Tuesday, August 28, 2012

50 Shades Dream Cast - by Rachel Smith

This compilation is put together by one of your fellow readers Rachel Smith. Thank you Rachel! If you have your own suggestions, you are welcome to compile your own, and I'll post it here. But be sure to send in your own pictures and who you want for what role.

Alexis Bledel as Anastasia Steele

  Matt Bomer as Christian Grey

Blake Lively as Kate Kavanaugh  
 Jason Stratham as Jason Taylor

 Lucy Hale as Mia Grey

Jensen Ackles as Elliot Grey

Katey Segal as Grace Trevelyn-Grey

 Emilio Estevez as Carrick Grey

Wilmer Valderamma as Jose Rodriguez

Sharon Stone as Elena Lincoln

  Drew Van Acker as Ethan Kavanaugh

 Brian Kerwin as Ray Steele

 Diane Lane as Ana’s Mom

 Colin Firth as John Flynn

Lacey Charbet as Leila

 Genie Francis as Gayle Jones  

Seth Green as Jack Hyde

Betty White as Grandma Trevelyn 

 Warren Mitchell as Theo Trevelyn (Grandpa) 

                                                                 Chris Meloni as Luke Sawyer

 Sara Brown as Rhian Flynn

 Gabrielle Union as Belinda Prescott
 Edward James Olmos as Jose Sr.


Raquel Braido said...

Hello everyone!
I liked it. It wasn't what I was thinking but it would be great if that was the cast. :)
Honestly there's just 3 of them are different. For Christian in my mind I would love to see Ian Sommerhalder. For Ana, Lucy Hale (but now that I saw your suggestion I realize she would be better as Mia) and for Elena I was thinking Charlize Theron. But the fact is that I loved it Rach :)

Anonymous said...

Wowwwww dis is soooooo sooooooo perfect casting for d movie... especially Matt and Alexis r d most suitable ones for Christian, Ana roles... i didnt like Laila tho, i think Mila Kunis would b perfect Laila. jst an opinion !! =]

Anonymous said...

Ana is perfect. Now most of the other guys have more raw sex appeal than the Christian character.. You know that raw sex appeal portrayed by the Taylor character...have you considered Henry Calvil?
There are some perfume commercial he made in England.. You can see them on YouTube.. Anyway your pick of Ethan and Jose and Ana plus Ana's mom could not be more on point!

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

This is compiled by one reader. I actually have a section for various possible actors for Christian, and Henry cavill is a part of that. Like I said above, if there is a particular way you wish to see the cast, make a compilation (doesn't have to be as big extensive), I'll post it.

Anonymous said...

I think this cast is pretty much perfect!! Does it for me :) great job Rachel!!! Tricia

Anonymous said...

Love the list, but I would make one change here (as well as similiar lists). For the part of Elena, Kim Cattrall from Sex in the City could play that part in her sleep!! She blonde, she sexy, she has that predator look about her and, honestly, no doubt she would enjoy that lifestyle......just sayin.....


Donna said...

Great casting Rachel if only it could be true. Prefect Ana and Christian, they are my picks as well

Anonymous said...

I know you would like for us to compile our own lost but I only have access on my phone to the Internet and it's hard to set up a big nice email from here. For me CG has to be Henry Cavill. I just think he exudes CG. He is so manly, rugged, hot, and handsome. The Dunhill videos on YouTube of him show how he would be able to pull CG off. As far as Ana I'm not sure who cab play her. Perhaps me since my name is Ana? I wish right. I just wanna be next to Henry Cavill if he gets picked. I also just wish 50 shades became a series on Showtime or HBO. The movie is not going to do it justice and even if the actors are amazing it will still not show everything we love about these books. I know we all don't want them to leave out a single scene or word out.

Alonna Crawford said...

Emine your blog is a great distraction every week but I do have something I would like to see...I would love to see how christain come to his hard limits and soft limits I mean you know Elena was not nice she pushed christain past his limits he has experienced everything there was to experience but what happened in his experience to say play involving blood is a hard limit you know what I mean I would love to here the stories of that it would be interesting.

Your blog is brillant and I am on the edge of my sit awaiting your next post.

