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Book V - Chapter V - Christian and Anastasia Fan Fiction


Lust is to the other passions what the nervous fluid is to life; it supports them all, lends strength to them all ambition, cruelty, avarice, revenge, are all founded on lust.

Marquis de Sade
29th Summer 

“Good morning Seattle! It’s six a.m. top of the hour and at 64 degrees, it’s shaping up to be a beautifully sunny Friday! Chopper Dave is over the I-5 freeway. What can you tell us about the morning traffic Dave?” the radio alarm goes off. I slept in! First I turn to the baby monitor which remains silent.
I extend my hand to the radio alarm to turn it off but Anastasia extends her hand sliding over my body with a grin and presses the alarm clock off.
“Teddy?” I ask.
“Our Gail is giving us the morning off as a present for your birthday. She would have given the entire day off but I know how much you’re attached to him, so, he’ll join us later in the day,” she says.
“Mrs. Grey, you’re spoiling me!”
“Get ready to be spoiled more, Mr. Grey,” she adds with mischief.
“I have to go to the office this morning for a very important meeting, but I am sooo fucking tempted to take the day off.” Why didn’t I remember my own fucking birthday? Have I been too busy? Of course I have. I’ve got scores to settle and I’ve been too consumed with getting my ducks in a row in that effort. I know we’ve also spent quite a few sleepless nights since Teddy became fussy this week with an oncoming ear infection. Ana remembered my birthday despite the fact that she’d been up with the baby all week. I am more awed with this goddess who became my entire universe with each passing day. She completely beguiles me.
“Far be it from me to refuse anything my wife wants to do. Take charge Mrs. Grey.”
“You’re letting me take charge?” Her eyes are wide as she sits up. Her engorged breasts shake as she sits up. My cock is on full alert mode.
“Ow!” she says holding her right breast which Teddy seems to favor. As soon as her hand goes to her breast, the light pressure applied causes the breast milk to squirt milk to my face. I blink with the unexpected yet fully pleasurable assault.
“Is that how it is!” I tease and pull her to my chest and with the pressure both her breasts start leaking onto my torso turning me on further, making me want to fuck her nine ways to Sunday. Yet, it would help if we got the milk a little under control.
“I suppose we don’t want to waste Teddy’s food, otherwise we will have a very cross little Grey man in our hands and he has even shorter temper than his daddy.” I say.
“Shall I get the breast pump?” Ana asks sitting up on her knees, trying to halt the profuse leakage.
“No, baby. I’ll go get it.” I jump out of the bed and rush to the kitchen. I locate the drawer containing breast pump, sterilized bottles and the bottle liners. I place a bottle liner in two of the bottles, and rush them back to our bedroom. The house is awfully quiet without Teddy’s expected cries around this hour for his feeding. Even though I know he’s safe only above the garage with Gail and Taylor, I still have to remind myself that he’s safe and well.
Damn, I’d lay down my life for him but I am so fucking excited about this alone time with my wife. Anastasia, my Ana… She is such an inexorable part of my life that I don’t know where I stop and she begins.
When I get to my room Ana is holding her breasts with an effort to keep the milk from freely squirting out while standing in the doorway to the bathroom completely nude.
“Bring them over here husband,” she commands in a sly voice. What are you up to Mrs. Grey?
“Yes, ma’am,” I respond, my eyes narrowed. “Don’t you think you’d be more comfortable in the wing-back chair?” I ask.
“I have my make-up chair.” She shrugs.
“Could you put them over there,” she nods with her head over to her make up station. As soon as I place the items in my hand on to the counter, I catch a glimpse of Ana in the mirror. The flooding mid-June sunlight through the bathroom’s tall windows illuminates the travertine floors. The same sunlight inundates Ana’s thick strands of loose hair, partly falling onto her breasts which are still covered with her hands. She looks slightly flushed, her chest rising and falling in rapid succession as if she has a carnal desperation just like when I tie her up and fuck her hard. She slowly moves her left hand over to her right breast pressing the right breast with her arm. Her right hand slowly glides down her belly to her pubic bone and then to her sex.
I don’t turn around. She knows I’m watching her reflection in the mirror. Her fingers explore the lips of her sex. This woman who was too shy to see her own naked body in the mirror is now a tigress, boldly exploring her own sexuality. Her fingers rub through her slit, slowly. Caressing over her clit. Her left hand flexes a little, white milk leaks through her delicate fingers and her arm, then down through the under curve of her breasts, coating her body in small lazy rivulets. She tries to pace her strokes and plunges of her fingers into her sex with the rhythm of her hand and her timed exhalations.

