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BOOK IV - Chapter XIII - Christian and Anastasia Fan Fiction




This is Anastasia’s first time at GEH since she first came to interview me. When the elevator dings open office staff jumps to their feet.

“Welcome Mr. Grey,” Andrea says as soon as I exit the elevator. After seeing Anastasia I tug behind me with our hands linked, her eyes widen in surprise. “Mrs. Grey! We weren’t expecting you. Welcome to GEH!” Andrea greets my wife, if a little flustered. Anastasia's gaze narrows on her.

“Mrs. Grey can and will show up anytime she wishes at the Grey House or anytime I desire her to come with me. You don’t have a problem with it, do you?”

“Of course not, sir! I apologize if I gave any other indication. We’re very pleased to see you Mrs. Grey,” she responds blushing profusely.

Anastasia comes to her rescue by responding. “Thank you Andrea,” then turning to me, she asks, “shall we, Christian?”

“We shall, Mrs. Grey,” I reply smiling at my wife. “Andrea, what time is the meeting?”

“It’s in 30 minutes sir. But, Ros wanted to see you beforehand. Will you be staying here late sir?”
“I don’t know yet. I will go to the meeting, and see Ros. I have not yet decided how late I’ll stay today.”

“Yes, sir. Shall I call Ros to come and see you?”

“Maybe in five minutes,” I say and tug my wife behind me possessively. The envious and curious looks of my employees surreptitiously follow our departure. I can feel their gaze on our linked hands, my possessiveness as well as the way Anastasia is drawn to me. I can also feel the admiring male eyes scanning and assessing my wife's assets. Taylor opens the door to my office and sweeping my wife up into my arms to her giggling surprise as well as my office employees, I walk Anastasia through the threshold of my office. Taylor holds the door, waiting for my command. I turn to look at him, and for a brief second our gazes lock as he receives his non-verbal order and he remains behind, closing the door after I cross into my office. After Anastasia’s surprise subsides, she knowingly smiles.

“Why Mr. Grey, shouldn’t you have carried me through the threshold of the elevator? Technically, this is your floor.”

“Mrs. Grey, the building and the company is mine, but this is the heart of all GEH operations, where all decisions are made. This is where the master of this universe dwells. I carried you to the heart of operations which is basically the same thing,” I say  smiling.

Anastasia’s gaze slips from my face realizing her smiling oversized picture that Jose took proudly displayed on the wall.  It has a more prominent place than the Trouton’s art, now.

“Oh, Christian,” she says burying her face to my chest. “How could you stand that overtaking image in your office? It's so big... With all the people coming here to do business with you,” she says without finishing her word, she shudders.

“I love looking at your smiling picture Anastasia,” I chide her. “You’re my wife, and I’m proud to show it to others that this beautiful woman is mine!”

“Don’t you get tired of looking at it?”

“I crave for you. I long to see you all day, and can’t go without hearing your voice for a few hours. You’re the center of my universe. Everything I do is for you. How could I tire of my reason for being, Ana?” I whisper as I lower my lips covering hers. Her arms wrap around my neck. She parts her lips slightly, sighing, in response to my gentle touch; our breaths comingle, the effect of it overtakes me. My wife’s lips are red and moist, and her instant arousal causes her rapid breathing, making me hard instantly. God! I’m one breath away from being turned on, a halfcocked gun in the sight of my wife. I want to devour her. The gentle kiss molding our lips to each other is soon accompanied by my tongue thrusting rhythmically into my wife’s warm inviting mouth. The fierce desire I have for her sometimes inconveniently gives me an erection. And right now, I am turned on. Anastasia kisses me lasciviously, desperately in fact causing me to be mindless with my need for her.

Then we hear Andrea’s disembodied voice over the intercom.

“Mr. Grey, Ros is here to see you, sir.”

Our breathing is quick, unison, our lips are melded into one other, our tongue tango is continues. Once our kiss ceases, the need for one another is only increased tenfold, not subsided; not even the edge is taken. We only part our lips when we’re both breathless. I kiss the edge of her mouth, and then her hand.

“I’m not done with you Mrs. Grey. But for now, we have business to conduct. I’m actually anxious to show you what we do here,” I say. I put her down on the ground. She looks down at my bulge in front of my pants.

“We’ll have to do something about that Mr. Grey. I feel like I’m neglecting my wifely duties,” she says pursing her lips. “Maybe when you’re running your universe, sitting on your desk, and playing with your millions, commanding and taming the business world, I will tame your erection, and suck you off,” she says her hand gently rubs the growing tent before me, and attempts to walk away to get to a seat. I grab her by the wrist and pull her to me.

“What are you doing to me, Anastasia?” I say as I fiercely kiss her again. “You’re going to unman me,” I breathe against her lips. And closing my eyes, I put my forehead against hers, and hold her hand finally, and walk her to a seat across from my desk.

“Today. You will fulfill your word today, baby,” I whisper, my words are both a threat and a promise. Seating my wife, I walk behind my desk. My eyes are still dark with lascivious intent, my erection still full; I sit.

Hitting the button on the intercom, “Send Ros in, Andrea,” I say; my gaze is still locked on my wife.

The door opens, and Ros walks in.

“Mr. Grey, thank you for coming in today…” she says, but upon noticing Anastasia, her step falters in surprise.

“Mrs. Grey, what a nice surprise!” she chimes, positively delighted to see her. “Will you be here all afternoon?”

“Yes, my wife is going to accompany me today, Ros,” I say. Ros hears the tone in my voice that Anastasia is going to be a part of the business today.

“Well, I’m delighted! Welcome, Mrs. Grey! How have you been feeling since you got out of the hospital? I’m so sorry by the way. We were all worried,” she says genuinely.

“I’m well, thank you, Ros!” Anastasia replies.  

Ros takes a seat across from me. “Is this about the meeting with the engineering team?”

“No, actually not,” she says looking at Anastasia.

“You can talk to me with my wife present,” I say arching my eyebrows.

“Alright… We need to talk about sending the second part of payroll and expense account to Taiwan.”

“I thought you wanted to send the 50% first, and wait another six months for the other part of 50%. What changed?” I ask leaning back in my chair, my elbows perched on the arms of my chair; my hands are steepled before me.

“We have deposited $110 million already. But the shipyard needs to meet our standards. I spoke to the shipyard manager. We need to do some fitting to customize it for our needs. Our inspector has already been there. But we need to send our the shipyard manager here along with Warren to Taiwan to see exactly what is needed, and how the money should be spent, how much the fittings will cost, and whether some of tools can be shipped from our current shipyard to save cost. The repairs have already begun. I think it’s best to have the money managed in Taiwan to save from the taxes here, because it’s already earmarked for that shipyard’s payroll and as you know we’ve discussed allocating another $100 million for the necessary repairs. I need to have boots on the ground to watch the cost so everything is being spent as it is intended.”

I tap my fingers on my desk contemplating. Anastasia’s eyes widen as we speak in terms of large sums of cash. She says nothing, but looks at me with a little awe, a little admiration, a little intimidation, and a whole a lot of lust. I keep my eyes on Ros to keep my erection under control.

“What are you suggesting? You need to go to Taiwan?”

“I was going to suggest that you go and inspect the shipyard for yourself, and talk to the bank, the managers, and inspect the employees. You are more intimidating than I but then again maybe we should go together because, one of us is a tropical storm, but both of us combined create a hurricane.” What she is saying is true of course, but, I don’t know if it’s a good idea to go to Taiwan when my wife is pregnant and sick. I have to wait till she’s better so I can take her with me. Or, just send Ros and Warren.

“I’ll talk to the shipyard manager tonight then. I’ll think about Taiwan,” I say looking at Anastasia. My wife always denies me when I when I want to take her someplace, making her work an excuse. With Linc on the loose, and when she’s having violent episodes of morning sickness, getting her out of my sight is the last thing I want to do.

“When would you have to go if you do decide to go?” Anastasia asks.

“I have not decided to go yet, Anastasia,” I respond.

“Ros?” Anastasia asks ignoring me.

“In two weeks, but that’s not set in stone yet. If Warren and I go this time, we can buy some time for Mr. Grey to go in about month and a half time. This will allocate enough time to make the changes we want in the shipyard to get it fully operational with our company standards,” she responds oblivious to my rising controlled anger for being bypassed.

“Do you want to go with Ros in two weeks?” Anastasia asks.

“Anastasia, I won’t be able to make this decision now since you have been in the hospital only recently. Your well-being is more important. Knowing I have capable employees who are amply paid,” I enunciate, “they ought to be able to resolve any problems that may arise since the business deal has already been struck. If I do go, it will be later rather than sooner,” I say without blinking.

“I’m going to send you the financial forecast. I have reached the conclusion earlier than I had anticipated which is why I’m recommending transferring the funds sooner. But since we already have half of the funds there earmarked for the payroll, I would really recommend at least transferring the repair and restructuring funds.”

“I need to look at the reports, but I agree on the repair funds. I want to speak with the dock manager this evening. They’re fifteen hours ahead of us. Make sure he’s at hand to receive my call. On the second thought…” I say pausing, “don’t. I’ll make it an impromptu call. Don’t give him a chance to be prepared."

“Mr. Grey, your engineering team is assembled and waiting for you in the Meeting Room 4, please,” Andrea says through the intercom.

“We’ll be there in a few minutes. Make sure you bring club soda and Saltine crackers for Mrs. Grey’s seat. She hasn’t eaten much today.”

“Crackers, sir?” Andrea asks confused.

“Yes, Andrea, crackers! Saltines, specifically. That’s what she likes.”

Ros’s eyes narrow on me, scrutinizing. It hasn’t dawned on her yet, but her gears are turning in her head.

Without giving Ros a chance to discover my wife’s pregnancy, I rise from my seat to my considerable height. My erection is tame enough to not to create a tent. Buttoning my custom made navy blue Brioni jacket, I walk around my desk with the agility I’m accustomed, and extend my hand to my wife. She takes it, allowing me to pull her to her feet. I feel a thrill course through me with the prospect of showing off my gorgeous wife by my side earmarking my possession of her. With Anastasia’s hand safely in mine, I walk through the lobby. I can feel the employees stand up to get a glance of my wife with me. Anastasia is a sight to behold. Taylor and Sawyer both follow us and when we get to the meeting room, Taylor opens the door up. My team of engineers stands up as our group enters. Taylor and Sawyer take the opposite corners to cover the entire room. Ros takes the seat to my left side. All eyes on the table turns to me and to my wife then surreptitiously glance at our linked hands.

“Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you my wife, Mrs. Anastasia Grey? She’ll be joining us during our meeting today,” I announce. Then I introduce each team member’s name to Anastasia who stands up, greets Anastasia and she greets and smiles back at them. I take the head of the table after I seat my wife to my right. Her club soda and crackers are on a plate.

“I’m told that you finally have a breakthrough in the winding and solar technology on the cellular phones we’re trying to create. What do you have so far and how is it different than what you have shown me?” I ask.

Andrew, my chief engineer clears his throat.

“Mr. Grey, we have three different prototypes. One utilizes only solar energy, the other utilizes winding technology, and third one utilizes both. The main issue was being able to utilize the solar energy and the surface in which to do it. We have examined leaves of a tree, and how it absorbs the solar energy and utilizes small spaces to do the photosynthesis. We tried to apply what we have discovered into the PV batteries which of course are not as efficient as we would have like them to be…”

Anastasia cuts him, interested in the topic. “What are PV batteries and how are they utilized in this cell phone?” she asks taking one of the prototypes into her hand. I look at my wife proudly for taking interest in something that’s near and dear to my heart: clean energy.

“Good question ma’am. PV cell is basically the single-crystal silicon cell. Silicon has some special chemical properties in its crystalline form. You see ma’am, a silicon atom has 14 electrons arranged in three different shells,” he says and Anastasia blinks lost in the first mention of electrons.

“Let me explain it in another way ma’am. Leaves for example are reaction centers that carry out the chemistry necessary to make the energy useful. We realized that on a bright sunny day, there are more than 100 million billion red and blue colored photons strike a leaf each second. Under these conditions the plants need to be able to both utilize the energy that’s required for growth as well as get rid of the excess energy that can be harmful. In short ma’am, plants know how to quickly harvest energy and in a regulated manner which we discovered are two key features in natural light-harvesting systems.

So it was down to utilizing correct energy circuits that could control, regulate, direct and amplify raw solar energy by man-made pigments and thus preventing the loss of energy before it was utilized. So, the surface which we utilized to harvest the solar energy was crucial. We’ve come up with a few different methods. One was directly on the phone but we realized it was impractical. You could heat up the circuits inside which could harm the phone and it was counterproductive. In the end, we’ve created a charging utility that is removable such as a case, and even a smaller solar charger which the user could plug and the small solar panel could even be attached to a backpack, or a surface receiving direct or indirect sunlight. The charge would hold 8 hours. Our goal is to store this longer periods of time so the user could go on without charging for 24 hours. We have accomplished that. Because solar energy is abundant, even on cloudy days, it will be possible to charge a cellphone battery.” He says grinning.

Anastasia looks excited.

“How about this one? How does this winding one works?” she asks holding a cell phone with a crank attached in the bottom. Her hand absently reaches to the plate and she takes a Saltine cracker, and nibbles on it.

My engineering team is more than eager to explain how their creation works to my wife as if they are just given their most favorite pupil. Anastasia’s enthusiasm turns me on in a different way. I feel a certain normalcy and something beyond. There’s awe in my wife towards my personal cause, and the same awe is reflected in my team of engineers towards my wife. She’s approachable, curious, interested, and inquisitive.

