Monday, October 22, 2012

BOOK III - Chapter II - Christian and Anastasia Fanfiction

~La Vita Nuova~
In that book which is
My memory . . .
On the first page
That is the chapter when
I first met you
Appear the words . . .
Here begins a new life -
- Dante Alighieri


Before Taylor gets moving to walk out with me, my Blackberry buzzes, again. It’s my mother. I sigh exasperated, and answer the phone.

“Hi mom,” I say softly.

“Christian...” she says in a straightened voice. I’m alert immediately.

“What’s wrong?” I ask in a higher tone. This day is getting better and better!

“I called to apologize, son. Your father told me what he had done and after yesterday, I didn’t think he would nose in again. I’m so sorry son! We love Anastasia. Both your father and I adore her. He’s just upset about... well; you know what he’s really upset about.” I sigh.

“I know mom, not that I appreciate him doing it. But I understand his motives. Can we talk about this some other time?”

“No, it can’t wait,” she says firmly. “Not if you have the time. You know I wouldn’t impose on you, but I don’t want you to have fallout between you and your father so close to your wedding.” I resign. I hold my finger to Taylor indicating I’d be a minute, and walk into my office for privacy. I don’t want everyone eavesdropping on my conversation with my mother. This might be a while.

“Okay, I’m listening,” I say.

“I’ve never seen him as upset at you, or any other person for that matter as he was on Saturday. Not even when you dropped out of Harvard. He was livid then, and I remember of not seeing you for weeks, if not months. I don’t want a repetition of that. I don’t want Ana to pay the ramifications of what Elena had done to you. That’s what he is mainly upset about, and the fact that it’s gone on for six years!”

“Mother, I don’t want to discuss Elena with you or anyone else. It’s a done deal. It’s in the past. It can’t be changed. Let’s drop it!” I say anger rising in me.

“It will not change what she did to you, and the fact that I failed you as a parent. On that I can’t agree with you. I’m still pissed at you for not letting me or your father into your life so we could help you. Instead you...” she pauses to stifle a sob, then changes gears. “But, remember for a minute how your father reacted when you dropped out of Harvard. You know how big on education we both are. When you dropped the bombshell on us saying you were dropping out of a university where most people would give their right arms to be accepted. You were a year away from graduating, and at your very young age you said you were starting your own business in telecommunications with no experience to show, and no money start it with. I remember you walking out the door with my heart breaking into a million pieces, and your father first time losing his cool, and telling you that you would get nothing if you dropped out. He was trying to be a father who was being protective of his child, trying to talk sense into him the best way he knew how. What he did today, though unacceptable, he was trying to do the same, being protective of his child, granted I’m mortified and I had no idea he’s done that, and I am sincerely sorry for it. I had no idea, Christian! You have done a marvelous job with your business, and you had the same determination then that you have with Ana. I realize that you know how to distinguish rights from wrongs, and I know you stand up for what you believe in adamantly. I respect and honor that son. I truly do. So, please don’t be angry with your father. I’ve already talked to him, and he’s upset with himself. He’s a good man, and he loves you with all he’s got. Now that you have found the love of your life, someday you’ll get to understand him when you yourself become a father,” she says making me flinch. I hope that doesn’t happen for a very very very long time.

“Oddly mom, I’m not angry with dad. Well,” I correct myself, “not as angry as I should be. I had a feeling it had something to do with Elena, and not Anastasia, but nonetheless, I want everyone to clearly understand this:” I say in an unyielding tone making sure they understand that my decisions are firm, and not to be trifled with, “I don’t want to have Ana signing anything other than her marriage certificate with me and that this is a closed subject. The only thing that got me mad was not that dad wanted to speak to me to voice his concerns, but that he brought a stranger to discuss Anastasia; it was an invasion of our privacy! Not just mine, but Anastasia’s as well! I have to protect her from that. Once we get married she will be exposed to all kinds of shit that surrounds me, and who I am. I’m going to do everything in my power to shelter her from that. Am I to add my family into this list? I hope you understand my concern mom! I deserved dad yelling at me yesterday. Let’s contain his rage limited to me, and not punishing my fiancée for my shortcomings. That’s where I draw the line.”

“I know darling, and I agree with you as far as Ana is concerned. But I agree with your father about Elena. Your father feels that he failed you as a father. Not realizing what had been done to you. You have no idea what a tormenting feeling that is. We both feel that we couldn’t protect you,” she says her voice cracking.

“Mom, none of that was your fault. None of it! So, please, forget it, it’s a done deal. It’s past...” I say but she cuts me off.

“No, Christian! Give me that much! Give me a little room to grieve... I am angry with myself, angry with your father, angry with you all for different reasons, but it all boils down to Elena. But, Ana, she is good for you. She makes you happy, and she loves you. You don’t know how ecstatic I am seeing you happy and in love! You deserve to be happy son! So, don’t be angry with your father, and punish him by taking Ana away from us,” she says fervently.

I’m taken aback with her lament.

“Oh, I... No, of course not, mom. Just the talk we had yesterday, and then how dad sort of ambushed Ana with bringing up prenup to her attention, blindsiding her! Just thinking about it makes me angry! I don’t want that ever to occur again. Anastasia is going to be my wife. How would you have liked it if your father in-law blindsided you that way? I know it better than most people, mom, that it’s a cynical world we live in. But, by some miracle I’ve met the other half of my soul, the greater half, the good part in Ana. I will make damn sure that anything Anastasia and I do will only strengthen our unity, and not weaken it.”

“I completely understand darling. Your father has been an attorney for a very long time, and he’s seen unimaginable schemes performed by most unassuming individuals. He’s looking out for your interest like a father who is an attorney would do, and maybe overcompensating a little...”

“A little mom?”

“Okay, by a lot. He’s looking after you in his own way, not that I would agree with him on that. I’m not agreeing with his reasoning having gotten to know Ana, you understand, but your father thinks that you are bringing a lot into your marriage financially, and she has a rather less than financially advantageous upbringing...” she says and I snort at her response.

“Think of it this way mom: When you found me the first time, I was a starving, underdeveloped, dirty son of a crack whore who was abused by her fucking pimp! It doesn’t get any lower than that. But, you took me in, mom! You did that, and I don’t say that enough to you, but you saved my life! You did that, mom! Without looking into my background, without looking into the kinds of issues I might have which clearly is pretty fucked up. I worked hard. Very very hard to amass my fortune, and succeed in business. Isn’t it my decision who and how I get to share that with? Financially she may not be bringing anything into the union, but, I care nothing about that. I am very good at making money. What she is giving me is all of herself, her love, her capacity to see through me, her capacity to forgive. Ever since we’ve been together, I’ve come alive....” as if in a confession. “Can you put a price tag on that?”

“I can see the difference. I know you have blossomed since she’s been with you. I’m in complete awe of her,” she says and her answer softens my heart.

“She is my life, mom. I love her better than myself. I don’t know what I would without her,” I say swallowing.

“I hope you never have to that find out, darling. She’s such a good girl. I do love her dearly for loving you. You deserve to be loved, unconditionally. I will speak to your father. Try to be a little forgiving, please, Christian. Could you do that for me, darling? He does so, because he loves you, and that he feels he failed you. It’s his misery that’s making him so. Sometime you do something, neglect something, or don’t do something, and when you do realize it, you want to go back in time, and fix that thing, but you can’t because its water under the bridge, but the flood of it damaged what you loved better than your own life. Can you try to understand him and be gentle with him?”

“I understand that better than you can imagine mother. I will do my best, but please, tell him to leave to Anastasia out of it. I will not negotiate anything when it comes to her. He can be mad at me, but it has to be directed at me correctly, not at her. I want my boundary to be respected.”

“I will make sure that he doesn’t involve her again, darling. I apologize for yesterday, and today. Do you want me to call Ana to apologize?”

“No, mom. I don’t want her to find out about today. She’ll be hurt immensely. I don’t want this incident to negatively impact my relationship with her. In fact, please make sure that no one in the family finds out. Not Mia, and definitely not Elliot; he’ll tell his girlfriend, and she’ll tell her. I don’t want her leaving me because she’ll think you guys think less of her,” I say in a barely controlled voice.

“I’m so very sorry again son... for yesterday and today. We really do love you son! Even parents make mistakes. Just give him some time to recover from Elena. It has been a shock. He hasn’t been himself since Saturday night, eating himself up,” she says making me flinch. Neither have I, but I don’t tell her that. It isn’t the easiest thing to digest when your parents know you’ve started fucking your mother’s friend at the age of 15 regardless of the fact that she seduced you.

“I will mom,” I say.

“Oh, And Christian, I’m so happy that you and Ana decided to have the wedding here. Mia and I will have a blast planning it. Meanwhile we will steal Ana often this month because we will need her input.”

“Alright mom, you have to arrange that with her. Try not to take her away too long,” I say teasing.

“I’ll do what I can darling. I’ll let you go now. I love you, son.”

“Love you too, mom,” I reply.

“Please, be lenient and don’t strain your relationship with your dad at such a time. He is very upset, and confused. Knowing your father, this hardly ever happens to him. I’ve never seen him like this.”

“I’ll keep that in mind mom. Thank you,” I say hanging up.

