Thursday, April 4, 2013

The PELLA SERIES - Chapter VII - Part II

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“Oh, Alex! The view is simply spectacular! I thought your ranch was on the desert,” Elissa gushes when she looks at the valley below.

“This is the still the desert. But the water can transform. The house is situated on a unique geological location; there’s subterranean water, and the surrounding mountains create a different climate and it is secluded. It’s cooler than the surrounding desert.”


“Come on, since we've had a late lunch, we can do some horseback riding. I want to show you something,” I say to her a little nervously.

“Okay,” she says and I take her hand to get downstairs from the second floor terrace. Turk and Desertwalker are waiting outside in the SUV. Turk left another Conquest Knight running for me. I open the passenger door for Elissa, and let her climb in. Then I take the driver’s seat as she curiously looks on.  

“We don’t have far to go,” I say smiling. I drive on the paved road for a time, and then I make a detour and turn onto the dirt road.

“Does your ranch have a name?” she asks tentatively.

I swallow. “Yes,” I mutter.  She looks at me expectant when I don’t continue.

“It’s Anemoi,” I say softly and hesitantly, not knowing whether the name would awaken a reaction in her.

Anemoi?” she asks in a trembling voice. Her demeanor changes to apprehensive. She shakes her head to clear the disbelief that’s going through her face, to give me what? A chance to explain? She takes a shaky breath as her hands hold the door handle. Is she going to bolt out of a moving vehicle? Although I know the doors lock automatically and will not open while the vehicle is in motion, my eyes still drift to the locks to make sure.

“After the gods or the winds?” she whispers in a barely audible tone.

“What do you mean?” I reply her question with a question of my own, though I know exactly what she means. I want to hear it from her.

Anemoi,” she says in a barely steady voice, “ the name of the four cardinal winds, and the collective names of the gods of those four directional winds. Boreas... Zephyros... Notos... Eurus...” she says softly. Her words are staccato.

“How do you know that? That’s not commonly known information... well, not in English anyway,” I respond trying to calm her down. She shrugs; her gaze doesn’t meet mine, but focused on her boots.

“My uncle made sure I have studied Greek Mythology all my life and well... I’ve majored in Linguistics.” Huh... Her revelation that Gabriel encouraging her to learn the Ancient Greek myths takes me by surprise and my stoic mask slips away for a moment. I’d not have thought Gabriel would encourage that information knowing it would bring her closer to me and understanding our past had he really intended to keep us apart. Why would he do that?

“So,” she continues her questioning trying to hold her voice steady, “your ranch... is it named after the gods or the winds?”

“Generally it would be one and the same. But in this case, it’s the winds,” I reply, my gaze fixed on the dirt road ahead. Winds of Time. But she doesn’t need to know that. As I drive forward, I can see the SUV occupied by Turk and Desertwalker in the rising dust behind us.  

She clears her throat. “Just out of curiosity, what made you choose that name?” she asks. I can feel her intense gaze on me this time. Hopeful, scared, curious, disappointed and determined. Why would she look disappointed?

I finally reach the stables; pull the SUV into a space reserved for cars and trucks to park. I shift the SUV’s gear into park, and without turning it off, I shift my body to face her, examining her gaze. My expression is unreadable. What would I tell her? That it was the name of our last home together, The Four Winds? Can I tell her the truth? I can’t get a read out of Elissa. I can read most everyone like an open book. If I could get any indication that she remembers us, the two of us together, then I would. How torturous is it that I have to conceal our past from her. I keep reminding myself that it’s only for the time being. Nieto’s last warning comes to mind unbidden.

“When you see her again, she will not remember you in your new skin. Should you force that knowledge on her before the seeds of her memory blossom in its natural course, you risk of breaking and dissipating the seeds I’ve managed to insert in her and she won’t remember anything. Should that occur, your children will be lost forever. Only she can unlock the door that’s been locked behind them,” he said.

“What if someone else informs her of it, and they break the seeds? What the hell will I do then?” I asked barely controlling my anger and sorrow. I didn't know which one would finally take over.

