The Pella Series - Chapter VI

Alexander Aurelius Pella

“Henry, are you sure the signal is pointing to Santa Barbara County border?”

“Yes, positive!”

“Unless he flew the SUV to Santa Barbara, there is absolutely no way for them to make it in the rush hour traffic within less than an hour! It would have taken them nearly two and a half hours to get to Montecito.”

“Did you say ‘fly’?” asks Henry. “Wait a minute...” he says and checks his smart phone. “When the signal came, the SUV was still on 101 North outside of Oxnard, and only four and a half minutes later it came to a complete stop outside of Montecito, right within Santa Barbara County,” he explains and looks up.
“Henry, that’s a fully armored SUV weighting 13,000 pounds! It’s 8.3 feet high and nearly 20 feet long! How does anyone lift and fly such a vehicle in that amount time for such a distance? That’s about forty miles of distance in four and a half minutes! The speed with which that SUV is carried is over 533 miles an hour...” We look at each other, understanding.

“We better fly then. I think one of the Sikorsky X2s is still on the tarmac,” Henry says concerned.

The drive to the airport though short, is one of the longest in my existence.

“Patience, Alexander. It’ll take a few minutes!” Henry chides.

“Few minutes, I fucking don’t have! Its life and death! If something happened to Elissa under Anthony’s watch, I will kill him!”

Henry remains silent. “I think they’re testing the waters, the perimeters, looking for a weak spot. They've located her – remember, this used to be your tactic: strike once, strike hard. This is a message to you, too, Alexander! They’re saying ‘we are watching you!’” I turn to Henry sharply, my gaze full of anger.

“Do you remember Bacchus who defied me?”

“It was before my time, but I’ve read it. You've never talked about it, though. Is it all true?” he asks nonchalantly.

“I’m the one who tied him behind the horse, alive, to be dragged through the city! What they didn't write in the books is that he tried to fuck me over like these servants of Hades are doing. At the time, he captured Elissa, tortured her and was ready to first rape her and then hand her over to the Fallen Angels so that he would punish me through her pain at the cost of letting the Fallen take over Heavens!”

“Don’t feel too bad. We cowboys used to do that for crimes a lot less than that. Kidnapping a woman, or a girl would have been right up there to get him strung up, or stretched behind a horse easily,” replies Henry.

“I don’t feel bad at all! I would have done worse. I wanted to! When I found her, he had his dick hanging out, looming over her while she was screaming!” I say in a low voice full of malice as if it happened yesterday. I barely realize that my hands are fisted, my entire body gone rigid. “At the time, I was only bound by duty. But now my entire existence, my heart and soul belong to her. Do you know what I will do to anyone who dares to harm her?” I hiss through gritted teeth, my rage is oozing out of my pores.

“We’re here,” Henry says stopping the car, and we both rush to the helicopter. Once we are ready to take off, I hear Henry's disembodied voice through the cans picking up the conversation where we left off. 

“I thought that incident occurred before you met Marcus.”

“No. It was shortly after. Some of my former Praetorians who swore alliance to me recognized me. They fixed the story and were sworn to secrecy...” I say, but Henry interrupts me.

“Fly northbound Alexander, remain north east of Montecito. The SUV is on the move!”

“What? Where is it going? At what speed?”

“Driving speed...” Henry replies thoughtful. “What’s our ETA?”

“Twenty-three minutes,” I reply after looking at my watch.

“Where do we land?”

“That depends where and when the SUV stops?”

“You won’t believe this but it’s heading towards Elissa’s home. That’s not a road used by anyone else but the residents,” Henry says, cautiously wondering.

“Gabriel and Stella!” we both exclaim at the same time.

“I’ll land on his fucking backyard!” I hiss.

By the time I land on Gabriel’s property, he’s already waiting for me outside.

“Alexander,” he says nodding coolly. I’m not surprised that he recognized me despite the changes. I see my SUV parked in front, and Anthony is nowhere to be seen.

“Where are Elissa and Anthony?”

“Elissa is packing, and your man and Stella insisted that he remains as close to her as possible.”

“What happened?” I say without preamble or any friendliness; I’m vibrating with tension.

“Henry, so good to see you,” Gabriel says smiling at him.

“Been a long time, sir,” Henry replies.

“Cut the fucking pleasantries! What the hell happened to my wife?”

“She isn't your wife! She was your wife in a different lifetime! She’s 21 today and she’s once again visible to the Fallen Angels! She was lucky that it was only the minion of Azaziel!”

“Who?” I ask with the intensity of my gaze piercing him.

“Phlegethon,” he replies with an inscrutable face. I hate that name! He and his master ripped my family apart. This is personal.

“Stella felt Ellie’s distress and we had to shed our cover, and we had to take flight. Now it’s unsafe for her here! And, FYI, Elissa saved your man!”

“What? He was supposed to protect her!”

“You forget her affinity. She is still Marcus’s daughter; she will always possess the powers of a first generation and as the daughter my brother, a top Watcher, she has no equal, except perhaps you, Alexander! She has sacrificed before, her body remembers even though she won’t. She shielded Anthony with her own body,” he says making me wince. What if she died? “Without Elissa, your man would be soulless for all eternity even though Stella saved his body!”

Something is shaking and I realize that it’s me. “You don’t have to tell, me! I was there! I lived for over two-hundred years of agony day after day since I’ve lost her! I’m taking her back tonight!”

“What will you tell her Alexander? That you were her husband? She does remember the Alexander she married in her recurring dreams and nightmares. Not you! I saw how effectively your man could protect her. Her life is much more valuable than that!”

“Shut up Gabriel!” says an approaching female voice and we all turn to see Stella.

“Hello! You must be Alex!” she says as if she just met me. Why the ruse? “You must forgive Gabe who is only bound by duty, and only in one direction. That’s why Marcus also put me to share her custody. So, I could look out for her interest. Ellie really seems to be taken by you,” she says. She’s doing this for her benefit! They have a bond, a connection! “You will have to make her remember and forget the past! That’s your key to her happiness!”

“What? Did you say, forget?” I ask confused.

“Yes, remember and then forget. She will have to remember everything, but after all is said and done, she must forget. She cannot live in two places at once and be happy. Resolve the past, and...” she looks behind as if she’s heard something that none of us heard. “It looks like tonight is the night for ambushes... Gabriel! Someone’s outside the property!” Stella jacks her thumb in the direction of the driveway.