Halfway through the meeting, I’m unable to take my gaze away from my wife who somehow takes the lead with her curiosity asking everyone questions. My engineers are eager and competitive to accommodate her, and answer her questions. I’m not sure how to take this yet. Is it their awe of her, or my wife’s natural allure every man is captivated in?

When Ros examines the schematics and starts asking questions about cost of production, distribution, and the product’s marketability, Anastasia leans towards me and whispers, “Christian, where’s the restroom?”

“Are you ill?” I ask quickly giving a once over her face.

She slightly shakes her head, her eyes almost forbidding me to ask. Why?

“I’ll take you to my office. I have a private bathroom.”

“Sawyer or Taylor can show me the way. Finish your meeting,” she whispers then stands up abruptly. Damn! She doesn't listen.

I follow suit, and get up immediately. All heads turn to our direction, looking at us quizzically.

“Ros, why don’t you finish the meeting?” I say. Anastasia is already making her way to the door quickly muttering a thank you behind her. Sawyer runs after her, and I quickly dash after the duo with confused faces looking behind us.

Taylor runs ahead immediately, opening the door and leads Anastasia towards my private bathroom.

“Wait outside,” I order to both firmly, and follow Anastasia into the bathroom locking the door.

“Ana! Are you sick? What’s wrong?”

“Christian could you wait outside? I need some privacy. I need to go to bathroom.”

“You’re not throwing up?”

“No, I’m not. I’ve just consumed two bottles of club soda. I have to go,” she says pressing her legs together. I give a sigh of relief.

“Go then. I’ll just turn my back just in case you don’t feel well.” She rolls her eyes.

“Christian, please! I don’t stand there when you’re going!”

“Baby, you can stand there all you want. I’ve no qualms about you watching me doing anything.”

“Agghh! You’re incorrigible!” All of a sudden, I’m back to the day she woke up in the hospital, and I have no desire of leaving her for a second.

“Christian, I promise, I’m not sick. Just wait outside the door! I can’t go when you’re watching!”

“I told you I’ll turn my back Ana. Just do it!”

“Fine! Just this once. Turn your back!” she orders rolling her eyes again.

“Don’t tempt me, wife,” I say grinning.

“You’re no gentleman, Mr. Grey!”

“I never claimed to be a gentleman! I’m just a concerned husband who is madly in love with his wife.”

Anastasia is done with her business. I turn my back to see her after I hear the sound of running water.

“All done, Mr. Grey, and without getting sick. But I don’t wanna jinx it!”

“Come,” I say taking her hand. “Are you hungry? You haven’t had much other than breakfast, some broth and crackers. She makes a grimacing face.

“We’ll order in. What’s your pleasure?”’

“You,” she says her lips curving up with the semblance of a smile.

“Why Mrs. Grey, I aim to fulfill all your appetites, but I believe our baby is hungry right now,” I say and as if on cue her stomach growls.

“I don’t want to eat right now Christian. I had a lot of crackers,” she says.

“Baby, don’t flirt with the devil. You’ll only get burnt,” I whisper. “You know how I feel about you not eating. Besides, I will hand feed you if I have to, Anastasia. Crackers are to calm your stomach. Food is for you and our baby,” I say placing my hand over her belly. She takes in a shuddered breath.

“In that case, Mr. Grey, perhaps we can reach an agreement,” she says licking her lips.

“Anastasia, I don’t negotiate when it comes to your well-being baby, especially when you’re being disobedient,” I say raising my eyebrows.

“But Mr. Grey. You know I’ve been a bad girl by not obeying your orders to eat,” she whispers in a husky voice, then first licks and then bites her lower lip. “I think I ought to be punished. Maybe on my knees under your desk while you rule the universe.”

My breath hisses through my teeth. “Anastasia, you’re going to unman me, baby. But as it happens, it is one of my fantasies, and there are a dozen surfaces in this office alone I’d like to fuck you. Let me feed you first, wife…” I murmur tilting her chin up to face me. Tell me what would you like to eat?”

“Maybe clam chowder in sourdough bread bowl and spring mix salad.”

“Okay. I’ll have it brought in.” I take my Blackberry out and press Taylor’s number on speed dial.

“Yes, sir,” he answers.

“Taylor, I need you to pick up two orders of clam chowder soup in sourdough bread bowls and spring mix salad…” Then turning to Anastasia I ask, “Baby, would you like desert?”

“Yes,” she mouths, but it’s not the kind Taylor could order from the restaurant menu. My gaze darkens in her response.

“That will be all Taylor.”

“Mr. Grey, Ros is at the door. She wants to drop the samples with you so you can take a better look at them. Is this a good time for her to come in?” I roll my eyes.

“Send her in.”

“I’ll be back in thirty minutes sir. Sawyer is here if you need anything.”

“Thanks Taylor.”

*****  *****

I watch Anastasia all through our meal to see if she’s feeling sick, weak or tired. She seems to have recovered her appetite, and finishes all her soup and the bread bowl. She also consumes all her salad, then eyes, my half eaten bread bowl that I'm still working on eating.

“Are you going to finish that?” she asks with her last bite in her mouth. Generally I’m always the first one to finish a meal, and never leave a crumb on my plate. But, Anastasia’s appetite has recovered and she seems to be hungry still. I grin, and break a piece of my sourdough bowl and feed it to her. She chews it and closes her eyes savoring the taste.

“More?” I ask smiling.

“Yes, please.”

I take another piece, dipping it in the soup on the bottom of the bowl, dipping my finger along with the piece of bread. When I pop the soupy bread into Anastasia’s mouth, her lips capture my finger with soup, and sucks on it. My cock twitches in response. My gaze darkens.

“Behave, Mrs. Grey,” I whisper in a husky voice.

“Maybe I don’t want to behave,” she challenges back. “Besides, food is gone, and you still haven’t offered me my desert.”

“Not yet. I’m the host, Mrs. Grey. I will give you what you want, but right now, I want to show my wife, our company,” I say. I want to make sure that the food she just consumed doesn’t want to come back up. I want my wife good and ready, and craving me.

“I want my desert now,” she pouts.

“Delayed gratification. Think how much more you’ll want me, not knowing when, what or how you’re getting it, Mrs. Grey,” I whisper by her ear.

“Besides, I wanted to show you GEH when you first came to see me, but you ran off. This is my second chance to show it to you. And,” I lower my voice, my pupils dilating, my voice is taking a deep carnal tone, “You were all thumbs trying to set up that damned recorder on my Bauhaus coffee table,” I murmur pointing. “Even though your fumbling and uncoordination would have irritated the fuck out of me if it was anyone else, but there was something about you made me think it was endearing, that pulled me to you. I wanted to prolong your stay as much as possible. I was thinking all kinds of ways I could utilize to tame your skittishness.” I say rubbing her cheek.

“Then you did something. You peeked up at me, and bit down your bottom lip… like you’re doing now,” I say tugging her chin off. “It hit me like a train wreck. I noticed your lovely, kissable, fuckable mouth.”

“Christian!” she gasps.

“Once you were done setting the damned thing up, you looked up at me with your big blue eyes. You asked me some inconsequential question. Then you looked at me disapprovingly, not pleased with my answer.”

“All I remember was that your gaze, your simple movements, your lip, the way you sat in your chair and the intensity of your gaze was making me squirm. I was mesmerized with you, Christian. Couldn’t take my eyes off you, but then again, the intensity of your gaze, the confidence, arrogance, and the mastery in which you carried yourself intimidated me. I couldn’t look at you.”

“I remember. You lowered your gaze, and said ‘yes sir,’ shocking me in one hand, then called me a control freak, breaking through all my barriers, seeing me as I was. You saw though me, baby!” I say in awe. Her genuine smile is big.

“You told me you exercise control in all things, and I felt the effect of your words clenching me right here,” she says, placing her hand right over her abdomen.

The Way You Make me Feel - Michael Jackson ft. Britney Spears

“Then you gave me the biggest shock of my life by asking if I was gay, right there,” I say walking her toward the seating area. “I had the urge to drag you out of your seat, bend you across my knee that very moment, and spank the living shit out of you. I wanted to tie your hands behind your back, bend your glowing pink ass gloriously on my desk with your legs spread wide apart, your sex dripping wet and hungry, presented for my cock, your beautiful hair wrapped around my wrist pulled back, I wanted to fuck the hell out of you just to show you how not gay I was!” I hiss though my teeth, my blood boiling as if the memory was just yesterday.

“I’m up for it now!” Anastasia breathes her chest heaving up and down, completely turned on.

“All in good time, baby. I want to show you our company right now.”

“Christian!” she chides me. “You can’t just seduce me like that, and leave me hot and bothered.” I give her a lascivious smile.

“Baby, I waited for a couple of weeks just to get my due for being unjustly called, ‘gay’ and to prove you my heterosexual tendencies.”

She pouts. “You’re not intending to make me suffer for weeks are you, Mr. Grey?” she asks frowning. “Because, I might positively catch fire. With my cravings, I believe you’re obligated taking care of my hunger, Mr. Grey. Or are you deliberately forgetting doctor’s orders?”

“I forget nothing about you Anastasia. I will take care of you, I promise, but give me this. I’ve waited a long time to show you my second best accomplishment.”

She frowns. “Second best?”

“You, my dear wife, you’re my best accomplishment. Marrying you was the best endeavor I ever accomplished. Come,” I say pulling her hand. Show my wife what we have together.

Andrea and the new intern jumps to their feet. Olivia’s internship nearly ended when she disclosed Anastasia and my engagement to a paparazzi which ended up Anastasia being harassed. Her internship is over, but I can’t have incompetence in my office staff. She’s not retained here. I don’t tolerate mistakes; especially those that hurt my wife are unforgivable.

“Who was that other girl with Andrea? She didn’t look like the other assistant you had.”

“That’s because Olivia’s internship ended. That was another intern, Janelyn.”

“Another one of your blondes,” she mutters.

“They’re not my blondes. The only woman that belongs to me here, or anyplace else is you, Anastasia. They’re my employees,” I say, realizing my woman is going to be very bothered by the time we finish the company tour. The hotter and more bothered we both are, the more intense the pleasure for both of us. But waiting is the torture we must endure for the price of that pleasure.”

*****  *****
“I didn’t realize how many people worked for you in this building alone,” Anastasia comments awed.

“I employ over 40,000 people in the U.S. and we are acquiring another workforce that’s going to increase our workforce by nearly a third.”

“So many people’s livelihood depends on you Christian. I’m in awe of you,” she says looking up at me reverentially. “And when you were getting your Taiwan deal going, you managed to stay in Portland with me when I was waiting word on Ray, then waited for me at the hospital, and took care of me at home. You’re still taking care of me. Right now…” she says realizing. I’m always watching out for her. For her needs; her well-being. Everything I do is for her and for our baby.

“It’s because, you’re my reason for being, for existing. You’re the center of my universe, Anastasia. You have no idea what I wouldn’t do for you…” I whisper leaning down.

When I look up and get my bearing to see where we are, I realize we’re across from the lobby and by the elevators.

“Come,” I tug her hand after me.

Andrea jumps up with the new intern. 

“Mr. Grey. You have a phone call scheduled to Taiwan in 30 minutes.” I check the time. It’s passed 6:30 p.m.

“Current time in Taiwan is 9:31 a.m. their local time, sir.”

“Connect the call in at 7:00 p.m., then you can both go home Andrea.”

“We can stay later if you need our assistance, sir,” she says bristling with efficiency. Anastasia’s hand tightens in mine, and she draws even closer. Being bothered is getting to her. Her eyes are impassive, gazing at Andrea; however, Anastasia is anything but.

“On the second thought, connect me with the Shipyard manager in ten minutes, and then you two can go. I can take it from here.”

“Yes, Mr. Grey,” Andrea responds. Both Sawyer and Taylor are waiting at the entrance to the lobby. Taylor looks up, when our gazes lock; he knows he’s not to let anyone in.

“Come on Mrs. Grey,” I say and pull Anastasia into my office. I close and lock the door behind me.

“So, Mrs. Grey…” I say turning around but she cuts me off.

“Mr. Grey, I am at unease with the eager help you are getting here. I mean your assistants are just chomping at the bit to please you. I don’t know if I should be happy, or jealous of the service they’re providing you,” she says mock chiding me. She turns to take a step forward, but I catch her waist. “Your Stepford blondes are…”

“They’re not my blondes. They’re my employees. They’re required to be efficient, prompt, effective in their jobs and be at hand until I dismiss them. They’re paid very well for the job they perform. You, on the other hand are my wife. You’ve nothing to worry…”

“Of course I do, Mr. Grey,” she says biting her lip. My gaze darkens. This is her game. Her hand caresses over my silver silk tie which I put on deliberately today, then grasping the tie at the tail, she pulls it, coaxing me to walk forward towards my desk as she pulls me along.  She grabs one of the plush pillows on the way to my desk.

 She then pushes me into my seat, tosses the pillow under my desk leisurely and then climbs onto my desk sitting right in front of me, swinging her legs. Then she places her feet in Louboutin stilettos on my chair and right between my legs, effectively keeping them apart. Her glorious legs are displayed; her flowy skirt slides up to her thighs and her black lace panties are now showcasing how hungry her sex is for me.

“Anaaa,” I hiss her name in a carnal breath.