I almost feel compelled to turn around and look at my wife, participate, take her, but some magic of hers keep me glued to the mirror. It’s as if I turn, the sensual image of my wife pleasuring herself for my benefit will disappear.

Her left arm and hand start moving rhythmically in circular motion, completely in sync with her right hand, stimulating her nipples. The leakage grows as her pressure builds up. When her orgasm starts building up, her body starts shaking, her eyes are glued to my body, scanning me as if I’m her inspiration in her quest to reach her climax. Her fingers quicken their pace in her race to reach her peak. Her left hand moves away from her breasts. Instead, she takes a few involuntary steps towards the wall and then supports herself with her now freed hand. Her milk continues to ooze and spray as her arousal reaches a new height in her sex. Ana’s arms shake, her body trembles, her lips part to receive more oxygen into her body. Then her eyelashes lower. She licks her lips, swallows profusely then a small moan escapes as she climbs her peak.

The second she reaches her climax, her fingers flex, she makes an involuntary effort to curl her toes.
“Christian!” My name comes out like a prayer out of her lips. I spin around and she comes gaze to gaze with my dark, urgent sexual desire. She is washed with an equal amount of overwhelming desire as if nothing else has precedence besides this moment, this connection that we’re experiencing.  I don’t know when I take the steps to pin her with brute strength to the wall. Getting lost in the moment, her body is flush with mine, she places both hand on me, pushing in an effort to spin me around to take charge.
“Mrs. Grey!” I growl.
“Christian!” Her voice is moist, breathy, caressing my face, churning my insides, tightening my chest and erecting my penis like a flagpole. Her greedy carnal desire for me is demanding. I let Anastasia take charge. Let her turn my back towards the wall. Her body still flush with mine, while she lowers herself painstakingly slowly with her tight, engorged buds of her nipples teasing me, leaving a wet trail on my torso.  First the pads of her fingers then her nails follow suit. What would have terrified me a year ago is now a welcome, desired act.  Her scent inundates my senses, the sensual view of her body having pleasured herself coupled with her touch boils my blood, and fires up all my synapses like the 4th of July fireworks. The connection between us at this moment is more than a sensory bridge. We are two pieces that complete each other perfectly: she, a seductress and I her willing subject, getting our cues from each other’s bodies wordlessly.
Ana kneels on the floor before me. She unties the string of my silk pajama bottoms and drops them to the floor. I flick it to the corner with my toe. Anastasia looks up to me from the ground with a reverential admiration. She slowly, sensually slides her hands up my leg, finally reaching up to my cock, encircling it with her fingers. She then rises up on her knees and sensually licking her lips; she lifts up her heavy eyelashes, giving me a lascivious smile and reaches to the crown of my cock. Her tongue caresses and licks the tender flesh of the tip of my cock. I feel the burning of my erection, the near desperation of her receiving me in to the wet warmth of her mouth, softness of her tongue. In a greedy move, she sucks the tip, stroking her tongue around the crown as if she is relishing the taste. With one hand she firmly grasps my cock but with the other, in a demanding motion, she pulls me towards her digging her nails into my ass while wearing a smirk around my cock.
She takes me in deeper with a grunt, closing her eyes. Her mouth works my length with her hand.
“Christ! Fuuuuck!” escapes my lips involuntarily. My eyes roll behind my head. I try hard to prolong the feeling. My hands move to her head, first caressing then pulling her hand wrapped around my wrist, guide her to slow down, to let me savor this moment.
When I feel the tension building up, I realize I don’t want to come into her mouth. I want her wrapped around me.
“Stop, baby, stop! I want to be… agh! Fuck… inside you,” I manage to finish my sentence.
She goes down on me twice more.
My cock comes out of her lips with a suction.
“I am still in charge, Mr. Grey,” she says from below.
I growl my approval.
The desire I feel for her is almost a physical pain. Anastasia slowly stands up with her hands gliding upward with her. Then she places her hands onto my chest and pushes me, making me walk backwards into her chair and slowly. Then she leans down and locks her lips with mine. Damn! Her lips, her mouth is made for a man’s kiss. Mine! My kisses only!
Her lips are soft like rose petals. Her kiss is gentle at first; her lips move against mine, molding, shaping, leaving a scent of fresh cinnamon, leaving behind a trail of fire, lighting me within. A wave of rapturously close need washes me to take over and have my way with her. Yet, I restrain myself and let her lead. I would do anything for her.  

