”

“You will complete no fucking paperwork, if I sue your bank down to its last penny. Now, put my wife on the fucking phone, now!” I shout holding the phone in front of my mouth. My hands are shaking, everything is crumbling, and my heart is being cut into slices. I’m breathing heavily. Taylor has a terrified look on his face; totally shocked.

Ana’s voice comes on the phone.

“Hi,” she says softly.

“You’re leaving me?” I ask in a harrowed whisper. I have never felt the anguish, dejection, heartbreak and torment as I do this minute. I would rather die than to hear her confirmation. But I need to know. Please baby, don’t leave me.

“No!” she says completely surprised at my question. Then what is she doing? But, her answer changes.

“Yes,” she says in a whisper. She said ‘yes,’ she’s leaving me.

I gasp my sob; my universe is destroyed, and I fall to my knees, lifeless, powerless. Death would be better than this grief. I would rather die than to hear it. Did she ever love me? Even a little bit? She said she would never leave me, and now… I buckle over my knees, my hand pulling a clump of my hair.

“Ana, I…” I can’t finish my words. I have no words. My faculties leave me. I’ll take everything I said, every hurt I inflicted. Just… Just... Don’t leave me. My choked sob finds its escape and my anguish blankets me.   

Nothing's gonna change my love for you - Glenn Medeiros


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Maria cristina said...

loved the chapter too beautiful

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Wilma Van Dorp said...

What a Cliffhanger girl I feel sorry for him but I don't get christian not because he knows deep in his heart that ana would never leave him despite what issues whatsoever then why is he so panicky?I hope to read the sequel soon sorry for my bad English

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Bring ME to life said...

Dear Emine, this is beyond perfect!
THANK YOU for this amazing chapter. When I saw it I thought, well, I'll read Christian's despair for not being able to find her next morning, her floor&fight show, and maybe up to silver tie beside the bed. This 1st chapter is WONDERFUL!
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Good afternoon Emine.

Well what can be said after that?!?! That was fantastic start to finish. You surpassed what I was expecting from these parts of the story. But as good as you are that is not surprising.

Every emotion, feeling, hurt and so on that Christian was going through was felt. And the best part was it played off perfectly to what Ana was feeling. I wanted to hug and shake him at the same time. I really wonder what he will feel about doubting her (believing she was leaving her)after everything falls into place.

Loved Taylor and Gail in this too. They are the most protective of C&A and I love it.

The side scenes of Linc/ Jake/ Elizabeth really added to the drama.

My only question is ... umm can you update fast! LOL.


Cynthia Settimo said...

What an amazing chapter. Mean cliffhanger.... Cannot wait for the next one.

Anonymous said...

hi Eminé
is the first time i left a massage i never do that!!!and first sorry for mi english;i'm in love of christian point of view and you're a biutifull writer you be able to make me feel all the sorrow of christian i have my heart in my stomach thank you for all the feelings i have when i read to you thank you
sandra from France

Natilla Pires said...


Natilla Pires said...


Natilla Pires said...

quando que vai postar o proximo????? Estou chorando até agora!!!

Erika M said...

Thanks Carol for your thoughts and prayers for my Dad! We are all a family here! And that is because of you Eminem. Thanks so much! The Doctors down in Mexico feel my Dad does not have ALS but a former of muscular dystrophy. So a little scary for us as it is genetic so now we have to do genetic testing to see if we have the defective gene as well. So thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Still can't wait for the next chapter! Wish it was next week already :)

Erika M said...

Not Eminem! Stupid auto correct! Emìné, sorry.

Claudia Brandao said...

Olá Emine!
Capítulo perfeito! Mais uma vez.
Os detalhes que você inclui nesse POV faz tudo mais emocionante. Nós já sabemos o final dessa história mas é como se estivéssemos lendo um livro pela primeira vez. Tão grande é a nossa emoção. Você conseguiu me fazer chorar em compaixão por Christian diante do seu desespero pensando que Ana tinha deixado. Até esse momento eu sentia muita raiva pelo modo que ele tratou Ana quando soube da gravidez. Por isso é tão bom ouvir uma história pelos dois lados.
Como outros leitores, eu também gostaria muito de ouvir o POV de Taylor, Gail e Sawyer nessa situação e outras. Eles também são importantes para nós.
Estou agora contando os dias para a próxima semana... Beijos!