“No one will be able to. They will silence the moment they mean to reveal anything. That was the last gift from Marcus for her.”

“Why can’t others and I can?” I ask, partly relieved after this revelation.

“Because your bond supersedes all others; including the one with her angelic father which is forged in heaven. Yours in the other hand ties her to earth through your earthly mother and to heaven through your angelic father. I can read your essence clearly branded in the depths of her soul...” he said in a lilting voice. “It’s unlike any other heavenly or earthly bond she may have forged with others. What you have with her is both her blessing and her curse... the outcome is up to you, Alexandros... If you force feed your past into her, her memories of your collective past will dissolve like a sandcastle in the tide, and the tie to your children will be lost forever. Let the memories come to her, and they will when the time is right...” he said and disappeared into the haze.

Closing my eyes tightly, I shake the memories away, and simply shrug at Elissa in response.

 “This place is unusual. Receives the four directional winds in such a way that it makes the climate unique. I’ve had the land for a long time. So, it was only fitting,” I respond nonchalantly, desperately hoping that she remembers The Four Winds Ranch we had, and me as her husband, her first and only lover, the father of her children. I forbid myself from revealing the intensity of my feelings, the desperation I am feeling for her to remember. Your body remembers me Elissa, why won’t your mind, angel?

“Really?” she asks tersely, making me flinch. “This place is called The Four Winds, and you’re telling me that this place is solely named for the winds? It’s got nothing to do with Sarah?” she asks her eyes wide, angry and disappointed.

“Sarah?” I ask, taken aback. How would my ranch’s name be somehow about Sarah?  “Why would the name of my ranch have anything to do with her?”

“Why? You have to ask? I’ve been having dreams, and nightmares which I stupidly told her!” she says regretfully her shaky hands covering her cheeks. “She probably told you about my dreams, didn't she? Is she mocking me now? Or trying to tell me that I really am crazy?”

“Angel, no!” I say in a soothing voice. “No, baby! It’s got nothing to do with her,” I say in a soft, pleading voice. She shakes her head as she closes her eyes. She’s shutting me out.

“Is that the best answer you've got, Alex?” she asks in a barely audible voice.

“That’s the only answer I’ve got! I’ve never met Sarah until last night!”

“How about your name? Is it Alex? Alexander? Is that fake too?” she asks.

“Good God! No! There’s nothing fake about my name. I’m Alex Pella. Why would you think that?”

“Is the job a ruse? It explains why I met you in the morning, and got a job with you in the afternoon. In the same evening Sarah tries to capture me to deliver me for some ancient sick sacrificial shit, and tries to kill me, and you end up saving the day! Is this a...” she says her lips quivering and she’s unable to bring the rest of her sentence. She has the look of disappointment in her face. Disappointed in me! She opens the SUV door, and rushes out, running.

“Fuck!” I curse my epitaph and swinging my door open, I run after her.

I hear the fast running two pairs of other footsteps behind me. 

“Elissa!” I shout after her. “Please stop! Give me a chance to talk to you!” She doesn’t stop. Keeps on running down to the edge of the trail. She’s fast! Very fast, but not faster than I am. She leaves a dust cloud behind her.  She runs into the horse corral, and instinctively whistles. I slow my running steps into a brisk walk and stop, and hold my arms to stop Turk and Desertwalker.

“Wait...” I say firmly. “Don’t chase her. I don’t want to scare her off. I’ll go after her. You stay here.”

“But Mr. Pella...” interjects Turk.

“No! You are to stay!”

“Sir, please. You know everyone’s after her!” he pleads. He’s right of course, but I don’t want to scare her any more than she already is.

“I’m enough to protect her on the ranch!”