I run both my hands through my hair. I toss the Blackberry on my desk and sink back into my chair roughly making the leather protest under my weight. My thoughts drift back to yesterday. It was supposed to be just breakfast at my parents’ home, but my mom couldn’t keep her mouth shut and told dad about Elena and me. When we arrived at my parents’ home, dad’s gaze was steaming like the Old Faithful, but he managed to spare a smile for Anastasia’s benefit which of course didn’t reach his eyes.

Mia and my mom effectively snatched Anastasia to talk about our upcoming wedding where I was left standing with my dad.

“I need to speak with you Christian. Follow me to my study please,” he said without even giving me a chance to say no. We’ve had the Elena talk last night after my mom blabbed. I wondered what this one was about. He walked in the direction of his study, letting me follow him and let the door open waiting behind it like the high school principal who was about to lecture the most disrupting student which gave him no pleasure. He closed the door behind him after I entered.

We stared at each other for a long minute. His gaze angry, furious even with barely contained anxiety, mine impassive, my mask of indifference pulled in place tightly, unyielding.

“Your mother was distraught yesterday as I was, and I can’t say I blame her. I was unable to sleep all night,” he started. “I have always prided myself of being a well-educated, sane, responsible man. I thought my feet were firmly planted on the ground. You have made me feel incredibly stupid like I have never felt before. A fool, a damn fool!” he lamented. That wasn’t what I expected him to say.

“Stupid? How? Why?” I ask unable to contain my curiosity.

“Because, for the first time in my life, my feet weren’t on the ground, you fooled me at 15! And you kept it from us. You have been taken advantage of right under our noses, and we... I,” He corrected himself, “I should have known better. You were only a boy! I feel like fucking fool, son! I should have noticed and gotten you help. I’m mad at you even more than when you announced us that you were leaving Harvard, because you were smart enough to know better, at least after a while. I thought I gave you that much sense. At least to come to me... Did you hate me so much so that you didn’t think I was safe enough for you to come to and confide in or ask for help?”

“What? No! Dad, no!”

“If it wasn’t for your mother’s insistence that it would damage your reputation, I would go and press charges against that bitch this instant! Nothing you could say or do would stop me! But it would hurt your mother. Elena Lincoln hurt you, and in hurting you she hurt my wife. And no one hurts my wife! No one hurts my child and gets away with it!”

“Dad! It’s in the past. I didn’t stop. I could have. I’m just as guilty as Elena.”

“You were a boy!”

“I was a boy, but for three years! This went on for six! I was twenty-one when it ended.”

“Twenty one?” he asks skeptically. “Are you sure about that? From what your mother heard from your rather big fight with Elena, that it sounded like she still had feelings for you!”

“Feelings? She doesn’t feel dad. It was only fucking! And it’s over with now. It’s been over for years. It was a mistake, one I will not repeat again.”

“What about Anastasia?”

“What about her?” I ask apprehensively.

“Is she another one of your mistakes?”

“What the fuck do you mean?” I growl taking a step forward towards my father automatically. He doesn’t waver. Stands firm on his ground.

“You’ve known her what? Five minutes, and you’re getting married to her. She seems like a great girl, don’t get me wrong. But did you give it enough thought? Marriage is not a like a six year mistake you can wipe with one hand, and dismiss.”

“You know nothing about her!”

“No, but I’ve gotten well acquainted with your choice of women now,” he says making me lose my cool.

“My choice of women? What the hell would you know about that? You’re talking about one woman who seduced me at 15! Don’t you dare to put Anastasia in the same category as Elena! I love Anastasia, and she loves me!”

My dad paces around and stops right in front of me.

“Alright. I’ll give you that. Here’s my rebuttal for you, son. If she truly loves you, she wouldn’t be afraid of signing a prenup. This will protect...”

“The hell she will!” I bellow, anger rising in me. “This conversation is over!” I turn to walk out of the door.

“Don’t you fucking walk out of that door! That’s what you always do! You don’t face your problems, you just walk out!” he yells. Just as my hand reaches the door, my mother walks in with her face pulled in a don’t-fuck-with-me look.

She closes the door behind her, and locks it taking the key into her pocket.

“Both of you; sit!” she orders in a tone not to be trifled with.

“Dear, I’m sorry...”

“I said, sit, Carrick!” she glares at him, and reluctantly we both do, sulking like a couple of teenagers.

“What’s going on in here?” We both remain stubbornly silent.

“Christian?” she turns to me. I shrug, saying nothing.

“Carrick?” she turns to dad, and he crosses his arms in front of him in a defensive gesture, sitting back in his chair, glaring at no one in particular.

“That’s what I thought. Alright, Grey men. You can sulk, but you’re not leaving this room until you tell me what is going on between you two. Is this your phase two talk with him about Elena, Carrick? Is this what the fight is about?”

“I did but, the fight isn’t about Elena,” my dad responds in a softer, but firm tone.

“What is it about then?” she asks. He says nothing.

“Christian?” she turns to me asking. I say nothing.

My mother puts her hands on her hips.

“Carrick! The living room sofa downstairs has your name all over it if you do not tell me what is going on between you and our son!!” she threatens my father and that does the job.

“It’s about this,” says my father showing her a printed document size of Pride and Prejudice first edition. I don’t know why I thought about that. My mouth gapes open at his insolence. Could it be my father’s arrogance, or his wounded ego as a father?

“You’ve already drawn a document up? I can’t believe it! When did you have time to do it?” I bellow.

“Last night... After I talked to you,” he says his head hanging.

My mother glances at the document, and her head snaps up to look at my father.

“Why would you do this Carrick? This is our son!”

“Yes, our son who has been taken advantage by women before!”

“One woman! Damn it! Don’t categorize Anastasia with Elena! Fuck that, I’m leaving! Key, mother!”

“Sit down, Christian,” my mother says softly, gently, wounded even. I sit.

“Carrick, honey... Anastasia didn’t do that to Christian. Elena did. Anastasia is just as much a victim in this. It couldn’t have been easy for her to find out her fiancé had been...” she stops to rack her brain for the least offensive word, finally finding continues, “deflowered by a child molester, and the fact that I invited her to Christian’s birthday party, on the night they announced their engagement! That poor girl! What must she think of me! She had to endure Elena and keep up the appearances for the rest of us! And what’s more, Elena was rubbing it in on her!”

My father’s face changes, he first looks pained then guilty and chagrined.

“I know. I feel... I feel inadequate... Confused. I just feel... old,” he says gazing up at her with tired eyes, looking like Atlas sagging under the weight of the world. “Rug has been pulled out under my feet, and now I have this, this horrible urge to make up what I couldn’t do... What I didn’t realize... I should have been able to protect my son, Grace! I should have known. Now, I’m trying to make up... I’m trying to do right by my son. I’m trying to look out for his interest even if doesn’t realize that this is what I’m doing. Ana is a great girl. A wonderful girl!” he says fervently. “She’s the best thing that ever happened to you, Christian! She really is...” he adds looking at me with determined eyes.

“But this is a cynical world, son. You ought to know that. Good things can go sour really fast in the blink of an eye. You have isolated yourself from the world, but I see it day in and day out at the courthouse. If she truly loves you, she would want to look after your interest, too,” he says fervently.

“Carrick, that’s enough!” says my mother without I can get a word edgewise.

“Subject is closed. This is something they have to decide. It’s none of our business.”

“But, Grace...”

“It’ll be a cold day in hell if I ever discuss that with her!” I say standing up.

“Fine!” my father answers holding his hands up in a defeated gesture. “I know when I’m outnumbered, and I would never bet against your mother. But, please son, just, just consider it. I’m only worried about you.”

“Dad... Please, drop it!”

He sighs, and says nothing.

“Alright, Grey men. Shake hands and make up. We have a wonderful breakfast to eat, and before the rest of the family comes looking for us, let go. Come on!” says my mother, and my father takes her hand and we leave his office. I thought he dropped the subject until after breakfast.


It all was going well until after breakfast Mia squealed without knowing what transpired earlier when she was surfing the web.

“Look at this!” she gushed setting her netbook on the kitchen table in front of the whole family. “There’s a gossipy item on the Seattle Nooz website about you being engaged, Christian,” she informed everyone.

My mother was surprised because it was the morning of our announcement for only family and friends. “Already?” she said. But remembering what went on between my father and me less than an hour ago she pursed her mouth, and I frowned at her for being so obvious. But my sister who is completely oblivious to the world, hell, the family she lives in, continued to read the blog out loud.

“Word has reached us here at The Nooz that Seattle’s most eligible bachelor, the Christian Grey, has finally been snapped up and wedding bells are in the air. But who is the lucky, lucky lady? The Nooz is on the hunt. Bet she’s reading one helluva prenup.”

Mia giggled and I had to glare at her to stop her because Anastasia looked like she got slapped, and the air just went arctic in the room with my glare. Anastasia glanced at me apprehensively, and I shook my head at her, mouthing, “No.” But, my dad had to open his fucking mouth carrying our conversation as if we didn’t put a stop to it this morning.

“Christian,” he said to me gently, coaxing.

“I’m not discussing this again,” I snapped at him. The gull! In front of Anastasia! I’m not 15 anymore to be scolded, and warned like this!  Then he turns to Anastasia nervously, opening his mouth to say something to her! I had to nip it in the bud!

“No prenup!” I shout at him. Of all people, it has to be my father to give me a coronary! I barely contained myself and forced my gaze to look at WSJ I had in my hand focusing on the financial news. I feel everyone’s gaze looking at me, and looking at Anastasia. I think it made Anastasia very uneasy, and she felt like she had to say something.

