Tuesday, November 27, 2012




A thunderous applause is heard all around after we finish singing as my gaze is still locked on my gorgeous bride. Sting shakes my hand and motions Anastasia to come up. Anastasia walks up shyly and shakes Sting's hand.

"Congratulations, Mrs. Grey!" he says politely.

"I'm speechless! This was..." she stops and looks at me in awe, admiration and love, "the best present ever!" she says.

"Thank you!"

"Well then Mrs. Grey, since that song was a gift from your husband, I'll gift a beautiful song for a beautiful woman," he says smiling, and I feel jealousy rise in me. I take my wife to the dance floor.

"Mr. Grey, I am more in love with you now than I have ever been. This song..." she says half teary eyed, half smirking, "the Stalker's Anthem is somehow is so befitting. I just love you so!" she whispers.

"Mrs. Grey, we aim to please," I reply smiling.

Sting starts playing “Fields of Gold" and I dance with Anastasia like there's no tomorrow our gazes locked. 

Sting leaves after the second song, and the orchestra takes over playing our favorite songs.

The MC announces the food being served and we are headed to our tables. Elliot sits next to me to my right. He stands up, clears his throat, and hits his goblet with his fork.

“May I have your attention please?”  He asks the crowd loudly. Loud voices turn down several notches, and all the heads on every table turns to look at Elliot’s smiling face expectantly.

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen! Thank you for putting your forks down to give me your undivided attention. I’d like us to take a moment to appreciate and raise our glasses to my mom Dr. Grace Trevelyan – Grey and my sister Mia Grey who knows how to throw a party.”

Elliot raises his glass in their honor, two waiters bring English tea cups, pouring Bollinger into them with flourish to Anastasia’s widened eyes looking at me in first surprise, then in admiration.

As the guest call out “hear, hear!” I lean into Anastasia’s ear and whisper lasciviously “nothing taste like a Bollinger in teacups!” I say and sit back with a smile only reserved for her. She flushes crimson, but unable to take her eyes away from me.

“Bollinger Grande Année Rosé 1999, an excellent vintage,” she replies mirroring my words when we first drank Bollinger from tea cups in her apartment.

Elliot eyes the teacups, then shrugs and continues with his speech.

 Let me first say that the bridesmaids look absolutely stunning today and only rightly outshone by my brother’s new bride, Ana. I’m sure you’ll agree with me gentlemen, today is a sad day for single men as another beauty leaves the available list. Their loss is my brother’s gain.

I've been fortunate enough to see Ana and Christian's relationship evolve from early on. I'll never forget the day, or rather the evening I've met Ana," he says making me tense immediately. Is he going to talk about Anastasia being three sheets to the wind?

"Incidentally it was the night I've met my beautiful girlfriend Kate who is Ana's best friend and maid of honor today. Even though I got starry eyed over Kate that night,” he says looking at Kate with love, lust or a combination of both he continues, “I could immediately tell that my brother was head over heels for Ana by the love, care and tenderness he showed for her that I've never, ever seen him demonstrate before. I can't blame him. Ana's amazing! She's not just beautiful, but she's also intelligent, strong willed and compassionate; what's more, her love for my brother is evident in her every move, every gaze. The gravitational field they create is so strong, they should be their own solar system; they're in each other's eternal captivation.

Well, they say that the Groom's worst five minutes of the day is the Best man's speech and that the Bride's worst 5 minutes come later on tonight!” he says, and chuckles can be heard around. “Whoever said that didn't know me, or my brother," Elliot says smiling and winks at me as some of the guests whistle from the other tables. Anastasia flushes red, and I look at him pointedly with an impassive gaze and he grins as wide as possible.

"But today is all about the love. By the way my brother and my new sister can't take their eyes off of each other all through the day, I know that they won the grand prize of life; and that they're utterly and completely in love. I have not seen two other people were more in love than they, making me wish that when I do decide to get married someday, I'm as happy as my brother is today.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the perfect couple! Ana looks stunning tonight. In fact, the whole bridal party looks gorgeous. Don't they belong in a magazine? Christian's not too shabby either," he says and winks at me again grinning. Then his face turns serious and he adds, "Here's to my brother Christian, and his new bride and my new sister, Ana! May the rest of your lives be filled with joy, wonder, love and lots of hot sex!"  He ends his speech with a big smile and lifts his glass and takes a sip among the loud applause.

The food is superb, Mia's expertise in French cuisine is evident, but I want to skip the main course and just get to the desert. My wife is simply too delicious. I can't take my eyes off her. We eat and sip our Bollinger out of the teacups, and all too soon it's time to cut the cake. To my surprise, there's a groom's cake shaped like Charlie Tango! Anastasia's present to me.  But the main cake is a masterpiece. It's a chocolate cake decorated in silver and white, and a silver-grey tie shaped ribbon on the second tier just indicating my favorite piece of accessory. I look at Anastasia lasciviously, my gaze heating, darkening, and she blushes heating up. We cut the cake together and she feeds me the first bite. I take it only halfway through my lips, and I reach down and holding her face, merge our lips together sharing the cake and kissing her as chastely as possible among the hoots and whistles of the guests. I can't resist declaring everyone that this is my woman. My wife!

I put mental checkmarks in my head for all the items in our wedding program so I can take my bride away. The party is now on full swing. I want to dance with my wife, and so does half the guest which tallies up all the guys here. It’s a prospect I’m not looking forward to.

The first song after the cake is “I’ll Always Love You.”
(I'll Always Love you - Taylor Dayne)

I whisper the words into her ear:

I'll always love you for the rest of my days.
You have won my heart and my soul with your sweet, sexy ways.
You gave me hope when I needed someone near.
You bring me happiness every day of every year.