Turk and Desertwalker look at each other, and both blow out a long exasperated breath, but say nothing, hold their hands up in a surrendering gesture, and take two steps back. Elissa stands on the fence, and whistles again. I want to see which horse responds to her. Four horses are saddled for the ride I was intending to take her to before she ran off. They’re in the corral among the unsaddled horses. Bucephalus, my own horse lifts his head up upon hearing her whistle, and goes to her in a fast trot, recognizing her! The ranch hands had saddled him because they knew I was going to ride him today. Two of the ranch hands run out of the barns to stop her, but I get to them faster. They know Bucephalus’ wild nature.

“No! Bucephalus knows her! Let him remember...” I say.

“But, sir! He knows all of us, but he’d kill us if we were to try to ride him!” Jason protests.

“Step back, man!” warns Maximus in a gravelly voice as he captures Jason’s shoulder with his iron grip knowing what I say goes. Then, he takes a second look at Elissa and his eyes widen in recognition. Then he turns his questioning gaze at me. Jason’s struggle turns his attention back to the young ranch hand.

“Max, B will hurt her!” Jason repeats trying to shrug Maximus’ hand off his shoulder. Maximus is a Nephilim, but Jason isn't.

“Trust me... He won’t hurt her! Watch and see!”

“Fuck you, man! I can’t watch a girl being trampled by Mr. Pella’s demon of a horse! Don’t say I didn't warn you!” he barks, and stalks by the barn’s gates.

Elissa pauses and rubs Bucephalus’ mane and looks at his large white star on his brow, then slowly caresses it. Bucephalus snorts and shakes his massive head and sniffs Elissa’s extended hand; his large lips nipping her palm as if to seek the usual sour apple she used to bring him. Bucephalus is my very temperamental, dark stallion, his head held high, his tail curved upward, and his wavy mane always seems to float up and down in every prancing gait. The other horses instinctively give him ground, because he’s the lord among horses. But he won’t let anyone ride him except me. In fact, not only he wouldn't allow a stranger ride him, but he would resist, spin and attack any one of the attendants who attempted to mount him. I am apprehensive of her proximity to my horse, but also incredibly mesmerized, I’m almost drifted back in time.

She descends from the fence into the corral, slowly approaches B, and carefully takes the bridle below his chin. Bucephalus tests his prospective rider. If the rider doesn’t have confidence, he jerks his head. Sensing his timidity, Elissa shows him that she can be one with him, confident in herself. While her right hand is firmly holding the bridle under the chin, her left hand gently lifts up, and strokes the center of his nose and lips with her gentle fingers. She slowly and gently moves toward the stifle, places her hand on his body, then scratches and rubs Bucephalus’ flank. She finally moves forward and massages his neck top line. That’s how I first handled him when Bucephalus first came to my possession! I’ve told her of it to her years ago, when she was my wife. Horses aren't verbal animals, but they know the body language, hands, and head motions. Elissa’s hands work the magic on gaining his trust and positive response.

 Elissa looks dazed momentarily as if she’s remembering something, remembering how to gain a horse’s trust, my horse in particular.  She slowly lifts a leg up and eases onto him. She leans down confidently and rubs his neck as she’s firmly holding the bridle. Bucephalus stands erect, alert with the new rider on his back, vigilant, but he also senses her familiarity, recognizing his rider. She puts her boots into the stirrups. Then Bucephalus turns his ears back in an attempt to understand and feel this woman who hasn't ridden him for more than two hundred years; and that was when she was in a different place, a different body. He feels her confidence on his back. Elissa holds the reins close to her, working it, and I can see her legs exerting just enough pressure to get him to a trot, then to a canter. My heart is beating so fast, I can hear it drumming in my ears, ready to jump out of my chest. I try to hold my breath to no avail. My mouth feels dry. She gives him enough rein to get him into a gallop, and finally kicks him on the ribs as she’s giving him enough control of the reins, pushing him into a fast trot then getting into running speed and finally making him jump over the fence. Even though she’s running away from me making my heart ache, her interaction with my horse who allows no one to ride him, but me, and the way she took over him makes a spectacular show.