Claudia Brandao said...

Olá Emine!
Perfeito mais uma vez!
Os detalhes que você acrescenta fazem grande diferença. Eu me emocionei e chorei com Christian vendo toda sua tristeza ao pensar que Ana o estava deixando. Até o momento eu sentia muita raiva por sua atitude dura contra Ana quando soube da gravidez. Por isso é tão importante ouvir uma história pelos dois lados. Mesmo sabendo o final da história, me sinto lendo um livro novo. As emoções são intensas. Você é ótima nesse trabalho!
Como outros leitores, eu também gostaria de ouvir o POV de Taylor, Gail e Sawyer nessa situação e em outras. Eles são importante na história e queridos por nós.
Estou agora contando os dias para o próximo capítulo... Beijos!

Anonymous said...

Oh so good! Your blog is my fav by far! Ugh, I don't want it to end.

GediGyrl said...

A-maz-ing!! That was SO good! Full of so much emotion! Ah! Is it next week yet?! Lol

Aracely said...

I was crying the whole time,the've left me speechless. I cried with Christian and I felt his pain and love for her !Thank you for doing this ♥

Holly said...

OMG!!! just amazing. there is no other word.. Thank you for putting all the emotions and thoughts for Christian through this. I felt everything he felt. Absolutely incredible. I really don't want to wait until next Tuesday.

Hope everything is going well for you and your family is getting better.

lots of love from GA!!





realmente de mais fantastico...emocionante

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Hi everyone!
I hope everyone is well. I’ve had a busier week than usual, but I wanted to give you a longer chapter because it wouldn’t be complete without giving all the angles. Don’t worry Taylor and Gail’s POV is also coming soon. They’re on the epicenter of everything, and their views are also essential.

I had to do some humanitarian work this week as a volunteer linguist for about 3 days in regards to human rights violations, police brutality, suppression of freedom of speech, freedom of expression, bringing a religious rule to a country that has been a democracy for the last 100 years (that country would be: TURKEY), people are being told what to eat, drink, wear, how many children to have, women are being blamed for unemployment because apparently they’re taking men’s jobs, people are being told not to kiss in public, trying to keep girls from going to school, attempts to create gender-specific schools, micromanaging public’s lives…oh the list is endless. Pretty soon what I write would be banned there and expressing myself like I do here in my own blog in this one paragraph is already a cause to go to jail. Apparently that’s what’s happening to public if you tweet, use social media, or write in public platforms like this which is outrageous. Luckily I’m an American, and I’m free to express myself; a freedom granted by the Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Why this is important: Turkey is a gateway to west, to Europe and elsewhere. Such people who believe in such suppression don’t just sit in one place. It is important to me, because only a few short years ago, I was called to interpret for a police department in Arizona for a woman who was sought protection from her husband and went to the police. Because the said husband was choking her in front of their two children because she didn’t want to remain silent after he made it clear that he wanted to have one other woman/2nd wife and he was bringing into her life, and she was expected to accept it without any qualms. *The bitch* (his expression, not mine) wouldn’t just shut up, and accept it. What I now understand is that this was a man from this particular government’s regime studying his PhD here in of all things: Early Childhood Education. I interpreted for the wife and their two kids who were 6 and 8 then and they were placed in a shelter away from his harm. He got the police report the next day and my name as the interpreter, and the same day he left 48 threatening messages on my voicemail: He said because his children too were gone thanks to my interpreting, he would make sure that he would kidnap my kids (who were 3 years old and 9 months old at the time) and kill them so I would feel what it meant to lose his kids to his wife. Then he put a 10,000 reward to his wife’s head – dead or alive, and followed me around the city despite the fact that I had filed a complaint with the local police department. The worst part was that I was told by the police despite having proof in my hand in the form of his messages, and this man following me in a car chase, and acquiring a weapon without a permit, they couldn’t do anything because “no crime is committed yet.” I couldn’t sit around and wait for him to harm my children. Which one of you would when you knew someone said he is going to kidnap and kill your children and you know who he is? My hands are shaking typing this even though it’s been a few years. His threats only subsided when I had filed complaints with higher authorities. This man is now an assistant Dean in a government run university in Turkey. Had I not seen t first-hand what happens when people like that comes to your doorsteps, I would not have understood the struggle people are going through there. The 3 days I spent was my minuscule contribution to freedom of speech.
I’m working and writing this week. I will respond to your questions shortly.

