Monday, April 30, 2012



I woke up as the morning sunlight from the Seattle skyline reached my eyes through my bedroom windows. But what woke me up first was the absence of Anastasia from my bed. As the realization of her absence dawns on me, I sit upright in my bed. Has she gone without telling me? Where would she go? I look around and locate her clothes, and find myself breathing a sigh of relief.  How could I get used to her presence in my bed just by having her sleep with me twice? Oddly, I haven’t had nightmares about the crack whore and her pimp both times. Is it a fluke? I feel so much better, relaxed, and happy. Damn! She’s already gotten under my skin. I feel the urge to go and find and hold her. I slowly get up; put my pajama bottoms on, I still have my t-shirt on that I slept in. I locate her in the kitchen, making breakfast, with my iPod in the shirt pocket, ear buds plugged in her ears dancing away and cooking. Such joyful sight to behold! I’m completely enamored. I slowly make my way to one of the barstools, and sit watching her. She is completely unaware of my presence. She is in one of my t-shirts, bare foot, and she’s sporting a pair of pigtails making her look even younger and more innocent!  I inwardly gasp... The sight of her carefree dancing while whisking eggs and cooking bacon brings out a feeling of hominess, and oddly a sense of comfort in me... of her belonging in my kitchen with her bare foot, with her just fucked hair, and her youthful energy.

When she sees me sitting on the bar stool she freezes in her place, flushing. Then she gulps gathering herself, and slowly takes the ear buds off her ears. He innocent reaction does something to me, I want to grin like an adolescent boy.

“Good morning Miss Steele. You look very energetic this morning,” I say dryly correctly attributing it to our bed tango last night. (Spanish Tango from Zorro)

“I just slept well,” she stutters with a hidden smile. So, I am right!

“I can’t imagine why,” I say pausing and remembering what a relaxing sleep I’ve had, “So did I after I came back to bed,” I say still confused about it.

“Are you hungry?” she says, and this simple question by this beautiful innocent girl bare foot and in my t-shirt just brings up such powerful emotions in me I didn’t know I had. I can’t name them; they’re completely new to me. She has awakened all these foreign emotions in me I never knew I had, and they come to the surface with one of her looks, or her innocent questions, or just a simple touch. What is it about her that draws me? ( Hey Soul Sister by Train)
All I can manage is to say, “Very,” to her with an intense gaze, though the hunger I have is for her. She blushes.
“Bacon and eggs, and pancakes?” she asks shyly.

“Sounds great,” I manage to say.

All of a sudden she is looking around with barely contained desperation and flustered, “Uhm, I don’t know my way around your kitchen. Where do you keep your placemats?” she asks.
I smile, “I’ll do that while you cook. Would you like some music to continue your... err... dancing?”
She’s changing colors from crimson to puce looking at her knotted fingers. Then to make herself look occupied starts beating the eggs with a renewed purpose channeling all her energy into her task. It’s both amusing and incredibly hot to see her like that. I can’t help it but move closer to her and gently pull her pigtails.

“I love these,” I whisper, but with all the desire building up in me, a pair of girlie pigtails will not protect her from me, “but they won’t protect you,” I say into her ear. I’m dangerous to her. ( Dangerous by Michael Jackson)  I hear a gasp as her whisking hand momentarily pauses.
“How would you like your eggs?” she asks tartly, and I smile.

“Thoroughly whisked and beaten,” I say, teasing her with a smirk. She tries to hide her smile. I find the drawer where Mrs. Jones, my housekeeper keeps the place mats, and take out two black place mats and place them on the breakfast bar. I watch her on my peripheral vision pouring eggs and turning the bacon over on the grill. God! Why is that so hot? My woman in my kitchen!
I pour orange juice for both of us and start making coffee for myself. But she likes tea.
“Anastasia, would you like some tea?”
“Yes please, if you have some,” she responds.
When I reach into the cupboard to pull out some Twinings English Breakfast tea, she narrows her eyes, and purses her lips. “Bit of a foregone conclusion, wasn’t I?” she asks.
“Are you? I’m not sure we’ve concluded anything yet Miss Steele,” I murmur. My contract is still standing unexplored, still subject to be signed, and we just changed the perimeters a little by our recent tryst. But there is still so much to go through my mind wonders. Negotiations are still open. She looks momentarily confused with my remark, but says nothing and turns to the refrigerator to bring out the maple syrup. When she turns, she sees me standing by the breakfast bar and waiting for her.
“Anastasia,” I motion her to one of the bar stools.
“Christian,” she nods, and climbs up on the stool but not before I notice her wincing. That sight makes me incredibly aroused. Yes baby! That’s where I’ve been, and I’ve claimed you. All me! I’ve never had a feeling of proprietorship of this sort before. This is another first for me.
“Just how sore are you?” I find myself asking as I sit next to her, my eyes dark with desire. She blushes, and changes colors, finally narrows her eyes. God! Why is her reaction so hot? But she still answers me a little irritated by my intimate question.  I want to be her first and her last. ( Save the Last Dance for Me by Drifter)  