Max watches Elissa with sad eyes remembering her from another time interact with my horse as he stands next to Turk and Desertwalker. Jason too is completely shocked. In fact, they all have the same stupid look on their faces: mouth agape, speechless, and immobile with what just occurred. I collect myself, and rush to the corral’s fence and whistle for the bridled and saddled black mare. We take off after Elissa and B. Elissa’s pushing B to put distance between us. She rides without a particular set direction. She’s heading for the Apache Falls, the canyon trail that leads to the water source, a natural place for my horse to go. It’s a dead end, but a hidden oasis tucked inside the towering walls of a canyon. The scenery is magnificent, unexplored, and magical. I can easily catch up to Elissa, but I don’t want to scare her off any more than I already have. Riding will give her time to cool off and time for me to think. How ironic that I want to be truthful to her, but this time the truth will not set either of us free.

Bucephalus takes her on the seldom worn trail, keeping a steady running pace. Dust from the trail and Bucephalus covers my face, my clothes, and my Stetson hat. But I ride on, almost hypnotically. I follow her dust column behind. The path gives way to rocks.  Red towering walls of the canyon start rising, and she’s riding in a steady trot but not in a running away speed anymore. Galleta grass, scattered dandelions and daisies start dotting the vicinity adding a stark contrast to the red of the canyon walls. The seldom worn path forces us towards a westward trek. The mare under me smells the water and lush grass in the direction Bucephalus is heading. There are four smooth rock basins with water springing from underground, and from a small waterfall from the cracks of the canyon wall. They are partially sheltered from the sun, and its water is incredibly clear, sweet and cold most of the year. The spring creates a pool, a blue lagoon. It has sandy beaches and shady cottonwood trees around. The water also springs from the belly of the ancient travertine formations; both built and destroyed by water. There is one major pool created by the waterfall, and several smaller pools which cascade into one another streaming, and winding its way down towards the caves, and into the underground river to supply the subterranean water.  

Bucephalus has stopped, and he’s drinking sweet cold water deeply. Elissa gets down from the horse, and looks around in awe. Looks at the blue lagoons, and canyon walls partially covered in ivy. The cottonwood trees rising into the sky, and some of the branches lowered to the ground as if they’re making an effort to reach the water. Desert willows are in full bloom. I get off the black mare, and let it trot to water next to my horse. Birds are chirping, and some are drinking water on the basins.

Elissa looks around with wide eyes.

“What is this?” she asks. “A Garden of Eden in the desert?”

“I...uhm, I wanted to show you this place, before you took off,” I say softly. “It’s called the Apache Falls.”

I take a wary step towards her, and she takes a step back. I stop.

“Ellie...” I say with pain in my voice. “Why are you running away from me?” Her face falls.

“I don’t know if I can trust you,” she says, her voice a whisper.

“I don’t know Sarah. I never met her before last night,” I say pausing. “What makes you think I know her?” She looks at me silently, assessing. She imperceptibly shakes her head.

“It’s what you know about me... Things I never told anyone except for three people. Among the three, only Sarah has ill will towards me.”

“Did you ever consider that whatever you think I know may just be a coincidence? Let’s examine them for a minute which you haven’t given me the chance to explain.”

“How could it be Alex? I turn out to be a whole different species that I didn't even know existed! You and I turn out to be the same thing. I meet you yesterday morning, and I go for a job interview, get rerouted to your office mind you, and get a job with the condition of a week’s trial.”

“The job is yours Elissa!” I say fervently.

“Alex,” she says shaking her head. “I don’t know if I want it anymore...”

“What? Why? No, Elissa, no... It’s your job!”

“Alex...I,” she says and closes her eyes. “I don’t know if I can do it. To be honest, I am immensely attracted to you,” she says visibly swallowing.  “The feelings I have for you aren’t normal. At least, they aren’t supposed to be...” she whispers. “It’s unhealthy. They’re too strong. Too primal, making me...” she says and stops to restrain herself.

“...insatiably hungry for you,” I complete her sentence. She nods with wide eyes, and her lips parting. “By what norms do you think they’re not normal? We are only half human. The other half is angel.”