mzthang said...

Wow Emine,

I would never take my freedom for granted again. You brought tears to my eyes but I am happy no physical harm came to you or children but the emotional strain must have been hell to live with.

Big hugs to you hun!


Claire Jolly said...

Hello Emine,
i think the steps you are taking to help is more than a little, i regularly help at a shelter for woman and children who have come from similar circumstances as the lady you interpreted for all those years ago, the sad thing is that it continues to happen! but with more help and support we hope that can change.

Personally i think it is outrageous that the police don't do anything until a crime has been committed, whatever happened to taking preventative measures to help keep us safe?

So glad no harm came to your family.

love as always, Claire Highlands Scotland xxx

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Thank you Anonymous, Maria, Janda, Donna, Samantha, Donita, Tina, Nina, Lara, Anonymous from Poland!

Hi Wilma! Christian just had the shock of his life. He got landed in Seattle, and Taylor received an emergency call from Sawyer. Right then the bank manager calls telling him that Ana is sitting in his office, and withdrawing 5 million bucks. No matter how much you trust someone, when you have this thrusted upon you, you will have doubts. He’s already insecure about love to begin with. He has a hard time accepting the fact that he can be loved, and hearing this from the bank manager is almost like a proof to show him that “well, shit, I was right! I can’t be loved!” moment. Of course having had the fight the day before about pregnancy fuels that feeling because they haven’t resolved that problem and to top that when she says “yes” to confirm she’s leaving, he’s devastated.

Hi Angela, Janice and Melinda! Angela you’re right about your assessment in regards to Linc. Until you start exploring the topic, it’s hard to imagine the depth. We’ll have more on the subject.

Hi Annalisa! Tuesday isn’t that far away, it’ll be here soon. At least you will be on a vacation. Are you going by the Mediterranean or inland? CG of course has had the shock of his life. He’s not worked though his personal issues, or barely working through them, and this news is fear inducing given his past. Unfortunately, it’s still not over for him. Poor thing, he’s gonna have to grow up in a very short time.

Hi DiDi! Thank you for the song suggestion. I’ve added it to my playlist. I’ll use it in the upcoming chapter.

Hi Penny, Monica, Dannynha, Abigail, Mary, Jeangb (yes, time zones suck, but I think we’ve finally managed a routine with each other), Reebz! Thank you girls!

Oi Katia! Por favor, não ter um ataque cardíaco! Vou escrever POV de Taylor e Gail, e toda a aflição deles no hospital. Obrigada!

Obrigada Ediene!
Concordo com a frases! O amor possui seus próprios motivos, é auto-suficiente, é independente, é benigno, não se ensoberbece, não busca os seus interesses. Tudo espera, tudo crê , tudo sofre, tudo suporta. O amor nunca falha. nao pede nossa autorizaçao e nem opiniao; nao consulta a disponibilidade do momento em nossa vida (para vivermos um grande amor), ocupa e quer todos os espaços....e nossa única partipacao em sua atuaçao é em sentir, viver e se entregar completamente.

