Monday, August 6, 2012

BOOK II - CHAPTER XII - Christian and Anastasia FanFiction

Victory has never been sweeter and it shows on my face as if I won the Olympic gold medal. I stand, and put down my cue, with my, I-own-your-ass-Miss-Steele smile, and stroll towards Anastasia intent on collecting my prize, anxious, desirous, excited, and victorious. Her gaze follows my every move, and she looks like she can have me for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breathe Grey!

“You aren’t going to be a sore loser, are you Anastasia?” I murmur with uncontained elation.

“It all depends on how hard you want to spank me,” she whispers, holding on to her cue as if it’s going to provide her some divine support. Not, from the big bad Grey, baby! I simply take away her cue and lay it aside. My fingers travel to the top of her shirt leisurely to declare how much I own her, and I hook my fingers into the top of her shirt, and pull my soon to be punished girlfriend to me. She has mind fucked me since we got back, and went toe to toe with me. Not that it doesn’t excite me when she does that, but it also makes me nervous and scares me to the core. Because she’s taken away all the tools from me to correct her behavior. Oh, I will enjoy this more than you know baby! And this dish is going to be served hot!

“Hmm, let me count your misdemeanors, Miss Steele,” I say ready recount the crimes to hand her the verdict. “One, making me jealous of my own staff. Two, arguing with me about working. And three, waving this delectable derrière at me for the last twenty minutes, taunting.”  I’m beyond excited; I lean down and rub my nose against hers without touching her anywhere else. “I want you to take your jeans and this fetching shirt off. Now," I whisper and kiss her on the lips ever so softly. As I saunter towards the door to lock it, I feel my heart ready to burst out of my chest with excitement. Desire coursing through my veins, and I’m one wired, focused, and intent on getting my due. (←All Tied Up by Robin Thicke)

I lock the door taking my time, and turn around to gaze at Anastasia who is still in the aforementioned clothes, with a glazed look on her face, shocked, desirous, maybe even scared. I will make it an experience memorable for us both. Nothing to be scared about baby...just enjoy the ride, but I will get my due to my complete satisfaction.

“Your clothes, Anastasia. You appear to be still dressed in them. Either take them off,” I say boring my gaze into hers with all my salacity, as I run my fingertips in her cheeks strolling around her, “or, I’ll do it for you.”

I can see her chest rising up and down, her lips apart to accommodate her breathing, her eyes wide with unnamed excitement, and anxiety.

“You take them off,” she says in a barely audible desirous voice. She wants this! I grin.

“My dear Miss Steele. It’s a dirty job, but I think I can accommodate you and rise to the challenge.”

“You normally rise to most challenges, Mr. Grey,” she retorts smugly. How well she knows me. I smirk in response.

“Why Miss Steele, whatever do you mean?” I ask all the while thinking what choice of weapons I have in the library. Nothing handy... Can’t use the cue. It’s too long, and it’ll hurt considering the pain distribution. Ah... I have a ruler someplace in a drawer here. It’ll do beautifully. I remember reading in some books that this was the weapon of choice for some teachers in the not so distant past. It’s a great choice. Considering how mad I was when she was adamantly insisting on going to work even though she knew how anxious I am, knowing how frigging hard I try to protect her. Yes, the twelve inch ruler will do beautifully! Fits in the hand fine, has a nice flat surface to evenly distribute the pain. I take out the ruler, and holding each end, I flex it before her eyes, so she knows what she ought to expect. She eyes the ruler while my eyes not leaving her face for one second. She swallows hard, her mouth open slightly to accommodate her breathing which means her heartbeat just accelerated. She’s excited, too.

I leisurely put the ruler inside the back pocket of my jeans and saunter towards my soon to be claimed prize with wanton desire. When I reach Anastasia, I drop on my knees in front of her, and undo her shoe laces, and take her shoes and socks off all the while gazing into her eyes. Her sight is completely fixed on me like the gazelle watching the lion that is ready to pounce on her; fixed, mesmerized, anxious, desirous, and loving.

I skim her legs over her jeans with my hands gliding up to her hips, and all of a sudden I grab and insert my fingers in her waistband pulling her forward and undo her button and pull the zipper down. Eyes on the prize Grey, I think to myself, and look up at her grinning salaciously. Slowly and leisurely, making a meal out of it, I remove her jeans, and help her step out of them. There she stands in her lace panties, completely mouthwatering. I grab the back of her legs and as I ascend up to her apex, I feel a shiver go through her making me grin, and when my hands finally reach up to her hips, I run my nose along the apex of her thighs making her nearly convulse with desire.

“I want to be very rough with you, Ana. You’ll have to tell me to stop if it’s getting too much for you,” I breathe. Without waiting for her to respond, I dip my head and kiss her sex over the lace as I inhale her deep, smelling her arousal, making her moan. 

“Safe word?” I ask in a murmur. But, no, I don’t want to do that. It’s too much of dom/sub which she isn’t. I can’t go there today. Changing my mind, I amend, “No, no safe word, just tell me to stop, and I’ll stop. Do you understand?”

Oh, dear God! I can see her sex glistening with arousal, and I dip my head again once more, and kiss her sex, long, nuzzling it. Then I stand up, and ready to move on with my mission. She hasn’t said anything.

“Answer me, Ana,” I order in a soft, caressing tone. I really want to do this, but I don’t -- I don’t want her to run. It’s what scares me. I know she let me spank her after her outrageous bidding last night, but I only used my hand, and she was quite overcome with desire after having the silver balls in her. Although a ruler isn’t like a belt, it’ll hurt more than hitting with just my hand. I don’t want this to be a break up point for us. It is important for her to remember to communicate, and tell me when it’s too much.

“Yes, yes, I understand Christian,” she answers finally looking puzzled.

“You’ve been dropping hints and giving me mixed signals all day Anastasia,” I say. How can a man keep up with that? She is confusing. She ran from me because I hit her, but then last night she insisted I spanked her. And all day today she kept hinting that she wants to be spanked. But then there is that constant fear that she will run away if I do spank her. I have to have her communicate with me if I need to do this right.

“You told me that you were worried I’d lost my edge. I’m not quite sure what you meant with that statement, and even whether you were serious by it, but, now is the time to find out. I don’t want to go back into the playroom just yet, so we can try this for now. But if you don’t like it, you must promise to tell me,” I say with all my intensity. I cannot be any more explicit than this, but she needs to be open and communicate with me to tell me what she doesn’t like. I will stop if it’s too much for her.

“I’ll tell you. No safe word,” she nods her head, reassuring me.

I need her to know that she isn’t my sub. She never was despite the fact that we started out in that direction. She had never submitted, and I don’t think of her that way.

“We’re lovers, Anastasia,” I say willing her to understand her status with me. “And, lovers don’t need to use safe words,” I state as realization dawns on me. Realizing that what I had in my previous dom/sub relationships were sexual transactions, like in a business. I take care of you, and you provide me with what I need; what I want. No emotions involved. At the end of the mutual conclusion of the business contract, it was over, and everyone went to their individual ways; nothing owed, nothing further needed. But, what Anastasia and I have never been that way. Not the way I feel for her, and she for me.
Do they Anastasia?” I ask her seeking her reassurance. I had never needed reassurance from a sexual partner before. I have made all the decisions. I didn’t need, or seek approval from a sexual partner. They only submitted to me. But, Anastasia is my lover, my girlfriend, my more...much, much more. I need her to understand this. (←You’re In My Heart by Rod Stewart)

“I guess not,” she says swallowing. “I promise,” she says as I continue to look at her intently. I nod, still searching her face for any sign that shows she’s saying what she thinks I want to hear. She looks...happy. I slowly smile at her feeling relaxed, and we’re on our way to have fun. My hands reach up to her shirt as I start to unbutton it. Once all the buttons are undone, I pick up the cue. She is a sexy goddess; partially dressed, hot, ready to be fucked, irresistible. A range of emotions course through her face, not comprehending my intent. Is it fear? But, I’ll make this fun.