“I didn't feel anything...”

“You wouldn't, but I know the signature.”

A butler appears, “Sir, two officers from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff are here outside the gates, requesting entry.”


“On the fucking surface!” Stella curses.


“They want to talk to you, sir.” he says.

“Let them in,” I say. I am in a punishing mood tonight.

“No! the first order would be taking Elissa away from here. They know her presence here now! She’s like a beacon; they’ll be coming for her from all over!” Gabriel opposes.

“Are we going to argue about this while they are already here when there are five of us who can protect her? You would rather we remain on the run?”

“He has a point,” grins Henry. “And besides, it’s been a while since I’ve had a good fight.”  Gabriel nods at his butler. We follow him into the property. The monitor fed with the images from the camera at the main entry shows two sheriff’s deputies along with another man in an unmarked vehicle.

“Doctor Newman?” asks Stella quizzically and looks at Gabriel pointedly. Gabriel goes to the intercom and presses a button.

“I’m Gabriel Duncan. State your business...” he says in a professional tone.

“Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department, sir. I’m Sergeant Emilio Chavez,” says the bulky officer with olive skin and dark eyes, flashing a badge and his identification. “We have a complaint that Miss Sarah Duncan and Miss Ellie Duncan may be in trouble. We need to check the premises.”

“Hold your identification onto the camera until I can see the content of it,” orders Gabriel and scans the ID. I’m surprised that he can quickly verify it through the Sheriff’s database.

“And now your deputy, please,” he orders. And reluctantly Chavez indicates the other man with stark blonde hair, slender and with unmistakable malice in his eyes. “This is Deputy Michael Van Dynveak,” he states, and Van Dynveak smirks and flashes his ID knowing full well that it will check out.

“And now, the person in your company,” says Gabriel nonchalantly.
“I’m Doctor Newman; you've known me for years, Mr. Duncan!”

“Then you wouldn't mind showing me your identification and state your business on my property!” bellows Gabriel with irritation.

“I have reason to believe that my patients are in trouble. Something is wrong, and we have the right to enter!”

“Sirs, you don’t have the right to enter the property without a search warrant. You will show me your search warrant first or state on what grounds you are coming to my property to conduct your search!” Gabriel booms making Dr. Newman wince.

“My patient Sarah Duncan made a distress call to me! We are concerned for her well-being!”
“This is not Sarah Duncan’s residence. It’s my residence!”

“But Miss Ellie Duncan resides here, doesn’t she? Her mother is concerned for her well-being!” That would be the mother Elissa didn't care to know about. The absentee one... It’s an odd surprise that when her daughter became twenty-one, she decides to act like a mother, and somehow the concern for her well-being peaks.

Doctor’s claim surprises Gabriel.

“I beg your pardon? There hasn't been a 911 call from this property officer. Has there?”

“Not exactly. But when Miss Sarah Duncan made the call stating a concern for her daughter’s well-being, inadvertently her own well-being to me, I have legal duty to inform the police to verify.”

I hold Gabriel’s hand before he presses the intercom again. Deputy Van Dynveak answers a call from his radio and his grin widens. He leans into the sergeant’s ear and whispers something.

“Stop the chit-chat, and open the fucking gates!” I whisper to Gabriel, and he reluctantly presses a button, and the monogrammed gates retract, granting entry to the malicious visitors.

The unmarked police car pulls up the driveway. Three men exit the vehicle.  Chavez comes forward flanked by the other two.

The butler opens the door to the visitors. Gabriel and I stand in the foyer about ten feet apart from each other. Chavez eyes both of us and noting our defensive stances, he approaches Gabriel.

“Mr. Duncan! We now have exigent circumstances to enter into the property without a search warrant. We have just received a 911 call from Miss Sarah Duncan who says she’s on the property right now.”

“You will wait in the living room, and I will go get my niece and my sister.”

“No, I think we will search the property ourselves while you wait here!”

“This property is well over twenty-thousand square feet, Sergeant.”

“All the more reason we start now!” says a determined Chavez, turning his head to his deputy, nodding at him imperceptibly. “This is Deputy Van Dynveak at the Duncan residence in Montecito, requesting backup.”

A nasally voice replies, “This is dispatch, copy, ten-four. Back-up on the way.”

“Now!” says Sergeant Chavez who shows his bottomless black eyes. This man is not a human, but neither a Nephilim. He’s a darkling bounty hunter! They’re called darklings because they are devoid of souls; instead they possess a demonic energy. I don’t know if they ever possessed a soul at one time. Both the men are soulless; but the Doctor is the worst of all. He is human on the surface, but he is one of those who have a pact with the Hades; he’s a gatekeeper! I’ve only seen one like him before. As my eyes focus on the doctor, Van Dynveak becomes a blur, and he and Chavez are like shadows unaffected by touch, wrapping themselves around Gabriel over his torso and legs in an attempt to incapacitate him while the Doctor is on his way upstairs faster than any man I have ever seen running in such a fluid, speedy gait. I run after him. I feel, rather than see Stella and Henry back Gabriel up. I leap ten feet into the air, and land ahead of the Doctor, but I feel the dark tendrils reach after me, trying to wrap themselves around my body.

 “Need a hand boss?” I hear Anthony as he slices the air with a hand-to-hand melee he hasn’t used in a very long time. The excitement of a pending fight brews in me.

“Sometimes a man misses the battle cry,” he says grinning and positions his back to mine like we used to in the battle.

“Ellie?” I ask concerned. He points upstairs with his eyes. Without breaking our back to back position, he hands me a curved dagger.

“Stella’s present,” he says he says with a smile in his voice. We both spin at the same time, and as the Doctor’s tendrils reach out to one of us, Anthony and I both strike him; his heart and his throat. His tendrils slowly retract as tar black thick blood oozes out of him slowly staining his shirt. I don’t wait around. I need to find Elissa.

I take two steps towards the hall to find Elissa and I hear a scream. The sound is coming from behind a closed door. Unable to hold myself back, I storm into her bedroom. Elissa is standing in the middle of the room with a strange jagged glaive to her throat held by an elegant looking woman. It’s odd to see such a weapon with a short handle, but it has the markings I have not seen since Marcus’ surrender. I know what they are capable of doing. So, I can’t take a chance on Elissa’s life. Fuck! This is the mommy dearest gone to Hades! Elissa’s eyes wide, she looks at me, shocked to see me.

