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I open the passenger door of the black Audi SUV, and let Anastasia in. She slides in and I close the door. I go to the driver’s side, and open my door and turn the car on. I watch her from my peripheral vision. I can see a myriad of emotions are passing through her face. She looks lost. Twice she looks like she’s going to say something, but she stops herself. She is affected by our kiss. This can’t happen again without premeditation. Losing control is not in my vocabulary.
I reverse out of the parking space, and ease out of the parking lot. I turn the music on.
The Flower Duet by Delibes ( Flower Duet) comes on. Her eyes brighten and she beams at me. “What are we listening to Christian? This is wonderful!”
“Yes it is. It’s an opera piece from Lakmé.” I tell her. She wants to hear it again, so I put the MP3 player on repeat. She asks me if I like classical music which I do, but my tastes are not limited to them.
“My tastes are eclectic Anastasia. It changes with my mood. Classic, modern, church choral music, Tudor everything... whatever suits my mood at the time. How about you?”
“Me too!” she gushes.
Next, Sex on Fire (by Kings of Leon) comes on and she beams with recognition. My cell phone rings, and I break out of my mood and get back into my business mode. I press the Bluetooth button on the steering wheel, “Grey” I say brusquely. It’s Welch. He says he has the information I asked for. That would be the contract details I want Anastasia to read and hopefully agree to.
“Fine. E-mail it to me. If you have nothing to add,” I say questioning.
“No sir.” He answers. I hang up the phone and the music comes back up. She gives her “you’re so bossy” look I’ve come to recognize. The phone rings again, and this time it’s Andrea. “The NDA has been e-mailed to you Mr. Grey,” she informs me.
“Great. That’s all Andrea.” I say and hang up. Soon as I hang up with Andrea, the phone rings again, and this time it’s my brother Elliot.
“Hey bro! Did ya get laid last night?”
“Hello to you to Elliot. You’re on speaker phone, and I’m not alone in the car,” I let out an exasperated sigh.
“Who is with you?” he asks.
I tell him that it’s Anastasia. He lights up over the phone and greets Anastasia as if he’s known her all his life.
“Hey Ana!”
“Hello, Elliot,” she responds shyly.
“Kate told me a lot about you Ana!” he beams and I can feel his grin on the phone.
“I hope its all good Elliot,” she says.
“Elliot, I will be dropping off Anastasia at her place. Do you need a ride?”
“I’ll see you soon then,” I say, as I don’t want him to be flirting with Anastasia. I feel a sudden pang of jealousy.
Anastasia asks me why I insist on calling her by her full name which I like. A lot. I simply tell her because it’s her name. She says she prefers “Ana.”
“Do you now?” I tease. She blushes as if I caressed her. But my mind is occupied; I have to let her know that I have rules. As I get closer to her apartment I turn to her and say, “What happened in the elevator will not happen again without premeditation Anastasia.” Of course, I like to do a lot more of it, but in my own terms. Much much more of it... She looks hurt and disappointed. We arrive at her apartment. I pull into a parking space, and park the car. She pouts, silent.  A flush of color goes through her. She looks embarrassed as my eyes narrow on her. What I would pay to know what is going through her mind!
I glance at her with a salacious smile and walk to the passenger side of the door to open it for her. She climbs out of the car and murmurs, “I really liked the elevator experience,” surprising me and hitching my breath audibly. She lets me stand there shocked and immobile for a minute and with a shy gaze back to me, she walks away to her apartment. I gather my wits about and my feet connect with my brain and I speed to catch up to her.  (The Way You Make Me Feel - by Michael Jackson and Britney Spears)
We go into her apartment to find her roommate and my brother together looking very well acquainted, grinning to each other like idiots and all mussed up.  The roommate gives me a suspicious mother hen gaze. I approve the protective look she has of Anastasia, but that behavior also contradicts my possessiveness of Ana.
“Good morning Ana dear!” she beams, and when she turns to give me her greeting of good morning, her tone chills several degrees. I nod in acknowledgement “Miss Kavanagh,” formally.