“You play well, Anastasia. I must say I’m surprised. Why don’t you sink the black ball?”

She looks at me pouting, and the way she’s looking at me, I know she’s trying to decipher why I would ask her to play while she’s expecting to be spanked and fucked. She finally smiles and takes the cue from my hand. While she positions the white ball, I casually walk around the table, and stand right behind her. She leans down to take her shot, and the sight of her is heavenly. My hand is on her right thigh and I run it casually up and down her leg, up to her ass and stroking her as her panties stretch to accommodate the rounds orbs of her behind.

“I’m going to miss my shot if you keep doing that,” she whispers in a halfhearted complaint.

“I don’t really care if you hit or miss baby. All I want is to see you like this; partially dressed and stretched out on my billiard table. Have you any idea how incredibly hot you look at this moment?”

She doesn’t answer, but by the way she inhales a deep breath tells me that she too is aroused. She tries to ignore me, and lines her shot. I caress and rub her behind my hand never leaving.

“Top left,” she murmurs in a barely audible tone, and as she hits the white ball, my hand leaves her behind and I smack her on her ass hard. This wasn’t what she was expecting as distraction at all, so her first reaction is to yelp, and of course, the black ball misses the pocket. My hand absently caress her behind again as I’m getting more and more aroused.

“Oh dear, you missed. I think you need to try that shot again baby,” I whisper. “You really should concentrate Anastasia,” I coax.  Anastasia loses concentration of course, because she’s panting, completely excited with the game I’m dishing out for her. I walk around the table, and set the black ball again, and roll the white ball back to her. She’s completely aroused, lascivious, and wanton. Her gaze never leaves mine as she catches the white ball; lines it up, ready to take her shot again. But, that won’t do. She needs the proper distraction from the game.

“Uh uh uh!” I chide her. “You need to wait baby,” I say smiling. I stroll to her side and position myself behind her again. This time I stroke her left thigh, and my fingers roll on her buttocks and occasionally escaping to her sex. Her breathing increase.

“Take aim baby,” I breathe, aroused. A soft moan escapes her lips, her hand shakes. She lines the ball up, aims her cue as she bends onto the table, and as she is about to hit the white ball, my hand leaves her behind, and I smack her hard once again.

“Oh, no!” she groans missing.

“Once more baby. And if you miss this time,” I reiterate, “I’m really going to let you have it.” I walk to collect the black ball and set it up once again leisurely, painstakingly slow prolonging her anxiety.

“You can do it,” I reassure her as I place my hand on her behind, and she pushes her behind into my palms in an eager gesture, toying with me. I smack her behind lightly over both the orbs, right on her sex. (←Come On Take Me, Here I Am Baby by UB40)

“Eager Miss Steele? I ask delighted. I am more than yearning to get to my prize.

For starters, I need to divest her of her sexy panties. “Well, let’s get rid of these,” I say sliding down the panties off her thighs. Once I take them off, I kiss the exposed orbs of her buttocks.

“Take your shot, baby,” I whisper. She’s trembling with desire. Completely distracted, she lines up her white ball, and it misses its intended target completely. Oh victory! Anastasia is still leaning down on the table surprised. I lean down on her as my hands encapsulate her, “You missed,” I whisper to her ear. Her cheek is pressed on the baize. “Put your hands flat on the table baby,” I order softly, and she obeys immediately.

“Good. I’m now going to spank you, and next time maybe you won’t...miss,” I say as I press my substantial erection to her hip. She groans, and start panting heavily, arousing me even more. I caress her buttocks gently as my other hand travels to her hair fisting, and holding the nape of her neck down effectively. Oh, what a glorious sight!

“Open your legs,” I order in a soft murmur, and she shifts hesitating. That won’t do baby! I lift the ruler and land it on her buttocks in succession of two hard blows, with cracking sounds. “Legs,” I repeat my order, and she finally yields, opening them. I hit her buttocks again and she moans in arousal and my breathing becomes harsher in response. I hit her again and again and again in a pattern, left, right, up and down. I don’t know how many times I land the ruler on her buttocks. I am too aroused, too into what I’m doing, as she’s panting below me, her sex blooming open to me, glistening and her moans and groans are rising feeding into my arousal further. I rain the blows down on her buttocks again and again, harder this time, and her body finally flinches.

“Stop,” she says immediately, and I drop the ruler releasing her.

“Enough?” I can barely whisper to her too desirous for her.

“Yes,” she murmurs.

“Yes,” she whispers wanting me to start already. I unzip my fly, and she is lying on the billiard table panting, wanting me, and opening her sex invitingly. I ease my index and middle finger into her sex, and rub in circular motion feeling her wetness; so ready for me. I take out a foil packet from my jeans’ pocket and rip it open. As I pinch the tip, I roll the condom onto my still growing length with now pulsing veins, ready to claim her. I sink into Anastasia inch by inch, finally balls deep; she completely sheaths me making me groan in pure ecstasy. I grab her hips and hold her tight, and slowly ease out of her, only to slam back into her again making her cry out. I hold still for a moment to let her find her center.

“Again?” I ask her softly.

“Yes, I’m completely fine. Lose yourself, baby, and take me with you,” she murmurs completely desirous. She’s my undoing, making me moan, and lose myself in her, with her, and I’m completely in a different frame of mind when I’m fucking her like this. I ease out, and slam back into her, out and in, over and over again in a brutal and punishing rhythm. It’s carnal, pure pleasure, and completely immersed into the fuck zone! I feel the tightening grip of her insides and her approaching orgasm. Her inner muscles tighten, gripping, pulling, trying to milk me, and I push further, harder, and faster over and over again until we both reach our climax, and our orgasm explodes, consuming us both, draining and milking, leaving us both spent and completely exhausted. I call out Anastasia’s name as my fingers dig deep into her hips; tremors go through my body shaking us both. I finally still in her and collapse on top of Anastasia. I pull her with me as we sink to the floor, cradling her in my arms. (←Cream by Prince)

“Thank you baby,” is all I can breathe, and cover her face with kisses completely elated for letting me soothe the beast in me, join me in the dark plateau, and pull me into the throes of intense pleasure. I wrap my arms around her even tighter holding her close. I notice that her cheek has marks left from the baize.

“Your cheek is pink from the baize,” I whisper as I rub her face. “How was that?” I ask trying to get her honest reaction. I hope it didn’t repel her from me. Her response surprises and relieves me.

“Teeth clenchingly good. But, then again, I like it rough, and I like it gentle, Christian. Because, it’s with you.” Her declaration makes me unbelievably happy. I love this woman! I close my eyes in relief, and thank God that this angel is in my life.

“You never fail, Ana. You’re beautiful, bright, and God knows challenging, but also fun and sexy. And you know, I thank divine providence every single day that it was you that came to interview me and not Katherine Kavanagh,” I confess as I kiss her hair. She smiles happily and yawns. “I’m wearing you out, baby. Come, let’s bathe, and then you’re off to bed.”

I turn the bath water on, and pour some bath oil and jasmine bath soap. As the soap bubbles and releases an intoxicating scent, I take her hand, and we submerge into the bath. I make her sit opposite from me and I take her foot and start massaging it. She tilts her back in pleasure, groaning.

“Can I ask you something?” she says.

“Of course baby. Anything, you know that, Ana.” She sits up, and flinches.