“I still can’t trust you!” she utters abruptly and it makes me flinch. The sting of her words burn my soul.

“Too many odd coincidences... It’s... unsettling!”

“Elissa!” I cut her off. “Please judge me by my own merits! Not by your mother’s, uncle’s, nanny’s or anyone else’s. I’m Alex Pella! If you like me, you like me for who I am. If you hate me, let it be by my own wrongs! I never...ever sell off anyone, least of all you. That’s not how I operate.”

“But,” she rebuttals.

“Ellie, how have I wronged you?” I ask, and that stops her in her tracks.

“That’s the thing,” she sighs. “There’s something about you. Something familiar, but unrecognizable. And I don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad!”

“So far my only crime is being attracted to you as strongly as you are attracted to me. Maybe more so. And if that’s my big sin, I admit to be the most offending man of that crime,” I say looking into her eyes with an unblinking gaze. “Unrepentant offender...” I whisper my words seductively, enunciating and take a step towards her. This time she doesn’t run.

“But, with what had happened yesterday at my home...” she says and then shakes her head and corrects herself, “at my uncle’s home, my world has turned upside down. I don’t know who to trust or what to believe. I find out that you and I are something more than human; a species I never knew existed.  I’m drawn to you, captivated by your essence...” she whispers, “Your voice... the sight of you... your scent... the way you move...” she says and her voice goes down to a barely audible whisper, “the way you make love to me... I...I can’t think,” she says looking up at me with wide eyes. “I just want to lose myself in you and this can’t be good for either of us after knowing each other just for one day. We need time...”

“We will have time. We've just found each other, Ellie,” I cut her.  

“Maybe the week of trial for work was the right thing to do all along. Maybe for us, too...” she says and I open my mouth to protest, but she holds her hand up to finish. “Whenever I say your name, Alex...” she says pausing and looking into my eyes, searching, “it shakes me to my core, and wraps me in a warm caress like a magic charm. I should be running away from this! I’m bewitched by you!” she says, and I close the short distance between us.

Whenever I say your name-Sting

“Do you think I can let you go after what you revealed to me, Elissa?”

“Maybe you really should... You saw the kind of trouble that could follow me which nearly killed your man Anthony, and may have forever severed my ties with my family.”

“Elissa, do you think that would scare me off? Have you any idea what I am capable of?” I say fervently.

“It’s not the point, Alex. This is my burden, not yours. It’s unfair of me to bring whatever curse I have upon you, or your men!” she says her voice rising an octave.

“Is this the only reason? Because if it is...” I say, but she interrupts me.

“And when you told me the name of your ranch...” she says pausing as her lips quiver. “The name Four Winds is the stuff my nightmares are made of,” she says visibly shaking.

I extend my hand slowly up to her face, and wipe away the dust of her cheek, and her hair gently. She leans into my touch, her eyes closed.

“You see, I wanted to distance myself from everything and everyone I knew, and everyone that reminded me of things that burnt a gaping hole in my heart,” she says as her dusty hands clutches to her shirt now spotted with the trail dust and dirt. “But I find myself landed right in a place with the same name that scared me to my core... Somehow I feel that it’s part of my past. Something with the name of your ranch, and it terrifies me. What I don’t know, what I don’t understand, and what I don’t remember scare me. All I can think is to run as far away as possible. Even if I have to live in China, or in Siberia, or the remote corners of the earth just so I’m away from it...” she says shuddering.

“Running away from what makes us afraid, or from the past is a race we’ll never win. Living in a self-exile, letting fear take control of your life will only incapacitate you. If you let it control you, take over your life, it will find you in whatever corner of the earth you’re hiding in,” I plead with her.

“I’m not ready to face them yet,” she says with wide eyes.

“I am.”

“It’s not your fight...”

“I’ll be the judge of it,” I say my voice a whisper in her ear. She swallows.


“I just found you. Isn't that reason enough?” My hands are clasping the tops of her arms as if she’ll fly away. I lean down; my lips are only a touch away from hers.

