Monday, July 1, 2013

CAST SUGGESTIONS by Stephanie Gutierrez


by Stephanie Gutierrez

Emilia Clarke - Anastasia Steele

Kivanc Tatlitug - Christian Grey

Emilia Clarke - Anastasia Steele
Ian Somerhalder - Christian Grey

Jensen Ackles - Elliot Grey
Emma Watson - Kate Kavanagh

Jensen Ackles - Elliot Grey
Diana Agron - Kate Kavanagh

Lucy Hale - Mia Grey
Liam Hemsworth - Ethan Kavanagh

Manu Bennett - Jason Taylor
Naomi Watts - Gayle Jones

Christopher Meloni - Luke Sawyer
Lisa Kudrow - Andrea Parker

Chris North - Carrick Grey
Susanna Thompson - Grace T-Grey

John Schneider - Ray Steele
Sela Ward - Carla Adams

Sharon Stone - Elena Lincoln
Anna Kendrick - Leila Williams

Enrique Iglesias - Jose Rodrigues
Joaquin Sabina - Jose Rodriquez Sr.

Michael Rosenbaum - Jack Hyde
Kaley Cuoco - Elizabeth Morgan


j.farmer2 said...

I like some of these I guess, but I think it would be better if they cast unknown, or not as well known people for these parts. Sometimes it's hard to watch someone you are used to seeing as a specific character play another character. Especially when you already have a picture of that new character in your mind.

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

I think that's what they did when they were casting Twilight actors which this book series originally based on. Except for Dr. Cullen & Charlie, I didn't know any of the cast members then.

But this is the vision of another fan - compiled by our Spanish translator. A lot of readers have all have different cast-member ideas, and it's fun to see what other people are envisioning. I posted another cast by Rachel several months ago. This is for everyone's enjoyment and since casting is so close by, it'd be nice to see how close we all got seeing our favorite members. I'm withholding judgment until the movie and of course all suggestions are welcome :)

Anonymous said...

They should for sure do it Gone With The Wind style. Nationwide/Global search. Hair color, height, body type, eye color and looks. They exist somewhere...

If its a good script and a great director newly found talent can pull it off. We know the story is good.

WE all (70 million copies sold) love these characters. Christian and Ana are the most important because they are so personal I think. Look at how much we love what Emine does here.

The supporting characters can be solid names of actors we love but I think it will be hard to please us all with their choices because we've all casted this movie in our minds a million times. It will be beyond hard to please us all. And let's face it sometimes with books, Hollywood often get's it wrong. But as Emine has said 'hope is a good thing'.

Fingers crossed!

Gina B.

Angela said...

Dear Eminé ,
I think that this cast make me feel mad because as usual they cast new faces !!! You are right!!!
For me the right man is Matt as all we know ANA is alexis and charlize theron is Elena !!!!!:):))))
But i have a suggestion for Leila :what do you think about jennifer love hewitt? I love her!!!!
I cross all my finger for my dream coming true :D
xxxxxx. Angela. A big hug

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Hi Angela!

I too am partial to Matt, and Alexis. You know I imagine Charlize Theron for Elena as well. I think Jennifer Love Hewitt would be great for Leila. But we won't know the full cast until they explain it. Is that supposed to be in August?

I'm anxious about it, and I just hope whomever they choose fill in the shoes properly.

j.farmer2 said...

I apologize if what I said was taken as criticism. It wasn't meant that way. Part of me likes the idea of some of these people as the characters, like Alexis as Ana and Henry Cavil as Christian. I've even thought of the guy you use pics of in your chapters. But then I think..."No I'd like to be surprised. Have a clean slate so it doesn't get too weird. But then again if they're that good at what they do then they will help us forget where we know them from right? lol It will be interesting to see who they finally go for. :)

I'm actually surprised to hear Alexis Bledel is in the running. She doesn't strike me as the type to do it. Too sweet and innocent. Which is Ana to a tee. lol

Angela said...

Hi Eminé ,
I've thinking about your wonderful,STUNNING,magnificient Christian 'POV and i believe that the director of FSG should study Christian Grey'part on your blog!!!
Because Christian is there!!!! :D
xxxxx. Angela

Steph said...

I guess everybody has a different opinion,i love all the diferent points of view but our dream casts pics, are most likely the closest thing that we can found in reality to our imaginations images. Thanks for posting this Emine. I must say the one choice that i am most proud of is Jose and probably his father, cuz this two i have never seen them in regular lists... This is just to have fun... and meaby it will be better an unknow cast, and probably its gonna be something like that at the end.

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

I personally like seeing different suggestions for cast members. And like Steph said, no one ever suggested Enrique or Joaquin Sabina which I think are excellent choices. I haven't seen Michael Rosenbaum for Jack Hyde either and he too is an excellent choice. I like Kaley from my fave show Big Bang Theory, so, I'd love to see her break into the big screen with Elisabeth Morgan role.

For Christian of course I have been using Kivanc's picture for a long time, and it'd be great to see him, however he's not one of the candidates. He exists on this blog. But Hollywood should hear this: he's a well loved talented actor and was chosen Best Model of the World in 2002. I have always had a few favorites:
Matt Bomer is my top choice. Then Henry Cavill, Ian Somerhalder...

Overall, I'm having fun as if we are holding the auditions here. It'd be nice to see them play a scene from the books.

Angela said...

Dear Eminé ,
I' m re-reading 4th book and i' m hanging on !!!!
Eta please !!!!
xxxxxx. Angela

Jozie W. said...

I think Lucy Hale would make a cute Mia, but I do not like the Jake person. I love Sharon Stone as Elena. Emma Watson is a BIG NO for me.

Unknown said...

i would love Ian to play the part of Christian but we all have our own taste in men lol i could also see Richard Gear playing carrick xx

mnm92275 said...

How about Colin Firth as John flynn??

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

That's my choice too. Colin Firth is my favorite since Darcy :)

Anonymous said...

love the suggestions, most of all KIVAN to play Christian!! But for Anasticia the perfect actress is OYKU KARAEL that play was the last couple with kivan in the Turkey soap opera KUZEY GUNEY!! the couple is perfect together!


Unknown said...

Definitely Emilia Clarke as Ana, I'm obsessed with her in that role! Henry Cavill has been my choice for Christian for some time now. Most definitely Colin Firth for Flynn, absolutely love him!

mzthang said...

Hi Emine,

I like Kivanc or Henry Cavill as Christian. Those two light my fire all the time .mmmmm mmmm

~hugs from~
Kivanc & Cavill fan in the Caribbean

mzthang said...

Soooo looking forward to this movie

Anonymous said...

wishing david gandy could act. just sayin' easy to imagine him as christian with all the yummy modeling shots that are available.


Anonymous said...

Dear Eminé,

Thank you very much for posting these pictures and allowing us to try and choose the actors we would imagine to suit the characters.
I love almost all the ones you chose but I'm not fond of at all of Chris North. Maybe because of his character in "The good wife"! ;)
I can't say I like Emilia Clarke as Ana. She seems too old!
Emma Wason is perfect, I think, for Kate: a beautiful and smart girl.
M. Rosenbaum has the perfect "face" for Jack Hyde.
And Kivarc Tathting as Christian? Well, why not? Even if i can't still figure out what "copper" hair can look like?? Is it more blond or ginger???
Anyway, that was funny to choose the actors. Thanks again Eminé, and have a great weekend.

S. from France

maritere1939 said...

No one is my choice.