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BOOK IV - Chapter XV - Christian and Anastasia Fan Fiction


He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.
Lao Tzu

“Welch! I want some fucking answers! How did this news leak? I want you to find the source, and I want you to find who is stirring the pot spreading malicious rumors about my wife!”

“I’ve already dispatched some of my men to dig around, sir.”

“How soon can you get back to me?”

“We can either buy the information from the main source, or exchange information. But I don’t recommend it with the tabloids. It is however best to have a backdoor open for such cases as these.”

“No information exchange with the tabloids. My PR is going to set something up with one of the mainstream magazines.”

“Yes, sir. But even if the sit down interview, pictures, the whole nine yards is done with a mainstream magazine, paparazzi will do 'the baby bump watch'. You’re ‘it news’, sir.”

“How so? I guard my privacy jealously!”

“Mr. Grey, you have been a hard working CEO, young, and for all intents and purposes unattached and unreachable. When, Mrs. Grey captured your attention, people got curious. They want to know who this young woman is. Because, you’ve not been seen with a woman in public before, the dogs are sniffing around to see what made Mrs. Grey special for you. I wouldn’t be surprised if they went sniffing around her old workplace, friends, or hangouts, trying to dig a blemish, an ex-boyfriend, or anything in that nature. They’re looking for a Cinderella story they can tarnish given the current events with Hyde,” he says and I grit my teeth in rage.

“Find out what or who is behind it! I’ve also forwarded Pella’s message. It’s more than the paparazzi. Something is brewing, and I need you to contact him and find out what he has heard! All these things couldn’t be one big coincidence.”

“Okay. I’ll get in touch with him right away," he says before I hang up.  

I run both my hands over my hair. I run all the names in my head that could cause a problem. The list is led by none other than Roger fucking Lincoln. But he has no way of knowing of my wife’s pregnancy unless he's got someone tailing us or her. Such a leak would benefit him the most.

The line is brought down by Jose Rodriguez who had a fit and a near nervous breakdown when he discovered Anastasia’s pregnancy. He does have a few connections with the Portland Printz but these were the paparazzi. It couldn’t be Elena. She didn’t know about pregnancy. That leaves the family. But none of them would leak it intentionally.

I pick up my Blackberry again. Scrolling through numbers, I find his. The phone rings four times before it’s picked up. His voice is breathy like he just had sex or ran a marathon.

“Yeah!” he answers as he breathes rapidly. There’s no agitation if I distracted anything.

“Jose, this is Christian Grey.”

He tone cools down several degrees.

“What’s up man?”

“Did you talk to press or anyone about Anastasia’s pregnancy?”

“The press?” he asks surprised. “Of course not. I didn’t talk to anyone after I had an earful from my dad and Ray all the way home!” he says snorting.

“Are you sure?” I press on. “There were only a few people who knew of her pregnancy and you’re the one person who flipped about it!”

“Look man! I’m sorry. I feel horrible… in fact dreadful about it! Ana hasn’t been taking my calls since that day. Do you think I’d go and rat on her to a newspaper further ensuring the demise of our friendship?” he asks angrily. “She’s my friend! I’ve been trying to get her to forgive me,” he says in a low voice. “I messed up and let shit get through my head. Now, I can’t take it back! I fucked up then. I’d never betray her like that. But, why are you asking me if I talked the press about her?” he asks genuinely.

“Because she’s been ambushed by the paparazzi at her place of work who were less than kind to her.”

“What?” he bellows. I hear a loud noise, and something shattering. “Oh, fuck!” a pained groaning declaration comes after. “I’m sorry that she got ambushed! I would never ever cause anything like that to her. I hope it wasn’t anything related to the scene I caused at the hospital. Oh man! Please tell me it isn’t the reason!” he rapid fires, completely anxious now. I don’t want to comfort him, but I am also convinced now that he has not caused this, at least not intentionally.

“I don’t think it was anything related to the hospital incident. Okay...” I exhale a deep breath. “If I find out that you have leaked anything to the press about her pregnancy or talk to the press about my wife, I will get to you, and you will pay for it!” I hiss.

“That’s fair enough. But, I didn’t, I would never, ever do that to her. How could you even think I’d do such a thing to hurt her?” he utters sounding wounded with my accusation.

“The fact is Jose, you not only hurt her, but you embarrassed her in front of her physician, hospital security, my security personnel, your father and her father! You questioned Ana about her pregnancy as if she was a 14 year old girl knocked up by the first boy she ever saw! Anastasia is a married woman! Who the hell do you think you are to question MY wife about her pregnancy with our baby? If I want to knock my wife up, I don’t ask anyone’s permission. That is between MY wife and me! How dare you question her as if you have a claim on her? How dare anybody? But this isn’t even your first offense. You took her candid pictures and put them in an art gallery for others to ogle her and purchase her pictures like she was a commodity!”

“But, you’re the one who purchased them and told me you loved the pictures!” he retorts.

“That’s not the point. The point is that you have done that all without her permission. No matter how innocuous you may think of your behavior is, when you do something to her without her permission, you hurt her! You even tried force yourself onto her by trying to kiss her without her permission!”

“Please, just tell me she’s okay!” he says in a hoarse voice.

“Well, Jose, she is NOT okay! She was terrified!”

“Is she home?”

“No. She’s working.”  

“I’m sorry. I really am. Ana’s my friend…” he stars saying, but I cut him off.

“I don’t have time to ease your mind, or comfort your conscience! I am trying to protect my wife! So, make sure you don’t pull shit like you did at the hospital, or talk about her to someone, or do anything that is remotely hurtful to her! If you ever contribute to her misery, I will beat the shit out of you!” I hiss before hanging up hang up. Yet I feel more confused than ever. I’m completely convinced that the miserable fucker didn’t have anything to do with today’s paparazzi attack. Who the hell is after my wife and why? But I know that my wife is not the object of the attack; I’m the object and she’s the means to get to me.

When we arrive at the Grey House a tall order of business to conduct is waiting for me. Andrea follows me into my office with her usual bristling efficiency.

“Where’s, uhm...” I hold my forehead between “Janelyn,” I ask. I hope I don’t have another incompetent intern like Olivia.

“She’s seating your next group of appointment in the meeting room. She’ll be tending them with their drinks until you get to the meeting room, sir.”

“Who do we have?”

“European buyers, sir. It’s a company called Unlimited Luxury. They have several orders put in and your meeting with them is on the schedule within the next thirty minutes. Ros will be in the meeting room within a few minutes. They’d like to speak to you about getting custom made yachts on regular basis for their existing clients in various European countries. They have said that there are only three companies in the world that can handle this kind of request and GEH is on the top of the list because of our strong safety track.”

Of course I knew about the Unlimited Luxury. It’s an up and coming company with a very large bank account serving the world’s wealthiest when it comes to private jets, yachts, or ultra-luxury vehicles. They like to be the main distributor in Europe and they have ambitions of expanding into Asia. This can be a profitable business venture if the price is right.

Before going to the meeting, I e-mail Anastasia:
From: Christian Grey
To: Anastasia Grey
Date: November 1st, 2011
Time: 9:37 a.m.

Hi wife,
How are you feeling? I miss you. I wish I could take away all the hurt and pain you felt this morning.
No, this still doesn’t say what I want to convey to her… How do I express that she’s the center of my universe that what hurts her, hurts me more? I want to take everything that made her miserable away from her and simply make her happy. And the desire to punish those who inflicted this pain is gnawing at my soul.

Let me try again…


I love you. It’s that simple, really. 

I love you so desperately; my feelings leave me at your mercy. I love you with all that I am, that anything that hurts you angers me, and fills me with such ferocious rage that I’m ready to take on anything that makes you upset, let alone miserable. I love your spark. I love your witty comments. I love your smart mouth. I love your intensity; I love your will to fight to be yourself. I love that you love me, that you love our baby inside you. You are my universe. At this point, I am simply a man who is madly in love with his wife. Whatever, whoever is outside and trying to hurt us don’t matter. Others don’t matter. I am big, bad and powerful enough to make that go away. Trust me. Trust that I love you. Trust that I will protect you and our baby. Trust that there’s nothing, no one more important than you and our child you are carrying. I will protect both of you.

I’m no longer the same fucked up man when you’ve met me. I’m still fucked up in many ways, but you make me whole; you forced me out of my dark corner I refused to come out. You and you alone have given me reason to change. You make me want to be a better man. You gave me hope in the future; I have fallen in love with you unexpectedly, quickly and desperately, Ana. I’d continue to love you even if you didn’t love me. Because, my love for you doesn’t have a prerequisite; it’s not conditional. But knowing that you do… that you love me makes me try harder to be deserving of your regard. You, Anastasia Rose Grey, are mine. My wife! 

And it’s my promise to you that I will make this go away.

Christian Grey
Madly in love CEO, Grey Enterprises Holding Inc.

I get up to go to my meeting; my mind is still occupied with my wife. My fucking Blackberry is running out of charge. I put it in Andrea’s care to get it charged.

“Andrea, if my wife calls, she’s to be put through immediately no matter how busy I am. Just get me. Remind Janelyn as well,” I command.

“Of course, sir. It’s your standing order. I’ll remind Janelyn momentarily.”

As I walk through the door, I tell Andrea to bring my laptop in. If Anastasia e-mails me back, I need to have access to my e-mails during meeting.

Seeing her distraught like that today, leaving her at work and not bringing her back with me goes against every cell in my body. But, I can’t let her lose her spunk. I have to teach my wife how to be in charge of her surroundings even if her entire being wants to scream and run away. I have been an enigma, a well-kept secret before. My wife who is even more enigmatic than I, unknown to all only a few months ago is insanely hot and pregnant. She obtained a confirmed a bachelor, a man who some thought to be gay; the others who knew of my lifestyle would never dream that I would one day marry. Hell, I never thought that I could have this; I could love someone so indelibly, so completely. But now even imagining life without her in the hypothetical  is impossible. Naturally, the existence of such a rare woman in my life becomes an item of news. But, I wish to keep her away from this unwanted attention especially from the paparazzi.

Therefore, it’s at utmost importance that she can reach me any moment she needs me. My phone is out of charge and I need to be in a meeting for potentially a lucrative business deal. Taylor opens the door for me to enter. Ros is there and so is Warren. She looks like a young innocent woman, but that’s the downfall of the most business people when it comes underestimating her. She can make the devil wear his shoes backwards.

When I enter the meeting room, Taylor takes his usual spot in the corner, at an advantage point where he can survey and observe the entire room. Andrea nods at Janelyn imperceptibly. She puts the last bottled water onto the table in front of one of the businessman and walks to meet Andrea.

“Bonjour Monsieur Grey,” greets me the CEO of Unlimited Luxury in his Parisian accent.

“Bonjour Monsieur Decoux,” I respond with a professional smile as I take his proffered hand. « Avez-vous fait bon voyage? » I ask about his trip, though I don’t care one bit whether their trip was pleasant or not. He wouldn’t know that from my professional façade reserved for the business world. The face that says I’m uncommonly self-assured, tacitly dominant; the embodiment of the master and commander of all I survey. Not surprisingly, people respond to that in a submissive manner. The only exclusion to that would be other alpha males where I always declare my dominance above all. There can only be one alpha. Otherwise, we do not stay in the same place for a long time. It’s a matter of territory. And this is my turf. 

After the reintroductions, we discuss the business plan with the French businessmen and woman. They’re eager to do business with the GEH, because we simply build the best and the safest ships.

Nearly two hours into the meeting, I still have not received a response from Anastasia to my e-mail. The thought of it distracts me and I have to pay extra attention to follow the meeting outline.

Finally an answering e-mail arrives. My eyes immediately drift to my laptop and I move the mouse to open it immediately, effectively concealing my anxiety.  I snap open my bottle of water and draw a sip. After reading Anastasia’s greeting, I take another sip to appear busy and listening to the French businessmen’s proposal. Decoux starts making his closing remarks. My mind is only half grasping what he’s saying. I do however catch his joke on making a poor sales pitch because he failed to fully read my face as to what exactly I thought of his proposal and made a joke about blaming it on his ancestors who didn’t wish to become the unfortunate recipient of dérogeance, or in other words loss of nobility due to commercial and manual activities which rendered the future generations with the lack of such skills also making a reference of his noble lineage.

“I assure you Monsieur Decoux, I’m favoring your proposal, and we will give our full diligence  in examining it and return to you with a counter proposal that will be beneficial for both parties involved.” My response makes Decoux smile and he continues with his closing remarks. I turn back to my wife’s e-mail as I take another sip of the water.
From: Anastasia Grey
To: Christian Grey
Date: November 1st, 2011
Time: 11:48 a.m.


What a lovely message to get from my man, the love of my life. You have NO IDEA what your message did to me, how it elated me like a life preserve, how it lifted me up. Thank you!

It amazes me that you can be so romantic, so articulate in expressing your love. Knowing that you didn’t do the love thing in the past, I am beyond ecstatic to be the first, one and only recipient of your affection. That tells me you are mine in every way possible, just as I’m yours.

After you pushed me to face work today, I have to admit I was simply on auto pilot and had given all my attention to my waiting projects, reading and annotating manuscripts to keep myself so busy that I’d forget the morning’s incident. Doesn’t mean I like the paparazzi any better at this moment, but you, husband, you made me feel immensely better. By the time we had the editors’ meeting, I was feeling somewhat like myself. But it was your message, the declaration of your love that lifted me up. I only read it a few minutes ago, because I made sure I was busy throughout the morning. Now I wish I had seen it earlier. Seeing your tender words made me miss you. Really miss you... Thank you for loving me so much. Thank you for making me, making us feel safe.

On another positive note which I know will make you happy, I feel ravenously hungry. Sawyer had gotten me a turkey sandwich, Greek salad then a croissant with cream cheese and hot Twinning’s tea. I’m ashamed to say that I ate them all about an hour ago and just got hungry again. I’m also happy to report that I feel no morning sickness so far (of course, I’ll be crossing my fingers after I hit send).

