Wednesday, November 14, 2012

50 Wedding Reception - Cakes - Tablescapes - Food - Location

1. by  Jennifer Long

2. sent in by  Ile

3. Sent in by Claire

4. Sent in by  Lynette

5. Sent in by Claire

6. sent in by  Lakeisha

7. Sent in by  Jennifer Long

8.  Jennifer Long

9. Sent in by Jennifer Long

10. Sent in by Keisha

11. Sent in by Lynette

sent in by  Keisha

 sent in by Rachel Smith - Oysters Rockefeller

 brushetta- sent in by Rachel Smith

 finger-food-wedding-reception- sent in by Keisha

 motzorella skewers - sent in by Rachel smith

 seabass with risotto and asparagus-Rachel smith

Fish - sent in by Keisha

 Tablescape - sent in by Elisa Ponton (Italy)

 Tablescape - sent by Alonna Crawford

Tablescape - sent in by  Alonna Crawford

Tablescape - sent in by  Lynette

 Chocolate Fountain - sent in by Keisha

 Flowers - sent in by Elisa Ponton

 Tablescape - sent in by Elisa Ponton

Tablescape - sent in by  Keisha

 Tablescape - sent in by Claire

Tablescape - sent in by Claire

Bollinger - sent in by  Rachel Smith

Chablis - sent in by  Rachel Smith

Cristal - sent in by Rachel Smith

 Champagne - sent in by Keisha

Pouilly Fume - sent in by Rachel Smith

 Sancarre - sent in by Rachel Smith
Shiraz - sent in by Rachel Smith

Lakehouse - sent in by  Lakeisha

Paper lanterns - sent in by  Lynette
Bellevue - sent in by Claire

Lakehouse - me


Anonymous said...

Oh my, this just takes my breath away...all of these photos are just lovely. All I can think of is "Wow" and "Beautiful"...

Though, the homes...the first photo I see as the parents home and the last as Christian and Ana's...but then again...they are all lovely! Thanks for sharing with us...This is fun!

Rachel Smith said...

I am so in awe....the tablescapes are beautiful, its so hard to pick one!! I love this story so much and love that you are so in touch with the small details and are making a picture canvas for us to truly see the wedding and reception that captures Ana and Christian's essence and ellegance (sp.). I think this wedding is so beautiful! Can't wait to read your spin on the story and get the salivating details of the hors d'oeuvres, appetizers, the impecable wine list and so much more. Emine you are such a gift and I cherish you. Thanks for everything you do, because without you, I'd be searching for more and you have given that to us!

Lovey said...

Emine, you are nothing short of amazing. This was so greaat. It makes me feel as though I am having a part in planning it. This wedding is truly going to be a dream wedding and I am sooo excited. Kudos to all who shared the beautiful pictures and to you dearest Emine, thanks for sharing the pictures with us, your loyal and loving fans. Much love to you and as always, take care of Emine.

Onthatile said...

im so loving the anticipation towards the wedding.. cant wait.

deisinha said...

Lindos,todos lindos e claro deliciosos