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BOOK II - CHAPTER XXIV - Christian and Anastasia FanFiction

Come; let us take our fill of love until the morning: let us delight ourselves with caresses.
(Proverbs 7:18)


 (This cover is made by a fan - Helene Cuji - thank you Helene!)
I should add--FanFiction to the title 
(Celine Dion)

The first time ever I saw your face
I thought the sun rose in your eyes
And the moon and stars were the gifts you gave
To the dark and the empty skies, my love,
To the dark and the empty skies.

The first time ever I kissed your mouth
And felt your heart beat close to mine
Like the trembling heart of a captive bird
That was there at my command, my love
That was there at my command.

And the first time ever I lay with you
I felt your heart so close to mine
And I knew our joy would fill the earth
And last till the end of time my love
It would last till the end of time my love

The first time ever I saw your face, your face,
your face, your face


I’m transported back in time, when Anastasia first stumbled into my office, headlong. The first time I touched her when I went to help her up, that first jolt of electricity that coursed through our bodies that forged our initial permanent bond... I was addicted to her the instant I laid eyes on her.  In the past, I always tried to feel... feel something...anything... I tried to fill a black hole with a ferocious hunger within my soul desperately without success. I tried to find my reckoning. I tried to recognize and failed to see that I was worthy of something. In order to feel... to feel I existed, that I mattered in any real sense, I tried everything extreme without being fully satisfied. I am driven and will always be that way. I am a fucking control freak, and I don’t think it will ever change. I am still fifty shades of fucked up. I am still worthless, fucking husk of a man with a pretty face. But, I don’t feel empty anymore. “Making love,” has never even been a concept for me. It would never, ever fill any void inside my soul. Not in a million years! Yet, here comes Anastasia, and I find myself craving for her love desperately, inexorably, relentlessly, unquestionably, like the air I breathe, as if I wouldn’t survive without it. 

I don’t know exactly when that first occurred, but somehow when I saw her for the first time, she turned out the lights to the rest of the world, and I realized that everything else vanished when she came into my life. I believe it is called “Colpo di fulmine,” in Italian, and Turks call it “Yıldırım aşkı”: love that strikes like the thunderbolt, unexpectedly at the first sight. It struck me hard, and intense. It’s her power that fed off and extinguished the black hole in me, or perhaps provided an equal power to keep it in check, turning it inside out, changing my life irrevocably. I’m a man in love, and making love to her fulfills a need in me I didn’t know existed. 

The thought resonates in my head as I slowly savor her as she is riding astride me. I want to keep making love to her, and remain with her like this. Anastasia’s muscles clench around my cock, and her arms clench around me, I find myself arching my back, and shouting out “Anastasia!” Her name is like a litany upon my lips. She collapses on my chest and I hold her tightly where she belongs, close to my heart, my cock still inside her. As Anastasia’s head rests on my chest, I feel her arms tighten around me as if I’d fly away, and warm tears flow through her cheeks onto my bare chest. She’s silently crying! Why? Did I hurt her?

I capture her head in my hands, I roll her down onto the bed, effectively getting her under me without breaking our connection, and look down at her. “Baby? Hey... Why are you crying?” I ask worried.

“Because I love you so much,” she answers in a whisper. By what Grace did I deserve this woman? Her words are intoxicating, overwhelming. Dante called Beatrice “La gloriosa donna della mia mente”, ‘the glorious lady of my mind,’ who sent the poet Virgil to save Dante all through the nine circles of hell in Dante’s Inferno. How apt... Anastasia saved me from my own personal torment that plagued me at night in sleep, and in waking hours it created a bottomless vacuum. I’m still fucked up, but with her, I feel...complete. I close my eyes to savor her words, letting them touch and ripple through my heart in waves, spreading all over, warming me.  

“And I love you, Ana. You make me...whole,” I say kissing her gently.

However I reluctantly, I pull out of her, and feel vacuous immediately. I want her close to me. We sit up in bed, and I pull her on my lap, our legs are curled up and tangled in each other’s. I drape the red satin sheet around us, enveloping. 

“Did you know that I was nervous to ask you out to coffee after the photo shoot?” I blurt out.

“What? Christian Grey, nervous?”

“I think I was always afraid of losing you without getting a chance declare my hand.”

“I couldn’t tell then, because you rejected me. I barely managed to make it to the car. In fact as soon as I got into the parking garage the flood gates were already open,” she says swallowing, her voice going low. I hold her tighter. 

“I’m sorry, baby. I was...” I say pausing, looking for the right word, “...struggling with these foreign feelings, resisting against them. And you were so innocent, and good. Here I am this fucked up man. I tried hard not to taint your world,” I say in a low voice.
“Well, Mr. Grey, I’m glad you didn't succeed in staying away from me. Think of the bright side, it could have been Kate who came to interview you, and she could be sitting...” she says, and her face falls not able to bring the rest of that sentence. 

“I thank Divine providence every day for sending you!” I say fervently reassuring her. “And besides, she’s not my type,” I say smugly.

She lifts her head up, her gaze narrows, “what, not a brunette?” she asks in a dry tone. 

“Ever since I met you Anastasia, I only have one type, and that’s you,” I say resolutely. “And, besides, she is a control freak.” 

“It must be hard to endure control freaks Mr. Grey,” she says sighing. “I wouldn’t know what to do,” she adds sarcastically. 

“Sure you would, baby. You lived with her for four years,” I say teasing.

“True. But, I’m still surprised that you took orders from her,” she says smiling. “Mr. Grey, I think we have enough pictures of you sitting down. Would you mind standing up right there, now?” she impersonates her roommate Kate perfectly, making me laugh out loud.

“For you, anything baby,” I say.

“Who? Me or Kate?” she scolds me with a sharp reprimanding gaze.

“Baby, do you think I would have endured half an hour under the spotlights for a college paper, or any paper for that matter? I made it possible to see you again,” I say fervently, as my eyes darkening. She melts into my arms. 

“I shudder to think that it could have been her who came to interview me. Thank the Lord for the common cold,” I say kissing her nose. 

“I believe she had the flu, Christian,” she corrects me as her fingers are trailing through my chest hair lazily. Her eyes skate over my body, and she glances over the wall, her eyes widen in reaction to something she just notices.

“All the canes have gone,” she says in a murmur. I don’t want to talk about the circumstances of how I made them disappear. The pain of it still hurts; Anastasia being gone. I knew she would never, ever accept them.
“I didn’t think you would ever past that hard limit,” I say.