I want to tell you that I too love you passionately, desperately, sometimes with such a shocking intensity that the aching craving I feel for you is completely indecent, vulgar, licentious, obscenely lustful and unbelievably voracious and it only got worse after you knocked me up… I mean since becoming pregnant. I desired all those things before getting pregnant but this craving is getting unbelievable! Here I am, a 22 years old woman with a job as an editor at a respectable publishing company and I’m unable to concentrate on a simple task like reading a lovely manuscript. But, instead I find myself just thinking about my husband’s hands on my body and his cock inside me! I should still be upset from this morning and yet I’m lusting after my husband to distraction…  

I find the magnitude of my love and desire amplified many folds. I don’t think it’s just the pregnancy hormones kicking in. It’s you! You are my addiction. Pregnancy just made me a little bolder. I never thought love such as this would be possible. It used to scare me and in some ways it still does. But our love also became my lifeline. I’m endlessly happy that you, Christian Grey are my husband, all mine to have and to hold, to love, and to have you fuck me on the wooden crosses, and to spank me until you make me come screaming your name, and to be kissed by you everywhere while my hands are cuffed, and to play with you in the Red Room of Pain (pleeeease?) and to make love most evening and to cherish forever and ever. You are my soul. You’re everything to me. I love you!


PS: Note that I’m emailing from my Blackberry and not the SIP e-mail. See I can be amenable occasionally. :) 
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!!! Not only did I get a huge erection unexpectedly, lustfully at a very inopportune time, in the middle the God damned meeting, and with a roomful of businessmen who traveled from Paris to work out a brand new business deal, but I, Christian Grey just choked on my bottled water drawing everyone’s attention to me. Curious and some concerned gazes are all trained on me.

“Monsieur Decoux, you are not only a shrewd businessman but also very entertaining with your witty comments. It must be a trait of the charming French men of nobility. However,” Ros says patting my back lightly with her hand twice, “Mr. Grey is very susceptible to French humor having lived in Paris in the past. Just don’t drown my boss with your wittiness. We still need him here,” she says smoothly with a delightful smile, drawing a hearty laughter around the table.  Then remembering I dislike touch she asks, “Are you okay there Mr. Grey?”

“Yes,” I say coughing again, smiling for their benefit. The meeting is nearly over, but I find myself in a state of arousal, and a huge hard on in the middle of my fucking business meeting rather awkwardly, incommodiously, and plainly. This has not happened to me, ever. Not like this! I’m always in control of my body.

Just as Alain Decoux and his senior management officers ready themselves to wrap up the meeting and leave, I turn to them and to give my cock sometime to be tamed and distract my mind, I quickly think a random question to ask. Somehow, Anastasia’s e-mail found the emergency bypass of my brain and seized the control of my fucking cock!

“Monsieur Decoux, now that we nearly wrapped up our meeting, I wanted to ask you your opinion on a French production. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the movie Intouchables. It’s supposed to be coming out tomorrow here in the U.S. I’ve read the book, of course. Since you have aristocracy in your lineage, I wondered if you read the book and whether you’d seen the previews of the movie.”


He’s a little confused, but answers my segue.

“I don’t believe I have, Monsieur Grey. Is there a particular reason for your interest in the movie? Forgive me; I don’t know the full context of the book or the movie. I’ve heard of it, but haven’t had the chance to read the book.”

“Well, I was intending to take my wife to see it during the International Film Festival. I wanted to get someone’s opinion firsthand. Most times movies can’t do justice to the books.”

Decoux’s right hand woman clears her throat.

“If I may interject, Monsieur Grey. I’ve read the book and I’ve seen the movie during a special screening only last week,” says Julianne Durant with a barely concealed admiration. She’s a well groomed, well-spoken, well-educated aristocratic woman who is in her early 30s. Tall, slender, blonde, holding her own, but still has a long way to fill the Manolo Blahnik heels she’s wearing and to be Ros’ caliber.

“And your thoughts on it?” I ask feigning interest.

“I completely recommend it.”

“Why?” I ask as Ros looks at me with such curiosity as if she’s trying to solve a difficult puzzle.  

“It’s beyond a stuffy disabled French royalty meeting an African immigrant, a potential cheeky caregiver who was trying to cheat the system by being rejected for the open position so he can collect his welfare check. They are two people who couldn’t be any different in social or racial backgrounds, yet, they’re what they need for each other. One’s blood is as blue as it gets, and the other as common as it’s humanly possible. Yet, how you say it in America? It’s what the doctor recommended.”

“I didn’t know you had a literary side Julianne,” says Decoux with peaked interest.

“My blood is as blue as yours Monsieur Decoux. Graduating from Sorbonne and later Cambridge made me appreciate great literature, but, there are other reasons why I particularly enjoyed this book as well as the movie at the private screening,” she says articulately. “The main character is quite wealthy. He owns all the luxuries of life, stuffy like the old school blue bloods, but also is in possession of fast cars, private jets, yachts, even a chateau, but, alas, he’s unable to enjoy the refinements of life because he’s paralyzed. The underprivileged character finally makes the wealthy Philippe realize what he has and shows him how to relish his possessions and enjoy life once again. Anything that will make people appreciate finer things in life, luxuries we are offering Europe and Asia at large is a welcome sight for me and good for business,” she says smiling as if to show me she can be a shrewd businesswoman.

I see Taylor on my peripheral vision discreetly looking at his Blackberry reading a text and frowning. Why is he frowning? Did Welch contact him? Or is it about Anastasia? If she had called me, Andrea knows she needs to bring my phone to me. She emailed me only half an hour ago. Did she get sick? Oh shit! She’s probably sick again. My gaze turns serious and I look at Taylor questioning eyes.

He approaches the desk and leans down and whispers in a seemingly discreet voice but he knows to be only loud enough for others to hear.

“Excuse me, sir. Apologies for interrupting your meeting. We have a minor emergency that requires your attention at your earliest convenience,” he says in a taciturn face.

I look at him questioningly; intensity of my inquiring gaze scans his face for any sign of an emergency. When we lock eyes, I know immediately that this is somehow about Anastasia. The moment I confirm that there’s something going on about my wife, I feel anxiety and concern rise inside me. But on the outside, I don the predator look. With ice cold shards covering my gaze, I stand up with the ease and agility of the animal grace. Turning to the group of French businessmen, I pass my apologies, ready to make my exit.

“Ladies, gentlemen,” I say buttoning my jacket, “it appears that a CEO’s job is never done. My colleagues Ms. Bailey and Mr. Warren will help you finalize the document while I tend an urgent matter that is requiring my attention presently. Monsieur Decoux, it’s a pleasure to do business with you. We will reschedule a final meeting after we review the documents you’ve presented. And merci beaucoup Mademoiselle Durant for the movie recommendation,” and I nod to the rest of them as the businessmen stand up in response to my hasty goodbye. I quickly accept Decoux’s proffered hand, and ordering Ros to take over with my gaze, I leave the meeting room.

As soon as Taylor closes the door behind us, I turn to him and ask, “What the hell is wrong?”

“That was Sawyer texting. It appears he called your cell phone, but the new intern said you were in the meeting, and did not put you through.” What the hell?

“I’ll deal with her later! Why was he texting?”

“Mr. Jose Rodriguez showed up at SIP and apparently Mrs. Grey knew of his arrival. She went to lunch with him. Sawyer’s text said that he was apologizing the entire time and at first Mrs. Grey was reluctant to go to lunch but he insisted so he could ask for her forgiveness.”

“Where the fuck was the bastard? I thought he was in Portland!”

“No, apparently when you called him today, he was in Seattle. He felt bad about what happened to Mrs. Grey and came to her work groveling and apologizing,” he repeats.

“Shit!” I alerted the bastard of my wife’s distress and drove him all the way to my wife! Did I forget to tell him my wife is off limits to him?

“Yes, sir. But they’re not far. Sawyer drove them to a small Mexican restaurant off the beaten path.”

I walk towards my office and stop in front of the reception area. Both Andrea and Janelyn jump up to their feet. I extend my hand for my phone. Ignoring Janelyn completely I turn to Andrea.

“Why wasn’t I informed of Sawyer’s call?” I ask.

Andrea’s face looks surprised, and then her mouth drops open understanding what Janelyn had or rather hadn't done. She closes mouth and opens again.

“I’m so sorry Mr. Grey. I wasn’t aware that Sawyer called. I would have immediately brought the phone to you.”

“I’m sorry Mr. Grey,” Janelyn replies chagrined. “I was under the impression that only Mrs. Grey’s phone calls were to be put through, and I took messages for the other calls. Did I do something wrong, sir?”

“Yes! You did! Sawyer is my wife’s bodyguard and you know it! You did not let him speak to me!”

“I apologize, Mr. Grey. I… I was trying to go by the book and… I’m sorry,” she says finally when she sees my growing rage.

“Don’t. Ever. Interrupt. Me! I will deal with tomorrow,” I say in a low voice. Too low to be mistaken with anything but malice. Janelyn turns puce and is ready to cry.

“Let’s go!” I order Taylor. As we enter into the elevator, I check my Blackberry. There are two text messages from Anastasia.

*Christian, Jose is here to apologize. He wants to go lunch with me to make amends. I will go and hear him out. I want to give him a chance instead of making assumptions about what he did. After this morning, I realized that I don’t want others to make assumptions about me. I should be kind and reciprocate in the same way.*

The next message came 10 minutes after the first.

*Either you’re busy or you’re okay with me going to lunch with Jose. We will be at Tia Rosa’s. Sawyer is driving us. I’ll call you when I get back to SIP*

What the hell is my wife thinking? Jose! Going out with Jose! And what the hell is Jose doing? Didn’t I berate him just this morning about paparazzi hounding my wife? What does he do? He goes and finds my wife to get himself forgiven knowing full well that a simple picture no matter how innocent can be misconstrued. I’m writhing in anger. When the Ground Level dings open I take the lead with rapid steps and Taylor walks briskly to catch up with me.

“Mr. Grey?” he asks.

“What!” I snap.

“Sawyer is on the phone, sir.”

“Where the hell are you?” I hiss.

“At a small Mexican restaurant called Tia Rosa, just off the main street. Mrs. Grey is safe, the restaurant isn’t busy.”

“What’s she doing?” I ask as Taylor opens the door of the SUV. He closes the door after I enter.

“She ordered seafood tacos and chimichanga. She’s sitting with her arms crossed, leaning back in her seat, listening to Mr. Rodriguez speak to her,” he responds.

Sitting back her arms crossed is good. That means she’s closed to him whatever he’s trying to say, or however he’s trying to impress her.

“Why didn’t you insist on talking to me?”

“Mr. Grey, I only had a few minutes because I first was going to prevent Mr. Rodriguez from seeing Mrs. Grey after the hospital incident per the briefing we had. But then Mrs. Grey came out and said she was expecting Mr. Rodriguez, and I should bring him in when he comes to SIP. He was already waiting at the reception area by then. Based on his behavior last time, I was unsure how he was going to behave and wanted to prevent him causing another scene. But, Mrs. Grey said all was well, and she would inform you of his visit. I wanted to follow protocol and inform you regardless. When the new intern said you were in an important meeting, I didn’t want to disturb you. However, Taylor had insisted that he is to be informed about every unscheduled trip, or unexpected visitor, so I texted him. I couldn’t talk because I had to go in to Mrs. Grey’s office with Mr. Rodriguez, and when he went back to the reception to wait for Mrs. Grey while she gathered her things, I barely had the time I did to quickly make a call to you and when I couldn’t reach you, Mrs. Grey was already out and ready to be driven. So, I immediately texted Taylor.”

“Were there any paparazzi when you left?”

“No, sir. The police took care of them all this morning and Welch’s men have been patrolling the radius of the SIP to stop any paparazzi that the cops may have missed. One of Welch’s men already followed us to the restaurant. He’s scanning the area just in case.”

“We’ll be there in a few minutes.”

“Yes, sir. Mrs. Grey is sitting at a booth close to the back patio. Follow the main corridor of the dining area and take a right, please.”

“What’s Mr. Rodriguez’s demeanor like? Angry, anxious, confrontational, mean, loud?” I ask.

“Pleading. He seems to be begging. He’s talking in a low voice but speaking rapidly. And he looks like he could cry if Mrs. Grey said once terse word. Just wiped his right eye with the back of his hand,” Sawyer says as if he’s giving a play by play report.

He’s playing on Ana’s soft and forgiving side. He should have thought about this before he started his shouting match at the hospital over my wife’s pregnancy. Unplanned, I admit it, but that is none of his damned business. My wife doesn’t have to explain jack shit to this asshole!

“We’re right around the corner. We’ll see you soon,” I say and hang up. Taylor makes a quick right to the restaurant parking lot. If any paparazzi are here, it’d be like we’re all meeting for lunch. I enter the restaurant and Taylor follows me. The host looks up and she swallows.

“How many people sir?” she asks.

“I’m meeting my party here. Just one.” She looks at Taylor confused, but doesn’t say anything. She then shuffles and drops the menus, muttering an apology under her breath. Then, picking up a menu, she steals a quick glance in my direction then leads the way. I locate my wife, and in the same instance she feels my presence. Pinning her with my gaze, I walk towards their booth. She’s still sitting back but her arms are no longer crossed, and Jose is leaning forward, his elbows on the table, his hands are reaching towards Ana’s direction in an unconsciously pleading gesture. His gaze follows Ana’s eyes, and when he locates me he stiffens. My eyes focus on his arms reaching towards my wife. Tilting my head to the side, I raise my eyebrows with a reticent face. My gaze is cold, shards of ice. In slow but assured steps, with a presence declaring my dominance, I reach the booth they’re occupying.

“Hello,” I say in a low questioning voice.