I'll always love you for all that you are.
You have made my life complete, you're my lucky star.
You are the one that I've been searching for.
You are my everything, tell me who could ask for more.
: ]
And I'll always love you, Honey, this will never end.
I need you by my side, baby, you're my lover, my friend. My friend.

You gave my world a thrill I've never known.
And filled my eager heart with a love to call my own.

And I'll always love you; you must know how much I do.
You can count on me forever and I will take good care of you.

I'll always love you, I'm so happy that you're mine.
I'll always love you, yes, till the end of time.

Anastasia’s eyes brim with tears, and she tries hard not to. Finally she manages to smile big amid her tears.

“Baby, don’t cry. This is our day. You’re completely mine now, as I am yours,” I whisper.

“I love you Christian, I’ll always love you!” she declares.

“I promise to love you all the days of my life, Ana.”

“That’s supposed to be my next line, Mr. Grey,” she says smiling.

“Is it now, Mrs. Grey?” I tease.

“May I cut in?” says a familiar voice. It’s Jose. I can let him have one dance since Anastasia’s already mine.

“You may,” I reply and let Anastasia dance with her friend, however reluctantly.

Flynn comes near me, observing me watch Anastasia dance with Jose.

“Congratulations Christian! It’s a joy to see you this elated, this happy...” he says smiling.

“Thank you John,” I reply smiling back at him.

“Mr. Grey,” Taylor sidles up, and looks at me pointedly. Although his gaze is impassive, I know that there’s a problem. A big problem.

“Excuse me a moment, John,” I say with a tight smile and leave the conversation to follow Taylor.

“What’s up?” I ask once we are at a relatively quiet corner and out of the earshot.

“Mrs. Lincoln is outside, and she insists on talking to you,” he says nervously.

“What the fuck? I don’t believe this!”

“I know you have strict instructions on who can and can’t come, sir. But, I thought you need to know about this.”

“I’m not going to talk to her on my wedding day, or anytime soon!”

“I’m aware of it sir. I can send her away. She passed a note to be given to you,” he says taking it out discreetly to hand it to me.

My gaze locks on Taylor’s angrily and I stare at him pointedly before I take the note.


I know you don’t want to see me. I thought I’d still try. You and I have a shared history, and have been friends for a long time. So, I want to wish you the best of luck and every happiness which you rightly deserve in your marriage. But if things don’t work out, I want you to know that I’m still here for you. I will ALWAYS be there for you. I won’t leave until you reply.


Fuck! She won’t leave until she gets a reply? I’m not going out to talk to her leaving my wife here in the care of others, or send her a written note. I won’t call her either. She can’t write the rules that defines how I behave, and make me play into her hand. I turn to Taylor and order:

“I want you to go out, and talk to her. Tell her that Mr. Grey is busy building his future with his new wife. He is not interested in reminiscing about his past with her. Should she have trouble finding her way to her home, one of the security guards would be more than happy to provide the directions, and if she still has trouble understanding plain English, they can gladly escort her home,” I say. There is the ghost of a smile and a tinge of pride in Taylor, but it disappears.

“I’ll be more than happy to deliver the message, sir,” he replies, and quickly leaves.

The music changes and I purposefully make my way back to Anastasia and Jose.

“I’m cutting in Jose,” I say with a small smile but with certainty in my tone. She’s my girl, and I will dance with her, and claim her back. Jose smiles and nods.

“Mr. Grey, I’ve missed you,” Anastasia whispers hitching my breath.

“Mrs. Grey, so did I,” I say and twirl her around with the song “Save the Last Dance for Me.”
(Save the Last Dance For Me - Michael Buble)

My parents, Kate's mom and Ray, and many of our friends and loved ones are dancing and smiling. My brother and Kate come along congratulating us.

"Congratulations bro! I never thought this day would ever come. But then, you have not met Ana at the time. I'm so happy for you man!" he says patting my shoulder, and pulls me into another bear hug. Kate stands next to Ana and she glances at her frowning. Why would she be frowning? Anastasia looks beyond beautiful. She looks angelic. Elliot continues to talk about some other shit, but I can’t concentrate on his speech with what is going on between Anastasia and Katherine.

"Hey, this is supposed to be the happiest day of your life," she scolds her. Is something bothering Anastasia?

"It is," I hear strain Anastasia whisper. Why then would the ball crusher think she's upset?

"Oh, Ana, what's wrong? Are you watching your mom and Ray?"  She asks, and from my peripheral vision I see Anastasia nod sadly.

"They're happy," observes Kate. I look at them, and they are laughing and talking as they're dancing. They are very friendly, like two proud parents who are no longer together. Oh fuck! That's what she's thinking.

"Happier apart," she whispers.

Elliot is whispering about something as he’s pulling my arm trying to get me a few steps away as if to tell me or ask me something but I wouldn't hear it if he was on loud speaker, because I'm bent on hearing Anastasia's conversation.

"You're having doubts?" Katherine asks with alarm in her voice, and my eyes go wider, and I immediately stiffen in my place.

"No, not at all. It's just... I love him so much," she replies. Is there a 'but' coming after that sentence.

"Ana, it's obvious that he adores you. I know you had an unconventional start to your relationship, but I can see how happy you've both been over the past month," she tells her reassuring and squeezing her hand. "Besides," she grins, "it's too late now." Anastasia giggles in response. Katherine hugs Anastasia into a tight hug, and says, "Ana, you'll be fine. And if he hurts one hair on your head, he'll have me to answer to."

Okay, that's enough of that fucking conversation.

"So, what do you think Christian?" asks Elliot.

"Good, great, wonderful! I'll talk to you about it later," I say and walk towards Anastasia.

"Huh? You mean it's okay to let the security guys off when I'm working?"

"Elliot, I can't talk to you about that today, be reasonable," I say and walk away.