“Certain promises were made earlier this afternoon, Mr. Grey, and I think I can prove you that I too, am very efficient.” My gaze narrows on her, I study and asses my wife who is insatiably ravenous for me. She wants to play. The thought makes me more desirous for her.

“Although, I had to run out of the meeting unexpectedly, I had a very good excuse Mr. Grey,” she says sighing.

“We don’t give second chances, and excuses are not tolerated here, Mrs. Grey,” I respond my voice is effectively forbidding.

“I know Mr. Grey, but I would really like you to reconsider. You see, even though I have been a rowdy assistant on trial today by leaving the meeting before it came to conclusion, I’d like to remind you that I am exceptionally good at my job, and you really should give me an opportunity to show you how excellent I can be in performing the services you require of me.”

My pupils dilate, and my gaze darkens in our role play. “Mrs. Grey, I believe the position is already filled by a very capable, devastatingly beautiful woman who I’m madly in love with. And, I don’t take advice from employees in what course of action I should take with them. This has never been my practice. What say you to that?”

She pouts her lips, and bites her lower lip. After undoing three buttons of her shirt, I can now see her sexy engorged breasts nestled in her black lacy bra cups. Her hands leisurely slide over her shirt, finally coming to rest and curl at the edge of my desk. She leans back slightly. That simple action thrusts her breasts forward. Her heavy lids slowly lift up, and there’s nothing but libidinous desire in them.

“Can’t you find it in your heart to give me another chance, Sir? I looove my job, and simply in love with my boss’s boss’s boss. I am the woman made for that position. You just don’t recognize me. Have I changed that much, Sir?” An involuntarily breath whistles through my teeth.

“I do love ambition, enthusiasm, drive, inventiveness, and vigorous initiative, Mrs. Grey. Maybe I should this one time exploit the skills you seem to possess.”

 “Thank you, Sir. I’d like to cement my position as the number one woman in all venues after my demonstration,” she says as the toe of her shoe caresses over my impatient erection. The disembodied voice from the intercom jumps us both.

“Mr. Grey, I have Mr. Lung Shyn, the Taipei Shipyard Manager on line one. I apologize for the delay sir. He was overseeing the dismantling one of the 20 ton cranes.” I frown. This is unexpected. But my gaze is still on my wife. She slides down off my desk.

“Thank you, Andrea. You and Janelyn can go home now,” I say without a hitch on my distant, I’m-your-boss-and-your-commander tone.

“Good evening Mr. Grey.”

“Anastasia,” I hiss with my gaze full of carnal intent, my eyes dark, heated. I rise from my seat, and grasping her hair, I fix her head in the angle I desire, and kiss her long, and hard. Her hand reaches over my pants, wrapping her fingers around my rigid cock.

“My ravenous woman, bent on unmanning me,” I breathe into her lips.

“I want this,” she whispers. “I want to be the only one pleasing you at all times,” she says with a desperate plea. Did she get jealous of my assistant and the intern?  The only time her demeanor changed was when Andrea and Janelyn were asking if they should stay longer. Did that bother her? That another woman, an employee is asking to fulfill a task, a duty? It’s absurd. They work for me. I require them to work late and long hours so I can be with Anastasia.

“Ana, you are the only woman pleasing me. They’re just employees. You are my everything. My world, my universe, the love of my existence. Believe it or not, baby, I want you to do this. I want you to show me how much you want me…” I hiss, cupping her face. “I take anything from your hand, and your lips. And I’ll give you anything you desire of me,” I growl.

Muse - Undisclosed Desires

I sink back into my chair and pick up the phone.

“Grey, here,” I greet as my molten gaze follow Anastasia’s slow descent to the floor.

“Mr. Grey, this is Lung Shyn. I’m sorry you had to call me at a late hour for you. Had I known, I’d have waited here late last night for you to call me at an appropriate time for you. How can I be of service today, sir?”

Anastasia’s hands unbuckle my belt, and my zipper is lowered. Her hand dips into my boxers, and her fingers immediately curls around my pulsing erection. I want to hiss out a breath forcefully, but I control myself to let it out slowly. She inserts both hands into my boxers skimming around my waistband trying to pull my pants down to have full access to my erection. I grin, and lifting my butt off the seat, I give her the access she needs.

“I hear that you’re dismantling one of the 20 ton cranes, Shyn. I wasn’t made aware of that. Why is it being taken out of commission?” I ask as Anastasia’s hands squeeze my buttocks. I grin in response.

“Yes, sir. That’s because the inspector Miss Bailey had sent said that one of the 20 ton cranes were not compliant with OSHA safety rules. Although we do not practice OSHA here, GEH does. Therefore we are complying with everything you require us to do,” he explains.

Meanwhile Anastasia holds me with both hands. One hand at the root of my cock, the other cupping my sack. Her warm, wet lips descend on the plush head, covering it. Then she sucks ever so gently. Her tongue moves over the tip, rubbing, and licking. The sensation flares and sets my blood on fire, coursing through my veins, curling my toes. My right hand grips the phone with such a force that I feel the blood drain from it. Her tongue pulls back and she pulls me in deeper. As she moves along, I can feel her inhaling my scent as if she can’t get enough of me with just taste. I feel her pull me into the hollow of her cheek.

“What other changes are being done?” I ask.

“We have a list of them, and we’re working on complying with every one of them.”

“What are they?”

“Hold on one second sir, let me pull up my file and I shall read all of them to you,” he says.

“Take your time,” I say my head rolling back and I thrust my hip into my wife’s capable mouth. Putting the phone on mute, I say “keep sucking, licking!” I say and she does as she is told moving her tongue underneath my cock, then she flickers her tongue on the rim. Her hands and mouth work in sync driving me crazy. Rhythmic movements… I push my feet on the floor, pleasure building up.

“Deep, baby, and hard!”

Kings of Leon - Closer

She fists me at the root, and her fingers wrap my cock like a glove sliding up towards the tip. Hard! Then her lips run down to the root, pushing the tip all the way to the back of her throat. My hand grasps her hair, holding her in place as if she moved her mouth I could not bear it. The pleasure washes over me, and the lust intensifies exponentially. I lift my butt off my seat using my elbows. One of her hands wrap around me, and squeezes my ass. My pre-cum bursts into my wife’s mouth, and she licks me as she bares her teeth trailing back up to tip.

“Oh, yes. The first repairs started in the quays sir. We’ve nearly a hundred employees dedicated to get the shipyard functional to your specifications.” I turn the speaker on.

“I want you to read me every item on the list, one by one. I will stop you if I have a question. Then e-mail me the contents.”

“As you wish sir,” he says and starts reading as I put the microphone back on mute again.

A soft moan escapes Anastasia’s lips, when she is sucking the hell out of the crown, her tongue pleasure torturing me. Then she plunges my erection back into her mouth, hollowing her cheeks. She increases her speed, pulling me, and tugging, sucking, coaxing my pleasure. She is getting greedier, as if she can’t get enough of me. My wife on her knees, her mouth sucking and stroking my cock, her tongue caressing every pulsating vein make me grow thicker, swell longer.

“Ffffuuukk! Ana! You suck me dry, baby! I’m going to come so hard!” I say thrusting my hips. Ana is the only woman who can take off all the layers of me, making me completely naked before her, and at this moment the only thing that matters is the chase to orgasm. My wife’s hand cups my sack, caressing while her other hand, her tongue and soft lips uncontrollably work towards pushing me into my orgasm. As my climax approaches, my balls feel heavy at first, then tighten in her hand and draw up. The maddening jolt of pleasure courses through my entire body, and focuses on this one part of my anatomy which is currently inside my wife's mouth.

“Shit! Ana! You’re driving me to insanity! Fuck me! Suck me dry baby!” My voice is unrecognizable, raspy, deep and guttural. My hands are fisted in her hair, my eyes are rolling back into my head, and my orgasm releases in thick hot spurts into Anastasia’s mouth. I thrust my hips again into her mouth, my semen coating her mouth. My heavy erection is a different entity, pulsing and throbbing until she squeezes every ounce of pleasure out of my body. She keeps milking me relentlessly, making my whole body shake. My pleasure is released in the form of a groan as I place the phone's receiver on my desk while Shyn continue reading the list.

Anastasia only stops when I stop thrusting. This is a first. My wife becomes the first woman to suck me off at GEH. And right now my half tamed erection only wants to fuck her like I wanted  to when I first met her here.

A satisfied grin appears on Anastasia’s face. Her wide blue eyes look at me from under her heavy eyelashes.

As she licks her lips, she looks up at me, and asks, “Well, Sir, do I get to keep my job?”

“Fuck baby, not only do you keep the job but you also get a promotion!”

“The list also contains relocating the 150 tonnage crane to a different position at the docks to better utilize it for fitting. This concludes the list,” I vaguely hear Shyn in the background.

I pick up the phone as I pull my wife into my arms, with my ass still bare, and my dick hanging out. I turn the speaker back on.

“What is the estimated time for the completion of the repairs and compliance requirements?”

“The worst case of the scenario, we can be fully operational in one month’s time, sir. We can still operate, but it is safer if the entire work is completed. It’s going on around the clock.”

“Alright, I expect you to e-mail me the list. Indicate what has been completed, what still needs to be done, how many people working on each task, estimated time of completion for each individual project, and how many people you intend to allocate for each task. Cc it to Ms. Bailey and Mr. Warren. I also need the cost sheets. Indicate the cost of every project down to the last screw,” I say looking at my wife carnally.

“I have all the costs broken down sir. And the projected time of completion. They’re in 3 different files. I shall send them to you in the next hour. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“That would be all, Shyn.” I say and hang up.

“So, Mrs. Grey,” I drawl. “You and I had another first, baby. I’ve never been sucked off in my own office.”

She smiles at my declaration.

“I’m pleased to hear that Mr. Grey. Did you fuck anyone in this office?”

“What crude language, Mrs. Grey. Aren’t you the epitome of gentility this evening?” I say faux mocking her. She narrows her eyes on me.

“Are you being evasive, Mr. Grey?” Her voice is wounded even.

“As it happens Mrs. Grey, you will be the first woman I fuck in this office and I’d like to accomplish that goal within the next few minutes. I told you: You’re the only woman for the job. I don’t want anyone else. Just you, baby. It’s only you!” I whisper fervently. 

“Really Mr. Grey?” she murmurs coyly. “Maybe I should play hard to get. I want a little rough play tonight.”

“Ana, I don’t know if you should. I don’t want you to get sick.”

“Come and get me Christian!” she says running off my lap.

“Fuck!” I hiss as I hastily move after her. Talking about getting caught your pants down. I promptly stuff my shirt into my pants, and pull them up, trying to zip. Without buckling my belt I run after Anastasia. She rushes to the seating area, and divesting her high heels on the way, she gains momentum. At this moment, nothing else matter. Just my wife.

Nothing Else Matters - Metallica

“Anaaa!” I hiss. “If you fall down, you might get hurt and you might hurt the baby as well.”

“The floor is carpet here, Christian. There’s enough friction. I won’t fall! Are you afraid you can’t catch a pregnant woman?” she taunts me.

“Damn it, Ana! Stop running!” I say as I slowly creep to the edge of the sofa to get to her. She quickly moves to the other side of the sofa. To catch her before she hurts herself, I support myself with one hand and leap over the sofa to the other side, nearly catching Ana, but she dashes to the other side of my expensive, big coffee table, squealing in delight.

“Shit!” Our game is exciting, but I am worried that she’ll fall, and get hurt. I run to the other side of the coffee table and she runs to the wall to wall glass window. She goes behind a custom made chair. I stalk her slowly, like a panther. Her delighted squeals are like the siren’s call for me. I extend my hand and the silk of her blouse is pulled and a single button breaks loose and flies off the shirt. With another squeal, she runs to the other side again. This time I leap and finally capture her, and scoop her off the floor, I capture her tightly in my arms.

“So, Mrs. Grey,” I growl. “You wanted to be bad. You know how I feel about that baby. I don’t want you to run from me, because even in a game, it scares the shit out of me, and also, you’ve put yourself and our baby in danger running around carelessly. What shall I do to punish your transgressions?” I ask in a gruff voice.

“Something that will make butt sore, and your cock hard to have me right here, right now,” she breathes quickly.

“Ana… Why are you doing this?”

“I am so turned on with your pleasure; I just want you to fuck me senseless, Christian. My desire for you is turned on and I can’t turn it off. I’m insanely jealous of the women who come in contact with you, and like you, I want to declare that you’re my man!”

“Baby, I AM yours. What is worrying you?” I say addressing her possessive side.

“I know that you’re not into blondes, and Andrea is a good assistant. But, I want to have this here, declare you in the seat of your kingdom as mine. Leave my scent here so that every woman who walks through these doors knows that Christian Grey is my man!”

“And you thought you would accomplish this end, by putting yourself in danger?” I ask incredulous.

“I love playing with you Christian. You have been too gentle with me lately. Attentive, and caring which I completely appreciate, but I have missed the kinky side of our relationship.”

I search her face. I want to make sure that she’s not doing this because of some misguided idea that I need the hard core fucking. And to achieve that end, she’s going to jeopardize her own well-being. There’s plenty of time to play harder when she’s better.