“Christian!” Ana replies in a breathy voice. Her eyes scan me with a little awe, a little intimidation and barely disguised ravenous hunger. There is also a tinge of irritation. She narrows her eyes, questioning me what I’m doing here. Jose immediately leans back and pulls his arms away from the direction of my wife. He first looks like a berated teenager. I nail him to his seat. Then turning back to my errant wife, “Mrs. Grey,” I say both emphasizing and declaring my possession of her.

“What are you doing here?” Anastasia asks, her voice breathy.

“I heard that their fish tacos were great. You know me and good food. Of course, good food in the company of my wife, coupled with her earlier e-mail telling me how hungry she was,” I say with a seductive voice, “I wanted to make sure I’d satisfy all her hungers.”

The hostess turns red, flustered, Jose looks like he swallowed a nasty bug, and Anastasia first blinks, then her mouth opens. She wants to say something, but too shocked to say it. She closes her mouth then opens it again. She is both appalled, turned on and blushing all at the same time. I turn back to the hostess with a dazzling smile.

“I don’t need the menu. Fish tacos and bottled water please. Thank you,” I say and unable to say a word back to me, the hostess nods, and hastily retreats muttering, “holly shit! ¡Muy caliente! Hot! Hot! Hot!”

“Jose,” I nod with a cold gaze.

I slide into the booth with grace next to my wife.

“Hi baby,” I whisper locking my gaze with hers. She instinctively moves closer to me even though I can feel her agitation with me. I lean in, asking for her permission to kiss with my eyes. She reaches up, and I capture her lips with mine, kissing her possessively like there’s no tomorrow. She blushes crimson, left breathless when I’m through with her. She’s unable to look at her friend in the eye.

“Hi. I gather you got my text,” she murmurs.

“Of course. I would have come sooner, but I was otherwise engaged.”

“Engaged?” she asks narrowing her eyes. Is that jealousy? I like her jealous of me. My wife declaring her possession of me in front of other men is simply hot and a huge turn on.

“Yes. French businessmen and woman. I had a meeting.”

“French businesswomen?”

“Businesswoman. Singular. The rest were businessmen. Of course after receiving your e-mail, I was too… distracted… to focus on the task at hand.”

“We were just having some Mexican food and clearing the air about… you know.”

“So, I gathered,” I say with an impassive face again.

“I didn’t know you were in town Jose,” I accuse him.

“I am for another day. I have to go back to school though,” he adds hastily. “Since I was in town already, I wanted to talk to Ana and apologize to her once again. Nothing is worth destroying my friendship with her. I just wanted her to know that I’m always her friend no matter what, and she can always count on me. Although I had not been a good friend as I should have been, maybe she’ll give me a chance to make amends,” he says with double meaning. He’s basically telling me that he’d be waiting in the wings should I screw up with her, my child and all.

“Isn’t that very considerate of you? Ana does need good, loyal, selfless friends who are interested in nothing but her well-being. I wouldn’t want anything upsetting my wife especially in her condition as an expectant mother,” I mutter in a flat tone to Jose with unblinking eyes.

“How do you feel today, baby?” I turn and ask Anastasia in an overly solicitous voice.

“Good. No morning sickness so far,” she says crossing her fingers on both hands. “Just very hungry,” she adds. I look at her barely touched plate.

“You have not eaten much. Is there a reason why your appetite is suppressed?” I ask.

“Nooo,” she says putting her napkin on the table hastily. I feel the rising tension on the table.

“How’s your father Jose?” I ask changing topics. “Has he gotten better since the accident?”

He takes a big gulp of breath as if he just came on the surface from the depths of the ocean.

“Yes, he’s much better. Still has physical therapy, but he can do some of the fun activities he used to enjoy. My dad, Ray and I were watching the Mariners play at Safeco Field just recently.”

“Ray was well enough to go to the stadium?” I ask. I don’t know why it irritates me Jose spends time with Ana’s step-father.

“They do have access for disabled, but yes, he was well enough,” Jose replies finally taking a bite of his untouched enchilada.

A different waitress brings my fish tacos, and bottled water.

“Thank you,” I say with a smile, and she whimpers batting her eyelashes.

“You’re welcome, sir,” she replies in a breathy voice. Anastasia narrows her eyes on the waitress who scuttles away as she meets Anastasia’s forbidding gaze after the waitress’ submissive response.

“Why don’t you get us the check?” Anastasia asks the waitress.

“You haven’t eaten yet and neither have I,” I accuse.

“I will by the time she brings it. I’ll take the rest with me to work.”

“You’re still going back to work?” I ask incredulous.

“Yes, I’m only out for lunch. I have a mountain of work to get through.”

Jose eyes us curiously.

“Can I persuade you to come home with me?” I ask.

Anastasia’s eyes dart to Jose as she blushes to her hairline.

“I still have four more hours to go, Christian. And since I feel well today, I think I ought to get through some of it,” she murmurs.

The waitress comes back with the check, and I take a $100 bill and tuck it into the check before she places it on the table.

“Keep the change,” I mutter with a smile.

“I was going to get it, Christian,” Jose says petulantly.

“It’s alright. Your money’s no good here,” I respond. I’m not going to let another man pay for my wife’s meal. Then turning back to Anastasia, I ask, “would you like to come to GEH with me then?”

Anastasia sighs. “Christian, I have too much work to do. Too many manuscripts to read and annotate, summarize and gist.”

“We can stop by and get your work, and you can take it with you. Come with me,” I whisper in a low voice with nothing but a devilish seduction. She immediately knows my intent.

“Can I talk to you privately?” she asks in a whisper.

“Yes, of course,” I say, and stand up. Extending my hand, I help Anastasia up.

“We’ll be back in a minute, Jose,” she briefly smiles, and he frowns, tossing his napkin onto the table. His nostrils flare, but there’s not a damn thing he can do about it.

Anastasia walks back towards the patio. There are no patrons sitting there, and the lunch crowd is only sitting inside.

As soon as the door springs back and closes, Anastasia turns to me. Taylor is guarding the door on the other side.

“Why are you doing this Christian?” she asks frowning.

“You know why,” I say in a low voice.

“No, I don’t! Enlighten me, please. Is it because the paparazzi were accusing me of disloyalty to you? If it is…”

“Stop talking!” I growl, leaning down to her lips. We’re only a whisper away from each other. I can feel Anastasia’s heartbeats.

“I don’t give a shit about what anyone says let alone some sleazy paparazzi. I never have. What I care about, is you. The person I wish to protect is you, and the person you’re carrying inside your womb. You and this little one,” I say splaying my right hand on her belly and my left hand caresses the small of her back, “are mine. Both of you. I will do everything in my power to protect you both. Watch over you… I was worried today when I heard that Jose came to you. Because he came right after I called him today,” I say.

“What? You called him? Why did you call him?”

“I called him because you were ambushed this morning by the paparazzi and only few people knew of your pregnancy, and only one of those people had a fit after hearing that you were with child,” I murmur.

“I wanted to make sure that he wasn’t out to hurt you.”

“He’s my friend, he wouldn’t do that!” she retorts.

“Be that as it may Ana… He has a track record that says otherwise. I’m not about to let that list grow at your expense.”

“What track record?”

“Where shall I begin? Pushing his suit on to you, not to mention his tongue when I came to rescue you from your drunken stupor. Taking your candid pictures without your permission and then putting them on an art exhibit for other people to purchase. Making accusatory remarks that you were marrying me for my money…” she narrows her eyes with my last remark.

“How did you know that?”

“I heard him talk to you. Even if it was laced with a joke, that’s what he was thinking. My final straw was when he embarrassed you in front of your doctor and the hospital staff, accusing you of getting knocked up! I have had all I can take of Jose.”

“He wanted to apologize, and make amends.”

“That’s fine; he has done that. But the friendship requires two way respect. He has not respected your decisions, or choices, because they’re not to his favor. That’s not the behavior of someone who cares for his friend.”

“Christian…” she exhales long. “Are you doing this because you’re jealous?”

“It’s partly that,” I confess. “But that is not the primary reason.”

“What is the reason Christian?” she asks. “Can’t I just have lunch with an old friend?”

“Baby, if Jose was just an old friend who wished to have lunch with you, I’d not have a hard time. Well," I amend, "My old self would. What Jose is doing, or attempting to do is to fight for your affection.”

“What? That’s ridiculous! He knows I’m a married woman!” she retorts.

“Oh, yes, he knows that very well, but baby, he’s still fighting for you, for your regard.”

“Nooo…” she says incredulous.

“I know you don’t see yourself as other men see you. But, Ana,” I whisper into her lips, “any man would fight for you. You’re beautiful, sweet, intelligent, sassy, smart mouth; you're simply a delectable specimen of a woman. I intend to keep fighting for your regard and attention. You’re my wife, and I am but a mortal man who is deeply, madly, irrevocably in love with his wife.”

Truly, Deeply, Madly - Savage Garden

“Oh, Christian,” she breathes as I slowly walk her back to the wall and trap her between in the confinement of my body and the wall as my arms keep her in my captivity.

“Come home with me…” I whisper. “I have been hard since I’ve read your e-mail… quite publicly and unexpectedly I might add. You alone have the power to make me lose control.”

“I’ve not been myself all day, but I think you were right this morning. I need to gain control at work and learn to handle criticism, or at least not care about it so I can be myself the rest of the time. But, I am tempted to go home knowing I should get back to work. You’re not making it easy, Christian,” she whispers.

“Baby, you constantly tempt me, and since receiving your e-mail today I have been a cocked gun, aroused, and hungry for your touch.”

As the last word leaves my lips, Anastasia places her hands against my chest and presses me backward. Her hands travel under my jacket encircling my waist, reaching up my back. My eyes darken; my breath hisses through my teeth. My cock throbbing and aching to be inside her, inside the wet warmth of her luscious lips.

“Compromise… Let me finish my work day today. I promise you can fulfill all that I asked in my e-mail.”

“Topping from the bottom again, Mrs. Grey?” I murmur pressing against her.

“Like you would surrender the control over to me, Mr. Grey,” she whispers carnally.

“You have no idea what I’d let you do, baby. I’d do just about anything for you. And right now I have this overwhelming need to fuck you. Make love to you till you scream my name, and get you so sated that you won’t remember the name of anything male for some time!”

Anastasia’s lips part and she swallows hard. There is immense desire in her gaze mingled with other emotions: love, lust, tenderness and primitive satisfaction of a woman who knows she got her man by the balls.

“Counter offer… You work two hours and I pick you up at 3:00 p.m.” I murmur nipping and sucking her lower lip.

She groans.

“Four o’clock.”

“3:30,” I whisper pressing into her.

“Deal!” she responds her blood heated.

“Now, let’s say goodbye to your friend, and I’ll take you back to SIP before I decide to take you in the nearest private space,” I say holding my wife’s hand and tugging her behind me.

Jose is unable to make eye-contact with Ana as she thanks him for making amends with her and says her goodbye. When he manages to look up at her he whispers:

“You really are happy, Ana?”

“Yes, Jose. I’m insanely happy with my husband,” she says squeezing my hand as her other hand absently and protectively travels to her belly.

“Then I’m happy for you. But,” he says lowering his voice, “whenever you’re not, I’m there for you. I’m your friend,” he says leaving his unsaid words of how he wishes he was more.

“Thank you. You are my friend, the brother I never had. I wish to see you happy with someone who cares for you and loves you the way you deserve to be loved,” Anastasia says to him. Then lowers her voice, “but, I’m not that person. I am a married woman in love with her husband. Madly in love…” then she takes a step away from me and holding Jose on his elbow she walks a few steps away from me. “I wish that for you, for your life. Not someone who can’t love you the way you love her. There will never be someone else for me. Ever. There’s only Christian. There will only be Christian. I can’t love anyone else like I love him. He’s my husband, he’s my life, and he’s my entire universe.”

“He’s controlling,” Jose whispers under his breath.

“He’s mine, and I’m his. I don’t want him any other way. I love him with all his flaws, with all his fuckedupness, with his controlling demeanor. I love him not because who he is, but for what I am when I’m with him. I am whole, complete, happy and I am my best version because of him.  We complete each other. Please understand that. If you want a friend, I’m your friend, I’m your sister. That will never change and I hope that’s enough. If you want something more, know that I can never be that for you or for anyone else. It will always be Christian for me.”

“I know, but…” he starts in a low murmur.

“Before you say anything further, Jose, I want you think hard about what you wish to say to me, please. I wish to keep you as my friend, but anytime you think of me as something more, I will cease my contact with you despite the fact I love you and value our friendship, Jose. And don’t ever question my husband’s love or regard for me. It’s not your place to do so. He’s my man and mine alone!” she says, her voice a fervent whisper. “The minute you stop respecting my relationship with my husband, I will not stop him from whatever measures he wants to take, in order to know that you’re not infringing into his territory. As much as Christian Grey is mine, I’m also his. I’m his pregnant wife and not an available single girl. Show us the respect for our relationship so that we can reciprocate you in kind. Do you understand my reticence? You say that you value my friendship but your behavior says otherwise. You’re forcing my hand into cutting my friendship with you, however reluctantly, but it’s your own doing…” Jose opens his mouth to say something but Anastasia holds her finger.

“This is your chance to tell me once that the friendship I offer you is enough, or you will silence it for good.”

“Your friendship is enough, Ana. It has to be.”

I have been proud of my wife before, but at this moment, Anastasia taking charge of her friend and setting him straight and putting my mind at ease makes me fall in love with her all over again. She’d make a damn good dom. Then again, I know she’s a switch. Fuck! I can’t wait till this evening!

*****      *****

“Mr. Grey, can I have a few minutes with you?” Ros asks after I get back to GEH.

“I have 15 minutes till my next appointment. My office…” I say and open the door for her.

She takes a seat in one of the chairs in front of my desk. I round the corner of my desk and sit. Crossing my left leg over my right knee, I ask, “What’s in your mind?”