As soon as she thrusts her tongue into my mouth, she starts lowering her sex onto my throbbing erection cowgirl style. As she’s still descending to encase my cock with her velvety walls, I thrust upwards, filling her to the brim. The surprise of it makes her gasp. Her hands firmly clench my shoulders.
“Topping from the bottom Mr. Grey?” she grins, teasing me.
“Topping, period. Top, bottom, sideways. I always dominate, baby!” I kiss her deep, making her moan. My right hand supports the back of her head guiding her, and the left, grasping her delectable buttock. She starts moving in sync with my thrusts. Her movements rub her sensitive nipples over my chest. I can feel the warm liquid oozing with her heightened pleasure, further exciting me, making me want to satiate my hunger for her. While I brand her inside, she marks me outside. Somehow it’s fitting, arousing, and fucking hot!

Even though I am inside her, and she’s wrapped around me, I have an intense desire to have an uninhibited, wild lovemaking with fervency. I stand up with my cock still deep inside my wife and nail her to the wall and speed up my thrusts, angulating her hips to my liking to accommodate my full length in the deepest position. Anastasia’s fingers curl into my hair. Both sweat and her milk create sheen of slick over our bodies.
“Oh God!” Ana shouts her pleasure. “I love the way you…” she gasps for breaths, her eyes rolling back, “…. feel!” She tightens around my cock. “Virile! Thick… hard!” It’s as if she’s commanding me to fuck her harder.
I nip her lip and suck her neck. Each pulse, each thrust quickens our breaths, chests heaving. It’s a frenzy to reach our peaks. Her nails dig and run along my back as my cock makes her move up and down. When I am completely sheathed within her sex, I feel the rolls of her climax being released, she shouts my name and I too reach my climax, thrusting twice more, finally emptying my load inside her. She’s spent in my arms. Without breaking our connection. I walk into the shower with her and turn the water on. The first cold sprays make her squeal and giggle. When the warmth finally arrives, I let her stand on her feet. There’s nothing but matching awe and adoration in each other’s eyes.
“Happy birthday, Christian!” she whispers. “I. Love. You.”

*****      *****

A soul mates purpose is to shake you up, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions, break your heart open so new light can get in, make you so desperate and out of control that you have to transform your life, then introduce you to your spiritual master...
E. Gilbert

After an intimate breakfast, Anastasia dresses up for work and Taylor is waiting for us to take us to SIP and then to GEH. But when we enter into the SUV, Teddy is already placed in it in his car seat, sleeping.
“Is Teddy coming to work with mommy?” I ask curiously, yet happy to see my baby I haven’t seen all night all this morning.
“Nope.” Ana responds with a mischievous grin.
“I know it’s not the ‘take your son to work day’ at the GEH. So, what are you cooking in that beautiful head of yours baby?” I raise a quizzical eyebrow.
“We’re not going to work.”
“We’re not? I told you that I have a very important meeting today, it cannot be postponed.”
“No you don’t. That meeting is scheduled for Monday; I asked Andrea two weeks ago to keep today clear. You have nothing today.” Her grin is wide.
“Mrs. Grey, aren’t we enterprising… Well then, tell me what’s on the agenda.”   
“Mr. Grey, I think I’ve learned a thing or two about keeping mum from you when it comes to certain surprises. You, showing up in Georgia, what you did for my birthday, our honeymoon… Shall I go on?”
“Baby, you got me there. How did Taylor kept this a secret from me?” I ask meeting Taylor’s gaze in the rear-view mirror. Is it a twinkle in his eye? What are they cooking together?
“Taylor has dedicated his life to your protection and your happiness…” Ana says teasing Taylor. This time I see Taylor’s blushing face in the mirror. “I have thus far compromised none of it, so we’re good. Right, Taylor?” she asks.
“No, ma’am. You didn’t compromise anything.”
“Where are we going? My parents?”
“Tsk. Tsk. Tsk… You know what they say about curiosity Mr. Grey…” She shakes her index finger at me.
“Okay, not my parent’s place. Elliot’s?”
“Curiosity killed the cat, Christian.”
“Not Elliot’s. Escala? But you wouldn’t take the baby to Escala for this sort of planning…”
“Now I know how I sound like to you when I’m insistent and curious,” she says pursing her lips.
“How would that be Mrs. Grey?” I tease knowing her exact answer.
“Like a particularly curious and annoying two year old!” she replies and I burst out laughing, managing to wake Teddy. He has such a loud cry, you would think a chorus was behind the sound. Ana rolls her eyes at me.
“Now, you’ve done it! Well, you must face the consequences of your actions Mr. Grey. Taylor?” Ana instructs.
The next voice I hear is the Dixie Chic singing away, “the Lullaby”.