“Tomorrow... when I go to work, can Sawyer just take me to work to the front door of the office, and then pick me up at the end of the day? Please, Christian. Please,” she begs. Baby, come on! Don’t do this to me! Her safety is utmost importance, does she not understand that? My hand freezes on her foot, as my teeth clenches. She knows that she agreed to this, in lieu of going to work. That was our compromise. Why is she always trying to get her own way 100% of the time? Is it too much to ask for her to compromise a little bit?

“I thought we agreed,” I say none too pleased.

“Please,” she begs again.

“What about lunchtime?” I know she’ll have to go and get lunch outside.

“I’ll make my own lunch and take from here, that way I don’t have to go out, please Christian?” she begs again.  My mind is working quickly. If she wants to take the rules away and try to unman me, I have to find other ways to get my way. She doesn’t want Sawyer, fine then. I will have to send him incognito. I kiss her instep as I respond. “I find it very difficult to say no to you. You won’t go out?”

“No,” she responds. There is one way to find out if she’ll follow the rules.

“Okay,” I say. If she sticks with her end of the bargain after I validate her promise, then, I might, only might acquiesce.

She gives me her 100,000 megawatts smile, “Thank you!” she gushes, and as she comes up to me sloshing water all around the tub, she kisses me.

“You’re most welcome, Anastasia. How’s your behind?” I ask.

“Sore, but it’s not too bad. The water’s soothing.”

“I’m glad you told me to stop,” I confess, feeling relief that I can trust her one step further.

“So is my behind,” she says playfully, making me grin.


We come out of the bed, and Anastasia dresses herself in one of my t-shirts; I frown. She deserves much better. Silk and satin all the way.

“Didn’t Miss Acton provide any nightwear?” I ask.

“I have no clue. I just like wearing your t-shirts if that’s okay,” she mumbles. Of course it’s okay baby, I think to myself, softening. I like her in my things.

“I need to work Anastasia,” I say, but still not willing to leave her out of my sight knowing Leila was in here when she was asleep. I need to stand guard here with her. “But I don’t want to leave you alone. Can I use your laptop to log in to the office? Will I disturb you if I work from here?” I ask concerned.

“It’s not my laptop,” she can barely whisper her eyes half closed.

I work about three hours as Anastasia sleeps. It’s such a peaceful state, so normal. She’s right here beside me, sleeping. I’m working on the laptop, fulfilled, sated, and blissfully happy.  It’s past one thirty a.m. by the time I put my head to my pillow next to Anastasia. I wrap my arms around her after turning the side table lamp off, and drift into sleep.


“Good morning Seattle! Those of you who are just waking up or joining us during your drive to work, welcome! It is a rainy day in Seattle. The local forecast indicates rain all through the afternoon. Current temperature is 58 degrees and the temperatures will be 67 degrees in the highs today. Jenny Hughes and John Clark are on Chopper 7 covering the traffic in Seattle and the Puget Sound area beginning at 4:30 a.m. Now for the traffic and local news, let’s tune in to Chopper 7. Jenny, what can you tell us?

Thank you Robert. Good morning Seattle! We are on Chopper 7 right now over I-90 ...” I hear the local news radio. I blink my eyes open to look into Anastasia’ smile. The light outside is muted, and gray, unlike my mood. “Good morning,” says Anastasia as she leans in and kisses me, caressing my face with her fingers.

“Good morning baby. I usually wake up before the alarm goes off,” I murmur. I have had an uninterrupted sleep. No nightmares, no disturbances.

“It’s so early.”

“It is, Miss Steele, but I have to get up,” I say grinning and kissing her. She murmurs something about being tired, and closes her eyes, and goes back to sleep. I’ll let her sleep until I get ready. I go shave and shower, and dress in my white shirt and black suit. When I get back into my bedroom, Anastasia is still sleeping.

“Come on sleepy head. Time to get up,” I say leaning over her. She inhales deep, and her eyes take a salacious look.

“What?” I ask.

“I wish you’d come back to bed,” she pleads instantly making me desirous for her. What have I created here? A greedy goddess! My lips part to exhale.

“You’re insatiable Miss Steele. As much as the invitation is appealing, I have an eight thirty meeting, which means I have to leave shortly.”

“What?” she exclaims and jumps out of bed like a bat out of hell, and runs into the bathroom full speed making me smile in amusement. The next thing I hear is the shower water running, and Anastasia squealing “ow, hot, hot!!” in protests to the shower water.

I walk into Taylor’s office, and all the security detail that are with him stand up as I enter.

“Taylor, after you drop me off this morning, I want you to come back, and take Miss Steele to work. Sawyer is to ride with you. Miss Steele doesn’t want security detail with her, but we’ll have to provide her security without her knowledge.” I say. Taylor nods knowing.

“Sawyer, after Taylor drops Miss Steele off, let him drop you off at a convenient distance. I want you to watch the SIP building like a hawk, and the second she leaves the building, or if there is anyone who is not supposed to be entering the building, you are to call me. Understand?”

“Yes, sir,” he says firmly. I nod.

“Taylor, I need a word with you,” I say, and he follows me out.

“Yes, sir?” he asks.

“I need you to drill into Sawyer the importance of him following Anastasia, and that he is not to be seen, but always have an eye on the building. I don’t want fuck ups. The second she steps out of the building, he must call me, but must continue to follow her to ensure her safety. Got it?”

“Perfectly sir,” says Taylor in a firm voice.

“Great, take me to work in about 10 minutes.”

“Yes, sir.”

I make my way out to the kitchen area. Mrs. Jones is fixing breakfast. “What would you like this morning Mr. Grey?” she asks.

“I’ll have egg omelet with fruits Mrs. Jones. And can I also get a cup of coffee?”

“Certainly, sir,” she responds.

“You can make pancakes and bacon for Miss Steele, and she would like to take lunch from home today,” I add.

“Yes, sir.”

My breakfast is served, and I polish my plate up clean. Mrs. Jones pours my second cup of coffee, and Anastasia appears from the doorway all dressed in a fitted gray pencil skirt with pale gray silk shirt, and completing the wardrobe with high heeled black pumps. Her hair is all pulled up. She is one sight for sore eyes, taking my breath away. I get up as she approaches the breakfast bar.

“You look lovely,” I can barely murmur. I wrap my arms around her, and kiss her right under her ear at the crook of her neck.

“Good morning Miss Steele,” says Mrs. Jones politely, and places her breakfast in front of her.

“Oh, thank you. Good morning!” she replies Mrs. Jones.

“Mr. Grey says that you’d like to take your lunch with you to work. What would you like to eat?” Anastasia turns to look at me, and by the way she’s scrutinizing me, I try very hard not to smirk.

“A sandwich...salad. I really don’t mind.” She smiles at Mrs. Jones.

“I’ll rustle you a packed lunch in no time, ma’am.”

“Please call me Ana, Mrs. Jones.”

“Ana,” she says smiling, and starts making Anastasia’s tea.

I see Taylor standing by the entryway. I turn to Anastasia and say, “I have to go to work baby. Taylor will come back and drop you at work with Sawyer.”

“Only to the door.”

“Yes. Only to the door,” I say rolling my eyes at her. “Be careful, though.”

I grasp Anastasia’s chin and kiss her.

“Laters, baby,” I say.

“Have a good day at the office dear,” she calls after me, completely stopping me in my tracks. Dear? I can get used to the terms of endearment. I turn to Anastasia and give her a big smile.

Taylor and I make our way down to the garage. He opens the door to the SUV, and we drive out of the garage, and merge into the Seattle traffic.

“Once you drop Miss Steele at SIP and Sawyer at the vicinity, come back to GEH.”

“Yes, sir.”

“If for any reason Sawyer can’t reach me, he is to contact you immediately should Miss Steele leave the SIP building. You know the protocol.”

“Understood, sir,” he replies.

I take out my Blackberry and write Anastasia an e-mail.
From: Christian Grey
Subject: Boss
Date: June 13, 2011 08:23
To: Anastasia Steele

Good morning Miss Steele,

I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful weekend despite all the incidents.
I just hope that you never ever leave.