“First things first… Miss Julianne Durant left this note for you,” she says with distaste as she extends a sealed envelope. “I’m quite sure it’s not business related because she would have given it to me to open. Although I made sure that she knew you are happily married to a spectacularly beautiful woman. I also want to congratulate you and Mrs. Grey for the pregnancy news,” she says. I arch my eyebrows immediately and my eyes narrow, pinning her in her seat quizzically.

“Hold your britches boss! I’m not trying to nose into your private life. We have to keep up with you through the gossip blogs and magazines so we can effectively defend your name, sir, and of course against unwanted advances of others,” she says meaning Mademoiselle Durant.

“But, I suspect you’re not here to babysit my personal affairs.”

“Good heavens, no, boss! The French deal can be a lucrative one. I like Decoux. I think Durant can also be a sensible businesswoman though she’ll still full of her hierarchical, class shit. I was wondering…” she says clearing her throat, “can I have the honors of straightening her up, or do you wish to do it? I like the business end of it, but I don’t like the Europeans rubbing our noses in their blue bloods and their aristocratic lineage. It’s boiling the hell out of my red American blood. The only class distinction I care about is the one based on merit. She hasn’t shown me that yet. Decoux has it, and has good business sense. But Durant rubbed me the wrong way and since we are going to be in business with them in the long term, I prefer to be on equal footing.”

“I don’t. I am above them. Equality is overrated. You can of course establish your equality, but I don’t wish to entertain anyone’s notion that I’m her equal, or his equal. I’m his better. They came to my company for business, and this is our turf. Act like it. Titles mean nothing to me. I look at the merit based accomplishments. That’s the only worthy criteria in business.”

“Yes, sir,” she replies. “Well, then, I better get back to my work. I have used up my 15 minutes. Thank you, Christian,” she says with a wide smile on her face as she walks away, clicking her high heels on the marble floors.

I open the envelope.

“Four Seasons Seattle – Room 407. We can talk more about movies and Paris if you so desire.”

I tear the note up in pieces, and toss it in the trash.

I take my Blackberry out and dial.

“Yes boss?”

“I expect your best performance in your particular lesson of class distinction. But, don’t establish equality. Only superiority.”

“And do you have a response to her, uhm, message?” she says with no compunction.

“I’m irrevocably taken. We only do business at GEH. Anything less than utmost professionalism becomes the grounds for refusal of their business proposal.” 

“I’d be absolutely delighted to pass the message,” Ros says and I can hear her grin on my Blackberry.

*****      *****

“How are you Mrs. Grey?” I ask as Anastasia slides into the back of the SUV. A shy smile creeps up her lips.

“I’m fine, Mr. Grey. Did you have a pleasant day?” she asks.

“After having lunch with my wife, and getting certain promises from her, I think my day will only get better, Anastasia,” I murmur with a lascivious grin. I take her hand into mine then pull her into my arms.

“I have missed you Mrs. Grey,” I whisper into her ear.

“In the last three hours? You have got it bad for me Mr. Grey. But then again, it’s only fair.”


“Because I got it worse.”

“How’s junior?”

“Just fine,” she says with wonder in her eyes.


“Nothing,” she says shaking her head.

“Ana, it’s never 'nothing' with you. What?”

“Can’t a girl be in awe of her beautiful, sensitive, sensual, hot husband? That’s all…” she responds.

“Is that all, Mrs. Grey?”

“There’s more, but why spill it all at the same time.”

“Buckle up Mrs. Grey,” I mock reprimand her. I want both of you to be safe.”

“Yes, sir,” she responds making my cock twitch.

*****      *****

Taylor drops us off in front of the elevators. Sawyer is driving the other SUV from SIP.

“Are you hungry?” I ask in the elevator, the heat of my gaze captivating her.

“Not for food.”

“Good, me neither.”

“Are you sure you want to go to the Playroom?” I ask.

“Are you going back on your word?” she asks anxiously.

“No. But, I want to make sure that this is what you want, not what you think I want.”

“Mr. Grey, I was under the impression that the Playroom was also mine. You said so yourself. ‘If you say yes, Anastasia, this whole Playroom can be yours.’ “ She says in a good imitation of my voice.

“What I’d love to do to your smart mouth,” I grin with wanton desire.

“I know what I want.”

“And what is that?”

“I want you to teach me how to gain control of my body so I don’t unexpectedly turn the control of my emotions over to others like this morning. I want you to take over that control for the next several hours so I cleanse my mental palette. I want you to pleasure me, and ask me to pleasure you. Make me, make us lose ourselves in each other…” she says and making my eyes darken, libido shoot through the roof, and my cock strain in my pants, aching to be buried inside my wife. I push my wife to the elevator wall and seal my lips over hers.

When the elevator doors ding open, I lace my fingers with hers and pull her out of the elevator.

Ignoring the household staff, I take my wife’s briefcase and drop it on the table in the foyer. Then pull her into our bedroom. Closing the door behind me with my foot, I turn to Anastasia.

“How do you feel?”

“Horny,” she responds drawing a half smile from me.

“Physically.” I amend.

“Quite well, Mr. Grey. All I want to do is to…”

“I know what you want, and we cater to all desires and flavors, Mrs. Grey. I just want to make sure that my wife can take what I have to offer her. So, let me ask you again. How do you feel?”

“I feel fine, Christian!” she says rolling her eyes.

“Don’t roll your eyes, Mrs. Grey! I want you to go to the Playroom, take off everything but those delectable Louboutins and your panties. I have been dreaming those heels around my shoulders, my waist or my ass all day.” Her mouth drops open.

“Run along now, and sit as I have shown you by the door,” I say as I swat her behind hard. She yelps.



“Yes, sir!” she responds as she hurries to the Playroom.

I quickly divest myself of my suit, tie, shirt, boxers, shoes and socks. I bring out my washed out, ripped jeans and put them on. Leaving the top button open, I make my way to the kitchen. Filling a glass with ice, I take a bottle of chilled Sancerre and make my way to the Playroom. When I enter, I find Anastasia sitting by the door, naked except for her panties and her high heels. Her head is down, and her hands are splayed on her knees. Wordlessly I make my way to the chest. Put the glass of ice and the bottle of Sancerre. I carefully choose the toys I want to utilize for this scene. Then I slowly make my way to the stereo.

When the music starts playing, Anastasia’s head snaps up and her gaze meets mine when Michael Buble and Laura Pausini start singing “You'll never find another love like mine,” a reminiscence of our honeymoon reminding her that no one can love her as much as I can.

Michael Buble and Laura Pausini - You'll Never Find

I lift her up off the floor, and wrapping her hair around my wrist, I kiss her hard, sucking on her lower lip, then thrusting my tongue into her mouth stroking her warm velvety mouth. When I pull back we’re both breathless.

“Turn around,” I order.

“Yes, sir,” she responds breathless.

I braid her hair as she silently extends the tie to secure the end of the braid.

“Anastasia, we are here because you decided to secede the control of your body and mind to me this afternoon. But, you’re my wife. So, anytime it’s too much, I just want you to say, ‘stop’ and I will. No safe words, okay?”

“Yes, sir,” she responds in a breathy voice.

“Good girl. I will teach you how to gain control of your body and eventually your mind.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“What do you want Anastasia?”

“You decide, sir. I…” she says hesitantly. “I want to give the control over to you this evening.”

“Are you sure? Tell me to stop when it gets too intense, and I will.”

“Yes, sir,” she responds in a breathy anticipation.

I bring out the leather cuffs which are soft but good restraining devices. Seeing the spreader bar, her eyes widen with excitement and anticipation.

“Come,” I say and take her by the hand. “Lean face down this table.” She obeys immediately.

I spread her legs only a foot apart with my feet. I rub her beautiful buttocks and then spank her hard once. She moans in response.

“Hush now. First part of control is to expect the unexpected.”

I slide her lacy panties down, slowly. My hands grazing over her toned thighs and legs, skating over her soft, flawless skin. They pool around her ankles. Lifting her feet one at a time, I divest her panties and toss them onto the leather chair. Pouring some massage oil into my palm, I carefully spread it between both hands. Grasping Anastasia’s ankles, I slowly glide up to her knees. I knead her legs sensually behind her knees. She gives out a barely restrained moan.

“Control, baby. I need you to control your urges. Delayed gratification not only teaches you,” I say as my fingers rise up on the column of her legs reaching the apex of her thighs, I dip a finger into her glistening, pink sex, “but also,” I add, “provides the maximum intensity,” I say as I spread her legs wide with my legs forcing them to stay apart as I dip a second and a third finger into her folds, gently circling, drawing out her pleasure, coating my fingers in her cream, “as well as maximum pleasure.”

I withdraw my fingers out of her, and put my head over her sex inhaling her scent deep. I pull her buttocks up and place my left hand right over her pubic bone presenting her sex from behind to my tongue ready to indulge in her sweet taste. I press her clitoris with the pad of my thumb while my tongue invades and conquers her sex, dipping and withdrawing several times. Each time she builds up ready to orgasm, I pull my tongue back and keep her pleasure at bay.

“Control, baby…”

“Please, Christian,” she begs.

“All in good time. Anticipate, wait, hold, and enjoy the buildup,” I murmur between each lick that pleasures her. Just as she reaches her peak, I pull her up in standing position.

“Now, stand with your back to my front,” I order. She obeys immediately. I blindfold her slowly caressing her cheeks, necks, earlobes as I kiss, nip and suck my way down to her throat.

“I want you to put your hands around my neck,” I whisper. She obeys.

Her breasts more curvaceous than ever with her pregnancy lift into my palms nicely. I run my newly oiled hands down her throat, over her breasts, between the mounds of her breast, to her belly, and over to her pubic bone and slowly make my way up again. She groans, and writhes beneath my touch.

“Control requires, absorbing the sensation, and finding that place in your mind where the intensity of the act will reach you only when you allow it,” I whisper. The soulful sound of a woman shouts wordless tunes singing “the Great Gig in the Sky”.

Great Gig in the Sky - Pink Floyd

“Feel my hands, but find that place in your mind, lock yourself in, and make me work to get to you. My reward is working hard to reach your pleasure points, not just here,” I murmur tugging both her nipples, rolling them between my thumbs and forefingers, eliciting another pleasured groan, and arching of her back into my palms.

“Or here,” I whisper lasciviously sucking her neck while my fingers work their magic inside her sex.

“I want to be in here,” I whisper kissing her tilted temple, “and here,” I slide my hand up between her breasts.

“I want you to surrender to me in such a way that you won’t be able to come without me telling you so. You need to submit that the control of your pleasure over to me.”

“Yes… aahhh…” she moans, “sir,” she adds.

My cock is straining against my soft jeans, ready to pleasure her. But this is to both of our benefit. My wife wants to learn to control herself as well as to surrender control this instance. I want to achieve just that.

I slowly walk her to the wooden cross with her arms around my neck and my cock straining against her buttocks.

“I will cuff your arms on the cross now Anastasia, but I will restrain your legs with the spreader bar,” I inform her. “But after that, I will give you no warning. Everything will be unexpected. You will need to hold your pleasure until I tell you to come, and not without me. Do you understand?” I ask. She nods.

“I need a verbal confirmation Anastasia,” I order.

“Yes, sir,” she responds in a breathy voice.

“And if it’s too intense?” I ask.

“I’ll tell you to stop, sir,” she responds.

“Good girl.”

I bring the glass with ice, and take one between my fingers. I slowly run it over one nipple which immediately perks up, drawing a stifled moan from Anastasia. I run the ice around her areola, and then accept her nipple into the warmth of my mouth creating a contrasting sensation. I suck her nipple deep and hard while I run the ice in the same direction as my tongue fellating the other nipple causing it perk up and strain for the attention of my mouth.  Anastasia pulls herself against the restrains, but she’s unable to move an inch. Slowly, I move onto the other nipple and give the same attention I have paid to her right nipple. Anastasia’ back arches as she trembles with anticipation and intense desire. I then take the ice between my teeth and run it up and down her torso. As I reach her waxed sex, the ice makes her shiver and make her beg.

“I need your cock! Please Christian! Inside me!” I take the ice into my fingers and run it over her nipples again.

“Control baby, find the place in your mind, and make me work to unlock the door to your mind.” She takes a deep, trembling breath. Finally I run the ice over her lips making her lick her lips and lick the ice chip. I lean down and kiss her hard, leaving her lips sore and wanton.

I take her favorite riding crop and run it over her breasts, sides, and finally dip it into her sex. She quivers in response.

“Pleasure and pain… not much different than one another,” I murmur sliding the riding crop out of her sex now shining with her cream.

“Ssssuck,” I order and she obeys immediately.

“Enough,” I say pulling the riding crop out of her eager mouth. I let it slide down her chin, neck, between the valley of her breasts, around her nipples, sides, and caressing her belly, making her hitch her breath. Then finally I lift the riding crop and start raining strikes against her sex, thighs, nipples, and buttocks, but never in succession, and unexpectedly without a pattern so she understand the concept of control. Pink Floyd’s song starts over again as Anastasia reaches her peak.

"Control the urge Ana!" I command as I finally start raining small but effective flicks over her clitoris.

“Christian, I can’t hold!”

“Yes, you can!”

“I can’t! I’m close!”

“Yes, you can! Yes, you can! Yes, you can! Hold it baby, until I tell you to come! Only when I tell you to come!” Her nipples pucker, and her face squeezes as if she’s concentrating somewhere else in her mind.

When I rain the fifteenth strike over her sex, “Come for me now!” I order and with a shattered breath, I feel the release roll out of her and spread to her entire body.

I quickly untie her hands, and carry my wife onto the bed. I put her face down on the bed, and quickly divest of my jeans. I lift Anastasia’s buttocks up in the air, and slap it twice, and strike over her sex once. Then I drive into her sex with one hard thrust, holding myself deep inside her, inside my wife where I wanted to be all day long.