“Anastasia,” I say my gaze darkening. “Is this about my female employees? Are you trying to push me to play hard with you because of my assistant and the intern? If so, you can forget about it. I require my assistant to work at all hours. Be professional, work hard, complete tasks at a moment’s notice, and be efficient. Because I’m a very busy man, a very in demand business man, I need them to be this hard-working as if they don’t have a life of their own. I want them to do their job properly so that I can have the time to spend with my lovely wife. In return, they’re paid amply. They get the best benefits, and I pay them handsome bonuses for the exceptional services they provide. Our relationship here at GEH is always a professional one. Do you understand that? You have ruined me for any other woman. I have no desire for anyone else, no time, no care nor feeling for any other woman! Just you Anastasia Grey,” I say baring my soul to my wife.

“Oh Christian! I know that! I trust you! I just want you to know that I’m not made of glass.”

“Ana, I feel apprehensive about being hard with you right now, because you’ve been in the hospital after being nearly killed, and then you had been violently ill. Are you forgetting that your admirer Jose took on me at the hospital thinking I’m somehow being harsh on you? Or that you got so sick that I had to summon Dr. Greene? Can you understand that I’m a worried husband who is madly, insanely, jealously in love with his wife? If at any time, for any reason, our sex life makes you sick, even due to morning sickness, or somehow hurts you even during our play, or turns you off in anyway, it’d kill me. Everything about you, everything that we do together is more important than anything else in the world. Because, you are my world. You are the single point in universe where I feel safe, at home and centered. You are my reason for being. And because of that, it’s very difficult for me to be rough on you although I desire and miss that side of our relationship.”

“I miss it too, Christian! I love everything we do together. I love it when you are soft and gentle, I love it when you are kinky, I love it when you are rough, carnality personified. It’s just you, husband. I know the relationship you hold with your employees is a very professional one. But, I’m a woman. I do feel and notice when other women desire you even if they are only very professional towards you. I too want to declare my territory and tell them that ‘this is my man!’ On top of that, this pregnancy is making me hungry for everything; I’m hungry for food all the time, and I crave you more. My sex drive seems to be in overdrive; I just can’t get enough of you. I want this, I need this, Christian. What more do I have to tell you to get it?” she asks looking up at me with her impossibly blue eyes. “I suppose,” she says fluttering her eyelashes, “If you are unwilling to take care of this side of me, I may have to relieve myself, husband.“

“The hell you are! No one relieves your sexual needs but me! I own this!” I say cupping her sex, and slowly stroking it over the lace of her panties. It’s already drenched, hungry for me. I want to give her what she wants without hurting her much or somehow triggering her morning sickness.

“Mrs. Grey, you are being a bad bad…bad girl. I am going to spank you for wanting to pleasure yourself without me. I am the master of this body. I’m the husband, and I’m your lover. This is my job and both of our pleasure. And you wish to take it away from me.” I say darkening my eyes. “How shall I punish you?”

Her eyes light up.

“However Sir desires,” she says lowering her gaze. Fuck me!

“Well then, I’m going spank you on my lap, and fuck you very hard on my desk. I don’t have a certain number in mine. You will be my guide and you will count with me. I’m your lover Anastasia. Lovers don’t have safe words. Just tell me to stop when you had your fill of the spanking and I will. Got it?”

“Yes!” she says breathy.

“What will you say when you had enough Anastasia?”

“I’ll say stop, sir!” she says making me take a sharp intake of breath.

“Good girl!”

I pull my wife onto my lap, and pull her skirt back. Lowering her lacy panties, her beautiful alabaster ass is presented to me. I turn her head to the side and restrain her legs beneath my right leg. Then push her back down with my left arm. I caress her buttocks with my hand and without a preamble I stroke her sex, and dip my finger between the folds of her sex. Insert one finger into her sex and find it soaking wet for me. I groan deep. I massage her sex by inserting another finger into her and with shallow plunges; I stimulate her sex making my wife moan with need. I immediately withdraw my fingers lifting my hand up I slap my wife’s buttocks.

“Ow! One!” she yelps in surprise making me smile. My hand is singing, and I love the feeling. I rub her buttocks and lift it up and land it on the other cheek. “Two!” she counts. Massaging her buttocks one more time, I lift my hand once again, and land it back on her right over her sex. “Three!” her voice is a moan.

I develop a pattern in circular motion, spreading the pain, coaxing blood to the surface, stimulating her deep buried sexual nerves and in return arousing her. I incorporate pressure and rhythm without friction. Tapping her clitoris in this manner also stimulates her, and spanking her entire vulva provides a pleasant stimulation. I deliver another blow to her left buttock leaving a pink mark behind. “Sixteen!” she shouts. I caress, and lift hit her right buttock. “Seventeen!” Caress her once more and hit her between the butt cheeks and over her sex. “Eighteen! Stop!” she says breathless.

My hand is singing with delicious pain just as her buttocks are. Breath hisses through my teeth. I lift my wife off the floor and quickly take her back to my desk. I push aside the contents over my desk and spread her face down.

“Anastasia, I want you to hold tight on the sides. I am going to fuck you hard now baby! Tell me to stop if this gets hard anytime.”

“Yes!” she breathes excited.

I hold her down, turn her head sideways, spread her legs apart with my feet, lift her now ass up for my cock. Unzipping my pants, I take out my cock already at full salute mode. And without a preamble, I plunge into her in one swift move balls deep. The feeling is overwhelming, intoxicating, and complete heaven. The best place on earth for me is inside my wife. She’s my heaven. Anastasia groans with my cock filling her. I close my eyes and savor the feeling, savor my wife. I slowly pull back, and first painfully slow I ease back into her feeling every muscle inside her sex.

“Faster Christian!” she groans.

“Let me savor this, baby,” I hiss through my teeth.

Then I pull back again and plunge into her hard. Holding her buttocks I pull her back to me as I plunge into her, reaching deeper and farther inside her. I am lost, yet I find myself there as well, and I just want to keep fucking hard, pushing, and carrying us both to the precipice fast, hard and explosively. I pound into her, my balls slapping over her clitoris punishing and pleasuring her at the same time, drawing excited moans from her. I plunge into her again and again, finally feeling the so familiar yet so craved tightening of her sex like a tight fist, encouraging me to go deeper, pulling me in, matching the pulses of my cock, stroke my length invitingly, caress and hug like a ravenous lover. I plunge into her and pull her ass back to me again. I swivel my hips once more, gyrating, finding that perfect angle letting me get in her sex deepest. When I locate that spot, I hold her buttocks, and angulate rubbing that spot with the tip of my cock, stimulating my crown and her secret senses, pulling back just the right amount, providing shallow plunges. A deep moan escapes Anastasia’s lip, her sex tightens harder and faster. I pull back and thrust forward again rougher, deeper. The only sound we have in the room is our moans, the wet sliding of my cock inside my wife’s cream, and the rhythmic slap of my balls punishing and pleasuring her clit.

“Christian!” Ana groans as she comes apart beneath me. As the orgasm spread through her body, passing into my cock, the waves of her orgasm sucks my cock, and I empty into her sex in thick, drowning spurts.

“Anaaa!” I moan my orgasm, my entire body going rigid, my eyes losing focus as they roll back into my head, I finally still in her when the last drop of semen is emptied inside my wife, marking her as mine once again. I slowly ease out of her making her wince with the bereftness.  A mixture of my semen and her creamy juices follow my cock rushing out running between her legs. My office smell a mixture of me and my wife and our hard, no bars held sex. My wife’s muscles are weary, and sated. All the feeling of jealousy and carnal hunger is fully satiated. I lift my wife off my desk, my dick still hanging, I take her to my private bathroom. I seat my woman onto a chair and clean her legs. Then spreading her legs apart, I start cleaning her sex.

“Christian,” she blushes. “I can do that!”

“Yet, I want to do it, Ana. Come on, you just seduced your husband to spank you hard and fuck you harder, but you won’t let me clean your luscious sex? I crave for moments like these. They are more intimate than sex. I want to be intimate with you in all ways possible, so much so that there will be nothing that is not intimate between us.”

She closes her eyes, blushing. I lift her chin up and make her look at me.

“Look at me baby. I want you to see how much I love you, how much I care for you, and how valuable you are to me.” I toss the soiled paper towel into trash, and fall onto my knees before my wife. Spreading her leg, I bury my head into her sex.

“Christian, I don’t think I can! Oh!” she groans.

“I can make you come one more time,” I murmur against her sex and start applying expert strokes of my tongue into her sex. Her hands grip my hair pulling me. I raise one hand, and as my mouth and my tongue apply just the right amount of pressure coaxing another climax, I free her breasts and start rolling them between my fingers. She arches her chest into my hand. Lifting her legs off the floor, she wraps them around my shoulders, making me grin.

“Oh my…ah! God! Christian!” she rolls her hips and pushes her sex into my inviting mouth. I taste a mixture of my wife and claim in her.

When I elicit the last bit of orgasm from my wife, she’s putty, melted in my hands.

There are quite a few more surfaces to go in here. But I think we’ve covered the main areas I’ve desired to see her sprawled, and sated. Next time I’ll fuck her against the window, lights out, overlooking the city of Seattle while playing Thomas Tallis, “Spem in Alium”. There’s nothing more heavenly than my wife for me after all.

Thomas Tallis - Spem in Alium

*****  *****

Seattle Nooz
October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween Dear Seattleites!  

We hate to bear the good news that can be bad to some of you who are still hopeful of getting your hands onto our local not-so-bachelor Christian Grey! As you remember, we broke the news of his engagement several months ago, and here we are bearing the bad news to some of you again, though it’s happy news for the couple! We’ve heard from a not so little bird, a stork at that, that our favorite former bachelor fellow Seattleite, deliciously handsome and enigmatic Christian Grey and his gorgeous wife Anastasia are expecting a baby! Yes, yes, some of you have even commented on our blog last time that you would even leave your boyfriends or your husband to get a taste of Christian Grey! Who wouldn’t? He is the hottest thing that came out of Seattle, filthy rich, young, and it looks like he has the stamina to make any woman claw sheets all night long!

But, then again, it appears that his wife lovely Anastasia Grey has been doing a good job keeping our local boy very happy indeed. It’s too early to tell whether they'll have a boy or a girl as our sources told us that she’s only a little over 3 months pregnant! We’ll keep our ears on the ground and keep you informed in return!

Have a spppoooky Halloween!

“Well, well, well! What do you know? Christian Grey is breeding!” He laughs hard. “It couldn’t be easier had I tried harder, planner better to inflict the most perfect, most delicious pain in him and his! Here you are giving me all the ammunition I want. Well, let me show you how to fuck someone off properly, Grey!” he mutters darkly.

Lincoln looks into the mirror. His week old beard is now deserving of shaving. He feels giddy, purposeful. He hasn’t felt this way since he came back from the Caribbean several weeks ago. It was beneficial. He managed to get his hands on to some of his money, have it transferred to one of his banks in Canada in a business account he had in secret for years. Did Grey and his fucking lawyers think that they could erase his name and legacy just by taking over Lincoln Timber? He’s been a master of his domain for decades. He taught Elena what he knew. She in return taught Grey what she had learned from him and, collecting her pay in the form of a boy-toy fucking him senseless. He is Roger Lincoln! Roger Lincoln had only been in the moment kind of guy twice in his life. Once when he beat the shit out of Elena and next was with his impulsive decision with Hyde. Neither of which worked well. This time he would take his time.

He picked up his burner phone and dialed.


“You are now in the payroll. Follow his fucking ass and his wife’s. Learn their schedule, routines, whereabouts, go to places. Establish yourself at such an ease that when the time comes, I will give you the order of what to do. You will hit the jackpot should you succeed. If you don’t, I will take you out myself.”

“No worries, Sir! I have never failed in a mission. And this is only a civilian. A rich boy at that. I don’t like rich boys,” answered the man in a thick raspy voice.

“Your account will receive a payment in Canada soon. This is your first paycheck. I require regular updates, details, schedules and routines.”

“Absolutely. I’ll provide you with weekly updates. If something important, out of the ordinary, or outside of their regular routine comes up, I’ll inform you immediately for further instructions.”
“Perfect! Next week, then,” he says and hangs  up.

He feels like dressing up in an expensive suit, and eating out. For the first time in weeks, he feels he’s going to get what he wants. He always does. Sooner or later. He is Roger Lincoln. He may have lost a battle, but he always wins the war. He never loses.   

*****  *****


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Thank you girls! I took a nap and editing the medical book I'm supposed to deliver Wednesday. I don't practice weekends when I have too much work.

Monica, you're too funny :) This one time, I'm happy for disappointing you (i.e. not being old.) That was me and my girl in Las Vegas (though I'm no longer a blonde). My guy prefers me brunette since he's a blonde. I'll give it a few more months and change it again.

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Penny, I'm scheduled finish writing Alex Pella on November 1st. That's when I send it to the editor. Publishing should happen by the end of this year. Yaay!

Anonymous said...

What a fab chapter!! Was very excited when I went to your blog and it had been updated........yaaaay
Although I am getting slightly anxious and excited at where you are taking this Lincoln story. I look forward to your next updated xxxxx

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Hi anonymous: Just to give you a hint... the end content of the book will not change (i.e. happy family with two kids. Taylor & Gail married still working for the Greys, Sawyer still protecting Ana. All family intact). But what's in between is up for grabs. We know a man like Linc will not sit still. That's where the story lies. He won't stop until he's out of the picture.

fanny rebellon said...