“No, I don’t think I will,” she whispers, but her eyes dart over to the whips and paddles, and floggers on the opposite wall. 

I know that look. It’s the look of dislike, agitation. 

“You want me to get rid of them, too?” I ask amused, knowing her afflictions. 

“Not the crop... you know the brown one. Or that suede flogger,” she says flushing. I love the way she blushes when she’s talking to me, and surprising me at every turn.

“Okay, the crop and the flogger. Why, Miss Steele, you’re full of surprises.” 

“As are you, Mr. Grey. It’s one of the things I love about you,” she says and kisses the corner of mouth. One of them? There’s more? I’m burning to ask her about it. 

“What else do you love about me?” I ask her, feeling undeserving, wanting to know nevertheless, and burning with curiosity. I’m a selfish man, and I want to know. I look at her with wide eyes. My question takes her by surprise, and she blinks up at me. 

“This,” she says stroking her index finger over my lips sensually. I close my eyes, reveling in her touch. “I love this, and what comes out of it, and what you do to me with it,” she says. Her words touch the core of my heart as if the jolting electricity is coursing through my body. “And what’s in here,” she whispers caressing my temple. “You are extremely smart, and witty, and knowledgeable; you are competent in so many things.” Her gaze holds her awe of me, and I look back at her in a worshiping gaze. 

“But most of all, I love what’s in here,” she says in a soft voice pressing her palm gently against my chest. My heart lurches further, reaching for her touch. “You are the most compassionate man I have met. What you do. How you work. Its awe inspiring,” she says in a whisper.

“Awe inspiring?” I ask. I’m glad to know I have this effect on my girl. I didn’t know I inspired her that way. She finds me inspiring... Me! I feel shy all of a sudden. To make her feel that’s... it’s something. Anastasia just launches herself at me, and effectively finishing the conversation pushing me back on top of the bed. 


Both Anastasia and I must have felt exhausted after the horrible events of yesterday, last night’s and this morning’s love making, and we soon fell asleep in each other’s arms. When I wake up, Anastasia and I are all tangled up, legs, arms, bodies and satin sheets. She’s safe, I’m safe, and we are in each other’s embrace. I close my eyes and thank God for giving us this... heart and body and soul all intact, all in the now. If I lost control for even one minute, neither Ros, nor I would have been here. I dip my head into her hair inhaling deeply. My nose skims over her face. I close my eyes and nuzzle her neck, trailing soft kisses. She slowly opens her eyes, and gives me her shy smile. 

“Hungry?” I whisper.

“Hmm... I’m famished.”

“Me, too,” I reply. 

She leans on her elbow to gaze down at me as I’m sprawled on the bed. 

“It’s your birthday, Mr. Grey. I’ll cook you something. What would you like?”

“Surprise me,” I say as I reverently stroke her back. “I should check my Blackberry for all the messages I missed yesterday,” I say sitting up. Back to reality, but I’m thankful that the biggest part of my reality includes Anastasia. Well, the other realities can wait. Right now, I want to wash all of her body, and let her wash me.

“Let’s shower,” I say proffering my hand to Anastasia. She takes it smiling. 


When I get into the great room, Taylor is waiting for me. 

“Good morning, sir.”

“Morning, Taylor,” I say with a smile, and he reciprocates with an even rarer smile of his. 

Taylor closes the door behind him. I look up at him and he nods. “I’ve been in touch with Welch since yesterday. We’ve located Charlie Tango and a recovery team has been dispatched.”

“Good,” I nod solemnly. 

“Welch is also putting together an investigation team.”

“Great! I want you to get me in touch with Alex Pella,” I say, and Taylor’s eyes sparkle.

“I don’t know if he’s in the country but I’ll call around.”

“There’s no one who can sniff out foul play, like he can. And he knows anything that flies better than anyone else.”

Taylor’s eyes darken. “You’re certain it was foul play, sir?”

“Yes, without a doubt. Both engines going down at the same time, and the majority of the electronics, Taylor. Charlie Tango is a new helicopter. Even Queen Elizabeth doesn’t get the kind of service Charlie Tango receives. She’s serviced and checked all the time.” He nods, concern lacing his eyes. 

“Then, with your permission sir, I’d like to recommend increased security until this threat is over. If there’s an attempt on your life sir, we might have to take added precautionary measures. For Miss Steele and your family as well. Whoever is behind this may look for other ways to hurt you.”

“Get to it then Taylor. Coordinate with Welch, and I want names for the added security on my desk. Sooner, rather than later. Immediately for my family if you can get it lined up. I have a few phone calls to make.”

“I’m on it sir!” he says, and takes his exit.

I fire up my computer and start listening to my Blackberry for messages. 

There’s a message from Anastasia. She sounds nervous.

“Hi...” she says pausing. “’s me. Ana. Are you okay? Call me,” she says stuttering, nervous, worried even. My heart falls in love with her anew. I save her message. This is the first message she ever left me.

“Hi Christian. This is Elena. I heard it on the news that you are missing. Call me.” Beep... Delete.

“Christian. Elena again. I’m so glad you’re back. The news footage shows you entering Escala a bit disheveled. I’m concerned about you. Call me...” Beep... Delete.

“Christian Grey! I don’t know if you’ve gotten my other messages. If you did, why aren’t you returning my calls? You know, I’m concerned...” I don’t listen to the end of Elena’s message. Delete.

“Mr. Grey, thank you for your crazy piloting skills. Gwen wants to say thank you,” and there is a pause as the phone changes hands. Then Gwen’s soft voice comes through the voice mail. “Mr. Grey, I don’t know how to thank you for bringing Ros, alive and well and in one piece. Thank you so much!” she says nearly choking on her words. Once the message is over I smile, feeling just a miniscule degree better. I delete the message.

“Mr. Grey, Welch is here. Taylor informed me of the helicopter crash. We’ve located Charlie Tango, and a team is on its way to recover it. It is going to be taken to Boeing Field tonight. I’ve put through an emergency request for specialists from Eurocopter to investigate. And I will also go and oversee the investigation. We’ll check for fingerprints and any other evidence for foul play. My hunches tell me that there’s something amiss. But I’d like to back it up with physical evidence. I’ll wait for your call, sir.” I make a mental note to call him as soon as I skim through my e-mails. 