Finally I ease out of her all the way to the tip slowly, making her feel every steely inch of me, then plunge into her again. Pull back out all the way and just insert the tip of my cock, coating it with her slick cream. Then finally I start thrusting in and out in rapid, animalistic succession. She supports herself on her elbows as I drive into her.

“Please, Christian… sir! I’m close!”

“No! not yet! Control it. Hold it, don't let it take over you!” She cries out with her body barely holding in the pleasure that is waiting at the precipice. Her sex is swollen, her opening is inviting, tight like a fisted glove. I move my cock deeper, drawing slickness from her core and rubbing it over her aching clit. She wants to close her legs, but the spreader bar is preventing her and letting her feel all the pleasure.

I push deeper, and lifting her buttocks up I find the secret location hiding her core pleasure. Angulating my hips, the tip of my cock strokes over the spot achingly slow.

“Christian!” she begs.

“Say my name again!”

“Christian! Christian! Christian! Christian Grey!”

“When. Do. You. Come?” I hiss through gritted teeth with each thrust.

“When you let me, sir!” she cries out. “Please…” she begs.

“Come for me now baby!” I shout, and she screams her orgasm as the soulful voice in the song also screams her ecstasy.

I come loudly, squirting my pleasure into her, filling her, declaring my love and my brand of ownership of my wife, I feel complete, and completely replete.

When we finally come back to our senses, I unbuckle the spreader bar from her legs, and rub her ankles.

“How was that for control?”

“Mind-blowing and thoroughly educational,” she murmurs before she falls asleep in my arms.

Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading of its hope; it can outlast anything. Love still stands when all else has fallen.

Jamie Dornan - as Christian Grey


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You really a great writer.. I love everything on this chapter... Have to reread this chapter while waiting for the next chapter and I hope it will be out soon...take care always


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Good evening girls,
Hello Vicki, Anonymous x4, Mindy, Paula, Celeste, Penny, Tabbyann, Joenes, Mnm92275, Rose, bonjour S, nina, Wilma, Christina Joseph, Pat, Aline, Sudeshna, Jeangb, Rosangela, EPFlaig, Mzthang, Valeria, Vera, mary Dailey, Janaina, Ash, Amanda, Janice, fanny, Lovey, Joanne, Martha, Dannynha, Kamila, Leila, Theresa, Monica, Selma, tricia, Ane, Hasi, sasha, Charm D, Sue, Daniela, Sonu, Kim, Jaque, neves, Thata!
I’m so glad you girls liked this chapter. It’s not always as easy to tell from a previous chapter to what you’re building up to, so, I’m glad this chapter delivered. I’ve been working on a couple of software projects which kept me quite busy. Long day today nearly 15 hours.
Within this chapter you see Ana learn to control her body and mind. It’s lesson #1, just like her introduction to sex. But, they will be an ongoing lesson because clearly in a year’s time Ana’s going to own SIP and it will be Grey Publishing. So, Ana’s boss in training and she needs to manage media. You either allow the problems overtake you, or you learn to deal with it. This is her chosen lot in life: she wants to be with Christian, and he has a high profile life despite the fact that he works very hard to retain his privacy. So along with Ana and Christian, you might learn a lesson or two.
Bonjour S! Christian est un merveilleux enseigner. Il a un talent exceptionnel et c 'est un homme remarquable. Je l’aime !
Hi Nina, Yes Jose is still a lost boy who is still very jealous Christian. He needs a girl to love and move on.
Hallo Wilma! Dank je wel lieverd!
Hi Pat! You’re right. We need to find Jose a girl.
Oi Aline e Andréia! Obrigada!
Hi Sudeshna! Thank you sweetie! Both Christian and Ana are growing in their relationships and instead of working against each other, they’re learning to work together thought still with their character traits intact.
Hi Jean! How’s the weather in the UK these days? I still have to turn my AC on during part of the day. But it’s not too bad.
Cara Vaeria! Obrigada querida <3
Oi Vera! a grande questão:que contou sobre a gravidez da Ana? Você vai descobrir em breve.
Hi Hasi! Christian didn’t buy a new SUV. Did I write that he did?

Hi Sue! Christian took Ana back to GEH. That was on Book 4 – Chapter 13.
Hi Sasha! No, it’s not TMI. I’m sooo happy to know that I can inspire my reader to spice up their relationships and get the couples closer. That’s necessary in families and I’m very happy for you. Hope you had fun! Hope all my readers are having fun. I’m only happy for you all.
And now, I’m off to bed. I’m quite tired. It’s been a long day, and it will be another long day tomorrow. Love you all!

Michelle said...

Your writing is truly amazing!! I am a silent reader from West Virginia, please continue the wonderful work you do. You are a talented writer!!

ane said...

Boa Dia

Eu nunca me canso de dizer eu voltei a ter amor pela leitura depois de ler cinquenta tons e quando descobri a sua versão me entreguei cada vez mais,em cada capitulo que leio e vou vendo as dificuldades de Ana e Christian e todas vencida pelo amor que um tem pelo outro,e os momentos picantes nem se fala rss espero que nunca acabe esses capítulos tao maravilhosos que faz com que eu acredite que amor verdadeiro existe coisa que a muito tempo eu não acreditava por mais que seja uma historia,eu acho que é uma motivação para todas nos rssss

Beijos a todasss

ane said...

Boa Dia

Eu nunca me canso de dizer eu voltei a ter amor pela leitura depois de ler cinquenta tons e quando descobri a sua versão me entreguei cada vez mais,em cada capitulo que leio e vou vendo as dificuldades de Ana e Christian e todas vencida pelo amor que um tem pelo outro,e os momentos picantes nem se fala rss espero que nunca acabe esses capítulos tao maravilhosos que faz com que eu acredite que amor verdadeiro existe coisa que a muito tempo eu não acreditava por mais que seja uma historia,eu acho que é uma motivação para todas nos rssss

Beijos a todasss

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good Day

I never get tired of saying I went back to have love for reading after reading Fifty shades and when I found your version gave myself increasingly in each chapter I read and I'm seeing the difficulties of Ana and Christian and all won by love one has for the other, and the spicy moments or speak rss hope we never finish these chapters so wonderful that makes me believe that true love is something that I do not long believed by most to be a story, I think it is a motivation for all the rssss

Kisses to all

Aracely said...

Hi Emine!This was a very good chapter , I love their E-mails and I love you girl for giving us this moment of distraction so we can forget our problemas at least for a while. Un saludo desde Tegucigalpa ,Honduras.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful as usual. Your writing has come such a long way since the first several chapters of book one. It's very impressive. I'm thoroughly impressed with you're talent. Thank you for sharing it with us.

I'm with the others. Jose needs a woman. Lol

I think it would be great if Grace accompanied Ana to a dr appt or two since she wasn't able to have children of her own. ( I'm assuming that's why they adopted) I think Grace would be overjoyed if Ana and CG invited her along. Just a thought.

Keep up the amazing work. Thank you again.

Brittany S.

Anonymous said...

Olá Emine,
Como sempre,estou maravilhada com o capitulo.
Adorei ver como você tem colocado a vida do casal de forma clara e emocionante á cada capitulo.Sua visão deste livro é única e sem dúvida a melhor!!!!!
Comecei a ler os capítulos da série Pella,confesso que estou APAIXONADA por Alex Pella,mas continuo amando nosso Christian!!!!!Ansiosa pelo livro!!!
Fique bem querida!!!!até mais.

jeangb said...

Hi Emine Thankyou for your response. In GB it's getting colder and the days are shortening as we approach winter. I don't know if you experiance seasons as we do in the UK, in Arazona. Enough about the weather. I hope your mom and husband are now feeling better. You have worked so hard over the past year but still you keep us updated with our lovers. I must say that now you have started book 4 of FSOG, the writing has got more intense following your own imagination rather than keeping to the boundries of the original EL James stories. You have continued to follow on the essance of the original wonderfully, whilst displaying your own fantastic writing skills. So this book follows on perfectly. Thankyou for your time and effort. Can't wait for the next update. Take good care of yourselfxxx

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Hi Emine,
I saw your post last week but was unable to finish it or respond. My oldest daughter was pushed down at daycare and hit her head pretty hard. She was ok but had a concussion. We were both more scared than anything. Then I haf to go out of town back home for a family wedding. Bit of a scary crazy week with sick child work and driving 5 hrs there and back with 2 kids by myself.
I luved this chapter not just becaus3 of the hot playroom scene but because Ana finally set Jose straight. He wasn't going to stop until she did. However I have a feelin that young man isn't done just yet and is going to try something else in the future.
I hope all is well for you and your family and that life has slowed down at least a little bit. I'm really looking forward to the next chapter.
Blessing to you and your family and to all the other ladies here. Have a safe night all..xoxox

Anonymous said...

Great chapter! When can we expect the next chapter? soon i hope

Celeste AZ

what is your reaction to the new Christian Grey?? (Jaime) I'm not sure how I feel about it i was getting used to the idea of charlie..

Debby said...

Hello Emine and fellow blog family,
Well today is my birthday and I have my fingers crossed, any chance we could get a surprise and get a new posting today? I really loved Chapter 15. It felt like we were getting back on track after some of the sidetracks. I'm glad to see that some of my sisters out there are just as suspicious of Janelyn as I am. No I don't think Jose is done with his selfish antics yet. I was very happy to see CG call him out on all his selfish ways in front of AG. He is AG's Elana. Wouldn't they be a great pair. He really deserves her. EL could really tame his whining tendencies. I am interested to hear more of J. Dorman. I have no clue about his acting talent. I have never heard of him before. Seems that Mrs. James was hell bent on a British actor for the part of Christian. I hope he works out.
Happy Halloween Everybody.

Hope (lovey) said...

Hope you have gotten some rest I know you are a busy a woman. cant wait for the next chapter.......

Debby happy birthday hope you have a great day.......

patiently waiting for the next chapter.....Lovey

Caroline Moraes said...

As always.... PERFECTION!!!
Thank you so much Eminé.
I was unable to comment the last chapter because I'm still recovering from surgery and didn't had the strength but now I'm well and so happy that you exist and never fail to delivery that I could kiss Elena!! I'm that much happy!
Amazing chapters!
Alex back, Gail and Frosty POV, the new intern (I do not like her. Too nice with Andrea too soon. I'm suspecting she's with Lincoln. Some sub?... Not sure, but I know I don't like her I just can't put my finger on it...), the beginning of the nesting fase of Ana (who will give the first present?), beautiful, hot, sexy emails, CG giving the order to Ross finish the french businesswoman, the so expected confrontation with Jose, Ana standing up beautifully putting her man as hers and declarating that she's his so clearly and happy, and of course the playroom scene... OH MY GOD!! Superb! Sooooooo hot that I'm still blushing!! Where do I sign for one class of control with Christian-amazing-Grey??
Can't wait to know about the new house and its renovations. Kate's wedding plans. How's the Grey clan?
Once again thank you so much!!
Big kiss from Brazil,
Caroline Moraes
Rio de Janeiro, Bazil.

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Hallo everyone...i'm come Back from hospital, Alleluia!! I'm weak, I still have Pain But...I'M HOME! Now i'll Read The chapter, slowly, very slowly (My mind is a bit out of fhase)
See You Soon My Friends readers
Annalisa, Italy

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Hi Emine,

Once again you give us another wonderful chapter. I can't even begin to thank you for the time and effort you put into this blog. I love to read however, I do not have a whole lot of free time. I am a wife and mother who also works a daytime job, and in the evenings I take online classes. I am currently working on my Bachelor's in human services. Reading is my way to relax and your writing helps me escape my busy schedule.

I loved this chapter because it showed another side of Ana. The email exchange was also cute and romantic.

I wanted to ask you if Christian will have another meeting with Dr. Flynn anytime soon? It seems like he has not had the chance to fully express his feelings about the pregnancy to him.

Will Elena contact Christian again now that she knows about the pregnancy? How about Leila?

I noticed in the emails that it is now November. When will they move into the new house?

Are you going to write a part covering their first thanksgiving dinner together?

Anxiously waiting for the next chapter. Happy Halloween to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Hello my dear!! Sorry it took so long to get her, life has a funny way of sneaking up on you. Hope all is well with you <3

Another fantastic update. What I love the most about this part of the story is that we get to see them be a happy married couple. Sure there are still outside factors but we missed so much of them living their lives married with the 3rd book.

I loved how they both dealt with Jose. Their emails to each other never disappoint. Hot damn that was a lesson alright!! Hot, sexy and so Christian & Ana. Awesome.


annie7632 said...

OH WOW!! Emine, I loved this chapter..... I hope you are all well?

Take care xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Emine, hi everyone,

Did you have a funny Halloween? Here no kid went and rang or knocked at our door (sad). So we'll eat all the candies we kept for them! We move this summer and we are now living in a house in a quiet street with a loose end so maybe that's why anybody came.

I'm like Brittany, I would love too if Ana asked Grace to come with her and Christian to the next visit to Dr Green, so Grace will be able to see her grandchild to be directly on the screen.
It would be nice also if Ana and Christian would ask Grace if she can be at the hospital the D day so she can take care of her grandchild at once. They wouldn't want anybody else.
And what about Ray, wanting to move to Seattle, to be near his daughter and her family? And of course Christian would want to pay for a nice house for his father in law even if Ray says he can manage by himself? Just an idea...

Have all a nice weekend,

S. from France

Anonymous said...

ETA on the next chapter?? just wondering

Alessandra said...

Tenho três coisas para te dizer:
1ª Você arrebenta e está cada dia melhor;
2ª Seja lá quem for o escolhido para interpretar CG no cinema, se for esperto, vai ler o blog e usar como laboratório;
3ª Ouso dizer que nem a própria ELJames conhece tão bem o CG. Por mim você pode escrever essa história até que A&C estejam velhinhos e cercados de netos. Eu, totalmente vou adorar!
Saudações brasileiras,

tathi said...

Don't stop writing. You are amazing!!! I definitely became a fan. I fell in love with CG's character, again, in this fan fiction. I'm already looking foward to the next chapter. Please... not take too long.

