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BOOK IV - Chapter XVII - Christian and Anastasia Fanfiction



Lust is to the other passions what the nervous fluid is to life; it supports them all, lends strength to them all ambition, cruelty, avarice, revenge are all founded on lust.
Marquis De Sade

(I've posted 2 chapters today. Please read chapter 16 first)

“Wait for me by Taylor and Sawyer baby,” I say letting her out of Flynn’s office. She looks at me with worried eyes. I give her a reassuring smile. Once she walks out, I close the door behind her. The smile is gone from my face. My eyes harden, determined, cold shards of ice.

“What’s wrong John?”

“I like you to keep an eye on Anastasia. Her emotions seem fragile. She has had intense events plague her life recently and her cup may just be full. Meeting you, introduction to your life style, getting married, getting pregnant, her father’s accident, getting kidnapped, near death experience, and now the paparazzi hounding her…”

“Are you trying to say, I’m too much for her, that I’m the cause of the problems plaguing my wife?”

“No, Christian. Life happens. Going by what you have relayed me about Ana, if she hasn’t met you, she might have been raped by her friend, Mr. Rodriguez after a drunken stupor. She would still get a job at SIP, and she might have been abused by her former boss and without a protector, she might have been trapped not knowing how to deal with him. Worse yet, she might have been like one of the other assistants who ended up on a sordid sex tape. Her father would still have the car accident, and she may or may not have gotten him the best care. Those things would still have happened with very undesirable outcomes. And as for pregnancy, unprotected sex leads to pregnancy. She could have gotten pregnant either by Mr. Rodriguez’s assault or her boss’. All pregnancy takes is one unprotected sex, and as you can attest to it, even protected sex may result in pregnancy,” he says and rage washes over me like hot, scalding water, bringing me to the brink of no control. All he said is true. The thought that my wife could have been the victim of numerous misfortunes or attacks by people near her angers me to no end.

“What I’m saying is that all these events could still have happened; and without the help of someone like you who can teach her how to take charge of her life or without your protection, she may have come out unscathed, but that is unlikely given the circumstances. You’re in a position to do that without overwhelming her. Anastasia is a very strong woman. One of the strongest women I’ve known, but pregnancy, especially the first pregnancy can overwhelm a woman physically and emotionally. Several hormones are introduced during pregnancy and some are going to be higher levels which will give her mood swings, depression, sleep disturbances, changing in eating habits, inability to concentrate, morning sickness and a whole list of other things. I need you to give her a sense of control…”

“I can’t lax the security if that’s what you are asking given the hounding she’s been getting from paparazzi and reporters.”

“I’m not asking you to let go of the security measures you’ve put in place to keep her safe. But we each want to be in charge of most aspects of our lives. Even if it is the illusion of control of her choices, give her that, to help lessen her fears.”

I not curtly, wordlessly. I have some ideas. I will teach her to be in control, at least of her own body and mind.

“Anything else?” I ask.

“Yes. Leila has been calling. She wants to come to west to visit couple of her friends during Thanksgiving break. She said she will have time off from school then. She wants to know if it’s alright with you to come this way.”

“Absolutely not! That’s all I need after all this paparazzi shit! If she even tried to get close to Ana at work, or outside someplace, do you know what it would do to her? Or that knowledge of an ex by the paparazzi! They can even make it out like I’m looking for an old fling because my wife’s pregnant.”

“Christian, no one knows that you have exes. As far as anyone is concerned, you’ve been a confirmed bachelor. Even if Leila was to get close to Ana, they could just assume she is a friend of hers.”

“Not likely, John. I can’t take the chance. I gave her the ultimatum, and I’m not backing down. One foot to the west of Mississippi, and all the help is cut off. Nothing! Zip! Nada! I mean it. No one, nothing, ever will jeopardize Anastasia ever again.”

“Alright. I’ll relay that information to her.”

“How is her progress? Have you spoken to her doctor?”

“Her school is giving her a sense of normalcy, a routine. She’s near her parents and from what I hear, they’re loving, caring parents. Her doctor thinks that her progress is on target. I’ve asked the reports after her request. She’s still in love with you, and I told her I didn’t recommend her to come near you, or keep in touch with you. That would be taking several steps back from her progress, and she needs to move forward. She may not be ready to find someone else just yet. She still has a lot of healing to do from her loss. I think, if she comes near you, or gets in touch with you, the contact may regress her. We don’t want her to transfer her emotions from her grief to translate into feelings for you which clearly will not help her to heal and move forward.

But, if she only intends to visit her friends, I don’t see problems with that.”

“John, I told you, I can’t take the chance. She will never come near my wife even if I have to force her to remain on the other side of the country. I have not forgotten the gun she pulled on my wife! I have not forgotten how she freak Mrs. Jones out by opening up a vein. I’ve not forgotten how she freaked me out by coming to Anastasia’s work, and she deliberately ignored my orders to talk to her! No! I know my wife. She will not listen. And I also know Leila who can be very mischievous, and I realize it’s also manipulative even if it’s because she’s in love with me. So, my answer is a definite NO. She may not take half a step the Mississippi! If I hear it from any of my security detail, or anyone with ears on the ground, the help is GONE! I mean it! You saw my wife. You just told me what a fragile state she is in. Do you think I’d let anyone to add to that?”

“It’s your decision, Christian. I will relay the information, and tell her to stay in the east coast.”

“Thank you.”

“Remember to bring Anastasia in, soon. I want to see if there’s any improvements to her nightmares. She needs you, Christian.”

“I know. I’ll do everything in my power to keep her safe.”

“That’s not enough. You need to provide the tools for her that she can do that on her own. When you have children, you don’t walk for them, you don’t eat for them, you don’t do the learning for them. You can however teach, and provide the tools for the person to learn or improve the skills. All you have to do is to teach her, because you’ve been dealing with media for a long time and give her the tools to deal with them. She will surprise you. She’s a remarkable woman,” Dr. Flynn says.

“That she is John. She’s outstanding. Her strength takes my breath away. Thank you, John,” I respond.

“See you next week then if you have time,” he says extending his hand which I take gladly.

*****      *****

The ride to home is silent. We’re each lost in our thoughts. I’m determined more than ever to teach her how to be in charge of the fuckers who swarm around her. Taylor drops us off in front of the elevators. Sawyer rides up the elevators with us. I hold her hand in mine firmly as if to reassure her I won’t ever walk away from her, or let someone else to pluck her away from me. When the elevator doors ding open, we step out into the foyer of our apartment. I dismiss Sawyer then turn to my wife trapping her both with my gaze and with my body.

“Are you tired or unwell?” I ask.

“No, I took a long nap, remember?” she replies smiling expectantly.

“Good. I want you to go to the playroom, baby. And I want you to kneel by the door with only your panties on,” I murmur lasciviously. Her eyes brighten, her breath catches.

“You’re not teasing me like you did earlier, are you?” she asks suspiciously.

“No. No games. Well, not until we get to the playroom, anyway.”

“Are we going to continue our lessons?” she asks hopeful.

“Perhaps. Depends if you’re up for a challenge,” I say offhandedly. “Are you up for a challenge Mrs. Grey? Do you think you can handle it?”

“I thought I’ve proven this afternoon that I could handle any challenge you can dish out at me, Mr. Grey,” she responds.  

“Yes, but what I have in mind is something we’ve never tried before. We are going to do anal play… That is if you think you can handle it. I’ve told you before baby, I’m going to claim your delectable derriere and tonight’s the night,” I whisper licking the shell of her ear. She closes her eyes in pure please.

“Yes… sir,” escapes her lips.

“Good girl,” I say pulling her lush mouth to mine. Every nerve ending is alert on my body. When I pull her sumptuous body, her breasts still growing with pregnancy press into my body. Having a glimpse into her mind and knowing how deeply she loves me, profoundly affect me. Barely controlling my shaking hands, I pull her closer to me, still.

“I want you to kiss me,” I order. I could kiss her for days, but I want her to take the initiative. Show me the depth of her craving for me; take what she needs of me at this moment, because she’s going to relinquish that freedom momentarily. She bites her lower lip first, then places tender kisses across my eyelids, making me groan. The fever from her touch heats my blood, and burns me. Her feather light kisses continue down to my cheek, my jaw line, and the corner of my lips.

“Do you have any idea, what I’ve gone through in the last hour when I found out the depth of your fears?” I whisper with agony, closing my eyes. Anastasia licks the corner of my mouth.

“Perhaps you understand how I feel knowing your fears of losing me, Christian,” she says drifting her tongue across my lips.

“I didn’t like it. I know my own fears. I couldn’t bear it if you had similar torments.”

“Don’t you want me to share my fears?” she asks as she nips at my throat. I groan. My erection jerks between her legs.

“Don’t toy with me, Ana. You know I want you to tell me everything. I crave to know everything that goes through you beautiful head! I want to know your desires, wishes, fears, wants. I want know them so fully and want to possess you so completely, even though you’re my wife, and mine alone, I still want to ruin you for any other man who has eyes for you. I know that this isn’t what the good doctor likes to hear. Maybe it’s not what you want to hear…” I say as her tongue trails up my throat. “But I’m a man possessed by his wife, in love with her so completely, isn’t it only fair that I get to reciprocate?”

Her lips continue to tease me. I groan, and cut her ministrations with a hard kiss which she returns with equal ardor. Her body soft and hot, fitting into mine like a glove. My tongue swirls greedily and urgently in her mouth. Her hands travel into my hair, twisting and pulling. I lift her body up and tilt her head to better seal my mouth over hers, caressing her lower lip, catching it between my teeth, sucking and nipping it. Then I lick with my tongue gently to soothe the sting.
By the time we break the kiss, we’re consumed in each other, oblivious to our surroundings. I notice Taylor stealthily move away from the foyer, and retreat into his office. Anastasia doesn’t even realize his presence.

“I’d risk everything for you. I love you, Anastasia Grey. Are you ready for the challenge I have I have in mind for you?”

“Nothing from my hard limits?”

“Of course not! Ana, this is not about breaking you down, or disregarding your limits. But I want to us to explore your limits and teach you control over your body and your mind. Lesson continued… Did you like the earlier lesson?”

“Yes!” she breathes.

“Yes, what?” I chastise her with a slap on her buttocks.

“Yes, sir!”

“Now, go to the playroom.”

And she leaves the foyer with excitement.   

*****      *****

 When I enter into the playroom, Anastasia kneeled down by the door. Her chestnut hair falling in a thick curtain over her breasts full of shinny luster, creating a heavenly vision. Her head is cast down. Her fingers splayed on her knees. I don’t speak to her. I walk towards the wall with the cabinet where I have my suspension ropes contained. I don’t want to suspend Anastasia, but I want to restrain her, make her feel completely helpless so not only she surrenders her body to me, but she learns to take possession of her own mind, and consequently her own body, controlling them both. I’m still shaken that she hid the contents of her nightmares from me. I need her to surrender to me willingly. I want her to completely, absolutely, wholly, utterly trust me with her mind and body, letting go of her fears and worries, trust me that when she lets me take over the problems that are worrying her, I can protect her, make the problems go away so she can finally breathe, and relax.

I unlock the narrow cabinet. There is an assortment of ropes neatly and innocently hanging inside. I choose the six millimeter red nylon rope. It’s good for beginners, doesn’t chafe, can get slightly loose when used for longer periods, or as the person moves. I want her to understand what it means to completely surrender, lose all the senses except for smell and touch, yet by the loss of all senses, I’d be opening up the doors to a whole set of new senses. Technically, Anastasia is still an anal virgin. Just using the butt plug and the pinkie doesn’t count. I want to fully claim her ass tonight, and give her a very important lesson in control and surrender.

I dock the iPod into the stereo next. Set the song I want to use in the scene, and tuck the remote in my back pocket. Then taking the headphones with the attached antenna to receive the music feed from the stereo in my hand, I walk to the butt drawer. I take the two toys I’d like to utilize from the drawer. Satisfied with the choices, I close the drawer. Then I take three other toys, and grab the scented bottle of oil. And now the toys for the scene I want is complete. I take them to the table, and line them up carefully. I spare a quick glance at Anastasia. She’s waiting patiently, but I think her legs got sore sitting. She tries to shift her position inconspicuously. Her breathing seems to be rapid with her rising expectation. I slowly pad my way to where Anastasia is kneeling. I can feel her gaze drift to my bare feet. She’s drinking the sight in.