I check the e-mails, and the first one is from Anastasia.
From: Anastasia Steele
Subject: Hello
Date: June 17, 2011 16:04
To: Christian Grey

Are you not talking to me?
Don’t forget I’m going for a drink with Jose, and he’ll be staying with us tonight.  Please rethink about joining us.
A x
We were trying to walk towards the highway at the time of her. I was trying to get back home to her desperately. I shudder with the thought of what might have happened. I move onto the next message.
From: Elena Lincoln
Subject: Concerned
Date: June 18, 2011 02:05
To: Christian Grey

I know you were found. I’ve left you voice messages. I just want to know you’re ok. Call me.
Another one from this morning.
From: Elena Lincoln
Subject: Avoiding?
Date: June 18, 2011 09:12
To: Christian Grey

Christian, I really am concerned about you. Are you trying to avoid me?
You know I care about you dear. Please call me.
Anastasia doesn’t like Elena, and I’ve no intention of calling her. She knows I’m well, and that’s all she needs to know. 

I need to call Welch first. I hit the speed dial on my Blackberry. 

“Mr. Grey?” he answers on the first ring.

“Welch. Has the team reached Charlie Tango yet?”

“Not quite sir. It’s a bit off road as you already know. We don’t want to disturb any physical evidence. So, additional care must be taken in the recovery efforts, sir. We have off road vehicles, and a wide trailer to properly fit Charlie Tango on its way. It’ll be taken on a large truck once we get it on the paved road.”

“Good. Have you talked to Taylor about additional security?”

“Yes, sir. That’s the next topic I’d like to discuss with you. As your head security adviser, I’d like to emphasize the importance of additional security of your immediate family and Miss Steele. I’m in the process of compiling some names. I’ll share the info with Taylor as soon as I’m done.”

“Okay. Coordinate it with Taylor. He’ll take over that on this end. As for the investigation, and specialists, find me Alex Pella.”

“Taylor already texted me sir. I’ve dispatched some of my men to locate him. Meanwhile, we’ll still get the experts.”

“Good man. Let me know any developments at all levels.” 

“Will do, sir. Anything else?”

“Nothing for now,” I say and hang up. 

Next in the agenda is to call Andrea. She answers on the second ring.

“Andrea speaking,” she answers. 

“Andrea, I need you to do couple of things for me today.”

“Of course sir. And, may I say, I’m very pleased to know that you came back safe and sound. What would you like me to do?”

“Thank you Andrea. The banks are working half day today; so before it’s late, I want you to complete two transactions for me immediately.”

“Let me write this down sir,” she says, and I hear shuffling around. 

“Continue please, sir.”

“I want you to transfer $50,000 to Anastasia Steele’s checking account.”

“Confirming: Fifty-thousand Dollars to be deposited into Miss Anastasia Steele’s checking account.”

“That’s correct. Next, and, this request is in two parts. First part is, I want $250,000 payment to be issued for Len and Evelyn Mattson, of Mitchell, South Dakota. I’ll have Welch get back to you with the contact information. I realize this is a larger sum, so, if can’t be done today, do it Monday.” 

“Is the last name spelled as M-A-T-T-S-O-N sir?”

“Yes, it is. The second part of this request is this. I want a name enrolled in our company medical insurance, and a referral provided to the top neurologist in Seattle. Find out who that doctor is by Monday. I want a Trevor Mattson age 15 to be insured, and referred to this neurologist. Let the Doctor bill our insurance, and what is not covered needs to be paid by GEH.”

Andrea coughs on the other side discreetly.

“Is, uhm? It is out of convention... or our company policy says... uhm the insurance is to be provided for employees, and their dependents and he’s neither.”

“Andrea!” I hiss in a low, menacing tone. 

“Yes, of course, sir, I will talk with the HR, and get this going first thing in the morning. Anything else, sir?”

“Yes. I’m writing a note, and I want this note to be delivered along with the insurance information as well as the money within this week, with a courier. Collect the envelope containing the note from me on Monday.
“Yes, sir,” she replies in her professional voice. 

“That’s all. Thank you again for this and working last night,” I say taking her by surprise. She clears her throat. She must be expecting me to yell, or scold, or bark another order, but I say nothing. She waits silent for about fifteen seconds, and finds her voice. 

“My pleasure, sir,” she says meekly. Andrea, meek? That’s new. I hang up shaking my head.

I write the note before I forget it:

Dear Len,

I want to thank you for showing immense kindness to two strangers you found on the side of the highway, sharing your food, your wisdom, and taking us home to our families without a second thought, and  without expecting anything in return. Men like you are rare in the world. The hospitality you’ve shown us may not be a lot for the kind people of Mitchell, South Dakota, but it gave me hope in humanity. I wanted give you a token of our appreciation. Pay off your rig with this money, put aside some, and take your wife Evelyn and your son Trevor to a vacation some place. Trevor will be provided with medical insurance and the remainder of his medical expenses will be paid by my company and he’s being referred to a neurologist until he’s recovered. 

You are a damn good man, a good husband and a good father. Don’t give up hope in Trevor’s health; I’m quite sure it can be resolved. Hope is a good thing. One of the best things in life. Keep doing what you have been doing; just pass it forward. It was an honor to know you.

Christian Grey

I sign my name, and put the note in the envelope to be sent along with the money. 

Then I stare at my Blackberry on the table and run my hand through my hair, blow out a lungful of air, and take a deep breath in. I dial my mother. 

“Christian?” she answers.

“Hi mom,” I say in an even tone.

“Good morning son. How are you?” she says with concern in her voice.

“I’m fine mom.”

“Are you really? I was so worried yesterday, and we were all... and your poor girlfriend... She was so distraught. We all were...” she says choking on her words.

“I know mom. I’m sorry you went through this,” I say still in awe of her distress and concern over me. 

“You’re still coming over for your birthday party. You’re not bailing out on us, are you?”

“I wouldn’t dream of it mom. That’s why I’m calling you. I want to give you some good news for a change, and I need to ask a favor of you.”

“Oh,” she says pleasantly surprised. “Okay, whatever you need darling.”

“About a week ago I proposed to Anastasia, and she didn’t give me an answer then...” I say and I hear my mother make a sound I have never heard her make before.

“Mom? Are you okay?”

“Okay? Honey, I’m ecstatic! What did she say?” 