Thank you Alonna

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Generally I dislike writing him with another woman be it Elena or Leila. But, I'd be willing to write a chapter how he reached to a hard limit with the BT. Ok, let me think about a situation, and write an outline first. I should be able to come up with one or two limits (hard and soft).

After all 3 books are done; I'd like to go through a list of different scenarios and write them up and of course continue further down in their lives.

Catarina* said...

Omg, I really never thought about anyone for the cast, except for Ian Somerhalder as Christian, because I do love Ian Somerhalder but I can't picture him as Christian, I don't know, I like him too much as Damon to see him in any other way!

I normally don't picture very well the faces when I'm reading, only other details, but I don't think I will be watching the movies, because I think this would be so much better as a series! I mean, they want to put everything, to give depth to the characters, in two hours? Really? I might be wrong, but I think they will just explore the sex part and not the rest, that, for me, it's what's important!

So, we'll see when the movie is out, but I don't have my personal list of actors :p

And I agree with all this list, except for the Jack Hyde! I do think this actor has a strange look, but I can't picture him as the devil I see in Jack Hyde! I'm the worst with actors so I don't know who to mention as a replace to this actor, but I just can't picture Jack Hyde as him! As for the others, I do know that Matt Bommer is gay but I wouldn't mind having him as Christian...although the only one I can picture right now is the one Eminé puts in the chapters. I don't remember is name, and sometimes he is so different from one photo to the other that I'm confused, but there are some photos of him, some looks...that I just can't forget. The eyes are hypnotizing for me. So he is going to be my Christian :p

A big kiss to all,


Anonymous said...

Not loving the choices except for maybe Elliot and Ethan. I actually hope they pick some unknown newcomers for the 2 leads that not only fit the look but the age as well. Too many of us have an idea of who we want so it would be nice to just be surprised with actors we've never heard of. Most of us had no clue who Rob Pattinson or Kristen Stewart was before twilight and that made it so much better. Mallory :)

smilinred said...

This would be a great cast! I'm completely enthralled with Christian's POV. I read and re-read just like I do with the books. Thank you so much Emine'

smilinred said...

I think this cast would be excellant. I look forward to each new chapter. I love Christian's POV. I read and re-read each chapter just like the books. Thank you Miss Emine' I'm completely enthralled!

N said...

Oh my gosh!! This cast is incredible. Great work!!

Rachel Smith said...

Thank you Emine for posting this, I wanted to give reasoning for my cast choices:

Alexis Bledel as Anastasia Steele- Shas an innocent & very timid look, fair skin, brown hair, & ocean blue eyes. I also choose her because of how innocent & good she was on Gilmore girls. She also was kind of a klutz & I think she could stand up to Christian. After seeing a fan made video on YouTube, I was hooked.

Matt Bomer as Christian Grey- I had always been torn between him & Ian Sommerhalder as well, it was actually an episode of the Fox show “Glee” that confirmed my choice. Matt can sing, dance, he is so cute and sexy, devious smile, and plays a fierce character on the show White Collar. I just fell in love. BTW, I really don’t care if he is gay in his personal life, he still is eye candy, and I'm not offended by his sexual orientation.

Blake Lively as Kate Kavanaugh- She has the girl next door beauty, gorgeous and can pull of the character of Kate so well, also on Gossip Girl, I think she is tough & I can envision her getting in Grey’s face, not taking any of his control freakery…I think she would do an amazing job.

Jensen Ackles as Elliot Grey- The character playing Elliot needs to be sexy, blondish brown hair, and look good next to Blake. Jensen would do a great Elliot, I think since he played dark characters in Angel and Supernatural, I think seeing him fun and acting his age would be a nice change for this character, plus when he play on “Days of our Lives”, I loved me some Eric Brady, and also he should be a few years older than Christian.

Rachel Smith said...

Lucy Hale as Mia Grey- She is such a gorgeous girl as well. I too thought maybe she could be Ana at first, but the more I thought about it, I think she should play a girl who is a bit spoiled, also after Pretty Little Liars, I think that Mia could easily be a mean girl, I mean most of her friends are, but then that is why I like her, because she also seems to be the life of the party too.