Hola Emine el capitulo de hoy es fabuloso, erotico,incitador, tierno, romantico tanto que es una maravilla, te felicito, escribes muy bien, y no me explico como lo haces con tanto trabajo que tienes, por eso esta historia tiene mas valor, gracias por darnos este regalo, solo me siente que para leerlo en español va a tardar, no se que le sucede a la traductora, lo leo por traductor geogle y aun asi es increible, y por dios que a Linc que esta ves lo acaben gracias un beso desde venezuela.earnalp 23

elyelena said...

Thank you Thank you. Amazing as always. God my lega are shaking and I have a grin on my face you just can't imagine!! Have a very good Holiday, Will be right here writing for you. (With a pity my husband's office is notizie so interesting...) un abbraccio. Elena

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ash aspey said...

Great chapter, Ana goes to work with fifty, and decides to mark her man and her territory towards his female employees. Office sex yes!!!! Followed by another oral orgasm!!!. Love your writing.

Angela said...

Dear Eminé,
i love ,love love this hot chapter!!!
i've read it twice and the more i read the more i want to read !!THANK YOU!!!
you have made my day!!!!
i want more and more of Christian and Ana!!!
i can't stop saying that you are the master of my favorite blog!!
thank you and have a good sunday!!
with all my love xxxxx Angela

Anonymous said...

As always Emine, superb writing!

I love love love the GEH part, Ana expressing her possessiveness with Christian---marking her territory. But I so hated Linc! I want a slow excruciating death for him coz he's hurting my favorite couple.

On a different note, hope everyone in your house is well and no more germs spreading around. Enjoy your Grand Canyon camping. Goodluck on all your work. We'll be patiently waiting for your next post.

<3 Aice

jeangb said...

Hi Emine, A piece of hot writing-again! I'm not surprised you are tired,with all the work you do.
I enjoyed the chase around the office. Now you really must rest or you will be too exhausted to write for us and that would be a shame as I, like so many others really love your blog. So have a holiday, enjoy,and we will wait impatently till the end of the month for your update,besides it will give me time to recap and try and work out just what Linc is up to. Thankyou.

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Maria Negresco said...

Eminé I would like to give a suggestion for you to write a little bit about the vision of others about anastasia , about her beauty, her ways, about what other people think about her. in this chapter we see Christian taking her to your company, and of course, we see andrea talking with ana. I'd like to hear what andrea thinks about anastasia, we always see christian talking about how ana is beautiful and everything, but I would like an unbiased opinion. I would have enjoyed reading about what elena thought anastasia the first time she saw her, she thought she was beautiful, sexy or simply a stupid girl? Christian keeps saying how anastasia is chased by other men and I would like to see if it's just exaggerated jealousy or even something true and I also like to read thoughts from jose about ana .
I love your concept of the book and your vision for the thoughts of christian.
(i'm sorry my bad English because I do not speak English. I hope you understand.)

Angela Ramirez said...

I love the fact that you are taking this to a whole different level with the "omitted " ending of the infamous character of the book... Loved it! Enjoy your little break at the Grand Canyon, enjoy your family and thank you for taking the time to entertain us with your blog. God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Hello Emine,

My uncle passed away a few days ago and I simply wanted to say thank you for providing me with a window of opportunity to leave reality and just escape into this fantasy world you have created here.

Thank you for another fantastic chapter in the lives of Christian and Ana.


Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Oh Vee!

I'm so sorry my friend! Loss of a loved one is one of the hardest things in life. I have seen loved ones pass on since childhood. I know the pain of it. But as the saying goes, "amber only burns where it lands," and at this time it landed in your household. It's burning your heart and those who love your uncle.

May you find comfort in his memory.

I want to gift you this Celine Dion song. She wrote it for her mom, but it's appropriate.

<3 <3 <3

Anytime you want to talk e-mail me:

I'm sending my love and hugs xxx

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Hi emine wow jattendais ce chapitre depuis longtemps je ne suis vraiment pas decu. Tu es une ecrivaine rematcable . Merci myriam du qc xxx

Vicki said...


I don't know how you find the time to do everything! This chapter was amazing and well worth the wait! Thank you soooooo much!

Jamie said...

Thank you for taking what I can tell is precious time to write for all of us. I don't know how you balance it all. As much as I almost can't stand the wait between chapters, it will allow us less of a gap between your blog and the movie!

Until next chapter,

Anonymous said...

Great chapter I live everything you write you are very talented!!! Can't wait for more!!! Really hope you enjoy the Canyon and your time away!!!

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Loved the hot office sex ...meeting ,,,

Anonymous said...

Loved, loved, loved ... Will I stand to wait until late September Emine? I was with a crisis abstinecia these days, imagine is more than a week without CG And
Enjoy'm loving the blog and recommending to my friends.

Anonymous said...

Dear Emine,
Brilliant once again. Love, love, loved this chapter. So excited to see what's coming up, and what Lincoln has planned. Beautiful Christian is so concerned for his Ana, I just love him. So in anally in control, except with Ana..
Sorry couldn't comment last chapter, but so enjoyed that chapter too.
Take care
Yours Smiling
Kathyxx (Australia)

Mary Grant said...

Hi Emine,
This chapter was so yummy. Office sex is soo much fun ;-)
I Luv'd that he was so into his wife even when he's supposed to be focused on the meeting at work.I was so afraid that he may have hit a different button besides the mute on the phone conference. That woyuld have been super interesting.But as always he's the master of his univers and in control even when he is losing control.
The ending with Linc was a nice touch, I'm looking forward to how that is gonna go down between he and CG. I so want to see him beat the crap out of him badly. Still courious if Ana is going to confront Elena and set her straight. I would be so sweet if she hit her hard enough to draw blood and knock her out. I mean she did learn alot form her dad about self defense.
Enjoy your trip, you deserve it. We'll be waiting paitently as always.Best wishes to you and the family.

Nikolina Bujdo said...

Dear Emine,

thank you for your time and your, amazing as always, new chapter.

I knew the sex-office-scene will happen! :)

But, what amazes me is the fact you wrote all business part so so so good, I really got into that, like you are working in GEH and not Grey only. Do you do research for those parts of chapters or you just use information you gathered from book and work with that?

Both Grey and Ana are jealous and they both have same fear; man looking at Ana and maybe trying to do something, women looking at Grey.

Last part! Omg, I have no idea you'll bring Lincoln back so soon.

I'm re-reading all your Fifty shades books. And, I was wondering...will you bring Leila back or she's gone for good?

thank you once again for providing us a place to escape from our sometimes dull and sometimes hectic lifes.

lots of love,

Nina xx

Carol said...

Hi Emine!
Elena and Linc deserve each other. They're two lunatics. Love the lemony goodness of this chapter, though...mmm mmm mmm! I enjoyed reading about how Christian was putting Ana's mind at ease when she was contemplating Andrea and Janelyn''s roles in the office. I liked that he made it clear to her that they are just employees paid to be at his beck and call so that he could spend more time with Ana. Anyway, she is the one who reaps the rewards at the end of the day. So hot! I tried to put myself in Ana's place as she was receiving the official GEH tour. As a 22 year old bright young woman, she was probably so impressed by what she witnessed, that it only makes her love and respect Mr. Grey all the more.
Well, my dear, go easy and don't work too hard. I wish you the best in all of your upcoming projects.
Love, Carol

Rosangela Maria Cabral Corvalan said...

Emine, my little flower!!!

Ainda não li o capitulo, sei que será outro grande capítulo, com certeza!!! Li seu post no final dele e só posso dizer o seguinte:
Aproveite seus dias de férias, descanse bem, fique em paz!!!
Beijos carinhosos!!

PS: Após eu ler colocarei meu comentário, Kisses and hugs

CarolBarp said...

OI Emine!!!
Capitulo Fantastico!! e o que foi este final?? Louca para saber que o Lincon conseguiu infiltrar... Mas com certeza nosso amado Grey não vai eixar barato!! Mesmo sabendo que todos terminam bem, uma certa angustia aparece imaginando o que a mente pervertida do Lincon é capaz de fazer!!!
Espero que vc proveite bastante suas Ferias!!!ugue Descanse vc merece!!! Ah vc tem a intensão de trauzir a serie Pella para o portugues após publicada ai nos EUA??
Um Grande Beijo

Anonymous said...

Oiie Emine, em primeiro lugar gostaria de te parabenizar pelo trabalho incrível que faz, perfeito...Você nos dá expectativa sobre esta continuação que enlaçou todo mundo, inclusive o povo aqui do BRASIL!!!
Um grande abraço e por favor não pare nunca!!!
Bárbara Caroline P. Corrêa

Anonymous said...

Oiie Emine, em primeiro lugar gostaria de te parabenizar pelo trabalho incrível que faz, perfeito...Você nos dá expectativa sobre esta continuação que enlaçou todo mundo, inclusive o povo aqui do BRASIL!!!
Um grande abraço e por favor não pare nunca!!!
Bárbara Caroline P. Corrêa

Hope (lovey) said...

Hello Emine, thank you for a wonderfull chapter as always.....hope your family is getting better..........

Ok to the chapter....Love how Christian is excited to show Ana his world at work....Glad Ana is just as possive as he is. I would love for her to put all these women in there place especially Elena the bitch troll and leila...I agree with Maria I would love to hear your version of how people see Ana and Christian ie..Taylor...Gail...and Sawyer...Im glad to know you will keep the happy endings...and I would love to see how everything goes with the birth...would have loved more time of her pregancy hope you post how they felt being outed in the news about the birth and Elena's reaction...I want her gone once and for all glad Christian told ana she has nothing to worry about

Carol Moraes said...

Dear Eminé,
Tks again for another hot as hell chapter.
It's so good to see Ana woman-up and ask what she wants without being shy about it.
I'm hoping to see more of the Grey clan. I miss all the fuzz they make around Christian.
How is going the wedding planning? Kate is freaking out?
Ethan is out of the picture regarding Mia?
I really liked that Olivia was "fired". She was annoying...
Who was the little bird singing to Seatle Nooz? Is a CG employer? Christian will kill that person...
I think Leila is far away but what about the others subs? Maybe a strange encounter between C&A with one or two of them in a restaurant? It would be funny.
Poor Frosty... She really needs sex. Sawyer is up to the challenge of defrosting her? Lol
I would like to see how Christian behave around kids. Like "training"... Maybe Taylor's daughter has something to teach him.
The end of the chapter was awesome! I was with my heart in my hands! I really can't wait to see how you will "end him".
Please bring Alex back if you can!!
I already told my husband that I want your book for Christmas. Alex Pella is amazing...
You are right! You more than deserve a vacation! You work so hard and still writes every week for us.
I don't know where do you find the strength.
Good to know that the bugs at your house are over.
Huge kiss to your mom.
Once again thank you so much and it was really good for me to read your support to Vee. I don't know her but my heart is with her. I wish strength, faith, love and peace for her and her family.
Have a good time of hiking my dear and relax a lot.
Congrats for everything hun!
Big kiss from Brasil
Carol Moraes
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Ps: I'm planning a trip and I want to know how the "Vegas meeting" will happen. Where can I find the details?

Nikolina Bujdo said...

Can't get enough of this blog! Me again...I was wondering...will Taylor use the same jewelry Christian used for Ana's rings? The whole symbol story? I can see Taylor being all shy and asking Grey for a help. :)

please, take few days off (i know it's hard, but try) and just enjoy your days. I hope your family is all well...

Vee, same, I don't know you, but we are Emine's girls and we support each other. Be strong! Lots of love,


Goldenmom24 said...

As always I loved it. I am already craving the next one.

Michele Dominato said...

Amei o capítulo!!!!Estava desesperada para lê-lo e isso só me deixou com vontade de ler o próximo!!!!!Vou aguardar ansiosa pelo próximo capítulo! Bom descanso!

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Penny Brueggemann said...

Woohoo! Exciting times and another great story! Christian and Ana is just too good right now. So much to look forward to. Get some rest - Happy Hiking!

carol moraes said...

ps: I loved the family photos and your hair is great either ways! lol

fanny rebellon said...

Emine acabo de ver tus fotos eres hermosa y tu y tu pareja se ven geniales te felicito un beso.


Como eu fiquei feliz quando eu vi mais um capitulo. Simplesmente maravilhoso ver Christian ser duro com Ana, percebendo que ela não é uma bonequinha de porcelana que pode se quebrar facilmente. Amei tudo, aliás como não amar? Descanse um pouco e nos presentei com novo capítulo divino. Saude sempre. Abraços. Brasil.

Anonymous said...

So amazing! You outdo yourself with each chapter. I also wondered who leaked the news of the pregnancy. Linc part was exciting and scary at the same time. I'm glad you are getting to go on vacation-you deserve it!! It was nice seeing your pics to put a face with the name. I was also wondering on how to get more info on the Vegas meeting to see if I can get off work. Looking forward to the next chapter. Have an awesome time at the Grand Canyon.

Rosangela Maria Cabral Corvalan said...

Bom dia Emine!!
Estou de volta, agora para comentar o capítulo.
Fantático, quente como sempre...uau!! Também gostaria de saber quem deu a notícia da gravidez e quem está infiltrado na GEH, tenho minhas suspeitas....meu instinto "Sherlock Holmes" está desconfiando de uma pessoa...rsrsrs...mas se eu falar quem eu acho que é vai perder a graça...rsrsrs

Quero também deixar aqui uma mensagem a Vee(também não a conheço, mas penso que todas nós que participamos deste blog, ficamos consternadas...tenha força neste momento de luto!!!
Perdi meu pai no começo deste ano,
não é fácil perder um ente querido, mas precisamos seguir em frente e dar amor e tranquilidade para todos familiares!!