“You may look at me Anastasia,” I order. Her eyes slowly glide up my jean clad legs to the top of my jeans with the single undone button, then rising up on my naked torso. Her eyes halt over my abs then over my chest, my lips and finally coming to rest on my eyes. She looks anticipative. Her lips part with sudden desire, and a soft exhale exits her lips. I extend my hand to her.

“Do you have any idea how delectable you look Mrs. Grey?” I ask her, my lips only a breath away from her ear. Her nipples pucker as if a cold breeze ran over them. They’re taut and eager for my touch. She shakes her head, unable to speak a word.

“Turn your back,” I order.

“Yes…” she says at first, but she immediately amends herself, “yes, sir.” I hide a smile. I part her hair in three parts and braid it quickly and tie the end. Giving it a good tug, I pulled her head back and kiss her with velvety soft licks deep in her mouth priming her. Anastasia moans in my mouth.

“Hush now,” I murmur as I cup her breasts, kneading them.

“Do you know what I planned for you tonight?” I say.

“No, sir.”

“We’re going to try something new that we haven’t done before. We’re going to do rope play and I’m going to claim you ass completely,” I explain.

“Will it hurt, sir?”

“I’ve tied you up before, and you’ve been cuffed, and have been effectively immobilized numerous times. This is a different form of restraint, but it is extremely sensual. It requires your full…” I walk around her to face me, “complete…” I caress her face, “trust,” I whisper. “Trust that I will test your limits while caring for you, and take you to the peaks of pleasure you didn’t know existed,” I murmur.

“It will be intense. And I’m going to cut you off from your auditory senses. I will blindfold you. I will push your limits each time, and you will learn to master your body. Learn to feel without relying on your eyes and your ears. Are you ready, Anastasia?” I ask. She nods, dazed. I swat her behind hard. She yelps.

“Yes, sir,” she mutters.

I hold the red nylon rope to her.

“Touch it,” I say. She lifts her hand up to caress the 25’ long rope.

“I another set of ten feet which I will use for your legs.”

“Won’t this be enough for all?”

“No, baby, it won’t. I’ll be using this up in no time, from here,” I run my index fingers in the oppose direction over her shoulders, “…to here,” I say cupping her sex. She closes her eyes, inhaling sharply.

“I’m going to use this rope to wrap it around your torso. It’s called ‘karada’ in Japanese. It’s quite easy to tie. It’s the basic rope harness. It’ll take me about fifteen minutes to tie it. But first, let’s get rid of this,” I say running my hand over the lace of her panties.

I kneel before her and slowly lower her panties running my hands down sensually, giving her a sensory taste. When the panties pool down around her ankles, I let her walk out of them. Then I slowly run my hands up her legs. Reaching up the junction of her thighs, I inhale her scent deeply as I hold her buttocks in my palms. An involuntary shudder goes through her. I dip my tongue between the folds of her blooming sex, tasting her juices. Sealing my lips over her clitoris, I suck. Hard. She moans in a deep husky sound as she holds my shoulders for support. My tongue swirls and tastes her. Finally I pull out, leaving her wanting more, and abruptly rise to my feet to catch her face in my hands, and let her taste her arousal within my kiss. Pulling her body closer to me, I run my straining  erection under my jeans.

When I let her go, I hold the rope up again. Completely breathless, she eyes the rope.

“Fifteen minutes, sir?”

“Yes. It would normally take me about seven minutes, but I want to enjoy the process, and I want you to enjoy it. This is completely new for you. Are you ready Anastasia?” I ask.

“Yes, sir,” she says blinking. I find the center point of the rope which I drape around the back of my wife’s neck. Then I bring the ends of the rope around one another three times which I will use to create three diamonds to create the rope harness. I then bring the two ends of the rope between her legs as I rub over her sex in the process and then up and apart on the other side in the back. I wrap each end of the rope around her hips and then through the lowest twist in the front. But, I make sure I don’t pull the rope tight because as I work my way up, it will get tighter. I work my way around the front and through the twist doing the same thing one more time.

“Are you comfortable?” I ask as she watches me work the rope expertly. I can see the curiosity in her eyes, and the unspoken jealousy because I have done this to other women. I have longed to do it to her. I love rope play, but I have never enjoyed it as much as I do now.

“Yes, sir. It’s stimulating my clitoris as you are working your way up here,” she points down with her head.

“I’m going to bring the ends of the rope behind you, and then back around your front, and then tie it here,” I say pointing beneath her arms.

“Yes, sir,” she responds excitedly. The rope wraps beneath and above her breasts emphasizing the growing mounds. I can’t help but run my hands over them, and make sure that the ropes caress over her breasts as well. Each touch elicits a sharp intake of breath from her, making her close her eyes to savor the sensation.

“You look simply sensational, baby!” I say admiring my handiwork. I take the rope around her front, and through the topmost twist, then back around behind her again. And on her back I just wrap the ends of the rope around the part where it loops around the back of her. I love this technique because the web I created is quite useful in making handles for grabbing, twisting and pulling.

“I’m not restricting me, sir. It’s like a very sexy, revealing outfit. What’s the rope’s function?”

I smile without a response. She’ll find out soon enough. My only response is pulling her handling the weave right under her breasts, and sealing my lips over hers in a loud, demanding kiss. After releasing her, “Anastasia, I want you to go to the wall, and fetch me the riding crop,” I order. She looks at me confused. “Now!” I command.

“Yes, sir,” she replies and goes to the far wall to get the leather riding crop. As she moves, she feels the rope moves against the sensitive parts of her body, stimulating her sex, creating movement against her inner thighs and buttocks, waking up her nerves buried beneath the layer of fat. The affects are even more stimulating after spanking. She comes back with the riding crop, and lifts it up to hand it to me; she’s already flushed with stimuli.

“Now, kneel on the bed,” I order, and she climbs on top of the four poster bed, kneeling.

“I’m going to frog tie your legs which will completely restrict your legs bending them on the knee, and will force you to remain on your knees, baby,” I whisper.  I take a new piece of rope, the ten footer and wrap with the karada and bring it down on her legs. Passing it under her leg and up around her leg.

“This is going to be very restricting baby. But I want you to surrender yourself to me. I will teach you how to experience… completely experience and prolong your pleasure. That is only achieved with greater control. Do you understand Anastasia?” She nods her head. I slap her buttocks.
“Yes, sir,” she responds.

“You look like a goddess, baby. I am completely turned on, by this sight of you!” I say in awe.

“I will eliminate your senses one by one so that you solely focus on feeling, tuning into my body’s cues for you. The last sense you will lose is hearing. I’m going to blindfold you now,” I whisper near her ear, nipping her earlobe.” I take the blindfold and cover her eyes. After she’s blindfolded, “Open your mouth baby,” I order. She obeys immediately.

“I’m going to put these into your mouth to lubricate them.”

“What are they, sir?” she asks.

“Anal beads,” I reply as she accepts the graduating sizes of silicone beads into the wet warmth of her mouth.

“Now, give me your hand,” I order. She extends her hand out. I put the nipple clamps into her palms, making her feel them. “These are adjustable. I think you can graduate to these,” I tell her. “I will not make them very tight, but tight enough to push you to your sensory limits. She exhales her breath through the beads, and nods. I lean in and capture a nipple into my eager mouth and suck it deeply. Then I take the other nipple between my fingertips, rolling it. I pinch her painfully tight nipples making a groan escapes her lips. She arches her back, thrusting her breast further into my mouth. I tease her nipple, nipping it with my teeth, and then suckle it with long, drawing pulls. Anastasia moans, completely seduced by my desire for her. I take her other nipple into my mouth, and suckle it as I place the nipple clamp over the free nipple while she’s still writhing under my tongue. Finally I place the remaining clamp over the nipple that tightened and elongated begging for more attention within my mouth. I tug the chain that is connecting both the clamps after both nipples are secured.

I stand back and finally turn the iPod on where forty different heavenly voices rise one after another in the Spem in Alium by Thomas Tallis. Anastasia’s head comes up when she hears the sound.  

Spem in Alium – Thomas Tallis

Hiding a smile, I pour the scented oil in the middle of my palm and start rubbing around her buttocks and anus. I pull the handles I’ve created, lifting her buttocks up in the air, forcing her on her knees. Spreading her legs apart, she supports herself on her elbows. My fingers glide over her slit, stroking the lips of her sex. Then I insert the oiled pinkie into her anus gently, circling, softening her.

“I’ll take the beads now,” I say and take them out of her mouth. They’re warm and lubricated. I still put two drops of oil in my palm and run the beads through the warm oil. Finally, massage the rim of her anus again, coaxing, softening and gently insert the beads into her.

“Anastasia, you will feel like you are under a sexual siege. I’m going to dominate and take over all of your senses. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. Do you understand that?”

“Yes, sir.”

 “Now, I’m going to gag you.”

“Gag? Soft limit,” she reminds me.

“I remember. But, do you think you can try it baby? Can you fully trust me and what my body can give you? Can you handle the loss of all senses to make way for the senses I’m going to open up for you?” I ask gently rubbing her exposed sex. “This is what total surrender is, and in return I will teach you to have total control of your mind and your body by controlling multiple sensations. You will be experiencing pleasures you’ve never had before, and I will teach you how to be one body with me at the peak of your pleasures, baby. Do you think you can handle it?”

“Yes, I can, sir,” she says, her voice breathy. Her body adjusts, and her sex glistens with her cream in anticipation.

“I showed you how the gag works before. You will clamp your teeth on it. You can still breathe through it, baby. If you don’t like it, shake your head, and I’ll take it off. But try it first. Let’s try the total surrender first,” I instruct. I want her to find the mental space to get to when she can’t use words to respond malicious intent like the paparazzi attack and connect with me when verbal communication isn’t possible. I want her to learn how to draw strength from me. She couldn’t do that when she was faced the paparazzi. She couldn’t speak or respond. I want to show her the place in her mind she can climb where she can have nearly absolute control of how she reacts when all the external sensories are shut down or overwhelmed. She can’t achieve that if she does not practice and I intend to overwhelm all of her pleasure senses while restricting her body completely, pushing Anastasia to her very limits in her carnal desires.

“Think how you couldn’t respond even when you had the power of speech. After I put the gag on, I’m going to place the headphones which will receive the music from the iPod. Finally, I will cuff your elbows to your bent ankles. The cuffs will force you on your elbows, your buttocks presented and your legs spread. What a magnificent vision, you are already, Anastasia! Simply breathtaking!” I say rubbing her buttocks.

“All we all clear so far, baby?”

“Yes, sir.”

“This will get very…” I say running my hand over her side as I whisper in her ear, “…very…” I lick the shell of her ear as a moan escapes, her tilting her head back to my shoulder, “…very…” I trail kisses down her throat, “…very intense.” I inhale her scent closing my eyes, running my nose shoulder to shoulder. “I have longed for the absolute, singular connection with you, Anastasia,” I murmur. “When all the external senses are shut down, you will only be in tune with me, baby…” my front is to her back. I run my fingertips over her arms. A shiver goes through her body.

“I have never desired anyone, or anything as much as I desire you right now, Anastasia. You are the love of my life, my soul. I yearn for our souls to connect. Can you give me that baby?”

“Yes…” she responds in a husky lascivious voice.

“Good girl. Now, if you want me to stop, tap with your hand,” I say holding her right hand up in mine, “…three times, And I’ll stop. I’m your husband, your lover, and not your dom. But, we are testing your limits, so it’s important that I know when you’ve reached your limits.” I will be tuning into her body as well, feeling, listening, and connecting. I want our connection to be so perfect, very deep and infinitely intense.

“Open your mouth, and when I put the ball in your mouth, I want you to clamp your teeth on it,” I order.

“Yes, sir.” Once she clamps on the ball, I secure it on the back of her head.  

I place her on her back and secure the leather cuffs to her elbow and to the corresponding knee.

“Oh, baby! You are ravishing! A sumptuous morsel,” I murmur. Holding through the webs I weaved over her body, I quickly turn her over and lift her buttock up in the air. She is now supporting herself on her elbows and her knees.