“Christian,” she said in a soft tone. “I’ll sign anything you and Mr. Grey want,” she continued. Of course she would. She loves me, and I love her for it, but that’s out of the question. But I want no barriers between us. No contract other than a marriage one putting barriers between us isn’t the kind of structured intimacy I want with her.

“No!” I snap at her, taking my anger out of her.

“It’s to protect you,” she continues.

“”Christian, Ana – I think you should discuss this in private,” my mother says admonishing us both, possibly not wanting my dad butting in again, and glaring at both my dad and Mia.

“Ana, this is not about you,” my father murmurs a little chagrined, trying to reassure her. “And please call me Carrick.”

Why the fuck was he still going? I just glared at him icily, my rage is focused on him solely. Is he trying to ruin my relationship with Ana? Fuck the butt out already!

My mother, Mia and Katherine started clearing up the breakfast table, self-consciously talking about the fascinating world of sausage vs. bacon. Anastasia’s good mood is gone, and she’s lost to her knotted fingers. I know what she’s thinking; it’s what I feared, and why I didn’t want her to find out this conversation. She thinks my parents think of her a gold-digger which isn’t true, and even if it was, I wouldn’t give a shit about it. I know her! That’s what matters. We were sitting next to each other, and she’s drifting miles away. I reach over and grasp both her hands into mine.

“Stop it,” I say fervently.

She looks up searching my gaze. “Ignore my dad. He’s really pissed about Elena. That stuff was all aimed at me. I wish my mom had kept her mouth shut,” I say in a whisper only she can hear.

“He has a point, Christian. You’re very wealthy, and I’m bringing nothing to our marriage but my student loans.” Nothing? She’s all I want, all I need. I wouldn’t care if she had money. I have shit loads of it; what’s more, I know how to make it. Anastasia on the other hand is my safe place.  She’s the owner of my heart. She’s what makes me alive. She’s no rival, no equal. That makes her priceless. That alone dwarves all my money. Without her, I have nothing.

“Anastasia, if you leave me, you might as well take everything. You left me once before. I know how that feels.”

“That was different,” she whispers. “But... you might want to leave me,” she says with a sickening look.  I snort, and shake my head in a mock disgust.

“Christian, you know I might do something exceptionally stupid, and you...” she glances down again to her knotted hands again, squirming as if I stabbed her, her face falling. I can’t take it. My dad knows how to fucking mess things up.

“Stop. Stop now. The subject is closed, Ana. We’re not discussing it anymore. No prenup. Not now- now ever!” I look at her with finality in my decision, and turn to my mother.

“Mom, can we have the wedding here?” and of course I hear my mother’s delighted scream. And, Ana’s look finally realizing that they do love her, and I gave a sigh of relief. And right now, all I want to do is to go and hold my girl. But first, I check my e-mail:
From: Anastasia Steele
Subject: Daydreaming...
Date: June 20, 2011 15:07
To: Christian Grey

...of meadow flowers and you and your hands, and your tongue, and a boat house with dim lights and rustic walls. Missing you.


Your fiancée

A x

Fuck the reply! I’m taking her home right now.

I walk out of my office where Taylor is waiting impassively.

“Ready, sir?” he asks.

“Yes,” I reply. He doesn’t even have to ask where. He knows.

I dial Anastasia’s phone on the way.

“Hi Christian,” she answers the phone.

“You asked for my attention, now you got it baby. Pack your things, I’m coming to get you.”

“What? I still have another hour to work,” she replies.

“Well, according to my watch, your time at work is up.”

“I haven’t asked my boss, if...”

“Your boss’ boss’ boss says you can take off. In facts he insists on it,” I say with my most salacious, and I-can’t-be-persuaded-otherwise voice. The fact is, I need her. I’ve had a shitty day. A lot is happening without my control, and it’s something I hate. I have to have control. Anastasia is my safe place, she gives me peace, and excitement. She awakens feelings in me I never knew existed. The fact that some fucker is out there to kill me is confirmed which is what I suspected all along is driving me insane. But suspecting and knowing are two different things. Now, I know. And the shit my dad pulled today! I can handle the train wreck stemming from my own crap, but own family’s? Come on! Give the man a break!

“Christian, I have work...” I cut her off.

“Anastasia, we have only a month to our wedding, and there is a lot to be done. I’m surprised that I’m the one reminding you that. I thought girls planned their wedding since they’re infants, or something!” I say changing tact.

“Oh! That’s right...” she says thinking.

“I don’t think you should be working full time at least until we get through our honeymoon. This is going to be a busy month already. What’s one hour anyway today. I thought you liked spending time with me,” I say my voice going lower.

“I do! Christian, I do. But...”

“No buts Anastasia. We’re right around the corner. Pack your things up. So help me God, I will carry you on my shoulder in front of your colleagues like a Neanderthal with a big swat on your delectable ass.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“Oh, baby, don’t tempt me. You know I would,” I say my voice going deep. I don’t want disobedience from her, not today. My gaze meets Taylor’s in the rearview mirror. He is slightly amused.

“Fine! I’ll be out of the building in a few minutes. Wait for me. No need to drag me out...” she says exasperated. One more month... One more month... One more month... I chant to myself. It’s my mantra now. Once we are married, she will have to obey me then. We don’t have to have discussions whether she wants to agree with me on something as simple as her coming home with me. She’ll promise me to obey. If she fails to listen, I’ll remind the promise she made before God and all who are near and dear. Or, I’ll have fun spanking her to rectify the situation. Either way, it’s win-win. Relaxed, I sit back. Taylor makes around the corner, and pulls in front of SIP.

“Sir, there are some photographers waiting outside. Do you want me to pull to the back, and have Miss Steele come out of the back entrance?”

“No, Taylor. Because if they don’t see us together now, they’ll keep haunting her. Let’s give them what they want, and nip this in the bud. Have Sawyer follow us in Miss Steele’s car,” I say, and I exit the car. Taylor frowns but says nothing.

As soon as I see Anastasia exiting the building, I get out of the car, and walk towards her in quick steps. Taylor quickly turns the car off and runs after me. He gets over anxious with unknown crowds he hasn’t searched through. When the reporters see me, the cameras start flashing in both directions. Anastasia looks like deer in the headlights, but I quickly reach her with a reassuring smile, and hold her in my arms. When her gaze locks with mine, she looks relaxed and I take her hand, giving her a smile I reserve just for her, reassuring her, imploring her to trust me, and let me take charge here. She understands, and gives me her dazzling smile.

My arms snake around her protectively, one hand at the small of her back and the other gently holding her at the nape of her neck. We lock lips. The connection of us fires all our synapses and the electricity courses through my body, and the thrumming energy binds us. My tongue slides into her mouth, stroking hers and she instantly relaxes and fires up. But I don’t want others to see how passionate she gets and I retract my tongue back reluctantly. I can hear the catcalls behind us, and finally turn it down a notch and seal with a chaste kiss.

“Mr. Grey! Mr. Grey! Congratulations sir! I’m from Seattle Times. Could you introduce your fiancée to us please?”

“And your name?” I ask, he’s too eager to answer.

“I’m Andy Ritter.”

“Andy, this is my fiancée, Anastasia Steele.” Anastasia gives him shy smile as my arms band around her, and I hold her possessively which doesn’t escape the notice of the photographers, and they snap pictures in rapid succession. Anastasia’s goes rigid with all the attention, but I hold her in such a way that no one can get to her without getting through me.

“Mr. Grey! Miss Steele! Seattle Nooz here. Could we ask you a question?”

“You just did,” I reply.

“Our readers want to know about the prenup,” he says and Anastasia stands rigid.

“What about it?” I ask impassively.

“What’s in it, sir?”

“Why should that concern you?” I ask pointedly, noting his wedding ring.

“Because our readers want to know.”

“Fair enough, but tell me your wife’s name,” I say making Anastasia turn to look at me.

“Uhmm. Marilyn.”

“What did Marilyn sign before you two were married?”

“Uhm, nothing. But then, I don’t have your sizeable assets, sir,” he says nearly mocking.

“Why not? Don’t you work hard enough? How do you spend your less sizeable income?”


“Don’t you want to tell me how you spend your income?”

“No, because it’s not interesting. Yours  is.” He says sneering. So, that’s your game. I narrow my eyes on him and focus.

“But, I’m very interested in knowing how you spend yours. So is my fiancée. Aren’t you, baby?” I ask Anastasia, and she nods knowing. She knows my game. Good girl! “Tell me, Marilyn’s husband, how do you spend your money, what you do with it, how much of it have you allocated for your wife should you two divorce?” He shifts uncomfortably under my direct gaze.

“It’s private, sir.”

“Your life is private, but mine isn’t? Am I not entitled to the same rights as you?” I ask him pointedly, but keep a dazzling smile on my face, and turn the rest of the reporters. “I am happy to answer questions as long as my fiancée and I aren’t harassed, or our privacy invaded. I think as an individual citizen, I am entitled the same rights to privacy as any of you. I do appreciate you coming and taking your time to meet my lovely fiancée. I’m more than happy to introduce her to you,” I say gazing down at her reassuringly, “but, I don’t want anyone trying to invade her privacy, or scare her. That will only grant you a lawsuit as opposed to a nice chat. My PR office will issue a statement later in the evening. However as you can see, I’ve worked all day, and so did Miss Steele; we just like to go, get a bite to eat, go home and relax now. Thank you all for coming.”