Tathy from Brazil!

Anonymous said...

You know a song that reminds me of the love of the two and that may appear on the songs that you put between the texts? It's "Shadow Dancing" by Andy Gibb. I know it is old and not the musical tastes of the couple, but many of the phrases apply very well to Christhian and his love for her.

I wanted to say that I liked more than his book with the original and I'm really looking forward to the next chapters. A big hug for you and for Neusa!

Aline - Rio de Janeiro

ps: sorry if the english is quite bad, google translator is my helper.

ane said...

Bom Dia!!!

Emine querida cada vez melhor,esse final de semana não consegui ler os capítulos senti muita falta rss,você consegue escrever de uma maneira tão maravilhosa que prende total minha atenção estava tao desmotivada com a leitura que desde que descobri Cinquenta tons logo depois descobri a versão Grey amor primeira vista, como eu sempre falo a sua versão é muito melhor que a própria E l james. Continue assim e muito sucesso a você bjos bjos bjos

Ale said...

Olá Emine, a cada dia você está mais criativa, foi absolutamente maravilhoso esse capítulo, estou ansiosíssima pelos outros, não vejo a hora de poder ver e comprar seus livros em livrarias, seu talento é surpreendente, parabéns, felicidades, sucessos, sucessos e sucessos!!!

annie7632 said...

Good evening Emine, I hope you and your family are well...

I just had to the best news. I became an Aunt again in the early hours of this morning, to a beautiful baby boy. My sister only found out a week ago that she was pregnant. She thought she was going through the menopause.. massive shock to our whole family and her son who will be 21 in January. Both mummy and son are doing well.. we are all so happy to have a new addition to our family...

Take care my friend
Love Anne in a chilly UK lol

Anonymous said...

"Anne in a chilly UK"...this is a beautiful News! A Little Boy! What is his Name? Kiss Kiss Kiss
Annalisa in a almost chilly North Italia ♡♥

Ps Emine it's all ok? Many work to do a always?

Joenes Carvalho said...

Oi Emine, faço parte do grupo 50 tons, conversando com as meninas eu perguntei o que elas achavam da minha sugestão para você de Christian e Ana terem uma relação sexual anal, , porque ficou faltando no original, e todas adoraram a idéia, rsrsrs, mas uma vez te parabenizo por esse maravilhoso trabalho, sucesso sempre, Abraços a sua família, bjs


Unknown said...

Anne on chilly UK.....congrats!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne, now that you have shared your happiness on being an aunt again, I would like to congratulate you on the happy arrival of the baby, and also would like to share my happy news that I have also become and aunt for the second time in three months. One of my sister (cousin sister but they more than my own sisters)had a beautiful baby girl in July. It was a 7.5months premature delivery since my sister was was having extreme high blood pressure, which was getting fatal for both the mother and child. The baby was brought out through a C-section, and was in the special care (incubator) for a month. She was only 10 inches long and very tiny and small. Now she is home, has grown into a normal baby size, smiles, and throws up on all of us... ;) She is the apple of our eyes. On last Saturday, another sister gave birth to a handsome baby boy. This one is also premature, with the pregnancy being almost at the end of the 7th month. Her water suddenly broke, and she was taken to the hospital but she delivered normally. And now I am delighted to be an aunt twice in 4 months time. Felt like sharing this seeing Anne's happy post.

I guess gestation period for humans is going down, because nowadays wherever I look, I only hear premature baby premature baby in 7th or 7.5 months....!!!

Emine, will C&A's baby will go through the whole nine months, or will it be a premature one as well....???

Sudeshna (Bangladesh)

Anonymous said...

Anne from chilly UK, congratulations to the whole family! That's so nice to hear this kind of news!

S. from France

annie7632 said...

Thank you for the congratulation's... My sister has given her handsome son the names William Michael, after our grandfather and great Grandfather. Both mummy and baby had a good night and both are well, although my sister is a little sore after her C-Section...
Take care all xxx

Love Anne xx

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Wonderful chapter, very hot and oh so exciting - thank you. Like one of the other answerers have stated 'I need a cold shower'.
Thank you also for the advice on getting onto your blog again, one day I will be on top of computers and know what to do.

Unknown said...

Sudeshna....congrats on your good news too! I am so happy for all this good baby life as been very sad for the last month with the passing of my only sister.
This blog and all you wonderful people have made my day happier by sharing your happy news!

And my dear Emine...your wonderful blog is the catalyst for all this happy news! We patiently wait for the next chapter!

Hugs to all

ane said...

Ola Anne parabéns pela chegada do bebe muita saúde e alegrias para vocês beijoss

PS: Ane Brasil

Debby said...

Hello Emine and fellow FSOG family.
Emine we haven't heard from you lately. I hope you are well. Just a little concerned about you and your family. Did the kids get to "Trick or Treat"? Did they have fun?
I was watching the Wendy Williams show the other day and she was talking about how the movie production company was paying very little to the actorsin the movie. She was supposing that was why they couldn't get better actors for the movie. I really hope they are not doing the movie on the "Cheap" thus giving us a low rent product. (DON'T SCREW THIS UP!!!). What do you think?
Hope {Lovey) you can't imagine how happy I was to get your Birthday greeting. Thank you soooo much. It made my day.
Annie 7632 Congratulations on your new nephew. You must be so proud. New babies are wonderful. it's impossibe not to smile when you see a new baby.
Aline from Rio de Janiero your English is very good. Better than a lot of Americans. I love your blog comments.
I am going through CG withdrawal. I need my fix. Still waiting to hear about the new Pella book. Any Idea when it will be available for sale?
Emine I can appreciate that you are very busy, but could you just drop us a quick line to let us know that you are OK. We miss you.

Ane said...

Ola Emine companheiras do blog bom dia!!
Emine estou sentindo sua falta por aqui esta tudo bem com você e sua família?
Beijos queria!!

Anonymous said...

Olá Emine!!!!
Não nos abandone!!!
Sentindo sua falta!!!!


Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Good morning girls!

The word ‘busy’ usually doesn’t even cover all the stuff I have been doing. I can’t get through them if I don’t multitask, but usually the last quarter of the year is quite busy with work because companies want to get most work done before the year’s out, and of course holidays get in the way and everything becomes chaotic.
I was supposed to go to Los Angeles to interpret for a movie convention (just for one day and only a few hours), but I couldn’t decide if I it was worth my time for just 4 hours of work, and driving back and forth from Phoenix which would eat-up two days. But I could go and see family & friends in Santa Barbara. 2 birds one stone. Well, in the end, something else came up. My favorite cousin was getting married and I wasn’t sure if I had enough time to travel to Europe. But among 35 cousins, she’s my favorite, and I adore her family. So, got ready to go with my little girl. Tickets bought, bags packed. Schedules arranged. Then I get a phone 3 days before the scheduled date and she tells me her mother in-law died of a massive heart attack. So, the wedding to be postponed (to a date that is yet to be determined). I cancel the trip, and start working on projects I had neglected for work. I get another phone call the next day. Apparently they had too many guests already traveled there and have been staying with family and friends (both families are popular she had about 3,000 – yes, three thousand people) already invited and confirmed, and rescheduling them would be a massive effort, and their deposits would be gone, they’ve already put down thousands of dollars etc. So, the families decided that it’s best if the wedding goes forth. But, I had already cancelled my trip and wasn’t going. But this time the groom’s sisters whine that they shouldn’t go to their honeymoon, because it’s not respectable right after their mother passed away. So, my cousin agrees to that as well. Sort of being railroaded to a lot of decisions (both of them).
She was asking me if this was a bad omen to have this tragedy even before they get married. I told her, no. Her husband is the youngest of 7 children. The lady was 80 years old with chronic heart problems and with a healthy appetite for butter, red meat etc. She’s been in and out of the hospital, and didn’t follow her doctor’s instructions for a healthy regimen; she didn’t want to give up what she liked to prolong her life for a few months. She wanted to enjoy her remaining days. She lived on her own terms, good on her. But my cousin didn’t want to have her wedding and honeymoon at a time when half the family was in mourning because it’s supposed to be a joyous occasion.

But both families apparently put in a lot of money and her family alone was standing to lose thirty thousand dollars in deposits (usually groom's family pays for the wedding, not the bride's). I asked if that if none of this happened or after all that had happened, is he still the guy you want to marry? Her answer was an irrevocable yes. “There you have your answer,” I told her. You don’t just marry the person; you marry the entire family (or in some cases the entire circus) & it’s not only diplomatic (if you’re marrying into a family of 7 brothers and sisters, they’ll never let you live it down if you were to go to your honeymoon 4-5 days after the funeral for the rest of your life even if the mom was 100 years old. Or she can postpone it 3 or 4 months or even 6 months, and gain the respect of entire family. Some of you may not have much to do with relatives, but those of you who are Italians, Irish, Greek, Spanish, French, Portuguese would know exactly what I’m talking about. Family is everything. Diplomacy in the family is a big deal; you see them on all occasions. Birthdays, weddings, funerals, anniversaries, holidays, every other week. Everything is an occasion to eat and drink and get together.
In the end life happens. We can either wallow in our misery, or make the best of the circumstances. The effort you put in is the same.

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Welcome Michelle (WV)! Thank you Ane, Aracely, Brittany, Patricia, Jeangb, Mary, Celeste, Debby, Lovey, Caroline, Annalisa, Johanna, Vee, S (france), Alessandra, Anonymous, Aline, Annie, Joenes, Penny, Sudeshna, Sheila, Debby and Patricia!
Hi Mary! I’m so sorry that your daughter was pushed down in the daycare! Is she doing well now? I hope her concussion is healed. Stay safe!
Hi Celeste! Jamie Dornan is a great choice for Christian. Not because the choice is superior over our favorite actors but the knowledge that rarely the movie industry chooses what fans like when a favorite book is depicted in movies, he is great for the part. I’m quite happy. Best of luck to Charlie in his future endeavors.

Happy belated birthday Debbie! Next chapter will be dedicated to you. I’m not sure of the exact date… apparently we have plans this week since my birthday falls on Saturday. Until then, I have to finish work.

Hi Caroline! You might be onto something with the new intern. Kate wedding plan will be in the works. Some of you asked about Thanksgiving, moving to new house, Christmas… they will all be there. I have had immense number of e-mails from especially the Brazilian fans to write a scene with anal sex. I don’t think it was covered in the book (though CG said he would like to claim her ass) and of course nothing aside from the butt plug. I will probably write a scene with that in the next chapter.

Ciao Annalisa! How did your hospital stay go? Are you okay now? I hope you’re healing well. <3

Hi Joanna! Yes, Christian is due to another appointment with Dr. Flynn. And Leila… Of course she will end up learning about the pregnancy. Can you imagine how all the other subs would feel? This girl who seemingly looks just like them, yet captures Christian’s heart, becomes his wife, and the mother of his child in a short time. If ordinary people who admired Christian from afar can be jealous of that, imagine what a sub would feel.

Bonjour S! I’m not planning to move Ray to Seattle yet, but he will want to see his grandchild often. I’ll explore that after the baby is born.

Oi Alessandra! Obrigado meu amigo.

Hi Anne! You sister became a mom when she thought she was going through menopause? Welcome little boy and congratulations! My last baby was a surprise I found out when I was 5 months pregnant. I thought it was school stress kicking in, because I a lot of programming classes. My husband finally dragged me to my doctor who said, “congratulations! It’s a girl!” after she gave me a test, and when I still didn’t believe her insisting I had flu and school stress, she did an ultrasound. She’s an amazing child, beautiful, brilliant, bossy, sweet, and we love her so much.

Hi Sudeshna! I have a surprise or two for CG’s baby’s birth, but I won’t give that away yet :) Is your sister and her baby well? I hope they’re all healthy.

Hi Debby! Yes, my kids did go to trick or treating. And I handed out five bags large of candy to the neighborhood kids. They all had fun. We had a scarecrow, a witch, and a mobster, zombie pirate (my son was being creative). Family is well. I’m well, just had too much going on here. I share your concern as far as the production company going cheap on the movie. Any quality product requires quality ingredients. You can’t go cheap on the ingredients expecting a masterpiece. But, I think they’ll be wise to not to be cheap because they stand to make a lot of money consecutively in 3 movies if they do a good job in creating a movie the fans like.

Those of you who are looking for the next chapter… It will be on Monday evening. I’m still buried in work up to my eyeballs. As for the questions when the Pella Series will come out: It will come out sometime in the first part of 2014. Fingers crossed…

Anonymous said...

Hello Eminem! Yes, i'm healing Well (i was operated urgency acute peritoneal) thank God!
The story of your cousin is amazing..a nd, yes i'm italiano and i understand what The family is important...
I wish You Good work And of course ....HAPPY BIRTHDAY (You are a Scorpio! Prick? LOL)
KISS forse You And all The Friends of FSOG

Unknown said...

Hi Emnie & Hi to all the ladies,
My daughter is doing well from her concussion however, now she has the pain of having braces. She just got them this monday and is in a bit of pain. She doesnt like noy being able to eat her favorite candies and finds it difficult to eat anything right now. I told her its only temorary and she will get used to it. Poor baby is just miserable right now.
I'm you've had such a difficult time these past few seams you cant catch a break mo matyer how hard you try. Hopefully your birthday will go a lot better. Have as much fun as possible and dont sweat the small stuff. Happy early Birthday Emine ��

Unknown said...

Happy birthday 🎈🎈🎂

Hugs & Kisses

Denale said...

Love reading your updates..... You are an amazing offer so much of yourself..... You always have so much on your plate and you are so wonderful to all if us. Hope your cousin is doing ok and my deepest her and her husband and family. Hope your week is going ok.... And hope your birthday is as special as you are to all of us...xo

Hasi Luthufi said...

Hey Emine :)

No not really but you did mention it in this part.