When I pointedly look at Katherine, she gives me an 'I've got your number Grey!' look and grins. I look at her pointedly with a look that says, ‘I'm here to take claim of my wife, so butt the fuck off!’ Elliot walks to join Ethan and Jose.

I put my arms around Anastasia’s waist and whisper, "Hi baby," and kiss her temple.

"Kate," I acknowledge her, trying to be less formal but my voice still comes out formal with her behavior of not so distant past.

"Hello again, Christian. I'm off to find your best man, who happens to be my best man, too," she says smiling with the thought of my brother.

I have not been able to take my eyes off Anastasia. The only thing that's on my mind is simply to take her dress off slowly and leisurely and make love to her in my jet, marking another first with her.

"Time to go," I murmur into her ear.

"Already?" she asks surprised. "This is the first party I've been to where I don't mind being the center of attention," she says turning in my arm to face me. 

"You deserve to be baby. And you look stunning, Anastasia," I say unable to help myself.

"So do you," she replies shyly making me smile. She's so hot, and she's all mine. "This beautiful dress becomes you," I tell her.

"This old thing?" she mutters blushing as she pulls the delicate lace trim of her wedding dress. She would look absolutely beautiful in a sack, but the dress makes her stunning, in fact mouthwatering. I think waited long enough without combusting. I bend down and kiss her again.

“Let’s go. I don’t want to share you with all these people anymore,” I say my voice wanton. She looks at me surprised.

“Can we leave our own wedding?”

“Baby, it’s our party, and we can do whatever we want. We’ve cut the cake. And right now, I’d like to whisk you away and have you all to myself,” I reply to which I’m rewarded with my favorite sound in the whole world; her giggle.

“You have me for a lifetime, Mr. Grey,” she replies.

“I’m very glad to hear that, Mrs. Grey,” I say nuzzling her. And we are interrupted by my grandmother.

“Oh, there you two are! Such lovebirds. Christian, darling, one more dance with your grandma?” she asks. Though I’d love leave right this second, my years long ingrained manners take over.

“Of course, Grandmother.”

“And you, beautiful Anastasia, go and make an old man happy; dance with Theo.” Anastasia looks confused.

“Theo, Mrs. Trevelyan?”

“Grandpa Trevelyan. And I think you can call me Grandma. Now, you two seriously need to get working on my great-grandkids. I won’t last too much longer,” she says to my horror. Kids? Not for many many many years. At least ten years.

“Come, Grandmother,” I take her hand to lead her to the dance floor before she starts pressuring us to start the process right on top of the marquee. I manage to glance back to Anastasia, still pouting about my grandmother’s strange request and I roll my eyes. “Laters, baby,” I murmur. As I start dancing with my grandmother, I notice that Jose approaches to Anastasia and he’s having a serious conversation with her. What the hell does he want from her? He couldn’t be propositioning her on our wedding day, could he? He frowns when Anastasia says something then grins. Anastasia makes her way to my grandfather. I can’t wait for this fucking song to be over. I want her too much. When the song is over, my grandmother wants to talk to me. Again.

“Darling, I’m full of joy to see you to get married. So happy indeed! But, I’m not kidding about great-grandkids! I’d like to see them before I die,” she says almost scolding. God! Not this again.

“Well, Grandmother, I was hoping to get through the wedding and the honeymoon first,” I say as I kiss her hand. “How about I walk you back to Grandpa?”

“That would be nice. You’re such a good boy! You’ve made a very handsome husband to Ana; I’m beyond happy to be a part of today,” she says and I smile as I walk her back to Grandpa and deposit her into her care.

Anastasia is standing by the French doors, and she’s watching the sun set as it’s painting an orange sky across the bay. It’s a priceless picture. But, right now, I don’t want the painting; what I want is to peel that dress off her and make love to her.

“Let’s go,” I urge her as soon as my feet walk me to her.

“Oh, I have to change,” she says grasping my hand trying to pull me through. I frown. I don’t want her to take her dress off. I thought I already made it clear to her that I wanted to be the one taking it off. I tug her back to me, stopping her in her tracks.

“I thought you wanted to be the one to take this dress off,” she says confused. Oh! My eyes light up in excitement.

“Correct,” I say grinning at her lasciviously. “But I’m not undressing you here. We wouldn’t leave until... I don’t know...” I say waving my hand. If I were to take that dress off here, I’d want to fuck her, and I’m not doing it here. I want the first sex as a married couple up in 35,000 feet in the air. We have another first to celebrate.

Anastasia immediately flushes, clearly getting my meaning.

“And don’t take your hair down either,” I murmur in a dark tone.

“But...” she says, and I cut her off.

“No buts, Anastasia. You look beautiful. And I want to be the one to undress you,” I remind her my eyes darkening with carnal intent. She frowns.

“Pack your going-away clothes,” I order her. “You’ll need them. Taylor has your main suitcase.”

“Oh, okay,” she says curious. I grin at her. She’s burning to know where we are going. She’s tried to inveigle it out of me; even tasked my sister and Katherine in aiding her in the quest to no avail. It’s going to remain a secret until I decide to let her know.

She turns to her mother and Katherine nearby and talks to them. I see my mother coming and giving her a hug.  Taylor comes nearby. I nod my head indicating I want to talk to him privately.

“Did you deliver my message?”

“Yes sir. I did.”

“And?” I ask impatient.

“She was upset, but she wanted to leave on her own accord. Mrs. Grey,” he says, and when he sees me apprehensive assuming it is Anastasia, he corrects himself, and says, “Your mother must have heard that some uninvited guest was outside. She wanted to come and see who it was, but I assured her that the security is able to take care of it, and it was expected to have uninvited guests. It would be best she would let me take care of it,” he says and I feel relief.