Hi Ruth, Jodi, Thereesa, Kara, Steph, Erika, Deb, Erin, May, Aparecida (I’ll write you back today), May, Annie, Mel, Anonymousx2, Gail, Anna, Gita, Kate (a complicated man like Christian takes a while to understand), Anonymous, Rachel, Jaqueline (Vou escrever o que Christian fez com Jack), Gina, Nina, Carol, Mzthang (yes, I will write the conversations with the former PAs & thank you again), Aracely, Holly, Hortencia, Claudia, Erica, Natilla (terça-feira), Cynthia, Anonymous France (Merci beaucoup!), Erica (hope your dad is getting better), Cladia (a resposta é: sim) Gedi, Aracely, Holly! Thank you!

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Hi Aice! Yes, I will include a lot of details of Ana’s hospital stay with twists (you’ll find more POVs).

Hi Anelika! Thank you! I’m writing a lot on the Pella Series because my time is getting tighter for publishing I have to write even more to finish everything. Still a lot more to write, put everything together, edit... It’s a happy chore I love doing, but as to when I will post the next one, I don’t know. There are new twists in the story.

Hi Patricia! Yes, there will be Gail and Taylor’s POV time to time (coming soon).

Hi Christina! Even in Ana’s POV, we could see the hostility from some of the editors when she got back from her honeymoon. I got to examine different angles about why she could go along with such a scheme with Jack. Clearly if Jack never intended to harm (we know he did) any of the women, she could be looking at jail term for a long while which will ruin her for life. Would this outcome be better than her being embarrassed with her sexapades? Clearly not. So, she knew that Jack never meant those women to remain alive. That was her way of avoiding this particular outcome. And just tapes isn’t enough to be an accessory to such a crime. She could have gone to Ana, and explained and have Christian be in the meeting. She could have gone many different ways to avoid it. She didn’t. She was also fueled with jealousy. It’s quite evident.

Daniela Martins said...

Hi, Emine!
I have no more words to say about you and yours books! You're great as always! So I send you a lot of hugs from Brazil to you!

Carol said...

OMG, Emine, thank you for sharing your experience with us. We are truly fortunate to have the freedoms we do. You were so brave and smart to protect yourself and your family the way you did.

Angela said...

Dear Eminé
I agree with you about democracy and freedom in every way of our life!!!
Freedom is our life,free about who we want to be and happy that we live in free country!!!!!
We are connected because if you go to jail to writing this fantastic blog also us will come with you!!!!
i want make you laugh about that and think that we are lucky to live in this democracy:).

i have a question or. Curiosity, why Christian , Elena , Linc and jack are all dom?it s a game that only the rich do? Are they shared the same lifestyle?
thank you !!! Always eager of information!!!!:) xxxxxxxxxx. Angela

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Hi Carol and Angela!

No worries about that sort of prospect for me. I live in cowboyland; this is Arizona, and we are free to express ourselves and I know my rights (local and international). But people who are expressing their views on Twitter who are residing in Turkey have been rounded up and taken into custody.

Angela, as for your question, no, I think that's misconception. Jack isn't rich. He's just a working professional. Of course I didn't know much about the lifestyle until I researched to write about the topic, and believe it or not there are regular people who practice it. But of course some of the toys are expensive and setting up a playroom like Christian would cost a lot of money. But some people are doing it with toys and other things (simple tools such as tying, cuffs, and similar accoutrements), however there is a learning curve.

Some people who are in this sort of life style contacted me, and among the "sane" ones I've made 3 friends. There were also two indecent proposals: One person from the north of the border sent me his "qualifications", wealth status, and other particulars about him, so I would consider to be a dominant in his life. He could do switch as well he said. I told him I'm happily married, and not interested. "Whenever you're not, I'm worth knowing," he said. I blocked him. Another guy asked me if I could train him to be a submissive. I told I'm not running a sub/dom course; he has to contact someone else.

But 3 people who became friends are sane, normal, well educated (the indecent ones were also well educated) and were willing to be interviewed, and I could e-mail them when I had questions. They come from normal backgrounds, but somehow have found their way into this lifestyle, and they volunteered to provide information should I need it when I write in various topics, and have been helpful explaining certain concepts. From what I learned, I realized that CG and Ana don't practice a true dom/sub relationship (maybe in the first book only but that's short lived and he didn't try much because she was new to this lifestyle). It's just great sex with toys. The real deal is a lot more intense apparently, and not for the majority of the readers (certainly not for me).