My brother always the social butterfly chides me to call her “Kate,” then turns to Anastasia beaming brightly “Hi Ana!” and hugs her making me immediately jealous. I see that Anastasia awkwardly tries to return his hug as I get a glimpse of her biting her lip. That does things to me especially when she’s being nearly groped by my brother though I know that’s not what he is doing. I still dislike his overfriendliness to her. “We better get going Elliot,” I urge him. “Alright,” he says, and turns to his girl, and dips her low like he’s Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, and gives her a long lingering kiss which oddly bothers me seeing Anastasia’s yearning as she is shyly peaking at me through her long lashes. When he says “Laters baby,” to Kate grinning that’s my cue to leave. I walk to Anastasia slowly and tuck a stray strand of hair behind her ear. She gasps at the contact as I feel the current flowing through between us steadily again. I want to take her in my arms, and it’s taking all my self-control to not to give her a kiss she won’t forget and leave her lips sore reminding her where I’ve been, taking possession of her. Yet, I just run my thumb on her lower lip. The limited connection does things to me, hardening me. I won’t kiss her, because if I do, I will lose control.
“Laters baby,” I murmur copying Elliot. She smiles. “I’ll pick you up at eight.” She nods, and my idiot brother Elliot blows a kiss at Kate like an enamored adolescent. I can see a pang of jealousy on Anastasia’s face before she turns her back. If you agree to my terms tonight, you’ll get more than a deep, satisfying kiss I say to her silently. Wait... Just a little while longer... I warn myself.
As Elliot and I walk to my car, he’s grinning ear to ear.
“I’m in love bro! Kate is amazing!” he says. I nod without bothering to respond. Elliot who slept with most of Seattle, in love? Hard to believe. Without waiting my response, he says, “Sooo?” he looks at me with a questioning gleam. “Did you get laid?”
“No!” I say firmly.
“Huh,” he says, “I thought you convinced me you weren’t gay last night!” he says without shame.
“I’m not! But she was drunk! I don’t take advantage of girls who are not sentient.” He grins...
“So there is hope for you two still?”
“Maybe. Too early to tell.”
“I heard you say you’ll pick her up at eight,” he probes.
“Yes,” I say curtly.
“Do you like her? I’ve never. Ever seen you with a girl! You couldn’t keep your eyes off of her. And don’t think I didn’t notice you reprimanding me with your steady glare when I gave her a hug,” he grins. I grit my teeth.
“Stop being a prude bro! I approve!”
“Like you had an option,” I grin. I change the topic on him, “so, how was the roommate?”
“Delectable! Amazing! Beautiful! I’m enamored! I’m in love!” he breathes bright eyed.
“Already?” I question skeptical.
“Well, so far, yes. No one has captivated me like that before,” he says seriously. Those are my exact sentiments for Anastasia, but I say nothing. Elliot adds, “I’m seeing her again!” My thoughts drift to Anastasia. I can’t wait for the evening to come. We reach back to the hotel in silence each lost in his own thought.
I have a lot of business to conduct, but I’m in no mood to do business today. I have to be moving about, be active if I have to make through the day. I text my right hand Ros what I want her to complete. I phone my assistant Andrea, and tell her she won’t be able to reach me for the duration of the day and to hold my messages.
“What are your plans for the day bro?” I ask Elliot.
“Actually haven’t made a plan. What do you have in mind?” he inquires.
“I was planning on going for a hike to Riverside Trail.”
“Sure, I’m game!” he said. It is going to be a long wait, and I want my mind otherwise occupied, my body worked out, raring to go.
We come back from the hike around six o’clock. I take a shower to clean up. After Elliot gets ready we both go and get a bite to eat. Once the meal is over we go back to my room. I will be going to pick Anastasia up quite soon.
“Are you going back to Seattle?” I ask Elliot. He grins, “So quick to get rid of me. But actually yes, I need to get back to business. I’ll be coming back on Saturday.” I nod.
“You’re too uptight bro! Make sure you get laid tonight! It’ll loosen you up.” he gives me his biggest grin. If he only knew, but it’s none of his business. Elliot gets his few things from my hotel room, and I shake his hand saying, “Thanks man for bringing me clothes and going to hiking with me!” I say.
“Anytime bro! It was worth the trip!” he gives me his boyish grin punching me on my shoulder and leaves for Seattle.
Taylor and I will be picking Anastasia up from work and drive to the heliport. We arrive early at the Clayton’s and wait for her to finish her work. She emerges from the sliding double double doors a few minutes after eight o’clock. As soon as she emerges, I get out of the car, and walk to her smoothly smiling warmly. She’s breathtaking in her black low cut jeans and light color shirt. So simple, yet so alluring.
“Good evening Miss Steele,” I breathe softly.