“Don’t. Come. Any. Closer! I will thrust this into her throat and it will kill her easily!”  says her mother. Of course it will! It’s forged in the depths of Hades, especially made for this purpose. It’s a fucking sacrificial blade, in her mother’s hand!

“You would do that to your daughter?” I ask as I take a step forward, my face imperturbable.

She was just a biological child, not my daughter! I never wanted to have her! She took everything that was rightfully mine! My gorgeous body, my parents’ love, and now my inheritance! But her death will rectify something. Uh...Ah. Like Abraham, sacrificing his son... Yes, just like Abraham...” she says with a glazed look over her eyes.

“The flaw in that argument is that Abraham was serving his God. Who are you serving, Sarah?” I probe her while taking another casual step forward as my eyes locked with hers, trying to draw her out of whatever spell she’s under, if any.

“Myself! I will reclaim my youth, my former beauty, and immortality. They promised! Once she’s out of the way, I can have everything that was rightfully mine!” she croons.

“I don’t want anything... You can have it all,” whispers Elissa.

“Don’t speak at all!” says Sarah pushing the glaive into her throat harder, and breaking skin. Bitch! A bead of blood collects at the tip of the glaive. I hold my hand up as a universal gesture of peace, trying to get a read on Sarah. If I had not have hundreds of years of practice in controlling my anger, wrath, and tendency to exact revenge I’d have killed her already. I will danger Elissa. What is Sarah? I take two easy steps, and she digs the glaive deeper into Elissa’s neck. Her blood runs slowly, lazily in a crimson streak over the silver of the jagged glaive. I barely restrained the power coiled inside me.

“Don’t come any closer,” Sarah says smiling in a singsong voice.

“If you kill her Sarah, they will kill you. They need her alive,” I say placating her.

“No! They still need me. I’m the one who can touch her and kill her while they can’t even touch her like she’s the holy water to devil!” she says with an ear splitting, discordant laughter. “They can’t even touch her!” she repeats herself. “Yes, sir, they need me!” she croons, her eyes crazed and wild as her voice take a strange tone. “They said she’s an abomination! I knew that all along! She is! I was right!” she says with sibilance. A fast movement from the door doesn’t escape her notice, and I take advantage of her distraction and I grasp Sarah’s hand capturing the glaive and immediately I pull Elissa behind me protectively. I quickly notice that Stella captured Sarah and binding her hands securely.

"Let go of me!" hisses Sarah.

"Like you let go of your daughter?" asks Stella sarcastically as she bends Sarah's arm forcefully.

"She's the reason I've the lost everything that was right rightfully mine! Youth, beauty, inheritance, my parent's love, men..." growls Sarah inhumanly, but Stella interrupts her.

"Just when I think that you cannot be any shallower, you manage to drain the tub a little more, Sarah, making me lose hope in humanity!" Stella hisses disgustedly. Ellie's eyes widen, the shock of her mother's actions and the stab of her words finally manage to penetrate her as the adrenaline is wearing off. She trembles like a leaf, speechless; unable to cry, unable to form a word, unable to stand without support. She doesn't notice the blood seeping down from her neck, lazily coursing over her chest, and disappearing under her black blouse, darkening over her right breast, slowly coagulating. Elissa's gaze is fixed anywhere in the room, but the three of us.

“Take Ellie away, and protect my girl, Alex,” Stella says. Elissa’s eyes finally manage to turn to her  and widen, somehow the tender words uttered by the Fallen Angel who became the woman to raise her finally manages to break the dam that's been welling up behind her sapphire blue eyes.

“Go on dear! Go out into the world and live your life! I’ll be there when you need me!” Stella whispers gently. I become aware that my arms are protectively wrapped around Elissa’s body and she’s clutching onto me with all she’s got as though without me she would be a heap on the floor! I feel Sarah malicious grin following Elissa’s every move. I direct the searing intensity of my focus upon her; malicious and unforgiving. I want to lunge forward and shred her to pieces with my hands; it’s taking all my self-control to restrain my actions. I keep reminding myself that this woman gave birth to Elissa, and yet she was ready to cut her open without any qualms. I tug Elissa out of the bedroom into the relative privacy of the hallway.

“My bags,” she says dazed, shaking, and crying as she points back to her room.

“Anthony will get them,” I say tenderly. She’s too shaken, too worried, and too distressed. I can’t stand it! This is my girl, she was my wife, she’s my life, reason for my existence.

“Thank you, Mr. Pella...” she stutters shyly and wipes her tears away fiercely, shaken.

"Shhh..." say softly, holding her hands back. Our proximity is overwhelming. I want to take her grief away and make her forget; make her know that I’m all she needs, all she should want, desire and depend on. I hold her tightly fisted hands; my gaze fixed on her sapphire blues and I slowly lift them up to my lips. I kiss each and every knuckle as if I’m kissing her lips with all the yearning, desire and love I have for her. With each kiss on her knuckles, I feel her tension depart from her body, all the way through her extremities. Her fingers relax and open up. I turn her hands over and kiss her palms. I feel a soft moaning out of her lips. Her lips part, gaze locked on mine, she searches my eyes. I slowly put her hands down and place them on her sides. Reaching up to her face, I dry her cheeks and eyes with my fingers slowly and tenderly. There’s wonder in her eyes.

"It's okay, you're okay. I'm here, now," I whisper gently in a soothing yet commanding tone. I know that despite all my efforts, I can’t conceal my love, the overpowering craving, attraction and desire for her. I am completely relieved that my feelings for her exponentially reciprocated by her. She places her head on my chest with relief, inhaling my scent, feeling me, and her arms automatically wrap around my torso as if they always belonged there, so natural. 

"You saved me, Mr. Pella...again..." she murmurs and for first time she realizes that she's holding me, Alex Pella and tries to pull back looking at me chagrined and I cock my eyebrows at her quizzically as I hold her arms firmly in place not willing her to let me go. I want her to be intimate with me, not formal. To my relief she amends.