Dixie Chicks – Lullaby
“Well, at least my son has good taste in music.”
When the Lullaby is over, the next song on the mix is ‘First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.’ The unexpected emotions that go through my mind are indescribable. What I had never imagined I could have is right here. My wife who looks at me as if the sun rises and sets with me and this little one who depends on us, who thinks he’s an extension of his mother and of me.

Roberta Flack – First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

My son is finally settled down holding his mother’s index finger in his tiny hand with all he’s got while I hold his small bottle to his lips containing the fresh milk that I expressed out of my wife’s breasts after our several rounds of very hot morning sex.   
When Taylor takes the exit to the airport, I look at Anastasia again.
“Still not going to tell me where we are going?”
“You’ll find out. Though, I am utilizing your company’s jet. I thought my husband is worth it,” she says with a deadpan face. Her remark makes me want to laugh again but remembering Teddy, I suppress it down to an awkward smile. When we are on tarmac, I take Teddy’s car seat carriage. Sawyer and Melissa are already at the airport, emptying the trunk of our other SUV.
“This is just for the weekend, right?”
“Yes.” Ana is monosyllabic with that mischievous twinkle in her eyes.
“Oh my God! Can I please hold him? Can I, can I Ana? Christian, can I?” Mia squeals from the top of the stairs from the GEH jet. Mia is here?
When I climb up, Stephan gives a restrained warning to Mia. “Miss Grey, we are going to leave soon. Would you take your seat until we get the rest of the passengers in so we don’t bottleneck the entry?”
“I will, I will! But I need to hold my nephew!” Mia retorts.
“Good morning Mr. Grey,” he greets me. “Happy birthday, sir!”
“Do you want to tell me where you are taking me?” I ask almost sternly.
“I would sir, but I have strict instructions from Mrs. Grey. She said, and I quote, ‘it’s my husband’s birthday. If he pesters you for the destination and you spill the beans, you will not be forgiven!’ And honestly sir, I don’t want to be on Mrs. Grey’s ‘unforgiven list’. I hope you understand,” he says with a genuine smile.
“Surprise!” a chorus of voices greet me followed by “Happy Birthday!" when I walk into the cabin. I see that my parents, brother, Kate, and Mia are all along for the ride.
“Hi! Thank you for showing up for my birthday trip. I’m sure you all know we’ll have fun, there!”
“Nice try, son. But Ana instructed all of us to keep silent about the destination.” My dad smiles blissfully.

It is difficult to hand in the reins blindly knowing the recent events, reliving them in my nightmares. I suppose that if I wasn’t surrounded by the people I love the most, a surprise trip would probably completely freak me out. Even knowing this is my wife’s plan for my birthday, the fear of uncertainty still resides in a dark corner of my mind. Not because she or anyone in my immediate circle would wish me harm, but if something or someone who wish them harm, I fear that would be blindsided and that's not a place I want to be in. I hate not having the control in my hand, but I am willing to surrender it briefly to my wife whom I trust the most. Since Taylor also knows about this travel, he knows how to take precautions as far as my security protocols are concerned.
I look around the cabin: this is my family. These are the people who love me. I had not felt the love they were offering me, showering me with until after Ana has gotten into my life. She’s the glue that binds me to my family, my siblings, and our own little family. I had loathed the expression of someone’s ‘better half’. I mean, if you were not a proper individual, I don’t know a better half would salvage a person, or perhaps I thought of it as a condescending expression. Yet, I am inclined to feel that she just may be my far better half, the catalyst that makes this inadequate human salvageable, or dare I say worthy of love. Anastasia is not just the center of my universe, but she is the beginning and the end of it. She and Teddy make up the single entity around whom revolves my entire universe. I don’t exist without them. I’m meaningless. 50 Shades fucked up.

