Monday, November 12, 2012

Christian and Anastasia's Wedding - Pick the Wedding Dress

Wedding Gowns to Pick from for Anastasia





1. (provided by Alonna Crawford)

2. (provided by Lakeisha)
3. (provided by Rachel Smith)

4. (provided by Nina from Croatia)
5. (provided by Lakeisha)
6. (provided by Lakeisha)

7. (provided by Lakeisha)

8. (provided by Lakeisha)
9. (provided by Nina from Croatia)

10. (provided by Lakeisha)

11.(provided by Jennifer Long)

12. (provided by Raquel)

13. (provided by Raquel)

14. (provided by Raquel)

15. (provided by Raquel)

16. (provided by Lynette)

17. (corsette image - provided by Lynette)

18. (provided by Rachel Smith)

19. (provided by Rachel Smith)

20. (provided by Rachel Smith)

21. (provided by Alonna Crawford)
22. (provided by Kellie Purcell)

23. (provided by Kellie Purcell)

24. (provided by  Kellie Purcell)

25. (provided by Kellie Purcell)

26. (provided by Kellie Purcell)

27. (provided by Alonna Crawford)

28. (provided by Lakeisha)

29.  (provided by Alonna Crawford)

30. (provided by Anne Chinnock)

31. (provided by Anne Chinnock)

32. (provided by Alonna Crawford)

33.  (provided by Rachel Smith)

34.  (provided by Rachel Smith)

35.  (provided by Rachel Smith)

36.  (provided by Rachel Smith)

37.  (provided by Alonna Crawford)

38. (provided by Jennifer Long)

39. (Anonymous)

40. (provided by Alonna Crawford)

41. (provided by Lakeisha)

42.  (provided by Lakeisha)

43.  (provided by Lakeisha)

44.   (provided by Ile)

45. (provided by Ile)

46. Courtesy of Aracelis
All of the above images of the wedding gowns have been suggested by our readers. Thank you so much!!


Below wedding gowns are designed by a good friend of mine, an incredibly talented designer Khalid Khalil. He used to own a boutique in Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills serving the Hollywood elite. Khalid studied design in California. He now designs for the for the rich and famous worldwide based in Dubai. Below gowns are some of his creations each and everyone handmade and unique. You can find his designs at
























 Below pictures are recent additions by Elisa from Italy


Anonymous said...

There nice dresses but the two that I like are the ones from Alonna crawford, especially the second one. Very simple and beautiful, plus its something I can see Ana wearing as its not to princess y.


C Munro said...

My vote is for photo # 6

Tiffany Minnie said...

I like #6 too

Anonymous said...

sorry photo no I like are 37 and 40 - 40 more though


Jean Niemi said...

I think 4 sounds the closest to what the book described. Although in the book the dress was off the shoulder's...

Most of these dresses were too over the top, Ana is classy and likes simplicity.

The dress was off the shoulders and showed off the few curves she I recall.

Anonymous said...

The second 12 is my favorite! It's simple and extravagant all at the same time.

Anonymous said...

i'd go for #6

Kaili said...


Anonymous said...

There are nice dresses but I agree some are way over the top. I hoped that my selection would of made the list but oh well :D


Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Claire-I had to cut your pictures out of the pdf file, and I was getting ready the new chapter which is why yours took a while to place in, but they're now there on the top. #3 is my favorite :)

Annette Tomplait said...

1-Alana Crawford and number 21 and number 31 is my absolute favorite.

Anonymous said...

Claire #4 is simple and elegant. That's one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

My favorites are Claire n. 3 and 4...


Anonymous said...

Too many to pick from. I loved No's 9, 22 & 38. My Ana would be in one of these with a veil like Princess Mary of Denmark.
Kathy x (Australia)

mzthang said...

I like the dress #2 provided by Lakeisha.

Anonymous said...

Love them all, but I am not wearing the dress, Ana is ...sooo, I see her in ...starting w/#1 pick:
31, Anne Chinnock, 38,39, 9,6 and maybe 40...Oh what fun! Wonder what the top pick will be? hmmm, well, what ever it will be...I know Ana will look lovely...heehee

Domenica said...

I love #1 - seems to fit the best description of her dress in comparison to all the others.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Emine - Its still a toss up between 1 and 3 though :D

Claire :D

jodi pinzer said...

definatley 2

Tomika said...

I like 6 or 8

Anonymous said...

I feel that 39 has the elegance and lace trim described in the book. I want to try all of these on now lol

Anonymous said...

I would go with 39

Alonna Crawford said...

Honestly I would still have to vote for all mine totally primadonna but the reason I chose them is because in the book it talks about elegant lace and it being slightly off the shoulder which the first one you have up is my favorite but the book also said it was made by kate's mom so somthing very simple is what I had in mind and some of these dresses are just way to over the top I did like a few from lakeisha and number 10 from your friend but the others wow

Anonymous said...

As much as I would like for mine, I vote for Claire's number 4. Simple, similar to my choice...
Ana would go simple, stylish, ordinary...those princess dresses would not work for her...maybe for me hahaha but one day (hopefully) :D


annie7632 said...

I love them all but no's:- 29 and 39 are very nice xx

Anonymous said...

Oh added new photos! Exciting! ...I really like...yes, I see Ana in the dress Elisa from Italy provided...the top photo. It's simple, yet elegant, lace which was mentioned in the book...but hey, they are all gorgeous...some a little more ornate than I think Ana would wear, but shoot it's your story...what would your Ana wear? Well, what ever is chosen...she will be beautiful!

Anonymous said...

40 is the one for Ana

Liz D said...

#1 by Alonna Crawford absolutely screams Anastasia,it is elegance personified.The dress is also in keeping with the book but, even if it was not I would still choose this dress. To me this dress descibes Anastasia's simplicity and quiet beauty. Great choice Alonna.

Anonymous said...

I agree! If ya dont mind me sayin. Lol

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! My fave is the second alonna crawford. Simple and beautiful yet somewhat vintage.

Keisha said...

Alot of gorgeous dresses but if I had to narrow it down I would choose for Ana #4 or I also like Claires #1 & #3...

Anonymous said...

My pick is for the 6th picture down.


Anonymous said...

1 alonna Crawford hands down

Anonymous said...

9, 20 or 38, it had to be off the shoulder

Scorpio said...

Remember an antique gown would have sleeves and would not show a bunch of cleavage. I truly despair of all the strapless wedding gowns. The kids tell me that sleeves cost extra, of all obscene things.

Anonymous said...

I also agree... The lacy off the shoulder one is PERFECT! Exactly what I pictured as Ana described her dress.

Anonymous said...

6th from above.

deisinha said...

Eu achei todos lindos..

Llamasgirl said...

Nos 1 - 4+ nos about 26 - 29 fulfil the books descriptiion, plus are what Christian wanted for Ana - not too fruo - fru and not drowning her in voluminous skirting.