"Taylor drops us off in front of the elevators. Sawyer is driving the other SUV from SIP. "

So I thought, WOW! a new SUV? when? lol.

Hasi x

Anonymous said...

Bom dia, Emine, estou apaixonada pelo ALEX PELLA E CHRISTIAN. A história do Pella é linda, o amor que ele tem por ELISSA é demais. Gostaria de saber se vc vai continuar postando a história do Pella ou se nós só terminaremos quando o livro for publicado. Estou super ansiosa pelo restante da história, você é super criativa, estou hiper amando a história do Pella. Espero que esteja tudo bem com todos de sua família. A Emine, a Neusa Reis e a todas do Blog é um prazer fazer parte desta família, uma forte abraço em todas Selma Berger, do Espírito Santo Brasil

Unknown said...

Nossa conheci seu blog há apenas alguns dias e já estou completamente apaixonada, você faz um excelente trabalho. Devorei os livros e já estou ansiosa por próximos capítulos, mas sei que tudo tem seu tempo rsrs...... e obrigada por dedicar seu tempo a nós que amamos uma boa leitura!!! Parabéns!!!
Bom e me atrevo a dizer que esta nova estagiária é uma intrusa enviada por Lincon... Será?? rsrs Vamos agradar.... e mais uma vez parabéns por este belíssimo trabalho!! Abraçooossss :)

ane said...

Emine companheiras do blog bom dia para vocês!
Ontem eu estava relendo o livro cinquenta tons mais escuros e me deparei no capito da festa de aniversário do CG onde ele estava discutindo com Elena apos ela ter abordado Ana,eu queria muito saber como Greice escuto toda a briga se o restante da festa também,pois ela fico fora de sim eu também ficaria sabendo que meu filho esta sendo agredido verbalmente por uma pessoa que nunca ia desconfiar qualquer coisa ainda mas a relação que Elena teve com seu filho.

ane said...

Emine congratulations dear, much success today and always a thousand kisses kisses kisses <3

Selma Berger, Serra, Espírito Santo, Brasil said...

Olá, Emine, peço-lhe desculpas pela cobrança, pois havia acabado de ler todos os capítulos da série PELLA do seu blog e como eu vi que os comentários eram de datas antigas, e que não havia mais atualizações, eu me desesperei. Só depois que eu li seus comentários de que você está super ocupada, trabalhando muito e sobre a história da morte da sogra de sua prima, que faleceu, eu sinto muito pela sua prima e o noivo e por você também que se programou... porém são coisas da vida, que não temos controle. Espero que tudo corra bem para o casal e que sejam abençoados com muito amor, paz, saúde, felicidade e prosperidade!
Sabe Emine, te admiro muito, pois você ê uma pessoa muito inteligente, sabe lhe dá com as palavras, é criativa, tem muita energia, disposição, pois ser mãe, esposa, cuidar da casa, ainda trabalhar para muitas empresas e escrever duas histórias de amor incondicional lindas, maravilhosas é demais, com certeza você é uma supermulher!!!
Aguardarei com muita ansiedade seu livro da Série Pella, se possível autografado.
Amo também as versões do Christian, meu coração cabe os dois.
Neusa Reis, obrigada pela sua disponibilidade, disposição e boa vontade em traduzir os capítulos de Christina e Pella!!
Annie 7632 e Sudeshna, parabéns as duas pelos sobrinhos, vocês sabem que ser tia é amar a pessoinha que não é sua, mas a quem você pertence...
A Emine, Neusa, Annie, Sudeshna, Penny e a todas as demais do Blog, um grande abraço e muitas benções de Deus para vocês e seus familiares.
Ei Emine, aguardarei segunda feira ansiosamente por mais um capítulo do Christian. Selma Berger, Espírito Santo, Brasil.

Selma Berger, Serra, Espírito Santo, Brasil said...

Hello , Emine , I am sorry for the collection , because he had just read all the chapters of the series PELLA your blog and how I saw the comments were of old dates , and there were no more updates , I despaired . Only after I read your comments that you are super busy and working a lot on the story of the death of the mother of his cousin , who died , I 'm sorry about your cousin and groom and also that if you programmed ... But are things in life that we have no control . I hope everything goes well for the couple and they are blessed with love , peace, health , happiness and prosperity !
Emine know , I admire you so much because you are a very intelligent person , you know gives with the words , is creative , has a lot of energy, mood , as a mother, wife, keeping house , still work for many companies and write two stories unconditional love beautiful , is wonderful too , surely you are a superwoman ! !
Await with great anxiety his book Series Pella , autographed if possible .
Love also versions of Christian , my heart lies both.
Neusa Reis , thank you for your availability, disposition and willingness to translate the chapters and Christina Pella !
7632 Annie and Sudeshna , congratulated by the two nephews , you know to be loving aunt is little person who is not his , but to whom you belong ...
The Emine , Neusa , Annie , Sudeshna , Penny and all the other blog , a big hug and many blessings of God to you and your families .
Hey Emine , eagerly await Monday for another chapter of the Christian . Selma Berger, Serra, Espírito Santo, Brazil

Unknown said...

Boa tarde!
Estou ansiosa para saber quando vai sair o próximo capitulo.
Marcia Rio de Janeiro Brasil

elyelena said...

It's 00.00.01 november 9 in italy:




Anonymous said...

Hey Emine.....!! Its already Saturday in my country......So

Happy Birthday Darling....!!!!! Lots and lots and lots and lots and lotttttttssssss of LOVE to you.....!!! May you be blessed with all the happiness in the world. Best wishes to you on your special day. Hope all your dreams come true.

You truly are one of the greatest writers I have come across...!! So much distance in between us, but yet I feel so connected and close to you.

Hope you are doing good and have wonderful birthday with your friends and family......!!! Hope kids and Hubby are well..... My love to all of you...

And lastly I hope you are never overburdened with the work that you do so passionately, that you become tired of it. And may you get lots of time to relax have fun, and indulge in writing long long updates for us......... ;) :p

Hugs and kisses to you dear..!!! Have a blast today... Love you so so so much dear...! God bless you... :D

P.S.- my sister and the little angel are very well... its lovely to have a new addition to the house. Thank you and Penny for the wishes....!! I am very exited about the surprises you mentioned about CG's baby's birth... ;) If you are free, see my comment at the end of chap-14. I had requested whether you would be able to give a few more flash backs of Christian's childhood withthe Grey's, his bonding and relationship with all of them specially with Mia, since he himself is now expecting a child. See the comment if you can. Its just a wish. Its your story and you can write it in any way and we'll still love it to bits. Just thought it would be more interesting to get a closer look at the baby CG. ;)

All the best
Sudeshna (Bangladesh)

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Emine! Enjoy your day with your family.

S. from France

Unknown said...

Feliz Aniversário querida Emine, você é o nosso presente.
Beijos a você e sua família

Unknown said...

Feliz aniversário Emine.
Que você realmente possa ter todos seus sonhos realizados.
Beijos de sua fã Hosana

Unknown said...

Eu amei esse capítulo.
Cristian dando um chega pra lá na mulher oferecida da reunião.
Anastácia fazendo o mesmo com José (aliás ele estava de deixando irritada).
O e-mail trocado por Cristian e Ana é muito fofo.
Mas... menina que cena quente foi eles no quarto de jogos...
Affe... eu amei.
Por favor não nos mate do coração precisamos de mais e do Pella tambem.

Unknown said...

Feliz Aniversário Emine! Tudo de bom querida ;)

Catarina* said...

Finally I caught up with the story :)

I loved this, I loved that Pella is coming back, even if only for a little (I miss him!) and the part of Gail, and Andrea was nice! She could be with the geek it's always funny when the ones that seem to hate each other fall in love :p

Christian has been missing Flynn's appointments or does he really doesn't need them anymore? Because although I loved everything he said to Ana (let's not talk about that email, can I marry someone like that?) I still think he should have controlled himself and not appeared to Ana and Jose's lunch! But well that's my less loving side with problems with his control side :p

I love how you describe their love. It's such an inspiration, and I can only think that you can write about love that way because you love and are loved pretty well, and that makes me immensely happy for you my dear, because you deserve to be loved like no one else :)

That's why I love you too my dear :p

I hope you are having a very special day today! :D

Thank you so much for keep writing and sharing this with us!

I love you :D


Johanna said...

Hi Emine,

I wish you a wonderful Birthday!! I hope you have an amazing day and lots of fun! Enjoy this day, you deserve it!

Take time to relax and spend with your family. Your readers will be here when you return.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, dear Emine!! Hope you are having fun.

Unknown said...



Caroline Moraes said...

Happy birthday Eminé!!!

May God protect your life and the Virgin Mary watch out for you all the time.
All the best sweety!! You sure deserve it!
Thank you for all that you do for us! You are a gift for us!
Lots of love! Big kisses and bear hugs!!

Caroline Moraes
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday emine!!
Hope you had a wonderful day!! :)

Selma Berger, Serra, Espírito Santo, Brasil said...

Ei Emine, dia corrido, Feliz Aniversário! DEUS te abençoe com tudo de bom em dobro!!!! Espero que tenha sido um dia SUPER ESPECIAL!

Unknown said...

I know i said this already but Happy Birthday Emine. Hope it was all that you wished it to bem

Debby said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND EMINE!!!!I hope you are taking the time to relax and smell the roses. I'm glad your kids got to enjoy Halloween the way it was meant to be. We don't get many trick or treaters around here anymore. Too much danger out there unfortunately. Too many crazy people out there. Hey if CG was taking Teddy out trick or treating what do you think he would dress up as (CG I mean)? Maybe Darth Vader?
I was soooo glad to hear back from you with your last blog. Comforting to know that you are doing well. I fell blessed and honored that you will dedicate your next chapter to me.I cant think of a better birthday gift.
Anyway all the best to another Scorpio Birthday girl.

Anonymous said...

Emine! my birthday was Vovember 5th my sons is Noverber 9th and so is my anniversary funny right! Hope your Birthday was great. I am a Scorpio also. WE are the best and Happy Birthday to You too>>>>> Love from N.J. Janice

Unknown said...

Hope you had an incredible birthday. I just wanted to comment on what Catarina love so passionately and must be loved to write with such feeling.
Love your writing.... Really looking forward to Pella and to your next posting for Christian and Ana. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. You really are a very lucky lady to have so many friends and to be surrounded by such love.

Unknown said...

OLA EMINE...feliz aniversario..que DEUS abençoe cada dia mais você e sua familia,te desejo tudo, tudo de bom,te acho uma super mulher (mãe,esposa,trabalhadora,escritora,mulher)sou sua fã...
Amei o capitulo,cada dia amo mais o sr:grey.
Que email mais lindo,fofo me emocionei muito..
to muito curiosa pra saber que deixou vazar sobre a gravidez da ana...não querendo ser chata,mais ja sendo tem previsão pra quanto e o proximo capitulo??super, mega, louca de ansiedade

Jeangb said...

Hi Emine, Happy Birthday, I hope you had a lovely day.
Today in the UK it has been Rememberance Sunday. It's the day we remember and praise ALL the service personal who have died in wars from 1914/18 1st would war to presant day. There is ceremony at The Cenataph in London and in most cities and towns throughout the UK. The Queen and all the dignatries attend in London. Most people in the country, in shops,on the street, no matter what they are doing, will observe a 2 minute silence to remember
those who died. It is beautiful and very moving. But it doesn't stop the fighting does it? My own father was killed at Monte Cassino in Italy during the 2nd WW I never met him so it is paticularly pioniant for me. Just thought I'd share today with you hope you don't mind. Thankyouxx
in battle.

mnm92275 said...

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday Dear Emine. Happy birthday to you. I hope you had a great weekend!!
Melinda xoxo

Anonymous said...

Dear Emine,
Hope you have a very Happy Birthday , with all your loved ones. Thinking of you.
Yours Smiling

Unknown said...

Hello ladies, Hi Catrina,

CG is controlling yes but remember earlier that. day Ana had been ambushed by the paparazzi questioning her love and loyalty towards Christian. And Christian had been warned that they would be waiting to harass her further by trying to stain her character. Had she been seen with Jose more rumours would have been spread about her. He was trying to protect her.


ane said...

Emine boa tarde

Como foi seu aniversario muitos
presentes? Espero que sim você querida merece todos presentes do mundo por ser essa pessoa tao maravilhosa e talentosa que tanto sou fã,que Deus te proteja hoje e sempre e cada dia que passa te traga cada vez mais sucesso.
mil beijosss

Anonymous said...


Que você seja sempre iluminada,te desejo muita felicidade,saúde e amor.

Obrigada!!!!por nos dar tantas alegrias com sua escrita.


annie7632 said...

Happy birthday Emine, I hope you have had a wonderful day with your family and friends xx

Anonymous said...

Muito bom! Ansiosa para o próximo capítulo!

Anonymous said...

Muito bom! Ansiosa para o próximo capítulo!

Anonymous said...

Muito bom ansiosa para o próximo capítulo!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday from Racquel in Chicago

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Emine!!! As important as family and friends are, I do hope you had the chance to do something for yourself because you are worth it dear friend!

Deb in Canada

Backsassing said...

Happy Birthday Emine, may you have many, many healthy, wealthy and happy years ahead.

Hasi said...


Happy Birthday!!!
Lots and lots of love and good vibes
coming your way <3


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Emine! I hope you enjoyed your special birthday weekend. Sabina

Anonymous said...

just found your have an amazing talent.

enjoying both your witing and musical selections.

Michael Fassbender would be my choice for Christian (and anything else he would put his hand up for!!)

Anonymous said...

Boa tarde Emine,

Estou ansiosa pelo próximo capitulo!!!
Criei um blog para mulheres de mais de 40 anos gostaria que você me envie,se possível,textos que sejam interessantes para o tema.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Eminè!
I hope it was amazing and that all is well in your world. Big hugs from London.

Gina B,

Aracely said...

Hey Emine, are you there? We miss you.♥

jeangb said...