“Well Mr. Grey,” she snaps, “I’ve nothing to compare the feeling to, no reference points,” she glares at me, but her demeanor changes to sweet and adds, “would you like to offer your personal commiserations?” She is sweet, and hot, and playful, and all mine. I try to stifle a smile, but it’s too hard to do with her proximity.
“No,” I answer, and add with desire in my voice and eyes, “I was wondering if we should continue with your basic training.”
Her fork stalls in the mid-air, she stares at me in astonishment, her breathing stalled, eyes wide, barely making an audible gasp of “oh!” God! Will I ever get enough of her surprising responses?
She’s immobile. I coax her, “eat, Anastasia.” She continues to stare at me with a different kind of hunger. She wants me. But I love to build expectation. The end result is so much better for both of us.
“This is delicious by the way,” I say indicating more than the omelet she’s made, grinning at her. She takes a bite of hers, her eyes on me, hardly eating, and absently biting that delectable lip again. Argh! I can’t take it, “Please stop biting your lip Anastasia. It’s very distracting. And since I know you’re not wearing anything under my t-shirt, I am beyond distracted,” I growl.  ( Sway by Michael Buble) 
She frees her lip from the captivity of her teeth, and I sigh. She takes her tea bag out of the wrapper and dunks it into the hot water in her tea cup taking it out momentarily.
Without taking her eyes from her teacup, she asks in an excited high voice she is barely able to disguise, “Uhm, what kind of basic training are we talking about?” I can feel her breathing increases, and though she tries to sound nonchalant, and disinterested, I can feel the heat rising between us. She rubs her legs together absently, tightening and pressing into each other to suppress her rising passion, and I know she is feeling a pull in her groin. Her body is like a book for me to read which I got to study very well in the past two days. I love that about her!
She tries to act natural and calm. Stirs her tea, and raises it up to her lips to taste. Her eyes close briefly, to collect herself. She doesn’t lower the teacup. It hovers in close proximity of her lips. She lightly blows on her tea trying to distract her mind, and as she reaches her lips back to her teacup again, I speak:
“Well,” I say, “since you are sore,” remembering where I’ve been, my voice too rises with desire, “I thought we could stick to oral skills.”
She chokes on her tea! When she manages to collect herself she turns and stares at me with her beautiful blue eyes wide, her mouth agape. Her reaction arouses me beyond belief, but I pat her back till she stops choking, and pass her the orange juice to drink. I don’t know what that reaction means exactly. Does she want to stay? Does she want to leave? I hope she stays, but I don’t want to make her. It has to be her decision. I need to confirm that, and add, “that is, only if yo wish to stay Ana.”
She looks up at me trying to gauge my expression. I don’t want to give anything away. I like her too much, and I don’t want to influence her decision. I want her, and I want to be selfish, but not when it comes to her. It has to be her decision, and not my influence. I owe her that. She looks exasperated and frustrated without being able to read me. She closes her eyes for a brief moment, and opens them again.
She finally speaks, “I’d like to stay for today Christian. That is if it’s okay with you,” she says, going in the same mode she was in last night, not wanting wear out her welcome her face says. She adds, “But I have to go to work tomorrow.”
“What time do you need to be at work?” I ask.
“Nine a.m.” she says.
“I can get you to work by nine a.m.” I say. She frowns.
“I need to go home tonight, so I can change. I don’t have any clean clothes here,” she says. I don’t want her to go especially because of a non-issue like clothes. We can get her clothes here. I can send Taylor to get her some right away should she so desire.
“We can get you some clothes here,” I say not wanting her to leave tonight. I need her here. I want her here. I desire her here. What the hell is wrong with me?
She’s mulling that over, but worried about something. In goes her lips back into the captivity of her teeth again. It’s too distracting for me. I reach and thug her chin and release her lip. I know she is thinking and worried about something. I want to know. “What is it?” I ask. I don’t do well with worry.
She closes her eyes and says, “I need to be home this evening.”
I don’t like the idea. I don’t like to be contradicted. But she hasn’t signed the contract to surrender her will over to me, so I say nothing. My mouth a hard line in an effort to try to conceal my anger and discomfort.
“Alright, this evening then,” I acquiesce. “Please eat your breakfast,” I order. But she isn’t eating. She doesn’t eat much, and that bothers me. I remind her that she hasn’t eaten last night. She needs to eat her breakfast.
“I’m not hungry,” she whispers. That will not do. I narrow my eyes on her focusing, and trying to exert, no, force my will, “I really want you to finish your breakfast,” I enunciate. I have hard time when people waste food when so many people around the world go hungry. I was one of them. I can’t help it!
“What is it with you and food?” she says exasperated. I scowl, my face changing.
“I have issues with wasted food Anastasia! Eat, now!” I order. She turns to her food, and picks up her food, starts eating, very slowly. Her effort makes me happy. She’s like a small child sometimes. But, I’m glad that she hasn’t lived through what I have. I’m glad she was never left hungry. My expression softens with sudden relief. I finish my food before she does, and watch her eat. When she finally eats enough, I pick her plate and clear it. I tell her that since she cooked, I would clear even though it isn’t my style to do so. I find myself doing things I wouldn’t normally do when I’m with her.
“When I’m done, we’ll take a bath,” I tell her.

“Oh, okay,” she responds surprised.

When her cell phone rings, she answers the call.

“Hi,” she answers shyly, and walks to the balcony for some privacy. My eyes follow her like a hawk, jealousy rising in me. Is it the photographer? Or the fucker from the store, the owner’s brother? My eyes narrow. I don’t share! But I hear the name, “Kate” from her. It’s the roommate. I give a sigh of relief. But I want to make sure that she doesn’t talk about us to her. I continue picking up the kitchen. She comes back after her conversation is over. She’s hesitant. Does she want to go?
“Uhm, Christian? Does the uhm, NDA cover everything?” Is she unhappy about something? My gaze narrows as I ask, “why?” while still continuing with my task at hand. I close the pantry door after putting away the tea, and turn to her to give my full attention.
“Because,” she sighs, “I have a few questions,” lowering her gaze shy, “you know, about sex. And I was hoping to ask Kate about ‘em.” She wrings her fingers and turns her hands over as if some secret answer is written on them. My gaze softens, and I slowly tell her, “You can ask me your questions Ana.” I want to be her only teacher. I can’t help it.

“Christian, I can’t... I mean, with all due respect...” she drifts looking away. She sighs.
“You’re too involved. I’ll just ask about the mechanics. And I won’t mention the Red Room of Pain,” she says quickly.

That surprises me. I never thought of my Playroom as a place for pain.

“Red Room of Pain? Is that what you think of it? It’s mostly about pleasure Ana. Believe me,” I find myself saying. She has misconceptions, and I feel they should be corrected. “Besides,” I say knowing my tone is harsher, “your roommate is making the beast with two backs with my brother. I’d rather you didn’t ask her.” I don’t want her running and telling Elliot about our ‘arrangement’. I want to keep my private life private even from my own family. It’s none of their business.
 As if on cue, Anastasia asks, “Does your family know about your... um, proclivity to...?” drifting off, finally adds, “to your chosen lifestyle?”
“No. Of course not! It isn’t any of their business.” I stroll over to her, and stand before her. If she has any questions, I want to be the one to answer them. I want to be the only teacher, only instructor, only participant, the only lover she has. I raise my hand and caress her face with my fingers. She lowers her gaze again, and I want to see those beautiful eyes. I want to know what she’s thinking. My fingers drift to her chin and I lift her face up rather forcefully. I want her to look into my eyes. I want us to be connected.
“What do you want to know Anastasia?” I ask intently. I want to be the one to give her the answers. She squirms under my gaze.
“Nothing in particular for the moment,” she whispers barely audible.
“In that case, let me start by asking you this question.  How was last night for you?” I want to know. Very, very badly. She’s my first virgin. First vanilla. First in my bed. First just to sleep next to. First in my helicopter. She is many firsts for me, and I want to know what she feels about me. Profoundly... I’m anxious to know. My eyes are embers burning with intent and full of desire.
She has awe in her eyes. She whispers, “Good.” Her affirmation somehow pleases me and makes me happy. I feel a smile creeping up on my lips, but I suppress it.
“Me too,” I murmur. “I’ve never had vanilla sex before. It’s a lot more than I expected,” I say absently, “but maybe, it’s because it was you. Because I was with you to experience it with.” My fingers trail her chin, her jaw line finally stopping on her lower lip.

