Friday, August 31, 2012



I hate you then I love you - this video is soooo passionate...

50 Shades of Grey - Fan Film

50 Shades of Grey Documentary
Ian Somerhalder wants to be Christian
Henry Cavill as Christian Grey
Matt Bomer as Christian Grey
Ian Somerhalder as Christian Grey
Kivanc Tatlitug - sexy side of him
Watch Kivanc tango
Tender side of Kivanc
Henry Cavill as Christian Grey (thank you Keisha!)
Hope these videos will hold you over till you get your next chapter. Have a great weekend everyone!


Catarina* said...

I'm the one on fire here! I know I said I wasn't to keen with the idea of Ian Somerhalder being Christian, because I love him as Damon, and I didn't wanted to mix the two characters! Know seeing the video and hearing him, I don't know, it kind of made me think again about him being Christian!

But then I say the video with Henry Cavill, and I have to admit that when others mentioned the name, I thought "wasn't he the friend of King Henry VIII in the Tudors?" but I didn't went to check, and now seeing him I realize I was right, it was him, and he has such sex appeal...I don't know, for me, between him and Ian, I would choose him to play Christian, without thinking twice!

I do see Alexis as Ana now. The video showed that she can be her :p

But as for Matt Bomer...I don't know, seeing him again in the video (i used to watch White Collar) made me realize that I can't see him playing Christian! So, it's Alexis and Henry for me, and if Ian is the one they choose, well, I will accept it too and maybe I will watch the movie.

I used to think of Christian just as Kivanc with short hair, in the photos that Eminé always puts. But know seeing Henry...I don't
know...can I have both?

Oh Eminé, what you do to us! :D


Brittney Vasquez said...

OH WOW!!! That video with Matt and Alexis I had never seen! I love Ian though I think he is so much better looking than Matt and he is just more captivating he would make a better Christian! Matt is hot but Ian and Alexis together is just so much better to me. I just want to see this movie already! :)

Paula said...

Ian Somerhalder is Christian Grey!!

Anonymous said...

All nice videos .. I don't see Matt and Ian being able to pull off the "MMA" fighting... They are both gorgeous but dainty... Henry on the other hand, no question.. Also actress Felicity Jones is a knock out perfect Anastasia.. She is not in the teeny bopper actress crowd either.

Anonymous said...

Henry Cavill for sure!! The other guys are good looking but too pretty. I just picture CG as rugged, tough, and very hot. Henry can pull it off I'm sure. Alexis has the look but her voice bugs me. I feel like she sounds monotone. Felicity is that type of gorgeous but not in a obvious way and she definarely looks mysterious but innocent. I gotta admit that I google Henry Cavill almost every night. (don't judge me please,, he's just too hot and dreamy.)

Anonymous said...

By the way that first video is perfect! That song must be in the movie. Why can't that type of passion exist in real life? So jealous. Who sings that song?

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

These videos are the distinct ones I was able to find online. But if you know any other, I'd be happy to add it for you guys.

Ana, Henry is great. I've seen a lot of his movies-he played demigod Theseus (I take notice of someone who plays good ancient Greek mythological character) in the Immortals, though the movie plot twisted the character making him a child of rape where in the actual mythology he was the son of Aethra and supposedly father by both Aegeus and Poseidon (the mom slept with both at the same night). In the actual ancient text, he slayed the Minotaur (so says Plutarch) and Theseus actually founded the city of Athens. But, the bottom line is, he was quite talented, he could do everything required of the character including MMA.
When you look at all these talented actors, you realize that making a choice is hard. Because each offers something unique, and as the movie magic goes, they can put the actor through a regimen to make us believe that he can in fact do MMA, and train them.

Ana, the song you are asking for was sung by Celine Dion and my favorite Luciano Pavarotti and is called “I hate you then I love you”. I put that video in the top, because it’s a passionate song, and the contents of course was showing a little of the passion we want to visualize between the Ana and Christian. Ana, and passion like that in real life exists. It really does  Don’t settle for less.

Keisha said...

Henry!!! I'm so rooting for Henry Cavill, although I know & love all the other men that's been mentioned, Henry just seems so versatile. I've seen him in different characters and is able to always pull it off. It's just something about him! That YouTube video of Henry oozes Christian Grey! From the Skyline, High-Rise rooftop with the Charlie Tango helicopter, glimpse of cuff links, dressed in a suit, sports car with dark haired girl and lastly the glider! Brilliant! That should be submitted as an audition tape on Henry's behalf :) Such a sexy man! Ok, enough of my Henry love. I've gone on long enough!