“Well, her answer was neatly packaged as a birthday present, and I thought all along she was reluctant to answer.”

“Oh, Christian! You always think the worst of everything. And, did she say yes?” she asks hopeful. My grin is so wide, my face hurts.

“Yes! She did!” I say excitedly.

I hear a joyful scream on the other end of the phone. 

“I’m sorry dear! I didn’t mean to scream into your ear, but I’m so happy for you both. Ana is such a sweet girl. We love her so! Did you set a date yet?”

“No mom, she barely said yes. But, I didn’t do a very proper job in proposing her. It wasn’t as romantic. But I want to rectify the situation. I was wondering if I could use your boathouse. I want to set up a romantic environment to properly propose to her and give her the ring.”

“Darling! Nothing would make me happier. Do you want me to have the flowers delivered?”

“No, thank you mom. I’ll take care of that. But, not a word to anyone, please. We want to announce it tonight at my party.”

“Do you have the ring?”

“As a matter of fact, I bought it after I proposed to her, and I was wondering if you could put it among flowers I’m going to have delivered. I’ll give it to you after we arrive.”

“Nothing would make me happier! Can’t I just tell your father?”

“Well, yes, you can, but make sure no one else knows. I don’t want Anastasia get a whiff of this under any circumstances.”

“I promise. And you know your father. He can keep a secret like Fort Knox keeps gold!” 

“Thanks mom. There’s something else,” I say my tone changing of a cold one. She notices the shift.

“What’s the matter darling?”

“My security adviser strongly recommends increased security for all of us until my helicopter incident completely resolved.”

Her answer is laced with concern. 

“Does he think it’s foul play? Oh Christian! Who would want to make an attempt on your life son?”

“Nothing to be concerned about mom. I’m sure he’s overreacting to cover his behind. But it’s always good to be cautious. They might be sent over today. I hope you understand; the security will have to be tailing you for the time being. It’s for our peace of mind.”

“When are they coming?”

“Very shortly, maybe even within the next hour, mom.”

“Oh, Christian, that soon? Oh, dear.  You know how Mia is. She hates security tagging along,” she replies sighing. “If you think that’s best,” she says in a contemplating tone. “I’ll talk to you father. But I think you should tell him the other thing. I think he heard most of our other conversation,” she says making a poor attempt to hide ‘the other thing’. “He’s waiting by the door. He must have wondered why I screamed,” she says in a happy tone.

“Sure mom. Thank you, for everything...” I say with much meaning. 

“I love you son. Happy Birthday baby!” she replies sniffling as her voice cracks and hands the phone to dad.  

“Hey son! Happy Birthday!”

“Thank you dad. Uhm, listen, I have some good news for you. But for the time being, it’s only for mom’s ears and yours.”

“Of course son,” he takes his serious attorney tone. 

“I have asked Anastasia to be my wife, and she consented. We are announcing our engagement tonight at my birthday party,” I say pausing.

“Congratulations, Christian! I’m so happy for you both! Have you set the big date?” I hold the phone before my face and look at it incredulous. 

“No, dad. I only learned last night that she accepted.”

“Oh, I’m sure there’s plenty of time. You’ve just met anyway.”

“I don’t want a long engagement. If it was up to me, I’d fly her to Vegas tomorrow to be married.”

“Don’t do that! We’d like to be a part our son’s wedding. When you have kids of your own, you’ll understand,” he says making me wince. Kids? Not so soon if I can help it. I want Anastasia to myself for a long time. Maybe ten years down the road, after I’ve shown her the world. 

“Of course not, dad. We’d like you to be a part of our happiness.”

“What will you do about the prenuptials? I have some very good solid colleagues who specialize in...” he says, but I sharply interrupt him.

“No! No prenups! No signed documents other than her name on the marriage certificate along with mine.”

“But, son! You, of all people should know this. It’s not good business for a man in your stature. Even ordinary people are getting it now,” he says imploring me. 

“You and mom don’t have one!” I rebuttal. 

“No we don’t. On the other hand your mother and I met when we were both students. We both had the same social standing. Anastasia is a great girl, but you are bringing so much more into the marriage than she ever could. All sorts of things could go wrong in a marriage. You have to protect your interests.”

“Dad, I love her, and she loves me! That’s all the reassurance I need from her. I want to marry her for life, not for a time. I trust her implicitly. So, absolutely no way in hell would I ask her to sign a prenup!”

“All I’m saying is just think about it. Just keep it in mind.”

“It’ll be a cold day in hell if I ever ask her that!” 

“What’s your lawyer saying about it?”

“Do you think I’ll discuss an intimate topic like marriage with my lawyer? I’m not taking my lawyer into my marriage bed! What kind of precedence does it set? So, please, drop it, dad!”

“But...” he says, and I hear my mother scolding him.

“Carry! Butt out of their business!”

“Grace! His future is at stake!” 

“I said butt out!”

“Fine, dear...” he says, and the subject is closed. But I have a feeling it’s closed just for now. 

My Blackberry vibrates in my hand alerting me to an incoming e-mail message as I’m half arguing with my father. I click on my laptop, and read the message while my father babbles on.
From: Anastasia Steele
Subject: lunch
Date: June 18, 2011 13:11
To: Christian Grey

Dear Mr. Grey,

I’m emailing you to inform you that your lunch is about to be ready. And that I had some mind blowing kinky fuckery earlier today.  Birthday kinky fuckery is to be recommended.
And another thing: I love you.  

A x
(Your fiancée)

Seeing her message puts a wide grin on my face, and tent on my crotch. Mind-blowing kinky fuckery, eh? I’d like to get her opinion on that.
From: Christian Grey
Subject: kinky fuckery
Date: June 18, 2011 13:14
To: Anastasia Steele

What aspect of it was mind-blowing baby? I’m taking notes.

Christian Grey

Famished and wasting away After the Morning’s Exertions CEO, Grey Enterprises Inc.
PS: I love your bracketed signature
PPS: What happened to the art of conversation?
From: Anastasia Steele
Subject: you’re famished?
Date: June 18, 2011 13:17
To: Christian Grey

Dear Mr. Grey,

I’d like to draw your attention to the first line of my previous email informing you that your lunch in in fact almost ready... so none of this famished and wasting away nonsense... And with regard to the mind blowing kinky fuckery aspects... well, frankly-all of it. I’d be interested in reading your notes.  And I like my bracketed signature, as well.
And another thing: I love you.  