“Mr. Grey,” she responds politely nodding. I open the backseat of the car and let her climb in. She greets Taylor politely, and Taylor replies in kind. I climb in from the other side of the SUV next to her and clasp her hand giving it a gentle squeeze. I feel the jolt of current passing through us as I know she feels the same way about me. I feel her body temperature rise. I ask her how her work day was.
“Very long,” she replies in a needy husky voice almost too low to hear.
 “It’s been a very long day for me as well,” I say seriously without being able to help myself. She is barely able to breathe a question about what I did during the day trying to distract herself from my intense gaze, and I tell her that I went for hiking with Elliot while stroking only her knuckles and making sure to not to touch anywhere else building expectation knowing its sensual affects full well.  I feel her pulse picking up, her breathing sharp and deep. As we reach to the heliport, Taylor parks the car, and I get out of the car to open her door. She takes my proffered hand.
“Ready?” I ask, she nods unable to articulate any words as she appears both excited and nervous. Taylor leaves with the car as I take her hand and head to the elevator to go up to the helipad. As we wait for the elevator the memories of this morning comes flooding back, the air charging between us while the jolt of electricity keeps a steady current through our connected hands. The elevator door dings, and we enter. Her breath hitches also remembering this morning and knowing full well how much she liked it. I find a small smile creeping on my lips as our gazes lock. I would take her right here, but I manage to contain myself.
“It’s only three floors,” I breathe huskily seeing the longing in her eyes. Pretty soon the elevator dings again and we’re on the third floor rooftop. I go into the office to make sure all the preflight checks are completed. Old Joe is sitting at the desk, and informs me that they’ve all been completed. I thank him, and give him a warm smile. Anastasia looks surprised with this small exchange, looking curious.
“Let’s go,” I say making our way toward Charlie Tango, with my company name printed in blue on the side: Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc. I open the door, and seat Anastasia and order her “Sit, and don’t touch anything.” I go back to my pilot’s seat. I turn to Anastasia and strap her in the four-point harness. I tighten both the straps and feel an enormous satisfaction and get incredibly aroused seeing her all strapped.  I am so close to her as I inhale and drink her scent in. All vanilla, outdoors, and woman. She looks at me inquiring. I glance up and smile at her with passion heating up my gaze. She closes her eyes to feebly escape her desire forgetting to breathe.
“You’re now secure, can’t run away,” I whisper in her ear. Her breath hitches once again after getting a glimpse at my passionate gaze.
“Breathe Anastasia,” I say softly, touching and caressing her cheek. I want to linger, but I only press a chaste kiss on her soft luscious lips.
“I like this harness,” I whisper, and she stares at me confused. Hoping she will like it too. I’ll find out tonight.
I point to the cans and tell her to put them on during flight. I go through all the pre-flight checks, clear take off with the air-control tower, and take off towards Seattle. I see Anastasia a little nervous, and she looks at me with her wide blue eyes questioning:

“Do you know what you are doing Christian?” she asks. 
I smile. “I’ve been a fully qualified pilot for four years. You’re safe with me Anastasia,” I say adding, “at least while we’re flying,” and I wink at her playfully. The smile she gives me is dazzling, breathtaking.
She asks me how long it would take to reach Seattle. I tell her about an hour. She looks relieved. She’s concerned of flight safety at night. I tell her that we’re flying in an EC135 Eurocopter; one of the safest in its class which is equipped with night flight.
“There is a helipad on the building where I live which is where we are heading,” I say.
“Of course, there is,” she murmurs in a low voice almost disappointed, sad; her reaction surprises me. Why would she find that upsetting? She glances at me sideways trying to memorize my face as if she's not going to look at it long and she wants to remember it. There is longing in her eyes; desire even. The thought of it and the possibilities makes me pleased, happy.
I turn to her and ask, “Are you okay Anastasia?”
Her answer is short, and clipped, “yes.” I point her to the emerging Seattle silhouette in the night.
“Do you always impress women this way in your helicopter?” she asks. Oh, that's what's bothering her. Though her question brings me up short. I’ve actually never taken any woman in my helicopter, she is a first, like she was the first woman I've ever slept with, or had in my own bed.
“No. I’ve never taken a girl up on Charlie Tango before. My helicopter I mean. You’re experiencing yet another first with me Anastasia,” I answer, looking at her with a renewed sense of reverence.
“Are you impressed?” I find myself asking.
“Christian, I’m amazed. In fact, awed!” She responds.
“Awed?” I want to know more. She’s got my attention, and her words are like litany.  
“Yes,” she sighs, “You’re incredibly able... so.. very competent,” she breathes.