Her inhale is sharp and sweet.  Desire builds up on me. I must have her again. Now!
“Come, let’s have a bath,” I say leaning down and kissing her. I can feel the desire building up in her. Our kiss deepens. Ugh. I have to have her. I pull her hand, saying, “Come with me. Please...”
I pull her into my large master bathroom. I leave her hand momentarily filling the large white stone designer bath. It’s not just a bath, but it’s an egg shaped mission statement. I fill it up with hot water, and pour some bath oil into the water. Once I’m done drawing the bath, I stand and gaze at her, my eyes filled with desire for her. She, a shy girl, her eyes cast on the floor once again. How enticing, and captivating she is!
“Anastasia,” I say pulling her out of her mood, and extend my hand to her. She’s by the doorway. Wary. Her arms wrapped around herself protectively. Her blue eyes wide. My hand remains extended to her. She slowly makes her way to me. Her breathing is shallow. Finally comes before me and takes my hand. I walk her into the bathtub still in my t-shirt.
“Turn around and face me,” I order her softly. She does, and I sigh with this innocent beauty before me who is biting her lip again. I groan with desire.
“Oh Ana, I know that lip is delectable as I’ve tasted it and can’t get enough of it, but would you please stop biting it? It’s so distracting.” I clench my teeth. Her gaze changes to one of confusion. I sigh, “When you chew your lip, it makes me want to fuck you, and you’re still sore, okay?” ( Ring of Fire by Joaquin Phoenix)
Her gasp is making me full of desire, she released her lip, and her jaw drops open in shock with her eyes wide. “Yeah!” I say with her expression, “that’s right! You got the picture!”
I take the iPod out of the breast pocket of the t-shirt. Then I grasp the hem of the t-shirt and lift it off her and toss it to the floor.
I gaze at her beautiful body. “Birth of Venus” before me, more beautiful than Botticelli envisioned and painted. She flushes redder than the Chinese flag staring down. I want her to be comfortable with her body, not shy, and certainly not embarrassed. It’s a body to be glorified, worshipped even like the Greek Goddess Aphrodite.
I pull her chin up forcing her to look at me. “Hey,” I say softly. “You should never be embarrassed of your body. You’re a very beautiful woman, a complete package. I hate to see you hanging your head in shame. You have nothing, and no one to be ashamed of. Least of all me. So, don’t. Okay?” I say softly.
I hold her hand, and sit her down. She winces as her glorious derriere I’ve claimed last night merges into the water remembers its experience, and making her slightly uncomfortable. Good! She’s sore. A reminder of where I’ve been, and I’m the one who staked a claim on her. The warm water finally soothes her, and she relaxes. I watch her every move, unable to do anything else.
She finally gazes up and huskily asks me, “Will you not join me Christian?” I smile. Oh, yes I will.
“Move forward,” I order, “I shall join you,” I say. Gladly. I take my pajama pants off, taking my shirt off over my head and climb in the bathtub. I sit behind her, and place my legs over hers fixing her in place. I place my knees over hers placing my ankles inside of her legs. Then I pull my legs apart which in return force her legs apart. She gasps making me smile. My nose in her hair smelling her beautiful womanly scent.
“You smell wonderful Ana,” I say inhaling her deeply with desire building inside me.
Her body shakes with tremors with her passion rising. I reach to a nearby shelf containing bath salt, body wash, shampoo and bath oil. I take the body wash squirting some in my hand. I then wet my other hand and rub my hands together creating a soft foaming lather. I then close my hands around her neck and shoulders working my way down. Massaging, and working my magic into her muscles. She arches her head back in pleasure and moans under my touch, firming my erection. I smile with desire for her.

“Do you like that?” I whisper in her ear.

“Hmm,” is the response I get, completely laden with pleasure.
My finger expertly moved down to her sides, her underarms washing, rubbing, gliding. My fingers work their way to her breasts cupping and circling at first. Then I start kneading her nipples first gently, then expertly elongating them in my fingers. I know she is sore from last night, and I love to linger more, but I want to be everywhere all at once. I slide my finger down to her belly and navel. She takes a sharp intake of breath as her breathing gets faster. I can feel her hummingbird of a heart trying to escape her chest. I can feel it on my own chest loud enough. It gives me a jolt of pleasure as our connection provides a steady current of electricity. My erection is on her back, a mighty length. She pushes herself against it. She wants me. A lot! I can make her come like that. The thought gives me a lot of ideas. I love teaching her! ( Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns ‘n Roses)
I take the washcloth, and squirt body wash on it. She’s already panting, her hands grasping my thighs firmly reminding me the way she clawed the sheets last night, and I’m filled with a salacious desire for her. I slowly and purposefully take the washcloth to her sex, and start rubbing her slowly through the washcloth. My fingers start stimulating her through the washcloth. Her breath hitches and then gains speed as if she can’t get enough air into her lungs. She is incredibly responsive to my touch!