Without Ana, I didn’t know and didn’t have the capability to understand that I could mean something to the other members of my family. She gives me one of her dazzling smiles as she seats herself across me after making sure that Teddy’s car seat is properly secured next to her, though Teddy is in the arms of his Aunt Mia.
“Earth to Christian. Yo! Bro! I’m sure not knowing the destination is killing you and you’re probably trying to find a way before we take off. But, chill out for a little bit. It’s okay to let the little lady ride you a little bit,” he says inserting another one of his sexual innuendos. “Though I’m not sure if you’ve gotten any sort of riding lately.” He laugh loudly.
“Elliot!” Chides Kate.
“It’s alright Kate. It’s been my experience that those who are just quick draws tend to talk a lot about what they can’t accomplish and those who can, just keep quiet and enjoy the ride.”

“Christian!” Ana is the one who is chiding this time, blushing profusely. My parents are too engrossed in their grandchild to notice anything else going on around them.
“Good morning everyone! This is your captain speaking!” Stephan's voice echoes around the cabin. “We are ready to get in the queue at SEA-TAC to take off shortly. Please fasten your seat belts. As soon as we are airborne, Clarice will resume food and beverage services.”
I notice that Stephan doesn’t give the flight duration or the landing time as he usually does.  Well, it looks like my wife acquainted him with the fear of God or secrecy pact against his own boss.
My dad gets up to place Teddy in his car seat and carefully buckles him up. Teddy’s not pleased to be off of the loving arms of his grandparents and shows his protests loudly and clearly. Ana coos him and gives him his binky and directs his attention to the little plush frog attached to his binky he likes to hold. As the jet’s engine revs and gets louder to take off soon, I can see Ana getting nervous. The jet slowly taxis on the tarmac and takes her place in the take-off queue. I lean in and take my wife’s hand and firmly hold it in mine while I find myself making baby noises to my son. He likes the sound of my voice. It calms him.
The jet speeds up on the runway and finally the nose lifts up and we’re airborne. When we reach the cruising altitude and when Stephan turns off the seat-belt signs, Ana’s fingers' firm grasp still continue to crush my fingers. The flight is pleasant, and uneventful. I have made jokes with my family, talked about sports, Teddy’s upcoming shots, his monthly growth and work. But, no one mentions the nearly devastating events of Teddy’s kidnapping. Thank goodness for that! My family enjoys the food and drinks which are supposed to be the best available for private aircrafts.

When Stephan announces that we are ready to land and to please get back to our seats and buckle up, we’ve been up in the air for two hours and ten minutes. Having occasionally seen the ocean on the right of us, I know that we’re still on the west coast and we have gone down to south and not north. So, we are somewhere in northern California. When we exit the jet, I know we are in San Francisco. It’s a bright sunny day and two SUVs are waiting to pick the family and our luggage up. Taylor greets both the drivers by their names and he’s already assigned passenger per SUV. He’s riding in our vehicle next to the driver and allocates space for Sawyer and Melissa in the other SUV. My parents ride in the second vehicle along with my sister while Kate and Elliot are assigned in to our vehicle. When everyone is loaded into the two black Suburbans, we move towards 101 North Freeway.
Anastasia looks at me expectantly.

“I gotta hand it to you baby, you know how to surprise a man! Thank you!”
“It doesn’t take much to surprise you then bro,” teases Elliot.
The friendly banter continues for almost half an hour while the girls chatter excitedly. Kate is talking about all the good shopping she and Anastasia can do while the boys are busy. Ana does her non-committal ‘we’ll see’ to Kate. I know she’s got something else up her sleeve.
The driver takes the 6th Street exit, then turns right, avoiding the construction, and he finally turns right onto the 3rd Street entering the circular driveway. Four bellboys are already waiting to help with the luggage and I feel enormous pride for my wife who is watching me like a hawk.
“I’m totally impressed Mrs. Grey.” My seldom uttered, genuine compliment makes her grin ear to ear.
“Coming from you, it’s an honor, Mr. Grey.”
One of the bellboys offers to take Teddy’s carriage, but I don’t hand my son into any stranger’s hands.
I’m his dad, I will take him!” I say a little too harshly and the bellboy shirks his hand away as if I burnt him.
“Of course sir,” he scuttles away with the suitcases.
“Well?” Ana asks.
“St. Regis? Well done, Mrs. Grey. Tell me you got the presidential room…” I say trying to change the topic.
“I got the presidential room. Anything but the best for my husband. But, that wasn’t what I was asking, and you know that.” She is chiding me for scaring the bellboy.
“No stranger touches my son.”
Our son,” she smiles. “Alright, let’s go get settled,” she says holding my hand.