“Alex,” she says correcting herself. I can feel her fluttering heart though our embrace. The inescapable pull we have for each other is prodigiously clear. Her proximity to me is beguiling, bewitching, seductive, drawing like an undercurrent I can’t escape. Like a moth to a flame, Icarus to sun, she’s all of my heart... Her soul is calling to mine like its lost half seeking to merge. Even when my eyes closed, I feel her. Passion ignites inside me, searing, boiling my blood like wild fire. The love I feel for Elissa is so overwhelming that I, Alexander Aurelius Pella, a man who ruled and conquered the known world would fall on his knees for her. I have sought her at the corners of the globe. I love her with simplicity and elementally. A proud, controlling and an extremely self-disciplined man that I am, I love this woman without pride, boundaries or control. Because, I don’t know any other way. If she couldn't exist, neither could I, nor would I want to! Her hands on my waist, her gaze locked on my eyes; looking, seeking, desiring, penetrating through my soul in such a way that if she were to inhale my chest would swell, if she were to look, I would see, if she were to close eyes, I would sleep, and if she were to sleep, I would dream. I’m hot and hard and half-crazy with my craving for her. I search her face and see that my desire reflected and reciprocated in her face.

“I’m going do something I wanted to do since I’ve first laid eyes on you!” I say in a lascivious tone looking intensely in her eyes. Her breath hitches. Her eyes are wide and unblinking, she looks at me. I place my hand on the small of her back, coaxing her merge with my front, my cock hard and in full salute mode digging against her waist, struggling to get out. 

“What?” she asks in a breathy voice, swallowing. Inadvertently she lifts herself on her toes reaching up towards me, her eyes begging me to close the space between us and kiss her. I suppress a smile and, “This...” I say leaning down. I tilt her chin up, and seal her lips with mine. She’s pushing her body into mine seeking to merge with me. At first, our kiss is soft and sweet. But our connection pushes us over the limit, and unleashes the desire we have stored for over two hundred years. I find myself lifting her up off the floor and she wraps her long legs around my body, pushing into me. My left hand holds her from under her buttocks while my right hand is caressing her back sensually up and down, making strategic stops.

My lips consume hers telling her of my love and desire for her in a way I’m not allowed to express her with words yet. My desire for her is overwhelming, helpless, and nothing would end this yearning until we are completely united. She is reading my soul with her lips without knowing that she’s my whole universe! At this moment, I surrender myself to her; let her conquer me while I conquer her anew. This kiss surely should unite our souls. I don’t care about anything else right now, but the two of us united with this kiss at this moment, and I have finally relocated my soul! My kiss turns into a demanding, insistent one; and she is encouraging it, parting her lips, sighing, granting my tongue access to explore her mouth. As one of her hand travels into my hair pulling it, the other clutches to my shirt fisting, clinging to my body, making me groan into her mouth. I taste and lick her inside her mouth, a familiar yet long lost dance of our tongues start, finally finding their perfect match. I suck and nip her lower lip and she whimpers into my mouth, her breasts pushing into my chest, nipples hardening, straining against her shirt, and friction between us. If I remain here, I’m going to take her right here on the floor, and she deserves better than that.

My tongue clashes with hers as she pulls me to her forcefully with the grasp of her arms, trying to merge our bodies, and my erection reaches to its full potential, protesting, trying to reach through the layers of clothing into her body, her sex so close! She moans in pleasure. She sucks my tongue in such a sensual way that I’m nearly transported to our last love making before I lost her. I nip her lower lip again, and slow our kiss again to a tender and a sensual one.

Once our lips part, I trail my kisses down to her chin, her cheeks and neck. Someone clears his throat behind me.

“Mr. Pella, we should get going sir,” says Anthony. He must have been giving us this time to reacquaint ourselves, watching my back as he always does. I reluctantly free Elissa from my kisses. It’s not safe for her here.

“Will you be driving or flying sir?”

“Fly...”  I say. I don’t think I can wait three hours.

“They’ll clean up here; you two should take the back stairs. I will bring Miss Duncan’s belongings in the SUV, sir,” he says with reverence in his voice towards Elissa. I narrow my eyes, but he says nothing. I take Elissa’s hand, and for the first time in over two-hundred years, there’s a spark of hope and relief in my heart.

“Are we going back to LA?” she asks. I think for a second.

“No, Ellie,” I say and mouth, "Arizona," knowing we're still in the earshot of her enemies.

“Oh, of course, my first day of work,” she says her face falling.

We will work, of course. But, I want to show her a horse ranch, first. She likes riding, well, she's in luck. I'll show her my horses, and how to break a sweat.
Anthony looks at me questioning. 

"Charter, tonight!" I mouth.

"Already arranged, sir," he mouths, nodding solemnly. Points his smart phone, indicating he texted me about it. Burn marks almost healed themselves off his face. 

I have to get Elissa away from the vicinity of the Fallen and the bounty hunters. 

"Come," I tug.

"Where to?"

"Away from here."

"It's a starless night," she notices when we're outside. I nod. Who needs the stars? I found my sun...

“Have you ever flown in a helicopter?” I ask once we’re in the front yard. I notice the unmarked police car gone. There’s nothing other than my helicopter, and all seems quiet.

“No, I haven’t. Are we flying in your helicopter all the way to Arizona?” she asks hopeful.

“Only to the airport. We have a chartered plane,” I reply.

“Ellie?” a male voice calls. She turns slowly.

“You weren't going to leave without saying goodbye, were you?” ask Gabriel. Elissa looks at him hard, without an answer.

“I’m going to try the life you say doesn’t belong to me, Uncle Gabe,” she replies. 

“I’m only trying to protect you. I have to protect your life whether you want to be protected or not. I will always look out for you, always watch over you.”

“I’m 21 years old, uncle!” she replies. “I can do that myself.”

“And I’ve existed for eons Ellie, long before there was a thing called ‘time’ which would make even Stella middle age,” he says joking in an attempt to soften his words. “Your father is my brother. I made an oath to protect you. I’m bound to protect you!” he utters fervently.

“All I want to know is that you love me, uncle. Otherwise, duty, oath, protection mean little else.”

“I do love you Ellie. I wanted to do everything you dad wished he would do. Give you a sense of normalcy. Don’t...” he says stopping, “...Don’t dismiss me. I’m the closest thing you have to a father,” he says with agony in his gaze. Gabriel, the Angel of Eden extends his arms to Elissa who accepts and holds him.

“We’ll know when you need us, and we’re watching you...” he whispers. “And, Alex is capable of taking care of you, as well,” he says, and she silently nods.

“I love you uncle. Take care of Stella,” she says leaving his embrace. I hold her hand, and head to the Sikorsky X2.