“Remember, three taps,” I say caressing her right hand, as I lean over her. “Time for the headphones, Ana,” I say and put the headphones cutting her last sense to the outside world aside from touch. I take the riding crop and run it across the length of her body, awakening the only sense she has to the outside world.

Mozart – Requiem

I take the remote control out and switch the song to Mozart’s Requiem. It’s the unexpected. Anastasia shifts forming a triangle from her elbows to her hands. Her legs are forced apart because her elbows pull the frog tied legs. I run the riding crop between her thigh, over her pubic bone, and finally between the fold of her sex, spreading the folds expertly with the tip of the riding crop. I rub her with the tip in a leisurely back and forth glide. Her sex is slick with her juices, insatiable for only what I can give her. A muffled mewl escapes her throat behind the gag.
I stroke her sex, back and forth, spreading the cream into the fold, and back to her anus, slowly, tantalizingly. Then leaning in, I hold her buttocks and thighs with my hands, and gift her sex with a lover’s kiss, primitively, pushing my tongue inside her, stroking her inner walls. My tongue is embraced by the inner walls of her pussy like a sex starved lover. The torment of climbing the peak but keeping it at bay only to prolong and intensify the end result is also the pleasure. I won’t rest until every part of her body feels the sensation. When I feel the contractions building up, I pull back. Her sex is drenched in our comingled juices. I take the riding crop again after running it over her sex, I start raining small flicks over her buttocks, thighs, and sex, utilizing the rope’s pressure point of her body to further stimulate her giving her senses a workout. I make sure that I don’t land the riding crop on the same spot, but I land the flicks without an established pattern. That way her body doesn’t know what to expect, where to expect; this is the best way to get most of her erogenous zones to be stimulated.

I then hold the loop at the end of the anal beads and pull it out one bead at a time slowly in between the flicks. Anastasia tilts her head back in accumulated pleasure. I slowly push the beads back, one bead at a time. She can’t close her legs without pulling her arms. When I feel her sex building up for an orgasm, I stop and squeeze her buttock with my left hand reminding her to hold, savor, escape to a higher level of consciousness and let the pleasure build up for a bigger impact. She takes a deep shaky breath, shuddering. Her bottom is pink, blood collected, ready for an intense orgasm anytime I’m up to deliver it. This is the ripe time to utilize the Hitachi wand. She’s primed. I take the wand and toy with her clit, providing a constant stimulation while pulling the beads in and out.

A muffled ‘please!’ comes out Anastasia. I drop the wand and quickly divest my jeans springing my cock free, and plunge deep into my wife. The primed, creamy walls of her sex sucks the head of my cock, pulling it deep, as if she’s starved for my cock. I pull her to me by weaved web of ropes. This way they awaken all the nerves in all of her erogenous zones the rope is touching: her breasts, underarms, groin, hips, buttocks, thighs. As she attempts to writhe beneath me, the base of my cock kisses the opening of her sex. I pull the anal beads, just one bead at a time, and insert it back at the same time as my cock plunges into her. My balls tighten and slap her clitoris with each plunge, stimulating her, priming her for the quadruple orgasm I am intending to give her simultaneously. I pull my cock back to the tip. It’s coated in our juices from the engorged tip to my large base.

I pull on the weaved ropes on her back, making Anastasia gasp as her sweet sex parts and I encircle her clitoris with the pad of my middle finger. Then pull my cock back to the tip when I feel her reaching her peak, her toes curling before my eyes, her head arching back. I pull away my finger and let my balls do the slapping of her clit. As Anastasia reaches her climax when my cock is deep inside her tissues, fighting to claim every burning inch of me, I pull her nipple clamps, releasing her nipples of their captivity. A deeply pleasured moan escapes her as she pushes her buttock to accept my cock further in. In her mid-orgasm, I pull the anal beads out. And closing my eyes, I slam into her again and again. Letting her waves of orgasm claim me, and go into a frenzy to suck me dry. The first spurt of semen shoots out of my cock thick and hot into my wife’s sex. With a flex of my cock, I pull out and place my cock over her throbbing anus, and slowly insert my cream and semen covered erection into her ass inch by inch. The slick thickness of my cock slides into her anus like a custom made glove. I seat myself to the hilt inside her. The pulses going through her thickens my cock again, and slowly I push in and out of her ass, claiming my wife’s derriere. Her anus hugs my length, my balls slapping onto her clit again, eliciting another orgasm. She pushes back into me, and with the way she positions her body, she is asking me to hold just at that angle.

I hold. She managed to communicate with me even when all her sensories were shut down. With a swivel of my hips I stroked the point she wants pleasured with the throbbing tip of my cock. She moans again. Our bodies are covered with sheen of sweat. The sound of my balls hitting onto her sex, the rhythmic strokes of my cock over and over again on the deep spot inside her, the smell of our united scents, the musky scent of sex, intoxicating, the moans of Anastasia’s pleasure only spurs me further. I close my eyes, and I see her in my mind, smell her, the sounds of ecstasy spilling from her lips are always in my mind, even when I’m working. At this moment, we are one, body and soul. Her anus eagerly suckles my cock, and this time we reach our peak together, finally spilling every drop of semen flooding her. My eyes roll in the back of my head, and we’re lost in one another again.

When my nerves connect with my brain again, I pull out of her and semen spills with the vacuum left behind my cock. I quickly undo the ties, and unbuckle the cuffs confining my wife. I rub her legs encouraging circulation. Next, I take off the ball gag, and finally her blindfolds.

“Welcome back,” I murmur with a warm gaze.

“How was that for total surrender?”

“Kinkiest fuckery I ever had,” she says with awe in her gaze. “And it was simply heaven,” she adds with heavy lids, yawning.

“Just hold me now, husband.”

“Yes, ma’am.” I say and wrap my arms around her torso, spooning her. Her hands go to her belly, and mine covers hers, protecting the life we created together; our baby.

Muse - Can't Take my Eyes off of You


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Secondly Ana asked/begged to go back into the play room again this is written in the 3rd original book .
She wants to learn self control,that's how CG learnt unfortunately through elena,but never the less he learnt through total submission! That is what he knows therefore that is how he chooses to teach Ana! Ana asked christain to help her. So she could control her emotions when she is faced with aggression & slanders behaviour from strangers & so called friends questioning her better judgement. She know that's how Christian learnt its all there to be read in EL James 50 shades darker ! Ana the meek naive girl is gone in place is a strong better version of herself thanks to CG & the reverse goes the same with him! I really do think your missing the original story. Yes there will be more sexualised chapters. Emine is doing an absolute fantastic job filling in the blanks. CG always said Ana was in full control & made it clear that anything she couldn't take would be stopped immediately. As much as your more than free to voice your opinion maybe actually think over the facts before you criticise Emine's fantastic hard work!
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Anyhow, I have a simple question which I like you to think about. Imagine for a moment that you are Anastasia. Or Christian Grey has YOU in his life as his wife. And this above scene is the scene he'd like to play with you. His intent isn't hurting you but testing YOUR limits, teaching you the control of circumstances around you.

Would you deny him? Would you not play and ask him do the vanilla only? Or would you let him teach you and explore your limits? Remember, they're still newly wed. They haven't even had their first anniversary.

Think about it and let me know. I'm going back to my projects now. Talk to you all tomorrow.

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I've been a fan of your writing for a long time. Don't let that negative facebook message get to you. I think you have captured the growing relationship Ana and Christian share beautifully. I think the more you write about the love between Ana and Christian the more I am learning about myself and how to spice up my love life. Keep up the good work. I can't wait to read more. I love the pictures, the story, and everything else. You are a genius writer.

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Michelle B said...

Hi Emine:

To answer the question you posted earlier: Yes, I would definitely try this scene with Christian. It's really all about trust. It's clear Christian was not trying to hurt Ana. If I was Ana and deeply in love and shared that same trust they share then I see no problem in trying what he had in mind. I love that Ana is growing as a person. I'm looking forward to see what else you write. I love everything you write.

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Thanks for the two chapters. You're obviously busy but it is nice to know that you're still writing! I read the criticism put forward by that woman, and although everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I really hope you are not affected by it and continue writing in your own way, as clearly its incredibly entertaining. Both fantastic chapters and I'm really looking forward to the next one!

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Anonymous said...

I think if I was CG's newlywed, I would want to learn and share this experience even if I was a little shy. I think that they have grown leaps in their trust and now Ana wants to learn to have better control of herself in all situations and what a way to learn:p

Leidi ane said...

ola emine....amei cada palavra dos 2 capítulos,estou ate com pena da ana,pense ne uma pressão em cima dela...o capitulo 17 foi de subir pelas paredes,muito muito quente estou pegando fogo ate agora....hehehe
respondendo a sua pergunta:
a ana também gosta de um trepada sacana, com a química que eles tem é muito tesão na atmosfera deles.
si uma casal esta de acordo tudo é valido, ainda mais si for para o prazer dos dois....eles tem uma sintonia,uma cumplicidade enorme na cama...
esperando proximo capitulo ansiosa

Anonymous said...

I have followed you and your writing for a very long time and just want to say Thank you for sharing your creativity with your readers. To me you offer a different perspective on the inner workings of Christian and Ana's love, marriage and trust. Brilliant!

As to negative comments, ignore them. They can hurt you because you care so much and are trying to do your level best for your faithful readers. Any problems they have are exclusively theirs, not your's so don't allow them to influence you in any way when you know you are doing your very best. Not worth the time if the criticism is not heartfelt and meant in a constructive way.

As to your question, yes if I were so infinitely lucky to have Christian in my life, with the great gift of love he has for his Ana, I would certainly trust him to do this WITH (rather than to) me as I would be a very willing participant. He is trying to help Ana gain control of her life, and isn't this exactly what she asked him to do for her? How can anyone doubt him!

Thanks again Ermine for sharing yourself so selflessly with us. You are the best!

Much love and admiration!


Cora said...

Querida Emine!

Que surpresa maravilhosa 2 cap. de uma vez só.

Obrigado! Thanks! Thanks!

Mama Goo said...

Wow, simply amazing! Two chapters!! Your story is wonderful and beautifully written. PLEASE don't let these "fans" tell you how to write your story. As always,I can't wait for"more"!
Hugs from NJ,

Caroline Moraes said...

Hello Eminé,

So much to talk about it...
First thank you for the double surprise. Great way to start the week. ;)
I loved CG talking about Kate as someone just to enter the family and the "light" comment about "marring a Grey family member". He talks with the heart of someone that never questioned his place as one of them. That's so good for him that made me smile from ear to ear.
Flynn as always was great. The amount of prep that you had before writing shows in the quality of the dialogs and mostly on the correct psychologic analyze of it.
Ana's nightmare was difficult for me. I have vivid ones just about anything on my life and my shrink has her hands full with me after one. Thank you for write with love and care about such a problem.
About the anal scene with the karada.
Always astonished by your research.
You know so many technicalities of the BDSM and Erotica universe that I wonder if your husband isn't your number one fan and a major pushover for new chapters and consequents new "researches" lol
One thing I know for sure, mine is a happier man after the Erotica boom. ;)
I super agree with Michelle Wilson. People should think one, two, three times before saying something. Writing? What about ten?
Haters will always exists unfortunately but they'll makes us stronger and show us who we really are, who we want to become and who is there for us in the between.
I'm sure you know this but I'm saying anyway.
That brings me to Michael.
Thank you so much for your support.
Education is the way with ignorant people and I think that lady doesn't have the knowledge to talk about the lifestyle at all to say the least...
Respect, honor, trust, care, safety, pleasure, control, surrender, power, are just some words that together are use to describe what happens between two consenting adults willing to explore themselves to bond theirs bodies and souls in a game that the submissive is the one with the power.
Another thing that's important. Being submissive in bed doesn't mean being in life as a rule.
Often women with high profile careers play subs in a scene to help them let go of all that power that can suffocate them.
Word of advice for outsiders. Please, before judging someone lifestyle, read, listen, get educated on the subject, to only after open your mouth to say something.
Yes, by giving control you are learning how to control yourself.
It's easy. Flynn talked about it. After Ray's accident there was nothing they could do about it besides wait. They had to give away the control of the situation and learn to cool down and control what they could at the time. Almost nothing.
In the scene is the same. Ana is deprived by most senses and the only thing she can do is learn how to master the remaining senses left.
A sense of calm will surround her and she will enjoy the experience and use the newly acquired knowledge in her every day life.
By the end of book three E L James writes about how Ana is stronger after all that happened and after all she had learn with Christian.
That all been said, thank you Eminé for portrait so well our universe.
Answering your question, yes I would play with my new husband. If there's trust, both are willing and consenting adults, all is fair.
My husband was vanilla when we met. I introduced him on the lifestyle. I'm a switch with submissive preferences. He's not a full Dom but plays along with me and sleeps with a big smile on his lips every night.
That's it people. Loves does that. Simple. Life is not complicated. We do that with it.