A x
(Your fiancée)
PS: Since when have you been so loquacious? And you were on the phone.

“I’m only thinking of you son. Now, your mother is mad at me... But...”

“Uhm... Yea, great, dad. We’ll talk about that later! I gotta run!” I say, and hear his surprised goodbye before I hang up. 

I quickly make my way into the kitchen where delicious smells of fish and fresh vegetables are emerging. I find Anastasia busily working on fixing our lunch behind the kitchen island. I almost pounce at her behind the island taking her into my arms and kissing her, leaving her breathless and dazed. 

“That is all, Miss Steele. Carry on,” I say releasing her and sauntering back to my office in my bare feet. I love my woman in my kitchen. It is sexy as hell! 

As I make my way back into my office, I find the now familiar phone number on my Blackberry, and hit dial.

"Primary Colors, this is Janice, how may I help you?"
"Hi Janice, this is Christian Grey..." I say.

Few minutes later, I have it all squared away with Janice, and without taking half a breath, my Blackberry buzzes again, this time with an incoming call from Welch. 

“Mr. Grey. Welch here. The security has been sent to your parents’ house, and they’re already at the location.”

“Good,” I reply.

“Not so good sir. Miss Grey is not allowing them in. In fact, they’re outside waiting instructions.” I give out an exasperated sigh.

“Let them remain there. I will call and clear the situation.”

“Thank you sir,” he says, and I hang up.

I dial Mia’s cell phone number. She answers after the fifth ring. She knows why I’m calling.

“What Christian?” she barks as her greeting. 

“Mia, there is a new security detail waiting outside. You need to let them in.”

“Come on Christian! I don’t want to be followed by several Rambos!”

“Damn it Mia! There is a security threat which may be linked to my helicopter incident. I am only taking precautions.”

“But, how’s that related to us? To me? It’s mortifying!” My sister can be exasperating sometimes. Anastasia comes to the doorway of my office, and her gaze is appraising me. She misses nothing, from my just fucked hair, to my white shirt, to my jeans and my bare feet. I’m still on the phone with Mia and I want no arguments from her.  

“Just let them in and leave them alone. Do you understand Mia?” I ask in a hissing almost menacing tone as I roll my eyes. 

“Don’t get your britches in a twist Grey! Fine! I’ll let them in,” she agrees reluctantly.


Anastasia looks into my eyes and mimics eating, and I grin at her, nodding. Amidst all these problems, and a possible lunatic after me, why am I grinning like an idiot? 

“I’m only doing this, because it’s your birthday. Happy Birthday Christian! You better not be missing your birthday party,” she scolds me. “You’re coming right?”

“Yes, I’ll see you later.”

“Laters,” she says, and I hang up. 

Anastasia is waiting expectantly. “One more call?” I ask.


I look up at her, and the dress she’s wearing is barely under her thighs. I don’t want the help ogling my woman. 

“That dress is very short,” I remark.

“Do you like it?” she asks giving me a 360 twirl. I do like it, but for my eyes only! 

As she twirls I can see her thighs. She looks mouthwatering, totally fuckable. Fuck! If I can see that, anything with a dick can see that too. I frown. Her face falls with my displeasure.

“You look fantastic in it Ana. I just don’t want anyone else to see you like that,” I clarify. 

“Oh! We’re at home, Christian. There’s no one but the staff.”

I try to hide my smile. There are male members in my staff, and I don’t want them ogling her. The men in my staff exude more male hormones than a town full of men anywhere. But, I just want to pick my battles today. She’s at home. That ought to be alright. I finally nod reluctantly. I don’t want to fight with her before my last phone call. 

She smiles and walks back to the kitchen. 

I take a deep breath, and scroll through my Contact List on my Blackberry. My thumb hovers over the green “Call” button. I finally press it. The phone rings four times before it’s picked up.

“Hello?” answers a stern husky voice. 

“Hi, Ray!” I say a little too nervously. I adjust my tone in my next sentence, “This is Christian.” 

“Hi Christian,” he says pausing. I’ve never called him before. He sounds worried. “Is everything alright? Is Ana okay?”

“She’s perfectly fine Ray. She’s in the kitchen fixing lunch for us,” I say. He sounds surprised.

“That’s good to know. How have you been Christian?”

“I’ve been great Ray. I heard that you and Jose, and Jose Sr. are going to fishing.”

He chuckles. “Yes, we are. But we postponed it to early tomorrow.”

“We should also go to fishing one of these days. I’ve heard from Jose that you’ve caught a 43 pounder! And I thought I was a good fisherman with a thirty-four pounder steelhead.” 

He chuckles. 

“You’ll get there. It took me years of practice. But, I’m sure you didn’t call me on fishing advice. What can I help you with Christian?”

I take a deep breath.

“Ray, I’ve fallen in love with your daughter. I can’t live without her. I’ve asked her to marry me, and she accepted. I’ve called to ask your permission, ask for her hand in marriage from you,” I say in one breath.
There is silence at the other end of the phone. 

When he realizes I’m waiting for his answer, he clears his throat.

“You said, Ana accepted?”

“Yes, she did,” I say firmly. 

“Don’t you think it’s rather fast? Are you absolutely sure this is what you both want? I think you ought to give it some time. You’re both very young.”

“No sir. There’s no one else for me. There will never be anyone else for me. I’ve never been in love with anyone in my entire life. Ever. She’s the one I want for the rest of my life. We want your blessing,” I say in my all-business voice. 

“Is she pregnant?” What?

“No!” I say firmly. He exhales loudly. 

“Let me talk to Ana first, before I respond to your question, Christian.”

“I’ll get her for you,” I say and quickly walk out to the kitchen. 

I hold the phone in front of Anastasia, and murmur, “I have Ray for you.” I feel on edge. What if he says no? I remain guarded. I have to find a Plan B to convince him if this doesn’t work. Anastasia’s eyes widen immediately in horror. She reluctantly takes the phone from my hand and covers the mouthpiece. 

“You told him!” she hisses. I nod impassively. I feel nothing, but. 

“Hi dad,” she says as her eyes leaves mine. I can hear Ray speak.

“Christian has just asked me if he can marry you,” he states the obvious. 

“What did you say?” she asks in a small voice.

“I said I wanted to talk to you first. Don’t you think it’s kinda sudden Annie? You’ve not known him long enough. I mean, he’s a nice guy and all, and knows his fishing...but this is so soon.” Anastasia’s gaze darts at me, and sees my anxious look.