I put her into my helicopter and secure the harness over her tightly. I clear the take-off with the tower and we’re on our way to Santa Barbara Municipal Airport. It’s a very small, one story but an efficient airport which in a way works for me, because I get to avoid the hassles of larger airports with throngs of people running, flowing and rushing about constantly. Henry will collect and fly the helicopter to Marana with Anthony from the airport. I could fly it myself, but I want the time with Elissa. When we arrive at the airport, I check my text from Anthony. Then I unbuckle Elissa’s harness and take her hand and pull her behind me decidedly, walking with sure steps towards the plane Anthony chartered. The pilot meets us at the door.

“Mr. Pella!” he says shaking my hand firmly. “What an honor to meet you sir. We’ll be ready for take-off in about 30 minutes. Please, take your seats, and our flight attendant Marilyn will attend to your needs, sir, ma’am,” he says directing us into the cabin. The cabin is spacious decorated with very light subdued cream color all around; accented with mahogany on the table tops and back cabin wall is in light lime green. It looks very serene. I pull Elissa’s close to me and walk to the wide sofa situated on the side as opposed to the luxurious chairs that accommodate one person each. I want physical contact with her. Marilyn, the flight attendant walks in.

 Wouldn't you be more comfortable in the chairs, sir?” she asks. Marilyn is a woman in her early fifties, and she exudes professionalism.

“We’re quite comfortable here. Thank you,” I reply.

“May I get you anything to drink? I will be able to serve you food once we are airborne,” she says smiling.

I look at Elissa, expectantly.

“I haven’t had anything to eat. So nothing hard. Pepsi please, if you have it,” she asks politely.

“Bring the food menu for both of us, and I’d also like your wine menu, please” I say pointedly.

“Yes, sir,” she replies and leaves the cabin, bustling.

“How long is the flight?” Elissa asks shyly.

“About hour and a half,” I reply.

“Are we going directly to Marana, or Tucson?” she asks.

“Neither, actually. I have ten-thousand acres of ranch with a private landing strip,” I reply cautiously trying to decipher the meaning of her perplexed face.

“Ten thousand acres?” she asks unable to hide her surprise.

“It’s not that big,” I shrug. “There used to be bigger ranches in the west. Now they’re novelty, and seem to be a thing of the past,” I reply unable to hide the longing in my voice. “People used to own millions of acres for cattle and horses,” I say shrugging. She nods in response, shyly lowers her eyes, and absently nips the side of her index finger’s nail delicately, like she used to when she mulled over something in her head.

“Alex?” she asks, and my name on her lips is a litany; I close my eyes, indulging the feeling of being whole again. I look up at her.

“Have you known what I was when you met me? This morning I mean.”

“What you are is of little consequence. Who you are is what matters to me.” My answer surprises her.

“Is it true that you are kind of like me?” she asks looking into my eyes innocently. Marilyn brings in Elissa’s Pepsi, and hands us the menus. “We’ll let you know what we want after we’re airborne,” I say dismissing her. She smiles and walks away.

Then I turn to Elissa and answer her.

 “Yes, I am,” I say barely concealing my anxiety.

“So...” she says clearing her throat. “You, uhm... You are drawn to me, because we’re the same kind?” she asks looking at me under her long lashes, blushing. I try to hide my smile unsuccessfully, and she hides her face with her hands, embarrassed. I reach out and pull her to my lap.

“Ellie...” I whisper into her ear with desire. “I repeat... What I like about you isn't what you are...although it’s a draw for anyone of our kind and humans. Who you are is what I love about you. It’s you! I like Ellie Duncan...” I whisper.

“But if there’s only a few of us...” she starts.

“There are others of our kind. Many others... But, I’m not attracted to any of them. Humans aren't attracted to other humans simply because they’re the same species. Why should that be different for our kind? It’s just you... From the second I laid eyes on you,” I say tilting her chin up, making her look at me. I hear, rather than see her breath catch.

“Just...” I say kissing the corner of her full lips. “You...” I murmur taking the full possession of her mouth. She places her hands on my chest. Her right hand slowly snakes around my neck reaching up my hair as the other one moves around my torso. She shifts on my lap, saddling me, her long legs hanging on the sides, and her lips give into me, her eyes rolling back in ecstasy.

“,” I murmur a command into her mouth. I want to see her pleasure reflected in her gaze. She moans into my mouth as our lips mold into each other, perfectly fitting, caressing. My tongue seeks entrance into her mouth, and after a slow while she grants access to it, letting me explore, make love to her in her mouth. Our tongues stroke each other sensually. Her tongue makes its way into my mouth slowly, hesitantly. I welcome it, gently stroking it with mine, sucking it, and she groans loudly into my mouth.

“This is your captain speaking...” sounds a disembodied voice from the intercom system. “We are ready for taxiing and take off. The ‘fasten your seat belt’ sign is turned on...” the captain announces. I smile into Elissa’s mouth, and slowly and reluctantly pull back from her. Taking her to the side by side pale cream color leather chairs. As I seat her in one of them, I feel bereft without our connection.

“Let’s buckle you up,” I murmur. “You still need to be secured in place during travels,” I remind her.

“And you don’t?” she asks curiously. I just smile in response, and buckle her up, and sitting in the chair next to hers I buckle myself to put her mind at ease.

After the jet starts taxiing, she clutches her seat, fearing the take-off. I take her hand into mine, squeezing it softly and rub circles behind her hand with my thumb. I can feel the tension leave her body quickly, but she firmly holds onto my hand. Once we’re airborne, Marilyn comes to take our order. I order hummus, tapenade and flatbread for appetizer, and a seafood platter. For dinner I order tarragon salmon, and Greek salad and Sancerre to drink for both of us.

“May I have spinach salad instead of Greek salad? And can I also have the tenderloin?” she asks looking at me, making me smile. She’s the same. She always had her own likes and dislikes. This simple alteration to her menu gives me a feeling of finally being at home, and I feel completely elated. When Marilyn brings the food, Elissa starts eating with relish, enjoyment, and savor; I just hope she devours me with the same gusto once we’re on land. I’d take her here, but we don’t have enough time. When I get to have her for the first time, I don’t want to stop after just an hour.

“Have you eaten today?” I ask. She cuts a piece of her steak and puts it into her mouth.