Drew Van Acker as Ethan Kavanaugh- Another Pretty Little Liars cast mate, he and Lucy would look great together on the screen, and think that he matches the images I have of Ethan, being somewhat of a jock, but also a joker. I just love his face too, he is sexy.

Wilmer Valderamma as Jose Rodriguez- At first I thought of Fez, but I also think that Jose should be played by someone who is attractive, but not drop dead gorgeous, he should be funny, and artistic, and I think Wilmer would do a great job.

Jason Stratham as Jason Taylor- This was the easiest of my picks, while reading my image of Taylor was the “Transporter”, stealth skills, sexy and muscular and a man of few words. I think he would be a much better pick than Channing Tatum, because he is older, more mature, and just gorgeous!

Genie Francis as Gayle Jones- Growing watching General Hospital, I picture her as a quiet, reserved woman, and during the Luke and Laura hay day, Laura Spencer was loyal, and so pretty, plus she would complement Ana, Taylor, and Christian during the kitchen scenes and she would be able to handle Leila’s suicide attempt in the apartment with her emotions pouring out on the screen. On GH, How many times did Luke get her into trouble? Whether it was bombs, kidnap attempts, and life with the Cassadines, she can handle a wide range of emotions. She would look great next to Jason as well, they would make a great looking couple.

Chris Meloni as Luke Sawyer- Another stealth character, who could play a calm, cool and collective character other than Elliot Stabler? Plus, I have to admit I am missing seeing him since he left L&O: SVU. He is also a very good looking man, and looks great without a shirt, and can handle a gun, running down a suspect, and car chases.

Rachel Smith said...

Katey Segal as Grace Trevelyn-Grey-My reasons behind this pick is one, Katey Segal is just a phenomenal actress, two I think she does a great mom, does anyone remember 8 Simple Rules, and I also think she would rock a lab coat. I think her hair would need cut, and lightened, but I think she would do a great job hands down.

Emilio Estevez as Carrick Grey- Emilio would be a great Carrick, because he is humorous, distinguished looking. I also thought of Josh Brolin for this role, I just thought Emilio looked better up against Katey.

Warren Mitchell as Theo Trevelyn (Grandpa)- Because of my pick for Grandma, Warren would offer a buffer and I can totally see him stifling Betty White and her inappropriate remarks, I could see him and Betty pulling off a very sentimental and endearing elderly couple.

Betty White as Grandma Trevelyn- I can totally see her as Grandma, she is a hoot, funny and a great comical relief, plus she is very pretty for an elderly woman.

Colin Firth as John Flynn - Dr. Flynn needs to be played by an English actor, and of the ones I know, he reminds me more of a psychiatrist. I work with several, being a psychiatric nurse, and Colin reminds me of one of my favorite doctors. I think its personal opinion.

Sara Brown as Rhian Flynn- Another GH alum, I think she is great, she is dark and mysterious, but an All-American girl, and that is the woman I pictured while reading the books, especially when she was introduced during the engagement party. She has a motherly appeal, even though she played a real “B*tch” on GH. She is sweet and is definitely my favorite Carly from Port Charles.

Rachel Smith said...

Sharon Stone as Elena Lincoln- While reading I pictured her the entire time, maybe because of Basic Instinct and because of her blonde, straight hair. I know some people say Kim Catrall, but I just don’t see her as a dominator, I see her as a sex crazed maniac from Sex in The City. Plus I think she might be too old for the character, I mean I was thinking if she was supposed to be the same age as Grace, she had to be in her late 50s, not 60s, but I think Kim would do a phenomenal job as well, I think I also picked Sharon Stone because I thought a while back I read somewhere that Kim flat out said no to being Elena, I guess she didn’t want to play a role where she would be hated.

Lacey Charbet as Leila- This was definitely a hard pick, I too thought of Mila Kunis, but I thought that Lacey looks more like Alexis, one of the things that was mentioned in the book, that they were like almost twins. I could see Alexis and Lacey playing sisters in another production. But either actress would be great.

Seth Green as Jack Hyde- Jack Hyde is a redheaded man, with long hair in a ponytail, and someone who is attractive. This is why I picked Seth Green, of all the redheaded men out there; he was the cutest for me. I can see him being ruthless and seductive, but I would be interested in seeing what other picks out there people can come up with. I did have a hard time picking.