Big Kiss from Brasil

Caroline Moraes
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Mary Grant said...

This chapter was simply amazing. I can't even think clearly I'm, lol. I've never really been into anal play but you just made it sound very interesting and like something I should give more consideration.
I am happy to see CG & Ana finaly really rully play out a real scene of BDSM. The other stuff was great down right HOTTTT but we all know that this (her total surrender to him)is a big part of who he is and what he needs to function proerly. Yes he put most of it aside for her but BDSM is more that whips and canes and pain. It is total and complete trust in each other. He needed that scene just as much as she did to feel that ultimate surrender to each other. As much as she had to trust him not to hurt her he had to trust her to be honest and communicate with him and not let him goo to far that he hurt or scared her, which she has trouble doing from time to time.
I think that you have done a beautiful job once again Emnie and I feel so blessed to have found you.
Thank You for everything you so for all us; We Luve You

Mary G

How is your mom doing? I pray the kids & hubby are well. Please take care of yourself also. I very much looking forward to more soon.
Good Night eveyone

Anonymous said...

The pictures WOW!!! And I will say that I've read each book (50 Shades 34 times each. These fan-fictions, probably 6x each)multiple times and I love them all. <3

Lynette said...

Emine is a very talented and dedicated writer. There is no room for the "Evies" and "Anonymous" people who do not understand Erotica, art and traditions. Emine wrote an alert several chapters ago that fans and readers had requested a storyline about anal play. Intellectually Emine goes a step further in discussing Shibari, erotic rope play which is centuries old tradition used in wars, honoring warriors and creating altered states and increasing endorphins. With a hormonal imbalance or challenges with the pregnancy this would have helped Ana. Christian has a trained and experienced lover would understand what his spouse is capable of and want to share his expertise. As protagonists, Christian in the Fifty Shades books EL alluded to Ana being a Switch but Emine has expanded on many concepts in the trilogy which EL may have only mentioned and did not explore including Surrender or Total Power Exchange (TPE). Emine being a great writer explores the various elements of Christian and Ana's relationship and it is CTG's POV. So all you "Evies" need to find another blog to lurk in and stop making rude and inappropriate comments to a well written perspective. Read and you might learn something! Emine, Thank You for being open to share your writing with a global fan base! The world cannot be wrong about your writing. The community of your readers and fans support you. Keep doing your thing! There are more Michaels here than "Evies." Community, if you can't keep up intellectually with Emine's writing for grown folks, then keep your idiotic comments to yourself. Ever read sensual literature before? Consider writing and passages from King David or tales from the ancient lands to Jane Eyre. Stay Creative Emine and Keep Writing! Don't be deterred. We have your back!

Pat said...

Ho Emine,

As usual you did a great job, and two chapters!!!

However, lately, I find a bit repetitive the chapters. Don't get me wrong, I love your writing, but lately I find half the chapters are always "kinky fuckery" and the other half is the story. I just wish there was more to the story.

You said that book IV would be maybe 25-30 chapters and it seems to me that there is still so much to cover and we are already in chapter XVII. I guess, I just want "more".

Anonymous said...

Ok....Im sorry but no one is forcing anyone to read this so if she don't like go fuckn read something else!! I think you are doing amazing with this...please don't stop! Christian DID NOT make Ana do anything she didn't want to do. Being one with him is what she needed. That is her strength.....her safe place. I don't feel that this made him a bad person. This is his true want with Ana I wouldn't want him any other way.

Anonymous said...

As has already been said nobody is forced to read this. I for one of many are loving it. It show how Ana and Christian are growing as a couple. Plus he had always said he wanted to continue to test her limits.
Emimne keep up the amazing work <3

Anonymous said...

Gosh, you know how to dominate and stimulate a girl. Awesome chapters. Two in one day. You are the best, no one can compare to you, when it comes to writing. You totally captivates your readers. You were born to write, that is your gift!!! I am in AWE of you.
Thank you, thank you!!

ash aspey said...

Wow wow wow!!!! O.m.g how hot was that!!! Bloody he'll, even I'm turned on reading that!!!. Amazing writing love how the connection is just so mind blowing. Your imagination is out of this world. You have my humble appreciation and respect. I love these stories that you are giving us, I have started reading them again from the start, and still feel the same emotions I did the first time I read them. Wow wow wow. I do hope u can publish your work I would buy hands down. People who have judged others work are very lonely sad individuals we love what you are creating. Keep doing what your doing emine!!!!.

jeangb said...

Emine thankyou for these great chapters. Please do not be disheartend by the comments of 1 dis-satisfied reader. I'm sure she will come to terms with her negative responses when you write how the new stonger Ana learns to deal with this totally new way of life. It's as Flynn says a rapid change in Ana's lifestyle. And Christian too is having to learn about the person inside that he lost 1st through his traumatic childhood and then having been more or less brainwashed by Elena again at a very vulnerable, and impressional age. His armour has to breakdown for him to achieve his own self worth. Having Ana and a new baby will give him that. To explore their limits together will give them both a new strength to be better united with each other. Christian will learn that his BDSM lifestyle is not just about pain and sexual gratification but sharing pleasure with someone whom he loves whilst giving strength for Ana to overcome her insecurities.
Meanwhile, I hope that you are not too over worked and will update quite soon.Bless you giving all of us some very entertaining readingxx

ash aspey said...

Wow wow wow!!!! O.m.g how hot was that!!! Bloody he'll, even I'm turned on reading that!!!. Amazing writing love how the connection is just so mind blowing. Your imagination is out of this world. You have my humble appreciation and respect. I love these stories that you are giving us, I have started reading them again from the start, and still feel the same emotions I did the first time I read them. Wow wow wow. I do hope u can publish your work I would buy hands down. People who have judged others work are very lonely sad individuals we love what you are creating. Keep doing what your doing emine!!!!.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Wilson
Emine my beautiful friend like I said to you last night never Second guess you fantastic writing! This being my second post (I've been reading the blog for a year now & for whatever reason I've never been able to post a comment untill now?) with every chapter you post I always wait untill the next day for all the other ladies reviews & what they would like to happen between CG & Ana sexually & what occurs in their life's together. Many of the readers have asked for months when Anal play would have been introduced to the story ? You replied to us saying you would be happy to write that into the story. Anal sex happens in loving martial relationships just as much as any other type of sexual relationship! I personally find the whole BDSM world very fascinating & I absolutely LOVED the rope play,so HUGE thank you to Micheal for being in formative & willing to help with what & why actually rope play is used for! I very much enjoyed reading the chapter! I always find your writing insightful.For me I've always wanted you to write about how CG went about setting up the playroom when he first moved into Escala. How much influence & help did he receive from Elena & who was the first ever sub & was she the one he suspended from the calibers & it went wrong,was she also the medical student he was helping out? Also has Elliott ever questioned CG what's behind the door that's always locked? I would be I the rested to know if any of you ladies would be interested in that story to?
I totally agree with Lynnette & Caroline Moraes if you can't take the heat from the "Adult content" then don't read it it's that simple!
As always I'll look forward to reading everyone's response & reviews of two fantastic chapters you have written for us. Love always Emine <3

Mama Goo said...

Wow! Back to back chapters that were absolutely brilliant! I totally loved how supportive & caring Christian is towards Ana. The last chapter was smoking hot & tastefully done. Please don't let any negative reviewers get in your head, this is YOUR story & it is amazing! Can't wait for the next update.
Hugs from NJ!

Carol said...

Dear Emine,
Kudos to Michael to support what you have written! Readers have all the power, actually. That dissatisfied reader should just exercise her power and not read, or come back to your story at a later date! There are people who marry their doms and I believe that what you have written in the past and what you just wrote about does exist. It was calm in comparison to other things I have read about the lifestyle. Ana knew, every single step of the way during Christian's prepping of her, what he was doing. He made it very clear to her that she can opt out at any time. She enjoyed every minute of it before, during and after. Loving, devoted and compassionate Christian is ever and always present in your stories. I am like a little kid when I see that a new chapter has been posted. Keep up the good work! Love ya, Carol xoxo

Anonymous said...


Well, I would say I am beyond words but there is so much to say. So I will. I was to you alone or the community at large. Well I love you and the community here is amazing so here I go...

It would seem we are all spellbound and speechless.

1. You are a goddesss as I have said before. 2 Chapters! My goodness. 2 Chapters that are fully developed, researched and crafted for our pleasure of these wonderfully passionate characters.

2. What you do here in the clouds is far beyond all imagining. You take what was a vital yet still not fully formed character in Christian T. Grey and you give him...gravity! He has depth, weight and volume in a way although I love the original books so much ( which is why I am here too) did not fully grant him.

3. The way he is teaching Ana about her body, mind and spirit are profound. I repeat...profound!!

Yes, he is using the tools he knows and fully understands but by the same token he is doing it in a way that is filled with desire, love, affection and intense respect for her as someone he holds higher and more dear than any other.

4. The way he has encouraged her to know and trust what her own body can do is a valuable gift. We as women often don't experience true understanding of our sensual, sexual and inner power until later in life. I even have friends who have never achieved 'true pleasure' from their significant other. Mostly because the partners lack simple knowledge of the human body, there's and ours.

Christian's tools might not fit the ordinary mold but he is gentle and loving and communicative with Ana throughout anytime they have an intimate encounter. Every. Time.

5. What you shared with us in the last chapter was indeed long over due and the fans of Brazil are right to want to hear your take on that first anal sexual experience. That was left open ended no pun intended. ;-D

I did not find the scene hard core because he was so communicative throughout which is how he has grown under your pen. He was warm and tender but yes always in control and I am sorry he is so freakin hot when he is in control sexually. Well HOT!!!

Some people might not like what you've done here but all I can say is that you continue what you are doing Emine. You are developing so much juice to the story that often my head is spinning.

I like the direction with Ana too because there is so much unsaid about how she finds her strength in becoming a strong CEO which we know is coming. I know that we women find our strength in many ways. She is finding her's in her husbands unconditional love, her baby growing inside of her and of course Christian helping her understand and nurture her sexual power.

In the end Emine, I can't get enough. I don't think I've looked for updates on any other webstie with the same voracious appetite that I have over the last several weeks waiting for an update.

Damn.Woman.You.NEVER. Disappoint. Period!

Thank you for your time and talent and by God please for the love of all that is holy keep going. I am along for the ride. As always my darling...PURE ATTENTION. I cannot wait until the next chapter.


Gina B.
from London

Anonymous said...


I just saw your post on the 19th about would I let Christian play that scene with me?

Trust. Overwhelming Desire. Willingness to grow and understand my body and my minds true power and potential. HELL YES! I don't need to be a newlywed for that.

If I'm Ana I trust him and I love him and let's face it, he is a man who truly knows what he's doing. DAMN! As Christian once said ' what we do between ourselves behind closed doors is our business.'

Nuff said!

Gina B.
from London

Anonymous said...

To answer to your question: yes I would definitely let Christian teach me and explore my limits. I would love to play with him. No way I would deny him and ask for vanilla sex!

So, go on and keep writing scenes like these ones. I just love it! ;)

S. from France

Mônica Goyer said...

Christian is so good for Ana, everything her needs, he gives support.

I wrote late, because I was so busy....
I was with shame reading the chapter , but enlightened me much things...thanks!!!

Porto Alegre-Brazil

Nicoletta Cuppone said...