I have a few videos I saw & thought were really good that I might try & send to you Emine and you can post, if you like.

Thanks for posting these. They were fun to watch. Hope your having a great weekend :)

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Keisha - yes, I loved that video as well. But send me if you have any other videos, and I'd be happy to put the videos of any one actor (or two or three - like me) that you favor, and I'll share it with the other fans here.

I may not be able to find all of the available videos; this is where I count on your guys. If you are aware of a video of your fave actor send it in.

Rachel Smith said...

I like Ian and Henry, they are gorgeous men. My only thing is, How are they going to teach Henry Cavill to play the piano, because I researched it when I did my cast line up, and he has no musical background, I think Matt Bomer is the best choice because he can sing, dance, plays both piano and the guitar, and I think with proper training he can do the MMA fighting and get into hardcore shape. I just think the actor playing Christian needs to have a musical theatre background and know how to play piano, because being as talented as Christian is at the piano, that is a skill that can't be learned by an amateur.

Alonna Crawford said...

When I saw there was a new post I got excited lol...
But I see matt as christain always have after I remembered David Boreanaz was to old looking now lol. If he was still his buffy age he would be my christain of choice but Matt looks good in a suit and even though he is gay doesn't mean he couldn't play this role so that is who I am hoping to see if not I hope it is a fresh face because I don't think any other of the top contenders do it for me.

Anonymous said...

I just hope whoever gets the part of Christian and Anastasia can actually act. I hope they steer clear from the new crop of pretty little gossip vampire mad men replicas.

Martha Baltazar said...

Geez Emine, You kicked it up a notch!! These videos are great. I especially love the Matt Bomer/Alexis Bledel one. They are my favorite to play the roles of Christian and Anastasia. Loved all the videos though. Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend and as usual I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Laters, baby.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the videos.. I am hoping that either Ian or Henry get the role. I want Alexis to be Ana. I love Matt but, when I see him in a clinch with a woman, it doesn't feel right for me as he is gay. So his Christian would not be a credible one for me. Only my opinion of course.
Take care Emine
Kathy (Australia)

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

I just hope that they don't pick one of those actors who are just out of his teens and out of Disney channel who is just learning to get a hang of being a man in order to appeal to wider audiences like young adults. At least the ones above know a thing or ten about being a man. You know there are a few out there who are now learning to be heartthrob and made a couple of successful movies but still have a little more growing up to do in order to fill in Christian Grey's enormous shoes - they certainly aren't it. I just hope they don't do that to keep the cost down.

Catarina* said...

Eminé, I hope you are better today! I saw that you said in the chapter that you were sick yesterday.

I'm as anxious for the next chapter as all here are, but please, rest a little because it's more important that you start the next week, tomorrow, ok :)

We are here for the good and the bad times dear :)



P.S: I wrote another similar commentary, but I'm not sure if it was send or not, so I hope this one is, and that I've said almost the same :s

If you get the two, please, approve only one :p

Fran Ardito said...

Henry Cavill is my pick, always has been. He is so handsome and sophisticated just like Christian is described.

Audrey said...

Just when i thought i have seen enough... Here's one more to enjoy...

Of course.... Im one of those who would love to see matt play CG regardless his preferences.

Thought of sharing this ..

Audrey said...

The more I see it, the more i hope they would go with Matt Bomer and Alexis Bledel. Cant seems to picture it any other way.

Cat Wise said...

Check out Stephen Amell from the show "Arrow"! He is the TOTAL package for Christian Grey! A billionaire who is changed by the events in his life. He is a seductive, brooding, lonely and tortured soul, trying to find his way though the darkness toward the light!
He is an amazing fit for the part of Christian Grey!

Anonymous said...

I love Kellan Lutz for Christian

Waleska Cruzado said...

Que decepcionada pues creo que hubieran hevhom Jorge trabajo interpretando los protagonistas de trilogía mucho mejor, su caracter interpretativo no estuvo allu. Fueron muy mecánicos, las escenas de BDSM no fueron convincentes. Esoero que hagan otra versión con mejores actores y mejor libreto. Creo que el personaje de JH fue de lo más conveniente que mostraron en la trilogía.