Brian Kerwin as Ray Steele- Charlie Banks for OLTL, I know I am an ABC soap junkie…lol he seems to be outdoorsy, very laid back, a man a few words, who loves to hunt, fish and build things with his hands. I saw someone on Facebook pick Michael Keaton, but I didn’t like that pick, one because I don’t think a funny guy fits the role, and I don’t think that this character should be someone who is extremely attractive. Another front runner in my decisions was John Goodman aka Dan Conner, from the Roseanne show.

Diane Lane as Ana’s Mom- I think Ana’s mom should someone who is emotional, have subtle beauty. I think Diane would play a great Carla. I came to this decision after watching Unfaithful with Richard Gere.

Edward James Olmos as Jose Sr.- This character also has to be an outdoorsy guy, laid back and I can see him being a great companion to Brian Kerwin. I also think he and Wilmer could easily play father-son.

Gabrielle Union as Belinda Prescott- Gabrielle is a fierce, no nonsense woman, I see her with hair in a tight pony tail, or curly hair and doing this role very well. I think she is pretty, but that she also could play a tough chick.

Sweet Melissa said...

Oh my goodness!! Love it. Did anyone see the mock up you tube trailer??


Sweet Melissa said...

Hi Everyone!!

Love the casting...makes it seem even more real.
Did anyone see the mock up movie trailer on you tube??


Jane Green said...

this is my mr 50 :P
im new here guys so go gentle on me xxx

Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Good choice Jane. Everyone has a favorite-there's nothing wrong with that. I thought of including him in the list I've created in the beginning (Possible actors sections).

Jane Green said...

:) thanks. i was also thinking about Hillary Swank as a maybe Ana but I'm not so sure now iv seen other possibilities.xx

Samantha said...

i lie it but kate should be Emma Stone, prescott should be Regina King i think? and grace should be Blythe Danner and ana should be Lily Collins but everyboby else is perfect!

Brittney Vasquez said...

Wow love this cast!! I do think that Christians character does need more sex appeal ( although Matt Boomer is gorgeous!) I think for Leila's part Nina Dobrev would be good!

Anonymous said...

I keep stalking your blog hoping for your next installment. I live on the Gulf Coast and Hurricane Isaac is upon me as I type. I have been in 'hurricane mode' since Monday. Some 50 Shades porn would be great rightabout now!!!!!!!!


Eminé Fougner @ Cowboyland said...

Oh gosh! You made me laugh really hard. I'm glad your sense of humor is still intact despite the storm. I'm still working at it. I'll do my best to post. It'll be 9 or 10 your time depending on where you are.

Sharon said...

When I'm reading these books I always imagine Christian as Hayden Christensen..he's so handsome! But I like everyone else's choices too. :)

Rachel Smith said...

I too thought of William Levy too, but his accent was what strayed me away from him. I don't think that accent could be unlearned while acting. But he was a great dancer on Dancing with the Stars. Good choice for eye candy purposes!!!

a side note....I am eagerly waiting for the new chapter. Would be a great way to head off to bed, as tomorrow is a big day in this household. My baby rides the bus for the first time, and spends her first FULL day at school. We are beyond excited!!!

Laissez Faire said...

Thank you so much for the Christian POV version you wrote and shared with us, it's so fascinating, I've read it all and can't wait for more!

About the casting: CG has to be Henry Cavill. Just take a look on the links below. He is ideal, both looks and acting-wise, the man is just perfect for the part:

Anonymous said...

I have just discovered a British actor named Tom Weston-Jones. I cannot find a lot of info on him, specifically his age. But he is gorgeous and should be considered for the role of Christian.

Anonymous said...

Only two I might change is sharon stone for charlize theron or amber valleta as Elena ( b. Troll)....and not sure who yet for jose.rodriguez but not wilmer. What about jason sudekis as jack hyde???

Pls comment

Celeste (az)

Rachel Smith said...

I like Charlize Theron, I think she is beautiful, I think she could do a very good Elena. I guess it would be easier to estimate which actress would be a better Mrs. Robinson, if we knew exactly how much older she is than Christian. I was thinking if Christian was 15 and her in her early 40s, then she would be in mid 50s at this point in her and Christian's life. Charlize is only 39, it would mean she was only about 10 years older than Christian, and I don't think Ana would think of her as a "child molester" if she was closer to his age, but her being old enough to be his mother, I think that is the reason why Ana hates her some much.