“In short sir, the uninvited guest left without any security breach or incident,” he explains realizing there are other ears who might be listening nearby. I nod.

“Is everything else ready for the trip?”

“Yes, sir. Everything’s ready.”

“And the car?”

“All set, sir. The jet is fueled and ready. The crew’s already on board. It’ll take off as soon as the passengers arrive,” he says.

“Pull the SUV to the front. We’ll be leaving shortly.”

“As you wish sir,” he replies and quickly makes his way to the valet station. I make my way to the house to find my wife, and there she is talking to her mother and her step-father, radiant, and breathtaking. I hear Carla reminiscing.

“...and you watched her and helped her grow up, Ray,” she says wistfully.

“And I loved every single minute of it. You make one hell of a bride, Annie,” he says. How right he is!

“Oh, Dad...” murmurs Anastasia, trying to push back a sob as they hug. I don’t want my wife crying on what should be the happiest day of her life. My biggest goal in life is to make her happy. I’m next to her immediately. When Ray releases her from his hug, he shakes my hand warmly.

“Look after my girl, Christian,” he says with a hoarse voice.

“I fully intend to, Ray. Carla,” I say nodding at Ray, and kissing Carla on the cheek. My mother and father already know that we are going to leave, and the guests have formed a human arch for us to pass through to get to our car. I take my wife’s hand into mine, and turn to her asking, “Ready?”

“Yes,” she responds. Among the guests’ shouts of good luck and congratulations, we are showered with rice. My parents are at the end of the arch.

“Congratulations, son!” says my father pulling me into a hug. My mother is in her usual ‘I’m-so-happy-I-can-cry’ mode and she dabs her eyes with her handkerchief as we hug and kiss. We finally make it to the Audi SUV, and Taylor is waiting to take us to the airport immediately. When I reach the SUV, I open the door for Anastasia. She turns around and tosses her bouquet of white and pink roses into the waiting single young women group, and my sister jumps and catches it. Competitiveness is a Grey family trait; what can I say? We like to win. Mia holds the flowers triumphantly, and grins as wide as possible.

Anastasia slides into the SUV as she’s laughing at my sister, and I gather the hem of my wife’s dress. Once she’s in the SUV, I close her door, and turn the gathered crowd.

“Thank you all so much for coming, and making this the most memorable day of our lives! We’ll see you when we get back,” I say and wave to the guests. Taylor opens my door, and “Congratulations, sir,” he says.

“Thank you, Taylor,” I reply smiling. When Taylor finally closes my door, he enters into the vehicle, and as he pulls away from my parents’ long driveway, the guests shower our SUV with rice. How happy can a man get? I grasp Anastasia’s hand and kiss her knuckles.

“So far so good, Mrs. Grey?” I ask.

“So far so wonderful, Mr. Grey. Where are we going?” she asks. Always curious.

“Sea-Tac,” I reply, and smile. I want her to be surprised. She looks at me questioningly burning with curiosity.

When Taylor takes us to the security gate and then on to the tarmac, Anastasia sees our jet. She’s clearly marked in large blue lettering, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.
She turns to me and mock chides me, “Don’t’ tell me you’re misusing company property again!”

“Oh, I hope so, Anastasia,” I reply grinning.

Taylor pulls the SUV at the foot of the steps leading up to the plane and leaps out of the vehicle and opens my door.

“What time is your flight?” I ask Taylor. He won’t be travelling in the jet. I want as much privacy as I can get with Anastasia and besides Taylor needs to get to London ahead of us to brief the security arranged and have the hotel ready for us.

“I’ll be flying in two hours sir. Sawyer is going to take the SUV back.”

“See you in London, then.”

“Safe travels, sir.”

“You, too, Taylor,” I say then open the Audi’s door, and leaning in, I lift Anastasia into my arms. I intend to carry her through every single threshold.

“What are you doing?” she cries out.

“I’m carrying you over the threshold,” I reply.

“Oh,” she says surprised.

I carry her over the steps, through the threshold and into the jet’s cabin. Taylor follows me with her carryon luggage. After leaving it by the threshold, he returns to the Audi, to deliver it to Sawyer, and board his plane on British Airways. Stephan greets us in his uniform.

“Welcome aboard, sir, Mrs. Grey,” he says with a wide grin.

I put my wife down and shake Stephan’s hand. Next to Stephan is the copilot Beighley.

“Congratulations to you both,” Stephan says.

“Thank you, Stephan. Anastasia, you know Stephan. He’s our captain today, and this is First Officer Beighley,” I say introducing the flight crew to my wife. Beighley blushes, and blinks rapidly. Anastasia surreptitiously eyes Beighley who is a brunette. But Anastasia has nothing to fear. I’ve no eye for anyone but her. I look Anastasia reassuringly.

“Delighted to meet you,” gushes Beighley. Anastasia finally smiles at her.

“All preparations complete?” I ask.

“Yes, sir. We have all the clear. Weather is good from here to Boston.”


“Not before Boston. There’s a weather front over Shannon that might give us a rough ride.”

“I see. Well, I hope to sleep through it all,” I say matter of factly. I will actually be doing more of the fucking and less of the sleeping. But it’s none of their business.

“We’ll get underway, sir. We’ll leave you in the capable care of Natalia, your flight attendant,” he says. I turn and look at the flight attendant who is a brunette. That will bother Anastasia. I frown, then turn to Stephan and smile.

“Excellent,” I say. I take Anastasia’s hand who’s been checking out the pale maple wood and pale cream leather interior. I lead her to one of the leather seats. She gazes around again to take it all in. The jet is large. There are 12 seats, and a bedroom and an office in here. I can run my entire business from my jet; but during this travel, I intend to do none of that.

