Friday, September 16, 2016

50 Shades Darker Trailer!!


I’ve been waiting for the longest time for the 50 Shades Darker trailer since it’s my favorite book of the trilogy (by a close margin with 50 Shades Freed).

In the 50 Shades of Grey, we’ve met the dark Christian who was tormented by his terrible childhood and still invariably under the influence of the Bitch Troll since he believed that Elena gave him an outlet to release his pent up emotions (not that we’re not grateful for that since he became the sex God under her perverted tutelage though I’m still not liking her for the troll she is).  

 50 Shades of Grey left us heartbroken with Christian and Ana breaking up. 50 Shades Darker will unite them again: the second book is packed with Soooo  many  variable  emotions, incidents, new characters in the form of Elena, Jack Hyde, Dr. Flynn and the infamous Leila. I’m bursting with excitement of this installment of the trilogy!

I wanted to wait for a few days to see what others would say about the trailer. I’m surprised and (rolling my eyes big time) that people still call 50 Shades a “porn movie”. Just get over it! It’s not porn. It’s a beautiful love story that just doesn’t conceal the hot, erotic, loving, and overwhelming relationship Christian and Anastasia has. Why should it be hidden and just assumed that they just might be having sex? What the couple has is more than fucking. The bond they have is binding, loving, passionate, and unbreakable; this is not a random one night stand story. It is an intense love story. A story all the fans love.

Now, let’s get down the brass tacks…

Of course I expected the masked ball scene in the beginning. It’s the theme of the book after all. The real and the proverbial masks are on and then off in the second book. I think Dakota does a great job in portraying a stronger Ana, finding herself, growing up.  Jamie, well he seems Christian personified. When I saw him showing up in the Jose’s photography exhibition in the trailer, I found myself grinning ear to ear. I think that part is changed in the movie since Christian took Ana to the exhibition in the book, but I suppose that bit of change is okay.

One thing I was disappointed about the trailer was, Elena.  Of course many of us envisioned a different Elena; maybe Charlize Theron, Michelle Pfeiffer, or even Sharon Stone. I loved Kim Basinger in 9 ½ Weeks.  How could we not adore her? She was the original submissive. She played amazing scenes with Mickey Rourke. However, in recent years, she’s been dressing up in more masculine clothes in her personal life, and that seemed to be reflected in the movie which is just not Elena. Yes, she does dress up all in black and that’s how she was supposed to be in the 50 Shades Darker, but, from that tiny glimpse I got, she seemed to have been totally covered up in a manly suit and she didn’t appear to be the immaculate diva she’s always been. I will have to see the entire film to form a better opinion on her portrayal.

Aaand the shower scene… Oh, that was fabulous! Of course it was only three seconds of tease.

50 Shades Darker has one nightmare after another in the book: first Elena (trolling), then Leila (breaking in, gun point hostage situation), Jack Hyde (cornering Ana in the office) and finally Charlie Tango going down with Christian. Of course, there’s also the unanswered proposal. I’m so looking forward to seeing how they have portrayed Christian’s marriage proposal and Ana’s answer. What I didn’t see in the trailer is Dr. Flynn. Hopefully, he’s not cut out of the story. It’d be a shame if it was. He’s an integral character to the story and Christian’s personal growth.

All in all, I’m quite pleased, and anxiously waiting for the movie to come out on Valentine’s Day 2017!

On a personal note, I’ve been working myself to death (literally – I’ve had pneumonia twice this year; recovering from the second one which brought me close to dying), burying loved ones (father figured passed away in my arms back in May) personal growth, family time (helping my 13 y/o daughter graduate high school 4 years ahead of her peers and going into an Ivy League college), writing new books (not yet published but they will be), and of course missing Christian and Ana (I’m back on them again this month). Sometimes, we have to take a break to focus on ourselves, regroup so we can be the giving individuals again. Well, I’m back :)

Hugs to you all!


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