“Mr. Grey!” a reporter shouts. “What does Miss Steele do?”

“She’s standing right here. Why don’t you ask her?” I reply reassuring Anastasia with my tight hold.

“Apologies ma’am. Miss Steele, Randy Harford from the Tribune. What do you do for the SIP?”

“I’m an acting editor here,” she replies.

“Thank you ma’am,” he says smiling at her in response to her shy smile. Fuck, she has another admirer. I nod my head and walk while holding Anastasia under my arm towards the SUV. We hear the flashes behind us.

“Kiss her!” someone yells behind.

“What the hell!” I say, and dip Anastasia, and kiss her, grinning into her lips. When we’re both breathless, I lift her up, and usher Anastasia into the SUV and follow her behind as Taylor closes the door behind us.

“What was that? You never show affection in public like that,” asks Anastasia bemused.

“By giving them something to print, I was reassuring your safety, and preventing them bothering you in the future. Throwing them a bone...” I say.

“Oh,” she replies.

“How was your day?”

“Busy. Read a lot of manuscripts, and had an editor’s meeting, and now I’m going home with you,” she says smiling.

“That you are Miss Steele. What did you have for lunch?” I ask impassively. She turns crimson immediately. Shit! She hasn’t eaten. She doesn’t answer.

“Anastasia?” I coax.

“The scone, and some tea.”

“Ana! You can’t just go through an entire day with just a scone,” I say glaring as my gaze darkens.

“I wasn’t feeling like eating after this morning, Christian,” she replies petulantly.

“Anastasia, I don’t understand why you defy me at every corner! I want you to eat. You still haven’t recovered the weight you lost!”

“I like being thin like this,” she retorts.

“It makes me feel guilty to see you not eating, makes me feel like I can’t take care of you. That you won’t let me to take care of you!” I say.

“Oh, Christian, it’s just one meal! You really have to get over it!”

I narrow my eyes on her. “You know I can take you across my knee,” I say darkly. She nervously glances at the back of Taylor’s head.

“You wouldn’t dare here!” she whispers. I reach over and quickly unbuckle her in a flash and pull her over my knee and deliver one loud smack on her ass.

“Oww!” she yells more from surprise than from hurt. Taylor studiously looks ahead without even meeting my gaze in the rearview mirror.

“You were saying Anastasia?” I ask. As she rubs her ass with one hand, I pull her up on my lap, and fold her into my arms. Kissing the top of her head, I whisper, “Don’t defy me. But I suspect you won’t after we are married.”

“How do you figure that? I am what I am, Christian. You have to take me the way I am.”

“I am taking you the way you are. But you need to obey me, because I have to protect you. God, it feels like I’m trying to protect you despite yourself. I’m trying to look after your well-being, Ana!”

“Christian, what makes you think I’ll change overnight once we are married? This is who I am,” she says searching my gaze.

“Because you’ll promise to obey me. It’s written in the marriage vows,” I say assuredly.

“But, Christian, I don’t want to say some vows that doesn’t apply to us. I thought we would write our own vows.”

“What’s wrong with the ones that have been written? People have been saying it for hundreds of years, and it’s worked well so far.” I reply putting her down on the seat trying to get gauge her reaction.

“That’s the problem, Christian. It’s old! You and I are unique. I want our vows that says Christian and Ana. We are not living in the Middle Ages; I’ve researched it today. They were originally written in 1549 which was based on the earlier Latin texts. Who knows when that was written!” she says.

“What is it in the original vows that you oppose, then? There must be something you dislike in it.”

“It doesn’t reflect our love, and devotion for each other,” she says evading my meaning.

“Let’s examine it, then, shall we?”

“Here? In the car?” she asks. “Can we wait till we get home, please?” she asks eyeing Taylor. I nod reluctantly, but none too pleased. Fuck! She doesn’t want to obey. There is a log in my throat that is not moving either direction. I feel crushed. I gaze out the window until we get to Escala, sulking. How can I get her to accept it? How? How? Where can I make my case to her? Playroom or bedroom? Kinky fuckery or vanilla? When Taylor pulls in front of the elevators and comes to a complete stop, I exit the car, and hold my hand out to Anastasia, and say, “Come,” with a darkened gaze. Her breath hitches, but says nothing as she takes my hand. Taylor drives away to park the SUV into one of my bays.

I press the call button to the elevator. As I enter into the elevator car holding Anastasia’s hand, another resident in the building walks up to enter into the car, and I give him a pointed stare which stops him in his tracks, and the doors to the elevator closes leaving him outside. I punch in my code to the penthouse. In this small space the evidence of our attraction is clear. It tangible, electric, strong, pulling us into each other, and crackling with energy. My hand reaches to her face and caresses her cheek with my knuckles. She closes her eyes, and leans into my touch. She inhales my scent deep, her eyes closed as I only connect to her head on our foreheads and noses touching. I feel a shudder quake through her body. She closes the miniscule gap between us her hand reaching to my hair pulling me closer to her, lifting herself on her toes and touching her lips to mine. This simple connection is my lifeline that I hold onto. Helplessly I lean in, and reciprocate. Slow at first, feeling her, feeling her nearness, inhaling her intoxicating scent, and the soft contours of her body molding into mine... Desire shoots through me, I wrap her ponytail around my hand, pulling it and tilting her head back to firmly lock my lips onto hers. My tongue darts into her mouth finding hers and capturing and sucking it. She groans into my mouth making my erection to grow harder. My hand reaches back and I blindly try to locate the emergency stop button. Once I find it I press it down and the elevator halts between the seventh and eighth floors.

Anastasia is completely aroused and ready to climb over my cock and have her way. Good! I turn around and push her into the elevator wall without breaking contact and continuing my assaults over her body. As my erection is digging into her, my tongue and lips are working on her mouth, her jawline and her neck. One of my hands is holding her ass and pushing her hips into my erection, while the other is sensually tugging and pulling on her nipples. I can make her come just like that, but I won’t. 

“Feel that baby, I’m hard for you, want you, and desire you. Hell, I wanna fuck you into next Sunday!” I whisper salaciously into her ear while I nip her ear lobe. She wraps one of her legs around me, trying to pull me into her.

“Do you want me Ana?” I whisper.
“Yes!” she breathes.
“Say it!”
“I want you, Christian!”
“What do you want me to do Ana?”
“Take me!” she says gasping, as she tilts her head back.
“Take you?”
“Yes!” she gasps. “Take me, fuck me, here, now!” she pants, trying to pull my head down even further, wanting me to consume her.
“Why, Miss Steele, aren’t you the wanton creature? I’ll take care of you baby, but not here. Upstairs. In my playroom...”

“What? Why? I want you now! I need you now!”

“I know baby, I’ll take care of you.”

“Please, Christian,” she says rubbing her hips into my erection. I can barely control myself.

“Believe me baby, I want to fuck you, and I will fuck you, but all in good time. In the playroom. I want to show you how good it can be if you just...” obey. I say...

“Wait?” she asks.

“Yes, wait. I have something in mind,” I say. She looks all flushed, hair disheveled, and her blouse untucked. I put her right, tucking her shirt in, with full body contact, I smooth her skirt, and fix her ponytail while my cock is letting her know his presence and to show her how just eager he is to fuck her, digging into her. I can feel her heart beating like the wings of a humming bird, her breath ragged. I touch to the contours of her lips with my index finger, noting a shiver go through her.  I press my code to the penthouse again, and the elevator starts moving. Taylor is already  in the foyer waiting discreetly.

“Sir, Welch just called, and he’s expecting you to call him back,” he says.

“Is it urgent?” I ask looking at him pointedly. He gets my meaning.

“Nothing that couldn’t wait sir,” he replies with an impassive face.

“Fine, later then,” I reply and pull Anastasia along with me to the  playroom. As I unlock the door to the playroom, I look at Anastasia with heated gaze. I ask her a question, I know she can’t refuse.

“Do you want to play, Ana?”

“Yes!” she says her breath still ragged.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes!” she replies.

“You’re soon to be my wife Anastasia, and we are lovers first and foremost. You will say stop if it’s too much? No safewords. Just say stop, and I will... immediately,” I say cocking my head to one say to gauge her reaction. She nods.

“Is it a yes?” I ask.

“Yes,” she breathes.

“But once we get through this door, it’s my rules, and you obey. Are you game?” I lean in and whisper in her ear like the caress of a lover.

A shudder goes through her. “Yes,” she whispers back.

“Good girl. When we enter into the playroom, why don’t you get your clothes off, but leave your shoes on and stand by the bed?”

“Okay,” she replies expectant.  

I give an inward sigh of relief. First step is done. Second is on. I have to show her how great it can be if she simply obeyed me. I have to have order, and I have to have rules. And with Anastasia they’re all out the door. The fact that someone is out there to get me, and if they want to get me, they might get her, scares the hell out of me. I can’t live in a world without her. I have to protect her, and that’s the only way I know how. The only way to keep her safe, the only way to prevent her from worrying of what might happen. Isn’t that supposed to be my job as her husband? What if she disagrees? A sudden panic attack courses through me, and I halt in my tracks in the playroom turning my back to Anastasia, concealing the fear going through me.  Ten... Nine... Eight... Seven... Six... Five... Four... Three... Two... One... Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. Okay.

I make my way to the toy chest. I take what I need, and saunter back to Anastasia like a predator who is now gloriously naked except her stockings, garter belt and her high heels. Fuck me! What a woman I have! My gaze darkens with licentious intent. I turn the music on, putting it on repeat. The Kings of Leon comes up resonating through the walls of the playroom. 