“No, I didn't have time all day. Just had tea this morning,” she replies. No wonder she’s starved. By the time our meal is over, the pilot announces that we are about to land. Elissa gets nervous immediately. I hide my smile and hold her hand once again, caressing. I like the fact that I can calm her down. The jet lands smoothly on my ranch’s runway. When the aircraft comes to a complete stop, I take Elissa’s hand, and walk her towards the exit. The captain and the rest of the flight crew are waiting to see us off. We shake their hands as we exit. When we walk out of the jet, the dry and warm licks of desert air greets us. I feel Elissa shudder beside me. She turns to look at me, and I give her hand a reassuring squeeze and walk her down the stairs.

Desertwalker and Turk are waiting at the end of the runway in one of the SUVs flown over. When we get down to the paved runway, Turk runs out and opens the door for us.

“Welcome Mr. Pella. It’s great to see you, sir,” he says and shyly nods at Elissa.

“Welcome to Arizona, ma’am,” he says tipping the crown of his wide brim hat, his voice anxious. I toss a warning glance at him. I know they’re solicitous, impatient, and raring to see her again after all this time, but Elissa has to remember everything on her own. I can’t let anyone try to jolt her memories, our past into her. Because it would seriously damage or even kill her; it’s a chance I’m not willing to take. His nod is imperceptible, but he gets the point. It’s relatively warm outside even though it’s late at night. I usher her into the cool comfort of the air conditioned SUV.

“Is your ranch far from here?” she asks.

“We’re on the ranch right now. The house however is a few minutes of drive from here,” I reply giving her hand a reassuring squeeze. The look she gives me is one of trusting, passionate, and desirous. I continue to hold her hand in the SUV, and in a bold move, she places her head on my shoulder. The windows of the SUV are heavily tinted. It looks even darker outside. Elissa is flushed and hot. I can feel her heart fluttering. She lifts her index finger to her lips and absently nips the corner of her nail which is so fucking sexy. I feel hard already, I can barely hold my desire in check before we get to the house. I slowly take her finger away from her lips, and place it on my lips. I kiss the pad of her finger then slightly nip it, and feel her breath hitch. I soothe the sting of the bite by sucking the tip of her finger, reminding her of what's to come. I feel her press her thighs together to suppress her rising desire. I kiss her finger again, and wrap her hand into mine.

“Are you alright?” I whisper into her ear in a very sensual, arousing tone. She lifts her gaze to look at me.

“Yes,” she whispers in a breathy tone. Her mouth is less than two inches away from mine. I feel my lip curving in a lopsided smile. I close my eyes and inhaling her scent and feel her breath close to my lips. Without opening my eyes, I merge my lips with hers. When I open my eyes, I feel hungry for her, desire sweeps through my body. I vaguely notice that Desertwalker and Turk discreetly keep their eyes fixed on the road. All too soon we’re at the ranch house. Turk runs out and opens the door. I step out of the SUV, and pull Elissa to my side. She lifts her head up to take in the house in all its subdued grandeur.

“Do you like it?” I ask anxiously.

“Yes...” she replies, but looks at me quizzical. “It’s unique. I’ve never seen anything like it,” she says. The house is designed to effectively use the solar energy, blend into the surrounding desert oasis I've had created, and its grandeur is gradual to not to draw attention. It’s safe as Fort Knox, if not safer. As we enter into the house, she smells the fresh lilacs in the house. She closes her eyes, and inhales deeply.

“My favorite flowers...” she murmurs surprised. “Lilacs...” It’s probably Turk’s doing. He knew her favorite flowers and I bet he he purchased every single stem of lilac Southern Arizona. I narrow my eyes on him. He shrugs in response. Subtle bastard! I take Elissa’s hand and take her upstairs to my master suite though the winding staircase. I close the door behind us, and lock it. Her eyes follow my every move with hunger. I find myself moving towards her with the grace of a predator and in confident economy. She doesn’t look around her surrounding, doesn’t see the stark, clean, modern lines in my room, or the high tech equipment.

“Do you like music?” I ask. She nods. I go to the concealed music center, and press the remote to slide open the glass doors revealing the stereo. I shuffle my iPod until I find the music of my choice. I list three songs and put them on repeat. When Michael Bublé starts softly crooning “The Way You Look Tonight” I extend my hand to her.

Michael Bublé - The Way You Look Tonight

“Dance with me...” I say softly. She walks into my arms, and I pull her close to my chest, completely flush with my body. I grasp her right hand with my left and hold it to my chest, and take her left arm, bending it behind her back, I take over the dance with dominant equanimity. I dance with her confidently and possessively, leading her around the spacious master suite. When the velvet voice of the singer crooned “’Cause I love you Just the way you look tonight,” I dip her down low, and kiss her passionately.

When the next song starts, I pick her off the floor and wrapping her in my arms I carry her to my bed. I vaguely hear the words to the song, “That’s all.”

Michael Bublé - That's All

My breath is gusting across her ear, and my hand slips onto her nipples straining against her blouse. The breath escaping her lips is desirous, wanton, demanding. Her hands thread into my hair, pulling me towards her. As much as I’m dying for her, I want this to be her decision.

“Ellie, I don’t want you to think I’m taking advantage of you. You know that, right? Are you absolutely sure you want this?” I ask softly.

She withdraws her hands slowly from me, stands up and steps away from the bed. No! No! “You don’t... want me?” she asks. I close my eyes, and when I open them they’re dark, possessive, and carnal. I close the distance she’s created. I take her hand and place it on my erection.

“This is what you did to me. Does it feel like a man who doesn’t want you? I’m craving for you like a starving man at an all you can eat banquet. But, baby, if I start, I will have you if you want to be had or not!” I say dangerously. “Are you absolutely sure you want this? That you want me?”

“I want to be with you, but I’m afraid that you won’t like me. I’m not worldly, and experienced like the women you may be used to. I’m afraid that I’ll disappoint you...”

“Angel, you can never disappoint me...” I respond. Not experienced, she said. Did she mean not experienced at all or little experience? What does she mean?

“When you say, not experienced, do you mean you've been with less than four guys?” I ask. She bites her index finger, her eyes lowered.

“Where would I find the time to go through four guys? I’ve just turned 21, today,” she whispers shyly. Less than four, then.

“Oh angel, girls your age who are one tenth as beautiful as you go through them in a week,” I reply softly. “Three then?” I ask, searching her face. She shakes her head.

“Two?” I ask incredulous, and relieved at the same time. She’s now nibbling on that index finger, shakes her head once more.