*****      *****

“Teddy must have missed his mommy,” I say when I see him greedily nursing and holding her breast so possessively.  
“He doesn’t mind the bottle, but he prefers me.” Anastasia’s eyes don’t leave Teddy for one second when she’s talking to me. “Don’t we baby?” she tickles under his chin. Madonna and child painting by Raphael comes to mind with this almost sacred visual. How a mom should be. Holding our son protectively, lovingly. A mixture of joy, love and pride exudes through my wife profoundly and acutely. Somehow seeing her with that deep maternal love leaves me exposed, raw even. Has anyone ever held me like that? Looked at me the way she does towards Teddy? Did the crack whore love me? I had never understood the concept of love before I met Ana. But what I feel for her and for this tiny baby weighing less than ten pounds, less than a sack of potatoes in fact, make me feel like my heart is beating outside of my body. With his first cries, my heart jumps to find out what he needs, if he’s hurt, hungry, and dirty. If he needs me and he does need me.
"Penny for your thoughts?" Anastasia’s voice breaks the silence only broken by Teddy sucking, content and satiated noises.
"Oh, they're worth more than a penny, baby."
“In that case, is there a station coming up where I can board your train of thoughts?” 
“Sarcasm?” I ask narrowing my eyes.
“Curiosity.” She pats the space next to her on the bed. I sigh and sit next to my wife.
“Just that you’re a wonderful mom. You really must be the best mom in the world.” I'm in awe of her capacity to love. 

“I think you’re biases Christian. All moms are devoted to their children.”
“You’re different, baby.”
She hands me Teddy. Putting his small blanket on my shoulder, I hold him within my embrace patting his back.
“Do you remember anything from your childhood with your mom?”
“Grace?” I ask. “You know I didn’t come to the Grey household until I was four.”
“No, before that. Something pleasant. Like this moment for instance,” she probes.
“I try not to remember the crack whore. Sometimes, few good memories find their way to surface. But, they’re mostly bad.”
“Christian, can I ask a favor of you?”
“Sure, anything.”
“Could you not refer to your biological mom as the crack whore?” she asks softly.
My body goes rigid.
“That’s what she was Ana. Besides, I really don’t want to talk about her on my birthday. It doesn’t bring anything positive.”
“I know. I’m really sorry, Christian. But, it's just that, since becoming a mom, I would hate to imagine that someday Teddy could refer to me in a similar way, or dislike us for something we may do unwillingly. You know how hard it was to carry a baby with all the morning sickness. How painful was the delivery. Not to mention afterwards… What you had gone through. Teddy has both of us together, devoted to him and Mrs. Jones and lots of family members, yet it is still difficult, still more than a full time job to care for a baby.” She smiles when she sees me wordless, staring out the window towards the San Francisco Bay.
“What I’m trying to say is, don’t be hard on yourself or the memory of Ella. We didn’t have to endure her difficulties. Just don’t hate her, please. For my sake. For Teddy's…”
“Ana, I…” I exhale a breath and take in a deeper one. “I don’t hate her. Not anymore, but I don’t particularly want to think about her either.”
“We are not!” She’s all smiles. “Because, it’s getting late, and we are going to go to dinner with your family.”
“It’s only four p.m.”
“Well, your mom and dad want to entertain Teddy while we get ready. Don’t worry, Melissa is going to be there with him,” she adds quickly. When I give her a reticent expression she adds, “They’re only two doors down, Christian. I want Teddy to learn to bond with his family members and I want to encourage that at every chance we get. They adore him!”
“I know, I’ll take him there.” When I notice her bristling with nervous energy, I get suspicious. “Are you up to something else?” I ask narrowing my eyes.
“Just what are you trying to say, sir?” she bats her eyelashes innocently. “I’m sure I don’t know what you mean.”
“Have you been to San Francisco before?” I ask. So far, she’s done a great job with the arrangements for everyone.
“Nope. My first time.” She then changes the topic. “Would you take Teddy to Grace and Carrick please while I try to get ready?”
“Where are we going for dinner? Or is it a secret as well?”
“You just have to learn to trust me, Mr. Grey.”
“You are enjoying this, aren’t you?” I ask, grabbing Teddy’s diaper bag and his carriage.
“You have no idea!” She grins wide.
“I might have to get you back for all the topping you've been doing today, baby.”
“Really?” She asks hopeful.
“I don’t divulge my secrets either, Mrs. Grey. You’ll just have to find out.”