As the sensation builds she arches her back, her head rolling on my chest, and her mouth O shape gasping for more. I whisper, “feel it baby,” in her ear as my teeth graze her earlobe. She’s over the top, begging, “Please... Christian!” her legs stiffening, her arched back rigid trying to absorb and control the feeling, her approaching orgasm is my cue to stop here with a smile, and breathe into her ear, “I think you got clean enough,” she gasps. “What? Why? What are you stopping for?” she says making me grin.
“Because,” I kiss her neck, “I have other plans for you,” whispering into her ear.
“Now, turn around. I need washing as well,” giving her a salacious grin. Time to do meet and greet. She turns and faces me.
My erection is in my grasp, and I see her mouth drops open seeing the size of my length.
“Anastasia,” I say, “I want you to be well acquainted with my most favorite body part, on first name basis if you will. I’m quite attached to this part of mine, and I want you to as well.”
Her slight movement laps the water around my length which is substantially peaking its head above the water. She swallows.  Then she smiles mischievously taking my breath away, taking the body wash squirts some into her palm. She makes a show of lathering the soap in her hand; her lips are parted, breathing heavily. And she bites her lip! Damn! Making me wanton and putty in her inexperienced but desirous fingers. All of a sudden she reaches forward, and places her hands around my arousal; her movements mirror my earlier movements on my length. When her fingers close around me, my hands reach around hers, my breath hitches in my throat, my eyes closing. When I open them again, I’m desirous for her touch, hungry and yearning for her.  My hands move along with hers, and when she gets her movements down, I release my hands off hers.
“That’s right, baby,” I encourage her. Her fingers move up and down, up and down gradually grasping my sex tighter, making me groan. Fuck! She’s a fast learner, and she’s great! My head tilts back, my eyes closes with pleasure. The next thing she does completely shocks me. I feel her lips closing on my length and my head snaps up, my eyes wide open in shock. She never ceases to amaze me, and shocks me at every turn. One so young to do be so willing to learn and participate! I’m at an awe of her. My mouth opens slightly with pleasure. My breathing accelerates. She leans forward her eyes closed, her hair cascading over my manhood as her lips close and continue to suck, her tongue running and brushing over my tip.
Oh God! I grip the sides of the bathtub with all my strength, and yell, ”Whoa... Christ, Ana!”
She moves her head up and down, sheathing my length to the hilt, completely shocking me! Fuck! Doesn’t she have any gagging reflexes? She is fucking me with her mouth! That is beyond fucking sexy! My eyes open, and my breathing is hard. She pushes me deeper and deeper, and moves up and down. Her thighs are flush against my legs. My hands clench and my legs tenses with pleasure.
“Oh... baby... This... Is... Incredible...” I say. She shows her white teeth wrapped around my length briefly and sheaths it all the way, making me gasp, “Jesus Christ, Ana! How deep can you go?” I whisper.
 She comes back up and her tongue expertly, expertly licks and swirls around my tip like she would a cone of ice cream. My carnal desire builds up in me, and I can’t hold it any longer.
“Anastasia, if you don’t stop right now, I’m going to come in your mouth baby!” I growl through my gritting teeth. My hips flex with her mouth’s movements, and I need her. I need this! Damn! She won’t stop. Shit!
I grip her hair as she shoves my penis deeper into her mouth; I came loudly into her mouth. To my utter surprise she swallows everything I have to give her. I cry out finally stilling in her mouth. Jolts of pleasure still going through my entire body... I look at this beautiful woman in awe and I have the strangest emotion, attachment that got forged with this woman. I think I may be in love with her. Fuck! No! That isn’t right. I don’t do love. Passion, desire, infatuation, reverence even. But not love. “It’s not love!” my subconscious tells me. Definitely not! Christian Grey doesn’t do love!
She opens her eyes, wiping her lips with her tongue as I glare at her. Damn! I want her even more. I move towards her, slushing the water out of the bathtub, and capture her mouth with mine, kissing her and tasting myself in her mouth. I’ve claimed her and now she’s claimed me! I’m fucking lost in her! Lost without her!
When I pull away, I’m awed, and say, “Christ, Ana... that was... great, unexpected, but great.” I breathe. “You confound me! Completely amaze me!” I say with admiration in my eyes. She smiles, and I feel a pang of jealousy. Shit! Has she done this before for some fucker? I want to know.

“Have you done this before?” I ask speculatively.

“Nope.” She smiles. “You’re my first.” I sigh, “Good.” I say, more than relieved. She’s mine in every way, and no one has claimed her, but me.
“Yet another first, Miss Steele,” I say. “You deserve an ‘A’ in oral skills. Come to bed with me, I owe you an orgasm.”
I get out of the bath, and quickly wrap a towel around my waist. I take her hand, and as she rises out of the bath with water slowly cascading down from her breasts to her torso and legs, she’s like an angel rising out of water. Completely lovely. ( Angel by Sarah McLachlan)

I take another warmed fluffy towel wrapping her in it, and then I can’t contain myself and pull her into my arms kissing her fervently. My tongue invading her mouth, our tongues meet again and start their dance. I’m completely enthralled by this woman. I want her. I need her. I can’t let go of her. I can’t get enough of her... I have to have her in my life.
I look at her almost begging, “Please say yes,” I say. ( Just Say Yes by Snow Patrol)

She frowns not understanding.

“Yes to what?”
“Say yes to our arrangement. To being mine. Please baby! Please Anastasia!” I say fervently, pleading. I gaze into her eyes again, taking her into my arms, and start kissing her again, passionately, and slowly. Savoring her. I take her hand and lead her back to the bedroom. She follows me.
I stare at this beauty before me. I thank whatever Gods may be for sending this woman to my office.
“Trust me?” I ask her suddenly. She nods, and her gaze is serene, trusting, and something else I can’t put a name in.
“Good girl,” I breathe, brushing her bottom lip with my thumb. I go to my closet, open the drawer where I keep my ties. I locate a silver silk tie, and pull it out. I come back out with it. Yes, this will do for a restraint.
“Knit your hands together in front of you,” I order peeling the towel wrapping her body off. She’s before me with her glorious nakedness like goddess Aphrodite.  ( She’s So High by Tal Bachman)
When her hands are knitted before her, I bind her wrists together with my silver tie, knotting it firmly. I’m aroused, and beyond wildly excited and what’s more, she’s willing to play with me! I tug at the binding, finding it secure. Her pulse is through the roof her heart is trying to escape her chest. My fingers glide over the pigtails. I caress her hair for a minute and murmur, “you look so young with these.” I walk her back until her knees are backing the bed. My towel’s off, my gaze on her, my expression full of desire. “Oh Ana!” I gasp, “Do you know how much I desire you?” Her eyes wide, she lightly shakes her head. I close my eyes, “most ardently!” I whisper.