Hi there waiting impatiently.
Hope you okxx

Kristina said...

Has anyone seen that the movie has been pushed back to February 2015?! I feel like I'll have to re-read the books before the movie comes up to refresh myself! Emine, please keep this blog going until then!

Shomi said...

Loved this episode so much..I'm so glad Christian is more and more sweet and understanding. Hope he gets a bit softer around Taylor too.
Loved the e-mails....Hope you write more of them.
Keep up the good work

Waiting impatiently!

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Hi Girls!

I have not forgotten you. I've had a busy birthday week with work and family activities.

But first I want to thank everyone for their birthday wishes. With that opportunity I want to thank all my Brazilian fans who have surprised me with not one but two virtual birthday parties. I didn't know such things were possible, but there it was. Thank you for taking a big chunk of your weekend to celebrate my birthday. They asked me if I could be online for a time and I have found amazing surprises from them.

I will repeat what I said to them here (it's not all limited to my Brazilian fans but fans worldwide):

We all have a few constants in our lives. With those absolutes we feel anchored, sure of the world and the life we live in. As long as those constant remain, the world is a good place to exist in. I too have a few absolutes in my life: my parents would always be married and devoted to one another, my siblings and my parents would always love me whether I talk to them once a day or once in every ten years, Fadime and Arus are always my very best friends, my husband would always be madly in love and in lust with me, my children always come to me with whatever good or bad they’ve done trusting me with their thoughts and secrets, my love for them is irrevocable, and above all, there’s a God who does not frown upon me when I question the plausibility of the claims of idiots/zealots who give you their own version of a creator that tells you not to ask question and take it in blind faith and never use your common sense which he gifted you to begin with. The loss of any of these absolutes would make me doubt the other absolutes in the world.

If one of the absolutes becomes a variable, then it is possible for all of these to be variables. Of course we know nothing in life is permanent but the change, yet getting the reaffirmation of the the constants once a year that those absolutes are still in check is a good feeling. If you have family and friends who love and care for you, check on you when they think you’ve not kept in touch for a while, if a friend says “I made tea, come over and let’s kick back”, if you go over to your friend’s and your kids and husband call you the second you set foot in your friend’s house telling you they’ve missed you and ask you when you’re coming back home, pat yourself on the back and be grateful because your life is rich beyond measure.

If you’re healthy to enjoy life, got a career where what you provide can also be provided by others, but your clients ask for your services only and wait for you to be available because they trust your work integrity above others; if you have goals in life, a place to arrive at some point in the future, a purpose for your existence, and people who appreciate what you do because of that purpose, you’re among the few people who have a well satisfied life: give thanks.

If you’ve got the mental freedom to speak your mind, to stand up for yourself and for those who can't, strength to weed the undesirables, pretend friends, negativity laden individuals, the cynics, you’re luckier still. Be thankful.

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Leaving another year of my life behind me, I thank all those who have been the rocks of my life, who are my friends beyond words, who have been my cheerleaders as I write my book(s), those who took a big part of their Sunday solely to make my day spectacular from around the globe, I am grateful for your existence in my life, for your friendship, for your love. Thank you Vivi, Rosângela, Michelle, Ediene, Márcia, Mara, Gesilaine, Josy, Talita, Marcia, Fadime, Arus, Andimar, Nayara, Jana, Danielle, Camilla, Ana T., Ana V., Helaine, Chris, Lia, Dri, Sabrynna, Cinthia, Leticia, Shirlei, Vivian S., Verônica, Neusa, Catarina Magalhães, Daysi Cristina, Glenda Suely, Rosimar Hanke Boardmann, Fernanda Frias, Hosana Carelos P., Tatiana P., Monica G., Danuthe N., Sandra, Nilvana, Dayse, Dara, Joenes Carvalho, Glenda, Tatiana, Hosana, Viviene, Renata X, Priscila P., Nicoletta C., Krystal B., Helene, Esther, Lee, Rachael, Olga, Marcia, Stephanie, Aparecida, Alice, Banu, Amanda, Veronica S., Elisabeth, Joenes, Tatiana, Huriye, Kim, Virginia E, Nataliny, Kim C. Hosana, Rosimar, Dayse, Naile, Chris, Penny, Camilla, Wilma, Denale, Sherrie. Love you! You all are my muse, and how easily you took that spot so naturally, and so perfectly. Thank you! ♥ ♥

You have been asking for the update. It’s still in the works. I have worked right after my birthday, in fact, I translated 12,000 words in one day which is actually nearly impossible to do (it’s a week’s work). It got me sick, because I was physically & mentally exhausted. You have to remember, I translate for the top computer, software companies, search engines in the world, but I also translate international, criminal, constitutional law, medicine all in the same week. Last two months’ work wore me out. But I’m good at my job & my clients are top industries who are very demanding. It’s the end of the quarter & end of the year. So, it’s a busy time; unfortunately it takes time away from my writing; I even had to push back finishing my own book which didn’t make me happy. Slowly but surely.
I know the movie date is also pushed back – but I understand it. Unexpected things do happen. I know from my own line of work though I work very hard to adhere to my deadlines.

Some of you e-mailed me voicing concerns that I would stop writing the series. I want to assure you that it’s not the case. I’ll keep writing; the movie now is a long way away. I’ll keep you with stories of 50 at least until then. No worries. I’ve just been working myself to exhaustion. Believe it or not, publishing a book takes money, and I want to do it right the first time. I don’t like mistakes especially if it has to be published, and I don’t like screw-up. A good published product takes money, and the only way I can get that is by working: so I work. Remember, goals take time to achieve and a lot of hard work. I will update the chapter; I’m just sorry that it took the backburner: writing Christian and Ana’s story is my favorite thing to do. It is coming. Don’t worry :)

Meanwhile, I want to check on my readers who live in the Philippines. Those of you who are following me on FB, I have made contact with some of you and was relieved that you were well. But there are still quite a few I didn’t hear from. Hope you are all doing well. If anyone wants to help the victims in Philippines by donating Red Cross/Crescent, I’m sure it would a long way to aid the victims. Or you can donate to Shelter Box (they’ve been on CNN):

Thank you for being soooo very patient. I love you guys for that! The chapter will come... <3

Unknown said...

Emine, we love you and respect your time and talents. We have gotten so use to hearing from you frequently that we get concerned we we do not. Glad you are well and we wait patiently....maybe not so! Appreciate all you do but if the others are anything like other blog compares to we just anxiously await our Christian and Ana fix! Thanks for letting us know that all is well.

Ana Maria said...

Ai meu Deus, estava lendo tudo novamente e enfim cheguei ontem a esse ....nem sei como expressar o que senti quando li. Voce está fazendo um trabalho perfeito. Adoro o seu jeito de escrever. Mal posso esperar pelo próximo. Deus abençoe sua escrita. Um grande beijo. Ana Maria.

Ana Maria said...

Querida que maravilha!!!!!
Voce esta cada vez melhor!
Amo seu blog, bem quando ao capítulo? Sem palavras!!!
Um grande beijo pra voce.

Brandy said...

Happy late birthday!! I think you are just awesome! I send all the best wishes your way! I am such a fan of your writing, I can read it over and over again! Take care and keep being the amazing you! =)

Anonymous said...

HAAA Emine, I was the second one in this blog to wish you Happy Birthday, but I am not in your loved ones list...!!!! Hawww...! POUT.. ;) Just kidding.

I know you are really busy with your work and this week it was filled with work and celebration. I hope you are doing good and that had lots of fun on your birthday, with the kids and family....!! :D

Your reply made me feel so happy, thank yu for pointing it out again that we are indeed luck to live a happy and healthy life with all our loved ones around us. I am grateful to be living, with my loving and caring parents, darling siblings and cousins, beloved friends all the over the world whether I have met them or not, with my work and passion which is Dance. Life is precious and I feel so happy with what I have got. Thank you again for reminding and making me realize this. :D

Hello and love to all the lovely people in this blog who share a common thing with me, loving Emine and her writing. :) I am so far away from all of you but yet I feel so connected and close to you all. I have gained quite a few friends over here, with Penny, Olga, Elena, Eyelena, Sonu, Ane, Rosalanga, Selma, and many more of you..!!!! My love and best wishes to all of you. I am glad I had read this blog and came in contact with all of you. :)

I will not ask when will you update.... I know you will when you are done with it. So will patiently wait with anticipation and excitement for the next chapter :).

All the love to you, kids and hubby...!!Best wishes darling.
Sudeshna (Bangladesh)

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Hi Annalisa, how you healed completely yet? I hope you have. <3
Hi Mary, Joanne, Denale, Hasi, Selma, Ane, Leila, Elena, Sudesha (you are in the loved list. How rude of me to not to count you and the other girls here! I apologize. You are all special. I was thanking the Brazilian fans who spent most their Sunday online with me; they arranged to meet me on FB the day before, and we spent few hours together.), Hosana, S, Claudia, Johanna, Valeria, Caroline, Debby, Janice, Penny, Leidi, jean, Melinda, Kathy, Sonu, Patricia, Racquel, Deb in Canada, Backsassing, Sabina (are you Irish Sabina?), Gina, Brandi, Ana Maria, Shomi, Kristina! Thank you all so much!

I apologize for not putting everyone’s name in the list. I had the names written down, and had copied instead of going through the list. My mistake, sorry! Sudeshna, as you know, you will always be in the list. You can find me on Facebook. I’m avoiding work in order to write today, but when I don’t reply my e-mails, they got my numbers, they call or text. I have to hold off until I finish writing. Love you all & talk to you after I post the next chapter.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh EMine I was just messing around. My intention was not at all to make you feel bad and then repost again...!! Sorry if you felt like that.. :/ I knew you had missed it somehow, but that doesn't matter. I know you love me and that each and every person in this blog is very special to you....!!! I am very happy that you posted again with mine and a lot of other names of your loved ones, but seriously dear, don't apologize. I'll feel bad.....!!! We are very happy to have whatever time we have with you...!!!!

So no worries...All is well.... (this is one of the most popular dialogues in Indian Cinema ;) )

Lots of love to you dear Emine. Waiting for the next one...!!!
Sudeshna (Bangladesh)

Unknown said...

Boa tarde Emine!
Feliz aniversario atrasado!
Desejo tudo do melhor para você e todos os seus!
Lamento pelas perdas e desejo que consiga superar.
Admiro sua força e seu talento.
Espero que tudo corra bem e assim você possa esta logo conosco. Sei que estou sendo egoísta, mas sou sincera em dizer que seu talento é para ser compartilhado com todos e assim que Prospere cada vez maissssssssssss .Sinto sua falta e sei que não sou a única. Beijos e Mais Beijos!
Marcia Brasil Rio de Janeiro

Anonymous said...

Emine will get the fifth book in the room or going to stop it?
When does the fourth book complete? anxious!

Unknown said...

Emine will get the fifth book in the room or going to stop it?
When does the fourth book complete? anxious!

bjjs e saudações Brasileiras :)
camilla vital !!

Pat said...

Hello Everyone,

Have you seen the poster with Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson as Christian and Ana...... OMG! Jamie is the perfect Christian and Dakota is not bad herself. The photos are on Entertainment Weekly for November 22.


Unknown said...

Hi, I just found out a out your blog 2 months ago and since then Im getting ver y feo hours of sleep :)! I Have loved every minute of it! Thank you! Luci from Costa Rica

elyelena said...

hi Emine
you're in my love list too, and all of you Emine-girls.
Annalisa guarisci in fretta.



Unknown said...

It's been almost a month since you last updated this blog. Can you give me some idea when you'll be updating

Cora said...

OMG Emine! Só hoje pude ler este capítulo. "Minha Deusa interior" ficou muito feliz, surpresa e extasiada!

Thanks, thanks!

Allie B. said...

Emine, is there another way to download the pdf files for books 1,2&3? I'm attempting to download it onto my nook, but it is not working. :-( I find myself missing the characters and am kicking myself for borrowing the ebooks from the library rather than purchasing them. I've never had the desire to re-read a book in the past. I find myself consumed with the story and like others, I just cannot get enough. It takes me away from the mundane at home....hope you can help me figure this out. My email is alciedalcie at gmail dot com. Thanks and looking forward to the next chapter. :-)

Allie B. said...

Emine, is there another way to download the pdf files for books 1,2&3? I'm attempting to download it onto my nook, but it is not working. :-( I find myself missing the characters and am kicking myself for borrowing the ebooks from the library rather than purchasing them. I've never had the desire to re-read a book in the past. I find myself consumed with the story and like others, I just cannot get enough. It takes me away from the mundane at home....hope you can help me figure this out. My email is alciedalcie at gmail dot com. Thanks and looking forward to the next chapter. :-)

Anonymous said...

I was intrigued with the whole Spanish Inquisition approach as I read the books, but I must confess, it is palling on me. More and more it seems artificial, contrived, manipulative, and unsensuous. Not your writing -- it was well-written; I just question all his endless brainwashing statements. He's turned Ana into someone and something she's not, which is particularly sad in the light of their letters. They bring out the best in each other?

Ana used to be natural and understated, her own person; now she's nothing but a walking billboard for expensive fashions, not even her own tastes, and is doing everything C's way.

Sex is not about the couture or the accoutrements. It's about two people transcending and becoming one, finding that they don't lose themselves, but find themselves -- and each other. It's about yielding to primal instincts and passions, not denying and manipulating them (and each other).

I fail to see how it will help Ana to retain her own emotional integrity, to give up all control to someone else. She gets to come only when he says so? Yeah, that's real self-determination.

I love that your Christian says that he values her smarts and her spark, but that's in words only. He still feels that he owns her, and the way he treats her says different.

Loved Ana calling Jose on his passive aggressive manipulation, though -- he's been playing that game long enough, and it's very insincere and undermining. (And glad someone finally called him on his use of her photos without a release!) Now if she could only start calling Christian on his ways of manipulating her.