Closer- Kings of Leon
“You’re so beautiful, I want to fuck this glorious pussy for days!” I whisper and she closes her eyes, whispering “Christian!” I love my name upon her lips.

I take my shirt off, and unbuckle the top button. I pick Anastasia’s clothes off the floor neatly, and put them in a pile on a chair. I saunter back to Anastasia who is watching my every step, her eyes dilating.

“See something you like Miss Steele?” I ask getting closer. When I get before her, I can feel the heat radiating from her body. I lean in and softly plant a kiss to her forehead.

“Yes, everything,” she says in a breathy voice.

“Stand in front of me, your back to my front,” I order, and she obeys immediately, expectant. I undo her ponytail, and braid her hair, tying the end.

“Turn around,” I whisper, and she does. When she sees the silver balls I’m holding in my hand her eyes go wide, and expectant. “Open wide,” and she eagerly opens her mouth. I put the silver balls into her mouth, and whisper, “close, baby.” She obeys.

“Good girl. Now turn your back again.” I order and she turns around. My front side touching her back side.
Bad Things - Jace Everett

“Wrap your arms around my neck,” I command, and she does. I dip my head to her neck planting soft kisses. She obliges by tilting her head to the side.

“Arch your back,” I whisper, and when she does, her breasts are pushed into my waiting hands. I cup them gently first, kneading her nipples gently, my fingers encircling them, pulling, and rolling. She groans a garbled moan of pleasure. I smile. My hands travel down to her stomach and navel. She’s breathing hard as my cock is pressing into her from behind. I lower my hands to her inner thighs and my right hand cups her sex, and it is drenched wet for me. I rub her sensitive nub with my palm and my fingers explore the folds of her sex.  She groans my name.

“I know baby, I know. I’ll take care of you,” I whisper. “Turn your front back to me,” I order. She obeys immediately.

“Open,” I say extending my hand to her mouth. She does, and I take the lubricated balls out of her.

“Now lean down, and hold your ankles,” I order, and she obeys immediately. I insert the balls into her sex one by one. “Stand up,” I order, and help her stand straight.

“Do you trust me Ana?” I ask her. She blinks but answers immediately.


“I’m going to tie you up now on the bed, blindfold you, and work you with this,” I say showing the brown leather plaited riding crop. Then, when you are at the brink of orgasm, I will fuck you... Hard,” I say my gaze darkening.

Her breath hitches, then she makes an ‘o’ of her lips to exhale her breath. “Yes, please,” she says expectantly.

I tie her hand with black leather cuffs, and shackle them to the bed. Then I move to her feet and tie them, and shackle them to the opposite ends of the bed.

“Now, you’ve seen enough,” I say and close her eyes with a blindfold. I lean in and place a lingering kiss on her lips, leaving her breathless and wanting more.

“I love your body Anastasia,” I whisper. “You will be my wife soon, and I will worship you with my body,” her breathing increases. I drag the riding crop on her neck making her tilt it back, and moan. “Hush now.” I drag it to her lips making her open her mouth. “Suck,” I whisper. She obeys immediately, making me close my eyes. Why can’t she do that all the time. “Enough,” I say in a husky voice, and pull it out of the captivity of her mouth. I drag it on her breasts, teasing.

“I will protect you with everything I got.”

“Yes,” she breathes.

I drag the crop down to her sex, teasing her nub, rubbing in her juices. She lifts her hips up. I lift the crop up and land it on her nipple in rapid succession. She moans lifting her body off the bed. I know her movement makes the silver balls move inside and get her ready for orgasm. I circle the riding crop at her navel, slowly, and leisurely. She quivers, wanting more. I suddenly lift the crop and flick it right on her sex making her cry out. She pulls against the hand cuffs lifting her hips off the ground.

“Absorb it baby. Feel it,” I murmur. I flick it three more times on her sex, her hips lifted, and her groans tell me that she’s close to orgasm as the balls are moving inside and stimulating her. I flick the crop on her navel and her breast again, and again, and she moans.

“Christian, please! I’m ready!” she begs.

“No, baby. Not yet. Wait for it. Wait until I tell you that you’re ready.”

I flick it again on her nipples making them stand to attention, and each time her hips move up jolting the balls.

“Oh, God! Please Christian!” she pleads. I flick the crop on her sex twice more, and one more flick could cause her orgasm.

“I’m going to untie you now,” I say, and unbuckle the leather cuffs quickly. I pull Anastasia’s ass to the edge of the bed, and in one quick move, I pull the silver balls out of her, and she nearly convulses with pleasure.

“I have dreamed about those heels around my neck,” I whisper, and lifting her legs up my shoulder, I plunge my cock into her, and sink into her to the hilt. I hold myself there raveling in the sensation, and holding her hips with my hands, I start moving first slowly and leisurely then picking up speed and pounding into her repeatedly.

“Fuck!” shouts Anastasia. She matches my tempo thrust for thrust, and just as she is at her peak, I pull out and flip her over lifting her ass up in the air.

“Put your face to the side baby,” I say, and plunge back into her even deeper.

“Slow, Christian, please, let me get used to it,” she says, and I slow down. After three slow thrusts, she says, “I’m okay, fuck me with all you got!” she says, and I start drilling, pounding her into next week. I feel the contractions of the muscles inside her sex, and soon her sex is trying to milk me for all I got, and I give her what she wants, and let her sex milk me to the last drop. I pull out once more, and thrust into her one last time before I collapse onto her and we both roll into a ball without breaking connection.

“That was...” she says. “Words fail me, Christian... It was simply incredible.” I smile satisfied.

“See how good it feels, when you follow directions?” I ask.

She turns her head slightly turning to me breaking our sweet connection making me feel bereft. She has an incredulous look on her face.

“Christian, you can’t fuck me into obedience. You know this is different. I just can’t say that word. I want to write my own vows,” she says softly but fervently.

“Why won’t you say it?” I feel as if she’s taking one thing that makes me feel secure. Control.

“Because I’d be perjuring myself. I want us to agree together. Not just you making decisions, and I follow them.”

“That’s the only way I know how. I need to protect you Ana! You’re taking all my tools away, and leaving me helpless.”

“Please, Christian. I’m not trying to take your...” she pauses, looking for the right word, “your tools, but to preserve who I am, the girl you fell in love with. The one who is incapable of obeying. Can’t you accept me as I am?”

“I already do. But, I wish you understood me as well. You don’t listen, and look what happened this morning. It would eliminate all the worry, and all the danger if you just obeyed.”

“And if I can’t?”

“Anastasia, can you even comprehend how much I love you, and what extents I would go, what laws I would break, who I would fight to death to protect you? Can you just give me one thing to work with?”

“I would do the same for you, Christian. Because that’s what I feel for you. But, don’t ask me to obey, and make me into a liar. You know how bad I am at obeying. You want a wife, don’t you? Not a sub?”

“Anastasia, women have been saying those vows for hundreds of years; have they all become subs?”

“No,” she answers petulantly.

“Why won’t you say it?”

“I can’t say it because I love you. I can’t say it because there may come a time that I want to protect you, and you might order me otherwise. I can’t say it, because well, this is the girl you fell in love with. So can you just deal with it?”

“Fuck!” I say, as I stand up exasperated, run both hands through my hair, and leave the playroom sulking and completely naked.


Anonymous said...

I'm a bit confused I thought it was chapter 2 of book 3 50 shades darker. I don't remember any of this so far in both chapters. I can see its a fanfic and I do enjoy CPOV. Is this a continued story from a fanfic page? not trying to be insulting just don't recall any of this from the books at all. either way it was interesting except for the odd pictures of that guy. Not loving him as christian . Jana

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

This is 50 Shades Freed. We're not following the book line which starts with the honeymoon.

Jean Niemi said...

I loved it. It explains his issues and his nightmares about the "obey" in the vows, that is mentioned in the book.

You easily see he is the loving Christian. HOWEVER he really thinks he needs her to OBEY him and sees the vows as the way to get to that end.

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Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

This is where this story becomes real fanfiction. You sort of mold it the way you see it. It's because I'm attempting to fill blanks here. If you read other fanfictions, it's as if the entire story is written from scratch. I've always stayed within the given story line. As we have agreed (at least most of my readers) we are going to fill the blanks. Everyone had questions about what they wanted to see, hear about what was missing. This is what is happening. Some of you may perceive it some other way, but this in the end my vision. This is how I see it.

I think I've explained numerous times that I will not use other popular CG actor candidates for the representation because I don't want to be biased as every one of my readers have a different favorite. This is why I have this particular actor portraying (knowing full well that he's not going to audition). This way, I'd be respecting everyone's choice.

Ok, been a long day for me. I gotta work an hour or two, and then I'm off to bed. Goodnight everyone.

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Thanks for your writing.