“Yes. It is sudden... Hang on a second,” she says and leaves the kitchen. She walks out into the balcony. I pace around the room. I feel so nervous. 

I stop and strain to hear what she’s saying. 

“He’s everything.” She stops to listen.

I can’t hear what else she says because she’s speaking so quietly. I walk closer to the balcony. 

“Thank you, Dad. I’ll hand you back to Christian. Be gentle with him. I love him,” she says. He’s accepting? Oh God, please!

She walks back into the room, and giving me the evil eye as she’s handing me the phone. I take the phone back from her amused at her expression. But, baby, nothing would stop me asking your hand in marriage. I never wanted anything so badly!

“Hello Ray,” I greet him again.

“Christian,” he says coolly. 

“Ana said that she loves you and she too wants to marry you. Young man, you’re all kinds of rich. I’m just an ex-soldier. But I only have one daughter. She’s it. I love her dearly. I’m personally holding you responsible for her happiness.”

“I will do everything in my power to make her happy, Ray. I love her.”

“I know. So, there’s nothing left for me, but to give my blessing. She asked me to give her away at the wedding,” he says finally his voice cracking. 

“We’d be honored, Ray.”

“You have my permission, and my blessing. Go and make my baby girl happy.”

“Thank you, Ray!” I say as if I have brokered the biggest mergers and acquisitions of my life!

I walk back into the kitchen and declare, “I have your stepfather’s rather begrudging blessing.” I’ve got this ear splitting grin on my face, and she giggles. 
“Come, sit, lunch is ready,” she leads me to the breakfast bar. 

I take a bite of the salmon she made, and it just melts in my mouth. Is it because I’m so happy everything tastes beyond wonderful, or is it that she just cooks perfectly or a combination of both. We eat in silence with the renewed sense of knowing nothing else is standing our way. We can get married, anytime! I’m consumed with happy thoughts of our future together, and can’t stop grinning at Anastasia. When I finally take the last bite on my plate, “Damn, you’re a good cook woman!” I declare. I raise my glass of white wine to Anastasia, and take a swallow. Anastasia blushes, and smiles in response.

When she blushes, I almost want to preserve that innocent image in a picture. Beautiful, alluring, and completely mine. Maybe I will take a picture of it someday. Oh, wait, she asked me not to take a picture of her. Why would she ask that? Did she find any pictures of the subs? But that’s impossible. They’re in the safe. How would Anastasia have access to the safe?

“Ana? Why did you ask me not to take a picture of you?” I ask in a soft voice. 

She stares down at her plate, and her fingers start twisting on her lap. She only does that when she has some bad news, or extremely nervous. What happened? What is bothering her? She is ominously silent. 

“Ana,” I snap nervously. “What is it?” I hate it when she hides something from me. I want to know everything about her.

“I found your pictures,” she says in a whisper.

Oh shit! It’s what I thought it was. “You’ve been in the safe?” I ask in an incredulous tone. 

“Safe? What safe? No. I didn’t even know you had a safe.”

I frown surprised. Where did she find them? “I don’t understand, then.” 

“They were in your closet. There is a box. I was looking for your tie, and the box was placed under your jeans... you know the ones you normally wear in the playroom. Except today,” she says blushing crimson. 

Fuck! I’m shocked and mad. Who could have put them there where Anastasia can find them? I run my hand through my hair exasperated. Not Mrs. Jones. Taylor? Of course not. Clearly not Hyde... Shit! The only one that could have done it is Leila! Gotta hand it to her! She wants Anastasia to know that there are others... many others who are like her. There is no other like Anastasia, but Leila wouldn’t know that. Leila, even in her disturbed state of mind has been crafty. Gotta admire that in a person. I look up Anastasia, and concern is written all over her face. Oh no!

I steeple my hands before me as if in a supplication, and give the full power of my gaze to Anastasia. 

“It’s not what you think baby. I’d completely forgotten all about them. That box has been moved. Those pictures belong in my safe,” I explain.

“Who moved them?” she asks in a whisper. 

Oh shit! I have to explain. “There is only one person who could have done it.”

“Really... Who then? And what exactly do you mean when you say, ‘it’s not what I think’?”

It’s like my past is colliding with my future like an unstoppable train wreck finding me at any happy or tender moment, ready to destroy my happiness if I let it. I sigh; this is embarrassing to explain to Anastasia. I cock my head to the side, and start.

“This is going to sound cold, but, those pictures are an insurance policy,” I explain in whisper low voice. 

“Insurance policy?” she asks confused. I can almost hear the crickets chirping in her head. Of course... Anastasia would never think of that. I’m the one who’s fucked up...

“Against exposure,” I clarify.

Her mouth gapes open. “Oh,” she manages to murmur swallowing. She closes her eyes, trying to process what I just revealed. Fuck! She’s disappointed in me, and hurt. “Yes. You’re right. That does sound cold,” she mutters, and gets up, takes the plates, and starts clearing the dishes not knowing what else to do. She doesn’t want to look at my face.

“Ana,” I call out to her concerned. 

“Do the girls know? The subs?” she asks turning to look at me with empty eyes.

“Of course they know,” I say frowning. 

She scrapes the plates forcefully as if they have dried up and burnt food on them. First plate clutters loudly into the sink as she drops it, and picks the other, and starts scarping again. Oh fuck! She thinks I kept them because I miss that lifestyle! Oh shit! Shit! Shit!

I reach out to her, and grab her, and pull her into my arms. 

“Those pictures are supposed to be in the safe. They’re not for recreational use.” I want to be truthful. They’re not recreational now; in fact I don’t even want to look at them. “Maybe they were when they were originally taken.” She turns her head away from me. I hold my hand to her chin to make her look at me, imploring her. “But, they don’t mean anything to me, baby. Nothing.” 

“Who put them in your closet?” she asks. 

“It could only have been Leila.”

“Did she know your safe combination?” asks Anastasia incredulous. 

I shrug. “I wouldn’t be surprised if she did. It’s a very long combination, and because I use it so rarely, I haven’t changed it. I have it written somewhere.” I sigh and shake my head. “I wonder what else she knows, and if she’s taken anything else out of the safe.” I try to run an inventory of the safe in my head, but I can’t recall everything. Anastasia says nothing. “Look Ana, I’ll destroy the pictures. Now, if you like.” I want her to feel secure with me. Have trust in me. 