Emine my dear .... this time you have outdone yourself. Two chapters stunning and fabulous. Please do not get demoralized by criticism and by people with a closed-minded and conservative. ILY Nicoletta

Nicoletta Cuppone said...

Emine my dear .... this time you have outdone yourself. Two chapters stunning and fabulous. Please do not get demoralized by criticism and by people with a closed-minded and conservative. ILY Nicoletta

Anonymous said...

Nossa ta muito estranho, pensei que a Ana e o Grey iam pegar mas leve ainda mas que ela ta gravida...

Anonymous said...

Hi :)
waiting for the next chapters it's always worth going and reading them it's better idea than studying for the exam :)

Greetings from Poland! ;*


ane said...

Ola Emine,parceiras do blog tudo bom ?
Estou sem palavras simplesmente peito,continue a escrever um grande beijo de sua fã aqui do Brasil.

Alana said...

Wow! That was really hot. And in response to the idiot on facebook, what books did she read? Did she not remember all the times in Freed where they played? Or the last scene where Ana initiates going into the playroom? That was not heavy BDSM. How immature and stupid can you be? Maybe she's been reading too much sappy bullshit over on fanfiction and has completly forgot who the real CG is.

Ale said...

Maravilhosa Emine!
Não se abale com comentários de pessoas que não irá acrescentar nada para você!
Os dois últimos capítulos foram espetaculares, criativos e demonstrou o verdadeiro C.G, que ama sua esposa mas também teve uma vida de dominação que as vezes precisa ser satisfeita.
E ninguém melhor que Ana para satisfazer seus desejos, e os dela também de conhecer a arte do BDMS!
Você como sempre foi surpreendente!
Saúde, muita inspiração e sucessos sempre!

Anonymous said...

Hi Emine,

No, I am no offended. I am a big fan of yours and have read this blog since the beginning.

However, I have to admit that this last chapter bothered me, not because of the BDSM sex, but rather the direction that CG and Ana's relationship is taking, it is becoming a Dom/Sub relationship and Ana NEVER wanted that. I am not saying that it is not hot, that is besides the point.

I agree with one of the girls who said that there is so much more to the story and it seems that the story itself is not advancing much and there are so many things still to come.

Emine, this is just my opinion and in no way reflects your writing, which is great.

Anonymous said...

Love you, love your writing. Can't wait for more...more of all of it. Lol!

Anonymous said...

Love you, love your writing. Can't wait for more...more of all of it. Lol!

Anonymous said...

Hi again Emine,
This chapter is great! By the way love Michaels comment. That chick needs to get a life. I don't practice BDSM but I would sure love to try allot of the things you come up with in your fantastic chapters just for fun. Don't let this witch deter you. you do a wonderful job and we love your writing. Look forward to the next chapter.
(Qld) (Aus)

Anonymous said...

To answer the question Emine, YES I would want to do that with him. Ana trust that he won't hurt her. Knowing your limits and pushing through to make yourself a stronger person, why wouldn't you want that stronger connection with yourself and the one you love.
(Qld) (Aus)

Anonymous said...

Can I just say, WOW.....!!!! I am AMAZED on what I just read. You take CG and AG to the next level every time. I can say that I was kind of aroused.. (Tmi) lol. First I read it and then had my husband read it aloud to me and he was fascinated (wink, wink). He hasn't read any of the books but he LOVED the last chapter. This chapter makes for a romantic night. Thank you so much. (From my husband)
Can't wait for the next chapter. Happy writing. And I totally agree with Gina.

Anonymous said...

I am not offended by the chapter or what CG did to Anna. Though I was taken aback by him gagging her because that was her hard limit. In anything you do, you will find someone that will criticize you and your work. Your writing will come out stronger and even better. (Though, there's nothing wrong with your writing right now). Criticism is a form of flattery in my eyes. Do you boo.... Happy writing

Aundrea Mielke said...

Not offended here think it was hot This is how christian was taught control while being submisive with eleana and how he became a stronger person from it. Of course this is how christian would train Ana it is what he knows.

Anonymous said...

Wow 2 chapters in one day. The showing the love they have for each other. The second showing how sensual and HOT their relationship is. AMAZING both of them, can't wait to read the next chapter xxxxxx

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Vivi Cordeiro said...

Emine, I position her friend and fan come here to say, do not be sad with people in mind as small as this, you write beautifully, you give us a little more each chapter of the Grey that both wanted and not EL James gave us just have to tell you not to stop or let you publish your work, I like many others love your writing, your "fanfic". What this person did was not a criticism but rather was an aggression against you, we love you, do not shake with people who does not deserve your look.

We are with you honey, always!

Kisses... Vivi Cordeiro

Vivi Cordeiro said...

Emine, I position her friend and fan come here to say, do not be sad with people in mind as small as this, you write beautifully, you give us a little more each chapter of the Grey that both wanted and not EL James gave us just have to tell you not to stop or let you publish your work, I like many others love your writing, your "fanfic". What this person did was not a criticism but rather was an aggression against you, we love you, do not shake with people who does not deserve your look.

We are with you honey, always!

Kisses... Vivi Cordeiro

Caroline Moraes said...

Thank you for putting it back on line.

Penny Brueggemann said...

I am posting again my friend. Michael, Caroline, Michelle Wilson and Gina B., so very well said. I just reread this again and OMG - just hot? I am in no way offended. I have not practiced this lifestyle but I must say you have opened my mind to many possibilities. They have grown so much with their trust in each other so to answer your question, absolutely. If I I had that with someone I would without question let him teach me my limits and control. I cannot imagine that I would deny him anything given what he had shown and taught me to that point. Ana is so much stronger now because of what Christian is teaching her and it is always with, just to have that with someone! It is all about the love and you write in such a way that we all feel it!

All that being said, I sure hope Leila and Linc are not somehow connected.

I love how you are filling in such details of their daily life and am excited for all we haveto look forward to. And, we know you will deliver. I, as well as many others, are in awe of your talent and how you bring this story to life in the midst of such a busy work schedule and family life.

I haven't found much else to read that I enjoy as much as being in the Clouds with most all your wonderful friends. The close-minder reader really is the exception to the rule.

I am not eloquent with my words but I am thankful you have so much support and that people can verbalize it so well. I have enjoyed reading their comments.I just want you to know how much your writing means to me and that it gives me a place to escape to, I have said this before. Needless to say I have started over and am on my 6th re-read.

Just cannot imagine how great the next chapter will be.

Post soon

And Hi Sudeshna! And Angie hope you and yours are ok in the Phillipines.



thank emine, waiting for a new chapter will never be as exciting as this, see here the wonderful chapter 17 again, it is that our applications were accepted, in which we admire her work and love you, I'm proud of all the people who expressed support for you and your beautiful version, I have the feeling that it is wonderful that we won the negativity with positivity, and to depend on us we are always on hand to support you, admire, respect and fight if necessary, in become fans of your writing the differential, so you're not just another fic, you and holding the best! My sincere thank you and now even more fan and admirer, you get to see many people do you support without asking for it, we love you Emine, CONGRATULATIONS!

Elisabeth ze translator said...

Hi Eminé, my dear friend,

Les chiens aboient, la caravane passe...

La bave du crapaud n'atteint pas la blanche colombe.

Etc Etc ...



Anonymous said...

Dear Emine,
It's my first time posting here. I LOVE the way you write the Cristian's view. Never give up! You're the best!.
from Brazil

Joanne Wright said...

The answer to your question is I would try anything with Christian like you said there still getting to know each other and Ana has an open mind when it comes to Christian.

Looking forward to the next chapter take care :)


tina witvrouwen said...

Hey Eminé
I've read 16 yesterday. It was beautiful as always. I was feeling :-( because I was looking forward to reading 2 chapters at once but I respected your decision to take 17 down. I haven't seen the negative comments you've had but ... to be honest ... If I may ...
I just read 17 and it was perfect to me. I mean, what's not to love? Christian is obviously connecting with Ana on a level they both agree on. I'm not an expert on BDSM and I will not give a lot of information about my private life but what I just read in 17 is pretty accurate and very stimulating if I might add. :-)
I hope you will write in the future how you want to write. I will always love your work, if their is BDSM in it or not.
Thank you for sharing your work !

Caroline Moraes said...

Just realized something.
"Diva" could mean something bad over there.
Not my intention.
Diva, maravilhosa, espetacular, divina!!
Okay. Now I'm happy.
Tks my friend.
Big kiss

Anonymous said...

Emine, don´t worry about the criticism of that kind of people. You are making an incredible job. Thank you very much!!!!

Martha Baltazar said...

WOW, WOW, WOW. What a chapter. Made my "girlie bits" all "happy". Not offended at all. Loved this chapter. Thanks Emine. <3

fanny rebellon said...

Hola Emine me encanta que haya puesto el cap.17 otra ves, este fic es de sexo, el que no le guste que no lo lea, por esto nadie es depravado, es la vida misma, es una pareja casadas ante dios y los hiombres y carajo se olvidan que aun estan RECIEN CASADOS es logico que solo quieran sexo, esa experiencia que narraste fue perfecta, todo fue de mutuo acuerdo y ANA DISFRUTO QUE JODE entonces cual es el problema. Ahora otra cosa lo de Leila no me gusta la incistencia de ella de regresar, y no es por cristian el NO la quiere, pero va a manipular y molestar a ana, cristian tiene razon, y no me gusta que flin incista, no se si es una prueba, pero no debe volver se le esta dando todo, ella es la que pierde si sigue incistiendo, amo tu escritura amiga te felicito de corazon y POR FAVOR LOCALIZA A OTRA TRADUCTORA EN ESPAÑOL, setephanie es un amor de persona pero primero son sus estudios, y esta muy ocupada ella no va a poder y la entiendo hay muchas fans a la espera gracias amiga un beso desde venezuela.

Snowy said...

I loved the chapter. This is the life that Ana chose when she married Christian. He has always been vert open with her and his sexual desires. I love your thought process and writing! Keep up the good work! Nieves

Anonymous said...

Hallo Emine :)

Ich kann nur eins sagen.....Kapitel 16 & 17 sind super wie immer.... Du bist eine sehr begabte, talentierte und einzigartige Schreiberin.... So viele Leute haben nach den Büchern versucht, Geschichten über Christian und Ana zu schreiben.... wie gesagt versucht..... doch wirklich gelungen ist es ihnen nicht....

Jeden Tag schaue ich manchmal bis zu 3 mal auf deinem Blog, um zu sehen, ob es ein neues Kapitel gibt, welches mir Freude und jede Menge Spaß bringen kann.... :) Mir gefallen die Ideen, womit du die ganzen Lücken im Buch schließt und auch deine Sicht der Entwicklung von Christian, welche meiner Meinung nach perfekt zu dem Buch passt....und E.L. James sicher nicht hätte besser schreiben können.... Ich bin mir ziemlich sicher, dass es bisher kein anderer im gesamten www gelungen ist, es so um zusetzen.... :) :) :)

Um mal zu Kapitel 17 zu kommen.... Für viele Leute ist BDSM und auch Analsex ein großes Tabu.... was auch in Ordnung ist.... jeder so, wie es ihm gefällt... dennoch sollte doch jedem Leser hier bewußt sein, worüber du schreibst, bzw. was du schreibst..schließlich geht es genau darum doch auch in dem Buch....und dort hat E.L.James den Analsex auch angeschnitten, welches du in einer super Szene umgesetzt hast....

Es ist ja auch nicht so, dass Ana von Christian gezwungen wird, sie selber liebt es ja auch, sich auf ihren soften DOM Christian einzulassen (IST JA MEHR ALS DEUTLICH IN DEN BÜCHERN) und hat ihren Spaß daran sich im Red Room auszutoben ... wie auch in deiner Szene, hätte Ana jederzeit die Möglichkeit Christian zu stoppen, was sie nicht getan hat.... (hihi, dass würde mir im Traum auch nicht einfallen^^) denn sie hat es alles viel zu sehr genossen....die Szene, die du geschrieben hast erinnerte mich an wenig an Buch 1, wo Christian Ana mit dem Flogger und ihrem Körper vertraut gemacht hat... wieder ein Grund, zu sagen... PERFEKT geschrieben :) Daher verstehe ich nicht, worüber sich nun der ein oder andere beschwert, rumzickt und nen riesen Aufriss macht....