One particular friend said that he got into it when he started working in one of these clubs rigging subs (tying them up in various poses, suspension, and other kinky positions) when he was 18. He's been doing it for 7 years. A normal guy. If you saw him on the street, you'd think he's a conservative Republican (well, the Republican part is right, but conservative, not). He explained to me that (I interviewed him) he won't have sex any other way, because it's too plain. And apparently there are a lot of volunteers to try it out and get hooked on. But of course the relationships are hard when the expectations are far different. He's in his mid 20s, very smart, and not wealthy, middle class. I realize that tastes develop differently and he acquired this taste when he started working at this particular place, and that's the only way he practices (so, I'm told).

Another friend lives in Paris, a French girl, and the other is a Turkish doctor in Istanbul. So, this isn't limited to one country, one location, or one particular culture. But they answer my questions if I have to write about a particular topic so I am writing it correctly. I prefer to do a proper and accurate job in what I write. I'm thankful that they're forthright in their answers.

Ediene O Maia said...

Obrigada Emine !
Amei suas palavras 
Deve ter sido muito difícil pra vc passar por essa dificuldade, junto com a sua família. Mas graças a deus Hoje todos vocês estão bem.
Aqui no Brasil todas as mulheres somos livres, eu sou livre pra me expressar, aqui no Brasil existe uma nova lei que se chama Maria da Penha lei 11.340, que defende a violência contra a mulher.

Anonymous said...

Olá Emine muito feliz com o capitulo, nossa voce é excelente, inteligente. Voce realmente tem um dom. Obrigada mesmo. Que Deus lhe abençoe e sua familia. No aguardo de mais um capitulo.

Angela said...

Dear Eminé,
As always you are a very talented woman and fill perfectly all the question we have!!!! Thank you:) You know very very well doing your job always!!!!
Your intelligence has no boundaries,you are the woman of many talents, first of all your umanity,your sincerity and frankness and your fantastic friendship!!!!
God bless you:):)
With love xxxxxxxxx. Angela ciao!!!!

Steph said...

Oh my god, it's simply AMAZING !!!!! Can't wait for the next chapter !! Pleaaaaase Eminé, can we have it tomorow ?
You're the best, thanks for all !!!


Holy crap. That was awsome. We are just getting to the good stuff. Can't wait till the next chapter when christen finds her then the hospital stuff. Shit it's going to be good.
Your amazing Emine

Anonymous said...

Thanks Emine! More POVs...yehey!
Would it be too late to ask, please include Sawyers's POV. I couldn't imagine his surprise when Anna made that slipped and to top it off Hyde finally got's every bodyguards worst nightmare. I'm pretty sure he's already thinking Christian will have his head on a platter.
Thank you again.
Counting the days until your next post.
Praying that you and your family is always safe.

<3 Aice

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

I am back and glad to be once more under the radar.

Hi Emine , this was one of my favorite parts in the series and reading your version made it more intense and that too from different POV's. I know you have been told so many times but THANK YOU once again for sharing your talent with us.

Waiting for the next chapter .

Love and best wishes for you and your family!!!


Anna said...

eu não sei se você é portuguesa ou não, mas já vi responder em português por isso cá vai :D
AMEI, toda a sua fic é fantástica, seguidora fiel dela :) é a primeira vez q comento pq só agora descobri que posso comentar sem ter blog :p
por favor continue, terça feira não chega rápido o suficiente

Alfonsa Raffaele said...


Anonymous said...

I love your blog and how you write Christian's POV. I don't know if you are taking suggestions for scenes but I always thought it would be nice if CG asks Ana for a "do over" for when she told him she was pregnant. Since his initial reaction was so terrible, I thought it would be sweet for him to ask her to tell him again that she's pregnant so he can have a more excited, happy reaction. Kind of like rewriting that memory for them. Just a thought. Thanks for the amazing writing you do!