I’m so enamored by her response, and find myself saying “well, thank you Miss Steele. We aim to please,” and can’t help but give her my stupid adolescent grin. She looks happy. She observes that I enjoy flying.
“Yes,” I tell her, “immensely. Because it takes a lot of concentration and control to fly.. How could I not love it?” But then I tell her I like gliding even better.
Seattle looks absolutely stunning in the night light, and I see in her look that she finds it romantic, though I have a pang inside me reminding me I don’t do romance.
I fly through high rise buildings making my way towards Escala. A few minutes later we hover and land on the rooftop of Escala, my building.
“We’re here,” I say softly. In this closed small space, the air is intense between us. She looks excited, nervous, shy and her breathing erratic making me more desirous toward her. I reach over and take her headphones off. I unfasten my seatbelt, and reach over and unfasten hers. My excitement and desire for her are hard to contain. I clench my jaw and my eyes tighten in an effort to contain my emotions I have towards her. I want her, but I want to protect her too.
“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. You know that, right Anastasia?” I say fervently. In a way I’m desperate for her to say no and leave, because God knows I am unable to. I’m hooked on her, she bewitched me with all her being. If she only knew how much I desire her... I can’t keep the wanting and yearning I have for her off my voice or my eyes. He speaks calmly and with conviction:
“I would never do anything I don’t want to do Christian.”
I nod, and breathe an inner sigh of relief and say, “okay,” softly and barely audible. I still eye her warily, torn between keeping her here, and not letting her go, and taking her back to Portland, and leave her with her innocence intact and ignorant of my dark world. But then I’ve never desired anyone as much as I have of her right this moment! She takes my breath away. She looks at me with determined, and hopeful blue eyes which breaks away the last bit of all my shattered resistance and I melt.
I open my door and get out. I duck and quickly walk to her side, and open her door wrapping my arms tightly around her pulling her down from the helicopter and tigh against me. It’s windy up on the rooftop, and I have to shout to be heard, “Come!” I say.  The wind is strong, and I have to drag her to the elevator shaft, and punch in my number on the keypad. The door opens and I’ll pull her in. Once in the elevator, I tap in the code to my penthouse. She stares at the mirrored walls of the elevator gazing at our infinite reflection with admiration, and awe.
The elevator takes a short time to reach my penthouse and the door slides open. We enter into my all white foyer adorned with a dark wood table with fresh flowers, making a grand statement. My choice of exquisite paintings of Madonna and child adorning the walls. She gazes at them as she did the painting in my office wall on her first visit to interview me. I open the double doors and enter into the main living room though it’s more of a statement than an ordinary living room. The walls are double height and all white, with the outer glass walls allowing entry to a wide balcony overlooking the exquisite skyline of the city of Seattle.  
I have an oversized U shaped sofa in the main living area facing the open kitchen. The fireplace is also lit giving an ambient, sensual and warm feeling.
“Can I take your jacket Anastasia?” I ask softly. She shakes her head; she still seems cold. I want to warm her, but I divert myself by asking her if she would like a drink. She looks both confused, and amused. I raise my eyebrows slightly and tell her that I’d have a glass of white wine, and ask her if she’d like her to join me.
“Yes please,” she responds shyly. I tell her my choice of white wine, and ask her if she would be okay with that choice.
“Christian, I don’t know anything about wine. Whatever you are drinking would be fine,” she says hesitantly. She’s innocent and inexperienced in every way my conscience tells me. I nod, and pour her a glass.  She’s too quiet. Is she having second thoughts? One part of me wishes that she is, and the other part desires her more than anything. But I have to ask and this has to be her choice.
“You are too quiet Anastasia, pale in fact. Are you alright? Hungry?” I ask probing.
She shakes her head in the negative.
“You have quite a place here Christian. Very big,” she remarks absently.  
“Big?” I amuse.
“Yes, very,” she responds. When she notices the piano she asks me if I play.
“Yes, I do,” I respond my gaze locked on her like a hawk’s. I’m intent, and desirous, and enamored with her. With this innocent, beautiful girl who is barely aware of her own enticement.
“Is there anything you can’t do?” she remarks nearly sadly, as if I am unreachable.
“Few things...” I say. “Would you like to sit Anastasia?” I ask her inviting her to the sofa. She sits and with a gleam she smiles. I’m curious to know what is going through her mind right this minute. She’s so closed to me. I work hard to read her body language. She’s unlike anyone I’ve met.