“What shall I do to you baby?” I whisper lowering her to the bed. I lie beside her and raise her hands above her head. I don’t like being touched, and this way I keep her hands securely away from my torso, and also build expectation. It gives me control, and it return it arouses me immensely.
“Keep your hands up here, and don’t move them, do you understand?” I implore her. She’s breathless, excited, aroused, and speechless.
“Answer me,” I command.
“I won’t move them,” she breathes.
“Good girl,” I whisper. My tongue deliberately travels over my upper lips grazing while my eyes fixed on her. She watches me breathless and intent.  I lower myself and give her a small but expectant kiss on her lips.
“I am going to kiss you Anastasia...” I softly breathe, “all over you...” I enunciate and start with her chin. She rolls her head back and I move down her throat, kissing, nibbling, sucking. I feel her body jolting with pleasure, expectation, and desire... all over. Her body temperature rises as blood rushes to the surface of her skin. She rubs her legs together with the built up intensity and desire. She groans making me wanton.
Her hands move towards my hair. I know she wants to touch me, but I won’t be touched. I stop and give a warning glare and shake my head a firm “no”. My hand reaches up and places her hands above her head again. “If you move your hands, I will start all... over... again,” I warn teasing.
She wants to touch me, but, it’s my hard limit. I tell her to keep the hands above her head.
I start kissing from her chin and neck again. My hands move over her breast while my lips move south creating a path, kissing and nipping. My lips finally reach her nipples. I close my lips around one and start sucking. She’s having a hard time keeping her hands above, but manages. She’s squirming and ready to have me, but I warn her against moving. My lips finally reach to her navel. My tongue dips into it and she groans as her body arches. She’s turning me on big time. “You are incredibly sweet Anastasia,” I say as my nose grazes over her abdomen.
My fingers travel down to her belly and then reach over her pubic hair. My lip reaches down gently teasing her. I then sit up and grasp both her legs, and spread them apart. I take her left foot after bending the knee and start sucking the big toe watching and gazing at her. Then I bite lightly on each and every toe, and on the little toe, I bite harder and suck. She nearly convulses with pleasure. My lips travel on her instep, and my tongue teases along the way. She is barely containing herself, ready to combust trying to absorb all the sensation tingling through her body. I don’t want her to come like this. My lips travel down from her calf up to her knees but I don’t move further. I move onto her right foot and repeat the same process seductively. Her eyes roll back into her sockets, her back arches, and she groans and starts begging, “Please, Christian!”
“All on its good time, baby,” I breathe. When my lips reach her knees, I don’t stop there this time, and my lips move up on her thigh. I push them apart. My lips expertly traveling up. I repeat the process on her other knee and move up on the other leg, sucking, kissing, licking, nipping softly and gently. When I reach up to her sex, I run my nose through it softly, and blow lightly. She writhes with pleasure.  
I need her to relax, and that is something I need to teach. I wait for her to calm down. My nose goes down to her sex again and I inhale her deep. She is beyond aroused with my action, and I softly ask her “do you know how intoxicating your scent is Anastasia?” I blow lightly on her sex again.
My fingers pull her pubic hair. It pleases me, perhaps we can keep that.
She begs, “Please Christian, I’m ready to combust! Oh, please...”
I smile. Her begging is intoxicating for me.
“I love it when you beg me Miss Steele,” I say.
I blow at her sex again. “Normally Anastasia, I don’t always reciprocate as it’s not my style, but...” I pause, “but you pleased me immensely, so I will reward you in kind,” and I shall be so pleased to do it. My tongue starts moving on her clitoris expertly. Her first oral experience and she bows and convulses under my tongue.
I swirl my tongue round and round, without stopping. She’s going rigid under my tongue and lips. I slip my middle finger inside her, and feel her so incredibly wet. Oh fuck! She’s so ready for me! I groan as my lips and tongue start moving again. She’s begging and crying out. Finally climaxing. This is the part of the tango we dance together. ( Tango in Love from the Mask of Zorro) I rip a condom, and squeezing the tip roll it onto my length, and ease into her. I know she’s sore, but I am full of desire for her as I know she is for me right this moment. But I don’t want to hurt her. I want to please her as she pleased me.
“How’s this?” I breathe.
“Fine, good,” she whispers. I start moving first slow, and then picking up speed, fast and hard thrusts again and again and again. We’re both close to tip over the edge again, and I breathe harshly “come for me baby,” into her ear as we both reach our peak, exploding.
“Fuck!” escapes my lips and my muscles go rigid as I collapse on to Anastasia. I claimed her once again, covering her, inhaling her scent, both physically and emotionally.  I don’t want to leave the enclosure we have for each other, me, encompassing her, covering, uniting, and she fitting me perfectly and conquering the depths of my being without even knowing. I don’t want to ever let go of her. Not ever. I remain atop her, and gaze into this beautiful, magical young woman in awe, my gaze intense, seeking the depths of her, imploring to be with me. Always.
“See how good we are together Ana,” I say with strange emotions coursing through me. I want her to submit herself to me. In all things. Be mine, without questioning. ( Surrender by Elvis Presley)
“Please Ana. I want you to give yourself to me, it will be so much better. Would you trust me Ana? I can take you to places you don’t even know exist!” Her expression is desirous, curious, wanting. I rub my face and nose on hers.  Her expression is one of ecstasy and still reeling into consciousness. When we were still wrapped with each other, we hear a commotion and noises outside.
If he’s still in bed, he must be ill. Christian is never in bed this late. He’s an always been an early riser. He never sleeps in!” says a female voice.
“Mrs. Grey, please.” Taylor pleads.
“Taylor!” says a scornful voice. “You can’t keep me from my son!”
“Mrs. Grey, please. He’s not alone in his room! I implore you!”

“What exactly do you mean he isn’t alone, Taylor?”

“He’s with someone.”
“Oh...” I hear disbelief in her voice. Of course disbelief. She always thought I was a celibate gay. Oh, how great would it be to prove her wrong!
I’m bewildered but collect myself, and amused. Will my firsts ever cease with her? My mom showing up here is so beyond horrible, it just makes it funny.
“Shit! It’s my mother!” I say, and pull out of Anastasia.
Well, time for another meet and greet for Miss Steele. With my mother this time.  


Friday, April 27, 2012




I pace around the room running both my hands in my hair doubly exasperated.

I stop, and ask, “Why Anastasia?”I walk back and forth again. “You should have told me you were a virgin!” I say coming before her.

“Well, I’m sorry Mr. Grey!” she reprimands me. “I’m not in the habit of mentioning everyone I meet the status of my virginity. The subject somehow never came up. Why should I in the first place? Or how should that have come about? I hardly know you. What did you want me to say? Hello Mr. Grey. Nice to meet you. My name is Anastasia Steele, the virgin!" she says exasperated, disappointed and upset all at once lowering her gaze. She asks me in guilt laden low voice, "Why are you mad at me anyway?” 

I sigh. “Because you know so much about me now. And I’m mad at myself, not at you. I knew you were inexperienced, but a virgin!” Oh God! I feel embarrassed. I open my mouth, and close it. Open it again feeling a loss for words. It happens a lot with her.