*****      *****
 I knock on my parents’ room and greeted by my sister Mia who grabs the carriage out of my hands.
“Easy, Mia, easy!”
“Oh, I just love him so! Makes me want to have a baby!”
“Mia!” shouts both mom and dad.
“Relax! After I find a fabulous husband of course. Meanwhile, I will just love and practice with my Teddy.” She takes Teddy out of the car seat and right into her embrace. She makes kissing noises to my son who seems to love the attention he’s getting.
“You’re my little little angel, aren’t you Teddy?” she smooches him.
“Okay, okay. He’s not edible Mia,” I try to take him.
“Moooom!”Mia complains. 
“I’ll take my grandson,” my mom reaches and cradles Teddy.
“I’m a pediatrician, Christian, and I raised the three of you. He’s in good hands.”
“I’ll moderate the overexcited ladies if they get out of hand,” my dad adds. I grunt.
“If they need my help, I’m here too, Mr. Grey,” Melissa adds. I roll my eyes to all of them.
“For heaven’s sake,” I raise my hands in surrender. “Okay, fine. I’ll see you all at the dinner.”
“Yeah, bye,” they all say eager to get rid of me so they can play with Teddy. Our tiny baby wrapped everyone around his pinkie.
When I get back to our suite, I find Anastasia is wearing a stunning black halter mini satin dress with a plunging back and the neckline is showing her ample bosoms.
“You like?” she asks after seeing my stunned face.
“Does that mean you like it?”
“Yes, but I don’t want to have everyone in the city of San Francisco ogling my wife.”
“It’s for your benefit, Mr. Grey. Not for the other occupants of the city.”
“Just so you keep that in mind… These,” I run my finger over her cleavage, “are mine and so are these,” I say as I stand before her and pull her swiftly to merge with my body, cupping and squeezing her buttocks. She gasps in reaction.
“They’re all yours.” Her voice is breathy. “I want to please you on your birthday,” she says stunning me into silence.
“That you shall, Mrs. Grey.” She smiles, and then bites her lip. Fuck it! I lean down and kiss my wife for all I’ve got. 