And just to remind you that the news of SIP is embargoed for four weeks. Delete this message as soon as you’ve read it.


Christian Grey,
CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc. & Your boss’s boss’s boss.


Will she understand my message? I want her to stay with me...indefinitely. But, I don’t want to ask that outright, making her run away. Can she figure out what I’m trying to ask her? I hope so. Taylor drops me off to GEH, and I quickly make my way to my office.

Andrea greets me at door.

“Good morning Mr. Grey! Your 8:30 is already here. I’ve taken the liberty to put them in the conference rooms. Ros is already with them.”

“Thank you. Bring my laptop,” I say as I make my way into the conference room. With my entry everyone stands up. A collective, “good morning Mr. Grey,” comes out of them automatically. I feel like a principal who entered into a high school classroom for inspection.

“Good morning, everyone!” I respond. A few minutes later Andrea comes in knocking.

“I apologize for my intrusion Mr. Grey,” she says and set my laptop before me.

“Thank you. You may bring my coffee Andrea,” I say after seeing all the participants are properly supplied with both coffee and water.

After greeting and introductions to some of the new members of the finance team, we dive into our meeting.

I feel the buzz of my Blackberry in my pocket, and I eye my e-mail on the screen. There is a message from Anastasia which brightens my day already.
From: Anastasia Steele
Subject: Bossy
Date: June 13, 2011 09:02
To: Christian Grey 

My dear Mr. Grey,

Are you asking me to move in with you? I of course remembered the evidence of your epic stalking capabilities is embargoed for another four weeks. Oh, I have a question... Do I make a check out to Coping Together and send it to your father? Please don’t delete this email. Please respond to it.

ILY xxx

Anastasia Steele
Assistant to Jack Hyde, Commissioning Editor, SIP


How does a man supposed to concentrate when she’s like that?  Yes, yes, yes! Move in with me! Stay with me, always! I quickly type her response.
From: Christian Grey
Subject: Me, Bossy?
Date: June 13, 2011 09:06
To: Anastasia Steele

Yes. Please.

Christian Grey,
CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.

As I hit send, the meeting is getting into full swing.

“Mr. Grey, as you have requested, we have completed the emerging market analysis and the results show us that there are a few very viable options for GEH. If things turn bad in Spain for instance, they sell Russian assets. In fact that is the case for any Euro zone country. Whenever bad news from one of the Eurozone countries emerges, selloffs are triggered in such markets as Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, or even Latin America.”

“How is that good news for GEH?”

“Price is the driving reason Mr. Grey. We predict that the global investors will get more risk-averse in the next six months, and this may trigger them selling of more Russian assets, because they’re worried by the US budget deficit, they may sell Russia because they’re worried about Spain. The way it works is sir, is that in order to protect their capital, they buy Northern European bonds, which promise to take away your capital rather than your Russian or Asian stocks for instance. This means that the emerging market assets are undervalued because of the fear of risk,” says Ipkins, a skinny man with receding hairline in his 50s with a shrewd eye in business and money market with little fashion sense and all too large glasses for his face with no smile that I can recall as long as I’ve known him.

“Mr. Ipkins, I know that in the north of the European continent, the recent yields went negative resulting in investors paying for the privilege of buying the debt. I don’t consider that much of a privilege, but I digress. They now hold government paper with maturities of less than two years in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Germany and Netherlands.”

His eyes gleam with excitement and that’s the happiest I’ve seen this man in ages.

“Yes, sir! This is the key attraction of emerging markets for us, because it continues to be stronger growth outlook. I strongly suggest that we stay committed to our preference for emerging markets over developed markets,” he says.

“I admit that there is a bigger potential in growth in emerging markets than in developed markets. So, what it boils down finally is choosing my markets carefully. I want to see a steady growth in the last 3 years, even if it is infinitesimal. Have you done research on that field?”

“I’m glad you asked sir,” says Mr. Ipkins quickly gesturing his assistant a bookish type young man who quickly goes through some reports under his hand.

My Blackberry buzzes again. I open my e-mail on my laptop.
From: Anastasia Steele
Subject: Flynnisms
Date: June 13, 2011 09:19
To: Christian Grey 

Christian, what happened to walking before we run? Could we just talk about this tonight please?

I’ve been asked to go to a conference in New York on Thursday. It means an overnight stay on Wednesday. I just thought you should know.

A x
Assistant to Jack Hyde, Commissioning Editor, SIP


What the fuck! What trip? What travel? With whom? I leave this woman for what, half an hour, and she’s off to New York with God knows who! Do I take off someplace without letting her know? Why is she doing that to me?

From: Christian Grey
Subject: WHAT?
Date: June 13, 2011 09:20
To: Anastasia Steele

Yes. Let’s talk this evening. Are you going on your own?

Christian Grey,
CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.


You better tell me it’s all by your little self, and not with that jerk of a boss, the fucking panty eyeing dickhead!

No answer comes back.

“And this is what we concluded. What do you think Mr. Grey?”


Ros eyes me carefully with my changed demeanor.

“What Mr. Grey is trying to say is that he needs to evaluate all your reports. Such large investments cannot be decided in one meeting or without going over all aspects of business. You are after all asking him to invest a substantial amount of money.”

“That’s why it’s a great market for you sir,” adds Ipkins. “Cash is king, and you can buy any of them you want.”

Mr. O’Connell, another business associate of Ipkins’ jump in. “Mr. Grey, other analysts, including myself concur that developing countries are the place to be for the long terms, especially as in some of them valuations are really cheap.”

“I realize that, but I think there are better places to invest, as I too have done my research. Among the better placed, I have an independent group of analysts mentioned China, where bank loans have risen, and of course Russia is still ‘very cheap’ in terms of valuation, and even some Central and Eastern European countries and Turkey as well placed to withstand the storm. So, I want you to all bear in mind, that I employ independent analysts to verify all the facts you’re presenting, and expect, the best financially viable list to be presented to me. Said that, I want you to all to go over the list of countries where you think the investment is a good idea, and why. Impress me,” I say leaning back in my chair my arms crossed with an impassive face.

My rising anger towards Anastasia changes my mood in the meeting. My Blackberry buzzes again, and my hand moves the mouse to open the message she sent me on my laptop.

From: Anastasia Steele
Subject: No Bold Shouty Capital on a Monday morning!
Date: June 13, 2011 09:29
To: Christian Grey 

Can we talk about this tonight?

A x

Assistant to Jack Hyde, Commissioning Editor, SIP


She’s evading me! Fuck! Fuck! I need to hit something and I’m in a fucking meeting! One single fucking line form her can boil my blood to dangerous levels! It is with that dickhead of a boss she has.

From: Christian Grey
Subject: You haven’t seen SHOUTY yet.
Date: June 13, 2011 09:34
To: Anastasia Steele

Tell me.
If it’s with that sleaze ball you work with, then the answer is no. OVER MY DEAD BODY!

Christian Grey,
CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.


What the hell is she trying to do to me? The man is going to use any means to get into her panties. I’ve seen it in his eyes. I know the type. It takes one to know one!

My hands start shaking almost in utmost anger, and I have to hide it under the table, try to calm down myself. Luckily, Mr. Ipkins’ assistant is going through a PowerPoint presentation of various emerging markets, so all I have to do is to listen to him to distract myself. Anastasia responds in about ten grueling, stretching minutes.

From: Anastasia Steele
Subject: No YOU haven’t seen shouty yet!
Date: June 13, 2011 09:45
To: Christian Grey 

Yes. It’s with Jack.

I want to go. It’s an exciting opportunity for me. And I’ve never been to New York.
Don’t get your knickers in a twist.