Wilma Van Dorp said...

dear emine

could you please sent book 3 to my emailadres?

thank you vrry much

greetz gezinvandorp

Aline Roberta said...

Emine hello! loved the chapter and very beautiful.
but I wonder if there will be a continuation of the book or if you had could send me email:
  thank you

Aline Roberta said...

Emine hello! loved the chapter and very beautiful.
but I wonder if there will be a continuation of the book or if you had could send me email:
  thank you

Anonymous said...

In EL's book we only got a taste of Christian's payback to Linc by firing the board and selling stock. I think the way you brilliantly write Linc should include a classic CG I'll-show- you-who the-real Dom- is- bitch. Also flashback to when he began his revenge plan. If anyone can do it, its you.

I hope you are doing well and know how much we all appreciate your creativity, efforts and passion for our favorite characters. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Have a great weekend!!

Gina X

Edna santana said...

Dear Emine, today you made ​​me cry with the Christian. You are a brilliant writer! Know how to touch our hearts! thank you

Angela said...

Happy Sunday dear Eminé ,
I want you to know that next thursday i'll leave for new york with my family and mom i m so thrilled!!!!
This was my dream since adolescence and now it's true :)
Then we go to Atlanta and greensboro where my brother 'lives!!!
I heard that they are shooting new scenes of " white collar 5" in new york is that true do you know something about it?
Do you have any suggestions about places we could see?
hugs xxxxxxxx. Angela ciao. ( you' re the best)!!!!!

Shanon Axtell said...

Wow, Emine, just wow. Wonderful job. I think I saw somewhere that you're also going to include some content from Taylor's and Gail's POVs. If so, I think that's a great idea. They are so important to the story, I think Ms. James could write the books all over again from their perspective. Thanks again for all that you've shared with us. Blessings, Shanon

EPFlaig said...

I loved it!!! You are sooooo talented! Thank you again!

EPFlaig said...

you are so talented! I LOVE the story and cannot wait for more! thank you! thank you! thank you!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME ..... Is all I can say about that chapter! I can't wait to hear what Kate says to Christian in the hospital room.

Anxiously awaiting next chapter from The Lowcountry!

Anonymous said...

You are a fantastic writer. I loved this chapter!! It was brilliant. How scary that happened to you with your children. I'm glad it worked out fine. You write the contrast between Lincoln and Christian so beautifully. What is a beta reader?

Anonymous said...

Eta ? ;)

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

The ETA is still Tuesday. I don't know the exact hour. I have my Jury Duty tomorrow. I'm told to expect to be at the courthouse till 5 p.m. I have sick child at home. I'm going to try to see if I can get out earlier. But it will be later in the day.

Hi Shannon! Yes, Taylor's POV will be included. This is going to be a hard chapter.

Hi Angela!
There are some readers who know New York and the White Collar shooting schedule better than I do. I suggest you go to Facebook and ask one of the ladies on

Some of them live in New York. I live in the west, and I see New York maybe once a year. The residents will be able to give better ideas. But if you come to west California, Arizona, Las Vegas area, I can give you much better idea. But in general, I'd say do these at least:
1. Go to Central Park
2. There's a lot to see in West Village (Magnolia Bakery, Jefferson Market Courthouse, Spotted Pig (which is a pub))
3. Empire State Building (gotta see that)
4. Statue of Liberty
5. If you like art, go see the Contemporary Art Center
6. See a Broadway show
7. People say to see the Grand Central Terminal (but I once took the wrong subway and ended up in Bronx at 2 a.m. in the morning as opposed to GC)
8. If you go to Ellis Island, you can see the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. You must also see these museums in NYC: Then there's the American Museum of Natural History (my favorite), Metropolitan Museum of Art, Guggenheim Museum.
9. Go to the Rockefeller Center
10. Don't miss the Times Square
11. 9/11 Memorial.

Lots to do. But you are looking for local digs, I think the native New Yorkers would be better help than I am. I live too far from NYC.