“One?” I whisper the question. The shake of her head is imperceptible. My breath hitches loudly.

“You want me to be your first?” I ask in a husky voice. She blushes to her hairline, and nods.  I grasp her chin between my index finger and my thumb and lift her face up to look at me.

 You've never, ever, not ever been with anyone? No fourth base?”

She whispers a, “no.”

“Third base?”

“Not by choice...” she whispers. Rage rises in me, I want to find out who forced her to third base, but this is not the right time to be angry.

“Is this your choice?” I ask. “Do you want me, Ellie?”

“Of all the things I have done all my life, a lot of them haven’t been my choice. But I want this. I want you, Alex! You’re going to be my boss and maybe you’re thinking how it’d work with this looming over us, but right now, I don’t care. I just want to be with you! If you think you’re going to feel guilty about taking advantage of your new employee, I get it! Don’t worry. The blame is all on me, that is, if you want me, too,” she says, stunning me into silence for a minute with my mouth agape. She watches me in silence, and then slowly blushes, chagrined. 

“I’m the virgin, and you’re the one who is in deathly silence. That can’t be good...” she mutters in a soft voice lowering her gaze. “If you don’t want me here, I’m so sorry for coming onto you like this. If you don’t mind, we’ll just pretend nothing happened and get through this week. I’ll just look for another job meanwhile, if that’s okay with you,” she whispers.

“The hell you will!” I boom finding my voice with all its intensity. She’s shocked, and takes a step back.

“You want me to leave now?” she stutters.

“No angel!" I plead with her. "I want you to stay. I want you, period! Hell, the second I laid eyes on you, I wanted to fuck you into next year! But, I want to be gentle with you on your first time and you stunned me revealing your virginity. Though you don’t know what it means to me, and how incredibly happy I am,” I whisper.

“That was your happy face?” she says in an acerbic tone.

“As intensely as I want you right this moment, I had to rein in my desire for you to be gentle. I just wasn’t sure if I could do it with this overwhelming hunger and lust I have for you...” I murmur softly leaving out the love I feel to my bones.

“Oh...” a whimper escapes her lips.

 “The job is yours no matter what. Don’t worry about that...” I mutter.

 “Now, let’s divest these clothes off you,” I say softly. “Lift your arms up,” I command and she obeys. I lift her dark blouse and take the shirt off gently. The blood from her neck dried up over her breast, crusted. I caress her neck slowly, trailing the dried blood down to her breast. She shudders with my touch. Our connection is electrifying.  I lower myself in front of her, and undo her jeans’ button, and zip it down. My hands trail underneath the waistband of her jeans, and slowly and leisurely pull them down, my hands skimming down her legs. The jeans pool at her ankles. I scoop her up as my right arm holds her bare legs and deposit her on the bed, laying her down. I undo the lace of her sneakers, and drop them to the floor unceremoniously. Then I take her socks off one by one. Grabbing her ankles, I pull her jeans off. I take her right foot in my hands and graze her heel and instep with my teeth and nibble, lick and suck my way down on her leg. As my fingernail trail on her instep, I suck the sensitive spot behind her knee. A shudder goes through her body, she arches her back, and her eyes roll back in her eyes. I can make her come like that. But I won’t. I want to worship her body tonight. I pay the same attention to her other leg making my way down to her inner thighs.

When Muse starts playing the “Unintended” she looks up at me with an emotion that she’s making a decision of choice. As my lips trail up her waist she closes her eyes resolutely and her hands travel on my hair, encouraging me.
Muse - Unintended

“Why are you fully dressed?” It’s because I’m so frigging crazy over her, I forgot my clothes on!

“I can rectify that!” I say with a lascivious smile.

“Can I?” she asks, rising up on the bed along with me clinging to my biceps.

“Yes...” I reply, my voice husky. I sit back on my heels and knees. She slowly puts her hands on my collar, closing her eyes she inhales my scent as if she’s registering it into her memory. Then opening her sapphire blues under her long lashes, she smiles at me shyly. With trembling hands, she undoes the top button. I want her to rip it off already, but the touch of her hands has both igniting and calming effects on me. She’s both my poison and my antidote. She inhales lightly then her fingers unbutton my crisp white shirt all the way down. She slowly, hesitantly inserts her hands under my shirt over my shoulders. She licks her lower lip absently and bites the inside of her cheek. Insides of her arms touching the bulge of my biceps and her hands reach my back under my shirt, and leisurely traveling down, she slowly slides my shirt down my back and arms as her front is flush with mine. The only barriers we have between us are her black lacy bra and panties. When the shirt pooled around my wrists, she smiles. Reluctantly she pulls her arms and takes the cuff-links off, unbuttoning my sleeves. She bites the inside of her lip; I can hear her heart beating so fast, and it’s ready to jump out of her chest. She looks up at me, seeking permission and her hands reach down to my belt. She unbuckles it and yanks it out of the loops so fast; it hits her on the flesh making her yelp an ‘ow!’ and I grin in response.

“Over anxious?” I ask cocking an eyebrow. She doesn’t answer, but unbuttons and zips me down. Her hands greedily enter into the waistband of my pants and my boxers. She slowly skims them both down. I stand on my knees to make it easy for her. She pushes me down flat on the bed, pulling my legs out under and pulls my pants and boxers down freeing my erection. Her eyes widen with the sight of it. She wets her lips, and visibly swallows. Then slowly pulls my pants down to my ankles. Noticing my shoes, she pulls them off my feet and tosses them on the floor to join hers. Then pulls my socks off my feet, and tosses them  by my shoes. Soon enough, my pants and boxers join the growing heap on the bedroom floor. I immediately sit up and come nose to nose with her.

“I think, you’re overdressed now,” I say. “I want to see all of you.” I reach behind her and unhook her bra and slowly slide them off her arms. The soft mounds of her breast appear. The slight under-curve of them pushes her stiff nipples in my direction. Without any warning, I lower her down, and capture her perky nipple with my lips and encase it within the humid heat of my mouth, first softly, then deeply suckling it with my cheeks hollowed. I curl my tongue around her nipple, stimulating it. My thumb and index finger mirror my tongue’s actions on the other nipple, rolling and tugging it. She arches her back off the bed, clawing the sheet, crying out my name incoherently.