“Sit,” I order Anastasia. As she takes her seat, I take my jacket off, and undo the buttons of my silver brocade vest. We sit in single seats arranged face to face with a small polished table between us.

Natalia comes with Bollinger in champagne glasses.
“Welcome aboard, sir, ma’am, and congratulations,” she says.

“Thank you,” I reply and smile. She retreats back to the galley.

“Here’s to a happy married life, Anastasia,” I say to my bride raising my glass and we chink.

“Bollinger?” she asks.

“The same.”

“The first time I drank this, it was out of teacups,” she says grinning.

“I remember that day well. Your graduation.”

“Is that why we had the teacups during our wedding?” she asks.

“Yes,” I reply gauging her reaction.

“It was beyond...” she says thinking for the right word to express her feelings, “thoughtful. I felt cherished for you remembering such a detail,” she says and I exhale a breath I didn’t know I was holding.

“We aim to please, Mrs. Grey,” I reply.

“Where are we going?” she asks curiously.

“Shannon,” I reply. I can’t wait to show her all the places she longed to see in Europe. I’m giddy with excitement.

“In Ireland?” she gushes her eyes wide.

“To refuel,” I say teasing her.

“Then?” she probes impatient. I grin as wide as possible. She is excited with the prospect of the places we are going to visit. I shake my head keeping the secret.

“Christian!” she chides impatiently.

“London,” I finally reply, gazing at her intently trying to see how she feels about it. Would she be happy? She gasps in response. She’s lit up like the Christmas tree, incandescent with happiness. She’s breathing hard, but completely elated.

“Then Paris,” I say looking at her unblinking, wanting to capture all her reaction, soak it in. Her mouth drops open, eyes wide, heart palpitating. She looks shocked and joyful all at the same time.

“Then the South of France.”

“Huh...” escapes her lips in a squeak.

“I know that you’ve always dreamed of going to Europe. I want to make your dreams come true, Anastasia,” I say in a soft tone. I want to make her goals a reality. I want to give her the world. Show her everything. Share my life with her.

“You are my dreams come true, Christian.”

“Back at you, Mrs. Grey,” I whisper. She’s my most important possession. The most important person in the entire universe for me.

“Buckle up now, Mrs. Grey,” I say in an authoritative voice and she immediately obeys. The jet taxis on the runway as we sip our Bollinger and grin at each other like couple of very happy children. When the jet is airborne, Natalia serves us more champagne and prepares our dinner consisted of smoked salmon, roast partridge with green bean salad and dauphinoise potatoes. After we are done with our dinner, our flight attendant asks, “Dessert, Mr. Grey?” I shake my head in response to her question while running my index finger across my bottom lip. There is a desert I want, alright. But it’s not on the jet’s menu. She’s sitting across from me.

“No, thank you,” Anastasia replies without breaking her gaze from me. She is thinking the same thing as I am. My lips curl into a lascivious secret smile reserved for Anastasia only. Natalia nods and she retreats.

“Good,” I murmur. “I’d rather planned on having you for dessert,” I say. I stand up, and hold my hand out to my wife, “come,” I say. I take her to the back of the cabin.

“”There’s bedroom here,” I say pointing to the cabin.

“I thought we’d spend our wedding night at thirty-five-thousand feet. It’s something I’ve never done before,” I say looking at her with dark, lustful eyes. She blinks several times as she’s gaping at me unable to utter a single word. She enters into the bedroom and I close the cabin door behind.

“But first, I have to get you out of this fabulous dress,” I say with a mixture of love, and carnal desire. Her chest rises up and down in rapid succession, completely desirous.

“Turn around,” I order in a low, authoritative, husky voice, laced with a promise of licentious intent. She slightly nods her head and does as she’s told. My hands slowly move to her neck and then to her hair.  She is my wife! My wife! Mine... Completely, and legally. I swallow hard, and start making short work of gently pulling all of the hairpin out of her chestnut hair one at a time. Her hair falls in swathes over her shoulders as I undo each lock, covering her back and her breasts. Surprisingly she manages to remain still. I lean in close to her ear and whisper, “You have such beautiful hair, Ana,” and my breath caresses her cheek without my lips touching her face.

After I take all the pins out, I run my fingers through her hair, and start massaging her scalp gently, relaxing her. She closes her eyes, and tilts her head into my hands. My fingers travel down and tug her hair, tilting her head back to expose her throat.

“You are mine,” I breathe into her ear, and tug her earlobe with my teeth and she groans desirous.

“Hush now,” I chide her. Sweeping her hair over her shoulder, my index finger trails across the top of her back from shoulder to shoulder as I follow the edge of her off the shoulder dress. A shiver courses through her body. I kiss her above the first button of her dress on her back.

“So beautiful,” I say and undo the first button. “You, Ana have made me the happiest man alive today,” I say giving her a glimpse of what’s inside my heart. And perpetually slowly I unfasten each button all the way down to her back. “I love you so much,” I declare. I trail kisses from the nape of her neck to the edge of her shoulder murmuring between each kiss, “I. Want. You. So. Much. I. Want. To. Be. Inside. You. You. Are. Mine.”

She closes her eyes, and tilts her head back allowing me easier access, mesmerized.

“Mine,” I whisper again. I slowly peel her dress down her arms, and it finally pools down at her feet in a pile of ivory silk and lace.

“Turn around,” I whisper in a hoarse voice. My God! She’s breathtaking. I gasp. She’s in a tight, blush pink satin corset with garter straps, matching lacy briefs, and white silk stockings. God almighty! This woman is mine! What have I done to deserve her? I suck in a lungful of breath through my teeth. My eyes are locked on her, unblinking, wide, and full of want and carnal desire.

“You like?” she whispers with a shy blush. Can’t she get any hotter?