A x

Assistant to Jack Hyde, Commissioning Editor, SIP


Shit Ana! Does she not realize that the jerk wad of a boss she has is a womanizer? I can tell that I’ve only met the guy once! That guy has no boundaries, and he made sure to insinuate that to me during the pissing contest. He wants what is mine!

From: Christian Grey
Subject: No YOU haven’t seen shouty yet.
Date: June 13, 2011 09:34
To: Anastasia Steele

Anastasia, it’s not my fucking knickers I’m worried about.

The answer is NO.

Christian Grey,
CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.


The fucking meeting is going on, and I’m boiling mad. I’m ready to burst out of here to SIP and sling her over my shoulder with a big swat on her ass, and take her home to keep her safe!

Ipkins’ assistant in babbling about China, now. Ros is paying attention for both of us; God knows I can’t when my mind is giving Anastasia the spanking of her life! Her message buzzes once more.


From: Anastasia Steele
Subject: No YOU haven’t seen shouty yet!
Date: June 13, 2011 09:54
To: Christian Grey 


You need to get a grip. I’m NOT going to sleep with Jack, not for all the tea in China.

I LOVE you. That’s what happens when people love each other. They TRUST each other.

I don’t think you are going to SLEEP WITH, SPANK, FUCK or WHIP anyone else. I have FAITH and TRUST in you.

Please extend the same COURTESY to me.

A x

Assistant to Jack Hyde, Commissioning Editor, SIP


I nudge Ros.

“Continue without me,” I say. She looks shocked but that is quickly replaced with a complacent look.  
“Excuse me, Gentlemen. I have to attend an emergency,” I say with an impassive face holding up my Blackberry. “Ros will see the rest of your presentation, and we shall resume our meeting next week after I have gone over all your suggestions,” I say as I leave the conference room.

I dial Anastasia’s work number as soon as my legs carry me into my office.

“Jack Hyde’s office, Ana Steele speaking,” she answers.

“Will you please delete the last e-mail you sent me and try to be a little more scrupulous in the language you use in your work e-mail? Numerous times I’ve told you that e-mails at SIP are monitored. You are now forcing me to do some damage control from my side here!” I say and hang up on her without letting her to get a word edgewise.

“Andrea!” I say on the intercom.

“Yes, sir?”

“Get me Barney on the line and as soon as I hang up with him, get me Roach from SIP on the line.”

“Immediately sir,” she says hearing the urgency in my tone.

My Blackberry rings as I’m tapping my fingers on my desk like the four horsemen of the apocalypse. It’s Anastasia.

“What?” I snap at her.

“I’m going to New York whether you like it or not,” she seethes with anger.

“Don’t count-“ on it I say, but without finishing my sentence, she hangs up on me.

Fuck this!  I press the intercom.

“I’m putting Barney on the line now sir,” Andrea says.

“Have him wait on the line Andrea. Get me Roach first, pronto!” I bellow.

“Yes, sir,” she says, and I can feel the tremble in her voice over the intercom.

“Mr. Grey, Mr. Roach is on the line, sir.”

“Put him through.”

“Roach, Grey,” I say by the way of introductions.

“Yes, Mr. Grey, how can I help you?” he asks warily.

“Effective immediately, all travel and hotel expenses for staff have to be approved by the senior management. That means, any flights or hotel reservations that have gone through must be cancelled.”

“But, sir, we have a conference coming up in New York very soon and some of the trips might have been booked for our editors and their assistants.”

“Cancel the fucking trips! Do you not get the simple instructions I’m giving you? No one travels without the senior management approval, and that especially goes for Miss Anastasia Steele. I want to see who is going where, and what is being spent, and no one goes until it goes through the senior management! Make sure Anastasia Steele doesn’t get to go to any trip! Pass it on immediately!”

“As you wish, sir,” he says bewildered. “I will put your order through immediately.”

“Good, all the approved travels and hotels must be cancelled.”

“Got it, yes sir.”

“Travel expenses for Anastasia Steele are not to be approved under any circumstances, or any staff at her level.”

“Oh, okay,” he says confused, “yes, of course, sir.”

“Let my assistant know once the task is completed.”

“Yes, sir,” he says and I hang up.

I press the other line for Barney.


“Still here, sir,” is the greeting I receive.

“I have a task for you to complete immediately.”

“Yes, sir?”

“Login to SIP’s mail servers, and delete all e-mails coming from me to Miss Anastasia Steele, and also delete all her outgoing e-mails to me.  Let me know when the task is completed.”

“I’m on it sir!” he says fervently, I hang up.

I hate providing an interesting morning to the people who works for me, especially the private messages that goes between Anastasia and I. Why doesn’t she heed my warnings despite having been told repeatedly? Why does she always disobey? I’m so fucking angry, but I have to do more damage control still.

What a fucking morning, and I have Anastasia to thank for it! Shit! And I can’t even punish her! Double shit!! Don’t fuck with me Ana! You are in a whole different ball game! As I’m fuming in my office, my intercom buzzes.

“Mr. Grey? Mr. Roach just called, and had said that he has completed the task you’ve assigned him, and Barney is on the line for you sir,” she says.

“Great! Put him through,” I give a sigh of relief for the first time since this whole this started this morning.  

“Mr. Grey, I’ve deleted all your e-mails to Miss Anastasia Steele from the SIP server, and the incoming messages from her are also deleted from the server. Is there anything else I can do for you sir?”

My email dings as I’m on the phone with Barney. It’s Anastasia, my mutinous girlfriend.

“No, that’ll be all,” I say and hang up.  


From: Anastasia Steele
Subject: What have you done?
Date: June 13, 2011 10:42
To: Christian Grey 

Please tell me you won’t interfere with my work Christian. I really wanted to go to this conference. I shouldn’t have to ask your permission to go. I have deleted the offending e-mail.

A x

Assistant to Jack Hyde, Commissioning Editor, SIP


You should ask my permission when it comes to traveling with a guy who is trying to get into your panties! If he’s insistent enough, he’ll get in with permission or without; if that doesn't work he'll do it with coercion or even by force! Why do I have to keep explaining it to her?

From: Christian Grey
Subject: What have you done?
Date: June 13, 2011 10:45
To: Anastasia Steele

I’m only protecting what is mine. The e-mail that you so heedlessly sent has been wiped from the SIP server now as all my e-mails to you. Incidentally, my trust for you is implicit. It’s him I don’t trust.

Christian Grey,
CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.

Her responding message doesn’t take long to reach my inbox.

From: Anastasia Steele
Subject: Grow up
Date: June 13, 2011 10:47
To: Christian Grey 

Christian, I don’t need you protecting me from my own boss. He may make a pass at me, but I shall shay no. You can’t interfere. It’s wrong and controlling in so many different levels.

A x

Assistant to Jack Hyde, Commissioning Editor, SIP

How is it okay that he can make a pass at her and that she is willing to travel with him? Does she think that he’ll stop his behavior because she says no?
From: Christian Grey
Subject: The Answer is NO
Date: June 13, 2011 10:49
To: Anastasia Steele

Ana, I have seen how effective you are at fighting off untoward attention. If you remember this is how I had the pleasure of spending my first night with you. But at least the photographer has feelings for you; the sleaze ball that you call your boss, does NOT. The man is a serial philanderer and it is guaranteed that he will try to seduce you. You might want to ask him what happened to his previous PA and the one before that.

I really don’t want to fight you about this.

If you really want to go to New York, I will take you there. We can even go this weekend. I have an apartment there.

Christian Grey,
CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.