Her surrender to me and my name upon her lips unleashes, and unfurls the desire I have had for her dormant for centuries.  I find myself making a deep guttural noise, akin to a growl and my tongue strokes underside of her nipple, then nip and finally suck again with adroit skill and find her breast straining into my mouth. My erection presses into her thighs. I feel her quivering, and pulsing under me. She lifts her hips, seeking connection. I grin.

“Not yet angel... I have to get you soft and ready for you to receive me... You are too tight right now,” I whisper as I slide down. My hands cup her breasts, kneading them, teasing. I move my lips between her twin peaks, and slowly make my way down to her belly. I nip her over her belly button and dip my tongue into it expertly making her arch her back, pushing herself into my mouth. I slide my hands down to her sides, caressing, teasing, and kneading.

She trembles under my touch.

“Please...” she begs.

“Angel, you’re magnificent. I want to worship your body first, and claim every single inch of you...” I say looking up from her apex. A whimper escapes her lips in response to my declaration. My erection is restless, but I have to take my time with her, soften her, make love to her, pleasure her, and make her come. I grab her lacy panties between my teeth, and rip the bottom disintegrating it into several pieces. They join the pile on the floor. Small patch of dark curls on her apex greet me. I lean down and inhale her, taking her scent in, reacquainting myself with her body. My body aches to be inside her. The sight of Elissa under me fills me with ecstasy bordering torture; a feeling between intense pain and euphoria. My erection is pulsing and throbbing for her. I move my finger over her sex, and slowly insert one finger into her. It’s still very tight. Her thighs are trembling.

“Open for me angel. Let me feel you...” I coax her. Then I rub my fingers over her sex; it’s completely drenched. “See how wet you are for me, how much you desire me baby...” I say licentiously. “I’m going to make you come with my tongue, tasting you inside your tight little sex here,” I say and lift her hips off the bed with my hands, holding her sex in my mouth and start teasing the seams and folds of her sex with my tongue, brazenly seducing her with my voracious hunger. My tongue spears inside her sex, making her gasp and quiver under my touch, and I swirl it around counter clock wise, finding her hymen, stroking it sweetly, seductively, coaxing, pushing that snug sweet, hot spot. I pull my tongue out and stroke her clit repeatedly bringing her to the brink of orgasm with my mouth, and then stop and expertly insert two fingers into her scissoring her hymen, shearing through it, I rub her inside, stroking that sweet spot I found in the front wall of her vagina. As my fingers soften her inside, I lean down and suck her clit, stroking it with my tongue and pleasure her with the rolling waves of double orgasm.

I gently put her buttocks down on the bed. 

“Now, I’m going to fuck you, angel!” 

“Wait!” she says, and reaching her hand up, she strokes the crown of my cock, spreading the beaded moisture over the crown of my penis, caressing the length of it from tip to the root. She cups my balls with her other hand, and strokes me.

“Oh, God! I want this! Take me, please!” she begs.

“Yes, ma’am!” I reply wanton. Pushing her down, slowly, and with skilled precision, feed my cock into her sex inch by inch. I pull back slowly, and push in a little more of my length again. Angulating my hips, giving her the friction she’s still seeking even though I can feel the rolling double orgasm I have just given her through her body. I hiss through my gritted teeth, and she boldly lifts her trembling hips to meet my cock. I grin and pull my cock out to the tip teasing her and then with one swift stroke, I feed my cock in balls deep into her hungry sex and hold myself in there. I have missed this so damn much, it hurts! I can’t ever let it go again! 

She lifts her hips up and pushes her sex towards me like an offering. Fuck! This is the sexiest sight I have ever seen in all my existence. My woman’s body seeking mine, wanting me, desiring me, making love to me, conquering me: Alexander Aurelius Pella, the unconquerable emperor! My body trembles before her, and I start to move. First slowly, tasting her, my erection reacquainting itself with her tight, soft, warm, smooth envelope of her sex. Feeling my erection wrapped in her sex, drawing me in, pulling me, trying to milk me, getting bolder every second is going to be my undoing. I slowly start pounding into her, pushing deeper than I have ever gone, then and out, in and out, in and out relentlessly. Pumping her with my cock while she’s writing under me with pleasure, pinned under my possessive body.

“Alex!” she shouts.

“Hold it baby!” I say.

“I can’t! It’s... so... good! Please!” she begs.

“Hold it, angel! Feel it! You can do it!” I command. I lean down and pick her up, sitting her on my cock, letting her ride me. The feeling is very intimate, because her breasts are rubbing over my chest every time I move her up and down and my cock reaches to the most elusive, deepest spot inside her. I hold her in place, and gyrate my hips after locating the spot. I capture her nipple in my mouth and suck it forcefully, and start moving her hips and thrusting into her to meet her pound for pound.

“I can’t...hold!” she screams. I let go of her nipple and seal my lips over hers. I dip my tongue into her mouth, possessing and exploring, merging our souls united in the kiss and our love making. We come loudly, shouting into each other’s mouths, still kissing. Her sex starts squeezing my dick, and her orgasm starts rolling through her body in huge waves. I come loudly right along with her spurting thickly, coating her sex inside.

Her hands are wrapped around my neck, pulling my hair, and kissing me back ferociously. When we’re both breathless, replete, and sexed up, I’m unwilling to break our connection. I lay her down while my cock still inside her, still in a half salute mode. There are tears on her cheeks.

“This is the worst, and the best day of my life...” she whispers. “You made it the best, and gave me back myself...” she says seeking another kiss which I gladly oblige, and slowly start to move inside her again as the desert sun start rising in the distance, and the first lights of the day is dawning into my bedroom.  


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I love this! How do I join the beta club?

Artsy Alcie said...

Simply amazing! So how is publishing coming along? Hopefully soon?! I am very anxious to read the rest.... even better than fifty shades, I'm not into supernatural books but I'm loving these characters. My heart was pounding throughout nearly every chapter. I even made my hubby wait for me to finish the chapter before we watched our beloved The Walking Dead... I am saving this last chapter for later because it is nearly 2:30 am here in California and I have to wake in four hours to get my kiddos to school.

Artsy Alcie said...

Is it too late to join the beta group? I am a terrific proof reader!

Adzia said...

Wow. Amazing!

Joan Goldman said...

That was awesome! Please tell there is going to be more?

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Hi Joan,

This book has been published already. Check it on Amazon under my name. It was in Amazon's "Hot New Releases" list. Hope you like the entire book!


Barbara Goncalves said...

Eminé onde encotro esse livro em português para comprar?