Emine, como comentei no capitulo XXV do livro 3 em português, fico feliz em ver seu rosto que é muito expressivo.

Descanse, você merece, e volte com renovada!!

Beijos e abraços


Sheila H said...

Thank you Emine, another brilliant chapter. I was hooked from the first word to the last.

Anonymous said...

Emine Hello, I wonder if you will write the book V, because I can not imagine only in Iv, rs.
Also want to see Grey's thoughts when Teddy woke at dawn, rs.
Please, please do not take long to write the next chapter ... You is an amazing writer, keep it up, God bless you ... And please answer me.

Donna from DE said...

Hi Emine,
I feel like I always say the same thing but you are just amazing. After reading all you do, I don't know how you have time to write. I absolutely loved loved loved this chapter. Great pics of you so glad to see you. Hope you have the best vacation!!

Rosangela Maria Cabral Corvalan said...

I want to let my message here for Vee, I think all of us here in the blog we are saddened by the death of your uncle. I lost my father this year too and I know what you're feeling. Losing a loved one is very difficult. Please feel cuddled. Stay well. I apologize for the mistakes in English, just try to communicate.
Kisses and hugs.

Rosangela - Curitiba / Brazil

Denale said...

Great chapter...... Hated as always to see it end. Can't wait until the next installment. Hope you are finding time to breath. You have so much on your plate. Hang in there and again congratulations on your book...... Can not wait to get my hands on a copy.
Take care

Anonymous said...

Emine Hello, I wonder if you will write the book V, because I can not imagine only in Iv, rs.
Also want to see Grey's thoughts when Teddy woke at dawn, rs.
Please, please do not take long to write the next chapter ... You is an amazing writer, keep it up, God bless you ... And please answer me.
Emine Please, answer me.

neves089 said...

Ola! Emine, adorei tudo que li neste capitulo, principalmente a volta ao passado dos dois recordando o primeiro encontro e as primeiras impressões que um deixou no outro! Lindo! Que cenas sensuais e quentes realmente você conseguiu realizar todas as fantasias do nosso Grey!
Perfeito! Sua família é linda parabéns e bom descanso merecido você merece!

Andrea Leoncio said...

Amei este capitulo, gostei muito que a Ana finalmente teve um vislumbre do que o Christian tem feito para estar com ela e colocça-la em primeiro lugar em sua vida...acho que esta na hora dela retribuir acompanhando-o a algumas viagens de negócios.
A respeito do espião tenho minha opinião que acho é a mesma que da Rosangela(por causa de uma dica que ela deu no seu comentário acima), vou aguardar com ansiedade os próximos capítulos.
Desejo a vc e sua família um bom momento em seu acampamento, eu nunca fui ao Grand Canyon, mas minha filha e seu noivo fizeram uma parte da rota 66 de Harley Davidson em fevereiro deste ano e trouxeram fotos maravilhosas do Grand Canyon.

Deus abençoe vc e sua família

Anonymous said...

I can't wait!

Rosangela Maria Cabral Corvalan said...

Hercule Poirot e Sherlock Holmes em ação!!! rsrsrs.. Não é Andrea Leoncio!!!
Vamos aguardar!!

Bom dia à todos....
Have a nice day!!!

Adoro esse blog!!


Daniela Martins said...

Hello, Emine!
I'm a little too late to comment. So I already read twice.
Very busy week for me too. I want to say again that you made another great job here!
I really apreciate this chapter! Ana is learning to be very audacious! This pregnancy is making C &A happy in all ways (*smiles*).
Sure Christian is getting more crazy in love for her!
I wish your family and you have a wonderful trip! Enjoy it! You deserve! I hope we can know about your hollidays! Have fun!
Nice picture of you! You're really a beautiful girl (inside and outside)!
Love from Brazil to you!

Charm D said...

I loved that Christian took Ana to work and the office sex was awesome! I am curious to see what Linc has planned,can't wait for your next chapter. I just read Pella and I was completely drawn to the characters,will definately buy the book! Enjoy your holiday with your family. I would also like to extend my condolences to Veeband her family.


Debby said...

Hello Emine and fellow blog family. Just a few thoughts to consider
1. I think that Jose is the leaker to the press. He wouldn't want Ana to know of his treachery toward Christian. Whata great way to get back at him for taking Ana from him.
2.Ana doesn't have to worry about Elena. Mama Grey (aka Grace) has her ears open for any crap from her towards her family. Christian didn't get his strength from his poor birth mother, he got it from watching his adoptive mother, Grace.
3. Poor Sawyer, we have pared him up with everyone from Mia to Frosty.
4. I'm a little suspicious of Janelyn. You don't get rid of an established character (Olivia) and bring in a new one unless you have a very good reason.
5. Linc's new professional soldier will fail because special ops are Sawyer, Taylor, Alex, and Ryan's bailey wick. Linc's man sounds like he has a lot of bad baggage behind him. someone is bound to inform one of Grey's men, especially with their ears to the grounds. I think they still have alot of friends "in the biz" , who would love to get on Grey's good side as well as Alex Pella's
I would really love to see Mia paired up with the Doctor from the hospital. Wouldn't Ana's dad make a great date for Nurse Nora (Ha Ha). Anyway hope you have a grand vacation and get lots of rest. I too am interested in the Las Vegas meeting. It is something my daughter and i can do together. She is Ana's age and she just loves your stories. We both are looking forward to the rest of Alex's story.
Debby in DC

Hope (lovey) said...

so agree with Debby......

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Good morning everyone!
Thank you Anonymous x 9, Andrea, Karen, Celine, South Africa, Monica, Vera, Penny, Fanny, Elyelena, Lauren, Ash, Angela, Aice, Jeangb, Chrysoula, Denise, Maria, Angela, Vee, Vicki, Jamie, Stacy, Gwen, Kathy, Mary Grant, Nina, Carol, Rosengela, CarolBarp, Barbara, Lovey, Carol Moraes, Godenmom, Michele, Fanny, Ana Paula, Daniela, Myriam, Char & Debby!
Hi Celine – Yes, you can post your link here. No problem :)
Hi Elena – You made me laugh. I’m sure with creativity any office space can be interesting :)
Hi Lauren! Thank you for saying hello! I like to talk to my readers, and I’m so happy that you finally left a comment and introduced yourself. Christian and Ana are growing in their relationship and it’s fun to bring it to life.
Hey Ash – Marking your territory is the best. Ana started doing that with Gia. She was still coming to her own then. But she’s bolder now & a lot has happened to strengthen their relationship since then, she can be more aggressive about it.
Thank you Angela!
Hi Maria! You have questions about whether it’s just Christian’s opinion of thinking Ana is beautiful, or if she really is beautiful. It’s a valid question and I will endeavor to write pages of what others around them think of Ana’s “looks”. But, knowing Christian is a man who knows his tastes which is evident in what he wears, what he drives, where he lives, the way he chooses his subs (he required them to eat a certain diet, exercise, get beauty treatments, dress in what “he” chose and have a certain look – he likes brunettes) we can safely assume that Ana is beautiful. But you don’t have to take my word for it; I’ll write what others think of her. Clearly, we can’t imagine Christian to be a tasteless man.
Bonjour Myriam! Je vous adresse mes plus vifs remerciements. C’est vraiment gentil de ta part. Vous êtes très gentil. Je fais de mon mieux pour bien écrire. baisers!
Hi Nina! No, Leila isn’t gone for good. I can see her in the near future but that will be further down the road.
Oi Carol e Rosengela! A Série Pella será em Português. Vou terminar versão em Inglês pela primeira vez. Português vai ser o próximo. Francês, Espanhol, Alemão e Turco.
Hi Lovey! Happy ending will never change, but you know happiness grows with endured difficulties in life, and our favorite couple has some adversities to deal with which is only increase their love for one another.
Hi Carol Moraes! I’ll dedicate a chapter for the wedding planning, Ethan and Mia’s relationship’s result. If you noticed, the pregnancy is leaked @ 3 months. Nearly a month after CG and Ana found out. Who leaked it? It could be anyone. Take your best guess.
A chance meeting with the subs… Something is already in the works. ;)
I know, Frosty needs a lot more than thawing. I might have to combine two things to achieve this end (i.e. her thoughts on Ana and CG’s bodyguards).

Hi Nina! I believe Taylor’s symbol would be a lot different than CG’s. But we have 2 weddings in the horizon first one being Taylor’s :)
Oi Rosengela! Obrigada meu amiga!
Hi Debby! You’re like a well-informed FBI agent my friend :) I liked your assessments. But I’m not saying which ones are right. Gotta leave some room for suspicion :P
Las Vegas meeting: Either 3rd or 4th week of March, or 1st week of April (weekends would work best I believe). Everyone seems to be busy later in April. I’m open for any of those dates.
I’m currently watching the Sons of Anarchy. I used to ride a motorcycle for 7 years. I did have the black boots, black jeans, black motorcycle bomber jacket and black helmet & that’s the extent of my relatability with the show. Anyway, since Charlie Hunham will be CG, I wanted to see his acting skills. Now I’m totally loving the show. The character he plays isn’t our refined Christian. But it could have been him had he not learned to “control” his universe. So, I’m looking forward to seeing how they’ll refine Charlie to become our favorite dom.

olga said...

Good evening Emine ,
I judt finished this chapter tonight :that was awesome, brilliant !,, I read all your 4 books in one month , the first in french the others one in english , 'cause I couldn't wait for the translation . Finally, It was not so hard to read again in english -except some specific vocabulary ...thank's to the translators and my old Harrap's- : that made me practice .
I love you CG POV : it 's , for me, a great reflect of his personality. Thank' s a lot . You are doing a goog job. 'Can't wait fot next chapter. Take care.
Olga from France

Márcia Alves said...


tabbyann06 said...

Emine i did the same thing (watched soa) to see the lead man. Again amazing chapter, i just found your blig about a month ago and have already read it twice. Im relieved thatt the next chaper is a ways away,ive got my sons surgery and follow up apointments to get through and i wont be able to enjoy the chapter as i normally would. Keep up the amazing work!

mnm92275 said...

Hi Emine, This is the first chance I am getting to read this chapter. And I love it like all the rest. I hope everyone is getting well at your house and all the birthdays were able to be celebrated. I can't wait for the next chapter. So for the pictures you posted I was surprised because I always pictured you as having red hair (I don't know why lol). Maybe it's was your personality that made me think your were a firey red head. Well I will be celebrating my birthday this Sunday and then I hope the rest of the time until the end of the month flies by so I can read the next chapter lol. Thank you so much for all you give us.
Lots of <3

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Hi melinda... i now have dark red hair.. as of last week but red isnt my natural color. We have blondes and brunettes in the family. My fire comes from my mediterranean ancestry. We are like italians and greeks. We are driving to grand canyon now. Takes 6 hrs. to drive. I may not gave cell reception after Flagstaff. Have a great weekend.

Jaque said...

Emine has forecast when it will post the new chapter?


fanny rebellon said...

Disculpa emine voy a dejarle un mensaje a stephanie dice que me añadio al facebook pero no se cual es eso fue hace un tiempo y hay muchas stephanie gutierrez, y me gustaria poder conversar con ella, sabes quien es verdad? es tu traductora en español, te agradezco si le informas gracias.

Gloria De Jesus said...

Hi I am a big fan of yours please continue writing for all of us..All the best..thank you for sharing this beautiful books...

Anonymous said...

Dear Emine,
As always this was a delicious chapter. I always enjoy those Christian and Ana moments together more than any book I have read. Thanks for this. I know I have said it before, but it does bare repeating. I and like so many others, do appreciate all the time and effort you do in bringing this to us your fans on this "extra" insight and thoughts and your take on More of 50. It's an incredible journey, and I'm looking forward to seeing thru the end.
Have a great start to your fall season and I will be watching for the next installment.
Just for the record, I noticed on your member counter how many were following you now.. I started reading your blog just when just pasted 1 million. Now look at the count. I have enjoyed watching you grow/and your pictures were beautiful, you have a beautiful family and you know, you fit the profile I always expected. Beautiful. God Bless

Leidi ane said...

Emine hello! vc and simply fantastic, love the way u q describes the feelings of the SR; GREY,'m already addicted and dying to know how q will end, until I am already dreaming of the next chapter.
your pictures are beautiful, I love your hair (black), since q u like to travel, meet comes fortress (ceara-Brazil) u will love our baiao two (typical food of ceara).
bjos'm your fan

Leidi ane said...

Emine hello! vc and simply fantastic, love the way u q describes the feelings of the SR; GREY,'m already addicted and dying to know how q will end, until I am already dreaming of the next chapter.
your pictures are beautiful, I love your hair (black), since q u like to travel, meet comes fortress (ceara-Brazil) u will love our baiao two (typical food of ceara).
bjos'm your fan

Anonymous said...

Hi Emine,
Just checking in, and spotted the lovely pics of you. Just wanted to comment. So .....not just super intelligent my friend , you are a beauty as well.
Kathyx (Australia)

Anonymous said...

Emine-I've been busy lately so I missed the last three chapters and finally read them. They are amazing!! While scrolling down to write this I see your amazing fan base feels the same. This couple has captivated us. Glad you included your pics. I can appreciate your candor; pics of you in so many different situations, so carefree, so beautiful! Several mentioned you going on vacation and maybe having been sick? I don't know if you write on a personal blog or something, but let me know if you do. Would enjoy keeping up with you. I may have just missed something also. Thank you for sharing your talent of writing and storytelling. Wonderful!! Amy

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Hi girls. I'm up at grand canyon. No reception here. Found a weak wifi I'm using. Next update is end of september.