Obrigado Anna! Meu Português é básico. Eu sei que os tempos simples. Eu ainda estou aprendendo. Eu preciso aprender muito mais.

Welcome back Sonu! How was the vacation you lucky woman?

Oi Ediene!
Women in our country are protected with various laws. But that doesn't stop violent men doing what they want to do. A lot of domestic violence cases go unreported, because the women don't have financial independence, or have not other place to go. Shelters are crowded - if you're lucky enough to get a place (mostly reserved for moms with kids). So, some just remain silent and keep enduring hopelessly. This is why I'm a big advocate for getting girls educated, and gain their financial freedom. And always tell them to be picky in choosing their life partners or the people they co-habit. Alternative is worse.

Thank you everyone! Back to the grindstone now :)

Angela said...

Thank you Eminé ,
Yes , i agree with you there's a lot to see and museum are my favourite!!!!
Don t worry about us, we can wait ( a little) :)!!!
Good work and a big kiss to your son!!
xxxxx. Angela

Unknown said...

such a good chapter! the one thing i cant stand is hearing a man cry.. Cant wait for the next chapter!! at least i know everything is going to be ok.

Anonymous said...

Hi emine!!!!
I loved this chapter very much thank you for writing such beautiful chapter . I cant wait for reading the conversation between christian and grace when ana is unconceous i hope it is included in the next chapter
with love

eza fogaça said...

Olá Emine!!!!
Espero que seu filho tenha melhorado!
Sempre de olho nas atualizações.
Como sempre você está arrasando!
Ahh... Christian bêbado é muito fofoooo!!! Ri muito (chorei também) aqui, parabéns!

j.farmer2 said...

I can see the girls at Ana's work being jealous of her, but she's not a superior yet. So it's not like they have to take orders from her. She's an editor. This makes Elizabeth either still her supervisor or an equal. Now I know they probably assume she will be their superiors at some point but she's not now. Ana's been nothing but nice to Elizabeth so what's the deal? Elizabeth has said several times that Ana's her boss now, but she's not.


j.farmer2 said...

Never mind. I re-read that part again and I understand it better. I just miss read.


Ediene O Maia said...

Oi Emine!
Eu concordo com Você, aqui acontece muito também, eu mesma tive uma experiência em minha própria família com uma das minhas irmãs .
Eu espero que seu filho esteja melhor eu sei bem o que você esta passando , eu também estou com meu filho doente. E pra melhorar eu também estou de cama, eu tenho fibromialgia, eu não sei se você conhece essa doença, aqui no Brasil tem poucos médicos que conhece essa doença, pelos menos os médicos que eu já passei todos conhece essa doença então eu faço tratamento.
Eu estou lendo os livros novamente, eu já chorei, ri muito também do C G.
Você esta de parabéns!

neves089 said...

Mais um capitulo imperdível! Incrivel Emine como vc consegue dar encantamento a tudo que escreve! Amei a visão do psicopata Jack, a visão de Elizabeth, o pq dela esta sendo chantageada e entrar no jogo! As mulheres numa inveja danada da sorte da Ana! Ate eu tenho tb! Afinal o nosso Grey eh inesquecível e maravilhoso! Amei e to aqui na expectativa danada em ver o final da estória!
Fiquei muito impressionada com sua estória sob a respeito dos direitos das mulheres, realmente estamos em pleno século XXI com tantas conquistas fantásticas como a internet, evolução da comunicação com celulares e as mulheres ainda são vitimas de tanta violência seja (violência física ou violência verbal) que a meu ver eh tao nociva qto a física! E mesmo com leis cada vez mais focadas com a finalidade em proteger as mulheres, a própria mídia que as vezes da visibilidade a fatos ainda somos vitimas! Parabéns pelo seu trabalho, continue a humanidade precisa de pessoas como vc! Fique na luz e muita saúde para sua mae e filhos!

Vera said...

Pessoa inspirada que cativa nossos corações a cada capítulo! Nossa!!! Que mágico ler a versão sr.Grey! Aguardando ansiosa a continuação! Bjs e muito obrigado por socializar seu talento!!!