“I’m dusty, and sweaty from the trail,” she whispers shyly as her fingers tuck away loosened strands of hair behind her ear.

“Yes, and I find it irresistible!” I say smiling and close the distance between our lips.  She shudders as our lips are merged. My right hand travels to the nape of her neck, then I pull her loosened ponytail rather forcefully, and tilt her head up, grasping her mouth into the captivity of mine. My right hand travels down to her back. As my hand reaches down to her buttocks, I pull her into me and make her feel my full salute erection.

Her hand reaches up to my head and tosses my Stetson cowboy hat off my head. I pick her off the ground, and she wraps her legs around my waist. My lips consume hers, sucking, and taking, possessing, and giving all I got. My tongue enters into her mouth as if I own it, sensually stroking her tongue, but then with a daring move, she sucks my tongue with such a force that I feel the effects of it all the way to the tip of my cock.

When our lips finally part, we’re both breathless. I close my eyes and rest my forehead on hers, not willing to let go of our connection.

“I feel so self-conscious, because I’m too dusty, and sticky with sweat,” she says patting her shirt to demonstrate and a small cloud of dust rises off her shirt. I cock my eyebrow, and a wicked idea comes to mind. I let her down from my waist. Hold her hand and pull her by the lapping water.

“Do you trust me?” I ask stopping.

“That depends...” she replies.

“Do you or not? A simple yes or no will do.” She takes a deep breath, swallows and says, “Yes,” with wide eyes. I grin wickedly.

My hands reach up to her shirt and I unbutton each one of them with deft fingers. Her breath is shallow, but her heart is beating like the wings of a hummingbird. Without breaking my gaze, I insert my hands under her shirt, and slide it off her arms. They pool on the sand by her feet. I unbutton her jeans, and slide down the zipper.

“Sit,” I order, and without taking her gaze away from me, completely mesmerized, she sits on the sand. I kneel before her, and untie her boots, and slide them off one at a time. Then I pull her socks off her feet. I put them inside her boots, and put the boots on top of a boulder. I slowly push her down on the sand. Slowly hovering over her, I skim my fingers along the waistband of her jeans, and slide them down along with her panties. She’s lying on the sand with only her bra on.

“Sit up,” I command extending my hand for support. She holds my hand, and sits up. I encapsulate her legs between mine, my knees on the sand, I hunch, and reach behind her back, and unhook her bra. She looks at me with unblinking eyes.

“You?” she manages to whisper. I stand up and pull her to her feet.

“Undress me,” I command seductively, without taking my gaze away from her sapphire blues. She lifts her hands up and reaches to the hem of my t-shirt. She grabs the hem rather forcefully, lifts it up, and I hold my arms up in the air to make it easy for her. She tosses the t-shirt behind her in the vicinity of the boulder. Then her hands reach down to my belt buckle. She tries to unbuckle it anxiously, but she is unsuccessful. She’s frustrated with the lack of progress.

“Slow, angel, slow...” I coax her, and take her hands and slowly guide them in unbuckling my belt. Then guide her fingers in unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans. Her fingers trail over my chest hair and down to my happy trail lightly, making me gasp. She inserts her hands under my boxer shorts skimming and pulling down the jeans and the boxers, freeing my erection. My jeans pool at my feet, right above my cowboy boots. I give her a lopsided smile.

“Technically, I’m still dressed,” I say.

“Sit,” she orders.

“Yes, ma’am.”

I sit on the warm sand, and she zips down my boots one at a time, and pulls the boots off my feet. Then she pulls the socks off. Finally yanks my pants and boxers off with such a force, they fly and land on the boulder several yards away. I stand up with one swift move, and lean down and scoop her off the ground. Surprised, she squeals, and her arms wrap around my neck. I take her to the edge of the water where soft dirt and sand meet with the lapping licks of the water. She looks at me with bewildered eyes.

“You wouldn't!”

I give her a lascivious grin as I deposit her into the soft dirt.

“Alex!” she shrieks then grabs a handful of dark dirt and tosses it at me.