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Thanks Jana...I see what you are saying. When I first read your note (I know you've been reading for some time), I thought what the hell is that: A testimonial? I like everyone's honesty, but when you turn the charm on full blast, my knees start shaking. :)

I’ve been talking to all of your since the last half of Book II. I was tired yesterday and I thought, did I not make this clear before? But then I have 389 emails to prove that everyone sent in a request stating what they like to see in the last book, what was missing – so I guess I was on the right track. We’ve agreed this is what I was going to do. But, I appreciate your explanation in your last note. I deleted the pictures, so, they shouldn’t offend you anymore. Of course we're not always going to agree in content which is why I have tried to be very open with everyone to give me their input, and despite my overwhelming schedule, I am willing to make changes. If you go to any other fan fiction, no one accepts others’ input; they write and move on to the next chapter. I'm not like that. I want everyone to enjoy what they read, feel that they have a part in the story and I also want to improve my skills. That's why I pay attention to my long time readers (that includes you), they're my best critics. Because they're familiar with my style, they can give me their input whether in emails or comment here.

I want to make all of you happy; I really do. I want to stay close to the story line, and keep the integrity of the characters. This is why I bounce off ideas with you guys long before they make their way into the stories. If you think it’s not something that this particular character does, I leave it out. If you agree, then it makes its way into the story. I have a long list of things you all wanted to see. You won’t remember it from the comments, because a lot of them were emailed to me. I have saved 389 emails with only requests of what they want to see in the upcoming stories, and what they thought were missing. Otherwise, we’re stuck with Ana’s dreams to get a whiff of what had happened between the proposal and the honeymoon. Well, we already have the book. There would be no need for his point of view, but we’re curious. So, here we are. In the end, I appreciate the comments, the criticism (they’re vital for my improvement and I take them seriously at this stage), but for both of our sakes, let’s not crucify or stone to death the writer. Then you have nothing. Just put yourself in my shoes. I’m working hard, coughing and sneezing and wheezing last 3 days, but in the last 2 days, I tried to finish the chapter to the last minute (didn’t even eat dinner with the family so I’d get this out, and had my husband do the dishes), and I had to work 2 more hours right after, all because I’ve promised to get it out yesterday. I do have other obligations. I just think that it’s honorable for someone to keep their word, and that’s what I was doing.

You can criticize my writing, but your charms are sometimes overwhelming, and it is something I can live without. But, as always, I appreciate it, look forward to it (no matter how critical); it’s teaching to take criticism-I’m much better now, believe me, and learning public relations. Something no school can teach you. All I’m saying is that we should keep the mutual respect – let’s remember that it’s a two way road.

staciefromtn said...

I cant believe how arrogant Carrick is. Totally defying and disregarding Christian and his wishes regarding the pre-nup. Carrick has avery strongwilled son. He's not going to like the fallout if he's not careful.

Really enjoyed their playful interaction with the media.

Wow!!!! Glad to be back in the playroom. Steamy & HOT!!!!!!

I LOVE how obsessed Christian is over the term "OBEY". It's very cute to think that naive Ana would hang on his every word. The way Ana responded to his request was brilliant.

Looking forward to the next chapter.

Anonymous said...

Thank you
Norma from CA

Anonymous said...

Loved it Emine, seeing the missed bits is great. I dont have an imagination half as amazing as yours, and as much as I could wonder what the missed bits might be, they would never have been as fantastically detailed as your version.
Love reading your blog, and can't wait for more, but still, don't ever feel like you have to put your family, health or life to the side to get a chapter out, because as much as we love you're writing, they are all so much more important.
Love your work!

mzthang said...

Emine you totally rock! The way everything just falls into place from book 2 is amazing.

I have a whole new respect for Grace. She is a mother who love her family unconditionally and although I was pissed at Carrick I understand where he is coming from as a parent.

Good for Ana for holding out on the obey part because a girl has gotta stand for something or she will fall for everything.

Great job Emine! I wish I had money so that I can send you on a cruise for a month or you can come to the Caribbean for a month. :-)

Loving your work in the Caribbean

Anonymous said...

Chapter 3 eta? :)
Lol patiently waiting, just curious, its something to look forward to. :)
Ty for all you do!

Alonna Crawford said...

The last couple chapters have been amazing I love them.You are a great writer and I appreciate you taking your time and missing the things in your life like dinner with your family to do this but please do not work yourself to hard we can take care of you firt and foremost.
I loved the fight you put in between carrick and christain it was great and you could feel the tension in the air and I thought it was commical when they acted like to kids with their hand in the cookie jar when grace walked in. You truely are a great writer but something I would like to know is if Elena really did leave christain alone or if she tries to contact him the whole but he ignores or if carrick or grace said anything to her at I mean I am a parent and no matter my status in life or my child telling me not to that woman would hear a mouthful and that is not all she would hear that would be something interesting to know.
Waiting patiently for your next update and thank you again...

Norma Wallace said...

This is just wonderful. I love how you are filling in all the missing pieces.

Thank you so much for working so hard on these. You are truelly amazing.

Anonymous said...

Loved it!! I checked back several times to see if you had posted the new chapter. Keep them coming!! Do you know when you will post the next chapter? I finished book 2 from Christian's pov and can't wait until you have book 3 posted.

Anonymous said...

Love .... Love .... Love!!! Grace rocks & showing us Christian's obsession over obey that was briefly mentioned in the book! Can't wait for the next chapter!!! Make sure you do a part about Ana & Kate's bachelorette party when she tells her about Christian!!!

Eagerly awaiting in South Carolina!:-)

enza said...

Emine, you did a great job... love reading your chapters every week..... keep up the good work. very entertaining....

Anonymous said...

I've been reading since I found her site, when you started writing book II. I think the photos are fine, they're just a little added "plus", I honestly don't "read" too much into the photos. Don't change a's your blog and you're doing AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing your talent :)

Anonymous said...

AMAZING !!!!!! Cannot wait until next update. I love seeing/reading the missing chapters. Made my whole day.<3

Anonymous said...

I'e been reading your blog for a while now and haven't commented until now. I've never been an avid book reader, but decided to read the 50 Shades series just out of curiosity and to see what all the fuss was about, and I loved them. From not having read a book in who knows how long, to reading all 3 within a couple of weeks was definately and achievement for me. But I have to agree there was a lot missing and unanswered questions especially between books 2 and 3, so when I stumbled upon your blog, to say I was happy was an understatement, and to see that you are filling in the blanks is just fantastic and so well written, I look forward so much each week to your updates, but please put yourself and your family first, please don't miss out on family time just so you can get an update on here when promised, we are all grown ups and we'll get over it if you are a few days lates, just makes the anticipation all the better. Take care of yourself, we can't have you run in to the ground and you can no longer write, what will we all do then, I'd rather wait a few extra days for an update than not have any updates at all. Sara xxx (From Australia).

Donna F. Patten said...

Sorry to hear that you are under the weather... Hope you feel better soon and spend time with family. Being a mother of two girls, I understand the importance of that. I may be a new fan, but no less a fan then others, so I am sure that others would agree... Take care of yourself and family first. We can be wait patiently!

I Loved this chapter and how we get to see this missing month shape up. Can't believe he walked out into the hallway naked. So unlike him. Boy he was upset! Hope he does scare Mrs. Jones... HEHE I too would like to see the conversation between Ana and Kate regarding the famous email, however since this is from CG POV, not sure how that can be accomplished, unless CG and Ana discuss that night and secrets told.

So Again I say Thank YOU for all that you do!!! Good night!

Anonymous said...


I chanced upon your blog by accident a few weeks ago. I read all 3 books back to back and wanted more. Thats when I started searching for fan fiction. I love the way you have filled in the missing blanks. So often I have read a chapter of yours and gone back to the book to read the other side of it.

Like all others I eagerly await your posts and check every morning just in case something more is up.

Diane said...

Oh my, please don't worry about making everyone happy just write for yourself - its fantastic, and I check every few days for a new chapter and get so excited if there's a new one. I think we're all adults here, or should be :) and can handle something that doesn't necessarily fit our own image of Christian or Ana and still appreciate it. Thank you, thank you!

~*PaKaHaJa*~ said...

oh gorgeous girl...

AWESOME chapter, can you believe I've only JUST read it... Have had sooo much going on this week, and didn't even OPEN your blog until about 20 mins ago. Slack I know...

But I really did LOVE it.. you are awesome at filling in the MISSING pieces of the puzzle.

Please don't think too much on the negative comments, I think as far as you are concerned the POSITIVE ones FAR OUTWEIGH the negative..

Love you and your writing..


Anonymous said...

Hey Emine,

Loved this chapter as always! My fav is your portrayal of Grace. Holy cow, I wouldn't wanna be on her shit-list! ;) Awesome how she handles the Grey men!

The paparazzi scene outside SIP had me a little flustered, Especially after the stunt that guy pulled on Ana just that morning. I don't see Christian exposing Ana to those suckers again so soon, in such an uncontrolled environment without prepping her in some way. I'm sure the rich and wealthy have coaches for that. I was hoping he would hire someone to 'teach' Ana how to deal with all the media attention. For me, that would have been more in line with his control freakery and over protectiveness. He doesn't leave anything to chance.
But hey, it's written now so I'm just going with it :)

Love your work, keep going!!


Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Good morning everyone!!

I wanted to ask you ladies of something if you're interested. A PhD student named Megan Hurson from University of Colorado is conducting a study on the impact and user engagement of the book 50 Shades of Grey and the inclusion of this type of literature in popular culture.

Her research currently focuses on media studies and she is most interested in how the mass adoption of the novel by millions of women has rocketed it into a mainstream conversation about contemporary erotica.

She is interested in participating in an interview over the phone/Skype, for her research (so it doesn’t really matter where you are in the world). I’m sure she’d be more than happy to talk to you.