Amy Headrick said...

I'm hoping that after dinner tonight or before bed, I refresh and be surprised with the new chapter!! Take your time impatient ass can wait a bit longer (not too much) but longer!! I'm loving the way the book is going in the direction that it is. It amaze's me to see how dedicated you are to the book, us, and your writing! I'm in awe...

Anonymous said...

Quando posta o novo capitulo??????????????''
Estou ansiosa....amo esta versão do christian pois nos livros não podemos ver o casamento deles,nem os filhos,nem os sentimentos deles e nao dá para enteder quem é ele..

Michele Santos said...

Emine estamos aqui no Brasil viciados na sua historia...
Ficamos sempre de plantão esperando o próximo capitulo...
parabéns pelo trabalho...
E o capitulo de hoje??
estou doida para ler...
achei super emocionante o ultimo...

o Brasil manda um olá

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Hey everyone! I had Jury Duty today, and just got home. I will review Chapter II and post it in a couple of hours. Bear with me a little while please. Thank you!

Michele Santos said...

Emine você é captou todos os sentimentos que o cinza passa para nós e colocou em palavras

Nós aqui do Brasil estamos viciados em você...você não pode nem pensar no sucesso que esta fazendo aqui no Brasil, todo mundo queria saber como o Christian sentia em relação a tudo o que aconteceu...e agora temos através de você

Um obrigado direto do Brasil


Veronica Batista said...

Estou ansiosa pela capítulo 2!!!

Veronica Batista said...
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Backsassing said...

Oh Emine..I wanted to tell you that I was convinced your story/writing couldn't possibly get any better...well guess what?!? It got better!!
I am simply flabbergasted. You have given this story dimensional substance. I mean, come on, I know what is going to happen next yet you still manage to have me in tears and at the edge of my seat with anticipation.
Thank you for sharing your talent so freely with so many.

Anonymous said...

Is this not book 3 instead of 4 ???

Anonymous said...

Dear Emine, I just found your Blog & I am loving it, great writing. Always wanted to know what Christian was feeling & now I have my answers. How often do you publish a new chapter? I want to keep reading this.

Evie Hammond said...

Once again brilliant! Loved the "memory loss: the free prize", and: Fucking free prize of memory loss now finds me!

You did a brilliant job of describing the world according to CG as he's stumbling home. And his thought that Ana isn't steady on her feet, as she's trying to half-carry him to their room.

“Are you trying to frighten me?” she mutters breathless, scared. What? No! I’m only trying to communicate with her the only way I know how. And she won’t let me.

And this, exactly what one misses when one gets only one POV: “Mr. Brioni, my ass,” mutters Tyler under his breath. “What dumb mobster would name himself after the suit he’s wearing?” he whispers. ‘It’s not worth my life to find out,’ he thinks to himself.

And this is why I wanted to see more of this, to see this at least addressed, in the books:
Elisabeth and a lot of other women working at SIP resent Ana badly, and half of them wouldn’t think twice to aid in finding a way to get her flat on her face. The bitch … marries the second richest man in Seattle. Christian Grey! … Every girl is burning with envy at the SIP. This would serve her right.

To my mind, they never dealt sufficiently with the rigors of the life Christian sort of abducted her into. She never signed on for this, and loved being an anonymous, private person. I'm sure she would be subjected to a lot of envy, malice, malevolence -- and there are lots of ways this can be implemented in an office.

Another wonderful chapter, as I'm dodging something I'm supposed to be doing! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Emine! I'm not sure if you're still reading the comments here, but I am a reader from Turkey. And yes, I'm trying to read your blog as fast as I can because I'm afraid they'll ban it before I finish reading (I have a mind to read the Pella stories too :)) I am writing my own steamy-sexy novel with a political sauce and of course I'll try to publish it abroad under a nom-de-guerre! I wouldn't want to rot in jail here just for mentioning the name of a certain trial. Even writing this comment here may turn out to be a liability. Anyway, thanks for bringing this subject to your readers' attention. Love... G.