“Is that how it is?” I ask grinning, and with lightning speed, I trap her under my body. Capturing her hands with my right hand, I hold them above her head. She squirms under me further sliding into the soil and sand. Her feet are in the muddy soil where the water is gently caressing the ground she’s lying on. My body is only an inch above hers hovering, my erection is poking into her belly. She digs her feet into the mud, and arches her back meeting my body and covering the distance between us. I trap her body with my legs, and grabbing handful dirt, I smear it over her sides, chest avoiding her breast, and her belly slowly, spreading it around.

“You’re getting me muddy!”

“That’s the idea,” I say grinning.

She moves her muddy feet, wraps her legs around my torso and digs her heels into my back, smearing mud all over my backside. I get on the mount position over her making her efforts ineffective. I shift and that loosens my grip on her hand to reach her other side. She grabs my left hand at the wrist with her left hand holding it in a strong monkey grip then she grasps the back of my left arm right at the elbow with her right hand using all the muscles of her back, and trapping my left arm effectively. She moves her right foot over my left foot angling her knee outward, trapping my foot close to her hip blindingly fast for a woman who is just getting her Nephilim strength. She then slowly lifts her hip up, shifting, and gravity takes over, and she traps me under her, saddling me. Her Jiu-Jitsu move excites me beyond belief. She’s playing with me by fighting me off!

To counter offense, I slightly separate my feet, and making a V with my legs bent on my knee, I lift my hips up, and twisting and pivoting my right shoulder as I leverage my neck and head, I roll, and get right back on my knees as Elissa is trapped under me, once more. I hook my right foot over her right ankle and neutralize her next move to roll me over again. She tries to bring her left leg inside, trying to free it of my trap. She then tries her right leg. Grabs my wrist, and inside of my elbow, and tucks and pivots her shoulder, and rolls me onto me back and into the shallow water. We are complete muddy and wet and I’m once again trapped under her. My legs both move over hers, wrapping them at the ankles and effectively trapping them both, I sit up immediately.

We’re both breathing heavily with excitement, and there’s nothing between us but skin and mud, causing strange friction and sensation as we move. My erection is digging into her belly, and she pushes her hips into me. Her arms snake around my neck and, she effectively pushes me back into the shallow clear water. I roll in water with her washing off some of the mud from our backs. When we roll back the opposite direction, we’re back in the dirt again, but this time she lies under me. Our backs are covered in sand. I pull her into sitting position. My teeth graze her chin, her neck, and the base of her neck. She tilts her head back, her dark hair loosened, wet, and absolutely sexy dripping water on her back which slowly courses down. Some water drips to her cheeks from her hair, and I lick it, my tongue makes its way to her ear. I capture her earlobe and tug it with my teeth. A primal moan escapes her lips and I seal them immediately swallowing her voice. Her fingers are laced in my hair, tugging, and pulling me to the ground. Her legs are wrapped around me, and her heels dig into my buttocks encouraging me to sink into her.

I pull back briefly and gaze into her eyes. “Yes?” I ask.

“Yes,” she nods.

“I want all of you!” I whisper seductively. Her breath hitches.

“For now,” she whispers back. Fuck! She’s negotiating with me during sex!

She lies back on the sand pulling me down with her. My tongue grazes down to her neck kissing, and nipping agonizingly slow. She arches her back up. My tongue trails down between her breast, teasing, kissing, and sucking. I capture her breasts between my thumbs and index fingers tugging, elongating, and pulling. She moans convulsively. My lips move over her belly button, and my tongue assaults the small tight hole as I move my right hand down to her sex, palming her clit. I ease one finger into her inviting bloom, and then insert another one. Her sex is drenched, hungry. My mouth travels to her sex, and as I pull my fingers out of her, my mouth nips her sensitive spot lightly, and for a minute her legs are wrapped around my neck, her hips are off the ground, her elbows are supporting to lift her body off the ground. My tongue dips inside her sex, and swirls counter clock wise, pushing against the front wall of her vagina, finding her secret sweet spot.
“Please...” she pants.