She shrugs. “They’re your pictures, Christian. Do whatever you wish with them,” she mutters looking away.
“Ana, don’t be like that,” I plead. I take her head in my hands, and look into her eyes with the intensity of my love for her. “I don’t want that life. I want our life, together.” Her eyes are wide. Fearful even. I don’t want to fuck up my relationship with her because of my past. I have no feelings for any of those girls! She’s silent and worried. 

“Ana, baby, I thought we exorcised all those ghosts this morning. At least I feel that way. Don’t you?” I ask pleading. She blinks as if the wipe away her fears. 

A small smile comes to her lips. “Yes... Yes, I feel like that too.” She replies. 

“Good,” I say with relief in my voice. I lean down and kiss her, holding her in my arms as if she would fly away. “I’ll shred them,” I whisper. For her, I’ll do anything. “Then I have to go to work. I’m sorry baby, but I have tons of business to get through this afternoon,” I say apologetically. 

“That’s alright. I have to call my mother anyway,” she says grimacing. “Then I want to do some shopping and bake you a birthday cake.”

I blink. Anastasia is going to bake a cake for my birthday? I grin as wide as possible like a four year old.
“A cake?” I ask, and she nods in response.

“A chocolate cake?” I ask grinning. A man can have a choice. It’s my birthday after all.

“Do you want a chocolate cake?” she asks mirroring my grin. I nod in response. 

“Well then, I’ll see what I can do, Mr. Grey.”

That’s my woman! I kiss her again more passionately than ever. 
 (Set Fire to the Rain - Adele)
“Welch? Where are you?”

“I’m at the crash site sir. Making sure that pictures and videos are taken, and no evidence is disturbed, and proper precautions are taken to not to taint the evidence.”

“Good,” I say grimacing.

“You must have good piloting skills, Mr. Grey. You’ve made a small crater, but it could have been much worse. I have couple of experts here as well. They all agree.”

“What time will Charlie Tango be at Boeing?”

“I don’t have an ETA yet, sir. Right now, all I want them to do is to collect the evidence, and get her loaded properly.” 

“Text me when she’s on her way,” I say before hanging up. 

I sit before my computer monitor, and start going through piles of e-mails. There’s another one from Elena this afternoon. I delete it after skimming over it. Same thing: Call her. Fat chance!

I feel Anastasia’s gaze on me, and when I look up I see that she’s standing at the doorway. 

“I’m just heading out to the grocery store to pick up some ingredient for the cake.”

“Okay,” I say, and look at her dress. It’s way too short. I don’t want people seeing her like that. Noticing my frown, she asks, “What?”

“Aren’t you going to put some jeans or something?”

“Christian, they’re just legs,” she says exasperated.

I narrow my eyes at her. I don’t want my fiancée to be eye fucked in the store. She rolls her eyes at me, and her reaction makes my palms tingle.

“What if we were at the beach?”

“We’re NOT at the beach.”

“Well, would you object this dress if we were at the beach?” It’s covered enough for the beach, but where is she going with this line of questioning?


She rolls her eyes at me again, smirking.  “Alright then, just imagine we are. Laters!” she mutters quickly and bolts to the exit. I dart after her dropping my Blackberry to the floor. And by the time I reach the foyer, the elevator doors are already closing and she waves at me, grinning! Fuck! She’s deliberately being disobedient! What memories do you evoke Miss Steele when you behave as such? I don’t know whether to be amused, or frustrated with her. She evokes twin feelings in me like no one else. I want to love, and spank her at the same time! I might still do that when she gets back. I always worry that I’ll get carried away. Why does she disobey me? Why can’t she just do what she is told? I love her when she’s like this but then, she drives me to jealousy. I sigh as I get back to my work piled enough to load up Len’s truck. I have to get through most of them before we head to my parents’ house. 


I’ve been too focused on my work; I get startled with my Blackberry buzzing on my desk. 

“Grey,” I answer stiffly.

“Welch here. Sir, we have collected all the evidence related to the accident, taken pictures and, the entire recovery has been videotaped from different angles. Charlie Tango is loaded up, and is on her way to Boeing, sir.”

“Have you managed to get in touch with Pella?”

“Just as I suspected, he’s out of the country for the moment. But his company will get in touch with him soon. Since they’re the biggest authorized sellers of Eurocopter in the country and GEH purchased it from their Los Angeles branch, they’ve already contacted Eurocopter and a specialist is coming from Germany Monday afternoon.”

“Great. When do you think you can get some preliminary findings?”

“That would be hard to tell, sir. We need to identify all the evidence, and search everything, all the fingerprints, and foreign materials. We’ve taken great care to not to contaminate any of the evidence. Even then, it can take a while to sort through. We can have the preliminary findings within the week, sir.”

“Not good enough,” I say. “The Eurocopter specialist can determine whether I’ve had a mechanical problem, or foul play.” I hate it when things are out of my control. 

“I want to have the initial findings about the crash immediately.”

“But sir, we don’t want a poorly done investigation. At least give him two days.”

I think about this for a second. I will give him twenty four hours maximum. Others can gather evidence, and they can investigate until he arrives. That’s about thirty six hours of additional time in which they can accomplish quite a lot.

“You said the Eurocopter specialist is due Monday afternoon?” I ask trying to confirm.
“Yes, he’s getting on the first flight tomorrow sir.”

“Good. Just keep me informed. Tell them that I’ll need their initial findings either Monday evening, or Tuesday morning.” I hang up, and swivel my chair around and find Anastasia standing in the doorway. My heart stills, my gaze impassive. I want to see what she will say about the way she behaved earlier. 

“Hi,” she whispers. I keep staring at her impassively without a word. Her gaze locked with mine, she walks towards me around my desk with cautious steps. My eyes follow her, unblinking. She stands in front of me.
“I’m back, Christian. Are you mad at me?”

I love and I hate and I love this! She mind fucks me at every turn, drives me mad; drives me insane, makes me jealous enough to claw my own skin, makes me feel helpless! Yet, I feel alive with her. 

I sigh giving in to my exasperation, my hand reaches out for hers, and I pull her to me forcefully, making her land on my lap. My arms snake around her, and I hold her tight, burying my nose into her hair, inhaling her intoxicating scent. 

“Yes,” I respond to her question. I am still mad. 