“I just showed you...” pointing upstairs. “Oh Dear God! May He forgive me! Tell me, did you even get a kiss from a young man aside from me?” Am I her first kiss too?

She looks affronted, “of course I have!” she scolds me.

“But, you’re a very beautiful young woman! Has no man ever swept you off your feet and claimed you?” I ask exasperated.

“I’ve never met one I liked enough... Never had my fairytale...” (Love Story by Taylor Swift) she mutters looking at her small hands again. “Why do you keep yelling at me Christian?” she asks with her innocent blue eyes wide open, hurt.

“I’m not,” I say softly, “I presumed more than I ought...” All of a sudden I have this crushing feeling. She might slip through my fingers. I don’t want to take advantage of her. She’s more innocent than I thought. “Do you wish to go?” I whisper.

Her head snaps up, “not really. Of course if you don’t want me, I don’t want to wear out my welcome...” she looks hurt. I gasp. I don’t want her to go. Ever.

“I don’t,” I emphasize, “want you to go. I like you here. And you’re biting your lip,” noticing, I state huskily.

“I apologize,” she mutters shyly.

“You don’t need to apologize Anastasia. I wanted to bite that lip... hard... Since the first time I noticed it.” I say longingly. She gasps audibly with desire. I am putty in her hands. I proffer my hand to her and she absently takes it, “come with me,” I say. “We’re going to rectify your situation.” She looks puzzled.

“What situation?”

“Your virginity. I’m going to make love to you now Anastasia,” I say with desire in my eyes and voice to her.

“I’m a situation now?” she says holding her breath.

“You have a situation, but I don’t want to push my luck. I mean, if you don’t want to, we don’t have to,” I look at her with desire, pleading. She stops in her tracks with curiosity, question and desire in her eyes.

“I thought you said you never make love. You just fuck hard,” swallowing. Her straightforward observations disarm me and increase my desire for her. My grin is salacious and full of desire.

“I intend to make an exception to the rule, or perhaps combine the two. But right now, I want to make love to you badly. I want this to work Ana!” I say pleading, “You’ve no idea how much I’ve desired and wanted you since the first time you sprawled into my office.” But I don’t want her to get the wrong idea that I’m a romance guy. She needs to have the full disclosure, and what I want and expect. “I’m not all hearts and flowers, and this isn’t romance, but a start for your training. It’s a means to an end. But it’s an arrangement I want to work out very badly. I hope you desire that as well!” I say fervently.

She blushes to her hairline crimson.

“But Christian. I’ve done nothing in your list, and know nothing, or don’t know how to fulfill your requirements for that matter. I don’t know if I’m...” she blushes more, “equipped with what you want. What you need...” she looks down.

“Oh, you are more than equipped with what I want. As for the rules. Fuck them! At this moment I don’t give a shit about them. I fucking want you, and I know you want me, or wanted me. Since you’re still here, I assume you still do,” (← Tonight I'm fucking you by Enrique Iglesias) I hear an audible desirous gasp from her confirming my assumption.

“Please Anastasia! Let me make love to you! Stay with me tonight!” I say fervently, extending my hand to her absolutely hoping that she says ‘yes’. She looks stupefied. Shocked. Desirous. But unable to move. To convince her and remind her how much I want her, I pull her into my arms, hard, and press her into me in one swift action. I am out of breath with her proximity, it’s intoxicating, heady. Desire pours over me as I run my fingers through her luscious hair down to her long neck. She lowers her gaze completely shy, hiding her beautiful eyes. I want to see them. All of a sudden I yank her hair down forcefully with one hand making her look up to me. Into my eyes without letting her gaze move away from me. I want her to see the depths of my desire for her. Her facial expression says she wants me. Desires me. We’re locked, unable to escape each other.

She bites her lip absently, and I groan lowering my head down. With my right hand I release the lip from the captivity of her teeth, and take it into my mouth and suck hard slightly nipping with my teeth. She moans loudly into my mouth, and that is my undoing. I start kissing her hard, my tongue invading her mouth. Her tongue and her mouth reacquaint herself with me, and we’re lost in each other in our kiss for a long time. My hard length pressing on her demanding.

“Please Anastasia!” I plead. “I want you. I need you. Let me make love to you.”

“Yes,” she whispers. Her single word of approval hitches my breath shutting my eyes in relief. When I open them back up, there is desire, want, wantonness, salacity in my entire being for her.

With her approval, I take her hand without leaving my gaze off of her, lead her to my bedroom. It’s quite big with floor to ceiling windows with a view of the city of Seattle. My room is ultra-modern with white walls and pale blue furnishing. I have a grey driftwood four poster bed. The walls have the painting of the ocean. She barely glances around, but shaking like a leaf. Her breathing is shallow like a scared rabbit. I want her to feel at ease. I let go of her removing my watch. I put it on the dresser. I then take my jacket off, and put it on the chair neatly and slowly. She doesn’t leave her gaze off of me. I’ll make a show of this then knowing full well how it will affect her. She looks at my white linen shirt and her eyes linger on my jeans. Her eyes travel to my torso and finally reaching my hair. I let my shirt loose over my jeans, my gaze meeting hers. I step down and take my sneakers off. Then very slowly remove my socks. She’s drinking me in. Once I take my socks off, I stand and gaze at her softly. I just remembered an important thing. I don’t want to knock her up on her first experience.

“You’re not on any sort of birth control, are you Anastasia?” I ask doubtful.

She blushes, “No,” she answers. I didn’t think so. I nod. I ask her if she prefers the blinds closed, she says she doesn’t care. She is so nervous, I don’t think she would answer any differently if I asked her to make love with me in the balcony. She then blurts out, “I thought you didn’t let anyone to sleep in your bed.”

Oh, I have other things in mind, and none of which involves sleeping. “I don’t think we’ll be ‘sleeping’,” I say giving her a wicked gleam.

She inhales sharply saying, ”Oh.”

Now or never. The expectation and anticipation is at the brim, and I’m ready to explode. I stroll towards her, my eyes ablaze. I can see her expectation, and desire hot. She looks up to me as I stand before her looking into her eyes. She’s incredibly beautiful in her innocence.

I want to peel her clothes off of her starting with the jacket. I softly indicate my intention, and slowly slide off the jacket building her anticipation. I slowly put it away. My gaze on her with desire. We’re locked.