I got altitude sickness last night. It's 8800 feet here. It got very bad. I took some meds this morning so i dont feel like someone sitting on my chest anymore. This is the first time i experienced it this badly. Anyway going back to camp site from the ranger station

Patricia said...

Hi Emine,

Love the direction the book is taking, we knew that the encounter between Linc and CG was inevitable and it is smart the way you are putting it together.

Yes, it would be good to read what others really think of Ana, we know she is beautiful, but jealousy in other women's comments will probably show its ugly head.

I am very interested to see where Mia and Ethan's relationship is heading. Ana may be an obsession for Ethan, but he should be careful because one never knows what we have until it is gone. If they break up, I would like to see him crawl back to Mia.

Have a great trip, and look foward to reading next chapter.


Catarina* said...

I loved these two last chapters, of course! :)

Poor Ana, I hope this morning sickness passes quickly. My mother had nothing of it, at last as I can recall, so she had a good start at pregnancy :p

I hope your trip to Grand Canyon is going awesomely my dear! I've sent you two or three emails, I can't recall right now, but you haven't said anything in return. I've been keeping tabs on you through Facebook because I know you are full of work, even more than it’s usual! Enjoy your vacation because if someone deserves it, it's you!

I hope to have news for you this next week, if I have, I'll send another email (always bothering, I know, but I like to share things with you my dear and I miss our talks!) :)

All the love,


elyelena said...

Hi Emine, feeling better? I'm so happy you are thinking of your fans even during your vacation. Thank you, you are just so sensitive. Your images are beautiful and natural. God we are so similar! Actually I'm a natural blonde, but for the rest, yes definetively mediterranean. You're like one of us, sometimes brunette, sometimes blonde, sometimes crispy, sometimes without make up, always in love with our kids, but better cause you have the talent that make our hearts beating faster in awe. You make me dream, everytime. Have a good day. A big hug to all of you. Ciao. Elena from Italy

GediGyrl said...

Eminé, as usual...lovely, juicy chapter!! Im in awe of the growth and depth of Christian's love for Ana. You have taken it to new levels and its inspiring...even if they're fictional characters, lol. I hated Linc but love that we get to see how he'll be finished!! Everyone keeps saying Frosty...are they talking about Andrea? Anyway, I agree I would love to see how Andrea and even Roz look at Ana, her beauty and conquest of THE Christian Grey. Also, would be nice to see Ana interact with her best friend again. Even if its by way of Christian getting annoyed bc Kate is calling so much to talk about the wedding.
Anyway, hope you are better from the altitude issues and are enjoying your trip! Looking forward to the next chapter!!
Au revoir!

Anonymous said...

HI Emmi,
You look so lovely... Thanks a for great chapter as ever. I always want a scene C&A at GEH and here it is. Hope you can give another chapter them at GEH :).
I'm always excited for every chapter.
Have a wonderful day every and keep inspired.
Mars from Philippines

ane said...

Boa tarde!!
Nossa seu blogger é muito viciante não consigo para de ler,to sempre de olhos os capítulos estão cada vez melhores mais uma vez parabénsssss

ane said...

Good afternoon!
Our your blogger is very addictive can not stop reading, always looking to the chapters are getting better again parabénsssss

Artsy Alcie said...

Hope you feel better. That sounds miserable. Can't wait for the newest chapter. My hubby kept telling me to slow down with my reading so I could pace myself. ..but just like the original three books, I couldn't put yours down. Read it while waiting for my kids to get out of school, before bed, in lieu of tv... I think my hubby is more bummed out about No new chapters than I am... ;-) Hope you feel better!

jeangb said...

Hi Emine, I hope you are enjoying your holiday. You really deserve it after all the stress you and your family have been through over the last few months.
I hope that when you get back home you will be able to take things easy for a while. Looking forward to your update at the end of the month. XX

Anonymous said...

Hi Emine,
Really liking where this is heading.
But even being a math major I was unable to calculate the time period of the leap. Also could you give me an e.t.a for the next chapter?

Penny Brueggemann said...

Pella should get rid of Linc!

Anonymous said...

Ciao Emine!!!! Ci sarà la Serie Pella anche in italiano?!?! :))))

Hope (lovey) said...

aww im sorry your sick I hope you get feeling better so you could enjoy some of your trip at least.......Laters xx

Anonymous said...

Just my opinion
I read every week, following your story chapter by chapter.

The pictures are really little too much and not really required. I feel lovely pictures makes you happy.

Does every chapter need such a long sex details. I feel like, i read less of them and more of it. It is loosing the focus of underlying strong love and affection between Grey and Ana.

Brandy said...

Hi Emine!

I just want to tell you like everyone else, how much I love your blog, writing, pictures, music etc. You have a wonderful mind and its such a joy and blessing that you share it with all of us!! I hope you have a wonderful break and that your household is healthy! Take care and can't wait till you update again!! Thank you for all you do!

Anonymous said...

Dear Emine,
How I love those Ana and Christian moments! That's so sweet. I do love "sex time" at the GEH. Since the time I was waiting for it! Ah, ah!
I can't wait to know what Linc has in mind and what will happen next. As for the person talking to the journalist about Ana's pregnancy: I have no clue of who it could be. We can cancel the names of the whole family and of course Gail, Taylor, Ryan and Sawyer. This time it can't be Elena: she doesn't know anything about it. Oh pleeease, Emine, tell us who it is!

I do hope you're feeling better and you're spending great deserved holidays together with your husband.

S. from France

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry, I forget to tell you how much I enjoyed the pictures of you. It's nice to see what you're looking like. You're really beautiful. Thanks again for the pictures and for your hard work.

S. from France

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better so you can enjoy your vacay!! I loved this chapter. You are amazing. I like your pics too. It's nice to put a face with your name. I know many of us feel like we know you already. Love to find out more about the meeting. I don't think Jose would tell the press about the pregnancy. He wouldn't be disloyal to Ana. I think it's probably an employee at GEH or maybe even Gia.

elyelena said...

I've just saw some trailers on you tube of Charlie hunnam and Dakota Johnson. Ok he is NOT my Matt Bomer, but he's quite cute, mouth watering even, but she? Where is innocence in here gaze? Maybe She need just a good night sleep... Really, I'm not bad or envious, but I really don't see Ana in these girl, I'm really perplexed. Hope you don't mind, I just wanted express my opinion. I'm looking forward to the film, hoping it will be so emotional as the books. Difficult I know but we all can hope don't we? My mother sends you all her best. You don't have idea how much is difficult for me translate certain shenes to my mum ... but she feels better when I read for her, so here I am. No photos for her but for me YES! You're the best. ETA? Buone vacanze. Elena

Anonymous said...

good afternoon was just wondering on an ETA on the chapter wasnt sure if you were back from you trip or if you were feeling better...tring to be patient lol

Sherly Verissimo said...

Flor, você é realmente uma escritora incrível...Completamente envolvida e apaixonada,me fazendo ser e estar cada vez mais apaixonada pelos personagens!!! Não pare de escrever nunca! Siga sempre seu coração... Obrigada,obrigada,obrigada!!! Sherly Verissimo - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

Mônica Goyer said...

Emine you are both beautiful blonde as brunette!!


annie7632 said...

Hey Emine, I love this chapter.... Can't wait till the next one. I hope you and your family are all over the flu and your mother is coping better with her treatment..

Take care xx <3

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Hi girls, hi Annie!

I'm actually having a very bad day. Hubby is really sick, and I'm on my way to the ER in a bit. Just got his appt confirmation to be seen. I've been sent a slough of work to be completed in a short time, and I almost wish I stayed at Grand Canyon with no internet connection.

I'll try to write after I get back from the ER (I don't know when that's going to be). I have to pick one child early while taking the other one to her volleyball game. Have 4800 words to translate that didn't exist this morning. Just a complete cluster-fuck. But hubby comes first. Gotta run and get him better.

Still will try to work on the chapter when I get back. I asked for an extension for work - let me see if its granted this afternoon. Hope your day is going well.

elyelena said...

Oh what a mess. I'm really sorry for you guys. All my best to your hubby and all of you. Un abbraccio. Elena

Andrea Leoncio said...

Oi Emine, sinto muito que seu marido esta doente, receba minhas orações e boas energias e por favor não se preocupe demais...tenho certeza todas nós entendemos e só desejamos que vc e sua familia fiquem bem!!
Quanto ao capítulo podemos esperar, pois desejamos que vc escreva para nós por muito tempo e muitas historias que certamente vc tem para nos contar!
com carinho,

Anonymous said...

Olá Eminé,

Espero que as coisas fiquem bem logo!!!!
Estou ansiosa para o próximo capitulo,por isso vou ficar torcendo para que você fique bem tranquila e nos faça feliz hoje!!!!
Você é admirável eu amo seu trabalho.
Beijos e boa sorte!!!!

Anonymous said...

Take care of our family! We can wait. Prayers for good health and ur sanity!

Hope (lovey) said...

Emine take your time family comes first no matter what. Im so sorry for all the sickness in the family hope he gets better soon and take care of your self..... Laters x

Rosangela Maria Cabral Corvalan said...

Querida Emine!!!

Fique tranquila, realmente todos os seus familiares devem vir em primeiro lugar....torcendo para que não seja nada grave e que se recupere prontamente. Queremos que você fique bem para que possa continuar a desfrutar de sua magia que é escrever tão maravilhosamente bem!!

Beijos e fique bem!!


Mary Grant said...

Don't worry about it Emine. Family comes first. Take care of your husband and kids. We'll still be here. Besides you have given us more than enough to keep us occupied for a while. Hope your Hubby feels better soon. Take care of yourself as well.
Best Wishes,
Mary G

Leidi ane said...

melhoras para seu esposo emine ,que ele si recupere o mais rapído possível,estou mega ansiosa pra ver o proximo capitulo,mais como você falou nossa família em primeiro lugar,estou aqui na torciada você,,bjos (fortaleza-brasil)

Anonymous said...

Hope your hubby feels better soon. Take care of your family first-we can wait. Hope he gets better soon.

annie7632 said...

Oh Emine, I am so sorry to hear about your hubby, I really hope he gets well soon... As for the rest of it, as you say a massive cluster-fuck of work but hubby and children come first.

Take care hun, don't stress to much, do what you need to do first xx

Penny Brueggemann said...

Your family comes first so we will all wait patiently.... Well maybe not patiently but we understand and appreciate the time it takes to juggle all that you do. My sister passed over the weekend while I was with my grand babies. She is at peace now but the next couple of days with the wake and funeral will be tough to get through. That being said....I so look forward to the next chapter!


ane said...

I wanted to hope he gets well soon'll send here from Brazil many good vibes to you guys a thousand kisses


Anonymous said...

Hit me today.. hum.. wonder what is going on.. Read your notes and thought, OH NO! Don't you worry about anything.. Girl.. my husband had 3 unscheduled surgeries without any warning. NO WARNING. We were dancing New Years Eve, he started walking differently, and I thought oh no Stroke, but turned out, his spinal cord was in distress. Still learning how to walk and it's October. So, I know first hand. Take care of those you love and who are always there for you. Family always comes first. They love us when we think the world is not very pretty.. Take care, and we will wait for you.. Always,

jeangb said...

Ohh, Emine I'm so sorry about your husband. I sincerely hope there's nothing too awful going on.Prayers and love to you bothx

Anonymous said...

Dear Emine,
Don't worry about us and take care about your husband. Fmaily comes first. Keep us updated about how he feels.

S. from France

Anonymous said...


So sorry to hear about all of the things going on for you and your family. Before holiday, during holiday and post holiday. Family and your life comes first. The community here you've created here support you and all you do. And you my dear lady do a great many things. Still trying to figure out how :-)

Its a shame some folks get a bit negative, but know we appreciate you very much and we love how you share your take on Christian and Ana and fill in the blanks we so want to read about. That's why we are here.

Also, there are soooo many fan sites out there if someone feels this isn't for them. We who love you...thank you! Doing this is a huge undertaking.

So in the meantime, be well and I hope the emergency room was not carnage and you were able to see your husband feel better in the end and get all of your work and errands done too.

Have a good rest of the day.


Gina B.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I'm so sorry for You And your Hubby! You are Very unlucky...dont sorry we wait
ps your pictures are You!
a Big huge by Annalisa, Italy

Anonymous said...

Hi Emine, I am a fan all the way from Bangladesh. My name is Sudeshna, and first of all I want to say that I absolutely am smitten by your writing. And I also should admit that I was introduced to 50 Shades of Grey through your blog. I googled it, and found your blog with a couple of oter pages. It seemed very interesting and I started reading it. Yes, I read your version, Christian's point of view even before the original books. And I don't know what words should I use to describe how wonderful, lovely and happy I feel to read your work. I finished uptill book 4's 3rd chapter in June during my summer vacation. I just finished the original book today,which I started on last Sunday. And I loved it equally. But still it was your Fan fiction fo the 5o Shades that captured my heart and took me to Ana and Christian's fantasy world.