Jason Sudekis is a good choice too, but is he redheaded? That is why I picked Seth Green. Plus I think Seth would make a good villian, unlike Jason, who I think as the funny guy from SNL

Anonymous said...

Yea I agree.

Celeste (az)

Sandy said...

This is a who's who of daytime drama.

Awhina Turinui said...

Luv luv the dream cast! I too thought of Charlize Theron however I didn't factor in the age difference lol In all honesty I could never put a face to 50 while I was reading the books nobody did him justice enough for my liking I think the closest for me was Chris Hemsworth but I think that was because the family was all over Thor. Until I started blog hogging of course lol I would be happy if either Ian Sommerhalder or Matt Boomer were casted as Mr Grey, they both have potential to do the do in my movie lol Alexis was actually my 1st thought as I read through, she's sweet and very Gilmore Girls hahaha Jason is perfect for Taylor!

Rachel, Awesome dream cast I can work with them all in my minds movie hahaha thank you :D

Emine you are a Phenominal Woman, thank you for you time and delicious distractions you never dissapoint.

Every body up in here have a great rest of the week whatever day and hour it is where you are be safe and take care til the next chapter lol.

<3 Awhs

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. That the part of Elena should go to Kim Cattrall.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree Kim Cattrall wound be perfect as Elena

Tiffany Minnie said...

I agree with most of these, but I would love to see Ryan Gosling as Christian and Chyler Leigh as Ana. I also think Kim Catrall should play Elena. I just don't think Alexis Bledel is a good enough actress. Ana is fun loving and strong though a little shy.

Tiffany Minnie said...

Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones is also a good choice for Ana

NMMom said...

I had heard they were considering the actor who is Erik in True Blood and Emma Watson (Hermione Grainger from Harry Potter fame) for the film.

Sheila Hall said...

Thank you Rachel for your choices for the film. I have to agree about Matt and Alexis as they are my choice for the parts of Christian and Ana. I have never really thought about the other parts, but I like the people you have chosen and will go along with your choice. EL James - please note! lol. Thank you again Rachel.

Anonymous said...

Yes matt, alexis, Blake and Colin firth all perfect!

Anonymous said...

Lucy Hale should be Ana

Stella Smith said...

Alexis Bledel as Ana
With Ian Somerholder as Christian
THat is the best fit!!
Anastasia Steele

Alexia Tessier said...

Ohh really nice post...
Thanks for sharing!!!
Christian Grey

fanny rebellon said...

Hola Emine personalmente me encanta Henry Cavill como cristian g. los demas me gustan pero ya no podemos hacer nada, todos deben estar ya escogidos, emine me facina como escribes, me encantaria leer la reaccion de Elena en el cumpleaños de cristian cuando se comprometio con Ana, y que hacia y pensaba el dis que se casaron, es increible tu manera de escribir, dime cuando bajas el proximo capitulo por favor? gracias por darnos tu tiempo me gustaria ver una foto tuya tu admiradora hoy y siempre. un beso.

maritere1939 said...

Para Carrick había pensado en Pierce Brosnan, para Jack Hyde en Jared Leto.Pero por supuesto tanto Christian, Ana, Kate, Taylor, Flynn, ¡perfectos! Aunque tarde, aquí está mi opinión. Sera dicho de paso ninguna de las os películas y sus artistas me parecieron nada buenos. Considerando que la primera película gano el premio a peor guión, y peores personajes principales.

Waleska Cruzado said...

Faltó Ros, pues es un personaje principal y no Rhianna Flynn. También importa Elisabeth Morgan. Y Hanna. En general me gustan los seleccionados. Es una lastima cer que decepcionada quede de las peliculas, especialmente el libreto. En la segunda pelicula Ana apenas tiene una conversación inteligente de tres líneas y ni iquiera es con C. No hicieron honor a los libros, pero es de esperar son pocos las películas que logran una buena propuesta en pantalla. Esperaba una mejor interpretación de C y Ana.