There is no sigh of relief when it comes to Anastasia, because it may come to a fight this evening, but I’ll take it as it comes. I can’t help it; I have to protect her! I am possessive of her, and I am in love with her. It just kills me to know that there are other men salivating over her, ready to jump her bones, and my very innocent and naïve to the ways of the world girlfriend thinks that she can ward off all the big bad boys of the world. She couldn’t even ward off an innocent one who is in love with her! What makes her think that she can protect herself from an experienced debaucher who has had assistants like her for lunch and spit them out by snack time!

My only solace is that she loves me and that we just may work it out. I may have to try hard to divert her attention to something else. As I contemplate all the scenarios of what I can say to her arguments, my e-mail dings again alerting me of an incoming message.

From: Anastasia Steele
Subject: FW: Lunch date or Irritating Baggage
Date: June 13, 2011 11:14
To: Christian Grey 

Christian, while you have been busy interfering in my career as well as saving your ass from my careless messages, I received the below e-mail from Mrs. Lincoln. I really don’t want to meet with her, and even if I did, you are not allowing me to leave this building. I don’t know how she got a hold of my email address. What would you suggest I do? Below is her message:

Dear Anastasia,
I really would like to have a lunch date with you. I think we both got off on the wrong foot, and I would really like to make that right. Are you free sometime this week for lunch?

Elena Lincoln

Anastasia Steele
Assistant to Jack Hyde, Commissioning Editor, SIP

This day’s just getting better and better as if everyone all together agreed to give me a hell of a day! I am already prepared to have her fight with me over this trip deal. And now Elena is only sprinkling salt to an open wound! Why the fuck is she interfering despite my constant reminders? It’s as if everyone is determined to have me lose her. First Leila, then her philanderer of a boss, and then Elena, and of course we can’t forget Anastasia’s own careless ways. What else can go wrong? I can’t bear to lose Anastasia. It’s not even noon, and I have had a very trying day!

From: Christian Grey
Subject: The Answer is NO
Date: June 13, 2011 11:22
To: Anastasia Steele

Don’t be mad at me. You must know that I have your best interest at heart. If anything happened to you, I would NEVER forgive myself.  I shall deal with Mrs. Lincoln myself.

Christian Grey,
CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.


Anastasia doesn’t respond right away. Is she mad? Did Elena make her so upset that it’s the weight that tips the balance? Oh fuck!

I dial Elena’s number.
“Christian, what a surprise!” she answers gushing.

“Elena, I’m going to get to the point immediately. Despite my repeated warnings, you have been trying so hard to get in touch with Anastasia. Cut.It.Out.Right.Now!”
“But Christian, I had no ill will. She just...”

“Do you not hear me, or did I suddenly lapse into French, Elena? I asked you to leave her alone numerous times. You will fucking leave her alone! Do not contact her on the phone, via mail, via letters delivered by couriers, via e-mail, or don’t even whisper her in her dreams. Do you get me Elena?”

“Christian, I was only trying to do you a favor by helping her to get to know me!”

“Clearly you do not understand me. Let me explain it to you in very very plain terms: Do you know the kind of interruption your little ‘good intention’ caused me? You are not to contact her under any circumstances...”

“But Christian, I'm only...” she interrupts me.

“You’re still saying, ‘but’. Let me reiterate this,” I hiss completely exasperated. “Let's say that you are to be elected the first Dominatrix president of the United States, and you are extremely excited and want to share your immense victory and your joy with Anastasia, and you decide to have her to the White House. Even then, skip it! She’s not interested! Don’t contact her for any reason! Now do you comprehend me and her repulsion of you Elena?”

I can actually feel her shudder on the phone.

“Well, of course. It’s not a subtle point. I was just hoping...”

“Good, great, goodbye!” I say and hang up already impatient.

I have an immense headache; and I need a release.

I lean over my desk, my head in my hands, and I hear an incoming message dinging.

From: Anastasia Steele
Subject: Laters
Date: June 13, 2011 11:31
To: Christian Grey 

Can we just please discuss this tonight? I really am trying to work here, and your continued interference is very distracting.

Anastasia Steele
Assistant to Jack Hyde, Commissioning Editor, SIP

Oh, shit! She’s mad! I'll have a storm to deal with tonight. I can go for a workout with Claude right now.

I hit the intercom.

“Yes, Mr. Grey?”

“Andrea, see if Claude Bastille can be free within the next hour, if not after lunch.”
“I’ll call him right away sir. Where would you like to meet?”

“GEH’s gym.”

“I’ll find out right now sir. Is there anything else I can help you with?” she asks.

“Yes, send Taylor in.”

“Yes, sir,” she replies and I hang up.

Taylor walks in within the next minute.

“I need you to pick me up some lunch.”

“What would you like sir?”

“French. Mediterranean salad, and some filet of fish. I prefer Chilean sea bass, if they don't have it, then grouper will do. Pan seared not fried, and asparagus or French beans.”

“Would that be all sir?”

“Yes, that’s all,” I say dismissing him.

My intercom buzzes again.

“Mr. Grey, Ros is on the phone.”

“Put her through,” I say.

“Mr. Grey, I hope you resolved the earlier emergency.”

“I did, thanks. Is this why you’re calling?”

“No, actually. I have already e-mailed you all the market analysis reports. What I’m calling you about is different and it’s some good news,” she says excited. God knows I can use some good news right about now. “We might have significant improvements in the solar powered cell phone prototype,” she says, and this is the first bit of good news for today.

“Coordinate with Andrea and schedule a meeting with the engineering team. I want to see the schematics, and the prototype next week.”

“Will do,” she says, and I hang up.

I check my e-mails and there is the email Ros forwarded about the “Emerging Markets Analysis.” I start reading the reports to distract myself. When I am nearly through reading the report on China, my Blackberry buzzes.

“Mr. Grey, this is Sawyer,” he says, and I immediately tense. If Sawyer is calling me, Anastasia has broken her promise to me.

“Yes,” I say through gritted teeth.

“Miss Steele is on the move, sir.”

“On the move to where, man?” I ask irritated.

“She’s headed to a deli sir,” he says meekly.

“Follow her. Make sure no one is following her, and that she gets back to SIP safely. Call me as soon as she makes back to the building.”

“Yes, sir,” he says and I hang up fuming. Always disobedient! She couldn’t just pick the phone up and say she had to head to the deli, could she? God, what a trying woman I have! Will I make through the day without having a heart attack?

Taylor comes in with my food, and though I’ve lost my appetite, I eat out of habit instead of need or want. Taylor stands at the corner of my office inconspicuously, but I know he’s eyeing me with his worried gaze. Halfway through my lunch, Andrea buzzes the intercom.

“Yes, Andrea!” I say in a stern voice.

“Mr. Grey, Mr. Bastille will be able to come in the next hour to the GEH’s gym sir.”

“Good,” I say, and disconnect.

My Blackberry rings and its Sawyer.

“Yes, Sawyer,” I say and Taylor is pure attention.

“Mr. Grey, Miss Steele just walked back into the SIP with a pastrami sandwich, and Coke sir,” he reports.

“Fine. Did anyone follow her?”

“No sir. No one suspicious has been around, and she was not followed.”

“Okay,” I say and hang up. Taylor looks at me quizzically.

“Anastasia left the building to go to a deli, and now she’s back,” I explain, and he nods.

I take a sip of my water, and I dial Anastasia’s work phone.

“Jack Hyde’s Office...” she says and I cut her off.

“You assured me that you wouldn’t go out!” I scold her in a cold, sharp voice.

“Christian, my boss... Jack sent me out for some lunch. I couldn’t say no. Are you having me watched?” she says in a rush. The fucking boss couldn’t get his own damn sandwich? Then I look up at Taylor who fetched my lunch.

“This is why I didn’t want you going back to work,” I snap at her.

“Please, Christian. You’re” she stops. “So suffocating,” she finally finishes her sentence.