*****      *****

When Taylor pulls up in the parking lot for Gary Danko SF, I am very impressed by my wife’s choice. The restaurant has a reputation for having an impressive wine list, amazing food and privacy for their clients. When our large group enters the restaurant, I’m surprised to find Sawyer already there. The restaurant’s Maître d is also waiting to escort us to a private room without delay. Anastasia comes eye to eye with Sawyer as if to ask something, and he nods once.
  Taylor too speaks to Sawyer and they check some information on their smart phones, and then resume their wait by the door.
“Honestly Christian,” speaks a raspy voice I would know anywhere. “If it wasn’t for Ana, you wouldn’t have invited us to your birthday!” The surprise I feel puts a grin on my face.
“Oh my goodness! Look at him! I’ll get to you later boss!” Both Ros and Gwen rush to Teddy’s side. My infant son is a chick magnet.
“Ana, you look fantastic! I don’t know how you’ve done it!” Gwen gushes her compliments while giving Ana a hug longer than I feel deserved.
“Well, Mrs. Grey is a great student, but I believe the teacher should also get a little credit, don’t you think?” It’s our trainer Claude Bastille. Anastasia comes next to me where Claude is giving me a hearty handshake. She briefly hugs Ana then both Gwen and Ros convey their well wishes for my birthday and my ball-crushing right hand (wo)man Ros, continues to coo and ogle my son.
“Who else is here?” I ask, though pleasantly surprised with the additional company, I want to know if there will be other people.
“Our group is complete,” Ana smiles brightly.
This birthday takes the top spot of all birthday because, I now fully know the value of the people in my life and there’s a new addition, part of me and part of Ana. This is a perfect day.
When the food and drinks satiate and fill all the guests, laughter from every guest continue to come. It’s almost eight p.m. and Ana quietly checks the time on her smart phone. Teddy’s bed time is coming. My mother leans in and says something to her. I shake my head to Ana in question.
“Teddy needs to be tucked in for his bedtime. But I need to feed him before I send him off with your parents.”
“What?” I ask. She picks Teddy up from my mom’s arms, and I pick up his diaper bag to follow her and question just exactly where our son would be going with my parents.
A small room is allocated for us to feed Teddy in privacy.
“Why are we sending our son with my parents?” I ask.
“Because your birthday celebration isn’t over, Mr. Grey. I want to feed him now so I don’t leak milk all over the place. Our son will go back to the hotel with your parents and Melissa.” When I look apprehensive, Ana continues.
“Don’t worry! I tried my best to make everything to your safety standards. Since you jump like a cat on hot tin roof, I’ll give you a little bit of spoiler. FYI,” she says looking up from watching Teddy’s face to give me a glance, “I didn’t realize Taylor was even stricter than you are; but he helped me arrange it all. Ryan is also staying at the hotel and he’s in the protection detail. Taylor as usual is going to come with us.”
“Ah! Ana, you know I get nervous about unannounced surprises or things that involve all of my family and I have not been a part of the planning.”
“You’ll just have to trust me and you overzealous security team, who checked and rechecked and checked the recheck a third time,” she says rolling her eyes.
“Perhaps I should have asked this first: Where are we going?” I question her. 
“You won’t give this up, will you?” she asks.
“You know your husband, baby.”
“Fine, I give up. You, me, Kate and Elliot are going to the Beyoncé concert tonight! Well, it’s a two day event, but I think there are other artists in the show that you might enjoy listening.”
“Mia’s not coming?” I ask curiously.
“She doesn’t have a date tonight, but I think she’s making an all-day event tomorrow with a man she started seeing.”
“A man? Who? How do you know this and I don’t?”
“Oh, Christian! You’re so obtuse. We talk about these things all the time. He’s a doctor who worked on her way back when, you know, when she was injured.” She flinches. It was after Jack Hyde’s attack then. I nod.
“She ran into him at a fundraiser with your mom and one thing led to another, they hit it off and went out a few times. It’s not that serious, but she seems to be very taken with him. Apparently he adores her. Mia invited him to come over tomorrow and they’ll spend the weekend together.” She explains.
“But he isn’t here tonight.”
“No. Mr. Strict-rules, also known as Jason Taylor,” she says changing her voice to a baritone level, “I’m sorry Mrs. Grey, but I cannot allow an individual unknown to Mr. Grey no matter how clean his background is to come to an event involving Mr. Grey and you, ma’am. Mr. Grey likes to vet the people he meets beforehand." She then switches back to her normal voice. "So there, you can meet him should you wish, but not tonight. He isn’t coming and neither is your sister. I had to make concessions.”
“Mrs. Grey, you are learning to negotiate,” I grin wide.
“Yes, but not with Taylor! You’d be happy to know that he is unyielding to any concessions or negotiations when he deems something as a security risk.” I hide a smile. Yep, that’s Taylor. “So, we can’t take the new boyfriend of Mia with us until Taylor said you met him prior to such a public event.”
Teddy seems to be full. Ana expertly changes him, and we go back to our company. After sending Ana back into the party room, I motion Taylor to come and talk to me.
“So, where is the concert?” My question makes him give me a surprised look, but then he nods knowing I always find out what I want to know.
“At the AT&T Park, sir.”
“And our seats?”
“As private as we could get them at the last minute, sir. But, I will be able to keep my eyes open. Mrs. Grey’s managed to snatch four tickets to one of the suites located in the right field with floor to ceiling windows and you can directly walk outside. It’s not entirely private because the suite has thirty tickets, so there will be others.”
“Okay, here’s what I want you to do, and Mrs. Grey cannot know this.”
When I explain what I want, he asks, “Can I request Andrea’s help, sir?”
“Just as long as you get it done in the exact way I tell you.”
Taylor blushes.
“Yes, sir.”
Well, well, well, Mrs. Grey. I don’t top from the bottom. I just top. I smile knowing Ana’s reaction will be priceless. This will be a birthday to remember.