If you would like to help her out with her research (all info is confidential) you may contact her at her school email address: for more information about the study. I think this is a great study for women to have their voices heard in an academic format, but more importantly to get it across why this particular series impacted your life. I’ll give her an interview. If you’re interested, you can contact her as well. It should be great!

How’s everyone today? Hope you’re all well. I’m under the weather but nothing a pot of tea, lemon and honey can’t cure. It’s a beautiful day outside, cool weather, and birds are chirping, and my dog is sitting at my feet. What more can I ask out of a peaceful day?

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Hello Nutty-Yes, I thought about that part before I wrote it. But it all boils down to control. Christian wanted to show them he was the one in control. Because the media that was there was not paparazzi, but from mainstream newspapers (except maybe the Nooz), and he was trying show them if you don't harass you get something, if you do, I'll show you what I can do.

It was his alpha male persona coming forth, declaring his territory. If you observe dogs, you'll see that, they'll bite the lesser ones into submission. It was sort of like that.

Anonymous said...

Hi emine,
I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing writting.
I live in london, england, and i am a single mother, your chapters send me into another world where i am not a hard working and over tired mum. thank you for what you are doing, and i think you deserve huge appreciation for taking in everyones suggestions and contining to give us ladies such a wonderful insight into christian grey.
Eagerly await the next chapters.
Much love
H xx

Kristan Mitchell said...

Hi Emine,
I just wanted to say i absolutely love your writting! I could read this over and over again. I think you do a great job at writting at Christians POV. I cant wait for the next chapter.LOVE IT!!!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon this blog and can I say I have fallen in love all over again with the series. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to indulge us. I'm a working mom and it seems like before I know it another day has flown by so I understand there are just days where there isn't enough daylight. I can't wait to read the next chapter


Martha Baltazar said...

Emine, what a chapter. You really got down to the bottom of Christian's issues and nightmares about "obey" in the marriage vows. I loved how you wrote about Grace and Carrick and the pre-nup. Great job. Can hardly wait until the next chapter. Laters.

Jamie Whited said...

I love reading your stuff and I can't wait for the new chapter.

Anonymous said...

You hope we like it??? Emine, I F'k'n loved it... You pulled it together perfectly.. I was super excited to see this so soon.. Yippie.. Thank you

Liz Sparks said...

Just like the books I could not stop reading your blog. Wonderful!! Excellent writing. Once I stumbled upon your blog I read all the posts in 3 days. Amazing!! I can not wait until you post more.

cat675 said...

Great job filling in the Christian blanks. I love how the puzzle pieces start to fit together and can totally see Christian throwing a hissy fit due to the vows.

Liz Sparks said...

AMAZING!! WONDERFUL. I could not stop reading once I found your blog I read all posts in 3 days. Love your take on Christian's POV.

Keep it up. I cant wait to read more.

Jean Niemi said...


I love your new photo's today. Although the others were fine. It is up to you what you want to post. None of us are as talented as you are or we would be writing this you need to post what you feel (I think you are completely into Christian's head) and post the photos and songs that moves you.

Thank you for the information on Megan's study, I have sent her an email. I am hoping it may give me some insight on why I love these character's so much.

I can't thank you enough for this site...I must check it at least once a day encase you have a new posting.

I know you will fill in the blanks and develop the other characters more for us. I would like to know what Kate, Elliot, Mia, Ethan as well as Taylor and Gail think about the Grey relationship.

Thank you again

mnm92275 said...

OMG Emine I so loved this new chapter!!! As always you did a beautiful job. I just found this as I was reading and I just want to point it out " Fuck the butt out already!" Now I know what you were trying to say but I read this and couldn't stop laughing. I hope you don't think I am criticizing your work because I am not. I love all you have writen (I hope I don't hurt your feel by pointing this out). Melinda

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Hi Melinda! - Guess I interviewed too many diplomats :) It rubs off.

Anonymous said...

I loved the chapter. I think because of the gaps this will be hardest one but at least you are comfortable with the characters now.
I would like to see more wedding planning and honeymoon.
Also at the end of the book I am assuming you are not going to to fill in the 2 years! But I would like to see Taylor and Gails wedding as it is clear at the end that they are married by 2014.
Also one of things that was always left in the book was Mia and Ethan's relationship apart from puzzling looks from Ana and frowns from Christian. I assume that didn't work out as at the end when Ana lists who is coming to Ted's birthday Ethan is not on the list?!

Also I didn't realise sexting included photos! But interesting you including texting as one of the main critisms of the book has been that they don't text each or message each other all seems be done by email which seems outdated especially to the UK where texting is super popluar!
Looking forward to the next chapter!

MichelleW said...

Emine, wonderful as ever. Can't wait for more. Keep up the excellent work. Take care.

Christina said...

I love your writing :) when is the next chapter coming out? Keep writing it's great !

Anonymous said...

Your writing is fantastic,you answer all ? I had that were not answered in Ana point of view,such things like how he ever repaid the gentleman that got him and Ros home after his crash,how he was feeling during that time,the discussion he had with his parents about Elena,I love how as a reader I get to know Chritians true feelings for Ana,how you get inside his head is just amazing to me,you truly have a talent,and if I didn't know better I would think it was E.L James writing the story,keep up the awesome work... I love you for doing this !!!!! I am so looking forward to the rest of the chapters!!!!! ;)..

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Jean, Anonymous (x14), Onthatile, Michele, Jessice, Kristina, Christal, Kathy, Julie, Annie, Catarina, Coolook12, Lisa, Rach, Dei, Denale, Rose, Stacie, Norma, Laney (hi!), mzthang, Alonna, Norma W, S. Carolina, Enza, Rissa, Sara, Donna, Diane, Gail, Nutty, H, Kristan, Lisa, Jamie, Liz, Cathryn, Jean, Melinda, MichelleW, Christina  Thank you to all! You girls make it worth writing, taking time away from other things. I can’t thank you all enough.

I have a few questions (I want to prepare way before I get to those chapters). So we have to plan this wedding together:
Wedding guest list (who should be invited), I’m thinking of including the trucker and his family
Food and drinks (what should be on the menu) – any wedding planners among you?

Color scheme for the wedding
Flowers (Ana & Christian seem to love meadow flowers – any thoughts?)

Ana’s dress (the description was vague in the book). I need some visuals. Maybe I can create a section with all the suggestions images, so you guys can give me your input, and we’ll decide what makes into the wedding.

Christian’s tux

Best man & ushers

Maid of honor and bridesmaids and their clothes

E-mail me images so I can start compiling those for you. We gotta plan this wedding together. You give me your input, and I’ll write. That works the best and we’re all happy that way. Since we have a little time, I thought we could start now, and then by the time I get to that point we have planned the perfect wedding.
Someone suggest engagement photo shoot. Ok. Set the scene. Any suggestions? Where? I have my heart set on the boathouse with wildflowers and someplace around there. What do you think?
If I’m missing anything let me know. Because I’ve been going further in the book. There is going to be increased security for all Greys, I have to plan for that. Then 5 people gets fired over Charlie Tango (we’ll have a blowout)... fill me in.

Anonymous said...

I never wanted all that bs that usually accompanies weddings nowadays. Just me and my hubby were all that ever mattered so I suck at this sorta stuff :)
However, I think it would be funny if Mia went completely overboard with the planning - booking the SFPO overboard I mean - and Christian and Ana have to sit her down and stop her.
And I guess there has to be some sort of bachelorette party. Oh yeah, Christian will totally approve of the strippers ;)
And they have to spend the last night apart. Guess Claude will get paid overtime ;)


Anonymous said...

So ready for the next chap! Can not wait to read what happens next! Any ETA? Are we going back to reg. Sat?

I must say, that Chap 2, is def. a cliff hanger, great job!
Hope you feel better!

Anonymous said...

Haven't posted in a long time, but wanted to give a shout out to you. I have been following for a long time and wait anxiously for your next post. It is the highlight of my week! Thank you for continuing to give us this great story. I have to say that I have enjoyed your version of the story better than the original. Can't say thank you enough for giving us your time and all the effort that you put into it.

Anonymous said...

I can imagine Ana being described as "Aphrodite" on her wedding day. I imagine her wedding dress to be simple and elegant - maybe a fitted to the curve dress with 0 frills I cant imagine her with a train. > As you said about the ring it should reflect "ordinary to extraordinary" and her as a person. (ill look into this)


Family/ Grand parents (I don't want to list the names as I think we know who they are)

Friends (Ana)
> Jose/ Ethan/ Hannah/ Claire/ Roach/ maybe include a few non name characters from college and work. (What about paul clayton?)

> Ros/ Gwen/ Claude/ Flynn + wife/ Mac/ Barney/ Welch/ Taylor & Gail/ Sawyer/ Andrea. I would like Alex to come - be nice to him and Ana meet? Also maybe a few business associates.

> Kate - Head bridesmaid/ Mia - Bridesmaid
> Elliot - Best man
> Be nice to have Taylor as usher - I mean he is christian right hand man, plus be close by for security detail?

Colour theme

Gotta be grey/silver with either baby pink or light blue.

Flowers - White and Pink roses. (go with a pink theme)

I cant think of anything else at the mo, but I will let you know :D

Claire M (UK)

kellie purcell said...

The wedding u really mean we can help wow u are amazing I going to love this emine lol

Anonymous said...

I have thoughly enjoyed reading all of your chapters. You are an awesome writer!!! Keep up the ggod work.

Pixie said...