“Suffocating?” I respond shocked.  All I did this morning was to try to protect her from herself, because she’s unable or unwilling to manage it on her own. She makes decisions based on how she thinks she can handle something, and we both know that she can’t! But, I don’t want to suffocate her; I don’t want to repel her that way.

“Yes. You have to stop it. But unfortunately, I now have to work late, because I can’t go to New York.”

What? Work late? That fucker of a boss is making her work late, punishing her for not going to New York? And she thinks I suffocate her!

 “Well, you really are. I have work to do. I’ll talk to you later,” she says in a completely strained, and exhausted voice. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I need a work out. For the first time in a very long time, I don’t finish what I have on my plate, concerned.

Taylor looks as surprised as Taylor can look with raised eyebrows.
“Where to sir?”

“To the gym,” I say.

“Andrea, clear my schedule for the next two hours,” I say, and Andrea has a shocked look on her face. Taylor and I make my way down to the gym in the GEH building, and I work out hard for the next two hours.

Anastasia doesn’t call or e-mail me for the duration of the day. I try to focus on my work, and go through the reports. By seven p.m. I call Anastasia.

“Hi,” she murmurs in a soft voice, but I’m still wary, and nervous.

“Hi, when will you be finished?”

“By seven thirty, I think,” she replies.

“Okay, I’ll meet you outside.”

“Okay,” she replies. We both hang on the line, neither one hanging up.

“I’m still mad at you, but that’s all,” she says in a whisper. “We have a lot to talk about,” she says. I was worried about that, and the numbers are stacking up against me already.

“I know. See you at seven thirty,” I say. Worry washes over me. The thoughts of losing her come to my mind unbidden. I can’t live without her! I don’t want to lose her.

“I have to go. See you later,” she says and hangs up.

I turn to Taylor. “She’s off at 7:30. We can leave in a few minutes.”

“Yes, sir,” he replies with a worried look. Anastasia is making us all jump through hoops; and even my security detail is praying that she’s in a good mood!


By the time we’re at SIP, it is nearly 7:30. Taylor parks the SUV against the sidewalk. After waiting a few minutes, Anastasia emerges from the front entry doors. Taylor immediately exists the car and opens the rear passenger door for her. I’m apprehensive, worried about how she will react, scared that she might run, and tell me this is it. All sorts of scary thoughts are crossing through my mind and none of it is pleasant. By the time she gets into the car, I’m completely tense, my heart is at my mouth, and I’m strung tighter than a bow. (←This Love by Maroon 5)

“Hi,” she murmurs greeting me.

“Hi,” I reply still cautiously optimistic at her tone. I can’t handle the fact that she could leave me, and be gone. I immediately reach over and grasp her hand, and hold and squeeze it tightly.

“Are you still mad?” I ask.

“I don’t know,” she replies. I hold her hand up and kiss her knuckles with the lightest of kisses.

“It’s been a shitty day, Anastasia,” I say pleading with my gaze for her to give me a break.

“Yes, it has,” she acquiesces. But now that she’s here with me, all is right in the universe, like it should be.

“It’s better now that you’re here,” I whisper. As Taylor drives us to Escala through Seattle traffic, I finally get a chance to relax. I gently kiss her hand, and run my thumb across her knuckles in a soothing rhythm. As we make our way to Escala, I get nervous again. Apprehension rises in me. I’m cautious as Taylor drops us off outside the apartment building. I hold Anastasia’s hand, and duck into the building from the pouring rain. The weather forecast was wrong. The rain lasted through the evening, and my nasty mood along with it. I still look around to see if Leila is anywhere in the vicinity.

Anastasia notices my caution. “I take it that you haven’t found Leila yet,” she concludes.

“No. Welch is still looking for her,” I mutter dismally.

When the elevator arrives, I step in with her, our hands still clasped. I gaze down at Anastasia. I love her, and I hate fighting with her. I fear of losing her! And right now, in this closed space, I have this immense longing, and lust and this inescapable pull towards her, and I can see that she feels the same way as I do. The desire I have for her rises to unbearable levels.

“Do you feel it?” I breathe as my lips part to accommodate my breathing.

“Yes,” she responds her heart pumping so hard, I can feel it through her hand.

“Oh, Ana,” I groan and grab her, my arms enfolding her with the intensity of my desire. As one hand travels up to her neck, I tip her head back, and seal her lips with mine. Anastasia’s fingers find my hair and she starts caressing my cheek, and that is my undoing. I push her against the elevator wall. (←Love In An Elevator by Aerosmith)

“I hate arguing with you,” I breathe desperately. With exploding desire, our bodies tense with all the shit that had happened throughout the day, and seeking release. My tongue enters into her mouth and finds hers. I suck onto her tongue, and that sweet sensation starts building in me, and I realize that I have to have her right here, right now. I have to know we are okay. My hand goes down to her hip, and I quickly pull her skirt up to stroke her thighs, and I find that she’s wearing stockings with a garter belt. Oh fuck! She’s killing me here!

“Sweet Jesus, Ana, you’re wearing stockings!” I moan as I caress the leg above the stocking line. “I want to see this,” I say and pull her skirt up, tops of her thighs are exposed to my hungry eyes. I step back, and reach over the stop button of the elevator, and the elevator immediately stop going up. We’re stuck between the 22nd and 23rd floors. My dick is hard and throbbing, seeking release. My body is burning in need for her, and here she is, a sex goddess in stockings!

“Take your hair down,” I order her in a husky voice, and she immediately obeys. Why can’t she obey like that any other time? Her hair tumbles down to her shoulders and breast. “Now, undo the top two buttons of your shirt,” I whisper my eyes wild with wanton desire.

She reaches up and unbuttons the two buttons achingly slow, making a meal out of it, revealing the tops of her ample breasts with just the right amount of the lace of her bra showing.

I swallow hard. “Do you have any idea how incredibly seductive you look right now?” I ask.

She bites that delectable lip, and shakes her head innocently. I step forward and put both my hands on the elevator wall by her face, but I’m not touching her. I lean down and run my nose against hers. This single point of contact fires up my blood, current courses through our bodies from this touch and I am ready to combust. Anastasia feels the same way as her chest rises up and down as if she ran a marathon.

“Do I drive you wild?” she whispers innocently.

“In all things, Anastasia. You are a siren, a goddess!” She unmans me. I reach for her, and grasp her leg above her knee and hitch it around my waist. She is now standing on one leg and lean into me. I’m hard to the core. I run my lips on her lips and then trail down to her throat. She moans with pleasure and wraps her arms around my neck.

“I’m going to take you now, Anastasia,” I breathe, and she arches her back in automatic response, pressing herself against me, her sex is eager. I groan a deep guttural sound, and I unzip my fly.

“Hold tight, baby,” I murmur. I take out a condom packet, and put it between her teeth. I tug the other end, and we rip it between each other.

“Good girl,” I say as I roll the condom onto my length. “God, I can’t wait for the next six days,” I growl and gaze down at her with hooded eyes. “I do hope you’re not overly fond of these panties,” I say, and tear through them. She’s panting with need as I am. Without taking my eyes off her, I spear into her slowly. Her body bows and she tilts her head back as she closes her eyes. I pull back and sink into her again, slowly. She groans. I am staking my claim in her.

“You are mine, Anastasia!” I murmur against her throat.

“Yes. Yours. When will you accept that?” she pants. I groan and start pounding into her wanting to claim every fucking inch of her short of branding her. I push harder and harder. My breathing gets ragged; I lose myself in her, claiming her from inside out, touching her, holding her, loving her, fucking her. My hands are everywhere all at the same time.

“Oh, baby,” I moan, my teeth grazing her jaw, and she comes hard, I follow her in ecstasy.


Both of us are spent, but I am now calm and relieved, and feel that all is well. I hold her upright against the elevator wall, and press my forehead against hers.