Ich will auch gar nicht mehr schreiben^^ außer eins noch... Ich danke dir, dass du soviel Zeit, Arbeit, Fleiß und Schweiß hier aufbringst und uns eine große Freude bringst mit deiner wunderbaren Story und wir weiterhin eine Menge Christian haben dürfen .... und dass wir hier noch lange, lange lesen dürfen... :)


Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland

Anonymous said...

Hi Emine :)
(my English Writing is not the best....)
I can only say one thing ..... Chapter 16 & 17 are awesome as always .... You are a very gifted , talented and unique writer .... So many people have tried for the books to write stories about Christian and Ana .... as I said trying ..... but really succeeded , NOPE ....

Every day I look sometimes up to 3 times on your blog to see if there is a new chapter, which can bring me joy and a lot of fun .... :) I like the ideas with which you close all gaps in the book and also your view of the development of Christian , which fits perfectly in my opinion about the book .... and EL James certainly could not have been better able to write .... I 'm pretty sure that it is so far, no one else has succeeded throughout the www, it so to enforce .... :) :) :)

But to get to chapter 17 .... For many people, BDSM and anal sex is a big taboo .... what is okay .... any way he likes it ... yet every reader ought to be aware of here , what you write, or what you are writing .. finally it goes exactly why but also in the book .... and there ELJames has anal sex also cut, which you in a great scene have implemented ....

It's also not that Ana Christian is forced she herself loves it , too, to engage with their soft DOM Christian ( YES IS MORE THAN CLEARLY IN THE BOOKS ) and it has to let off steam fun in the Red Room .. . as well as in your scene , Ana would always have the option Christian to stop what they did not do .... ( hehe , that would not even occur to me in a dream ^ ^) because she has it all too much .... enjoyed the scene that you wrote reminded me of little of Book 1, where Christian Ana with the flogger and her body has familiarized ... one good reason to say ... PERFECT :) written , so I do not understand what is now complaining one time or another , rumzickt and makes NEN huge elevation ....

I do not even want to write more ^ ^ except one more thing ... I thank you that you aufbringst so much time, effort , hard work and sweat here and bring us great joy with your wonderful story and we may continue to have a lot of Christian .... and that we are still a long, long allowed to read here ... :)

AND WHO DO NOT LIKE .... in this country we say .... YES YOU KNOW - WHERE THE MASON (bricklayer???) HAS LEFT THE DOOR - ​​BYE and F**k off

Anonymous said...

Hallo Emine :)

Ich kann nur eins sagen.....Kapitel 16 & 17 sind super wie immer.... Du bist eine sehr begabte, talentierte und einzigartige Schreiberin.... So viele Leute haben nach den Büchern versucht, Geschichten über Christian und Ana zu schreiben.... wie gesagt versucht..... doch wirklich gelungen ist es ihnen nicht....

Jeden Tag schaue ich manchmal bis zu 3 mal auf deinem Blog, um zu sehen, ob es ein neues Kapitel gibt, welches mir Freude und jede Menge Spaß bringen kann.... :) Mir gefallen die Ideen, womit du die ganzen Lücken im Buch schließt und auch deine Sicht der Entwicklung von Christian, welche meiner Meinung nach perfekt zu dem Buch passt....und E.L. James sicher nicht hätte besser schreiben können.... Ich bin mir ziemlich sicher, dass es bisher kein anderer im gesamten www gelungen ist, es so um zusetzen.... :) :) :)

Um mal zu Kapitel 17 zu kommen.... Für viele Leute ist BDSM und auch Analsex ein großes Tabu.... was auch in Ordnung ist.... jeder so, wie es ihm gefällt... dennoch sollte doch jedem Leser hier bewusst sein, worüber du schreibst, bzw. was du schreibst..schließlich geht es genau darum doch auch in dem Buch....und dort hat E.L.James den Analsex auch angeschnitten, welches du in einer super Szene umgesetzt hast....

Es ist ja auch nicht so, dass Ana von Christian gezwungen wird, sie selber liebt es ja auch, sich auf ihren soften DOM Christian einzulassen (IST JA MEHR ALS DEUTLICH IN DEN BÜCHERN) und hat ihren Spaß daran sich im Red Room auszutoben ... wie auch in deiner Szene, hätte Ana jederzeit die Möglichkeit Christian zu stoppen, was sie nicht getan hat.... (hihi, dass würde mir im Traum auch nicht einfallen^^) denn sie hat es alles viel zu sehr genossen....die Szene, die du geschrieben hast erinnerte mich an wenig an Buch 1, wo Christian Ana mit dem Flogger und ihrem Körper vertraut gemacht hat... wieder ein Grund, zu sagen... PERFEKT geschrieben :) Daher verstehe ich nicht, worüber sich nun der ein oder andere beschwert, rumzickt und nen riesen Aufriss macht....

Ich will auch gar nicht mehr schreiben^^ außer eins noch... Ich danke dir, dass du soviel Zeit, Arbeit, Fleiß und Schweiß hier aufbringst und uns eine große Freude bringst mit deiner wunderbaren Story und wir weiterhin eine Menge Christian haben dürfen .... und dass wir hier noch lange, lange lesen dürfen... :)


Leni said...

890Meu Deus. Muito bom. nossa, estou ofegante. Parabéns Emine. Continue nos brindando com esses capítulos maravilhosos. E por favor, seja mais rápida para escrevê-los rssssss
Beijos do Brasil

dayicapie said...

Everyone has a right to express their own opinions so I won't put anyone down for theirs as for me I completely loved these chapters. Its wonderful to see how much they both have changed for one another. U are a wonderful writer. Can't wait for next chapter. Thank you so much for a wonderful read :-) dayi

dayicapie said...

I love it

Sandra Sidze said...

Hi Emine,

As usual it is a pleasure to read you. Thanks so much for your writings.

Je dois tout de meme avouer que je suis un tout petit peu decue par le chapitre 17 dans la mesure ou je m"attendais a lire la vie que menent ana et christian et comment ils gerent cette grossesse que christian redoute. Jusqu"ici, malgre les belles scenes de cu on sentait l"amour profond qui lie ana et christian: j"ai juste peur que le livre 4 tourne plutot en un livre sur le BDSM.

This is not a criticism, I would like just to emphasize on the fact that I feel like this 4th book tends to give precedence to sex instead of love between ana and christian.

But again, you are a great writer and you deserve all respect for that.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been enjoying your blog from virtually the start but I have to admit that that even before I read the comments you posted I was thinking how is this really helping Ana, all I could see was Christian taking full command of the mind and body where I thought he was meat to be giving her control. I'm afraid I agree whole heartedly with the first comment you posted (not the email)

Kay said...

wow, hot! great chapters :) any more? :P

Michele Dominato said...

Emine, parabéns pelos capítulos. Sua versão dá asas à imaginação! Eu acho que o casamento do Cristhian e da Anastásia é na verdade um casamento de cumplicidade, onde não existem regras, e isso é o que parece incomodar. Quem te escreveu esta crítica, não leu os livros e não pegou o espírito da história. Parabéns pelo trabalho, e por nos mostrar os medos da Anastásia, que nunca foram tão desenhados!!!!! bjs

fanny rebellon said...

A la amiga Sandra Sidze se le da prioridad al sexo porque ellos todabia estan RECIEN CASADOS aunque ana este embarazada tienen solo meses de estar juntos las que leen esta historia y se han casado que se hace durante el 1 año? sexooooo entonces cual es el problema, aparte de que si se quieren, se desean tanto como lo comunican? con BESOS Y SEXO, no crees amiga? respeto todas las opiniones, pero si estan equivocadas lo expreso, eso no es ser libertina pienso que el sexo con amor es lo mejor del mundo si me equivoco disculpa. un abrazo, y de nuevo gracias EMINE in beso.

Rosangela Maria Cabral Corvalan said...

Eminé só consegui ler esse tão polêmico capítulo hoje.
Eu lhe disse que iria ser sincera se eu gostasse ou não do capítulo.
Pois bem simplesmente AMEI!! Não consegui entender o por quê de tanto frenesi...só vi nosso carinho nesse ato..muito amor..muita compreensão..muita entrega...o que para muitos podem ser pesado..pra mim foi leve..perfeito e que confiança Ana entregando totalmente abertamente!!
O que é feito entre quatro paredes e com cumplicidade só pode ser lindo.!!

Perfeito..obrigada por você saber usar as palavras certas



Daniela Martins said...

Hello, Emine! Good afternoon!
I loved chapter 17! It's 3 time that I read!
You had a good job again!
It's perfect!
And we glad that you post again this chapter!
How is your family?
Is everything ok?
A big hug

cat675 said...

Love it. Just caught up, sorry I've been gone so long.

Anonymous said...

Hi emine.
I just wanted to say really saddens me to read that email. I have loved every single chapter you have written and I can't understand why people have been so nasty. What I think people forget is that you lead a very busy life and work very hard let alone sitting and writing this blog. No one forces people to read it. So whybof she found the last 3 chapters so bad did she continue to read?!
Don't lose faith in your ability. The majority of us love your writing. The bdsm was fantastic. I'm not in the lifestyle but it fascinates me no end.
Well done! Can't wait for more.

Lucy weller. Xx

mzthang said...

Hi Emine,

I finally came down from the clouds to leave a

Hot! HoT!HOT!!!! You are taking us on such a sensual journey with Christian and Ana and you certainly did not disappoint. I like how their relationship is evolving and it makes you just want to be there for every aspect of their lives.

Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful talent with us. Hello also to my fellow reader especially my Caribbean neighbor in St. Lucia.

Looking forward with great anticipation to the next chapter.

~hugs from~
still tingling in the Caribbean.

Anonymous said...

hi emine! let me say that your writing is simply amazing ... check every day to see if you put a new chapter :)
I have a question to ask you, have you thought about writing this chapter from the point of view of anastasia? ... so I'd be curious to read it
many kisses your great fun Gio!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone Who celebrates It ♡♥★☆
Ciao, from frosty north-Italy

Donna from DE said...

Hi Emine,
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for one of best chapters yet. It was HOT HOT HOT!! You are so truely talented and I am sooooooo thankful everyday I found your website. My husband enjoyed looking at the pictures with me :) HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your family and to my fellow readers and their families. XOXOXOXO

Cora said...

Hi Emine! Thanks for this new chapter XVII. This was how I imagined a more intense relationship with Ana CG Attitudes are explained and accepted. This is the CG I fell in love: a man transformed by love, doing things with love, respect and honesty not losing deep erotic side of the relationship. And it transforms into a more mature and Ana segura.Que woman sees and feels the love of CG. It is no longer just a BDSM relationship. The time now is a relationship of mutual love and trust. Where sex is present for the enjoyment of both.
Thanks for this enlightening chapter that unites two souls <3
PS - Sorry for my bad english, hope you understand!

Lori Smith said...

First off, great two chapters!! This chapter though is the best. I had all the tingly feelings throughout the whole chapter. What trust Ann has for CG!! As for this scene, I would without a doubt do this scene. Until CG & Ana, I was mostly vanilla, but I have come to open up ansd try new things, most of which we had come to enjoy very much!
I love your extended thoughts into Christians mind!!!!!!

Yvette Perez said...

Hello Emine, I been meaning to tell you how much I've enjoyed reading this book! You are an amazing writer.... That being said i had no clue about all the drama over this chapter!!!!!! I was reading the comments and I have to applaud you for taking a stand!!!!!! Oh and thank you sooo much for writing I m honestly sooo glad I found ur blog! And happy belated birthday... We share the same birthday:) Happy Holidays! Xoxo~ yvette

Yvette Perez said...

Hello Emine, I been meaning to tell you how much I've enjoyed reading this book! You are an amazing writer.... That being said i had no clue about all the drama over this chapter!!!!!! I was reading the comments and I have to applaud you for taking a stand!!!!!! Oh and thank you sooo much for writing I m honestly sooo glad I found ur blog! And happy belated birthday... We share the same birthday:) Happy Holidays! Xoxo~ yvette

Yvette Perez said...