I have tried to post comments earlier as well but somehow because of some technical problems couldn't do it. I this comment is posted. I am surprised and awed at how you have taken story from Ana's point of view and filled in the gaps through Christian's one. It just.... YAR.... ;)

Now that I have finished the original one and know how its going to end, I feel lost as I have finished it and have nothing to do. :/ Seeing the course of yur writing, I hope that you a lot more to give us, as you had already extended the story from where it ended in the original book. The morning sickness episodes at the hospital and Escala, the office romance and sex, are just increasing my expectations and hunger for more of your writing at pace of an R8 ;) I truly truly hope we are long away form the end of your writing yet..... I really wanted to see how christian and Ana went through both the pregnancies, the child births, the problem with Linc as you are indicating, Taylor-Gail and Elliot-Kate Wedding, perhaps meeting his subs again sometime, Mia's story, and well our own Ana and Christian in the own little romantic and sexy world after all the struggles, babies, weddings, happily ever afters, in short I am very much looking forward, or I might as well say want- MORE.......!! A HAPPILY EVER AFTER EVEN AFTER THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER.....!!! At some point it will stop I know that but I hope it a long long long way from now....!! may be in book 6 or 7 with 30 chapters in each of those... ;) I ammore looking forward to see how Christian and Ana go from being the husband and wife to expecting parents and then finally parents, how they deal with both the pregnancies, and how they spend their time withtheir children (in details and not glimpses if you please :D ) Well I am a demanding little thing aint I?? But your writing has forced me to dream day and night of this fan fiction and story, and Christian and Ana....

I am sorry If I said too much.. It's just that I love you for writng it so beautifully....

I hope you had a great hiking trip, and hope that you family is well, you lovely children and hubby.... lots of love and best wishes to them, who let us share you with them through this wonderful piece of work that you work on.... I hope everything is well, and that you soon have enough relaxing time to write the next chapter. No hurries, We are here with you for as long as continues and more.....

Lots of love to you dear. Have been wanting to write to you for a long time. I am glad that one fine wednesday in last June my curiosity led me to read one of the most exciting, beautiful, heartwarming stories of all time....!!!

Best wishes. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Hi Emine, I am a fan all the way from Bangladesh. My name is Sudeshna, and first of all I want to say that I absolutely am smitten by your writing. And I also should admit that I was introduced to 50 Shades of Grey through your blog. I googled it, and found your blog with a couple of oter pages. It seemed very interesting and I started reading it. Yes, I read your version, Christian's point of view even before the original books. And I don't know what words should I use to describe how wonderful, lovely and happy I feel to read your work. I finished uptill book 4's 3rd chapter in June during my summer vacation. I just finished the original book today,which I started on last Sunday. And I loved it equally. But still it was your Fan fiction fo the 5o Shades that captured my heart and took me to Ana and Christian's fantasy world.

I have tried to post comments earlier as well but somehow because of some technical problems couldn't do it. I this comment is posted. I am surprised and awed at how you have taken story from Ana's point of view and filled in the gaps through Christian's one. It just.... YAR.... ;)

Now that I have finished the original one and know how its going to end, I feel lost as I have finished it and have nothing to do. :/ Seeing the course of yur writing, I hope that you a lot more to give us, as you had already extended the story from where it ended in the original book. The morning sickness episodes at the hospital and Escala, the office romance and sex, are just increasing my expectations and hunger for more of your writing at pace of an R8 ;) I truly truly hope we are long away form the end of your writing yet..... I really wanted to see how christian and Ana went through both the pregnancies, the child births, the problem with Linc as you are indicating, Taylor-Gail and Elliot-Kate Wedding, perhaps meeting his subs again sometime, Mia's story, and well our own Ana and Christian in the own little romantic and sexy world after all the struggles, babies, weddings, happily ever afters, in short I am very much looking forward, or I might as well say want- MORE.......!! A HAPPILY EVER AFTER EVEN AFTER THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER.....!!! At some point it will stop I know that but I hope it a long long long way from now....!! may be in book 6 or 7 with 30 chapters in each of those... ;) I ammore looking forward to see how Christian and Ana go from being the husband and wife to expecting parents and then finally parents, how they deal with both the pregnancies, and how they spend their time withtheir children (in details and not glimpses if you please :D ) Well I am a demanding little thing aint I?? But your writing has forced me to dream day and night of this fan fiction and story, and Christian and Ana....

I am sorry If I said too much.. It's just that I love you for writng it so beautifully....

I hope you had a great hiking trip, and hope that you family is well, you lovely children and hubby.... lots of love and best wishes to them, who let us share you with them through this wonderful piece of work that you work on.... I hope everything is well, and that you soon have enough relaxing time to write the next chapter. No hurries, We are here with you for as long as continues and more.....

Lots of love to you dear. Have been wanting to write to you for a long time. I am glad that one fine wednesday in last June my curiosity led me to read one of the most exciting, beautiful, heartwarming stories of all time....!!!

Best wishes. Cheers

Joanne Wright said...

Hi Emine,

Love the chapter im glad you done it were they go back to the office hope they go back sometime :)

Hope your hubby gets well soon im thinking of you all.

Big Hugs
Joanne xx

Anonymous said...

you have just wrote all we are hoping for. I'm totally tuned with you.
Our Emine is very great she is building us a new world of dreams.
Emine dear, hope your hubby will be good soon, all my best to all you guys, I'm waiting for you.
Un bacio

Elena from Italy

olga said...

good evening Emine ,
I agree with Sudeshna and Elena .
You have to take care of your hubby witch is a hard job : mine is almost dead when he has a flu I think of you and all my minds are with you .The next chapter can wait .
Lots of kisses (as we saiy in France)

Debb Bickings said...

I wish I would have taken my time reading this blog. I only found out about it a few week ago & I am already up to date. I anxiously await each chapter, it is so damn good! Hope hubs is better or getting better, selfishly for your sake & my anxious need for the next chapter!!! Haha! Seriously though! I love this Blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Emine.
I have been reading from the start and thoroughly enjoy all your writing! I can't wait for the next chapter. Have you ever thought of writing your own book? Maybe you should! So excited to read whats in store for Christian:)
Also hope your husband is all better now!! Take care!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Emine.
I have been reading from the start and thoroughly enjoy all your writing! I can't wait for the next chapter. Have you ever thought of writing your own book? Maybe you should! So excited to read whats in store for Christian:)
Also hope your husband is all better now!! Take care!!

Kate Nahaboo said...

Eminé, sending lots of energy and get well wishes to your hubby. I hope it's nothing too serious.
Take care. Love and respect, Kate (UK) x

Anonymous said...

Olá Eminé,
Estou realmente preocupada,espero que esteja tudo bem com seu marido!!!
Como você sempre está aqui para nos informar e agora não tem nos dito o que esta acontecendo,fico com um friozinho na barriga,desejando que não tenha acontecido nada de ruim!!!!
Estou rezando para que esteja tudo bem!!!!Beijos e muita luzzzzzzz!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Emine,
I am glad to know that your hubby is recovering. Give my best wishes to him.

I read the comment you wrote in the chapter 13 about spanking in a reply to someone's negative comments on Christian's lifestyle and spanking, and Ana enjoying it I guess. Well at first I was also confused about how coulds panking arouse someone so much and that would be looking forward to doing it again and again, my conception was also that it should hurt. I have no experience about this so I had no idea. But now after reading your whole explanation, I get it. It seems very interesting and exciting. Now I know why Ana despite being scared and feeling humiliated in the very first spanking she had, felt aroused and looked forward for more. Wow.... ;)

I commented on this chapter and you blog for the first time. Did you see it??? If you have time could kindly reply even in just a single line or a word (only if you are free and relaxed). I would know that I had finally reached you after so many endeavors.

All the best to you. I truly adore and love you a lot for writing this intense story so beautifully. Cheers.. :D
Sudeshna (from Bangladesh)

Anonymous said...

Hey Elena and Olga,
Thank you for reading my comment and referringto me...
This was my forst comment on this blog and thank you for replying. Although we are miles away from each other, I am surprised and happy to know that our thoughts are in tune, because of our love work this wonderful piece of art ( I consider Emine's writing as a piece of art). I truly hope Emine comes out of hr tough times soon. She has got us dreaming day and night even though we know the end we want MORE....!!! I will wait till forever for her to write this wonderful journey of Christian and Ana, in more details and the missed parts before the epilogue of the original and perhaps even beyond that...!!! We'll wait... :D

Way to go Emine.. :D


annie7632 said...

Good morning Emine,

I am pleased to hear that your hubby is on the road to recovery and that everything else is also slowing down work wise... I think you will be in need of a holiday very soon..

Take care and enjoy your weekend, hopefully relaxing xx

elyelena said...

Hi Darling, welcome back. I'm happy your husband feel better.
Un bacio


Anonymous said...

Dear Emine,

That's so good to hear that your husband is feeling better! You two will need some time to relax when he comes back home!


S. from France

Rosangela Maria Cabral Corvalan said...

Emine...vou ler os comentários do livro 2 ...depois volto pra dar minha opinião!!

Vi também o que você deixou no cap 1 do livro 4 em português...ainda não li, assim que ler deixo minha opinião também!!

Que ótimo que seu marido esteja se recuperando, beijos querida e até mais tarde


leila dias said...

Obrigado Emine por ser uma ótima escritora! Estou aguardando pelos próximos capítulos.
Marcia Rio de Janeiro

Angela said...

Hi dear Eminé , i've read your response about Envie comment and i think that most part of my " friend" think like her!!!
For this reason i don' t want to share my friendship with people like them !! They are very judgmental about 50 shades book !! Some of them tell me that seeing my excitiment about this books i was a wife-toy !!
For this reason i don't have my "friends" in FB , and they don't know that i 'm in FB!!! But i'm very happy about it because they hurt me with this medieval ideas of love!!!
For me all is allowed between lovers and i think that in love there aren't limits because love is love and not a series of rules!!!
I will never stop thanking Mrs James for freeing our mind and surely you that continue this fantastic way of writing!!!
a sincere thank from my hubby to you and Mrs James!!
With all my love xxxxx Angela

Anonymous said...

Glad your husband is feeling better xx I looked back over your comments and your reason for writing them. I completely agree with everything you say. What gives someone the right to think what someone does with their lover is wrong. Sex is a completely natural act between 2 people who are free to explore what comes naturally to them. I love the kinky sex in the original books and in your blog xxxxx

Rosangela Maria Cabral Corvalan said...

Emine li sua resposta ao comentario do livro 2, foi sensacional....mais explicado que isso só se você desenhar!!!

como vc mesma disse, a maioria de suas leitoras são casadas e muitas a um longo tempo, eu por exemplo sou casada a 28 anos e o que eu faço com meu marido entre 4 paredes só interessa à nos e a mais ninguém, fazemos amor, fodemos também...afinal esse é o tempero de um relacionamento!!

Não me sinto inferior pelo fato de gostar de transar com meu marido, ao contrario me sinto completa e se você quer saber, aconselhei meus filhos a lerem a triologia da E.L.James e a sua também e inclusive os comentários....disse à eles:
vocês querem fazer uma mulher feliz? Leia os livros, tenho certeza que lá terão um monte de dicas que irá melhorar e muito a transa!!

Acho que todos nós temos o direito de expressar nossos sentimentos, mas não podemos e não devemos julgar ninguém!!

Beijos minha querida, bom final de semana, descanse, cuide da família, e sempre estaremos aqui.


Anonymous said...

Olá Eminé,
Fico felizzzzz em saber que esta tudo bem,ter alguém doente em casa não é nada agradavel.Espero que as coisas fiquem ainda melhores.
Li os seus comentários e só posso dizer que são perfeitos,lógicos e objetivos.
Acho que se alguém não gosta do que você retrata aqui,não deve ler!!!
Você como sempre nos surpreende em todos os sentidos,nos ilumina!!!
Amo seu trabalho,acredito que ele só nos ajuda e nos instrui.

sonu burman said...

Hi Emine,

Very glad to know your hubby is feeling better. Please convey my best wishes.
I read you comments. The fact that all of us here adore Mrs. James creation and yours even more,it is needless to say that we completely agree with your views.
A couple is free to explore their sexual limits.As Angela said there are no set of rules laid down to be followed while having sex , it is perfectly okay to enjoy whatever brings happiness and brings a couple even more closer. Nothing derogatory about that at all.

Hi Sudeshna , Welcome to our circle of Ana and CG lovers. If I am not wrong I am your closest neighbour here. lol!!!!

sonu burman said...

Hi Emine,

Very glad to know your hubby is feeling better. Please convey my best wishes.
I read you comments. The fact that all of us here adore Mrs. James creation and yours even more,it is needless to say that we completely agree with your views.
A couple is free to explore their sexual limits.As Angela said there are no set of rules laid down to be followed while having sex , it is perfectly okay to enjoy whatever brings happiness and brings a couple even more closer. Nothing derogatory about that at all.

Hi Sudeshna , Welcome to our circle of Ana and CG lovers. If I am not wrong I am your closest neighbour here. lol!!!!

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Patricia said...

Hi Emine,
Hate to nag, but can you give us an idea when you will post? We are all waiting anxiously for the next chapter.


Johanna said...

So bummed out. Still no new chapter however, I understand you have a lot on your plate. Hope everything is falling back to normal for you and that you and your family are well. Hopefully you can find the time to continue with the blog. It would be heartbreaking for it to end.

Thata said...

Dear Emine,
Hi, I so love your story about CG and Ana.. I can't wait to read the next chapter... When will be available for reading?

Anonymous said...

Dear Emine,
So glad to hear your hubby is feeling better. Hope things will settle down a bit for you now.
Love to you and Smiling

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. You look good. Thank you for sharing. I love the Christian pov story. You are a great writer ♥