“More than like, baby. You look sensational. Here,” I say holding my hand out to her and help her step out of her dress.

“Keep still,” I murmur without taking my gaze off her; I run my middle finger over her breasts, following the line of her corset. She is breathing with shallow breaths as I venture over her breasts again, tantalizing her. I stop and twirl my index finger in the air, motioning her to turn around. I want to see all of her, 360°. She twirls.

“Stop,” I say as she’s facing the bed, her back to me. My arms snake around her waist, pulling her against me, and I nuzzle her neck. My hands travel up to her breasts cupping and toying with them, and my thumbs circle over her nipples while still under the corset.

“Mine,” I whisper.

“Yours,” she breathes in reply.

My hands travel down to her stomach, over her belly, and down to her thighs, and my thumbs finally find her sex, skimming it. She gives out a hushed moan. My fingers slide down her garters, and unhook both of them simultaneously from her stockings, then my hands travel around to her behind. My hands claim every inch of her. “Mine,” I breath as my hands spread across her buttocks; tips of my fingers brushing her sex.

“Ah!” a moan escapes her.


I let my hands travel down to her thighs, and unclip her garters. Then I pull back the cover of the bed. “Sit down,” I order softly. She does as she’s told, and I take off her bridal Jimmy Choos. My hands skim and slowly travel up her left leg and slowly peel her stocking off. Then I slowly skate over her right leg, and slowly slide the other stocking down.

“This is like unwrapping my Christmas presents,” I say smiling, looking up to her.

“A present you’ve had already...” she says. I frown at her in response.

“Oh no, baby. This time it’s really mine,” I reply.

“Christian, I’ve been yours since I said yes,” she says as she scoots forward on the bed and cups my face with her delicate hands. “I’m yours. I will always be yours, husband of mine. Now, I think you’re wearing too many clothes,” she says bending down and kissing me. My blood boils and races through my body heating me up, and suddenly I lean up, and kiss her lips, capturing her head in my hands, my fingers lacing through her hair.

“Ana,” I breathe. “My Ana.” I kiss her once again, as my tongue invades her mouth.

“Clothes,” she whispers into my mouth as she pushes my vest back, and I shove it off, reluctantly releasing her for a moment. I have a moment to look at her, to admire, and gaze at my wife.  

  "Let me, please," she says softly, and coaxing. 

As I sit back on my heels, she leans forward and grabs my silver gray tie, and slowly undoes it and pulls it free. When I raise my chin up to let her open the top button of my white shirt, she moves onto my cuffs. I am wearing the cufflinks engraved with an engraved A and C; our initials. It's a wedding gift she gave me after we christened the panic room two nights ago. She removes them and I take them from her and fist them in my hand. While she's watching me, I kiss my fist and pocket the cufflinks into my pants pocket.

"Mr. Grey, so romantic," she observes.

"For you Mrs. Grey - hearts and flowers. Always." 

 Anastasia takes my hand and she glances up at me then kisses my wedding ring. It is so hot, and such a loving gesture, I close my eyes in ecstasy and groan.

“Ana,” I whisper with intense desire for her, her name a litany upon my lips. She reaches up to my second button on my shirt and undoes it and plants a kiss on my chest each time she opens up a button mirroring my earlier action, she whispers, “You. Make. Me. So. Happy. I. Love. You.” making me groan in pure pleasure. Her declaration makes me intensely desirous for her, and with one swift move, I clasp her around her waist and lift her up and deposit her onto the bed, and I fall onto her. My lips capture hers, my hands holding her head in place, stilling her and my tongue invades her mouth and I explore her mouth short of a tonsil exam, both of our tongues dancing, and exploring. I can't get enough of my wife. I abruptly sit up and Anastasia is left breathless.

“You are so beautiful...wife,” I declare as I run my hands down her legs and I grasp her left foot.

“You have such lovely legs. I want to kiss every inch of them. Starting here,” I say and I press my lips against her big toe and my teeth graze the pad of it. Her eyes roll back into her head, she nearly convulses with pleasure. My tongue skates up in her instep and my teeth skim her heel and up to her ankle. I place soft wet kisses trailing up the inside of her calf. Anastasia wriggles beneath me.

“Still, Mrs. Grey,” I chide her, and quickly flip her onto her stomach and my mouth continues its ministrations up the back of her legs, her thighs, buttocks and I stop making her groan and beg.


“I want you naked baby,” I murmur, and slowly and deftly I unhook her corset one hook at a time, slowly and leisurely. The corset is finally flat on the bed beneath her, and my tongue takes advantage of her naked back and runs up the length of her spine.

“Christian, please,” she begs more.

“What do you want, Mrs. Grey?” I ask softly and sensually close to her ear. I'm on top her barely touching her, my erection hard against her ass.

“You,” she replies in a breathy voice.

“And I you, my love, my life..” I whisper, and quickly flip her over onto her back. I quickly stand and divest myself of my pants and boxers standing before my wife naked, my erection is growing and ready to take her. I want her. Here. Now! Leaning down, I peel her panties off, and gaze down to her sex.

“Mine,” I mouth.

“Please,” she begs groaning, making me grin salaciously.

 When I crawl back onto the bed, I trail kisses up her right leg until I reach the apex of her thighs, pushing her legs wider apart wanting to declare her sex.

“Ah...wife of mine,” I murmur. I can't get enough of that word. My wife! She's my wife! Mine! She closes her eyes, and surrenders her body to my conquering tongue. Her hands fist in my hair, and her hips sway into my mouth surrendering to my teasing and ministrations. I hold her hips to stop her from moving, stilling her.

“Christian,” she moans.

“Not yet baby,” I breathe and my tongue dips into her navel.

“No!” she protests making me smile.

 Oh, but we are on my rhythm. I’m in control.