Hello Emine, I been meaning to tell you how much I've enjoyed reading this book! You are an amazing writer.... That being said i had no clue about all the drama over this chapter!!!!!! I was reading the comments and I have to applaud you for taking a stand!!!!!! Oh and thank you sooo much for writing I m honestly sooo glad I found ur blog! And happy belated birthday... We share the same birthday:) Happy Holidays! Xoxo~ yvette

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your books. I was sad when I finished 50 shades, but found your books. I love Christians pov. Can't wait for the next chapter. You're awesome keep up the great writing.

Anonymous said...

Jackie from Australia says,

Hi Ermine,

What a wonderful chapter. You changed it from the chapter I first read when you posted it. But both chapters were excellent. I would like to say that I look forward to reading your wonderful chapters when you post them I can't wait I am always so eager.
It is Thursday 28/11/2013 in Australia, so I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving, we don't celebrate it here in Australia. So I would imagine that the people from America who live here would celebrate it.This is my first time posting. I look forward to reading the next chapter.

Backsassing said...

Hi! Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!
Emine, what can I say, without repeating myself???
Thank you again for taking the time to write this story. We appreciate it more than I think words can express. Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.

Patricia said...

My dear Emine,

After reading Sandra's comment as well some other comments, I realize that I am not the only one who thinks that there is very little story in Book IV. A lot of sex an BDSM, but not much to the story. I thought that this book was going to plug all the wholes from the original books, but so far the sex is great, no question about it, but the wholes from the first books are still there.

You said that there would be 25-30 chapters in Book IV, we are alread in chapter XVII and Ana is not even 3 months pregnant. The original book (Freer) finishes with Tim being 2 years old and Ana pregnant again. We are a long, long way from that ending and we still have so many questions unanswered.

Of course, this is just my opinion and has nothing to do with your great writing. But, please Emine, give us more story.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Hi Emine!! I'm still here with you!

I should have my new computer this weekend so I will leave my longer comments then. Just know that I read BOTH updates (thank you for 2 of them) and LOVED both. You've got a fan in me always ;)


Anonymous said...

Hello Emine,

This is just to apologize if my comment may have hurt you for it was absolutely not my intention. I just dared to say that I like what you are doing and what I would also love to read about. If I was not a fan I would have never read from book 1 to book 4 but I did because I love what you do knowing how busy sometimes you may be.

I don't think I was impolite so I don't understand the insults in one comment. But well, so are humans...

Again,everyone is right, no one forces me to read your blog; I read it because you do an amazing job. At times when my life was so difficult and I lost my faith in love, I kept reading this beautiful love story between Christian and Ana to find the strength to believe, to hope again.

To the other readers who seem to be upset by my comment I will simply say that I respect their freedom to speak unlike they do with mine.

In the mean time, as I used to say in my previous anonymous posts "you make my days Emine". Don't pay attention to me for I am nothing just keep doing the good job.

Sandra Sidze

Anonymous said...

I have read & re-read all your writings since finding this blog. Your voice on these pages of both Christian & Ana is a gift from you to us. Thank you.
Waiting impatiently for more.
Kate, Western Australia

Anonymous said...

Hi emine,

The only reason I keep reading this blog is so I can read the chapters where the story is moving forward, I end up skipping over some of the sex scenes. I personally feel that in the original books the story moved along with the sex scenes. I read the original books for the storyline - i completely understand where Sandra and Patricia are coming from and I find it completely wrong for anyone to be criticised for their opinion. There I thought the comments section was in part to share our opinions and thoughts......

I know u spend a lot of time writing this blog in whatever free time you have in your busy schedule. , I do love the blog and think you are a great writer

Brandy said...

Hi Emine!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I have had a huge crazy week and haven't had much time to read your blog this week till now. I was saddened to read that there was comments made to you that were not nice! You are an amazing woman with a wonderful talent! I am in awe of you! I am a huge fan of yours and just love reading what you write and say! Please don't ever give in to those who are "haters" or just negative people! For people like me, you are someone to look up to and would want to be around. I have to admit that I am learning so much from you and all the work you do put into this blog! It has also sparked some extremely hot and erotic conversations with my husband and I. I loved the two recent chapters and have loved your minds work with them! Please keep up your amazing work and know that there are tons of us out here that LOVE what you do and appreciate you!!!

Corinna said...

Hi Emine,
I'm not a person who often leave reviews, but I have to say WOW!!! to this chapter!!! I love your whole writing, but this chapter is amazing, you outgrow yourself!!!
Thank you for letting us partake in this incredible journey throughout Christian's thoughts (or may I say yours). ;-)
Keep up this good work!!!
Greatings from Germany
Corinna :-)

Angela said...

Hi Emine,
I'm not really the kind that leaves comments, so this is my first comment and I have to start off with saying that I absolutly love the work that you've done. the reason that I'm leaving a review is because I want to say THANK YOU for presenting us such a loving and caring Christian. I've only finished your chapters a day or two ago(yeah, I know I'm kind of a late blomer) and today searched for other blogs with what-happend-after stuff, and I found out one where Christian cheats on Ana. I couldn even bring myself to continue reading and had to come back here to reread a few of this latest chapters. Also I have to say don't sweat it about those people who don't like the direction where this is going. I completly understand it and I would have done the same thing. Again thank you for the wonderfull work and don't make us wait too long for the next chapter. :)
PS sorry if it's too long and jumping from topic to topic, my thoughts are all over the place :D

Susanne said...

Hi Emine,

thank you for the wonderful new chapters. I usually don't review (call me lazy), but this time I felt the need to do so. I really wanted to let you know how much I appreciate that you take time out of your busy life to write this story for all of us. I can't understand why people feel the need to critize this chapter, but I guess it is because they don't have a greater understanding for BDSM. All Christian did was trying to teach Ana that even if she is in a situation, where she feels helpless or scared, she can still be in control. For me she did learn exactly that in this chapter. To me the most important part of this chapter was when she was able to tell Christian exactly what she wanted and needed without being able to speak to him. And it was to be expected that Christian would use sex to teach her that lesson. After all this is how he learned to be in control of his mind and body; and it turned him from an angry brawler into a successful businessman. So don't let those comments bother you. Being a fanfiction writer myself I learned that you can't please all your readers. If you let them have happy times, they want more drama. If you have more drama in your story, they want happy times and as a writer it can get hard to find the right balance. I tried to please all my readers for a while and it became impossible, so I decided it is my story and I write it just as I want it to be. You should do just the same, because you have an amazing talent as writer and I know I will enjoy what ever you decide to write.

Greetings from germany,


Anonymous said...

ETA please?
Thank you

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

I'm not having a very good day today. My college roommate's husband committed suicide yesterday in California. I might go see her. I've known this girl since I was 16. She was our neighbor, my friend and became my roommate.

If conservative born-again Christians were to have their heads on straight, this guy (friend's hubby) would have been it: upright citizen, outstanding member of the church. But, life doesn't work that way... I'll just work throughout the day, and see if I can go see her this week in CA.

jeangb said...

And there you go again supporting friends in need. Bless you Emine for your compassion. We will wait with impatience but understanding.My prayers to the poor relatives and friends andof coarse to youxx

Joanne Wright said...

my thoughts are with your friend :)

Snowy said...

So sorry to hear of your loss.

annie7632 said...

Dear Emine, I have managed to catch up with the last 2 chapters and all I can say is WOW... you have done it again hun...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your friend on the loss of her husband.

Hugs to you all xx

Tasha H said...

I am so sorry for your loss. If your heart is telling you that you need to be with your friend... that is where you need to be. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Shit! I'm so sorry forse that Man! This event It's so terribile...
God bless him And his familiare
Annalisa, italia

Anonymous said...

OMG I love your books, I'm really in love with it... I can't stop reading your writing is amazing. In my opinion you really are filing in all the blanks left in the original books! Thanks a lot for doing this to us! Can't wait to read the next chapter!
I'm sorry for you loss mau Fod be with you!


Caroline Moraes said...

So sorry dear.

As anyone that lost a loved one, we know is not easy for the loved ones that stayed in this side and now have to learn how to go through the stages of grief and cope with this terrible event, but I'm sure your presence will help her and give her the strength she needs to just breathe and be there to anyone that could use her help to do the same.

She needs someone like you right now. A real friend. Someone to vent, to scream, to blame, to remind her to eat/drink/shower, someone to wash her tears, to make her laugh even for one tiny bit second, to cope with annoying relatives that as we know will put salt in the broken flesh, someone to just be there in silent understanding to hold her hand for hours and do nothing but grief.

Truly sorry for both of you my friend. I'll pray for him and his family and friends. May he find peace and his loved one the comfort they need.

Huge hug.


neves089 said...

LINDO !!Como sempre perfeito! Amei vc ter postado 2 capítulos juntos ! Muito bom a conversa com o Dr. Flyn realmente nos mulheres qdo gravidas temos muitos medos, receios e expectativas o que reflete nos sonhos ou mesmo pesadelos!
Agora o ultimo capitulo com o primeiro ato anal do casal foi perfeito! Parabéns e obrigado!

Hope said...

So sorry for your and your friends loss will send prayers up for them in this time.......hugs

Samantha Wilson said...

Just, wow. I found your blog about a week ago and have devoured EVERY word. I am so excited to keep reading. You are very talented. I don't get hooked on stories easily, but this pulled me away from studying for my finals, thank you so much. Keep posting, pleas!

Samantha, FL

Samantha Wilson said...

Just, wow. I found your blog about a week ago and have devoured EVERY word. I am so excited to keep reading. You are very talented. I don't get hooked on stories easily, but this pulled me away from studying for my finals, thank you so much. Keep posting, pleas!

Samantha, FL

Anonymous said...


Thank for your blog. I have enjoyed reading this MUCH more than I did FSOG. Your writing makes FSOG look like fan fiction of your blog.

I am a software QA specialist/tester and I found reading FSOG 3 times to understand what was wrong with it. When I found out that she is from the UK it explained a few things that bothered me. Especially "Mainland US' or 'continental US' instead of 'The States', she could have benefited from a localization expert. Other things that bothered me is that the story is supposed to be 2011 and how many college students DO NOT have a computer or an email or 3?

You have brought more dimension to the characters. You have also developed the story lines so much better. It really bothers me when a writer doesn't develop the story line. I wish that you could have done more with the Jack Hyde/Ana story, but you were confined by FSOG.

I didn't buy FSOG and won't. I wouldn't recommend someone purchase it. I would though point them to your blog instead.

I look forward to future reading.

Anonymous said...

Loved reading this blog. Can't wait for the next chapter. Keep up the good work.

Brandy said...

I am so sorry to hear of you and your friends loss! My husband lost his best friend over the summer from a suicide. Our dear friend was more like a brother to us and an uncle to our children. Life sure does take some unexpected turns.I will keep you all in our prayers...

Anonymous said...

Please Emine, when will you post the next chapter? Can't wait for more!
Thank you!
S. from France (Chantal Countrygirl)

Rosangela Maria Cabral Corvalan said...

Emine minha querida!!
Passando pra te dar um abraço carinhoso e dizer que você pode contar comigo sempre a qualquer hora!!
Estou e estarei sempre por aqui!!
Vamos enfrentar todo e qualquer desafio juntas!!
Fique bem...nós todas, do Brasil e do mundo torcemos por você e te amamos..sinta-se abraçada por todas!!
Rosângela Maria Cabral Corvalan

Arthimis Lopes said...

pelo amor de deus quando vai ter a continuação do livro 50 tons de liberdade versão grey (preciso do capitulo xvlll do quato livro

elyelena said...

Oh my God. I just read the news of the death of your dear friend's husband. It 's really terrible. How much should a person be desperate to take his own life? I can not even imagine ... With all my heart, soul and mind I'm near to you and to your friend and his family. I'm sorry, I do not know what else to say except that I really am close to all of you in this time of terrible suffering.
A sincere hug

Dannynha Mansani said...

I'm so sorry for your friend's loss, Emine. May God comfort her heart and the heart of all his family and friends.

sara said...

when will the next chapter come?
thank you

Mônica Goyer said...

Hi, I so sorry Emine!
Feel my hug with all my affection!

kisses from Brazil

Márcia Alves said...