“Oh, Ana,” I murmur against her lips. “I need you so much,” I kiss her forehead. I wish she knew how much she means to me. How much I need her! She’s the air I breathe. (Truly Deeply Madly by Savage Garden)  

“And I you, Christian,” she replies.

I release her, and straighten her skirt, and button her shirt, and when I finally right her, I punch my code and the elevator moves again with a jolt. Anastasia reaches out clasping my arms.

“Taylor will be wondering where we are,” I grin lasciviously at Anastasia.

Anastasia turns redder than the Chinese flag and starts trying to fix her hair.

“You’ll do,” I smirk, and zip my fly and put the used condom inside my pocket. Once we reach to my penthouse, Taylor is waiting in the foyer when the doors open.

“Problem with the elevator,” I murmur, and Anastasia completely shy just scurries away like a puppy backed into a porcupine.
“Any problems in the building?”

“No sign, sir.”

“Good.” I say and turn to the kitchen. I take my jacket off, and sit at the breakfast bar and strike a conversation with Mrs. Jones.

“How was your day Mrs. Jones?”

“Very good sir. Thank you for asking. I hope you had a nice day as well.”

“It’s getting there,” I reply. Anastasia appears at the entryway, a sight for sore eyes. She sits next to me, and Mrs. Jones places two plates before us. Coq au vin! She is a great cook, that Mrs. Jones!

“Enjoy, Mr. Grey, Ana,” she says and leaves the kitchen.

I get a bottle of white wine from the fridge and pour both of us a glass. As we eat dinner, I find myself talking about my solar powered cell phone prototype remembering Ros gave me the good news that it’s very close to fruition. And my excitement is contagious.

“Christian, can I ask you something?”

“Yes, of course,” I answer.

“Where do you have properties?”

“I only have an apartment in New York, the Escala, and the Aspen property. Nothing else.”

“Oh,” she says, as she collects our plates from the breakfast bar.

“Leave that. Gail will do it,” I say, and she turns and finds me gazing at her intently after leaving the plates in the sink.

“Well, now that you are more docile, Miss Steele, shall we talk about today?”

“I think you’re the one who’s more docile. I think I’m doing a good job in taming you,” She says surprising me.

“Taming me?” I snort, completely amused. She hasn’t seen me today. She just nods. I frown. I wouldn’t acquiesce to her demands if she was anyone else. I would have spanked the shit out of any other sub I had. Yet, I worried that Anastasia would leave me, and I realize that I was scared to death that she’d leave me.

“Yes. Maybe yo are, Anastasia,” I find myself saying.

“You were right about Jack,” she murmurs, and my blood boils under my skin. My face falls, and my eyes harden.  What did the fucker do?

“Has he tried anything?” I whisper in a deathly voice. And why hasn’t she phoned me when whatever the fucker tried to do to her?

She shakes her head. “No, and he won’t, Christian. I told him today that I’m your girlfriend, and he backed right off.”

Anastasia sighs, “Christian, you really have to let me fight my own battles. You can’t constantly second guess me and try to protect me. It’s stifling. I’ll never flourish with your incessant interference. I need some freedom. I wouldn’t be dreaming of interfering in your affairs,” she says.

I know I don’t like anyone interfering into my affairs. But, the need to protect her supersedes everything. “I only want you safe, Anastasia. If anything happened to you, I...” say I can’t bring the rest of the thought. It’s what rips my heart. It’s my biggest fear, my worst nightmare.

“I know, and understand why you feel so driven to protect me. And part of me loves it. I know that if I need you, you’ll be there, as I am for you. But if we are to have any hope of a future together, you have to trust me and trust my judgment. Yes, I’ll get it wrong sometimes and at times I’ll make mistakes, but I have to learn on my own Christian.”

This is against everything I feel, and want to do. I can’t just not interfere when she’s so innocent and so alluring and everyone wants to shove their dick into her panties. And she’s mine! She moves before me standing between my legs as I sit on the barstool. I’m still completely dumbstruck.

“You can’t interfere in my job. It’s wrong. I don’t need you charging in like a white knight to save the day.  I know you want to control everything, and I understand why, but you can’t. It’s an impossible goal Christian. You really have to learn to let go.” Her fingers reach up to my face and stroke me with the slightest of the touches. My gaze widens.

 “And if you can do that, you can give me that much freedom, I’ll move in with you,” she says softly. I’m pure attention. She said she would move in with me. Did I hear her wrong? Is that what she said? I inhale sharply, completely surprised.

“You’d do that?” I whisper.

“Yes.” She replies.

“But you don’t know me, Anastasia,” I say frowning, completely panicked. It’s like the time she told me she loves me. I try not to freak out.

“I know you well enough, Christian. Nothing you tell me about yourself will frighten me away,” she runs her knuckles across my cheek. I don’t know what to say, shocked, surprised, and reluctant.

“But if you could just ease up on me,” she pleads.

“I’m trying, Anastasia. I couldn’t just stand by and let you go to New York with that fucking philanderer sleaze ball. The man has an alarming reputation. None of his assistants have lasted more than three months, and they’re never retained by the company. I don’t want that for you, baby,” I say sighing.  

“I don’t want anything to happen to you.  The thought of you being hurt, just scares the hell out of me. The thought is dreadful. I can’t promise not to interfere, not if I think you’ll come to harm,” I say truthfully. Does she realize how in love I am with her? No one can love her as much as I love her. She doesn’t know how earnestly I love her, which has hopes and fear and anxieties. I love her fondly and devotedly. Like Shakespeare said, “Is love a tender thing? It is too rough, too rude, too boisterous; and it pricks like thorn.”  I am trying to be worthy of her love. Striving every day. Trying to be fearless, but I find myself weak where she is concerned.

“I love you, Anastasia. I will do everything in my power to protect you. I cannot imagine my life without you.”  (←Fallin’ by Alicia Keys)

Anastasia’s mouth drops open. She has that look on her face, like she just stepped out of her body.

“Huh?” she can barely whisper. I kiss her hand.

 “I love you, too, Christian,” she says leaning in and kissing me. The passion erupts and our kiss deepens.

I hear Taylor clearing his throat, and reluctantly I pull back still gazing at my woman. I stand and snake my arm around her waist.  

“Yes?” I snap at Taylor for interrupting.

“Mrs. Lincoln is on her way up, sir.”

“What?” I snap at Taylor. He shrugs apologetically. I sigh, and shake my head. I had told her off today, and she's showing up here now. What the fuck does she want?

“Well, this should be interesting,” I say, and grin in resignation. I’ve had hell of a day today, and this will only add to it to say the least. Anastasia’s face turns expressionless, and her body goes rigid in my arms. Fuck! She’s mad.
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Audrey Porter said...

Hey there! Long time, no see. I've been so busy and was pleasantly surprised to find your update. These babies are my 10 minute vacation away from my oh-so-crazy days and I'm so grateful for them!!! Thanks again Emine! And thanks again to Prince50 (how have you been little lady??)- I always look forward to your music suggestions, keep them coming! And without further ado, here are mine:

1. AC/DC --> Shook Me All Night Long (of course!)

2. Aerosmith --> Don't Want to Miss a Thing

3. Van Halen --> You Really Got Me

4. The Marshall Tucker Band --> Can't You See

5. Ray LaMontagne --> Hold You In My Arms

6. Counting Crows --> Colorblind

7. Crazy --> Butterfly

8. Relient K --> Getting Into You

9. Michael Jackson --> The Way You Make Me Feel

10. Scorpions --> No One Like You

I have definitely been in a rock mood lately, hence the numerous selections, however, I did throw in a few other randoms. Let me know what you think! :)

And let's not forget about that Duran Duran song, huh? It's probably the most fiitting one I've come across for our Mr. Grety! I sure hope you use it! <3 ;)

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