“So impatient, Mrs. Grey. We have until we touch down on the Emerald Isle,” I remind her. I move up on her body and kiss her breasts and tug her left nipple between my lips. My gaze looks up at her while her nipple in my mouth, with dark and lascivious eyes, teasing her.

“Husband, I want you. Please.” Her begging, her coaxing is a siren's call. I want her. I want to claim my wife. I can't wait any longer either. I loom over her, my body is covering hers, my weight is resting on my elbows. I run my nose on hers, and her hands run on my ass.

“Mrs. Grey...wife. We aim to please,” I say as my lips brush her. “I love you,” I say.

“I love you, too.”

“Eyes open. I want to see you.”

“Christian...ah...,” she cries out and I slowly and inch by inch sink into her claiming my wife.

“Ana, oh Ana,” I breathe and start moving slowly. She arches her back, my cock filling her to the brim. She groans. Her eyes open, I stare down at her wide eyed. I withdraw slowly, and then sink into her once again. My mouth slackens and a silent Ah is formed on my lips. My reaction arouses her and she grasps my ass sinking her nails into it pushing me to fuck her, pick up my rhythm.

“Slow, baby, slow. I want to savor my wife,” I say with scorching eyes.

“Husband... please. I want you! I need you, now!”

 “You want me, you get me, baby!” I say and speed up my rhythm. She meets me thrust for thrust. My love and our passion heats up our bodies, sear into each other, and I impale her sex faster and faster pounding into her. I feel the now familiar tightening of her muscles of her sex around my cock pulling and milking me, and she detonates with rolls of orgasm and she shouts my name pushing her hips into me, and I reach my peak and empty all I got into her after plunging into her three more times.

“Ana!” I shout as I come and collapse onto her.

“My wife, my woman... my life,” I whisper. She's my everything. I love her so much, it hurts. I kiss her one more time, and she slowly drifts into sleep. I watch her sleep. This is my wife! We have marked another first together. I slowly kiss her, trying not to wake her, and slowly pull out of her. My arms and leg drape over her like a victory flag, I fall asleep next to my wife and dream of her.


“Anastasia, I want to show you the panic room. I want you to be acquainted with this room, because should there be an emergency this is where you will need to be.” She groans in response.

“I thought the apartment is pretty secure, after you know...” she says remembering Leila's break in.

“Anastasia, I'm not taking chances where your safety is concerned,” I say pointedly. “I want you to promise me that if there's an emergency, you will use the room without any complaints, qualms, or arguments. Understand?”

“Uhm, okay.”

“Okay?” I blink. She acquiesces?

“Okay,” she nods reassuringly.

“I want your word Miss Steele...” I say my gaze narrowing on her. She rolls her eyes.

“If there’s an emergency and I’m told to enter into the panic room, I will stay in this room until it is safe to come out,” she says reciting.

“Oh Miss Steele, do I hear a sarcasm in your voice, and did you just roll your eyes at me?” I ask with a licentious grin, my eyes darkening.

Her breath hitches, and she swallows.

“I sure did, Mr. Grey. What are you going to do about it?” she asks.

“Miss Steele, I’m not in the habit of giving away my plans. Come,” I say holding my hand out. She takes it and follows me to our bedroom.

“Wait here. Don’t move,” I say raising my eyebrows and leave the room. I quickly make my way to the Playroom, and retrieve one of our favorite toys, and get back to the bedroom where she’s standing curiously waiting for me.

“Open your mouth, Anastasia,” I order. Her eyes darken seeing what I’m holding in my hand. Her breathing increases, and in goes her delectable lip into the captivity of her teeth.

“Don’t bite your lip. Otherwise this will be over far too fast, and neither one of us want that,” I say with a lustful tone.

She opens her mouth where I deposit the silver balls her gaze never leaving mine. I pull her close to me and embrace her. My hands slowly caress her backside, and I slowly pull the skirt of her white strapless summer dress up. She stifles a moan burying her head in the crook of my neck.

“Hush now,” I say.

My hands travel and rub her buttocks. I ease a finger into her sex and she’s already aroused and drenched. My breath hisses out slowly.

“You’re so ready for me baby,” I murmur. “Open your mouth, I’ll take those balls out,” I say with a half-smile.

“Come by the bed, and lean down,” I say.  “Now, spread your legs a little and grasp your ankles,” I order to which she obeys without qualms.

I push her dress skirt back up on her waist, pull her panties aside. I first dip one finger, and finding her sex deliciously warm and wet, I insert another finger and rub my fingers in circular motion finally locating her sweet spot towards the front wall of her vagina, I stimulate it. Then I insert the balls one by one into her sex and pull her panties back into place. Finally I rub her buttocks and slap it over her sex once knowing it will lurch the silver balls forward, and she yelps with excitement.

“You’ll do,” I say knowing she wants more, and pull her up straight.

“Let’s go. I’ll have to acquaint you with the panic room,” I say with a dark gaze.  Tugging her behind me I walk in brisk steps knowing the movements will put the balls into action and will stimulate her inside. The silver balls are one of the best sex toy ever invented since the times of the ancient Chinese, and have been used by the geishas of Japan for explosive female orgasm; that was their best tool to preheat the oven so to speak.

I come to a halt in front of the panic room.

“If there is an emergency for any reason,” I say looking into her eyes, my hands traveling to her face, rubbing her hair slowly, “I want you to come into this room.  There are three different locks to the room,” I say without taking my gaze away from her. “None of which are physical. The retina scan, thumbprint, and numeric codes. Those who are authorized can use one of those keys to unlock the doors. But if you are inside, as an added security, you will have to enter a code in addition to the ones from outside. The system will recognize this,” I say as I take her hand and walk into the room.