“Have you any idea how much I desire you Anastasia?” I ask her, and I see her melt before me. I’m a fireball of desire for this beautiful girl. She’s beguiled me, hypnotized me, and bewitched me. I stare at her beautiful blue eyes fervently and lean down and kiss firmly and slowly at first. My kiss becomes expectant and demanding. When I release her desire is running amuck, and I’m hers. ( I’m yours by Jason Mraz) I am completely, utterly, and hopelessly hooked on her.

I want to feel her, caressing her cheek, her lips and neck desire completely bubbling within me. I find myself whispering, “Do you have any idea at all how much I want to make love to you?”even surprising myself. I lean down and place kisses on her jaw, lips, neck as she closes her eyes in ecstasy. I pull her shirt and thug and peel it off of her. She’s standing before me in a light blue lacy bra and her black jeans like the image of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, but even more beautiful, innocent, and alluring. I drink her in. Her skin is so pale and so flawless, I want to kiss and touch each and every inch of it. When I make my intentions clear to her, she looks at me shy her eyes widening, her breath taking a sharp intake.

I touch her dark chestnut hair, and murmur, “I like brunettes.” I run my fingers through her hair, caress her cheeks with the tips of my fingers feeling the jolt between us once again. Her pull is inescapable. I can’t help myself and grasp her head steady in my palms and kiss her passionately, demanding. Forcing her lips apart, invading her mouth with my tongue. Her shy tongue finally meets and matches mine in their dance. I moan with passion. Squeeze her tight. My hand travels down to the small of her back pushing her close to my body willing her to merge with me, and explore her exquisite derriere squeezing it which she gives a surprised sound of liking. My erection is full, and it’s trying to push its way out of my jeans.

I lean over to kiss her again, she groans into my mouth, grasping my upper arms tight. Although touching is a hard limit for me I barely have time to think. Her hands move to my hair tugging me and surprisingly captivating, moving them to my face exploring the hills and the valleys of my face. The wait is just killing me and I make my decision to move forward. I push her towards the bed. She stands against the bed, I gaze at her beautiful body, move my fingers about her torso, her sides, and just drop on my knees grabbing her hips steadying her and move my tongue and lips on her navel at which time she gives a very audible moan. My lips move up and down and sideways travelling expertly nibbling, making her squirm.

Her hands move into my hair and thugs hard which is unbelievably erotic for her to respond to me that way. My gaze won’t leave her and we lock eyes though she time to time closes her eyes rolling her head back with an overflow of pleasure which fuels me even further. Her breathing matches mine in speed, our eyes scorching embers. I lean down and take one of her foot and start undoing her lace, and take the shoe off. I repeat the process with the next foot. I then slowly remove her socks off, eyes still locked. My hands leisurely travel up her jeans making strategic stops to rub on her thighs. I reach up to her zipper, and after undoing the top button, I zip her pants down. My hands skim inside her pants, and I expertly and slowly pull them down. Her breathing accelerates, eyes blue fires. I remove the jeans, and move my hands over her now bare legs.

My hands grasp her hips and I find my face buried in her apex inhaling scent to her very surprised and aroused face. I can’t help myself but tell her how good she smells. Her arousal is an intoxicating scent. She nearly convulses with my touch. I push her back onto the mattress. I grab her foot forcing her to watch me and run my thumbnail on her instep knowing its effects on her body. I give her a salacious smile without breaking my gaze from her intense stare, and run my tongue along her instep and taking her big toe into my mouth and sucking hard. I see her eyes rolled back into her head with a loud groan. I can make her come like this. The response makes me chuckle. She’s so ready for me.

My hands slowly move up her glorious legs. She’s only in her panties and bra. A beautiful specimen of woman. Innocent and shy before me.

Words escape me. “Anastasia, you’re gorgeous. I just can’t wait to be inside you,” I whisper. She is completely under my influence, and I am of hers. I ask her to show me how she pleasures herself. To my surprise she says she’s never done it. Oh, the possibilities. I guess we have to correct that problem. I undo my jean’s button and zip my jean down. I grab her ankles and quickly spread her legs apart crawling onto the bed between her glorious legs hovering over her. I hold her legs to warn her to keep still and breathe, “Steady Ana,” and gaze at her with passion. I start trailing kissing inside her thighs reaching up to her panties. She squirms under me.

“Oh, baby we have to teach you to be still,” I say, between my trailing kisses up her belly, her torso and up to her breast. She’s burning with desire for me clawing the sheets as I pull one of the lacy bra cups down. Her breast springs up, peaking its head under my gaze and I cup her breast inside my palm. I pull the other bra cup down as her other breast peaks itself up into a gorgeous fleshy mound. My hands knead over her breasts as we’re both lost in ecstasy, her nipples harden under my fingers. I lean my head over and glaze my tongue over one of her breasts then blow lightly over it. Her nipple responds hardening as my thumb grazes and pulls the other nipple. The thought of her never having an orgasm gives me an idea. All of a sudden I want to make her come like this, under my control, my gaze, and have her experience her first under my fingers. “I want to make you come like this,” I whisper to her. She’s breathless, and wordless. Her reaction is enough to undo me. My fingers and tongue work expertly over her nipples, sucking and kneading, and rolling over.

She’s arching her back in pleasure, and begs “Please, Christian..” moaning.

“Come on, baby, come for me! Let go!” I murmur as I close my teeth around her nipple and suck hard, as my thumb and forefinger grab the other nipple and knead and roll, and she shutters under my fingers and tongue as her orgasm ripples through her body arousing me so much I move to her lips and kiss her hard and deep, her moans lost in my mouth. My hands travel to her sides and torso, and through her breasts. She’s very responsive to my touch which pleases me but we need to work on controlling that, and I now know that I’m going to have a lot of fun teaching her that.

My hand travels down and around her lacy panties. My fingers rip through the delicate lace shredding it in one swift move. My index and middle finger find their way into her and the palm of my hand cover her clitoris pleasuring her. She is so wet and ready I just can't wait to be inside her finally. I pull the ripped panties off of her waist, pull my jeans and boxers off springing my erection in full. The sight of it makes her eyes widen.

My fingers move inside her feeling her wetness making me want to get inside her. “You’re incredibly wet Ana! Oh God! I want to be inside you right now!” Her eyes are desirous and scared with the size of my erection. I soothe her telling she expands inside as well. But I want her to want me, want to do this, and be sure of it. I still want her permission. I want her, I want her to want me. This is where she will cross the line. To my side. I want her so badly, it hurts! ( ET by Kathy Perry ft Kanye West)

“Are you sure Ana? Do you want to do this?”