I just had to write and say great job and I appreciate your blog. I look forward to it every week.

Please dont let a few of these readers get you down with their negative comments and remember it is your blog and we are just very lucky you are willing to share your talents with us. I for one don't mind any picture you post because as you said before we all have our own image of Christian and Ana. I for one appreciate what you are doing and I am thrilled that you are filling in the gaps.

What i find so amazing about you is that you ask for suggestions and do your best to make us happy. We love you for that.

Please dont feel pressured by us to get chapters up. Life, your health and family come before our little fantasy world. Please take care of that cough. I too am currently going through a horrible cough and cannot get rid of it so I know how you were feeling.

If I may I just want to put in some of my input for the wedding,
pink and silver color scheme
her dress needs to be simple, classy but elegant
guest list are friends and family
wedding party: kate and elliot as maid of honor and best man
mia and ethan? as bridesmaid and usher?
Wedding menu needs to be elegant and classy
Maybe a grooms cake that is chocolate since Christian loves chocolate
I think I mentioned it before so I am sure you have it in your notes but what was Jose's reaction to the engagement..because we never heard that conversation..hmm

You also mentioned security getting tight don't forget that Ana mentioned when Hyde was at the apartment that Christian had a panic room installed shortly after the engagement.

Thank you again and just remember that 99.999% of your readers love everything you write..don't let a few of the negative get you down. We appreciate you.

Anonymous said...

I think that you do a phenomenal job with your interpretations of Christian. I enjoy reading every week, and am very much in awe of you. I run my husband's business from my home, as well as my own photography business; I have 3 small children and a household to run and there are lots of times that I don't get all of my work finished that I need too because I just have to rest. From what it sounds like you are overwhelmed with work and a family of your own, and you still manage to keep this blog as a priority so as not to disappoint us, your readers. I understand that criticism helps you to improve upon yourself, but honestly, some of you need to follow the old saying of, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." I am astounded at some of the comments from people on this blog. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but when you are reading a blog, free of charge, and deciding to put your own time into it, then if you're not happy with what you're reading.....stop reading, and go do something else. I for one am extremely appreciative of what you do here, Emine, for our entertainment. Please keep it up in spite of all of the nasty comments, because I think there are many more of us who love anything you write rather than those who want to nit-pick it. Well, that said, have a fabulous evening. Gina in Illinois

Anonymous said...

Hi Emine,
I personally love that you put up unknown pics for Christian. I think they're great and it enables everyone to still have their favorite in their head.
That's so awesome of you to ask the readers and take feedback on upcoming parts. I see what you're saying about the boathouse for the engagement photos as it was breathtaking. What do you think about doing another engagement setting on Christian's yacht or a series of pics-his yacht, the boathouse, the gliding,(their many firsts). I am eager for you to somehow include Ana's conversation with Kate when she confides in her. As I'm thinking of the bachelor party, Ana would probably be fine with Christian having one but it seems to me, as for as her personality, she would probably be highly uncomfortable in that setting and Christian would probably be seething with jealousy. I guess that would create conflict. You are just amazing with adding all the extra details in. I check back often and love when you have a new chapter up. I really find it hard to believe someone could criticize this blog as I've read a few snippets of some of the others out there and had to stop because I love your Christian and didn't want to get the two mixed up. Just a thought, maybe we could hear one of Christian's sessions with Flynn about Leila from his point of view. Jose probably should be invited to Ana's bachelorette party, wherever they decide to go. That would also drive Christian crazy. Hope you feel better. Love all your hard work. :)Michele

Keisha said...

Hi Emine!

First, I saw that your not feeling well. I hope you get some rest and take care of yourself so you can get well soon!

As always, I loved this chapter! Enjoyed the conversation between Christian & Grace. I <3 her and moms just have that way:) Love that for Christian. Great to read more about the prenup ordeal.

I know as a writer & when your writing is made public, your can be subjected to criticism but it really annoys me. Especially when you work extra hard to make others happy by even providing us with your blog. Please don't ever change what you've been doing(songs/pics/etc). If someone doesn't like it then they need to overlook whatever part makes them unhappy. It's really that simple. Anyhow, you know I
think you do a fab job & appreciate all that you do and put into your chapters.

Ok :) Sooo, I will probably email you my little input about your wedding questions. Gotta run, but always want to write & show thanks. I actually read this chapter when you 1st put it up, but just been so busy that I didn't get to comment.
Can't wait till the next chapter & the continuation of OBEY!!

Take care! xo

Anonymous said...

As far the wedding colors, I think grey/silver with navy blue bridesmaids dresses would be great. Maybe they could have seafood or a lobster/clam bake under the tents.

Alonna Crawford said...

Emine I was wondering what your email was so I could send you answers to the questions about the wedding chapters I would love to help I have been throwing parties for people since I was 15 I did take some classes on it but when I got pregnant even online my problems with my pregnancy was to complicated so I would love to give you some ideas if you would like

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Alonna-my email is:

I've been getting fabulous pictures of wedding gowns, cakes, flowers, garters etc. I also got complete menus. I don’t have images of tux or other male outfits, and nothing for the mothers or fathers either. Send me all your input, pictures, gowns, tux, shoes, flowers, settings... What am I missing?

I want everyone to have a say in this. I’ll list everything you send, and put in the pictures, and we can decide what is going to be in the wedding. Oh, shit, (sorry) I forgot! Songs! We need songs. We have to create a playlist. I’m not good at creating playlists though. So we have to dig through their favorite songs. Some of you know music so much better than I do. I’m depending on you guys creating something in that line. Either to made midi files or something or links. Maybe I can link videos or something. I don’t know yet. I need ideas.

Photo-shoot locations are great. If you can find images that can reflect those places, we can add those as well.

What I want is for you to feel like you are a guest, a participant, somebody who created the wedding. I’m going to put everyone’s suggestions in a separate section. Without exception, I’ll list everyone’s request. We’ll discuss what is the most appropriate, and when I write the chapter, I will base the chapter on final selections. And just incorporate those images and choices into the story. So, what do you think? Because you will all be the sister-in-law Mia and going overboard. That’s what we are doing. Help Mia out there. This is so exciting. I haven’t even been this excited planning a wedding before!

Annette Tomplait said...

These extra chapters you have written along with the chapters when Charlie Tango went down have been fantastic. I loved it when Grace told Christian to grow some balls and become worthy ( I busted out laughing out loud). Your writing is great. I have finally caught up with you in the story, now I will be like everyone else anxiously waiting for the next chapter. Keep up the good work. Love It!

Anonymous said...

maybe some of the songs from the playlist he put together for her (ipad)???

Norma Wellington

Anonymous said...

In the book it mentioned the color of Kate's dress as the maid of honor. Light pink, wasn't it. Plus it talks about what Christian and Ray also wore. Might want to stick with those basics from the book as I believe her colors were light pink, silver and ivory. Just an opinion, no matter what, you're doing an amazing job!

Lisa Ansell said...

when me and hubby did our first dance it was to loanstar - amazed i no it is a oldie but i think it fits xxx color i would go with a pale yellow as in meadow flowers and the men i would have them in top hats in a charcoal grey :) xxxx this is my idea but i am sure whatever you pick will fit the part Lisa xxxxx

queenb52 said...

Hi Emine:

Great job with bringing the missing links into to focus!!

When planning/writing the wedding chapter...remember Ana wanted a small intimate wedding with just family and close friends..and CG wants to give her that...So I think a lot of the 'fluff' was by-passed! JMO!!

Charm D said...


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I´ve got sme suggestions to your playlist: My first dance as a married woman was What a wonderful world - Luis Armstrong. I also love Queen, so I recommend Love of my life. And from current music - Adele Make you feel my love.
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Kellie-pictures of food maybe. I've looked at wedding plans, even small ones surprised me to see the amount of work and detail went in. Of course Christian would want nothing but the best for Ana. Even if you have only family and friends, there'll be a lot of work involved, and I don't want to miss any description. The security will be tight. I might bring Welch out this time-the top security honcho.

So, in short I don't want to miss any details. The pictures I still need would be the food (I have tablescapes I believe), the cakes to choose from, and also the security; there'll be extra eyes and ears. It's coming along nicely. We have some nice bridal gown pics, and groom's outfit (with the colors mentioned in the book), hairdo (you sent me).

If I can think of anything else, I'll post it here, or email those of you who are so much better than I am with an eye of style.

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I am so glad you added Grace's conversation with Christian and Carrick. We needed to have more of Grace's input and her trepidation as a parent in not protecting her child more. Again you went outside the box. Original FSOG was great but the additions make it even better.

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Excelente calidad interpretativa. No me agradan las fotos para describir los que están experimentando, las encontré vulgares osea como rudas y no en el contexto de como CG está cuidando de cada acción en el cuarto rojo. Puedo imaginar la escena pero no lo veo reflejado en esas fotos en particular. Igusl, es genial lo que has hecho en llenar los espacios vacíos entre ambos libros.
Carrick se salio de carril y ese abogado arrogante y sarcástico tan desagradable enfatizando como logró su riqueza. Ugh, kyestra la realidad de algunos que no les importa realmente las emociones de esas parejas o si pudieron tener salvación en esas relaciones. Sólo divorvoar y ganar dinero.
Como Alex Pella le dice de su posible enemigo del pasado y ahora entender porque habían cosas pasando en la seguridad que Ana no sabe y es porcedo que se molestará cuando Kate y ella hablen.
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