“Press that red button baby,” I say pointing the keypad on the wall. She does as she’s told, and the door immediately slam shut, surprising her, making her jump back. My phone immediately receives a text message. I take it out and check.

*Panic Room Activated*

I show her the message. “If you’re in here for any reason, I’ll know Anastasia,” I tell her.

“Oh! How do we get out?” she asks.

“We won’t get out until we have explored this room thoroughly,” I explain my index finger trailing over her chin. She automatically leans into my touch.

“I think you need to be spanked now for the eye rolling incident and the bit of sarcasm, don’t you think, Miss Steele?” I ask softly still running only my index finger over her face. She nods emphatically, with anticipation, her breathing increases. I turn the hidden stereo on and Flower Duet by Lakmé starts playing. There is a chaise lounge in the room. “Come,” I say pulling her with me. I sit on the sofa, and pull Anastasia over my lap. I pull her dress back up, and lower her panties down to her knees. I rub her bottom, and then palm her sex as my thumb gently caressing her clitoris. She gives out a deep moan.

“Shhh...” I silence her.

My hand leaves her behind and with the flat of my palm I hit her across her buttocks. She gives out a sound mixture of a yelp and a moan. Then my hand lands right over her sex. I create a pattern of two across the cheeks of her buttocks and one downward intended to push the balls inside stimulating her. Then I rub over her buttocks slowly to stimulate the blood flow. The bottom is a prime erogenous zone. The sexual arousal nerves in the bottom are buried in a layer of fat and require harder stimulation to trigger them, and that needs to be done correctly.

“Oh, please Christian!” she begs after ninth slap on her buttocks. She’s close to be completely stimulated. Her buttocks are a nice shade of pink. Spanking creates a physiological response collecting blood in her sex and nearby areas and thus accomplishing mechanically what caresses and kisses do psychologically.

Anastasia submitting to me like this, surrendering is an important part of her sexual response, of her trust to me, and in return it arouses me beyond belief, making me want to fuck her into next week.

“Christian, please fuck me!” she begs, and I pull the silver balls out of her and bringing her to the brink of orgasm. I pull her up in standing position and quickly divest myself of my pants, boxers and my shirt.

“Anastasia, I’m going to hold you up baby, I want you to wrap your legs around me,” I say. I pull her up into my arms standing, and slowly sink into her sex her weight pushing down, and my cock finding her deepest spot. With one hand I hold her buttocks, and with the other, I lower her strapless dress down to her waist freeing her breasts.

“Move!” I order and she starts going up and down on my cock.

“Slow, baby!”

“No, I want you to fuck me hard!” she says with increased breathing. I love being in charge of her, and I’m only beginning to learn that occasionally giving her the charge is sexy as hell.

The disembodied voice of Taylor is heard on the speaker in the room.

“Mr. Grey? Are the doors not opening sir? Do you need help getting out?” I roll my eyes, and Anastasia groans. As she slows down to a slower rhythm, I hit the intercom button and answer.

“No help is needed, Taylor. I’m acquainting Miss Steele with the panic room. She needs to learn to use it on her own.”

“Yes, sir,” he replies.

“That’s all Taylor,” I say dismissing him with a tinge of annoyance, and he’s gone.

As Anastasia picks up her rhythm again, I feel the buildup in my groin. When she pushes downward I shove my cock upward, and when I bounce her back up again I capture her lips with mine, my tongue darting into her mouth, assaulting her, exploring, loving, fucking. I feel the familiar clenching of her sex, and she moans and groans an incoherent rendition of my name into my mouth pushing down hard. I empty myself into her; marking and branding my woman in the only surface we have not christened in the house.

When we come down from the peak of our ecstasy, I lower her onto the chaise, and clean her up, and then clean myself. I finally lean down and kiss her long and sweet.

“I love you Anastasia. I don’t think I can ever get my fill of you,” I murmur. “We’re entwined body and soul, baby.”

“Funny you should say that Mr. Grey,” she responds. “I have a gift for you.”

“Really?” I say surprised. Her gifts are always precious to me; always thoughtful, and always special. She reaches the little clutch she had left on the small table, and takes out a tiny box. I raise my eyebrows and look at her.

“Well, open it Mr. Grey,” she says smiling.

“Yes, ma’am,” I reply.

Inside the box is a pair of cufflinks with A & C engraved with entwined lettering. When I look up at her, she looks expectant, but tries to shrug nonchalantly.

“You like?”

“I more than like, Ana. I love it! It’s perfect,” I reply. She is perfect.
 To Anna -- Rest in Peace.



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Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Thank you everyone!

Anna - Obrigado! Eu estou tentando escrever melhor. O seu louvor significa muito para mim.

Rose - Once we finish Book III, we'll still be moving into book IV. Just the gap between Book II and III took 5-6 chapter. By then hopefully we'll have the movie. I might just write new outlines. I haven't thought that far yet.

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Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Obridago Luiza! Você é muito gentil.

Clare - I will put Taylor's POV in regards to the 'uninvited guest' incident in the next chapter.

Snowy- Thank you!

Vee - I think you and I are on the same page. Both Leila and Elena are manipulative. They use different tools. Elena knows Christian's weaknesses and she uses them against him often. Leila is on the other hand more stealthy. She makes it look like it's about something else, but it's her scheme (like going to Ana's work seemingly wanting to thank Ana, but its her way of getting him there because he hasn't responded her). They're both on my 'bitch list'.

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There's a very brief mention of the panic room. When Leila breaks in, Mrs. Jones is told to go into the panic room while Ryan was fighting with Jack Hyde. In fact it's built adjoining Taylor's office. But because it's only a mention, in fact it's only mentioned once, most people miss it. But, we have to pay attention to detail :)

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¡Gracias! Voy a publicar en el capítulo VIII @ 19:00.

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