Hi Emine ...
Just today I was able to make a comment.
Finally moved to "my house"
I am very happy ...
Now is working to pay bank financing.
Our face "50 shades of friendship" is wonderful.
I'm loving ..
When you come to Brazil for the launch of the series Pella, I want to meet you personally.
Once you have details be sure to alert.
Want to plan financially.
As for chapters XVI and XVII ...
Both wonderful.
As his work.
Fashioned, wonderful, perfect
I look forward to a new chapter and of course the publication of his book and of course meet you in person.

tina witvrouwen said...

Hallo Eminé

I'm sad to hear such news. I hope you got in touch with her and I hope she will be alright. My thoughts are with you and her.


jeangb said...

Hi Emine, Just to say I miss you. But understand that you are helping your friends. If you are not able to post before xmas don't worry. the love you give to your family and friends is more important. Having said that, I wish you a happy Christmas and pray you will have a better 2014 than you have had this yearxx

Katherine Allen said...

So sorry for your loss. Such a tragedy to lose someone like that.

I'm also wondering if you will continue writing? I loved what you've dine with these books and loom forward to more.

Gina Benning said...


I just wanted to say I am thinking of yo. And you and yours are in my thoughts and prayers. Please remember in all of this to take good care of yourself too. We love you!

Happy Christmas Love🎄
Gina B.

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Thank you girls!

My favorite uncle (who helped me to become an advocate to educate girls, helped them go to school) had an open heart surgery 2 days ago. But he too is dying. He's in critical condition today (his surgeons don't think he'll survive this) and clearly we're all devastated with this news as well.

December has been a sucky month, but you know what Murphy's law says... So, I'll just say all is well.

heliane said...


Debby said...

Hello Emine,
Sorry for your trials and tribulations. December hats been a really sucky month. My father in law passed away 2 weeks ago. Nothing says Joyoues Noel like relatives picking over the dearly departed to the sounds of loud arguments over who gets what and who Daddy loved best. My poor husband is so sad. I can't seem to get him in the spirit of Christmas. Or even out of his funk.
We have missed you and your wonderful stories. I hope your new year starts off better than this one is ending for you. We will keep you and your family in our prayers.
Please try and have a Merry Christmas and a New Year. Things will get better.
To all of my Walk in the Clouds family -- May you all be blessed in this Holiday Season and stay safe.
Hugs & Kisses

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

My uncle died a couple of hours ago.

Penny Brueggemann said...

To all my Walk in the Clouds family, however you celebrate, may your season be blessed abundantly and let's all lift Emine up in good thoughts and prayers. She has shared so much with us and most of us know the pain of loss. We love you Emine. Merry Christmas!

jeangb said...

Dearest Emine, My sincere condolences for your loss. He is at peace now, God bless and help you healxx

Aline Roberta said...

hello Emine
I loved the crazy chapter by continued ... Will post more when?

Aline Roberta said...

hello Emine
I loved the crazy chapter by continued ... Will post more when?

HELIANE said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Emine,
Althought I just cought up with you here, I want you to know my prayers are with you. So I pray that you and your family have the best Christmas. I love your wrightings. I get cought up in the story and feel like I am there. Lol & xx Linda

Anonymous said...

To Dear Emine
You are in my thoughts and prayers xx
Anna (Australia)

Patricia said...

Dear Emine,

Sincere condolences for your loss. I am starting to fear the Christmas period, so many people die just before Xmas. My husband's favourite cousin died yesterday and my mother-in-law had a heart attack 10 days ago.

We put just so much pressure on ourselves, but on top of it all, we add the emotional stress during the Xmas period.

Merry Christmas to all.


Anonymous said...

I m confused.. They came home in the afternoon engaged in kinky fuckery then went to flints office and lastly came home n engaged in kinky fuckery again... This is the order of events right?? Help would be appreciated!! Love the story btw. I find myself coming back to it every evening just to escape frm the real world problems.
Lots of love and hugs from India

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your loss emine!! May he rest in peace.
Lots of love. <3 <3 from India





Debby said...

I am so sorry for your loss. At least he is no longer suffering. It's so hard to watch our love ones suffer and know that we can do nothing to change that. Just know that he is finally at peace. Please take care of yourself.

elyelena said...

Dear Emine,

Sincere condolences for your loss. I am close to you and your family in these terrible moments. My biggest fear is to lose the people who are most dear to me, even though I know that this is inevitable.
I think I'm able to understand what's going on.
Please fell all my affection and moral support.
A sincere hug.

Anonymous said...

Oh Emine. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. So sorry for your loss.


ashley owens said...

I am so sorry for your loose. I understand what you are going through. I know it's so hard to do,but always remember the goodtimes you had. My heart truely goes out to you and your family. Stay strong and surround your self with love.

Anonymous said...


I am so sorry for your loss and all the carnage that you have been through this month and year. Remember you have more than one family and if you need us let us know.

Massive hugs love.
Gina B.

Anonymous said...

This blog is fantastic! Can not wait for more I'm so in love with it! Great job!

Brandy said...

Hi Emine,

I want to express my sincerest condolences to you with all of your loss of loved ones. I can not imagine what you are going through right now! I feel so bad for you. I wish there is more that I could do for you! Through you writing, it is such a pleasure to get to know you. Hopefully you are surrounded by your loved ones and can get through this rough time! I have always looked at this time of year as a special time of year. Christmas should always have some kind of magic to it. I hope the magic can find you and fill your heart with some warmth! Take care, hang in there, and hopefully you will feel better in time! I just feel for you so much, its a lot for one person to go through! Take care and I wish you all the best!

Lerina said...

Emine sorry to hear about your losses. Huggs and thoughts for you
It was a difficult month for you I hope it turns out better.

Holly Maddox said...


I understand the sadness with losing an uncle. I was also very close to mine and it took a while to recover from that when I was a little girl. But the best thing in the world is to have your family and friends all around you to help you through this tough time. We are all here for you and to talk.

You are a wonderful person and are well loved in this world. I hope in spite of all the lose you are having that your holiday season gets better and you are able to share it with loved ones around you.

Have a Merry Christmas and I will be praying for your family.

Holly from GA



Anonymous said...

The holiday is always a difficult time for so many folks.. I hope and pray that we all find peace by way of the small things that we do each day to make someone smile.
Happy Holiday to all!!

Snowy said...

So sorry to hear of your loss. May your uncle rest in peace. My prayers are with you and your family.

kate said...

Emine I was wondering when the pella series will be published??? Is soooooooooooo good you have to publish it PLEASE!!! & when is the next chapter being posted for fsog??

kate said...

Emine I was wondering when the pella series will be published??? Is soooooooooooo good you have to publish it PLEASE!!! & when is the next chapter being posted for fsog??

Blender2007 said...

Just wanted you to know you are loved and I'll be praying for you through this difficult time.
Merry Christmas to you and your Family.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Eminé, and Merry Christmas to all the "Christian and Anastasia Fancfiction" readers!

S. from France

HELIANE said...


Joanne Wright said...

Hi Emine,

Sorry about your loss :( my thoughts are with you and your family.

I would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year x

Anonymous said...

So sorry for your loss, Emine!!

Anonymous said...


Hi Emine,

Just wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014. It is Christmas Eve already here in Australia.

Also like to wish all the other ladies on here a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014. Please be safe and don't drink to much, but also enjoy yourselves with your families.
Hope to read your comments next year.

Jackie - From South Australia Australia.

Ally said...

Hi Emine, Was just checking in today to see if something new had been posted and saw the news of your uncle. The holidays are very difficult for me this year as I, unexpectedly lost my father last month. So hard...your family is in my prayers and so sorry for your loss. It is very difficult. I have to tell myself this to shall pass and somehow it makes it a bit easier to deal with. Hugs

elyelena said...

Hi Emine,

Just wanted to wish you and whom you care for a Merry Christmas It's Christmas Eve already here in Italy, I'm here with my husband and children but I can't forget you especially knowing how a bad month you just spent.
Try to enjoy yourself with your family and find your strenght through them
With real affection

Charm D said...

Hi Emine,
I am so sorry to hear of your losses. My condolences to you and your family and the family of your cherished friend. I hope in this time of loss you are able to take some time to enjoy the season with your husband and children,it has to be extremely difficult for everyone. I wish you and your family joy and happiness for 2014. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Backsassing said...

Merry Christmas Everybody!!!
Eminé, you and your family are in my thoughts and I am sending positive energy your way every day. Enjoy your babies and we will be here when you come back.

Anonymous said...

Merry Chrustmas Love to you and yours! Big love , loads of light and multiple laughter. xxxxxx

Gina B.

jeangb said...

To all A Walk in the Clouds readers. I feel we are a world wide club don't you? So many of us read and comment on Emine's great writing that when she is not there we feel something is missing. So I hope that you will join me in wishing her love, joy and peace in the New Year. Lets pray she will have a much more relaxing time, as really she has had it rough just lately.
Emine, When you are healed,we of your "club" will be ready and waiting. HAPPY NEW YEARxx

Anonymous said...

Olá Emine!!
Hoje estou aqui não para agradecer infinitamente pela sua generosidade de compartilhar conosco o Christina e Ana, mas para lhe desejar somente coisas boas em sua vida. Espero que vocÊ tenha tido um Bom Natal, mesmo com todas as dificuldades que você está enfrentando, afinal graças ao bom DEUS vocÊ tem uma família maravilhosa que está ao seu lado.
Que neste novo ano que vem chegando Deus lhe reserve muitas coisas boas em sua vida e lhe traga muitas alegrias capazes de fazer vocÊ muito feliz e superar toda essa dor que está passando. Então lhe deixo essa mensagem:

Mais um ano chega ao fim.
É tempo de fazer um balanço, de tudo o que aconteceu.
É tempo de transformarmos: os momentos bons em novas energias;
O entusiasmo e principalmente a esperança em sonhos que irão se realizar!
Os maus momentos em apenas lembretes para não cometermos novamente os mesmos erros.
Também é tempo de refazer planos, reconsiderar os equívocos e retomar o caminho para uma vida cada vez mais feliz.
Você terá outras 365 novas oportunidades de dizer à vida, que de fato quer ser plenamente feliz.
Que quer viver cada dia, cada hora e cada minuto em sua plenitude, como se fosse o último.
Que quer renovação e buscará os grandes milagres da vida a cada instante.
Que neste Natal sejam confraternizados todos os desejos de um mundo melhor. Que todos estabeleçam um novo vigor de humanidade.
E que nada seja mais forte do que a união daqueles que brindam o afeto.
Todo Ano Novo. É hora de renascer, de florescer, de viver de novo.
Em 2014, de alguma forma estivemos juntos, compartilhando o que você de bom coração nos ofereceu. Você adquiriu mais experiências, correu atrás de seus objetivos e trilhou caminhos de grandes conquistas. Agora, um Novo Ano está chegando, trazendo novas oportunidades e desafios. Tenho a certeza de que, conseguirá ultrapassar todas as dificuldades e chegar vitoriosa a um futuro de muita: PAZ, PROSPERIDADE E SUCESSO.
Você merece, que Deus esteja dentro de seu coração sempre.
Um Feliz Ano Novo.
Andréia, Brasil

Resa Whiting said...

I love your work! I check back daily to see if you have posted a new chapter....

Resa Whiting said...

I love reading your chapters and I come back daily to see if there is a new chapter I do hope you can post the next one soon

jeangb said...

Happy new year Emine. Hope to hear from you soon. I know you have family to deal with and as always I appreciate they come first. But I am really missing your story updatexxx

Rosangela Maria Cabral Corvalan said...

Oi Emine minha querida!!
Estou aqui para agradecer sua generosidade em fazer nossos dias mais felizes e intensos.
Em 2013 você conquistou minha admiração e afeição, sou muito grata por isso.
Sei que durante este ano você teve que superar vários desafios e perdas de pessoas muito especiais, mas sei que com a ajuda de seu marido,filhos e amigos esses acontecimentos foram suavizados.
Desejo que o ano novo que se inicia seja coroado de realizações e de sucesso, que você tenha muita PAZ e alegria para superar toda a tristeza vivida em 2013.

God bless you and your family. Thanks for being part of my life. I love you!!
Happy new year!!
Kisses & hugs!

Rosângela Corvalan

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