“Yes Christian. Please! Don’t make me beg...” she says causing my undoing.

I pull her leg up for easy access and most feeling. I rip a condom package, squeezing the tip, roll it onto my length. My gaze is burning into hers, “I’m going to fuck you hard now baby...” I say as I slam my length into her. She screams an involuntary “ah!” a pain pleasure. My erection rips through her virginity, and this is a first for me. All of a sudden I’m filled with a foreign feeling of complete and absolute proprietorship and I can’t, I won’t let go of her. She’s all mine, and no one else’s. My claim, my scent, my manhood is on her, claiming her, loving her, making love to her, fucking her.

I slow down, and wait for her to adjust to the foreign feeling of having me inside her. I roll my hip once and slowly pull back and after locking gazes with her she nods, ready to receive me again. I slam into her once more, hard. She groans slowly expanding. I slow again, and look at her once more for approval. She’s desirous and ready and wanting for more. I want her verbal confirmation. I ask, “Again?”

“Please, yes!” she begs, and I pull back, gyrate my hips once more and slam and slam and slam into her repeatedly completely claiming her to be mine. All the way. In every way. All. Mine. We create our own rhythm and she learns to match mine her hips lifting up to match my thrusts. I lose myself in her, lowering myself to her face, grasp her face, my mouth invade hers kissing, taking no prisoners. I want her every way! Relentlessly. Our bodies fit perfectly, receiving and giving, and worshipping in desire and sex, covered in sheens of sweat and heat. Pleasure and tension building a new height. I am getting close and she is stiffening with building up tension of pleasure. “Come for me baby!” I growl, and with that we both come loudly.

“I... fucking.... want... you! Oh Ana!” I yell, her name litany on my lips as I collapse on her worshipping her body. As the currents of pleasure still jolting through our bodies my breathing is still rugged and fast as is hers. I kiss her again once more as I pull out of her. She winces. I ask her if I hurt her. She’s blushing. Biting her lip.

“Answer me Ana,” I coax her. Running my finger on the lip she’s now biting, reminding her.

“I’ve, never... ever... felt this good, this ecstatic before...” she murmurs shyly. I grin. “Would you do it again?” I ask wanton.

“Most definitely...” she answers.

“Really?” I am pleased, “what a demanding little girl you are Ana,” I tease her. I turn her over and unhook her bra off. Run my fingers through her flawless skin. She notices my shirt still being on my back.

“Why do you still have your shirt on?” she quizzes. I don’t want to be touched, but I don’t want to bring that fucked up side of me on her. I pull my shirt off remaining on her back side. I whisper to her ear with desire. “So Miss Steele, Would you like me to fuck you again?” My fingers trail on her side and breasts, cupping her sex while my lips land trail of kisses on her ears and neck.

I’m not even nearly done with her. I hold her in place, and whisper her that I’m going to fuck her from behind. I hold her leg up and ease into her in a smooth move, and pinning her between my hand and my body start moving, and claiming her once again. “You. Are.. Mine...” I pound into her. With each stroke I stake my claim, make her mine, and mark her with my scent, my body and my sex.

I move my finger over her clitoris while my sex is working its magic inside her. “Do you like this?” I ask her softly. My thumb and fingers in and out of her, she only moans in response. Once I withdraw my finger out of her, I make her open her mouth, and give her a taste of her own sex. She sucks my finger. Forcefully. And desires builds in to fuck her in the mouth. I tell her that in between my thrusts. She’s spent, and wanting, and desirous, and I make this slow. I bury myself in and out of her slowly, deliberately, teasing, driving her crazy, leaving her wanting more. She feels so good! She’s ready to come, but I don’t want her to just yet. I need more. I haven’t had my fill of her.

“Slow baby..” I whisper, “Not yet...”

“Please Christian!” she begs.

“No baby! I want you sore. So sore, you will remember I was inside you each time you walk!” I say.

“Oh please. I’m coming apart in the seams!” she begs.

“What do you want baby! Tell me Ana!” as I move inside her.

“I want you!” she groans.

That’s my undoing. I increase my speed, circling my hips I slam into her faster and faster and faster until we both come loudly. “You! Are! Mine!” I growl as I reach my peak, and with my words, she quivers with pleasure, and we stay connected with aftershocks pulsing through us.

“Fuck Ana!” I say completed sated with pleasure. My first vanilla, and it was better than anything I had thought or hoped for. She’s my undoing, captivating, and this innocent girl who is falling asleep in my arms spent with my sex, and my conquest of her body and soul. She’s spent. She’s crossed sides, and I feel possessive of her now. I watch her peacefully sleeping tired face in sleep. Some unknown emotions creep up their way onto the surface. She’s mine! In every way. I can’t let go of her now. Her hands seek me in her sleep. I capture them and hold them in mine.

I don’t know how long I watch her sleep, but sadness finally creeps up in my chest. She’s too innocent. Is she ready for my world? I had a mix of emotions I’m feeling for her right this moment. Do I want to taint her with my dark soul? I don’t know where this mix of emotions are coming from. I’ve never felt this way towards anyone. Ever. I slowly place her arms on the bed and slowly slide out of the bed. Pull the duvet covers over her, finally pull my pajama bottoms up, and slowly and silently walk into the great room.

I sit at the piano, and absently start playing a piece from Bach reflecting my forlorn mood. (Transcription by Bach). I play the song repeatedly as my mood won’t yield to happy thoughts. I feel her by the door standing before I even look at her. When I stop, she says “I’m sorry Christian... I,” she pauses, “I didn’t mean to disturb you,” quietly.

“I should be the one who is apologizing,” I say, “I woke you up. You should be in bed,” I say to her chiding. She asks me what I was playing, and I tell her it’s a piece from Bach. She wants to know how long have I been playing. I tell her since I was six.

I turn her and ask, “How do you feel?”

“I’m alright,” she answers.

“Come,” I take her hand, and walk her back to the bedroom. I pull the duvet cover back up, and see the blood, the proof of her lost virginity as a bare statement on my white sheets. She blushes, and lowers her gaze. I smile, that’ll give something to think about to my housekeeper Mrs. Jones tomorrow. I show her into the bed, and lie next to her. Once again I find myself happily breaking my rules for her.

I spoon her in bed, and sweetly whisper into her ear, “Sleep, baby, sleep,” (Lullaby by Dixie Chix) as we both close our eyes, and fall into a deep, peaceful sleep first time in a very very very long time.