“What amused you Ana?” I remark quietly sitting close to her near enough to touch. I sit back propping my elbow behind me.
“Why did you give me the Tess of the D’Urbervilles books Christian?” she asks intently. She’s hard to read as her question takes me by surprise.
“I gathered you liked Hardy and I owed you a warning about myself. That was the only way I could think of. Either to hold you to an impossible ideal like Angel Clare, or to a complete debasement like Alec D’Urberville,” (Darcy and Elizabeth dance scene and music) I murmur slowly my gaze flickering with my inner desire laden with dark sensuality.
“If you are only offering me two choices Christian, I will take the debasement,” she whispers to me biting her lip and completely shocking me. Her words and the sight of her with her lip in the clasp of her teeth hitches my breath and I have to take an audible gasp to gather my senses. She leaves me in complete awe of her. I shake my head and speak intently, “Please stop biting your lip Anastasia! It’s completely distracting me. You don’t know what you are really asking here,” I say still hoping that she says no.
“I’m here aren’t I?” she says determined.
“Yes you are,” I say unable to resist her anymore and hold my finger, “would you hold on for a minute please?” I say excusing myself. She has made her choice, and I’m already putty in her hands. I go to my office and print the Non-Disclosure Agreement my assistant Andrea emailed me earlier. I come back to the living room with the document, and hand it to her saying, “Ana, this is an NDA, a non-disclosure agreement. Seeing as who I am, my lawyer insists on having one signed.” I look at her determined, and tell her “if you are going for debasement, you need to sign this.”
“What if I don’t want to sign it?” she counters me.
“That would be fine,” I say noticing a tinge of disappointment lacing my voice, but I steady myself and add, “in that case, it’ll be the Angel Clare high ideals, and most of the book for you.”
“What is this NDA for? I guess, I don’t know what it means.”
“It simply means that you can’t talk about you and me and what goes between us, to anyone, about anything. Ever. At all...” I say clearly. A range of emotions crosses her face: A look of disbelief, surprise, fear, and finally curiosity.
“Alright, I will sign,” she says and proffers her hand to receive the pen from me. I extend the pen to her meanwhile still unable to hide my surprised face from her.
“Aren’t you going to read first?” I ask shocked.
“Nope,” she says determined.
“Why not?” I ask. I feel the need to chide her, this is not a good practice if she is signing papers without reading, "Anastasia, you must always read what you sign!"
“Well,” she says exasperated, “clearly Christian, this piece of paper,” holding the NDA in her hand like a piece of undesired accoutrement to get rid of, “means more to you and your lawyer - whom apparently you talked to about me - than it is to me. I wasn’t intending to disclose ‘us’ to anyone anyway. So whether I sign this piece of paper stating I won’t talk about the two of us is a moot point. I won’t talk! Not even to my best friend Kate,” she states completely disarming me.
“Fair point well made Anastasia,” I say completely beguiled.
She signs her name in the dotted lines in an exaggerated fashion, hands me back the NDA, and takes a large swig of the glass of wine nearly downing the whole thing. I see that she’s trying to gather courage and finally speaks her mind:
“Since I’ve signed your NDA, does it mean that you’ll make love to me tonight Christian?” she asks and immediately looks regretful and flushing. My jaw drops open completely shocked at her words. She manages to shock me! I, Christian Grey who doesn’t get taken easily is shocked by this innocent girl's words! But I gather my senses and respond.
“No, it doesn’t Anastasia. Let me clarify something. I don’t make love. Ever. Never have. I fuck... hard. Besides, you will have to sign more paperwork, and also, you still don’t know what you are in for.” I gaze at her. “Once you learn, I’m afraid you may still run as far away from me as possible. So, I have to get to the point and show you what I mean. Come. See my playroom.” I say finally determined to let the chips fall where they may.
“Playroom? Are we going to play Wii, or Xbox?” she asks me surprised, and I can’t help but let out laughter. That’s the furthest thing from my mind.
“No Ana. None of those things. Come and see,” I say and gently thug her hand and lead her to the corridor and to upstairs where my playroom is located. I take my key out to the playroom which always remains locked. I take a deep breath, and give her one last warning, “you can still leave Anastasia. If you so desire, I can send you wherever you want to go; my helicopter is on standby, or stay the night and go home in the morning. Whatever you decide is fine.”
She gives me an exasperated look, and scolds, “Oh, just shut up and open the damn door Christian!” completely disarming me and leaving me breathless.  I open the door and let her in.
More to come...


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