Easing my tongue out of her, “Indefinitely!” I counter bid her earlier offer of ‘for now.’

“One...” she pants, and her moans go to a high pitch, “....week...trial...” she groans her words staccato. My lips trail their way back up over her torso as my hands move over to her sides, seductively caressing. When I reach her breasts, I capture her right nipple in my mouth, and suck. My tongue fellates and teases the elongated nipple, and I graze my teeth over it.

“Please, Alex,” she begs digging her heels over my buttocks to make me enter her.

“Indefinitely!” I growl, my eyes look up from her breast.

“Please...” she groans raising her hip up to meet my erection.

“Tell me you agree...” I hiss as my erection teases the entrance of her sex.

“I discuss...later... Please, now!” she moans her words.

I hover over her, and sink my aching cock inside her inch by inch until it’s balls deep. I stop and arch my back to be in her as deep as possible and she digs her heels further into my buttocks and her fingernails claw the dirt on the ground. The feeling is heavenly, because we are now one body and one soul, created of the earth and the heavenly light. The feeling created by our unity, connection, and oneness is intoxicating, and overwhelmingly consuming. I start moving, and plow her into the sand and dirt. I pull back slowly and feel her sex pull me back inside slowly and I ravel in the response from her body. I sink back into her again, and her sex pulls me deeper to that special spot begging to be touched, alerted, rubbed, ringing all the bells and firing all the synapses within her body with the friction only my cock can provide. She arches her back pushing her breasts into my welcoming mouth, her elbows and forearm supporting her. She reciprocates my cock’s tango with her sex with her counter movements. I take her left nipple into my mouth, tease and suck. 

Then I pick Elissa off the ground, making her sit on my lap. I raise her up, and as she descends onto my cock, I spear my erection deeper into her while I tease her breast, nipping, sucking, and licking. Her double orgasm comes in large waves as her muscles inside her sex sheaths and squeezes me, trying to milk me for all I got. It rolls through her body and through our connection into my body. She shouts “Alex,” as her nails scrape and dig into my back, her head tossed back as her movements slow down. She finally descends onto my chest in a big heap, replete, sweaty, muddy and tired.

I lift my spent girl in my arms under the cascading of waterfall to gently wash her. I sit on a relatively large stone under the steadily raining water. Warm air and the cold water jolt her into awareness again. She holds my face with her hands as she searches for something in my eyes. She pushes my hair back and a sudden flitter of sadness passes through her eyes for a moment, and then gone. Without giving me a chance to think, she seals her lips over mine with an unnamed emotion, and then she starts moving again. My semi-tamed cock still inside her springs into full attention once more. She puts all her yearning, desire, and affection into her kiss and movements. She hugs me tighter, and kisses me harder, licking, sucking, giving, surrendering, and taking. I feel her tears escaping, and coursing through her cheeks silently mixing with the waterfall, remaining disguised. She’s almost worshiping me with her body. But, why then, do I also feel like she’s saying a silent goodbye?

Amy Winehouse - I’m no good for you


Claire Jolly said...

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I am loving the direction that you are taking with the characters, i love that Alex is the only one who will be able to unlock the whereabouts of their children which brings the hope that they did make it.
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Mal said...

Thanks Emine for this bonus chapter in this continuing beautiful love story. Love it. Happy writing!

Mal said...

Thanks Emine for this bonus chapter in this continuing beautiful love story. Love it. Happy writing!

Mal said...

Wow. What a treat. Thank you for this bonus chapter in this continuing love story. It's going to be such a special moment when Elissa's memory returns. I love the way you structure the story so that it is written by both Elissa and Alex POV. And as for those hot and steamy pics complementing the hot and steamy ( and muddy) loving between Alex and Elissa. Phewwww! Happy writing Emine.

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Daniela Martins said...

Perfect! Perfect!
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Joan Goldman said...

Hot, Hot, Hot chapter. A silent goodbye is not allowed! Actually not any kind of a goodbye should be allowed!!

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