“I’m sorry. I just don’t know what came over me, Christian,” she says apologetically, curling up on my lap like a kitten. She wraps her arms around my neck and inhales my scent. We are so in tuned with each other. Her remorse breaks some chains in me. I don’t want to confine her. On the other hand, I have to have control. I can’t live without it. And so much has happened outside my control, I don’t want to lose it at home. But, I have to pick my battles. This particular dress shouldn’t be one. 

“Me neither. Wear what you like,” I say in a murmur, surprising her. My hands run up her leg, and to her thigh. My erection goes into the full salute mode. “Besides, this dress has its own advantages,” I say, and lean in to kiss her lips. The second we connect, the jolt of electricity between us courses through her into my body lightning speed, and she makes such a moaning sound from deep within her as if it’s sighing and yearning, and deep seated fire all at the same time. Her hands zip up to my hair, knotting, and pulling me into her, as if she’s incapable of containing the passion and fire burning through her veins and she has to have an outlet. Setting me on fire with her passion! I make a deep guttural groan, responding in kind, and reciprocating her body's reaction. 

My teeth nip her lower lip, traveling to her jaw, to her ear, to her throat, going back to her mouth, my tongue dips into her mouth rather forcefully, assaulting her, as if I’m giving her a tonsil exam! Fucking her with my tongue in her mouth. My erection is trying to rip through my pants, and I can contain my desire pooling in my groin no longer! I unzip my pants, pull Anastasia astride, and sink my pulsing cock into her delicious, blooming sex. Anastasia grasps the back of my chair, and my fingers sink into her soft flesh of her buttocks, and I guide her moving up, and I synchronize our movements. As she descends down onto my cock, I push deeper and farther into her, making her arch her back and guiding her in gyrating her hips. 

Soon, both of our consuming passion builds up to its peak, and Anastasia and I both speed up our rhythm, and she nearly screams my name, tipping my scale and I pour everything I got into her, clenching to her body, my eyes roll back into my head. She collapses on top of me, and stills as her orgasm ripples through her body in waves and passes into mine. As our racing hearts slow down to normal speed, I kiss her gently this time.

“I like your version of apology,” I breathe into her hair, now smelling like Anastasia, outdoors, sweat, sex, and me.

“And I like yours,” she says giggling, and her head snuggles against my chest. “Have you finished?”

My God! What have I created here? An insatiable woman?

“Jesus, Ana, you want more?”

“No!” she says embarrassed. “I meant your work.” 

“Oh... I’ll be done in about half an hour,” I say, and my gaze softens. “I heard the voice-mail you left yesterday. You sounded worried,” I say softly. Her face falls, and she hugs me tighter. 

“I was so worried. It’s not like you to not to respond.” I close my eyes in awe of her love for me. I kiss the top of her head. I feel her smile. 

“Your cake should be ready in half an hour,” she says climbing off me lap and breaking our connection. For some reason, I feel bereft with the loss of it. But I manage a smile for her benefit. 

“Looking forward to it. It smelled delicious, redolent even while you were still baking it.” She looks down at me smiling shyly, and finally leans down and rewards me with a small kiss at the corner of my lips. 


My Blackberry buzzes with a text message:

“Mr. Grey, if you’re done with your work, would you honor me with your presence in the kitchen please?”

When I come out, she’s waiting for me with a beautiful chocolate cake with a single gold candle on it. All of a sudden I feel so special, so cherished, so immensely valued with this gesture, I grin ear to ear, and she sings Happy Birthday to me in her soft voice. I close my eyes, and make my wish. ‘I hope she likes what I have planned for her today! I hope it’s unforgettable! I hope she never leaves me!’ That’s a lot to hope for, but a man can dream. I open my eyes, and blow out the candle. 

“I’ve made my wish,” I say in a husky voice; my gaze intense on her, and she blushes all over again. 

“The frosting is still soft, but I hope you still like it.” I feel like a child, a loved child! A valued, cherished child... “I can’t wait to taste it, Anastasia,” I murmur, and I make a deep guttural sound as if I’m having a food orgasm. Ordinarily, if anyone said to me that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, I’d say you must have flunked your geography, but, now I find myself a firm believer that it may not be the initial starting point to the heart, but it sure paves the side road to it. It may not be the expressway, but it’s the scenic route. Anastasia cuts each of us a slice and hands me a plate. 

I dig into it like a hungry bear. It smells divine, and tastes even better! “Mmm...” I groan. Oh, God! She’s everything I want in a woman. “This is why I want to marry you,” I say in appreciation, and she laughs at my declaration. 


We are dressed and ready to go to my birthday party. Anastasia is wearing an emerald green cocktail dress with a wide belt. She looks good enough to eat! The ride to my parents’ house is smooth. I drive R8 and Taylor follows behind. I park the car in my parents’ driveway.

“Ready to face my family?” I ask as I turn the ignition off. 

“Yes. Are you going to tell them?” she asks.

“Of course. I’m looking forward to seeing their reactions.” I don’t want to tell her, I’ve already informed them, because that might blow my cover for what I had planned later. 

Anastasia pulls her wrap around tighter as the evening breeze greets us blowing from the bay. I take her hand proudly, entering into my parents’ house for the first time with my fiancée. Just as I hold my hand to knock the front door, my dad opens it. 

“Hello, Christian! Happy birthday, son!” he says, and instead of taking my extended hand, he envelops me in a hug, completely surprising me.

“Uhm... thanks, dad.” 

“Ana, it’s lovely to see you again,” he says to Anastasia, and hugs her as well. 

We follow my dad to the living room, and Kate the ball crusher comes to us like a bull-elephant in heat down the hallway, completely infuriated. Her red dress matches the color of her face. What’s her problem? 

“You two! I want to talk to you!” she growls. Anastasia looks up at me nervously. I shrug. She was her roommate. My dad looks completely dumbfounded at her behavior, but says nothing. We amuse her and follow her into the dining room. As soon as she closes the door, she turns to Anastasia so fast, if you blinked you’d miss it. She must have parked her broom outside. I almost find myself looking for the ruby slippers on her feet.

“What the fuck is this?” she snarls at Anastasia while waving a piece of paper. Anastasia looks bemused, and takes the paper, and as soon as she looks into the paper, blood drains from her face completely. Her eyes go wide, and she steps between me and Kate. My pulse speeds up, I feel anxious. Something’s horribly wrong!